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									                                                CLASS Academy
Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders
                 Robert D. Clifton

                                               Student Handbook
                  John Curley
                 Deputy Director

                 Lillian G. Burry
                 Amy A. Mallet
                 Thomas Arnone

  Monmouth County Vocational School District
            Board of Education
               Clement V. Sommers
               Russell T. Olivadotti
                Joseph A. Manfredi
                  Dennis Ingoglia

               Timothy McCorkell
                  Superintendent               A Chance to Learn and Achieve
                Anthony Schaible
              Assistant Superintendent           While Striving for Success
                   Collette Flatt
              Business Admin./Bd. Sec’y                  105 Neptune Boulevard
                                                                Suite 305
                   Earl Moore                              Neptune, NJ 07753
                 Building Principal
                                                        Phone: 732-431-7245 (3) (0)
                                                            Fax: 732-897-1676

                                               Visit our website at
           2010–2011 School Calendar                                                       Monmouth County Vocational
                                                                                                School District
        September 7, 2010                   First Day of School
                                                                                            Public Notice of Nondiscrimination
        September 9, 2010                   School Closed
        October 11, 2010                    Staff Day                              The Monmouth County Vocational School District does not
        November 4-5, 2010                  NJEA                          discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry,
        November 25-26, 2010                Thanksgiving                  age, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender, religion,
                                                                          disability or socioeconomic status.
        December 24–31, 2010                Winter Holiday
        January 17, 2011                    Staff Day                            Affirmative Action Officer/Title IX and Section 504
        January 18, 2011                    Staff Day                     Handicapped Coordinator, Anthony Schaible, Assistant Superintendent,
        February 21, 2011                   Presidents’ Day               4000 Kozloski Road, P.O. Box 5033, Freehold, NJ 07728-5033, 732-
        April 18-25, 2011                   Spring Break                  431-7942.
        April 26, 2011                      Staff Day                                              Grievance Policy – Title IX
        May 27-30, 2011                     Memorial Day Break
        June 17, 2011                       Last Day of School                1. A written statement of the grievance shall be presented to the
                                                                                 Affirmative Action Officer stating the alleged violation of the
         * Emergency School Closings may alter the date for                      law. The Affirmative Action Officer will hold a meeting,
                      the last day of school                                     within ten (10) school days to resolve the matter. If the matter
                                                                                 cannot be resolved or if the Affirmative Action Officer fails to
                     Delayed Opening                                             act within the ten (10) days, the grieving person will proceed to
                                                                                 the Superintendent.
                                                                              2. The Superintendent will attempt to resolve the matter within
        Announcements will be aired as early as possible on:
                                                                                 twenty (20) school days. If the matter cannot be resolved at
                 WJLK 1310 AM            94.3 FM
                                                                                 this level or the Superintendent fails to act within the twenty
                WBUD 1260 AM            101.5 FM
                                                                                 (20) school days, the grievance may be filed with the Board
       Local News Stations 12 NJ, CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX
Information can also be obtained online at (click the           3. The matter will then be placed on the agenda and a decision
link in the homepage to be taken directly to                 reached by the Board at its next regularly scheduled meeting.
                                                                                 The decision will be communicated to the grievant in writing
Shared Time: All AM classes canceled, PM will run as scheduled                   within five (5) school days following the meeting.
Full Time: Students will report at 9:00 AM.
                                                                                  Affirmative Action Plans: Employment/Contract Practices and
Should weather conditions deteriorate after a delayed opening, the
                                                                                  School and Classroom Practices are located in District Policy
Superintendent may elect to close school for the day. The decision will
                                                                                  Manual and on file at the Board of Education Office, 4000
be made no layer than 7:00 AM and announced through the designated
                                                                                  Kozloski Road, P. O. Box 5033, Freehold, NJ 07728-5033,
radio/TV stations. All field trips will be cancelled.
                       Crisis Team                                                   Daily Time Schedules
    In accordance with N.J.A.C. 6a: 16 –7 and MCVSD Board of               Tuesday/Thursday               Monday/Wednesday/Friday
Education policy, CLASS Academy has established a                        7:20am     Secretary Sign-in       7:20am    Secretary Sign-in
coordinated system for the planning and delivery of                      7:45am     Teachers Sign-in        7:45am    Teacher Sign-in
interventional and referral services. These services are designed        8:15am     Period 1 Begins         8:15am    Period 1 Begins
