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					                            The Australian College of Music

General Secretary                                                                          President
Patrick Ryan OAM                                                                           Mrs Denise Collins
P.O.Box 83                                                                                  P.O. Box 52
Mt Gravatt Q4122                                                                           Labrador Q4315
Telephone and Fax: 07 3349 5630                                                            Telephone: 07 5563 8743
Email:                                                                  Mobile: 0412 270 048

                                               January 2006

Dear Teachers, Examiners and Friends of ACM,                    examiners and supporters. She was a very significant
                                                                member of the Townsville Speech and Drama
First of all, on behalf of the College, I wish you, one
                                                                community and a great supporter of live theatre.
and all, a very happy and successful New Year. A
number of significant issues are part of this Newsletter.       Email: Don’t forget the efficiency of the email system.
                                                                Quite a number of people are now finding how useful it
From the President
                                                                is to keep in touch.
The Australian College of Music would like to wish all
                                                                Examination Dates: Examination dates for 2006 will
our teachers, students and parents a very happy New
Year. May 2006 be a most successful year for you all.
As I travel around in my work as a Music Teacher and
Examiner, it is pleasing to hear that our College is            First Period:       Entries close 30 APRIL
favourably viewed by many teachers as a friendly,               Practical:          mid-May to END of June.
professional body that is offering up-to-date syllabi and       Theory:             15 July.
the ability to use own choice music in examination
situations. The Standard Examinations are growing in            Second Period: Entries close 31 AUGUST
popularity as these assist the teachers in keeping              Practical:     beginning October to END of
students striving for a goal without too much pressure                         November
added to the heavy commitments many young people                Theory:        21 October.
have today.
Our Awards Evening will be held on Saturday 18
                                                                Awards’ Night 2006: The State Awards’ Night for 2006
March 2006, so please make a note in your diaries as
                                                                will be held on Saturday 18 March. The venue is the
this will once again be a very special evening. As in
                                                                Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie),
past years, we will follow this with a Teachers’
                                                                Oaklands Parade, East Brisbane. The function for
Seminar and Annual General Meeting for the College
                                                                North Queensland will be in Townsville towards the end
on Sunday 19 March 2006. Please make every effort to
                                                                of June. The Brisbane night will commence at 7.00pm.
attend as these times are really important. I have found
                                                                Excellence and Merit medallions will be presented,
over the years that attending seminars and workshops
                                                                successful diplomates will receive their diplomas, and the
can revitalise your teaching and give you access to new
                                                                winner of the Sheila Birchley Award will be
repertoire. Keep reading your newsletters from the
College as we plan to run other workshops throughout
the year!                                                       It is important the RSVPs are received for catering
                                                                purposes. It is also vital that recipients of awards ‘register’
I look forward to meeting many of you personally on
                                                                as they arrive at the venue.
the weekend of 18 and 19 March and, if there is any
way in which the College can assist, please do not              AGM/Seminar: The Annual General Meeting will be
hesitate to contact us.                                         held at 9.30am on Sunday 19 March in the Lanskey
                                                                Auditorium at Churchie. Seminars will be conducted for
Denise Collins, President
                                                                both teachers and senior students in music and the spoken
Irene Lambrose: It is with sadness that I have to               word. The Seminar will start at 10.30am and conclude at
report the rather sudden death of Irene. She was                12.00noon.
responsible for the very considerable following we
have in Townsville and was one of our earliest                  Musical Notes: I would like to bring to your attention
                                                                some exciting news about additions to the Prep 2, Grade I,

