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									                                     koleinu                                                                The Voice of
                                                                                                             B’nai Israel
                                                                                                                                          Vol 09, Issue 2

   Founded 1849                                                                                Adar/Nisan 5769 March 2009
Lo Alecha Ham’lacha Ligmor, V’lo Atah Ben Chorin L’hibateil Mimeina
“It is not your duty to complete the work, but neither are you free to desist from it altogether.”
                                                                                 (Pirke Avot 2:16)
By Rabbi Alfi
                              Food plays an important role in Jewish culture. It is part of how we define ourselves, it’s how we share our love, and
                         it even plays an important part in our ritual and religious observance. Good food can even boost participation at temple
                         events! I’ve found the better the oneg, the longer people stay after services. And it is part of our tradition to celebrate
                         joyous events such as birthdays and anniversaries by sponsoring an oneg, and to show sympathy by bringing food to a
                         house of mourning.
                              Food also plays an important role in how Jewish children learn geography. How many of us grew up with the words
                         “Don’t waste food! There are starving children in (name 3rd world country of your choice) who would love to have that
                         (name of food that you didn’t want to eat)!”
                              There are extensive passages in Jewish law that help us understand the importance of food, not only in terms of
                         kashrut, but in terms of how we treat one another. Through food we can show hospitality as well as compassion. We are
                         taught that it is an imperative – an actual mitzvah – to feed the hungry, and to do so in ways that allows them to have a
                         sense of dignity. The rabbis teach us that if people ask for a handout because they are hungry, we cannot question their
motives, but rather, we are to immediately respond to their request.
     While hunger has always been a problem in the United States, the reality is we are facing some of the worst economic problems since the
Great Depression. Difficult economic times mean it’s harder for even working families and individuals to be able to sustain themselves.
     We are taught in Pirke Avot 2:16: “Lo alecha ham’lacha ligmor, v’lo atah ben chorin l’hibateil mimeina - It is not your duty to complete the
work, but neither are you free to desist from it altogether.”
     If you can, please bring a can of food each time you come to the temple for services or religious school. Imagine how many people we
could feed if every Sunday morning each child brought one can of food, or if each person who came on a Shabbat brought a non-perishable
food item?
     Our tradition understands that we might not be able to eradicate hunger, and each of us on our own might make only a dent in the problem,
but if each of us does something, then together we can begin to deal with the problem in an impactful way.
     Members of our temple community, as well as B’nai Israel itself, can also you use your help. Donations to any of our scholarship funds to
help ensure we can cover the cost for any child who wants to attend religious school, Camp Shelanu or summer camp is deeply appreciated by
the families as well as our congregation.
     And if you or your family need help, please come speak with Mandy or me. We want to make sure that your temple community is here for
you and your family.

                            Celebrate Purim at Congregation B’nai Israel
                                                          Sunday, March 8
                                                   Purim Carnival in the Social Hall
                                                       Age 6 and younger at 12:00 noon
                                                     Over 6 (2nd grade & up) at 12:30 pm

                                                              Monday, March 9
                                                         6:00 pm Purim Pasta Dinner
                                           Adults: $12         Children: $9 (5-13)     under 5 yrs. free
                                                         Call 446-4861 for dinner reservations

                                             7:00 pm Megillah Reading and Purimspiel
                                                       Hear the story of Purim
                                                        The B'nai Israel Players
                                  Present their 11th annual Purimspiel following the Megillah reading
                                                "Queen Esther, Iron Chef of Shushan"
Worship Focus
Worship Calendar
March 2009
Friday, march 6
 7:30 pm Shabbat Service
Saturday, march 7
  9:00 am Torah Study
 10:30 am Ruach Ha’Am in Chapel
 10:30 am Shabbat Service
           Bat Mitzvah of Malia Krupin
monday, march 9
 6:00 pm Purim Dinner
 7:00 pm Megillah Reading and
Friday, march 13 2nd Shabbes
 6:00 pm Tot Shabbat
 6:30 pm Shabbat Dinner
 7:30 pm Shabbat Service w/ Grade 3
Saturday, march 14
  9:00 am Torah Study
 10:30 am Shabbat Service
           Bat Mitzvah of Jayna Fishman
Friday, march 20
 6:00 pm Shabbat Across America
 7:30 pm Brotherhood Shabbat
Saturday, march 21
  9:00 am Torah Study
 10:30 am Shabbat Service
           Bat Mitzvah of Kerina Blue
 10:30 am Wake Up & Taste the Torah
Friday, march 27
 7:30 pm Shabbat Service
Saturday, march 28
  9:00 am Torah Study
 10:30 am Shabbat Service                                                  SuBmISSIon GuIDe
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Worship/cBi Bulletin Board

our B’not Mitzvah
Malia Krupin, March 7
Jayna Fishman, March 14
Kerina Blue, March 21

                                                                               Wake Up and Taste
                                                                                  the Torah!

          Rosh Chodesh Schedule
                                                                                 march 21, 10:30 am
          Join Rabbi Alfi and the Women of B’nai
          Israel as we continue the stimulating
          season of Rosh Chodesh. Potluck dairy
          dinner begins at 6:15 pm. Service and
          study begin at 6:45 pm. All women age
          13 and over are welcome.
                                                                                  W h a t b e t t e r way t o s p e n d
          March 24: “Pesach: The Spirituality of                            a Saturday morning? “Tasting” the
          Eating”                                                           Torah is a family program for young
          April 28: Rosh Chodesh and ARZA host                              children of all abilities. Come spend
          “Yom HaZikaron” - an educational event                            quality time together as we learn,
          for the entire synagogue                                          play, and sing about the Torah and
          May 19: Book study of Yiddishe Mamas:                             all it has to offer. Grandparents are
          The Truth About the Jewish Mother by                              welcome.
          Marnie Winston-Macauley.                                                If you have any questions, please
                                                                            call Marcia Greene or Ronna Dienstfrey
                                                                            at 928-0164. The “feasting” is just begin-

                    THe BIsY BUZZ. . .
                    By Rachel Poppers
                          Help celebrate Purim the BISY way at the annual Purim Carnival!
                    Happening March 8, it is one of BISY’s temple community events,
                    so become involved and volunteer to help! Also, congratulations to
                    Malcolm McElheney and Eli Poppers, our new RCVP and MVP, respec-
                    tively. Remember, as always, that BISY is always open to new members!
                    For questions or more information, please ontact our fabulous advisor,
                    Daniela Korman, at daniela.korman@gmail.com.

president’s column/cBi Bulletin Board
Thoughts from the Tallit Bag
By Jeremy Hollis, Board President
                            There are a great      For those who cannot attend this meeting, we         fund at this time. Your temple needs your
                          variety of activities    will be developing other means by which you          support. In addition, B’nai Israel is counting
                          on any given week at     can participate in this important process.           on all of us to honor our pledges and fulfill
                          B’nai Israel. Here are         Wine and Food Festival                         our commitments so the temple can continue
                          some highlights:               • The first Saturday in May, (May 2)           to serve our members throughout the year.
                          Sustainable Living       will be our annual Wine and Food Festival.                Shalom to you and your families.
                          Practices                While this event is currently being planned,
                               • The temple’s      I understand that this year there will be a
                          Board of Trustees,       broadening of focus. Not only will there again
                          at our Febr uar y        be great food and a variety of quality wines,          Sustainable Living Policy
                          meeting, adopted         there will be dancing and a more festive feel          Approved by the Board
                          a resolution that is     to the evening to have a wider appeal so more
listed in the box following this article. This     of our congregants will be drawn to attend.                 Congregation B’nai Israel should
policy will now be utilized by the Sustainable     I hope you plan to join us. This is truly one          implement and publicize policies and
Action Committee to develop specific               of the more fun events at the temple and a             practices to reduce waste, to maximize
policies and practices for the temple. The         great way to meet new people and mix with              recycling, to eliminate the use of toxic
resolution was submitted to the Board by           old friends.                                           chemicals, and to support local and or-
the Religious Practices Committee and is                 While I write this column about thirty           ganic agriculture. These policies should be
strongly rooted in Jewish texts and values.        days before it goes to print, and I do not have        applicable to both congregational events
      Lifelong Learning                            a crystal ball, I venture to say when you read         and private events held on congregational
      • A committee was appointed to select        this in early March, the economy we live in            premises. These practices will provide
a Director of Life Long Learning. It is            will probably still be in the proverbial toilet.       a framework to observe the mitzvot of
made up of temple members who reflect              Our temple’s revenues are stressed beyond the          sustaining creation and being stewards of
the diversity that is B’nai Israel. There will     usual challenge. With this in mind, I ask those        the earth.
be opportunities as well for all of you to         of you who can, to please consider making
participate via a community focus group.           a special donation to the temple’s general

