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Serving the men and women of the Colorado Springs Police Department since 1971
                                                                                                     Volume 13, Issue 2
                                                                                                     February 2009

                                                ~VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS! ~
                                               In order to save up as much financial resources in preparation for
Alan Roman                                         a future of collective bargaining, the Board of Directors has
President                                        determined that lunch will no longer be served at the monthly
                                                  board meetings. Members who would like to bring their own
                                               lunches are welcome to do so. As always, drinks are available at
Pete Tomitsch                                         the office for those who wish to take advantage of that
Vice President                                                           membership benefit.

Shawn Compton                                     The PPA Board of Directors is pleased to announce an
Secretary                                          endorsement for Jerry Heimlicher as he runs for re-
                                                                election in April 2009.
Patrick David
Treasurer                                                      2008 Tax Information
                                                     For your tax returns- the 2008 PPA dues:
Dave Henrichsen                                                   Sworn- $502.32
Sergeant at Arms                                                 Civilian- $267.84
                                                                   Retirees- $75
                                                  Congratulations and sincere thanks to Rhonda Keller for
Ron Butler                                          her dedication and service to the PPA for 10 years!
Brandon Castro                                                 Feb 15, 1999 to Feb 15, 2009!
Colby Doolittle                                         
James Keller                    ~Letter from the President~
Roberto Williamson                         Well here we are barely two months into the New Year and the city again has
                                to reassess the budget and make considerable cuts across the board to bridge a
STAFF                           significant budget shortfall because of the continuing drop in sales tax revenue. At this
Robin Rogers                    time the department is being asked to reduce its 2009 operations budget by 1%
Executive Director              (approximately $800,000). As the department and the city struggle to make the
                                necessary cuts to balance the budget, the long-term outlook for the department and the
Rhonda Keller                   city is grim. Changes will be made that will significantly alter the makeup and function
Office Manager                  of the department and the city for years to come. As has been historically the trend,
                                once certain functions are lost, they are slow to return if they return at all. The current
CSPPA OFFICE                    fiscal crisis did not happen overnight and neither will it be remedied overnight. As the
559 E. Pikes Peak               board assessed the immediate and foreseeable future of the city during our all-day work
                                session on January 21st 2009, we discussed at great length our strategies to address
Suite 102
                                the challenges ahead as we work to advocate for the membership. The two significant
Colo Spgs, CO 80903
                                decisions made were to create a Political Action Committee (PAC) and a Collective
                                Bargaining Committee.
Phone 634-0058
                                           The formation of the PAC was necessary because of the requirements of the
Fax   634-0755
                                IRS regarding the CSPPA’s tax-exempt status (501-(c) 5) and political contributions.
800# 1-866-471-6308
                                Ever since the board conducted a full audit review in 2008, numerous deficiencies were
                                identified and corrected regarding the finances of the association. One of the identified
Website:              problem areas was contributions to political candidates and political measures. While
                                we can contribute as an association to political measures under our current tax-exempt
HOURS OF OPERATION              status, we cannot contribute to individual political candidates; and there has been an

Mon-Fri 8:00-4:00               ongoing discussion regarding this matter. Over the past few years, the association has