ACM   Newsletter                                            1                                            January 2006
Grade II and, in the near future, Grade III and Grade IV           14       Ettore Pozzoli – Canon 12 from 50
Pianoforte Syllabus. Please take time to read the                  18       Pal Kadosa – Allegretto Leggiero
information which follows. I’m sure you will find it so
                                                                            List B
much easier to make List choices as all or some of the
pieces can now be found in one book. Please do not
                                                                   4        Alexander Reingale – Procession
hesitate to ask if you need help in this area.
                                                                   9        Cornelius Gurlitt – Anyone Home?
Christine Reddick, Co-ordinator of Music                           11       Franz Joseph Haydn – Quadrille
                                                                   30       Anton Diabelli – Bagatelle
                                                                   31       Leopold Mozart – Minuet in F Major
The Australian College of Music has three different
styles of examination available to students of pianoforte.                  List C
 The Practical Examination, Grades I to VIII – which              6        Denes Agay – Moonlit Pagoda
     is the traditional examination with technical work,           12       Dmitry Kabalevsky – A Little Dance
     four pieces, sight reading, aural tests and questions         15       Edmund Rubba – Hurdy Gurdy
     about the music.                                              22       Dmitry Dabalevsky – A Porcupine Dance
 The Standard Examination, Grades I to VIII – which               26       Dmitry Dabalevsky – A Little Joke
     is designed to give students in examination experience        28       Dmitry Shostakovich – March
     without the stress of having to prepare technical work,
                                                                          List D
     or be tested on sight reading, aural work and viva
                                                                   Own choice of any Australian composition found in this
     voce. It is essentially a performance examination.
 Piano in a Modern style, Grades I to VI – which
     focuses on modern styles of music, has only three lists       Grade I – additions to List A, B, C and D for this grade.
     of pieces, as well as technical work, questions on the        Pieces taken from Getting to Grade One
     music and a choice of sight reading or aural tests.           Fundamental Repertoire series, edited by Elissa Milne and
These examination formats are set out in the red Keyboard          published by Hal Leonard Australia Pty. Ltd.
Syllabus on pages 15 and 64.
                                                                            List A
Pianoforte Syllabus – additions to the Prep 2, Grade I             Page
and Grade II Syllabus.                                             12       Samuel Arnold – Gigue
 The Hal Leonard Publishing Company has produced a                22       Alexander Goedicke – Dance
    series of books which provide a selection of pieces            26       William Duncombe – Sonatina in C
    that can be used in the preparation of the ACM                 32       Felex Le Couppey – Melody in C
    pianoforte examinations.                                       34       Johann Burgmuller - Arabesque
 Pieces taken from the Getting to Grade range in the                       List B
    Fundamental Repertoire series, produced by the Hal             2        Alexander Reingale – Minuet
    Leonard Company and edited by Elissa Milne, can                9        Ignaz Pleyel – Courtly Dance
    provide List A, B, C and D pieces in one book.                 17       Christopher Graupner – Bourree
 Scales that are listed for each grade are also found in          23       Ludwig van Beethoven – Russian Folk Song
    the books, as well as sample ear tests and sight               27       Joseph Haydn – Minuet
    reading exercises.                                             28       Daniel Steibelt – Adagio
 A Teacher’s Guide provides very useful background                30       Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Minuet
    information, performance and creative ideas, and is            38       Muzio Clementi – lst Movement, Op. 36, No. 1
    also available. A CD of the music can also be
    purchased with the Teacher’s Guide.                                     List C
 The Australian College of Music is now including                 7        Jane Sebba – Creeping Crocodiles
    some of the pieces from these books in their syllabus          8        Gerhard Schwertberger – Samba in Sixths
    for the Prep 2, Grade I and Grade II examinations as           10       Jane Sebba – Jane’s Zebra
    extra additions to the lists as shown in the syllabus.         13       Brian Chapple – March Hare
    Grades III and IV will be available soon.                      20       Richard Rodney Bennett – Friday
 It is the College’s intention to provide a selection of          24       Bela Bartok – The Lost Cat
    examination pieces from one source for the                            List D
    convenience of the teacher and the student.                    Own choice of any Australian composition found in this
Prep 2 - additions to List A, B, C and D for this level.           book.
Pieces taken from Getting to Preliminary                           Grade II – additions to List A, B, C and D for this
Fundamental Repertoire series, edited by Elissa Milne and          grade.
published by Hal Leonard Australia Pty. Ltd.                       Pieces taken from Getting to Grade Two
                                                                   Fundamental Repertoire series, edited by Elissa Milne and
         List A                                                    published by Hal Leonard Australia Pty. Ltd.
2        Pal Kadosa – Andantino
3        William Lovelock – The Bells Are Ringing