Notes from the (Brother)Hood                                                               Director of Lifelong Learning
By Jeff Rabinovitz, President                                                               Search Committee Update
                               Well, here it is March. Our Brother-
                         hood service will be March 20. Members
                         of your Brotherhood will be participating                     The Search Committee will be scheduling a
                         and one special member will be honored                        series of Town Hall meetings in early March
                         as our MVP. Please show your support                                    to discuss the Search for a
                         for your temple Brotherhood and attend.                               Director of Lifelong Learning.
                               We will be catering a B’nai Mitzvah in                      Watch Chadashot for dates & times.
                         March. Please answer the “call” and join
                         us in the kitchen. We really do have a good
                                                                                        If you are unable to participate, email your
time and you may even learn some new skills, some of which may                                suggestions to Committee Chair,
even be related to cooking.                                                                        Barbara Allen-Brecher,
     May 13 will be our annual paid-up membership steak and fish                                at terrybarb1@comcast.net.
dinner. If you are a paid member, put it on your calendar and plan
to attend; the food is great and you can’t beat the price-nada. If
you are not a paid member, please send in your dues to the temple                            If you prefer, you may send written
office.                                                                                                  comments to:
     The last weekend in March is my son, Joel’s, wedding. Though
we offered to cater it, he and his fiance, Molly, have decided to go                                    CBI Search Committee
offsite for this one. Our own Rabbi Alfi will be officiating.                                         3600 Riverside Boulevard
                                                                                                       Sacramento, CA 95818
     That’s all from the hood. Please support your Brotherhood
by being part of the festivities. All of our profits go right back to
the temple to support many different youth related projects.                                          Let your voice be heard!

Women oF B’nai israel
our International Connection: Women of Reform Judaism
By Carol Goodman-Gane, WBI President
                            Last month, I       ago this year! NFTY, which was established       the Reform/Progressive Jewish Movement,
                      included in this column   to offer an outlet for young people to           such as the Leo Baeck School in Haifa and
                      a list of everyone who    engage in temple life, originally focused on     the Israel Religious Action Center. Together,
                      has joined or renewed     college-age students. Over the years, it has     WRJ and its affiliated sisterhoods are able to
                      their memberships in      expanded to include the high school youth        achieve what no single individual or sisterhood
                      Women of B’nai Israel     groups of all Union of Reform Judaism            could accomplish alone.
                      (a few more names are     affiliated congregations in the United States         Whether you are very active, a little active,
                      included on this page).   and Canada. As a former NFTY member              or not active at all in our local WBI activities,
                      Every time I ask you      myself, I can tell you that my belonging to      you can be proud that your membership
                      to join, I also remind    NFTY as a girl is, in large part, the reason I   dollars and your YES Fund contributions
                      you that your dollars     am so active in congregational life today. It    make a huge difference, not only to our own
suppory not only our temple, but also many      created a social connection for me that went     congregation but also to the many people
national and international programs that are    well beyond simply attending religious school.   and institutions that are so important to
important to us as Reform Jewish women.         And it’s a connection that has lasted my whole   our Reform Jewish life. What else can I say
At least once a year, it seems worthwhile to    life long.                                       except—thank you!
highlight the important work that the Women           Your dues help us contribute to WRJ’s           One last note—please read the article
of Reform Judaism (WRJ), with which we are      Youth, Education and Special Projects            on this page about our long-running Touch
affiliated, undertakes on our behalf.           (YES) Fund, which represents the collective      of Shabbat program. WBI recently received
      Let’s start with a bit of history. The    financial efforts of WRJ members and donors      an Eleanor Kretzer Kavod Award for
National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods       to strengthen the institutions of Reform/        Community Service for this program at the
(NFTS), now called the WRJ, was founded         Progressive Judaism and ensure the future        WRJ Pacific District Convention in Seattle.
in 1913 as a philanthropic organization         of Reform Jewish leadership. Through the         Through Touch of Shabbat, volunteers deliver
designed to assist Sisterhoods of Reform        YES Fund, WRJ has provided millions of           home-cooked chicken soup, challah, and
congregations nationwide in providing           dollars in financial assistance to rabbinical    applesauce to AIDS patients in Sacramento.
support not only to their respective temples,   and cantorial students throughout the            We are most grateful to the many women
but also to Judaism in general and the          world. The Fund supports the Jewish Braille      who have contributed to this project over the
Reform movement in particular. One of the       Institute, Union of Reform Judaism camps         years. So if you know one of them, be sure
most important NFTS achievements in the         such as Camp Newman, nursery schools in          to thank them personally for their service the
early days was its start-up of the very first   Haifa, Israel, and Interns for Peace, a joint    next time you see them. This is truly a gift of
chapter of the North American Federation        Arab/Israeli youth venture. The Fund also        the heart!
of Temple Youth (NFTY) in 1939, 70 years        supports educational institutions throughout

  WBI events & Dates to Save
  Sunday morning, march 15: WBI meeting in conference
  Sunday, April 5, 10 am - 2 pm: Annual WBI planning
  meeting—your chance to weigh in on programming for
  next year! Location TBA. Come one, come all!
  Thursday, April 9: WBI-sponsored Second Night Seder
  Tuesday, April 28: WBI/ARZA Yom HaZikaron
  commemoration and Yom HaAtzmaut celebration
  Sunday afternoon, may 17: Art Tour on Light Rail South
  Line with Merle Serlin, following lunch at Café Bernardo,
  15th & R—not to be missed!
                                                                                . . . The word Purim means “lots.” Wicked Haman
                                                                                determined the day he planned for the Jews of Persia
                                                                                to be abolished by a lottery (drawing “lots”).
    new and Renewing members This month                                         . . . Traditional Purim foods - hamantaschen and
    (and some omissions from February list!):                                   kreplach - are three cornered like Haman’s hat.

    Sarah                                                                       . . . Mordechai was the first person to be called a Jew.
       Susan Dlugach         Eleanor Mitchell                                   Before then, Jews were called Hebrews or Israelites.
       Esther Farber         Gloria Schoen
       Natanya Green         Jo Ann Solov
       Jacqueline Harris

