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					                                                                                                                                         April 2010

                                                   THE CHAT
    “The object of the Nipomo         President’s Message: A+E4 : Attitude with Energy, Energize, Edge and Execute
Chamber of Commerce shall be
 to promote the civic, economic,      Hello Chamber members, there must be a better way…….
agricultural, educational, & social
       welfare of Nipomo.”            What is it, April, spring cleaning time? I am not even sure the younger generation knows what you
                                      mean. Ouch, I am heading towards 50 and I am talking about the “younger” generation. But you
                                      know what, whether they do call it the new 40 or not, it does not feel old at all. But I do feel we need
                                      a good spring cleaning on rules, regulations and old habits.
                                       It is interesting; someone told me years ago that when you repeatedly say in a certain situation
                                      “there must be a better way” there almost always is. Sometimes this better way is easy to find, more
                                      often than not it requires effort and sometimes a lot of effort. The extra cost I see in so many things,
                                      that affect all of us day after day, gets me riled up. The litigious nature of some people that are abus-
                                      ing the system drives up the cost of doing business. When a person indicates he will not perform a
                                      service at a home office if he will be at any time alone with that person’s daughter, I can see his
                                      point. But it drives me nuts because it limits options for that home business and so many are doing
                                      business from their home these days.
   Nipomo Chamber President
        Cees Dobbe                    If a volunteer in one school district needs to be fingerprinted to drive kids for a sporting event and
         DoVer Enterprises            that volunteer also volunteers in another school district they need to be fingerprinted there as well.
                                      That is nuts, inconvenient and there must be a better way. Why can’t one school district accept the
    Nipomo Chamber of
                                      other one’s background check; come on, there is something like overkill going on here.
                                      All these things lead to people saying it is not worth making the effort so they stay away from it all,
     Janelle Bledsoe                  resulting in limited options for businesses or organizations. I say, let’s look for the better way and for
   Membership Manager/                Pete’s sake let’s stay flexible; you cannot and should not try to create a rule or system for every pos-
    Event Coordinator                 sible thing that could go wrong. You will kill businesses and organizations that way. You have to tell
                                      those rule hungry people that you cannot make flying an airplane 100% safe and the more expensive
             Email:                   you make it to fly by creating more rules, the more people will drive a car that has dangers as well,            etc., etc. Push back and please, in your own organization; do make the exceptions when it makes
                                      sense and train others in your organizations to do the same. Yes that will require effort on your part
671 W. Tefft Street, Ste. #2          but your customers will appreciate it very much. Keep in mind they will certainly remember it when
    Nipomo, CA 93444                  someone applies a stupid rule to a situation that justifies flexibility.
                                      So, be good, be brave and see you at the next Chamber function.
    Fax: 805/929-5835
                                      Cees Dobbe—President, Nipomo Chamber of Commerce
     INSIDE THE CHAT                              You have to start with the right Attitude to believe in yourself so that you can make the Four E’s work.
                                                  You got to have the Energy (1) yourself, You have to Energize (2) people around you, You have to get
1 - President’s Message                           an Edge (3) and lastly, but real importantly, You have to Execute (4), otherwise the first three E’s are
2 - Officers and Business of                      wasted. A+E4
    the Month
3 - Calendar, Community                                                       President’s Circle
    Opportunities, Renewing
4, 5 Member’s Corner
6 - Welcome New Members
7 - What’s Up at the Office?
                                                                                Major Sponsors
8 - Advertising in The Chat
9 - Ambassador Feature
10 - Monthly Luncheon
                                             Rotary Club of Nipomo
Page 2                                                THE CHAT                                                      April 2010

    Nipomo Chamber                                 Business of the Month:
       Board 2010                           Superior Marketing Consultants!

Cees Dobbe…………..540-4748
DoVer Enterprises, LLC.

