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									               2011 Spring Intramural Golf Scramble Results

Place                     Team                      Affiliation      Score

   1        Dann, Becerra, Weber, Hendrickson       Independent       54

   2             Belk, Mohr, West, Brooks             Triangle        56

   3       Montgomery, Hawn, Teeman, McGinnis         Percopo         57

  t-4           Glidden, Kroh, Walker, Fox              BSB           58

  t-4         McKinney, Kays, Rybicki, Totten         Triangle        58

   6          Gardner, Welty, Page, Westrick            Pike          59

   7            Cole, McHugh, Angel, Foss              Speed          60

   8        Boyer, Qualizza, Henderson, Hamner        Percopo         61

  t-9         Beck, Tebbe, Newman, Erickson        Apartments East    63

  t-9       Wright, Batchelder, Sheets, Williams        Pike          63

                  Hole Challenge Results
 Hole                  Challenge                      Winner

Hole #1          Longest Putt from Green            Spencer Fox

Hole #4       Drive Closest to Hole from Tee        Derek Hawn

Hole #12        Closest to the Pin from Tee        Andrew Brooks

Hole #18          Longest Drive from Tee            Stephen Kays

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