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Date:                  August 10, 2006
Place:                 3rd Floor Conference Room
                       500 North Calvert Street
                       Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Present:               Eugene C. Harvey, P.E., Chairman
                       H. C. Harclerode, P.E., Vice Chairman
                       Alison A. Hunt, P.E., Secretary
                       Pastor Farinas, P.E.
                       Sallye E. Perrin, P.E.
                       Sandra J. Murphy
                       Rosalind L. Yee

Others Present:        Milena Trust, Counsel to the Board
                       Joseph Sliwka, Commissioner
                       Harry Loleas, Deputy Commissioner
                       Susan Cherry, Chief of Litigation
                       Dorothy Matricciani, Administrative Secretary
                       Robert Mead, Executive Director, MSPE


         Chairman Harvey called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.


         The minutes of the July 13, 2006 meeting were approved as submitted.


        Motion (I) was made by Ms. Perrin, seconded by Ms. Yee, and unanimously carried to go
into Executive Session at 10:10 a.m. at 500 North Calvert Street, 3rd Floor Conference Room,
Baltimore, Maryland, 21202. This session was permitted to be closed pursuant to State
Government Article, Title 10-508(a)(7). Upon completion of the session, the Board reconvened
its public meeting at 10:27 a.m.


       Ms. Hunt reported on the status of complaints and license reinstatement issues discussed
by the Complaint Committee at its meeting on August 10, 2006.

         04-PE-13: File was sent to OAH. Waiting for a Hearing date to be set.
         05-PE-01: A Hearing has been scheduled for October 3, 2006.
             & 02
Board for Professional Engineers
Minutes – August 10, 2006
Page 2

       05-PE-17:   Waiting for copy of Deposition before taking action.
       06-PE-10:   Complaint withdrawn; recommend close case.
       06-PE-11:   Unable to locate respondent; recommend close case.
       06-PE-18:   Consent Order signed; fine paid; recommend close.
       06-PE-19:   Send letter to complainant requesting additional information.
       07-PE-01:   Consent Order mailed to respondent August 9.
       07-PE-02:   Consent Order signed; fine paid; recommend close case.
       07-PE-03:   Ten-day response letter has been sent to respondent.
       07-PE-04:   Send letter to complainant requesting additional information.
       07-PE-05:   Send letter to complainant requesting additional information.
       07-PE-06:   Offer Consent Order and fine.
       07-PE-07:   Under investigation.

       The Complaint Committee reviewed three applications for reinstatement of license. The
licenses were lapsed from three to four renewal periods. In each case, no engineering documents
were signed and sealed in Maryland during the time the licenses were lapsed. Two of the
applicants were continuously licensed in other states. The Complaint Committee recommends
reinstatement with a warning letter for all three applicants.

       Motion (II) was made by Mr. Harclerode, seconded by Ms. Yee, and unanimously carried
to accept the recommendations of the Complaint Committee.


Expert Witness Contract

      Ms. Trust distributed a draft of an expert witness contract she developed to be reviewed
and commented on by the Board.

P. E. Exam Application Revision

       Ms. Perrin requested that the “References of Character” section of the PE exam and
Reciprocity applications be revised to include the following: printed name; state of licensure;
and known since. Mr. Harvey said this section should be uniform in the applications and will
request department staff to make the changes.

MSPE Event

      Mr. Mead said that this year the MSPE will hold its fall event on October 12 at the
Aquarium. It will also be a fundraiser for the MSPE’s scholarship fund.
Board for Professional Engineers
Minutes – August 10, 2006
Page 3


Exam Irregularity Update

        Ms. Trust said that a committee appointed by the Board conducted a thorough review of
an irregularity issue regarding the April 2006 exam, as requested in a letter from Betsy Browne,
Executive Director, NCEES dated June 13, 2006. The committee found no additional evidence
beyond the significance of the collusion report and analysis performed by a third-party vendor
and supplied to the committee by NCEES. A letter was sent to Robert B. Whorton, IV, P.E.,
Compliance and Security Manager, NCEES on July 19, regarding the Board’s findings.

NCEES Annual Meeting – September 13-16

      Mr. Harvey said the Board has received information on the issues to be voted on at the
Annual Meeting.

        Mr. Harclerode said the big issue is “additional education.” He said studies have shown
that the required number of courses in technical matter has declined over the last decades.
Therefore, the Committee on Uniform Procedures and Legislative Guidelines (UPLG) has
proposed recommendations for revising the Model Law to require additional education, namely a
Masters degree or 30 additional credits, as a prerequisite for licensure as a professional engineer.

       The Board discussed this issue at length and was divided on voting. Some of the
comments made against an affirmative vote were that the Board should not get involved in the
education process, but leave it up to the universities; and that the percentage of passers of the FE
and PE tests should be the measure of whether additional education is required.