Wed     8:00-2:00               taken a more politicized stance within the city and has gained more of a voice in the
                                process as we have cultivated more relationships                   Continued page 2
~President’s Letter~                                                                         Continued from page 1
across a broader political spectrum. The PAC will be a separate entity within the CSPPA that will allow the CSPPA to
effectively foster its position within the political process. The board is currently filing the necessary paperwork with the Federal
Elections Commission and formulating the operating parameters for the PAC. If you have an interest in this area, please notify
Robin ASAP.
          The board has had numerous discussions over the past year regarding the continued increases in the cost of living
and the cost of benefits and the city’s inability to properly compensate its employees. A number of individual members have
expressed concerns and are becoming increasingly frustrated regarding the city’s apparent reluctance to prioritize employee
compensation. As the economy has continued to decline over the past two years, the sales-tax revenue model that the city
relies on for the general city fund has been shown to be a highly ineffective model, especially during economic downturns. A
better model needs to be developed for the future viability of the city as a whole. Several facets of the city budget need to be
addressed to assure a more viable budget such as property taxes, use taxes, and TABOR adjustments, to name a few. These
changes need to be made ASAP but also need to be made with the proper education of the community. Part of this education
needs to be done by identifying the core needs of the city without continuing the practice of being all things to all people and
continuing to do more with less. There comes a time when the community needs to “feel the pain” in order to realize the full
gravity of today’s economic realities. The board will work to support those candidates and measures that most effectively
promote the future viability of this city. The PAC will be an instrumental part of this support.
          The second half of this equation will be how the association addresses the employee concerns regarding pay and
benefits especially during a time of economic turmoil. With the change in the political balance of power on the national level,
there is a renewed push on the national and state levels to institute some form of collective bargaining as it relates to public
safety employees. There is a national bill that was working its way through Congress last year which was only put aside
because of the democratic primaries. This bill will more than likely be reintroduced early in the legislative session and now has
the support across both houses of Congress and in the White House. Passage of a public safety collective bargaining law is
most like a short time away. While this process has been unfolding on the national level, a separate process is underway on
the state level. More than likely, within the next 12-24 months there will be some form of public safety collective bargaining in
place. The board has been closely following this process. It is imperative that the CSPPA proactively addresses this process
in order to be properly prepared for its implementation. It will be necessary to implement a collective bargaining committee as
soon as possible to begin developing the strategies needed to address this impending legislation. The committee will be tasked
with continuing preliminary discussions with the city as well as examining those other agencies in the surrounding areas that
already have collective bargaining. The collective bargaining process is a very involved and expensive process that will
necessitate changes within the association to assure that the most effective and beneficial result is achieved for the
membership. As a result, the board has begun a full review of the association’s budget to identify cost savings within the
budget. As the membership recently unrestricted the building fund, the board will identify those unnecessary expenditures
within the budget and reduce those expenditures accordingly to assure that the budget is as lean as possible before any
expenditures are made from the unrestricted funds.
          With the costs of a collective bargaining process averaging approximately $250,000 it will be imperative that the
association places itself in the most advantageous position prior to the implementation of the collective bargaining process.
Therefore, the association will need to build a “war chest” as soon as possible. The board and the committee will be discussing
the need for raising the additional funds most likely through an increase in membership dues designated specifically for
collective bargaining. The writing is on the wall regarding the implementation of public safety collective bargaining. How we
deal with the implementation will hinge greatly on our preparation. As the city will have to deal with budgetary shortfalls for the
foreseeable future without changes in the budgetary funding mechanisms, it will be imperative that the association most
effectively uses the collective bargaining process. The board will continue to foster a collaborative relationship with the city and
the department in a collective bargaining process, but will compellingly advocate for the membership.
          The board will continue to work vigorously on behalf of the membership, but it has become obvious that we as an
association along with the city and the department are at a crossroads. The decisions that are made in the near future will have
a long-term lasting effect on the future viability of the whole.
Alan Roman

                           One can never consent to creep when one
                                  feels an impulse to soar.