From the educator
By Sunny E. Romer, RJE
                              On Purim, we are commanded to do mitzvot. That makes Purim sound like it must be a difficult holiday. But, it
                       is one of our most family oriented, fun days for everyone! All our Jewish holidays have mitzvot—so plan to join in!
                           Here is the story: After Haman was hung, the Jews fought back and defended themselves against all the pogroms
                       that he planned for them. When the fighting was over, Mordechai, the new “right-hand” man of King Ahashuerus,
                       sent a royal edict to Jews who lived everywhere from India to Ethiopia. In this letter, Mordechai invented four new
                       mitzvot and commanded Jews everywhere to follow them:
                           1. To tell the story of what happened – which is why we read the megillah, shake our groggers – and laugh
                       at our purimspiels. Come to the Purim Pasta Dinner, sponsored by the CBI Confirmation Class, at 6:00 pm on
                       monday, march 9. Be sure to come dressed for Purim and adults will be able to imbibe—after all—the Talmud says
                       what condition we should be in to hear the megillah read! The megillah reading and another world-famous, fabulous
purimspiel, “The Iron Chef of Shushan,” written by our own Steve Marshall and directed by our own Tom McElheney, follows at 7:00 pm.
It includes a cast of thousands—or so I’ve heard—all talented CBI congregants. Come dressed in your favorite costume and be ready to
     2. To celebrate and have a good time – which is why we turn Purim into a fun celebration for all ages with costumes for EVERYONE
and a bit of a “nip” for the adults!
     3. To send gifts of food to friends and family – this is called mishloach manot.*
     4. To give gifts to the poor - a wonderful tzedakah opportunity. There will be a large tzedakah box set up at the carnival. Please bring
canned goods to the megillah reading.
     Following Mordechai’s orders, these mitzvot are Jewish opportunities just waiting for us (adapted from Joel Lurie Grishaver’s 40 Things
You Can Do to Save the Jewish People). All mitzvot are opportunities. Some are easier to do, some are more powerful, some have more
impact on others, many are rewarding and some are fun. The point is, doing mitzvot is a Jewish thing – let’s do it together- as families and
as a community.
Purim in Religious School
We love celebrating Purim – why? Because it’s fun and it’s so easy to be hands-on with so many mitzvot do.
     1. Purimspiels abound: On Sunday, March 8, Melissa Grand’s 2nd grade class and Wendy Fischer’s 7th grade class will present their
purimspiels during religious school—right after tefillah at 10:30 am. 2nd Grade purimspiel for grades PreK – Grade 1 in the chapel and 7th
grade purimspiel and program for grades 3 - 6 in the sanctuary. Parents and grandparents welcome!
     2. Come to the Purim Carnival on Sunday, March 8. It begins at 12:00 noon for kids 6 and under (PreK – Grade one will dismiss at
12:00 noon) and at 12:30 pm for kids 7 and older (Grades 2 – 7 will dismiss at 12:30 pm). BISY, our senior youth group, leads the games and
gives the prizes. Lunch will be available from the Confirmation Class.
     3. Get in the Purim spirit and dress up for religious school on Sunday, March 8.
*mishloach manot How – To
    Make a list of family, friends and other people (such as teachers, mail person, etc.). It can include both Jews and non-Jews. Prepare a
“package” of food gifts for each person/family on your list. The official rules state: “These gift packages must include at least two different
kinds of food.” Other than that, they can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. It is traditional to include hamantashen – but, this is not
an obligation. Prepare a special container for the gifts. Deliver your shalach manot to your list of family, friends and others. Sit back and feel
good—you just did a mitzvah.
Looking Ahead/Save the Date
     The play, “The never-ending Greenness” by the Crane Culture Theater has been re-scheduled for Sunday, march 15, 10:00-
10:45 am in the social hall. Grades 3 – 7 and all adults are invited to this performance. The story is one of greening the landscape of Israel
in this story by Neil Waldman: An old man recalls his childhood in the tree-lined city of Vilna, where his family escapes from the ghetto and
is protected by the forests surrounding the town. Later, following immigration to Israel, the boy helps plant trees in his new desert homeland
so that the country can once again become a sea of never-ending greenness.
     “Hands in Peace: Building Peace Through Sport and Art” information session: Sunday, March 15, 11:00-11:30 am. Open to
parents and their children, ages 10 – 12. “Hands in Peace” has selected CBI to participate as one of many diverse communities in Sacramento
in a 4-day festival in June that combines athletic, artistic, and cultural events. Come learn about what could be a very special 4 days (June
18 – 21) for your 10 – 12 year old. Check out www.handsinpeace.org or if you have any questions beforehand, please feel free to talk with
member Terri Gaines or her older son Toby who has participated in an international festival in the past.
    Our Yom HaShoah program for religious school and congregants is Sunday, April 19.

                                                                                                                              (continued on Page 7)


      It’s not too early to plan for mitzvah Day. Mark your calendars for Sunday, April 26. As most of you know, on Mitzvah Day, all of our
religious school classes and many of our parents and adult members volunteer in a variety of helpful projects around CBI and the Sacramento
area—both Jewish and secular projects plentiful! It always feels good to help others.

        march Dates to Remember                                  CBI Anna Forman Trust Fund Committee
                                                                 Accepting Proposals for 2009 – 2010 Grants
                 Sunday Religious School                              This spring, the Anna Forman Trust Fund Committee will approve a
       March l , 8, 15, 22, 29 9:30 am - 12:30 pm                distribution of funds from the Anna Forman Trust Fund. The committee
                    Tuesday Hebrew                               will allocate these funds to one or more projects intended to benefit youth
                                                                 and education.
         March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 4:00 - 6:00 pm                       In the past, the committee approved distributions for the Confirmation
                        K’tonton                                 trip to Israel, the 8th grade L.A. trip, Camp Shelanu programming, Rosh
                                                                 Hodesh: It’s a Girl Thing start up funds, and for cultural programs for our
        Sunday, March 1, 15, 29 10:00 am - noon                  high school students as well as entire religious school.
   Tot Shabbat, Family Shabbat Dinner, /2nd Shabbes                   All grants must benefit the youth and educational programs of Congrega-
           Friday, March 13 6:00/6:30 pm                         tion B’nai Israel. Preference is given to programs not covered by an existing
                                                                 restricted fund, projects that have a proposal for raising matching funds and
               Religious School Committee                        new projects. Grants are not meant to cover salaries that are part of the con-
              Tuesday, March 17 7:00 pm                          gregational budget. Grants should be used within two years of the date of
                                                                 approval or they could be lost. Requests must be received on or before April
              Wake Up and Taste the Torah!                       15, 2009
              Saturday, March 21 10:30 am                             If you have a worthwhile project that does not meet the above guidelines,
                                                                 please state your reasons why you believe it should be funded by the Anna
                                                                 Forman Trust Fund.
                                                                      On a separate page, please include the following:
                                                                      1. The nature of the project or program.
                                                                      2. The estimated total cost and the amount requested from the Anna
                                                                 Forman Trust Fund.
                                                                      3. Who will be responsible for the implementation of the project.
                                                                      4.Other funding sources available: e.g. fees, other grants, restricted
                                                                      5.For multiple-year projects, plans for funding beyond the first year.
                                                                 Project Name: ____________________________________________
                                                                 Submitted By: ____________________________________________
                                                                 Telephone Number: ________________________________________
                                                                      Please send your proposal to: Sunny Romer, Congregation B’nai Israel,
                                                                 NO LATER THAN: April 15, 2009.

Don’t Miss the 5769 Camp shelanu
                                                                 William Henry Zimmerman URJ Campership
Kick-off!                                                              The William Henry Zimmerman URJ Camp Scholarship Endowment
     The annual Camp Shelanu Celebration will be on              Fund was established by Bill Slaton and Kent Newton to honor the memory
Sunday, March 29, 1:00 – 3:00 pm in the Social Hall..            of William Henry Zimmerman. It provides a campership(s) to attend any URJ
     All Incoming Kindergarten through 10th grade                Summer Camp program to one or more deserving students whose families
students are invited to attend.                                  are members of Congregation B’nai Israel.
     Last summer’s campers, staff, and CITs will be there to           The Zimmerman Fund will distribute one or more scholarships of not
recreate a day at camp and share it with others who would        less than $200 for the summer of 2009. The only requirement for the schol-
be interested in joining in the fun of Camp Shelanu this         arship award is the commitment by the recipient(s) to perform a community
summer.                                                          service project in/for the Jewish community. Applications may be picked up
     For those of you who have attended camp before,             in the temple office and must be returned by Tuesday, March 31, 2009.
please wear your camp T-shirt and bring a friend who would             The William Henry Zimmerman URJ Camp Scholarship Endowment
love to attend Camp Shelanu this summer.                         Fund is part of the Jewish Community Foundation of the West. It exists solely
     This event promises to be a super-fun afternoon. There      to financially assist and help B’nai Israel students in attending URJ summer
will be yummy treats to eat (Its Its!), games to play, dancing   camps. We thank Bill and Kent for establishing this worthwhile fund and would
to do, pictures and videos from last summer to look at and       hope that our CBI families help keep this fund growing. Individual contribu-
there will be a SPECIAL surprise guest.                          tions to this fund are appreciated and help to strengthen our congregation
     Be there or be square.                                      and community. Donations may be sent directly to the Jewish Community
     For more information, contact Ellen Barney at               Foundation of the West in care of the Sacramento Jewish Federation or to
446-4861, ext. 31, or ellen@bnais.com.                           the temple office to be forwarded.

Adult education Update
By Ted London and Mary Ann Misenhimer, co-chairs
      We have a number of exciting classes that will be
starting in the next few months that we wanted to let
you know about. Please RSVP in advance for these
classes at jeanette@bnais.com or call Jeanette at (916)
                                                              explore Israel with
      Based on the success and popularity of Alice
                                                              B’nai Israel
Jacobs’ class, “Brain Gain,” she will be back offer-
ing a new class of ” Brain Exercises for Wellness and
Memory Enhancement.” This class is a lot of fun, and
provides activities that exercise different parts of the          Explore Israel with your synagogue friends and family
brain. Classes will be on Friday mornings, April 24,          along with Rabbi Mona Alfi and her family for two weeks
May 1, May 8 and May 15, 10 am - noon in the Sosnick          at the end of June through the beginning of July 2009.
Library. The cost is $50 for materials, and attendance
at last year’s class is not a requirement.                    This intergenerational trip has something for everyone.
      Rabbi’s Book Club will resume on Thursday,              Discover the many layers of Israel’s past and present.
April 30 at 10:30 am. There is no charge, but space           •	 Spend Shabbat in Jerusalem
is required, so please RSVP early. You can RSVP by            •	 Hike Masada
calling Harriette Schwartz at 916- 972-9793. The book         •	 Discover Caesarea
for April is The Septembers of Shiraz by Dalia Sofer,         •	 Get shumutzy during an archaeological dig
and can be obtained from Amazon.com at the current            •	 Go shopping in Tel Aviv
price of $11.16 (new), or less for used.                      •	 Drink fine wines in the Golan Heights
      Finally, we are always looking for new people to            . . . and so much more!
help us plan for our adult education activities. If you
have any questions on the upcoming events or would                Interested in learning more? Email Rabbi Alfi at
like to join the committee, please email Ted London           rabbialfi@bnais.com.
at ted.london@cgi.com or Mary Ann Misenhimer at