                                                                         9:35am     Period 2 Begins         9:15am    Period 2 Begins
to assist students who are experiencing learning, behavior, or           10:50am    Period 3 Begins         10:15am   Period 3 Begins
health difficulties and to assist staff having difficulties addressing   Noon       Staff/Student Lunch     11:15am   A Lunch/Period 4B
those needs.                                                             12:35pm    Period 4 Begins         11:45am   Period 4A Begin
    The I&RS team works to identify student learning, behavior           1:45am     Student Dismissal       12:15pm    B Lunch Begins
and health difficulties, collect thorough information on the             2:45pm     Staff Sign-Out          12:45pm    Period 5 Begins
                                                                                                            1:45pm     Student Dismissal
identified difficulties, and develop and implement action plans                                             2:45pm     Staff Sign-Out
which will provide for appropriate school or community
interventions or referrals to available resources.                          Parents are encouraged to contact teachers directly
    Students in need of immediate, emergency intervention can            by dialing 732-431-7245(3)(0) during the following times:
also contact the New Jersey Youth Helpline, 2NDFLOOR, at any                                   7:45-8:15am
time. The service is toll free, anonymous and confidential, and                                1:45-2:45pm
available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to all New Jersey                          All Other Times by Appointment
residents ages 10 to 24. Youth can reach 2NDFLOOR by phone at
1-888-222-2228 to speak with professionals and trained
                                                                                         Important Dates
volunteers who listen attentively, non-judgmentally and
compassionately to issues and problems they are facing.
                                                                         Fall State HSPA Testing                    Oct. 5-7, 2010
                Behavior Requirements                                    Fall Semester Progress Reports Mailed   October 11, 2010
                                                                         Parent/Teacher Conferences, 7pm         October 14, 2010
District and school policy prohibits acts of harassment,                 Fall Semester Midterm Grades Mailed November 16, 2010
intimidation or bullying, as well as other disruptive or                 Fall Semester Progress Reports Mailed December 20, 2010
inappropriate behaviors that interfere with students’ ability to         Fall Semester Final Grades Mailed        January 28, 2011
learn and the school’s ability to educate its students. Students are     Spring State HSPA Testing                 March 1-3, 2011
expected to conduct themselves in keeping with their level of            Spring Progress Reports Mailed             March 3, 2011
development, maturity and demonstrated capabilities with proper          Parent/Teacher Conferences, 7pm            March 10, 2011
regard for the rights and welfare of other students and school           Spring Mid-Semester Grades Mailed            April 5, 2011
staff, as well as the educational purpose of the school.                 Spring Semester Progress Reports Mailed     May 13, 2011
                                                                         State End of Course Biology Test          May 17-18, 2011
                                                                         State End of Course Algebra 1 Test        May 23-26, 2011
                                                                         Spring Semester Final Grades Mailed          June 17, 2011
                 Credit Requirements                                                              Dress Code
In addition to demonstrating competency in reading, writing, and             All students are expected to dress appropriately for school
mathematics by successfully passing the New Jersey High School
                                                                         and school functions, and must maintain a neat, clean appearance
Proficiency Assessment (HSPA), and passing the State’s End-of-course
Biology and Algebra I tests, the following CLASS Academy courses         at all times. Students attending school in inappropriate clothing
must be taken to complete the state’s standard graduation requirements   shall wear “cover-up” clothing provided by the program’s
of 120 credits:                                                          administration, and be subject to appropriate disciplinary
               Course                                Credits             consequences. Although the administration has the right to advise
                                                                         students as to what is or is not appropriate, it is the responsibility
               Language Arts Literacy                  20.0              of the student and parent/guardian to make certain that what is
               Math                                    15.0              worn to school is tasteful and appropriate.
               World History                `           5.0                  The following items are expressly not permitted:
               US History                              10.0                   Shorts, skirts, dresses and the like that do not exceed the
               Science                                 15.0                       length of the student’s fully extended fingertips when
               Visual/Performing Arts                   5.0                       placed at the student’s side.
               Life Skills/Career Education             5.0                   Sleepwear, swimwear, halter tops, tank tops, spaghetti
               Physical Education                      20.0                       straps, tube tops, open-backed shirts, and pants and/or
               World Languages                          5.0                       shirts that expose the midriff or are excessively low cut.
               Bus., Mgmt., and Admin.                 15.0                   Flip-flops, bedroom slippers, sandals without backs, and
               Electives                                5.0                       heels over three inches.
         Total Credits Required                        120*                   Clothing which contains a questionable slogan, print, or
                                                                                  image that is vulgar, offensive, lewd, obscene, or
           *Home schools may require more credits
                                                                                  connotes the use of alcohol and/or drugs.
                   to issue their diploma