ACM    Newsletter                                              2                                        January 2006
         List A                                                 disappointment can be avoided. The College owns ten
                                                                (10) gowns which are available for hire.
4        Cornelius Gurlitt – Night Journey                      Attire: Please stress to your students the importance of
6        Johann Baptist Vanhal – Allegretto                     appropriate attire. An examination is a formal event. The
7        Johann Wilhelm Hassler – Eccossaose in G               student, among other things, is required to give a
10       Georg Simon Lohlein – Balletto                         ‘performance’. This indicates that some thought needs to
17       Carl Crerny – German Song                              be given to clothes worn for the performance. Pianists and
                                                                organists need to have footwear which does not inhibit
         List B
                                                                pedalling. Actors need to consider modesty in choosing
11       Henry Purcell – Air in D Minor
                                                                clothes. This would preclude bare midriffs, short skirts.
20       Muzio Clementi – Sonatina in C, Op. 36, No. 1,
                                                                Further, attire should be chosen appropriate to the
         3rd Movement
                                                                dramatic/literary situations. Heavy joggers and grubby
23       George Frederick Handel – Sarabande
                                                                jeans are not a good image.
25       Ludwig van Beethoven – German Dance
27       George Frederick Handel – Impertinence                 A Plea: Could I exhort all teachers to observe the ‘due by’
32       Johann Baptist Vanhal – Sonatina, Op. 41, No. 2,       date for examination entries. You are all excellent
         2nd Movement                                           teachers, and some of you have huge studios, but trying to
38       Muzio Clementi – Sonatina in C, Op. 36, No. 1,         schedule examinations for the State from this end is a
         2nd Movement                                           nightmare when we have deadlines too. The time between
                                                                the close of entries and your receipt of schedules is roughly
         List C
                                                                four to five weeks. Take away a week after closing and
8        Matyas Seiber – Tango (Habanera)
                                                                about ten days for typing and mailing and we have fewer
18       Terence Greaves – Three Blind Mice
                                                                than three weeks to schedule, book air fares etc. and
24       Dmitry Kabalevsky – The Clown
                                                                accommodation. Please consider!
30       William Gillock – Fiesta
37       Bela Bartok – Rhythmic Dance
                                                                Patrick Ryan OAM
42       Brian Chapple – Lazy Days
                                                                General Secretary
       List D
Own choice of any Australian composition found in this
Senior Certificate: It might be a good idea for
teachers to contact me when they have students in Year
12 who wish to have their ACM results entered on the
Senior Certificate. This should be done by October,
except where students are yet to sit for an exam.
Results must be achieved in either Year 11 or 12.
Grades VI, VII, VIII, Associate may be used for
Pianoforte, Organ, Violin, Clarinet, Saxophone,
Trumpet, Recorder, Cello, Viola, Double Bass, Flute,
Speaking and Communication and Public Speaking.
Grades IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, Associate may be used for
Theory of Music, Theory of Speech and Drama.
Grades VII, VIII and Diploma may be used for Theory
of Public Speaking. Please note – endorsements on
the Senior Certificate are in no way related to
O.P’s. As I fax the information to respective schools,
it is very helpful if I could have the name of the
curriculum person from a school, together with the
school fax number.
College Academic Dress: The academic dress of the
College consists of a black gown and a stole indicating
the level of diploma. The gowns can be hired for the
Awards Night or diplomates can purchase their own for
$80.00. The hire of a gown is $10.00. The purchase of
a stole is as follows:-
Associate - $40.00. The addition of Licentiate pips -
$10.00. Licentiate stole - $50.00 (new). The addition
of Fellowship pips - $15.00. Fellowship stole new -
$65.00. It is a good idea to let me know your
requirements by the end of February so that

ACM    Newsletter                                           3                                           January 2006
                    Diplomates of the College                              Grade III