                                                                It’s not too late to join us! 29 people are already signed up
                                                               to go to Israel!
WBI Art Tour on May 17
By Merle Serlin
     It’s time to start filling up that 2009
calendar!! Be sure to mark May 17 as the date
for this year’s WBI Art Tour. This year we’ll be
touring the art of Sacramento’s Light Rail line.
There’s art at every station!! The plan is to start
with lunch at Café Bernardo. It’s an easy order-
at-the-counter place with great food. Located at
                                                           Wine, Food & Dance on May 2
the corner of 15th and R Streets, it’s less than a
block to the 16th Street Light Rail Station. We’ll
                                                           save the Date for the 9th Annual Festival
be meeting for lunch at 1pm, then heading over             By Ross Huggins
to the 16th Street Station. From there, we’ll
travel south, seeing some of the artwork from                   The eagerly anticipated 9th Annual Wine & Food Festival is set for
the train and stopping for a more leisurely look           May 2. This popular event is our congregation’s single largest fundraiser
at other stations. Hopefully, we’ll have several           and is simply a fun evening. This year looks to be our biggest and best
of the artists join us at “their” stations. If you         yet!
can’t join us for lunch, meet us at Café Bernardo               The festival will run 7:00 - 10:00 pm and will be presented in our
at 1:30, and we’ll go from there.                          social hall. The Wine & Food Festival will again have many wines for your
     The train fare is $2.00 ($1.00 for seniors 62         sampling enjoyment which will be paired with plentiful and delicious
and older, $1.00 for students with ID). You will           hors d’oeuvres from several local restaurants and caterers. Expanding
take care of your own lunch costs and train fare.          this year, we will offer tastings of some microbreweries to accompany
Please plan on also making a donation towards              our food offerings. Non-alcoholic beverages will also be offered. A
WBI’s campership fund. We’d like to request a              feature of the evening will be our incredible silent auction with fabulous
minimum donation of $5.00, but more would                  items generously donated by local merchants and congregants.
be greatly appreciated. The campership fund is                  Donations for the auction and sponsors to help underwrite this
a bit malnourished at the present. I’ll collect the        great event are still needed. Please contact event chair, Ross Huggins, at
donations on the day of the tour. Please note:             591-3766 to donate or find out how you or your business may participate
stations are handicapped accessible.                       in this wonderful event benefiting our congregation.
     Please let me know if you plan to attend                   Save the date of may 2 and plan to join your friends and
by contacting me at Merle at 916-442-0464 or               neighbors at our largest and most fun evening at B’nai Israel, the
merleserlin@surewest.net.                                  9th Annual Wine & Food Festival!

cBi Bulletin Board

                                                                             B street Theatre
                                                                             Fundraiser for
    Israel Connections                                                       Confirmation Class
one Heart, Two Homes                                                         Israel Trip
Israel and the American Jew                                                  By Tami Crawford
By Andrea Rosen                                                                   Every year, B’nai Israel sends a disproportionately large
                                                                             number of confirmation class students to Israel. Raising tens
      “Why should I, an American Reform Jew, have a relationship             of thousands of dollars annually to support this endeavor is an
with Israel?” That is the question that will be explored in three interac-   extraordinary community-wide effort. Many members of the
tive sessions on Israel and Jewish Peoplehood as an adult education          Sacramento community help out in some way --- buying pizza
opportunity in the winter/spring term. Many American Jews are not at         and raffle tickets, making donations, coming to our fundraisers.
all sure why and how they should relate to Israel. Because Israel is not     The list of people and organizations deserving our gratitude
the recent country of origin of most of our families, we don’t have the      is very long. You may not know, however, about one of the
particular language and cultural ties that other “hyphenated Americans”      unexpected partners in this remarkable success story: the B
have to their ancestral countries.                                           Street Theatre.
      This series of three discussions proposes five different ways in            For about a decade, the B Street Theatre has donated the
which you may explore your relationship with Israel. We invite you to        proceeds of one night’s production to support the Israel trip.
consider each, challenge it and try its ideas on for size. We hope one       Not only do the actors donate their work, but the theater lets
or more of them will enhance and enrich what it means for you to be          us turn their lobby into a gourmet paradise for ticket holders.
an American Jew. The moderators will be Sandy Kaufman, Dan and                    Once again, B Street has offered to help this year’s B’nai
Joan Gorfain and Deni Deutsch-Marshall. The sessions will take place         Israel confirmation class go to Israel. On Sunday evening,
in the Conference Room on Sunday mornings March 1, March 8 and               March 22, B Street will be donating its outrageously funny
March 22 from 10:00 am to noon.                                              production of “Sexy Laundry,” written by the 10-times award-
                                                                             winning Vancouver playwright Michele Riml. (While there is a
                                                                             language advisory, there is no nudity or strong sexual content
                                                                             and the play is recommended for audiences of 16 years and
                                                                             over). As in past years, the confirmation class will provide
                                                                             delicious hor d’oeuvres and desserts and sell wine.
                                                                                  Tickets are $40; $20 for youth 18 and under. Doors open
                                                                             at 6:00 p.m.; curtain time is 7:00 pm. Tickets will also be sold
                                                                             at the door. For tickets, please contact Tami Crawford at
           Fulfilling Your Birthright                                        396-2780 or Melissa McElheney at 874-8887 or 205-0317.
                                                                             You may send your check (marked “B Street Theatre” in the
           For those interested in the free Birthright Israel trips,         memo section) to the temple office.
       the Union for Reform Judaism will be putting together
         groups with a Reform perspective. For information,
              please call Sunny Romer at 916-446-4861.                       spring Cleaning – Getting Ready
                                                                             for Pesach in the Gift shop
                                                                                  Our storage room is overflowing and we have new Pesach,
                                                                             Shabbat, wedding, and B’nai Mitzvah items arriving weekly.
                                                                             We’ll have tables filled with sale items in the foyer outside the
                      Save the Date                                          shop every Sunday during the month of March.
                                                                                  The Jonas Goldman Judaica Shop is stocked with myriad
                                                                             children’s Passover books and haggadot, many with tapes.
           Monday, April 20, 7:00-8:30 pm                                    Keep the children busy at your Seder table with activity books,
                                                                             puzzles, “plague kits,” or placemats and cards to color. We
             Yom HaShoah Observance                                          have a wide selection of Passover items, including Seder and
         Hosted by Congregation B’nai Israel                                 matzah plates, Elijah and Miriam cups, matzah and afikomen
          3600 Riverside Blvd., Sacramento                                   bags, tablecloths and napkins, and hostess gifts.
                                                                                  Our haggadot include choices of contemporary,
                       Featuring:                                            traditional, Sephardic, child-oriented, and women’s Seders. In
        A presentation by Holocaust survivor,                                addition to our wonderful Passover collection, come see our
                                                                             new selection of jewelry, mezzuzot, carved wooden boxes,
                     Bernie Marks                                            unique tzedakah boxes, Havdallah set and Shabbat candle-
             Candle Lighting Ceremony                                        holder designed by glass/metal artist Gary Rosenthal, limited
              Cellist, Susan Lamb Cook                                       edition tallit sets, and so much more.
                                                                                  We’d love to assist you in choosing special gifts for
       Dramatic Readings by Yachad Students                                  simchas. We also have wedding and B’nai Mitzvah registries.
     Combined B’nai Israel and Beth Shalom Choirs                            Please visit the shop on Tuesdays, 1–6 pm or Sundays, 9:30
                                                                             am – 1:00 pm, when religious school is in session. If you have
                       No charge                                             questions or need an appointment, please call Carole Kovnick
                                                                             974-0875 or Jane Orkand 283-4325.

