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					Curriculum Vitae
Peter Collie, Barrister, Chartered Arbitrator, Chartered Builder, Chartered Surveyor, Mediator
and Adjudicator.
Nationality: British
Languages: English

Peter is a Barrister, Chartered Arbitrator, Registered Mediator, Registered Adjudicator, Chartered
Builder and Chartered Surveyor. He has 30 years experience in the construction industry. He has
worked as legal adviser on major projects around the world from East Germany to Malaysia. He
has significant experience of negotiating (PFI) projects. In 2009 he was invited to join the FIDIC
President’s Panel of Adjudicators and Dispute Board Members. This list is currently limited to 49
people worldwide. He was also invited to become a Fellow of the Dispute Board Federation in

Since joining Chambers in 2000 he has acted on a wide variety of construction, building, civil
engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, water and sewage engineering, clean room
and I.T. disputes; as well as professional negligence matters involving, Architects, Building
Surveyors, Quantity Surveyors, Civil Engineers, M& E Engineers and Project Managers. He
regularly appears in Arbitrations, Adjudications and in Court. He is acting as adviser on many
multi national projects such as:
• Advising a French Contractor in relation to a major Airport project
• Advising a multi national transportation manufacturer in relation to tramways
• Advising a Mauritian Company in relation to a Resort Complex
• Advising a Specialist lifting company in relation to Wind Turbines at Sea
• Advising a British Company in relation to a development in Dubai
• Advising an Italian company in relation to a curtain walling dispute

He has had over 130 appointments as an independent third party dispute resolver. He is a
Chartered Arbitrator. He is a Registered Adjudicator for adjudication in the UK and Internationally
and regularly sits as an adjudicator. He is a Registered Mediator with CEDR having dealt with a
range of matters including construction disputes, IT, copyright, internet, and professional
negligence. He is a sometime author and lecturer.

Since joining Chambers in 2000 a selection of Peter’s work includes:-

• Civil Engineering – appointed as Adjudicator on a PFI Road building project.
• Construction - Adjudicator in numerous adjudication references from a few thousand to multi
million pound disputes.
• Building - Acted as adjudicator on Multi Million pound dispute over work done at a Grade II*
Listed Building
• Engineering - Acted as Adjudicator on a FIDIC Engineering Contract dispute over the
construction of a Power Station.
• Building - Adjudicator on a valuation dispute in relation to a shopping centre.
•Building – Adjudicator in relation to multiple references over the construction of a School.
•M&E – Adjudicator in relation to a dispute over leaking pipes at a Waterpark.

• Civil Engineering – Party appointment on a DIAC 3 Man Panel the dispute is over the
construction of a Reservoir
• Construction – Appointed as Arbitrator on a dispute over business losses in relation to the
installation of Sewers under the Water Industry Act 1991
• Engineering - Acted as Arbitrator on a dispute over the cost of decontaminating a Petrol Station.
• Engineering - Represented engineering contractor in ICC Arbitration
• Appointed as Arbitrator on a dispute over business losses in relation to the installation of
Sewers under the Water Industry Act 1991
• Development – Appointed as Arbitrator in a dispute over the terms of a development
Expert Determination
• Development - Appointed Expert to determine disputes over the meaning of Development and
option agreements
 Development – Appointed by the RICS as Arbitrator on a dispute over a development
• Engineering - Appointed by parties to determine a technical dispute over an agreement to lease
a fleet of Buses

• Construction – Acting as mediator in a dispute over a defective crane
• Construction – Acting as mediator in disputes over Final Accounts
• Construction – Acting as mediator in disputes over defects
• Ship Building - Mediator in a dispute over the construction of a ship
• Building - Mediator in a 5 party dispute involving High Alumina Cement, Local govenrment law,
right to buy schemes and limitation periods
• Construction – Acting as mediator in disputes over professional negligence
• Computer Consultants - Mediator in a dispute between Computer consultancy and
manufacturer, breach of trust, alleged criminal activity.

Member of the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple
Panel Arbitrator of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Building
Fellow of the Institute of Carpenters
Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
Registered Mediator (CEDR) (RICS) (CI Arb) (Bar Council) (TecBar)
Registered Adjudicator (CIOB) (RICS) (FIDIC), (ACE) (TECBAR) & (CPA)
Dispute Boards (FIDIC), (DBF), (DRBF)
Licentiate of the City & Guilds of London Institute
Member of the Society of Construction law
Member of TECBAR
Member of the Association of Midland Mediators
Member of ADR Chambers

Further Experience
Course Tutor MSc in Construction Law University of Wolverhampton
Course Tutor CIArb Module 1
Lecture around the world on construction and dispute resolution
Mock Arbitrations Preliminary Issue

Recent Reported Cases include Parsons Plastics (Research & Development) Ltd v
Purac Ltd [2002] EWCA Civ 459 12th April 2002 ;[2002] BLR 334;CILL1868, Shimizu
Europe Ltd v LBJ Fabrications Ltd [2003] BLR 381; CILL 2015, R J Knapman Ltd v
Richards and others [2006] EWCA ; CILL 2400; Thomas Vale Construction Plc v
Brookside Syston Ltd [2006] EWHC 3637

Peter is on the following Panels:

Arbitration: CIArb, RICS, TECBAR, ADR Chambers, DIAC
Adjudication: RICS, CIOB, TECBAR, ACE (Founder Member), FIDIC

Dispute Boards: DRBF, DBF, FIDIC

Mediation: RICS, CIArb, Bar Council, TECBAR, ADR Chambers, AMM

"But Full & Final Settlement of What?" - A paper on valuing variations under JCT contracts -
published in Chartered Builder December 1992/January 1993
"The Effect of Nil Liquidated Damages" - A paper on the Temloc -v- Errill Properties Ltd case -
published in Construction Law Journal 1992
“Valuing Payments due in Adjudication” – published by Society of Construction Law 2004
“Got your self the right lawyer” Building Magazine 11th February 2005.

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