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									Spinach Salad Recipes
Every individual on the planet along with Popeye the Sailor will agree that spinach is good for health.
Read on for some interesting salad recipes made using spinach…

  Although everyone would agree that Spinach is good for health, getting people, especially children to eat
spinach can be rather difficult. Here are a few delightful spinach salad recipes that can make the task a
little simpler…

Spinach Salad with Strawberries and Pecans

Fresh Torn Spinach – 8 Ounces
Cleaned and Sliced Strawberries – 2 Cups
Lightly Toasted Pecan Pieces – ½ Cup
Crumbled Blue Cheese – 3
Salad Oil – ¼ Cup
Balsamic Vinegar – 2 Tablespoons
Granulated Sugar – 3 Teaspoons
Dried Tarragon – ¼ Teaspoon
Onion Powder – 1/8 Teaspoon
Garlic Powder – 1/8 Teaspoon
Dry Mustard – Dash
Toss the spinach along with the strawberries, pecans cheese.
In another jar make the salad dressing by mixing together salad oil, balsamic vinegar, sugar, tarragon,
onion powder, garlic powder and the mustard. Shake well until the mixture is well blended.
When you are ready to serve, sprinkle the dressing over the salad and toss a little.
Spinach Salad with Mushrooms

Washed & Torn Fresh Spinach – ½ Pound
Sliced Mushroom – 2 Cups
Chopped Red Pepper – 1 Cup
Bacon Slices – 5
Italian Dressing – ½ Cup
Combine all the vegetables in a large bowl and toss well. Stir in the bacon slices.
Sprinkle the dressing before serving.
Spinach Salad with Hard Cooked Eggs

Torn Spinach Pieces – 4 Cups
Chopped Hard Cooked Eggs – 3
Chopped Onion – ½ Cup
Chopped Celery – ½ Cup
Mayonnaise – ¾ Cup
Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese – ½ Cup
Vinegar – 1 Teaspoon
Salt – To Taste
Hot Pepper Sauce – Dash
Combine the mayonnaise, vinegar, salt, hot pepper sauce, celery, onion and eggs several hours before
serving. Refrigerate the mixture.
In a large bowl, toss the spinach with the cheese and chilled dressing just before serving.
Spinach Salad with Orange
Washed and Drained Torn Spinach Leaves – 1 Cup
Unpeeled and Sliced Cucumber – 1
Small Heads of Leaf Lettuce – 2
Purple Onion – 1
Walnut Halves – ¾ Cup
Peeled and Sliced Oranges – 2
Salad Oil – ½ Cup
Orange Juice – ¼ Cup
Apple Cider Vinegar – 2 Tablespoons
Sugar – 2 Teaspoons
Salt & Pepper – To Taste
Toss the lettuce and spinach and arrange the cucumber, onion, and oranges artistically over the tossed
Toast the walnuts at 300 degrees in an oven, turning the walnuts frequently. Do not over roast the
walnuts and remember that the walnuts continue to turn brown after they have been removed from the
In another jar, mix the salad oil, orange juice, vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper to make the dressing.
Spread the walnuts over the spinach bowl and sprinkle the dressing over the same.
Wilted Spinach Salad with Orange

Fresh Spinach that has been Washed, Dried and Chilled – 1 Pound
Diced Bacon – 8 Slices
Brown Sugar – 1 Tablespoon
Sliced Green Onions -1/3 Cups
Vinegar – 3 Tablespoons
Dry Mustard – ¼ Teaspoons
Salt – To Taste
In a heavy skillet, fry the dried bacon until they are crisp.
Reduce the heat and add the sugar, onions, salt, vinegar and the dry mustard.
Boil the paste and pour it over the spinach.
Toss lightly and serve.
By Anju Shandilya

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