Executive Vice President
Steve Schumann…… 481-5990            Superior Marketing Supporting and Growing Local Businesses
SLOCO Data/Discovery Dining        Superior Marketing and Consulting is a Nipomo based firm that specializes in helping
                                   local businesses and supporting our community. We specialize in marketing consult-
Vice President, Membership
                                   ing for businesses of any size, political consulting, and with our publishing division we
Diane Kuhnle………...929-4970         have been serving the communities Nipomo, Arroyo Grande and now Santa Maria by
Nipomo Properties                  creating high quality Chamber Guides and Directories, and Chamber Maps. We are
Secretary                          currently completing the next Nipomo Chamber Map and if you have not placed an ad
                                   to highlight your businesses in this beautiful map contact us today, as the deadline
Angela Thompson…..331-2313
                                   and space for ads is almost complete! You don’t want to miss this opportunity.
The Edwards Barn
                                   We enjoy serving our community and its businesses especially through our one of
Treasurer                          kind publications – The Nipomo News, The Arroyo Grande News and The Santa
Crystal Perez ………..929-1911        Maria News. These magazines are direct mailed to the residents and businesses of
Rabobank                           the communities they serve and feature only “good news” about kids, students, com-
                                   munity events, and local businesses. You can view our publications online at
          Directors                We are honored to be doing business here in Nipomo and are grateful for all the won-
                                   derful support we have received from Nipomo, its Chamber and businesses. If you
Dennis Bryan...…..….345-9413       would like more information about how your business would benefit from any of our
WaterSavers                        specialties or to advertise in our publications, contact Dan MacClain at 714-2800 or
                                   Chuck Cody at 801-6631. We look forward to continuing to help strengthen our com-
Ingmar Lauringson...473-1500
                                   munity and help its businesses maximize their potential.
Broadway Bagel Café

Kat Stowell.…….….....931-0512
Healing Touch Day Spa

Dave Upham………....291-7271
Coast Hills Federal Credit Union

                                                                                                P.O. Box 750
                                                                                           Nipomo, CA 93444
         A + E4                                                             
April 2010                                             THE CHAT                                                 Page 3

             2010 Chamber Calendar                                  Community Opportunities

             March 25th ~ Thursday                            Lucia Mar Unified School District
                   11:45-1:15pm                               Meetings: Board of Education Room
                                                              April 20th at 7pm
                 LUNCHEON                                     602-G Orchard Street, Arroyo Grande
              At Blacklake Golf Resort              
               Please RSVP to 929-1583
                                                              Nipomo Area Senior Citizens
              April 13th ~ Tuesday                            200 E. Dana Street, Nipomo
                                                              Potluck meetings every 3rd Wednesday at 1pm.
                      Noon                                    Varied topics & programs concerning seniors.
             RIBBON CUTTING                                   For more info, call Betty Lorenz at 805-929-1615
              Adventures in Learning                          Nipomo Community Services District (NCSD)
               145 Verbena, Nipomo                            148 South Wilson Street, Nipomo
                                                              Meets 2nd & 4th Wednesday monthly
             April 14th ~ Wednesday                 
                    5:30-7:30pm                               Kiwanis Club of Greater Nipomo
                      MIXER                                   Blacklake Golf Resort
             At Healing Touch, Nipomo                         Meets 1st and 3d Friday monthly from 12-1.
                                                              Dick Blankenburg, President—440-6317
             April 22nd ~ Thursday                            Nipomo Rotary Club
                   11:45-1:15pm                               Blacklake Golf Resort
                                                              Meets every Wednesday morning at 7am
              At Blacklake Golf Resort                        Nipomo Lions Club
               Please RSVP to 929-1583                        Blacklake Golf Resort
                                                              Meets the 1st and 3rd Thursday monthly at 8am
     THANK YOU TO RENEWING MEMBERS:                           Buffet Breakfast is $10.00 per person
  The Nipomo Chamber of Commerce thanks you for your
                                                              Olde Towne Nipomo Association
 continued support and dedication. Your financial contribu-
tions allow us to continue to aid the community of Nipomo.
                                                              Every Thursday 12 Noon at Anna’s Olde Towne
                                                              Plaza Deli Planning for the future of Olde Towne
     Adventures in Learning, Nipomo                           Nipomo Arts Commission (NAC)
     Coulton’s Construction, Nipomo                           Meets every 4th Wednesday at 6:30pm at the Black-
 Cypress Ridge Pavilion, Arroyo Grande                        lake Community Room. Call 723-1306 for info.
Daniel S. Cook, DDS; The California Smile,
                                                              Nipomo Youth Coalition
                                                              Meets every 1st Tuesday from 3:30-5:00 in Healthy
          Edward Jones, Nipomo
                                                              Start trailer at Dana School. Call 473-5561 for info.
 GBP&B Tax & Business Advisors, SLO
    Healing Touch Day Spa, Nipomo                             South County Advisory Council
    Nipomo Native Gardens, Nipomo                             Meets every 4th Monday at 6:30pm
 Phantom Rivers Winery, Arroyo Grande                         Land Use meets every 3rd Monday at 9am
          The Quiet Knights, SLO                              Both groups meet at the NCSD Building
Page 4                                                     THE CHAT                                                    April 2010