                                                                                                Smoking Policy
                       Grading Policy
                                                                         New Jersey Public Law c.383 prohibits smoking in
                                                                         all areas of pubic and non-public schools, both
A – Excellent          F - Failed Course (no credit awarded)
                                                                         indoors and outdoors, and carries with it fines for both the
B - Above Average P – Passed Course (credit awarded)
                                                                         violator and school administrator of up to $1,000. This law is
C – Average            NA – Not Applicable
                                                                         strictly enforced at CLASS Academy, and includes smoking on
D - Poor
                                                                         class trips, during transit to and from the school, and on all school
R – Repeat (no credit, must repeat course)
                                                                         properties. Violators of this policy are subject to immediate
I – Incomplete (student must complete missing coursework)
                                                                         suspension. Repeat offenders will be subject to withdraw from
                                                                         the CLASS Academy program.
                 Headphones/Cell Phones                                                            State Testing Requirements
           Headphones, cell phones and other electronic devices                         The New Jersey Department of Education’s Office of State
                      are not permitted in school.                                      Assessments coordinates the development and implementation of all
        If this rule is violated, the first offense will be cause for the devices to   statewide assessments, designed to measure student attainment of New
         be confiscated and returned at the end of the school day.                      Jersey’s Core Curriculum Content Standards. These assessments
        The second offense will be cause for the devices to be confiscated             currently include the High School Proficiency Assessment (HSPA),
         and only returned to parent or guardian.                                       which measures knowledge and skills in Mathematics and Language
        The third offense will be cause for the student to be put on contract.         Arts Literacy, and end-of-course tests in Biology and Algebra I. While
                                                                                        the State intends to phase out the HSPA over the next few years, it
                 Leaving School Grounds                                                 continues to be the assessment of record for all potential graduates in
A student may not leave school or grounds without permission from the
                                                                                        the areas of Math and Language Arts this year.
school administrator, who must obtain permission from the parent/guardian to                        The HSPA will be administered to all CLASS Academy 11th
release any student, regardless of age. Students may only be signed out by              and 12 graders in October 2010. Students who do not score proficient
their parent/guardian or person designated by the parent.                               or higher on the October HSPA must take the Alternative High School
                                                                                        Assessment (AHSA) in January 2011, and repeat the HSPA in March
         Violence/Controlled Substances
                                                                                        2011. Students who fail to pass either HSPA administration, and do not
                                                                                        pass the January AHSA, must repeat the AHSA in April 2011. Students
CLASS Academy has a strict, non-negotiable zero tolerance policy for                    who do not pass the April AHSA will not receive a high school
violence. Violation of this policy will result in immediate withdrawal from the         diploma in June.
CLASS Academy program. Similarly, the MCVSD prohibits the use,
                                                                                                    All students taking Biology and Algebra 1 this year must also
possession, distribution and/or consumption of any drug including alcohol, on
school grounds or at any school sponsored event. Under such circumstances,              take end-of-course tests in those areas. Passing the Biology end-of-
school administration has the authority to search a student’s person and                course test is required for all students taking the course, regardless of
belongings, and appropriate law enforcement agencies will be informed.                  grade level. Achieving a passing grade on the Algebra 1 end-of-course
                                                                                        test is required only for freshmen and sophomores.