cBi Bulletin Board
WBI, ARZA and Rabbi Alfi                                                             It’s a Mitzvah to shop
Invite All CBI Adults
By Deni Deutsch Marshall
      Women and men alike are invited to join WBI and ARZA (Association
of Reform Zionists of America) to complete the commemoration of Yom
Ha Zikaron and celebrate Yom Ha Atzmaut. Mark your calendars now
for Tuesday, April 28th at 6:15 pm. What is Yom Ha Zikaron? Yom Ha
Zikaron is Israel’s Memorial Day. It is a day where we as Jews remember         By Ted London
the citizens and soldiers that died in Israel’s wars of independence as well
as all the victims of terror. Yom Ha Zikaron always falls just one day before         Thank you to all of you who have shopped
Yom Ha Atzmaut - Israeli Independence Day. Come and learn more about            online with Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com,
these two very important Israeli holidays and why they are important to         FTD.com and Officemax.com. By visiting the
us as American Jews.                                                            B’nai Israel website first, and using the links on our
      This year the community commemoration of Yom Ha Zikaron will              Tzedakah page, these merchants have been paying
be at Congregation Beth Shalom on Monday, April 27th. On Tuesday,               CBI 4 to 8 percent of what you spend on their
April 28th, Congregation B’nai Israel will hold a special Rosh Chodesh          website. You can either go to bnais.com and click
where we will complete the day of Memorial and transition into the day          on “Tzedakah” or go straight to http://www.bnais.
of Celebration - Yom Ha Atzmaut. We invite all adult congregants age 13         com/tzedakah.cfm.
and over to come and learn, commemorate and celebrate with us.                        It is amazing what our members have bought
      We will start with an Israeli-themed potluck dinner (dairy please) at     just from Amazon: books, CDs, DVDs, kitchen
6:15 in the social hall. Service and study will be 6:45 - 8:30.                 appliances, clothes, sneakers, electronics (iPod,
      Reservations are not necessary but are appreciated. Please email Deni     camera, MP3 Player), even dog treats. With so much
Deutsch Marshall at denimarshall@gmail.com.                                     available for purchase online, supporting B’nai Israel
                                                                                has never been easier.
                                                                                      Again, thank you to everyone who has
                                                                                participated. Let’s continue to particpate. If you
                                                                                have questions about the program, please email

“Touch of shabbat” Program earns special
By Elaine Berghausen, Jane Orkand and JoAnn Solov
     Congratulations to B’nai Israel’s Touch of Shabbat Program, winner
of the 2008 Eleanor Kretzer Kavod Award, presented last November at
the WRJ Pacific District Convention in Seattle. This outstanding program
has operated continuously since August 1987, providing an estimated 6,300
meals to those in need in our community. In the spirit of tikkun olam, on
the last Friday of each month, volunteers deliver home-cooked chicken
soup, challah and applesauce to 20-30 people with HIV/AIDS.
     Inspired by a local Jewish doctor, WBI members Jane Orkand, Betty
Reuben and Sylvia Shemanski (of blessed memory) brainstormed with lo-
cal healthcare and social-service advocates to identify a meaningful way to
reach out to both Jewish and non-Jewish AIDS patients. Touch of Shabbat
not only provides needed nourishment, but also serves as tangible evidence
that people care, forming one-on-one connections.
     Touch of Shabbat could not have continued for all these years without
the loving attention of dozens of volunteers. Special thanks go to Women
of B’nai Israel, which has supported this project since its inception. Thanks
also to the wonderful women of Theta Delta Xi sorority who in 1997 took
over cooking the chicken soup. And kudos to Betty Reuben who received
Woman of Distinction honors from Hadassah in January for her service
to the community.
     If you’d like to volunteer to deliver, please call program chairs Betty
Reuben at 921-1313 or Jane Orkand at 283-4325. Donations to support
this award-winning program can be made by checking the “Women Feed
the Hungry” box under the Women of B’nai Israel funds heading. Please
note “For Touch of Shabbat” on your check. Todah rabah.

community Bulletin Board
Honorable Menschen: Honoring                                                         sacramento Jewish Attorneys
Anne and Hal eisenberg                                                               to Hear Dean Irwin Chemerinsky
sunday, April 19, 11:30 am - 1:30 pm                                                 speak at Inaugural Dinner
      Hillel at Davis and Sacramento (HADAS) is proud to honor Anne and
Hal Eisenberg. Please join us for a lovely brunch as we pay tribute to Hillel’s      March 24 at 5:30 pm
most “Honorable Menschen.” This event, co-sponsored by the Jewish Alumni             By Theo Goodwin
Association Chapter of the Cal Aggie Alumni Association, includes raffle prizes,           The Leonard M. Friedman Bar Association invites its
a silent auction and our signature chocolate fountain. The event will be at the      members and the public to attend their inaugural dinner
ARC Ballroom, 1 Shields Avenue, Davis.                                               to hear Dean Irwin Chemerinsky speak on “Civil Liberties
      For more information, call HADAS at 530-756-3708, email administrator@         and the War on Terror: A Constitutional Perspective.” Mr.
hillelhouse.org, or visit www.hillelhouse.org.                                       Chemerinsky, the Dean of the new UC Irvine Law School,
                                                                                     and formerly a professor at the University of Southern
                                                                                     California and Duke University, is a pre-eminent scholar of
                                                                                     Constitutional Law in America. He has authored four books
Jewish Genealogical society of sacramento                                            and over 100 law review articles as well as argued before the
Presents “Ukraine scrapbook - A Journey That                                         United States Supreme Court. He has contributed to the
                                                                                     LA Times and other national media on contemporary legal
Took 105 Years to Plan and Finally Take”                                             issues.
                                                                                           The dinner will take place on Tuesday, March 24, at
March 15, 10 am                                                                      5:30 pm in the Metropolitan Terrace Room of the recently
     Join the Jewish Genealogical Society of Sacramento as Allan Dolgow              remodeled Citizen Hotel at 10th and J Streets in downtown
describes his recent trip to the Ukraine, tracing his family’s roots.                Sacramento. The cost is $45 for members or $55 for non-
     Last August, Allan traveled to Kiev, Novograd Volinsky, Kamenny Brod,           members.
and Polonne. Using databases and networking, Allan was able to locate an                   “This will be a fabulous event,” said Jeremy Jessup,
87-year-old second cousin (her grandfather and his were brothers) living in          President of the Association. “We are thrilled to invite a
Polonne. This cousin turned out to have an interesting background; she had           nationally recognized legal scholar to speak on an exciting
worked as a surgeon at a field hospital in the Russian Army during WW II.            topic that is important to our tradition of advocacy and
Meeting her and her granddaughters and grandniece has added numerous                 public involvement.” The Association, named in honor
branches to Allan’s family tree; he found relatives living in Israel, France,        of Justice Leonard Friedman, a prominent member of the
Russia, India, and even in the United States.                                        Jewish community and the Third District Court of Appeal,
     Come and learn more about Allan Dolgow’s Ukraine trip on March 15, at           will hold professional events throughout the year. Members
the Albert Einstein Residence Center, 1935 Wright Street, Sacramento. All are        include attorneys, judges, and law students from Sacramento
welcome to attend and to use the JGSS library collection. For more informa-          and the neighboring counties.
tion about the JGSS, visit www.jgss.org, e-mail the JGSS at jgs_sacramento@                “This will be a sellout event. We only have seats for 200
yahoo.com or leave a message at 916-486-0906 ext. 361.                               guests, so purchase your tickets early,” said Melissa Bickel,
                                                                                     event chair. “Anyone who did not receive an invitation should
                                                                                     request one at rsvp@jsaclaw.org. We want to be inclusive,
                                                                                     so get involved.”

 shalom school Gala 2009
       Please mark your calendars! The Annual Shalom School Gala will be held                  Leisure League Luncheon
 on Sunday, March 15, at 5:00 pm at the Sacramento Hilton.
       This year, in celebration of Shalom School’s 30th birthday, we are honor-                   Thursday, March 5,
 ing the founding families of our School. As always, it is sure to be a fun-filled                    12:00 noon
 evening. We are once again having both a silent auction and a live auction. In-
 cluded in these auctions will be wonderful art projects from each of the classes
 from Nitzanim through sixth grade. There will be a slide show with beautiful
 pictures of the Shalom School children throughout the year. You will also get
 a chance to meet and thank the founders of this wonderful school. RSVP for
 the Gala on-line (www.Shalomschool.org).                                                   All those 55+ are invited to join us for
       This year, we also have an incredible grand prize for our Gala drawing--a        good food, friends and fun. We will have
 fabulous trip for two to Cancún, Mexico. The trip includes accommodations at
 your choice of either the Hyatt Regency Cancún or the Hyatt Cancún Caribe.             Judith Pruess-Mellow and Susan Diamond
 Airfare is included on American Airlines. Tickets for the drawing are $25 each         from Senior New Ways in the Bay Area
 or 5 for $100. These can be purchased on-line, in the office, or from individuals      with us to share “The Uplifting Power of
 selling them on behalf of the Gala Committee.                                          Humor.” For more information or to be on
       The annual Gala is our biggest fundraiser of the year. We count on each          our Leisure League mailing list please call
 of you to participate in any way that you can. Proceeds from the Gala will be
 used to support scholarship and educational programs at Shalom School.                 Bonnie Penix, 391-1987.