                                           Member’s Corner
                             CROSSFIT INFERNO                                                150 S. Mary Ave., Ste. 1
                              207 Suburban Rd, Unit 1
                                                                                             Nipomo, CA 93444
                              San Luis Obispo, 93401                                         805-929-3555
                            The INFERNO Team repre-
                                                                 On Saturday, March 27th at 1:00 PM, Healthy Inspirations
                            sented VERY well against 180
                                                                 of Nipomo will proudly host a book signing and discussion
                            men and 60 women from be-
                                                                 with Melinda Marchiano, author of Grace, an inspirational
                            tween San Luis Obispo and
                                                                 story of one young girl’s battle with cancer.
                            Orange County the weekend of
                            March 13th & 14th. The work-         In her book, childhood cancer survivor Melinda Marchiano
                            outs were extremely grueling         eloquently and humorously describes her journey through
but the programming and the workouts we have done in the         illness and recovery. Her story starts as she begins to feel
gym served our members VERY well!!!!! Congratulations to         ill, then follows her each step of her physical downfall as she
all the members who were there and laid it out on the line in    struggles to continue to dance ballet, her greatest pas-
front of everyone at the UCLA Drake Track Stadium. You all       sion. At 14 years old, Melinda shares not only the events of
fought hard, competed with great perseverance, and even          her battles, but her thoughts, deep feelings and growing
better, stood behind each other and pushed each other            spirituality through operations, chemotherapy, radiation,
through some of the craziest workouts made!!!! Great             drug reactions, an eating disorder and more. Join us to
Job!!!!!                                                         meet this truly amazing young woman, and be touched by
The top 20 in each Division move on to the Regionals in          her grace in the face of overwhelming adversity.
                                                                 Copies of Grace will be available for sale at the book sign-
                                                                 ing, and all proceeds will be donated to the American Can-
Here's how the rankings fell:
                                                                 cer Society’s Relay For Life.
Men’s Division: Bill Grundler:7th; Josh Snider:11th; Steve
Martin: 41st; Aaron Finigan: 77th; Cesar Martinez: 80th; Aaron   On Friday, March 26th at 5:30 PM, you can attend a semi-
Morales: 86th                                                    nar to increase your awareness about the genetics of addic-
                                                                 tion, and how it affects our daily lives. Cost is $7 per per-
 Women’s Division: Stephanie Kennedy: 6th; Dawn Ross: 21st       son, women only, ages 14 and up. Led by Daphne Knox,
                                                                 M.A. Psychology.
                                                                 Healthy Inspirations of Nipomo will be hosting multiple
                                                                 events in April and May to raise funds for the American Can-
                                                                 cer Society's 2010 Relay for Life. On Saturday, April 24th
                                                                 from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM, join them to "Workout For A
                                                                 Cause", where you can enjoy free exercise classes all morn-
                                                                 ing in exchange for your donation. Classes will in-
                                                                 clude: Cardio/Strength, Zumba Fitness, Kickboxing, and
                                                                 On Saturday, May 22nd, we will hold an auction and ba-
                                                                 zaar where you can find lots of great treasures! There will
                                                                 also be a fundraising event at Rudy & Angie's Restaurant,
                                                                 and more! All funds raised will be donated to the Relay for
               Bill Grundler, Co-owner                           Call Healthy Inspirations of Nipomo at 805-929-3555 for
                                                                 more information on any of their events or other programs.
             WAY TO REPRESENT!
Great job to all of you! That’s what hard work and               You must call to reserve your seat for the above men-
determination will get you...SUCCESS!
                                                                 tioned seminars.
April 2010                                      THE CHAT                                               Page 5