                                                                                        ~Helen Keller~

          It has become obvious that many members do not understand the work that Rhonda and I accomplish during our time in
the PPA office. Over the years the work load has increased significantly. An example of that is during the 2005 year, the PPA
cleared about 25 guns. Contrast that to the almost 150 guns processed during 2008.
          Rhonda’s responsibilities include maintaining and administering the FFL, managing the payroll from the city and the
FPPA as well as assuring that member benefits are paid for in a timely manner, she maintains the “grazing area”, book keeping
and accounting procedures, stocks and sells merchandise, customer service in answering members questions and concerns, she
works with the retirees, manages the “members in distress” responses, implements the golf tournament and the annual parties,
makes the deposits and balances petty cash, maintaining member benefits claim forms and enrollment, maintaining office
supplies and files, etc.
          My work is totally in a different realm as I am responsible for board activities, developing and maintaining relationships
with community leaders, council members, and department heads, insurance audits and the association’s legal matters, sales tax,
annual reports with the secretary of state, assuring the association is operating ethically and within our tax-exempt guidelines, all
matters relating to the Board of Directors, their meetings, their minutes, and their reports, maintaining the web site and technology
systems, and I also participate in service to our community in the PPA name through volunteering in various city committees,
boards, and non-profit organizations activities. I also publish the monthly newsletters (with a joke or two for good measure). I am
frequently out of the office at meetings, but we try hard to stagger our absences so that we can keep the office open. If one of us is
sick, or on vacation, it is up to the other to keep the office open for business. Please call ahead if you need to see one of us, and
please know that we are doing everything we can to be here, but sometimes it is unavoidable, we must close the office.
          Rhonda really is not that aware of the aspects of my job, and I am certainly not trained in the aspects of hers. Therefore,
when you call to ask about the FFL- for the most part you are going to have to wait until you can talk to Rhonda to get your
question answered. If you want to know what happened in the past board meeting, or what we are doing about your pay and
benefits, you will most likely have to wait until I can speak with you to get the full facts. We do not wish to inconvenience you, but
we do not have the time to cover each other’s work responsibilities. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!
          Additionally, about 2 years ago we decided to close the office on Wednesdays for 2 hours in the afternoon to allow us to
be able to focus on our work without interruption. This has been a tremendous help to us, as when members are calling and
coming to the office it creates an interruption in our work that forces us to be less than accurate on detailed tasks. During that
period, we are still busy working; we are just not available for customer service tasks. Please understand.
          Currently the PPA membership is at 912 people. After a Board of Directors meeting, I will get many calls from members
wanting to know what happened at the meeting. Obviously I can’t repeat the information to 900 people, one at a time. If you are
interested in the board meetings, please come to them (they are the first Thursday of every month at 11:30). Or the minutes are
always posted on our website at Feel free to log on to the web site frequently to stay up to date on what is
happening in the PPA.
                     Finally if you REALLY want to stay up to date, make sure I have your personal email address, and I will be
certain to include you on our mass-email distro. I don’t send out messages often, but when I do it is almost always a call for “all
hands on deck”- meaning we have a situation where we need as much activity as possible. Help us help you. Become an active
and informed member. Thanks for all you do for our city!!!
          Congratulations to Brandon Castro for his appointment to the PPA board as an At-Large Sworn member!

Robin Rogers

 ~Designated Decoy~                                                                      joke of the month…

 One night a police officer was staking out a particularly rowdy bar for possible DUI violations. At closing time,
 he saw a fellow stumble out of the bar, trip on the curb and try his keys on five different cars before he found
 his. The man sat in the front seat fumbling around with his keys for several minutes.

 Meanwhile, all the other patrons left the bar and drove off. Finally he started his engine and began to pull
 away. The police officer was waiting for him. As soon as he pulled onto the street, the officer stopped him,
 read him his rights and administered the breathalyzer test to determine his blood-alcohol content. The results
 showed a reading of 0.0. The puzzled officer demanded to know how that could be. The driver replied,

 "Tonight I'm the designated decoy."
EVENT                                    FEBRUARY                                          MARCH
PPA Board Meeting                        Thurs Feb 5                                       Thurs Mar 5
Extra Hours                              Tues Feb 17                                       Tues Mar 17
Extra Duty                               Wed Feb 11                                        Wed Mar 11
                                         Thurs Feb 12                                      Thurs Mar 12
Retiree Luncheon- Maggie Mae’s           Mon Feb 9, 11:30 am                               Mon Mar 9, 11:30 am
Informal City Council                    Mon Feb 9                                         Mon Mar 9
                                         Mon Feb 23                                        Mon Mar 23
Formal City Council                      Tues Feb 10                                       Tues Mar 10
                                         Tues Feb 24                                       Tues Mar 24
Office Closed                            Mon Feb 16th-Presidents Day                       N/A

Civil Service Commission Mtg.            N/A                                               Tues Mar 3- 8:30 CAB 102

                                         ~CODE 7 N URPRISE~
    An anonymous citizen wishes to show her sincere appreciation for all that you do for our community. She is
    funding one gift card a month for one lucky PPA member and has asked staff to randomly draw a name once a
    month. The winner will be announced in the Centurion, at the PPA board meeting and on
    This month’s winner is:

                                                     Matt Kerr- #2633
                Please stop by the PPA office no later than Feb 27 to pick up your $10 gift card for lunch at Chipotle!
                Congratulations Matt- and thanks for all that you are doing to serve the citizens of Colorado Springs!