Kimberley Griffin   AACM – Speech & Drama         Ann Murrell              Excellence:   Andrea Mizzi                  Gabriella Rogina
Barry Harvey        LACM (TD) - Percussion                                 Merit:        Tyson Manley                  Nina Raggett
Leesa Jackson       AACM (with Distinction) – Speech & Drama
                                                                           Grade IV
                                                  Marjory Compton
                                                                           Excellence:   Elissa Maree Nowland          Catherine Murphy
Emily Ruth
                                                                           Merit:        Emma Nicole Benecke           Catherine Murphy
 McConochie        AACM (with Distinction) – Speech & Drama
                                                  Patrea O’Shea            Grade V
Sean Russell       Diploma (with Distinction) – Public Speaking            Excellence:   Meghan Davenport              Isabel Huish
                                                  Genevieve England
Nicole Lee Wallace LACM – Speech & Drama          Daphne Bimrose           Grade VI
                                                                           Excellence:   Adam Bruschi                  Kathleen Gould
                Excellence and Merit Awards
                            Music                                                                Speech & Drama
                                                                           Prep 1
Prep 1
                                                                           Excellence:   Isabel Carey                  Marjory Compton
Excellence:    Christine Elizabeth Walker         Carmel Savage
                                                                                         Jack Deon                     Margaret Gallagher
                                                                                         Gina Morrison                 Margaret Gallagher
Merit:         Lauren Askin (Pianoforte)          Susan Sorensen
                                                                           Merit:        Hannah Billington             Marjory Compton
               Kirsten Falvo (Pianoforte)         Rosie Gaggiano-
                                                                                         Benjamin Shi                  Roslyn McIvor
                                                                           Prep 2
Prep 2
                                                                           Excellence:   Hamish McDonald               Margaret Gallagher
Excellence:    Renee Gayle Grandi (Pianoforte)    Judy Webster
                                                                           Merit:        Liam Bonner                   Ann Murrell
Merit:         Brianna June Spandley (Pianoforte) Carmel Savage
                                                                           Prep 3
Grade I
                                                                           Excellence:   Timothy Ley                   Roslyn McIvor
Excellence:    Emma Louise McLennan               Carmel Savage
                                                                           Merit:        Lauren Bass                   Margaret Gallagher
Merit:         Tim Robert Baker (Pianoforte)      Judy Webster             Prep 4
               Joshua Samuel Jones (Pianoforte)   Anne Linneman            Excellence:   Georgia Quigley               Ann Murrell
               Michael Francis Lill               Judy Webster             Merit:        Bridget O’Connell             Bob Fitzwilliam
               (Alto Saxophone)
               Holly Louise Read (Clarinet)       Catherine Murphy         Grade I
                                                                           Excellence:   Susannah Miller               Belinda Dagleish
Grade II                                                                   Merit:        Kimberley Nuttall-Smith       Roslyn McIvor
Excellence:    Felicity Huxhagen (Flute)          Judy Webster
Merit:         Rachelle Turley (Flute)            Susan Sorensen           Grade II
                                                                           Excellence:   William Darbyshire            Roslyn McIvor
Grade III                                                                                Elizabeth Hore                Ann Murrell
Excellence:    Andrea Mizzi (Pianoforte)          Gabriella Rogina         Merit:        Jordan Bonner                 Ann Murrell
Merit:         Kathleen Mary Murphy               Carmel Savage                          Katie Hawken                  Marjory Compton
               (Alto Saxophone)                                                          Tristan Symonds               Ann Murrell
Grade IV                                                                   Grade III
Excellence:    Jordan Funk (Pianoforte)           Isabel Huish             Excellence:   Alexandra Adele Lennard       Daphne Bimrose
Merit:         Tyson Manley (Saxophone)           Nina Raggett                           Peggy Snoad                   Ann Murrell
                                                                           Merit:        Stephen Lebsanft              Roslyn McIvor
Grade V
Excellence:    Caitlin Marise Oxley (Pianoforte)   Christine Reddick       Grade IV
Merit:         Samantha Jane Dow                   Catherine Murphy        Excellence:   Maddy Gabrielli               Ann Murrell
               (Pianoforte Modern)                                                       Joseph Noye                   Ann Murrell
               Mitchell Neil Nicolson (Pianoforte) Christine Reddick       Merit:        Aimee Marie Griffiths         The Glennie School
Grade VI                                                                   Grade V
Excellence:    Mikaela Beth Gadischke (Pianoforte) Julie Gadischke         Excellence:   Emily Dalziel                 Roslyn McIvor
Merit::        Katie Allison Lill (Pianoforte)     Judy Webster            Merit:        Emma Shea Davies              Patrea O’Shea
Grade VII                                                                  Grade VI
Excellence:    Marita Cheng (Pianoforte)          Dorothy Langtree         Excellence:   Jessica Abraham               Ann Murrell
Merit:         Stephanie Anne Schwarze            Julie Gadischke          Merit:        Hannah Billingsley            Gwenyth Cutler
                                                                           Grade VII
Grade VIII                                                                 Excellence:   Kathryn Franks                Roslyn McIvor
Excellence:    Natasha Marie De-Faveri            Dorothy Langtree         Merit:        Matthew Armstrong             Roslyn McIvor
               (Pianoforte)                                                              Alice Dalziel                 Roslyn McIvor
                        Theory of Music                                                   Theory of Speech & Drama
Grade I                                                                    Grade II
Excellence:    Wesley Stone                       Carmel Savage            Excellence:   Grace Margaret Stephenson     Daphne Bimrose
Merit:         Taylor Funk                        Isabel Huish             Merit:        Annabel Garriock              Daphne Bimrose
Grade II                                                                   Grade III
Excellence:    Jessika Herling                    Robyn Riek               Excellence:   Jonathon Michael Higgins      Daphne Bimrose
Merit:         Melissa Melville                   Robyn Riek               Merit:        Alexandra Adele Lennard       Daphne Bimrose