                                    Member’s Corner
    Nipomo 2010 Chamber of Commerce Map.                          Don’t miss your chance!
 We are proud to announce that the Nipomo             Here is a preview of the front cover of the Nipomo
 Chamber is in the process of printing an 18" by      2010 Chamber of Commerce Map.
 24" full color 2 sided map of Nipomo and sur-        If you haven’t renewed your membership yet, here’s
 rounding areas.                                      your chance! All businesses that are current members
 These maps will be distributed to Chamber mem-       effective March 31st 2010 will be included on the map.
 bers, visitors, businesses, exchanged with other
 Chambers in the area, and passed out in the of-
 fice. They will include the map, street guide and
 Community information about Nipomo as well as
 a Dining Guide.
 The map will also contain a complete list of Ni-
 pomo Chamber of Commerce members, with all
 contact information at no charge to the members.
 The members will be listed by category.
 Only members of the Nipomo Chamber of Com-
 merce will be able to be included in this map.
 There are advertising opportunities as well. The
 Chamber has contracted with Superior Marketing
 Consultants of Nipomo. Dan MacClain and Chuck
 Cody will be handling the sale of the advertising
 on the map and will be contacting you very soon.
 If you would like information, please email Dan at or feel free to call him at
 his office 929-3860 or cell 714-2800. Advertising
 space is limited.
 The quality of this map will be among the best
 produced for Chambers and very user friendly.
 The map is expected to be complete and ready
 for distribution by mid-April.
 Janelle can be reached at 929-1583 for any
 changes to your business information.

                  ADVERTISE HERE!


             ONLY $15/MONTH OR $150/YEAR

Page 6                                                       THE CHAT                                                     April 2010

  Member’s Corner (Cont’d)                                                           New Members

                                  Kids Day 2010                                           The Retreat
                                                                                          Ricki Klipfel
                             Sat., April 3, 11am to 3 pm                              229 Cornuta Way
                              Nipomo Community Park                                  Nipomo, CA 93444
                           Years ago, the Kids Day Festival
                           was created as one day where
                           children and adults alike could                       Servpro of Five Cities
 enjoy all the things that help our growing families thrive in                   Hans DeComarmond
 this beautiful sanctuary we call “home” on the Central Coast.                       P.O. Box 11
 Through the generosity and support of local businesses and                     Pismo Beach, CA 93448
 every-day heroes like you, this festival that celebrates child-                    805-481.9111
 hood has grown to support our summer youth programs for
 all youth in the Nipomo area.
                                                                              Nipomo Feed & Ranch Supply
 This year’s Kids Day is going to immediately follow our An-                          Leslie Banta
 nual Easter Egg Hunt. Nipomo Recreation Association is                           125 S. Thompson Rd.
 partnering up with as many local businesses as possible in                        Nipomo, CA 93444
 order to transform Nipomo Community Park into a family fun                          805-929-1536
 village on Saturday April 3, and to give our community a day        
 it deserves!!
                                                                         Marshall-Spoo Sunset Funeral Chapel
 Come join the fun!                                                                   Art Spoo
 There will be bounce                                                           1239 Longbranch Ave.
 houses, crafts, enter-                                                       Grover Beach, CA 93433
 tainment, a BBQ, Busi-                                                             805-489-5552
 ness Displays, Food                                                
 Booths, Service & Non
 -Profit Organizations,
 Youth Activities

 Call 805-929-5437 to see how you can help make Kids Day
 2010 the best one yet!