       Motion (III) was made by Mr. Harclerode and seconded by Mr. Farinas to support
amending the Model Law to require a BS degree plus an additional 30 credits for licensure as a
professional engineer. The Board voted three members for and three members against this
motion with one abstention. The Board, therefore, cannot vote for or against this issue at the
Annual Meeting.

        Ms. Yee will inquire at the meeting what other states are doing concerning “continuing
education.” Ms. Perrin also requested that Ms. Yee speak with the Texas and Arizona Boards
about licensing engineers without an exam. This prompted a discussion on the exemption for PE
licensure for federal, state and industrial workers and whether this exemption can be removed
from the Engineers’ Law. Ms. Trust will look further at this issue per Mr. Harvey’s request.
Board for Professional Engineers
Minutes – August 10, 2006
Page 4

Investigator Position Update

         Commissioner Sliwka said the freeze exemption for this position was approved by the
Department of Budget and Management. Nine applicants out of the twelve who were selected
after testing have been reviewed and it is anticipated that the remaining three will be reviewed by
next week. Everything is in place for this to go forward.

Exam Coordinator Position Update

        Commissioner Sliwka said that Mr. Woods has rewritten the specs for the exam
coordinator position due to the fact that the former exam coordinator’s time was divided between
the Design Boards and the CPA Board. The specs were sent to the Department of Budget and
Management three weeks ago and we are awaiting a decision. If approved, a posting period will
then be established by the Personnel Department and finally a review committee will be selected
to conduct interviews. Mr. Sliwka said that it is anticipated that we will get the full-time

Exam Administration Bid Update

       Commissioner Sliwka said that Mr. Woods and Mr. Loleas have been working on the
“Request for Proposal” (RFP), which is a lengthy process, and we hope within the next two
weeks to be in a position to put the exam administration out for bid.

Engineers’ Certification Update

        Ms. Trust said that Ms. Edwards sent concept sheets to Commissioner Sliwka and
Assistant Commissioner Loleas in connection with the Board’s decision to propose regulations
to require “professional certification” on all documents signed and sealed by engineers.
Commissioner Sliwka said the concept sheets were sent to the Secretary’s office for review and
he was awaiting the results. Ms. Trust said when approval is received she will prepare a draft of
the proposed regulation for the Board’s approval.


Letter from Peggy Abshagen, Executive Director, Delaware Association of Professional
Engineers dated August 8, 2006

         The Board reviewed a letter from Ms. Abshagen acknowledging receipt of Mr. Woods
letter confirming the Board’s hosting the 2012 NCEES Northeast Zone Meeting. Ms. Abshagen
said the last time the Maryland Board hosted the Zone Meeting it was held in Baltimore at the
Inner Harbor and it was one of the nicest zone meetings held.
Board for Professional Engineers
Minutes – August 10, 2006
Page 5


        Motion (IV) was made by Mr. Farinas, seconded by Mr. Harclerode, and unanimously
carried to approve the following applications for reciprocity:

       Jamal M. Abdallah             33479          Matthew W. Fluharty          33491
       Reginald D. Adams             33480          Jennifer W. Fox              32912
       Robert N. Albornoz, Jr.       32971          Jeffrey L. Gola              33492
       John D. Arndt                 33470          Pichai Gopal                 32964
       Hamid Attarha                 33481          Gregory S. Gordon            33493
       Timothy A. Baldridge          33510          David B. Hughes              33404
       Timothy L. Belcher            33482          Hussein A. Kazan             33446
       Jeffrey A. Blair              33438          Songbo S. Lee                32939
       Richard W. Boyd               33413          Paul F. Martin               33494
       Curt S. Bradley               32966          James P. McCarty             32657
       Keith B. Bryant               33483          Daniel G. McRae              33495
       John C. Buffett               33445          Cyril N. Okoye               32963
       William D. Cameron            33484          Shachi M. Sant               33467
       Eugene Calenza                33485          Brian D. Sasselli            32826
       Sushil K. Chauhan             33486          Arash Shiehbeiki             33412
       Sambar Datta                  33405          Amy B. Spann                 33496
       Blake W. Dilsworth            32933          Kevin D. Sullivan            33497
       Rafael C. Discipulo           33487          C. Lee Taliaferro, Jr.       32855
       Zhara Dorriz                  33447          Gregory A. Tomo              33439
       Charles N. Edwards            33488          David G. Woodbury            33498
       Michael J. Ergler             33489          Joon W. Yoo                  33451
       Sameh A. Faiod                33490          Vincent G. Yoos              33499
       John R. Flickinger            33509          Lee S. Zeger, III            33500


