effects of mountain climbing assignment by stariya


									                                  Respiratory System
                                 High Altitude Climbing
   Examine the potential health dangers of mountain climbing in high altitudes.
   Write a health and safety column for a fictional magazine about high altitude climbing

   1. View the video, Everest: The Death Zone. Take notes on the mental and physical effects
      of high altitude climbing.
   2. Using your notes from the video and the internet, write a “health and safety” column for a
      magazine about high altitude climbing. Think about your role as a health and safety
      writer for the magazine. Do not discourage readers from taking part in this extreme
      adventure, but have a responsibility to explain the risks involved. The column should
       Appropriate title – with your name as the author (obviously)
       Reasons this would be an exciting adventure
       Environmental conditions that may pose health risks
       Potential health risks with a brief description of the causes and physical symptoms for
       Suggestions for handling any of these symptoms
       Suggestions for preventing injury- before, during, or after the adventure
       Warnings about people who should NOT take part in this adventure
   3. On a separate sheet of paper, include a bibliography (MLA Style – see
      http://www.liu.edu/cwis/cwp/library/workshop/citmla.htm) citing ALL of your sources.
   4. Final product should be professional: free of grammatical errors, typos, misspelled
      words, etc.

Evaluation (See Grading Rubric on back)
   1. 1 Point for a Title and Author = 1
   2. 10 points maximum for each of the above completed criteria = 60 points
   3. Bibliography = 10 points
   4. Professional = 10 points
   5. Total Points = 81

Due Date
Beginning of class on ___________________________

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