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                <p><strong>Growing investment opportunities in the
Brazilian property market have heralded an increase in property bonds
according to a recent report from Bloomberg Business Week. Brazil
continues to be a "good place to invest" comes the statements from the
Association of Investment Companies.</strong></p>
<p>Brazil is one of the hottest kids on the property investment block
right now; booming economy, mortgage market expanding at a blistering
pace, a massive and growing middle class opening up a massive housing
deficit, and not one but two world-level sporting events being held in
the country in the next 6 years -- the World Cup across the country in
2014, and the Olympics in Rio in 2016.</p>

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<p>Speaking at a major event in Brazil, Sebastian Luparia, Investment
Trust manager, said that Brazil was a "poster child" South Americas
emerging economies.</p>
<p>Luparia commented: "The combination of fiscal discipline and windfall
commodity revenues over the last decade allowed Brazil to reduce external
debt and build reserves. This gave it the policy flexibility to respond
to the downturn."</p>
<p>Goldman Sachs predicted after research that Brazil would be the fifth
largest economy in the world by 2050, now some people believe it will
happen earlier; that Brazil will hold 5th place by 2016.</p>
<p>The north east is being reported as an area of particularly
exceptional real estate growth. Within that Natal is one of the fastest
growing cities in Brazil. We have a massive demand for housing in Natal
from the increasingly affluent local population, and properties currently
being sold at massively undervalued prices, presenting an excellent
investment opportunity for foreigners with a sound exit strategy. Natal
is also a host city of the World Cup, and has always been popular with
holiday home buyers because of its climate and beaches.</p>
<p>View <a rel="nofollow"
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