ACM      Newsletter                                                    4                                             January 2006
Grade V
Excellence:   Hannah Bellwood                Gwenyth Cutler
Merit:        Elizabeth Dawson               Gwenyth Cutler
Grade VII
Excellence:   Hannah Billingsley             Gwenyth Cutler

              Speaking and Communicating
Prep 1
Excellence:   Kate Dent                  Chris Gordon-Brown
Merit:        Georgie Juszczyk           Margaret Gallagher
Prep 2
Excellence:   Georgia Greer              Chris Gordon-Brown
              Kate Milward               Chris Gordon-Brown
Merit:        Andrew Watkins             Margaret Gallagher
Prep 3
Excellence:   Jenna Kolatsis             Chris Gordon-Brown
Merit:        Loko Lui                   Chris Gordon-Brown
              Kareen McNelis             Margaret Gallagher
              Sanjay Vasudeva            Chris Gordon-Brown
Grade 1
Excellence:   Hayman Lui                 Chris Gordon-Brown
Merit:        Louise Chan                Chris Gordon-Brown
Grade II
Excellence:   Tim Kasatchenko            Chris Gordon-Brown
Merit:        Destiny Dalseno            Marjory Compton
              Melody Rose Wright         Marjory Compton
Grade III
Excellence:   Katelyn Carroll            Chris Gordon-Brown
              Anna-Jane Collin           Chris Gordon-Brown
              Alex Connor                Chris Gordon-Brown
              Hannah Riall               Chris Gordon-Brown
Merit:        Kate Oliver                Chris Gordon-Brown
Grade IV
Excellence:   Alicia Locke               Marjory Compton
Merit:        Emily Riall                Chris Gordon-Brown
Grade V
Excellence:   Laurel Chan                Chris Gordon-Brown
              Stephanie De Luca          Chris Gordon-Brown
              Laura James                Chris Gordon-Brown
              Varun Vasudeva             Chris Gordon-Brown
Merit:        Clare Webster              Emily McConochie
Grade VI
Excellence:   Charles Vincent            Chris Gordon-Brown
Merit:        Thomas Boulton             Chris Gordon-Brown
Grade VII
Excellence:   Ivy Linnett                Ann Murrell
              Natasha Vasudeva           Chris Gordon-Brown
Merit:        Matthew Pappas             Marjory Compton
Award         Daniel Pappas              Marjory Compton
              Renee May                  Marjory Compton
              Emily Bury                 Marjory Compton

                       Public Speaking
Grade IV
Excellence:   Matthew Wilkinson          Bob Fitzwilliam

ACM      Newsletter                                           5   January 2006

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