We GrateFully acknoWledGe our contriButors...
Rabbi Alfi’s Discretionary Fund                         Robin and Rick Lewis                                   oscar Bloom Tolerance and
Vida and Gordon Adelman                                 In honor of Skip Rosenbloom’s birthday                 Understanding Fund
The yahrzeit of Marcus Adelman                          Eleanor and Jerry Mitchell                             Wendi and Jeff Shulman
Cairn and Jeff Aran                                     In honor of Sandra Felderstein for winning             In memory of David Shulman
In appreciation of Rabbi Alfi’s loving support          Hadassah’s Woman of Distinction award                  Prayer Book Fund
Dave Felderstein and Daniel Hoody                       Caring Community Fund                                  Illene Carroll
In honor of Rabbi Alfi’s officiating at their wedding   Eleanor and Jerry Mitchell                             In memory of Gladys Zeman
Speedy recovery to Chazzan Naluai                       In honor of Betty Reuben for winning                   Joanne and Warren Harris
Gloria Fraser                                           Hadassah’s Woman of Distinction award                  In honor of Betty Reuben for winning the 2009
In memory of Carl Fraser                                Jeanette Salkin and Alan Kuper                         Hadassah Woman of Distinction award
In appreciation of Mandy Greene’s support               In honor of Cairn and Jeff Aran’s wedding              Maxine Spitzer
Jane and Steve Orkand                                   Dalton & Joyce Felderstein Israel                      In memory of Shirley Cohodes
In honor of the wedding of Cairn Rominger and           Scholarship Fund                                       Religious School Scholarship Fund
Jeff Aran                                               Marion and Stan Leff                                   Margi Park-Landau
Margi Park-Landau                                       In honor of the birth of Jean and Norm Gold’s
                                                                                                               Lillian Kipnis
                                                        grandson, Lev Goldmiller
Adult ed Fund                                                                                                  In honor of the marriage of Mary Sorrels and
Margi Park-Landau                                       General Fund                                           Edye Swidler
                                                        Ralph Greene
Archive and museum Fund                                                                                        Sacramento Jewish Film Festival
                                                        In memory of Millard Tonkin on Super Bowl
Louise Mueller                                          Sunday                                                 Fund
Speedy recovery to Lisa Brodkey                                                                                Margi Park-Landau
Speedy recovery Ann Michaels                            Jennifer and Todd Kaufman
                                                        In honor of Chazzan Carl Naluai, Jr.                   Social Action Fund
Cantor’s Discretionary Fund                                                                                    Jean and Norm Gold
Vida and Gordon Adelman                                 Israel Youth Fund                                      In honor of Betty Reuben for winning the 2009
The yahrzeit of Frank Adelman                           Carol Moon Goldberg and Steve Goldberg                 Hadassah Woman of Distinction award
The yahrzeit of Gloria Harvey                           In memory of David Shulman
                                                                                                               Jennifer and Tod Kaufman
Maxine Boshes                                           Linda and Ron Tochterman                               In honor of Betty Reuben for winning the 2009
In honor of Chazzan Carl Naluai, Jr.                    In memory of Carl Fraser                               Hadassah Woman of Distinction award
Illene Carroll                                          SAC Jewish Film Festival Fund                          Marion and Stan Leff
The yahrzeit of Mildred Lippman                         Marcia and Mandy Greene                                In honor of Betty Reuben for winning the 2009
The yahrzeit of Mary Mason                              Len maintenance Fund                                   Hadassah Woman of Distinction award
The yahrzeit of Nellie Samoville                        Marion and Stan Leff                                   Margi Park-Landau
Eleanor and Jerry Mitchell                              In honor of Skip Rosenbloom’s birthday
                                                                                                               Women Feed the Hungry Fund
In honor of Sandra Felderstein for winning              Wendi and Jeff Shulman                                 Eileen Sarasohn
Hadassah’s Woman of Distinction award                   In memory of David Shulman                             In honor of Betty Reuben for winning the 2009
In honor of Marianne Laws for winning
                                                        music Fund                                             Hadassah Woman of Distinction award
Hadassah’s Woman of Distinction award
Speedy recovery to Chazzan Naluai                       Dave Felderstein and Daniel Hoody                      JoAnn and Marty Solov
                                                        In honor of Julie Steinberg’s participation in their   In honor of Betty Reuben for winning the 2009
Louise Mueller
                                                        wedding                                                Hadassah Woman of Distinction award
Speedy recovery to Chazzan Naluai
                                                        Jennifer and Tod Kaufman                               Yahrzeit Fund
Eileen and Howard Sarasohn
                                                        Speedy recovery to Chazzan Naluai                      Marion and Stan Leff
In memory of Norton Spitzer
                                                        Marion and Stan Leff                                   In memory of Melvin Wities
Maxine Spitzer
                                                        In honor of Laurie and Larry Meyer sharing the
In memory of Norton Spitzer
Capital Campaign Fund
                                                        oneg Shabbat Fund
                                                        Carol Moon Goldberg and Steve Goldberg
In honor of Cairn and Jeff Aran’s wedding
                                                        In honor of Cairn and Jeff Aran’s wedding
Jennifer and Tod Kaufman
In honor of Cairn and Jeff Aran’s wedding
                                                        opper Courtyard Fund
                                                        Wendi and Jeff Shulman
                                                        In memory of David Shulman

cBi Bulletin Board
                                                        We’re Open!                            Price Campership Fund &
                                                                                               Women Feed the Hungry
           Life-Cycle                                 Café B’nai & Wi Fi
                                                                                             Donations to Price Campership
          emergency?                                                                         Fund and Women Feed the Hungry
      When you are in crisis, our goal                                                       (formerly Committee of the Con-
 is to get you the support you need,                                                         cerned) should be made out to WBI
 when you need it. If you have a life-                                                       and sent to:
                                                       Café B’nai is open every Sunday              Dana Hirschel (Treasurer)
 cycle emergency to report during                 morning (when religious school is                  9041 Paso Robles Way
 business hours, it is best to contact            in session) from 10:00 am to 12:15                  elk Grove, CA 95758
 Sandora Di Fiore at the temple office,           pm in our Sosnick Library. Have
                                                  coffee or tea, bagels or baked treats
 916-446-4861.                                    while enjoying all the resources of
      If you need to reach our clergy             our library. Your patronage of Café
 for an emergency after nor mal                   B’nai helps keep our library staffed
 business hours, you should call our              and updated. Come check it out!
 administrator, mandy Greene, on his                   We could use more coffee hosts
                                                  for Sunday mornings in march, April
 cell phone, 916-752-7787.                        or may. It would be extremely helpful
                                                  if you would volunteer a couple of
                                                  times between now and the end of
                                                  Religious School in the spring. Please           Donate Your Car to
                                                  contact Bonnie Penix at 391-1987 or                  B’nai Israel
                                                  bpenix@att.net.                                     ********
                                                                                              Give Your Car (Working or Not)
                                                                                              to Cars 4 Causes (a California
  If you feel you are not receiving                                                           Non-Profit Corporation), and
  notice for a yahrzeit observance,                                                           one-half of your gift will come
  please call Mandy Greene at the                                                             back to CBI. For more
  temple office at 446-4861.                          Chadashot Request                       information, call Mandy Greene
                                                  not receiving Chadashot? new                at the temple office, or visit
                                                  email address? Please notify the            Cars4Causes.net.
                                                  temple so we can update our records:
                                                                                                    Family Shalom
                                                                                              NCJW DOMESTIC
 Healing List notification                                                                    ABUSE SUPPORT LINE:
In order to manage the Healing (Mi Shebeirach)
list more effectively, you may include a name      Help us go green by choosing
on the Mi Shebeirach list. Simply call Sandora          to get your Koleinu
                                                    electronically. Please email              JFS Ride
Di Fiore at the temple office to have a name
included. Temple’s lay leadership, in consulta-        Koleinu@bnais.com                      Paratransit Service for elderly and
tion with our clergy, have decided that names                                                 disabled: 484-4400, ext. 421.
will remain on the list for four weeks unless
you notify us otherwise.