                           Healing Touch Day Spa's
                           Hair Salon will open mid                Your New Member benefits:
                           May and is now offering
                           Aveda Hair products for retail          •   Flyer Insert Free: First flyer inserted into The Chat free
                           purchase.                                   (bring in 250 copies by the deadline—the $45 fee is
                           We're excited to be part of the         •   Ribbon Cutting: Schedule a Ribbon Cutting to get peo-
                           Aveda family because they                   ple to your location.
                           have 30 years of beauty and
                                                                   •   Press Release: Send Janelle a press release and
                           environmental leadership.
                           They package their products                 photo to go to all local media.
                           with care for the earth.
                                                                   Next steps are to schedule your Mixer, come to the lunch-
                           Beauty is as beauty does.               eon and get involved with a committee.

   180 S. Mary Ave., Nipomo                805-931-0512                       Call Janelle for info: 805.929.1583!
April 2010                                                    THE CHAT                                                          Page 7

              What’s up at the Chamber Office?

 Don’t forget the March Chamber Luncheon on Thursday, March
 25th, 11:45am to 1:15pm.

 Our speaker will be Jean Steel of Wellness Works, her presentation will be:                                        Janelle Bledsoe
                                                                                                                  Membership Manager/
 “One of the Gang: The Value of Team-Building in the Workplace”                                                    Event Coordinator

 One of the most common phrases on a typical resume is this one: “I work well independently or as part of a team.” Why? Because
 company leaders know that good teamwork builds loyalty, improves morale, gets the job done more quickly and efficiently, and
 increases profits. In this revealing program, Jean Steel helps us to understand why teams work well, as well as when and why they
 don’t. With a firm grasp on the goals and guidelines of teamwork, she introduces us to the tips to enhance team work, and then
 demonstrates lessons in diversity, acceptance, cooperation, and the folly of gossip.

 1 List five benefits of working as a team
 2 Differentiate between the terms group and team
 3 Learn ways to create and maintain teams
 4. Learn tactics to reduce gossip in the workplace

 We will be starting right at noon so please keep this in mind when you’re planning your appointments. We want to give
 Jean a full 30 minutes for her presentation.

                           Jean is an engaging and enthusiastic speaker whose universal appeal makes her message timely and
                           timeless. She has a knack for providing information in a humorous way. Her belief is that laughter and
                           learning are not mutually exclusive. Her motivational talks are in high demand, "to have Jean present
                           guarantees a successful event" claims Dr. Mary Parker, Director of Nursing and Allied Health at Cuesta

                           Wellness is the integration, balance and harmony of an individual's mental, physical, emotional, social
                           and spiritual self, resulting in a positive state of well-being.

                            The themes in Jean Steel's presentations—self-responsibility, looking at the bright side, finding your pas-
 sion and having a zest for living were issues she learned firsthand early in life. She and her siblings moved overseas at an early
 age, following her father's passion. Being raised in Africa and Asia gave her an appreciation of life very different than most Ameri-
 cans. That environment created the person Jean is today—able to appreciate "the good things we have going on" that we most
 often take for granted and recognize the perfect moments in our lives.

 PLEASE RSVP by 5pm Tuesday, March 23rd.