                           Computer Use
Students utilizing district-provided Internet access must first have the                                     CTE Requirement
permission and supervision of CLASS Academy staff, and are responsible for              In keeping with the Monmouth County Vocational School District’s
good behavior on line, just as they are in the classroom. Access is a privilege,        focus on Career and Technical Education, CLASS Academy has
not a right, and entails responsibility. School faculty and administrators may          adopted a curricular component that will help strengthen college- and
review files and messages to ensure responsible internet use. The following             career-readiness for all students who successfully complete program
uses are not permitted:                                                                 requirements. CLASS Academy requires all students complete a three-
      To access, distribute or view any obscene, threatening or otherwise              course cluster in Business, Management, and Administration that
         objectionable images, material or messages.
                                                                                        provides a program of study which not only helps students prepare for
      To access non-instructional material or images, particularly high
         bandwidth streaming video or other information.                                high skill, high wage opportunities after high school, but also provides
      To vandalize or access another individual’s information or files.                them with essential 21st century skills needed in today’s information
      To violate any local, state, or federal statute, including copyright             rich society. The program culminates with a nationally recognized
         laws.                                                                          assessment in the areas of computer applications, office skills, records
                                                                                        management, and accounting and computational skills.
                   Driving Privileges                                               Zero Tolerance: Truancy
                                                                               State law requires schools to investigate all instances where a
                                                                      child’s unexcused absences from school exceed four consecutive days.
      Juniors and seniors alone who are in good academic             If abuse or neglect is suspected, the Division of Youth and Family
       standing will be permitted to drive to school.                 Services (DYFS) must be notified.
                                                                               A student’s absences will be excused only if a properly signed
      Student drivers must submit a copy of their current            note from a parent or guardian is received stating one of the following
       driver’s license, registration, insurance, and written         reasons: Personal illness, death in the family, court or medical
       permission from a parent/guardian to drive.                    appointments, college visits, and family emergencies.
                                                                               Truancy not only includes excessive unexcused absences from
      A signed Student Driver Contract listing all vehicles          school, but also unexcused absence from class. CLASS Academy
       being driven must be on file.                                  students are expected to remain in class for the duration of the class
                                                                      period, and may not leave the classroom without documented
      Drivers must be on time for their first period class and can   permission from the classroom teacher. Further, students who obtain
       not leave early without permission from their                  permission to leave the classroom are required to return to class within
       parent/guardian and an administrator.                          a reasonable amount of time, or they will not be permitted to return to
                                                                      class, and disciplinary action will be taken. Repeated violations of this
      Passengers are not allowed with the exception of a note        policy will result in severe disciplinary action being taken, which may
       from all students’ parent/guardian.                            include withdrawal from the CLASS Academy program.
      All Student vehicles must park in the front parking lot and
       must clearly display a school issued parking hang tag.
                                                                                        Food Service Program
                                                                              CLASS Academy students are provided with the opportunity to
     ** NON-COMPLIANCE OF THE ABOVE                                   purchase breakfast and lunch through the contracted vendor at a
   REGULATIONS WILL RESULT IN THE LOSS OF                             reasonable cost. Students eligible for free or reduced meals must
                  DRIVING PRIVILEGES.                                 complete the eligibility form provided by the school, and will receive
                                                                      breakfast and lunch at a rate determined by state and district guidelines.
                                                                      Students must order breakfast the day before, and lunch the day of. All
                                                                      food orders must be placed upon arrival to school in the morning. No
                          Lockers                                     orders will be taken after 9am.
                                                                              While students are permitted to bring a packed lunch to school
Lockers should be kept clean and organized at all times. Each         from home, it is a violation of the district’s contract with the food
locker has a unique combination, and additional locks are not         service provider to have any other outside food brought into the school
                                                                      unless provided by a parent or guardian. Violations of this policy
permitted. For security purposes, students should not share           jeopardize the program’s standing with the vendor, and will result in
lockers or give their combinations to others. Lockers provided        appropriate disciplinary action.
for student use are school property, and school policy states
that the administration has the right to inspect or search any
and all school lockers at any time for any reason.
   Student Code of Conduct Agreement                                  Student Code of Conduct Agreement

  “I have read, discussed and understand the CLASS Academy           “I have read, discussed and understand the CLASS Academy
Student Handbook and school rules, and agree to the expectations   Student Handbook and school rules, and agree to the expectations
                      and conditions stated.                                             and conditions stated.

 I know that a sincere and concerted effort must be made on my      I know that a sincere and concerted effort must be made on my
part to succeed in school, and that my success in school depends   part to succeed in school, and that my success in school depends
    not only on my effort, but also my attitude and behavior.          not only on my effort, but also my attitude and behavior.

  I will conduct myself with dignity and self-respect, and show      I will conduct myself with dignity and self-respect, and show
    respect to all others in this community, regardless of any         respect to all others in this community, regardless of any
                            differences.”                                                      differences.”

  Student Signature                                Date              Student Signature                                Date

                                                                                         (Student/Parent Copy)
                       (Guidance Copy)

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