                                                                                                  What’s New
                                                           The Koleinu is
                                                                                                on the Website?
                                                          “sponsored” by:                       Whether you are planning a visit to
                                                                                           B’nai Israel, if you’re studying for a Bar
                                                   Vida and Gordon Adelman                 or Bat Mitzvah, or if you just want to hear
                                                   Doris Pittell & Bud Morris              the melodies we use when chanting the
     Our Hineini Committee is
                                                   Anonymous donor family                  prayers, you will find our website helpful.
     offering to assist people with
     rides to CBI. If you need a                                                           Go to bnais.com/worship-resources.cfm to
     ride to Shabbat services or                    For a donation of only $100, you,      hear the designated prayer.
     other programs, please contact               too, can help sponsor the Koleinu. If       Also, the Koleinu is now online. Go to
     Jackie Fields at 285-0857 or
                                                  you are interested, please contact our   bnais.com, then scroll down and follow
                                                     Administrator, Mandy Greene,          the link.
     jackietoby@hotmail.com.                                   at 446-4861.

Birthdays/anniversaries/cBi Bulletin Board

     Birthdays                                                           Anniversaries
 1  Mark Blum, Meredith Halseth, Daniel Klos,                         4 Mary and Steven Gevercer, Betsey and Michael Schoenfeld
    Rachel Resnick                                                    7 Morissa and Warren Anapolsky
 2 Barbara Allen-Brecher, Paul Rosenberg,                             8 Sharon Usher and David Townsend
    Libby Sanchez, Julia Turrini                                      9 Sue and Ben Rosenblum
 3. Sheila Budman, Meighan Einsel, Jennifer Stoecklein               16 Melissa and Allen Grand
 4 Laurie Meyer                                                      20 Irene and Mark Paxson, Kent Newton and Bill Slaton,
 5 David Citrenbaum, Jeff Fuller, Ilse Spivek,                            Carole and John Winston
 7 Claire Conlon, John Davis, Maya Gordon,                           21 Tami and John Crawford, Susan and Bob Dresser,
    Barbara Ullman                                                        Raquel Grossman-Perluss and Irving Perluss
 8 Teresa Mendick                                                    22 Anne and Hal Eisenberg, Deborah Haskell and Ven Mendoza
 9 Nancy Dee Barankin, Florence Beller,                              23 Rachel Resnick and Jennifer Webb
    David Felderstein, Jayna Fishman                                 30 Leah and Mervin Ezray
10 Jacqueline Bernales, Fran Bremson,
    Spenser Cohn, Aviva Pellman, Brea Travis
11 Richard Archibald, Susan Hammer
12 Rachel Ducore, Sunny Romer
                                                                     Green Tips
13 Karen Churchill, Daniel Cisneros,
    Irwin Karp, Jonah Michaels,
    Keith Siegel, Rob Wiener
14 Margi Park                                          By Sandy Kaufman and Todd Mendel
15 Sylvia Clark, Daniela Gaj, Roy Liebman              Supporting the Sustainable Living Committee
16 Mara Behar, Allison Einsel, Ezra Hammel,                 Sustainable living is about using scarce resources wisely. Water is one of the
    Charlotte Kasmi, Gabriella Siegel,                 most important of these resource. It appears California is headed into a third
                                                       consecutive year of below average rainfall. If so, then we will need to ramp up our
    Ariel Slaton                                       water conservation efforts.
17 Morissa Anapolsky, Rita Marowitz, Toby Myers,            There are various steps that we can take to conserve water both indoors and
    Carole Winston                                     outdoors:
18 Alan Kuper, Teven Laxer, Larry Meyer,                    Outdoors:
    Joey Pruger                                        1. If it’s broke, fix it. Any leak should be fixed as soon as possible. Leaks can
                                                       add up to large amounts of wasted water.
19 Stephen Mendick, Nicole Searls                      2. Landscape with droughtresistant plants.
20 James Margolis, Stewart Richardson,                 3. Water your lawn midnight-10 am to minimize evaporation.
    Jeff Smith                                         4. Compost kitchen waste instead of using your garbage disposal.
21 John Crawford, Todd Mendel, Marci Ortega,           5. Adjust sprinkler heads so you water the lawn, not the sidewalk or garage.
22 Hannah Gladstone, Diana Rosenblum                   6. Do not water on windy days.
                                                       7. Sweep your driveway rather than using a hose.
23 Jacki Cottingim, Laura Koretsky,                    8. Mulch with organic shredded green waste free from SMUD.
    Sue Rosenblum, Joel Schwartz                       9. Catch water in a bucket as you run it for a shower and use it for your plants.
24 Norm Gold, Max Kaplan,Sarah Liebman,                     Indoors:
    Bob Mende, Janice Spitzer, Justin Williams         1. If it’s broke, fix it. Make sure you fix any leak. Not only will this save water,
25 Dale Newton, Jennie Silver, Edythe Swidler          but it could prevent serious damage to your home.
                                                       2. Use your water meter to check for hidden leaks.
26 Gordon Dean, Shirley Rosenbloom,                    3. Replace older toilets with newer models that use less water.
    Ari Tochterman                                     4. Install low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators.
27 Andrea Ellinghouse, Audrey Heller,                  5. Use full loads when washing clothes and dishes.
    Stephen Kronick, Forrest Krupin                    6. Fill your sink rather than running the faucet while washing dishes.
28 Lou Anapolsky, Bob Dinsfriend, Ethan Grand,         7. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
                                                       8. Replace older clothes washers with newer models that can save up to 20
    Lilyan Mastrolia                                   gallons per load.
29 Joan Block, Shelley Ellinghouse, Arthur Prisco,          Some of these suggestions are easy to accomplish and cheap. Others, such
    Linda Santistevan, Scott Steinhaus,                as replacing appliances, can be more complicated and expensive. Expenses can be
    Tim Stoecklein, Barbara Tincher, Ruthan Ziegler mitigated through rebates offered by water utilities. Those served by the Sacramento
30 Ed Canale, Judy Emick-Leatherwood,                  County Water Agency can find a list of rebates on their website: http://www.msa2.
                                                       saccounty.net/dwr/scwa/Pages/RebatePrograms.aspx. For those interested in
    Wendy Fischer, Carol Goodman-Gane,                 pursuing this subject, start with the following links:
    Martha Moon, Leo Tochterman                        www.cityofsacramento.org/utilities/media-room/publications.cfm
31 Cindy Attia, Roz Dinsfriend, Kai Myers              www.msa2.saccounty.net/dwr/scwa/Pages/BestManagementPractices.aspx.

cBi Bulletin Board
                                            Acclaimed Documentary on Gay and Lesbian
 We mourn our losses                        orthodox Jews shows sunday, April 19, 2 pm at
                Lea Bargad                  CBI
     Beloved mother of Shauna Smith
 Beloved mother-in-law of Ray Bacigalupi         “Trembling Before God,” the acclaimed 2001 documentary about gay and
         Beloved grandmother of             lesbian Orthodox Jews reconciling their faith with their sexual orientation, will be
 Kira Smith, Chanita Smith, Pete Heitmann   screened Sunday afternoon April 19, in the social hall at Congregation B’nai Israel,
       Beloved great-grandmother of         3600 Riverside Boulevard, in Sacramento.
        Zoe Lila and Guthrie Tucker              The film was honored at the Chicago and Berlin film festivals. It chronicles the
                                            struggles of Orthodox Jews who are trying to integrate their homosexuality into
         Rachel Wenner nelson               their faith, even as some have been abandoned by their families. It remains a land-
       Beloved sister of Leah Ezray         mark tale that shatters assumptions about faith and sexuality. After a short break for
   Beloved sister-in-law of Mervin Ezray    refreshments, we’ll show the short sequel “Trembling on the Road,” a documentary
                                            about the controversy, protests – and dialogue – that has accompanied screenings of
                Pearl Chase                 “Trembling Before God” in Jewish communities around the world.
Beloved aunt of Bobbi and Dick Nathanson,        Sponsored by B’nai Israel’s Gay Rights Committee, the screening begins at 2 pm.
              and Shelley Caye              Suggested donations of $5 will be gratefully accepted at the door, with proceeds to
      Beloved great-aunt of Jodi, Greg,     benefit B’nai Israel’s social action programs.
         Jeff and Audra Nathanson                For more information, call Barbara Allen-Brecher at 916-607-7651.
    Beloved mother, grandmother, great-
   grandmother, great-great-grandmother     Brain Gain II Coming this spring
       and great-great-aunt of many         By Dr. Alice Jacobs
             Janet nakada                         For anyone interested in preserving/enhancing memory, and giving your brain a
       Beloved aunt of Jason Lindo          little exercise, Brain Gain II is for you!
                                                  Even if you missed the award-winning Brain Gain I series last spring, you’re in
              Lucy ortega                   luck because Brain Gain II will be presented as part of our spring Adult Education
     Beloved wife of Dr. Paul Ortega        offerings. You do not need to have taken Brain Gain I in order to sign up for Brain
    Beloved step-mother of Marci and        Gain II.
               Paul Ortega                        Based on the latest research touting the importance of keeping your brain active
                                            as you age, this interactive class provides exercises designed to stimulate the different
              mary Fassler                  regions of the brain. You will get a good “neurobic” workout. You will also receive
 Beloved mother of Roberta Fassler-Katz     articles and hand-outs containing up-to-date research information on keeping your
            and Marty Fassler               brain healthy. All materials are included in the fee. Preserve your memory, grow new
        Beloved mother-in-law of            brain cells, stimulate your mind, and join in the fun - your brain will love you for it!
 Norm Fassler-Katz and Kathryn Knight             Class Dates: Fridays, April 24, May1, May 8, May 15
        Beloved grandmother and                   Time:          10am to 12 noon
      great- grandmother of many                  Fee:           $50 per person; includes all hand-outs and materials
                                                  Instructor: Dr. Alice Jacobs
                                                  Please RSVP in advance by contacting Jeanette at jeanette@bnais.com or

