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									September 2002
                               The Courier

OCS delivers         International Mail          At Christmas Time          Worldwide

      Global Mail - For all your Mailing Requirements & Christmas Deliveries
Our Global Mail and Fulfilment department opened in 1993. Having flourished over
the past nine years we have quadrupled its capacity, enabling us to meet all your
direct mail and fulfilment requirements with more staff and advanced machinery.
Recently OCS has achieved the ‘DUET’ award bringing us closer links to the Royal
OCS is now a Royal Mail Approved International Distributor.

Christmas Posting Dates
(Collected by OCS then forwarded onto the Royal Mail)

Thursday 5th December – Australasia, South/Central America, Caribbean, Africa &
Middle East. (ROW)
Monday 9 December – USA, Canada & Eastern Europe
Friday 13 December – Western Europe
                th                  nd
Tuesday 17 December – UK 2               Class
          th                   st
Friday 20 December – UK 1 Class

Consignia will be introducing a price increase of 5% to their first and second-class
letters weighing more than 350g. This was introduced July 4 2002.
Also their Business Collections fee has increased by 10%, Standard Parcels to
increase in price by1.1%.

OCS’s Business Collection & Sortation service still remains FREE if you are an OCS
account customer.

OCS delivers a new website

OCS is proud to launch its new-look
website, the product of several months
of design and development. We set out
to bring our internet site into the
21 century, and have aimed to keep it simple, useful and informative. You can see
for yourself by going to

We’d be glad to hear what you think of the new site once it officially goes live.
                                                   Next Day Delivery to
 Regional focus on Western Europe
The smallest continent on the globe, Europe
has a wide variety of climates and landscapes.     Aachen                 Lausanne
                                                   Aix-en-Provence        Leuven
The tundra of the north gives way to a cool,
                                                   Amstelveen             Leverkusen
heavily forested region. The shores of the
                                                   Amsterdam              Liège
Mediterranean are generally warm, dry and hilly.
                                                   Annecy                 Lisboa
A great curve of mountain ranges, including
                                                   Antwerpen              Lugano
the Pyrenees and the Alps, divides north from
                                                   Arles                  Luxembourg
south. Western Europeans speak a variety of        Athínai                Luzern
languages, most of which spring from Latin,        Avignon                Lyon
Germanic or Slavic roots roots.                    Barcelona              Maastricht
                                                   Basel                  Mâcon
With it’s origins in the Far East, OCS
                                                   Berlin                 Madrid
nevertheless has established a firm presence
                                                   Bern                   Mainz
in western Europe. 180 flights a week from the
                                                   Bonn                   Mannheim
UK via our gateway in Liège and onward to 30       Boulogne-Billancourt   Marseille
airports in 20 countries ensure that               Braga                  Mönchengladbach
consignments are delivered swiftly and             Breda                  München
efficiently. With late collection times, in some   Bremen                 Münster
cases up to the close of business in the UK*,      Bremerhaven            Neuchâtel
we deliver as quickly as the next business day     Brugge                 Neuilly-sur-Seine
to hundreds of destinations in western             Brussel                Nîmes
Europe.*                                           Budapest               Oostende
                                                   Chambéry               Orly
In addition to our standard express service for    Chamonix               Oslo
documents and small parcels, OCS’s                 Cuxhaven               Osnabrück
European air express service for heavyweight       Darmstadt              Paris
items such as company reports, perishables,        Delft                  Paris La Defense
high value electronics or urgent machine parts     Den Bosch              Piraiévs
is also available at very cost-effective rates.    Den Haag               Porto
Large volumes of goods can be transported          Dortmund               Praha
on an overnight basis to most major European       Dublin                 Roermond
business centres. Road services from our hub       Duisburg               Roissy
at Liège are also available for less urgent        Düsseldorf             Rotterdam
material.                                          Eindhoven              Solothurn
                                                   Espoo                  St Gallen
If you already hold an account with OCS,           Essen                  Stuttgart
contact us to find out what further discounts      Evian les Bains        Tilburg
are on offer to you for destinations in western    Frankfurt am Main      Toulon
Europe.                                            Fribourg               Venlo
                                                   Fürth                  Versailles
*For details of rates, precise transit times and   Genève                 Vevey
customs regulations, please contact your local     Gent                   Warszawa
OCS office. Transit times are not guaranteed,      Göteborg               Wien
and are dependent on collection time and flight    Grenoble               Zug
schedules. Remember to state that you require      Hamburg                Zürich
the heavyweight service in order to receive the    Hannover
correct information.                               Heerlen
OCS in Western Europe                              Helmond
Amsterdam Athína Barcelona Birmingham              Istanbul
Brussel/Bruxelles Budapest Heathrow Dublin         Jönköping
Düsseldorf Eindhoven Frankfurt Genève              Karlsruhe
Göteborg Hamburg Helsinki København Liège          København
Lille Lisboa London Luxembourg Lyon Madrid         Köln
Manchester Marseille Milano Milton Keynes          Kortrijk
München Oslo Paris Porto Praha Roma
Stockholm Warszawa Wien Zürich                     And 100’s more…
                                 The Courier
National Holidays – September to end of October
01 Sep      Slovakia, Uzbekistan,
02 Sep      American Samoa, Bermuda, Canada, Guam, Iran, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico,
            US Virgin Islands, USA, Vietnam,
03 Sep      Palau Islands, Qatar,
04 Sep      Chile,
06 Sep      Bulgaria, Marshall Islands, Netherlands Antilles, Swaziland,
07 Sep      Brazil, Israel, Mozambique,
08 Sep      Israel, Macedonia, Malta, Micronesia,
09 Sep      Tajikistan,
10 Sep      Belize, Gibraltar,
11 Sep      Ethiopia, Mauritius, Micronesia,
14 Sep      Nicaragua,
15 Sep      Costa Rica, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala, Honduras, Japan, Nicaragua,
16 Sep      Israel, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, St Kitts,
17 Sep      Angola,
18 Sep      Chile,
19 Sep      Chile, St Kitts,
20 Sep      South Korea, Nepal, Sri Lanka,
21 Sep      Armenia, Hong Kong, Israel, Malta, South Korea,
22 Sep      Bulgaria, Israel, South Korea, Mali,
23 Sep      Australia, Belize, Japan, Micronesia, Thailand,
24 Sep      South Africa, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Guinea Bissau, New Caledonia, South
25 Sep      Mozambique, Rwanda,
26 Sep      Yemen,
27 Sep      Angola, Ethiopia, Marshall Islands,
28 Sep      Czech Rep,
30 Sep      Botswana, Iran,
01 Oct      China, Taiwan, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Palau Islands, Tuvalu,
02 Oct      Guinea, India, Jordan, Laos, Tuvalu,
03 Oct      Germany, Honduras, Iran, South Korea, Kuwait, Laos,
04 Oct      Brunei, Lesotho, Mozambique, Oman,
05 Oct      Cambodia, Comoros, Indonesia, Mauritania, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Vanuatu,
06 Oct      Cambodia, Egypt, Syria, Turkmenistan,
07 Oct      Australia, Cambodia, Canada, Fiji, Libya, St Lucia,
08 Oct      Croatia, Peru, Turks & Caicos Islands,
09 Oct      Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Uganda,
10 Oct      Taiwan, Cuba, Kenya,
11 Oct      Macedonia,
12 Oct      Argentina, Bahamas, Belize, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Equatorial Guinea, Honduras, Iran,
            Nepal, Panama, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela,
14 Oct      American Samoa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Georgia, Guam, Guatemala, Guinea
            Bissau, Hong Kong, Japan, Malawi, Nepal, Norfolk Island, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto
            Rico, Samoa, US Virgin Islands, USA, Yemen,
15   Oct    Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Jamaica, Nepal,
16   Oct    Colombia, Nepal,
17   Oct    Haiti, Nepal, Czech Rep,
18   Oct    Azerbaijan,
19   Oct    Niue,
20   Oct    Guatemala, Kenya, Niue, Sri Lanka,
21   Oct    British Virgin Islands, Burundi, Honduras, Myanmar, New Zealand, Somalia,
22   Oct    Bangladesh, Somalia,
23   Oct    Cambodia, Hungary, Thailand,
24   Oct    Haiti, India, Micronesia, Palau Islands, Turks & Caicos Islands, Zambia,
25   Oct    Grenada, Kazakstan,
26   Oct    Austria, Benin, Cook Islands, India, Nauru,
27   Oct    Democratic Republic of Congo, Turkmenistan,
28   Oct    Cyprus, Czech Rep, Greece, Ireland, Niue, St. Vincent, Turkmenistan,
29   Oct    Turkey,
30   Oct    Cambodia
31   Oct    Germany, Laos, Slovenia,
New routes, faster deliveries                    Our first three weddings