 Please check your listing on the website under “members” and make sure the information is accurate. If you need or want changes
 or additions, email them to me at:

 We would love to schedule Mixers out for the next few months. Our preference is to have one mixer per month on the second
 Wednesday. If you would like to schedule a mixer, please give me a call or email.

                                                                                   Let me hear from you!
Page 8                                                                                                                          THE CHAT                                       April 2010

                                                                                                                                      The BRANTINGHAM / ANDERSEN Team
                                                                                                                                           “Your Real Estate Connection”

                                                                                                                                      John Brantingham,                e-PRO
                                                                                                                                      805 361-9361 office & cell
                                                                                                                                      800 767-0073 ext. 361
                                                                                                                                                Premiere Real Estate

                                                                                                                                      CA DRE # 01191935

                                                                                            Floyd Johnston

                                                                                            California Realty
                                                                                            130 W. Branch Street, Suite C
                                                                                            Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
                                                                                            Bus 805 489-2229 Fax 805 489-1880
                                                                                            Cell 805 710-0543

    An independently owned and operated member of Prudential Real Estate Af iliates, Inc.

                                                                                                                     Advertising in “The Chat”

   Ad space is limited, and available on a first come, first serve basis. Rates to advertise in The Chat, Your Cham-
    ber Newsletter are as follows: $15 per month or $150 per year for a business card size ad: $40 per month or
     $400 per year for a quarter page ad: $50 per month or $500 per year for a half page ad: $100 per month or
   $1,000 per year for a full page ad: $45 per month or $450 per year for any flyer inserted, plus providing the fly-
   ers to the Chamber office. Flyers need to be delivered to the Chamber office by the 12th of each month. These
                             are bargain basement prices, please take advantage of them.
April 2010 i l 2 0 1 0                                      TE CHAT
                                                          T HH E C HA T                                                   Page 9

                                       Ambassador Feature Page
       Mission Statement: The Ambassadors Committee of the Nipomo Cham-
         ber of Commerce will reach out and connect with Chamber members,
         prospective members and members of the community explaining the
       benefits and contributions that the Chamber of Commerce provides to the
         community. It will act as official greeters at Chamber functions, solicit,
         welcome and interact with other community organizations to promote
                  goodwill and cooperation throughout the community.

         Meet the Nipomo Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Team
       Cindy Blankenburg               John Brantingham               Sandy Brantingham                 Cathy Cachu
Keller Williams Realty/CustomTeez   Brantingham Andersen Team       Brantingham Andersen Team            Rabobank

       Angelica Gutierrez               Howard Hess                         Mary Jacob                  Ric Montero
          Rabobank                     Cal Coast Realty                   PB & Associates       Coast Hills Federal Credit Union

       Sean Schuur                   Create a networking opportunity and                               Anita Toméi
  Sure Mortgage Solutions                                                                           Nipomo Properties
                                      promote your business . . . plan a
                                           Chamber Mixer in 2010!
                                      Mixers are held monthly and based
                                       on a first-come first served basis.
                                    Contact the Chamber office to reserve a
                                         date for your business mixer.
     If you would like to join this exciting team of Ambassadors or would like to discuss how to
        better promote your business through the Chamber, please call the Chamber office at
           805 929-1583 (M~F 9am-5pm) or Email the office at:
                                                                     PRSRT STD
                                                                     U.S. Postage
                                                                     Permit #4
           671 West Tefft Street, Ste. #2                            93449
           Nipomo, CA 93444

Sponsored by the Nipomo
 Chamber of Commerce
 * Business Directory
 * Monthly Speakers Luncheon
 * Mixers & Ribbon Cuttings
 * Olde West Casino Night
 * Miss Nipomo
 * October Festival
 * Holiday Craft & Gift Boutique
 * Holiday Decorating Contest
 * Annual Installation Dinner

                                                  Monthly Luncheon

                                            March 25th ~ Thursday
                                             11:45AM to 1:15PM
                                            Blacklake Golf Resort
                                             RSVP by 5pm, Tuesday, 3/23

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