  . . . to Sandra Felderstein and           Help Is Here!
  Katia Davies-Kemmler for receiv-          By Eli Poppers
  ing Hadassah Women of Distinction              Do you need help getting those gutters cleaned? Can’t get those boxes down out
  Volunteer awards. (We apologize for       of the attic? Need some heavy lifting done or leaves raked? The Confirmation Class
  omitting this last month.)                of 5769 is here to help!
  . . . to Anne and Hal eisenberg for            For a small donation to CBI for the confirmation class, members of the Confir-
  winning the “Honorable Menschen”          mation Class will gladly come and help any congregant that may need some chores
                                            done. By our helping you, you help us get closer to our Israel trip goal. Please call Eli
  award from Hillel in Davis.
                                            Poppers at 393-4294.
  . . . to margi Park-Landau and
  Sid Heberger for the fabulous 12th
  Annual Jewish Film Festival.                         The concert honoring Chazzan Carl Naluai has been postponed,
                                                   and will be rescheduled for sometime later this spring.
  . . . to Cairn and Jeff Aran on their
  recent marriage.
  . . . to edye Swidler and mary Sorrels            Send your Mazel Tov information to us for publication in the Koleinu
  on their recent marriage.                         so we can share your news.

      PONDS                                            PATIOS

      LIGHTING                                  IRRIGATION

      WALLS                                       ROCKERY
                        Marc Krupin
               530-878-4801 • marc@cascadegardens.biz
     PO Box 963 • Meadow Vista • CA 95722 • www.cascadegardens.biz
                              CA Lic #823516


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                       
                                                                          
                                                
                                                        
                                                           
                                                                  
                                
                          
                       
                                      

CBI Calendar of Events                                                                                                Adar/Nisan 5769 March 2009
      sUNDAY                         MoNDAY                        TUesDAY                    WeDNesDAY                      THURsDAY                          FRIDAY                   sATURDAY
                            1                          2                                3              4                                            5                           6                            7
 9:30 Religious School
10:00 K’tonton                                                                                                                                                                        9:00 Torah Study
10:15 Leadership Dev. #3                                                                                                   12:00 Leisure League                                      10:30 Ruach Ha’Am
10:30 ARZA: One Heart,                                                                                                           Luncheon                                            10:30 Shabbat Service
      Two Homes                                                                                                                                                                            Bat Mitzvah of
10:30 Grade 6 BM Parent                                                                                                                                                                    Malia Krupin
      Workshop                                                 4:00 Hebrew School            6:45 Yachad (off site)        6:15 Board of Trustees
                                                               7:00 Israeli Dancing          7:15 Choir rehearsal                                        7:30 Shabbat Service

                            8            PURIM             9                            10                            11                            12                          13                           14
 9:30 Religious School
                                                                                                                                                             2nd Shabbes              9:00 Torah Study
10:30 ARZA: One Heart,
      Two Homes                                                                                                                                                                      10:30 Shabbat Service
12:00 Purim Carnival                                                                                                                                                                       Bat Mitzvah of
                                 6:00 Purim Pasta Dinner                                                                                                                                   Jayna Fishman
                                 7:00 Megillah Reading                                                                                                   6:00 Tot Shabbat
                                                               4:00 Hebrew School            6:45 Yachad (off site)                                      6:30 Shabbat Dinner
                                      and Purimspiel
                                                               7:00 Israeli Dancing          7:15 Choir rehearsal                                        7:30 Shabbat Service

                            15                         16                               17                            18                            19                          20                           21
 9:30 Religious School                                                                                                                                                                9:00 Torah Study
10:00 K’tonton                                                                                                                                                                       10:30 Wake Up & Taste the
10:00 “The Never-Ending                                                                                                                                                                    Torah
      Greenness”                                                                                                                                                                     10:30 Shabbat Service
                                                                4:00 Hebrew School                                                                       6:00 Shabbat Across               Bat Mitzvah of
10:15 Leadership Dev. #4
                                                                7:00 Israeli Dancing                                                                          America dinner               Kerina Blue
10:30 WBI Meeting                                                                            6:45 Yachad (off site)        6:15 Executive Committee
                                                                7:00 Religious School                                                                    7:30 Brotherhood Shabbat
11:00 “Hands in Peace” mtg.                                                                  7:15 Choir rehearsal

                         22                            23                               24                            25                          26        Adult Retreat       27        Adult Retreat      28
 8:00 Grade 6 field trip
 9:30 Religious School
                                                                                                                                                                                      9:00 Torah Study
10:00 Family Ed Grade 6
                                                               12:00 Religious Ethics                                                                                                10:30 Shabbat Service
10:30 ARZA; One Heart,
      Two Homes                                                 4:00 Hebrew School
10:30 Choosing Judaism                                          6:15 Rosh Chodesh
                                                                7:00 Israeli Dancing         6:45 Yachad (off site)
 7:00 B Street Theatre                                                                       7:15 Choir rehearsal
                                                                    (off site)                                                                           7:30 Shabbat Service
      Confirmation fundraiser
     Adult Retreat       29                           30                                31
 9:30 Religious School
10:00 Family Ed Grade 5
10:00 K’tonton
 1:00 Camp Shelanu
 1:00 Rosh Hodesh: It’s a
      Girl Thing!                                               4:00 Hebrew School
                                                                7:00 Israeli Dancing
 Congregation B’nai Israel                                                         
                               2nd Shabbes                                                                                           
                             Friday, March 13
6:00 pm Tot Shabbat
                                           Catering by
6:30 pm Shabbat Dinner                                                                                                              
                                         Aharona Catering
7:30 pm Shabbat Service                                                                                                             
          with Grade 3                                                                                                              
          The delicious menu for March is:
            Around the world. . .Chinese                                            

       Hoisin chicken (tofu for vegetarians),                            
     stir-fry vegetables with black bean sauce,                          
vegetarian egg rolls with sweet ‘n sour dipping sauce,                   
             rice, vegetarian chow mein                                  
  Adults $12, if reserved by Tuesday, March 10.
       After Tuesday, meals are $2 extra.                                                                                              
Complimentary kids meals for children 12 and under.                                
        Your payment is your reservation.                                          
           Please mail your payment to
   3600 Riverside Blvd., Sacramento CA 95818.                                      

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                      Fax.........916.446.2875                          Sacramento, CA 95818                                                   PAID
                        www.bnais.com                                                                                                        PERMIT
                                                                                                                                              No. 311
                   Rabbi mona Alfi, RabbiAlfi@bnais.com                                                                                   Sacramento, CA
                       Rabbi emeritus Lester A. Frazin
               Chazzan Carl K. naluai, Jr., cantor@bnais.com
        Sunny Romer, Director of education, sunnyromer@bnais.com
             mandy Greene, Administrator, mgreene@bnais.com
                Poshi mikalson, Librarian, library@bnais.com
                                                                               Time Dated Material
                President, Jeremy Hollis, jhollis@winfirst.com
            President-elect and VP Administration, Jay Schenirer,
               VP education, Farla Kaufman, farla@neil.name
         VP Facilities, Dick nathanson, rnathanson@starstream.net
         VP Finance, Steve Goldberg, sgoldberg@downeybrand.com
      VP membership, Steven Tincher, Stincher@beta-techconsulting.com
                 CFo, Barbara ullman, ullman@pacbell.net
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