                                                                  1) Linda & Dean
Hong Kong                                                            Our first wedding on
                                                                     the beautiful Island
Customers serviced
by our UK branch                                                     of St. Lucia in the
offices at Birmingham, Heathrow,                                     Caribbean.
Manchester and Milton Keynes can
now benefit from faster transit times
to Hong Kong. Twice a week
additional flights will be utilised, and
                                                 2) Lynn & Steve
with an arrival time of 08:00 in Hong
Kong, deliveries can be made in 2                Our second wedding
business days.                                   up in rural Nottingham.

                                                 3) Not only has Mel got married this
Transit times to                                 year but she has also been promoted
Harare and beyond                                to Sales Consultant.
have been improved by utilising new              Congratulations to her!
flights via Nairobi and Johannesburg.
We are now able to offer a next day
service to Harare 3 times a week.

Transit times are not guaranteed, and are
dependent on collection time and flight

                                    OCS Branch Contacts
          London Head Office                  Heathrow               Milton Keynes
      1-11 Galleywall Road                   Global House          12 James Way
       South Bermondsey                      Poyle Road            Denbigh West
             London                           Colnbrook                 Bletchley
           SE16 3PB                           Berkshire             Milton Keynes
                                               SL3 0AY                MK1 1SU
         Tel: 0207-252-1122                 Tel: 01753-680661     Tel: 01908-644100
         Fax: 0207 740 0164                 Fax: 01753-680478     Fax: 01908-644900

                         Manchester                       Birmingham
                Unit 2&3, Cornish Way                Unit 51, Roman Way
                      Austell Road                   Coleshill Industrial Estate
                    Wythenshawe                      Station Road, Coleshill
                     Manchester                           Birmingham
                      B46 0EH                              M22 0WN
                    Tel: 0161-4989000                 Tel: 01675-466648
                    Fax: 0161-4364205                 Fax: 01675-466649

                              Web Site:
                                 Local Tel: 0845 678 9 800

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