       The following applications, supported by NCEES Model Law Engineer files, were
administratively approved for licensure by the Assistant Executive Director of the Board:

       James H. Art                  33475          Jeromy T. Perry              32857
       Erol J. Aydar                 33414          Robert J. Rampetsreiter      33411
       John L. Berbiglia             33442          Rick G. Seymour              33455
       Timothy W. Danner             33441          Paul S. Smith                32929
       Byron L. Dietrich             33440          Lyle E. Sohns                33456
       Sangwook Ju                   33465          Antal V. Szabo               33457
       William E. Kent               33406          Sarah R. Tanner              33448
       John S. Kern                  33452          Bobby R. Templin             33466
Board for Professional Engineers
Minutes – August 10, 2006
Page 6


       Matthew Lane                   33453          Ricky N. Terrell               33407
       Jon D. Magnusson               33437          Charles A. Thomson             33458
       Emerick V. Martin              33459          Robert W. Toms                 33444
       Keith M. Nix                   33454          Jimmy D. Wiethorn              33474


        Motion (V) was made by Ms. Perrin, seconded by Mr. Harclerode, and unanimously
carried to deny an application for licensure by reciprocity because the applicant did not meet the
requirements for licensure in the State of Maryland.


      The following applications were approved for the Principles and Practice of Engineering
Examination to be held October 27, 2006.

       Yahya Aliabadizadeh                           Elizabeth M. McKinney
       Jason M. Alves                                Brian J. Metzger
       Jawaid Anwar                                  Sherryl C. Mitchell
       Charlotte M. Armstrong                        Wesley G. Mitchell
       Thuya Aung                                    Mehran Mohammad
       Vikrant S. Bhise                              Jeffrey M. Moore
       Ryan J. Brannan                               Shekhar S. Murkute
       Michael E. Buckman                            Kent D. Nelson
       Mario M. Calabretta                           Yvonne M. Nelson
       Michael J. Casey                              Rolex W. Njuguna
       James A. Castelvecchi                         Aaron W. Overman
       Hao Chen                                      Johnson Owusu-Amoako
       Heidi J. Cherry                               Rajan Paradkar
       Rudolph S. Chow                               Carl A. Penski
       James L. Cromwell                             Richard B. Pietryka
       Thomas E. Crone                               Thaddeus M. Posey
       George Dei-Tutu                               Meghan A. Powell
       Chabiram Deoraj                               Stephen J. Quick
       Paul S. DiMarco                               Michael W. Randolph
       Peter T. Doan                                 Lisa N. Rauenzahn
       Madeleine R. Driscoll                         Seth A. Rogge
       Matthew B. Dudley                             Kristin F. Rowe
       Carlos Espindola-Osorno                       Robert L. Royer
Board for Professional Engineers
Minutes – August 10, 2006
Page 7


      Ernest J. Fountas, Jr.       Diane B. Rubin
      Michael M. Gaines            Gregory Sabelnik
      Helen R. Garrison            Phil Salazar
      March Givriola               Dewa Salihi
      Joel A. Gladfelter           John H. Seifert
      Amy M. Grace                 Erin E. Shaffer
      Amy S. Graver                Hafiz A. Shaikh
      Francis C. Greco             Mahmood Shehata
      Christina R. Guzman          Matthew S. Sichel
      Kathleen A. Hall             Jacob N. Smith
      James E. Harkness, Jr.       Vanessa S. Smullen
      Eric J. Harp                 Xin Sun
      Abdolreza Hatami             Paul D. Sutton
      Jason M. Hetrick             Stanley B. Talbott
      Dion K. Ho                   Ruihua Tao
      Michael L. Hiotink           Satish Thyagarajan
      John K. Horky                Eric M. Traenkner
      Krishnakanth Jagarapu        Donald S. Tusing
      Khalid Jamil                 Bradley K. Udvardy
      Shawn Jang                   Clyde A. Wallace
      Nanditha Koppula             Kevin M. Washington
      Kelly M. Kosino              Thomas M. Wensink
      Zhihua Kuang                 Kristina M. Wentz
      Rajasekaran Laser            Caryn G. Williams
      Haibo Liang                  Dan E. Williams
      Eric D. Lindstrom            Thomas M. Wirth
      Curtis J. Lipsey             Konrad Wojcicki
      Shannon C.P. Lucas           Robert T. Wood, Jr.
      Frederick E. May             Min W. Yoon
                                   Dongning Zhang
Board for Professional Engineers
Minutes – August 10, 2006
Page 8


       Motion (VI) was made by Mr. Farinas, seconded by Ms. Yee, and unanimously carried to
adjourn the meeting at 11:30 a.m.

_____________________________With Corrections

___________X________________ Without Corrections

Signed by: Eugene C. Harvey, P.E.

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