                                                 ~Rhonda’s Corner~
                       January 29- Jennifer Browne retired- best wishes to you!
             Larry Clayton retired on Feb 2- have a great time with your new retired life!
                         Thinking of Thor Eells in the loss of his father in law.
         Struggling with their health: Felix Torres and Stanley Padalski- if you would like to send
                     these guys a card, contact Rhonda at 634-0058 for the addresses!
          Rich Radabaugh had surgery and is at home recuperating! Best wishes for a speedy
                                               recovery to Rich!

    Note- as much as we try to keep up on our members, we rely on you all to keep us informed. If you know
    of an important event in someone’s life, please take the time to call the office so we can share the news
                        with all. We are not intentionally leaving you or your family out!
                            ~CSPD Wives Association Monthly Update~
            The January meeting of the CSDP Wives Association was very informative. We discussed Dave
    Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. There are several wives who are currently using this program, so
    there was lots of good, practical information and advice shared.

            Several members of CSPD Wives Association received an award at the CSPD Annual Awards
    Ceremony for our help during the Lamberth trial. We were honored to receive this award, and would like
    to thank those who nominated and chose us.

             Our next meeting is Tuesday, February 10 at 6:30 at the Falcon Substation. Any wife or
    girlfriend of a CSPD officer is invited to attend. We hope to see you all there!

    Nikki, Jen, Kristi, and Katie                                                                                                           


  Thank you to Emergency Network for the ongoing donation of the equipment and monthly monitoring for
security at the PPA office. If members are interested in a security system, please contact Emergency Network
                                  at 328-0911. They offer a 20% discount.
                  Members, thank you for supporting the businesses that actively support us!

January 15
Dear PPA.
Thank you so much for the craft kit and sweets for our youngest daughter, Rebecca, when she got out of the
hospital. They really cheered her up. Our family appreciated the support of the PPA during that time, and we
are happy to report that Rebecca is much better and back at school.

Thank you,
Bill and Darlene Watson and family

January 22
During a time like this we realize how much our friends and relatives really mean to us…your expression of
sympathy will always be remembered. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
The Smith Family

January 13
Rhonda and the PPA,
I have been grateful for the flowers you’ve sent my Dad during his 3 year battle with cancer. On Dec 28, 08 he
passed into God’s hands but we’ll miss him deeply. It meant a lot to Joe and me and our family that you came
to the memorial. The flowers were beautiful as well. Small gestures like that are huge to the grieving. I’m
glad you are there to care for our family as well as other families in different circumstances. You don’t know
what a comfort you are. This is the address of my Dad’s website that is a tribute to him. It’s beautiful.
Paula and Joe Wyatt, Carol Sandusky and The Holmes Family

Jan 8
A note from Brent Ambuehl:
Thanks for thinking of them. Hunter will be back to work Jan 15!

January 9
The family of Ronald W. Burns Sr. acknowledges with grateful appreciation the kind expression of your
sympathy. We want to convey our appreciation for the multi-plant arrangement. CSPD held a special place in
Ron’s life and career. He shared many stories and always with fond memories.
Thank you
The Burns Family

February 3
A note from Dick and Jeanne Anderson:
Thank you so much for the flowers. They meant so much to us!

January 6,
Dear Chief Myers,
I am writing to express my gratitude for officers Stephen Worley, Scott Carnes, Paul Vandell, and Andy
Duran. They teamed up with my husband and me to help catch my German shepherd that ran away. I don’t
know what we would have done without God and those four gentlemen. Thank you so much! Please let them
know that we (I, my husband and our two sons) are so grateful to have had their help.

God Bless,

Diana Freeman
      Members to Members- Discounts and Deals
         The advertisements normally displayed in the monthly Centurion have been moved to sponsors
         and donors/ discounts and deals. This change has been made in an effort to decrease production and
                                  distribution costs of the CSPPA monthly newsletter.
 Please check out the discounts offered to members of the PPA on line by the businesses of this community. Thank you.

                                      COPS TO THE RESCUE!
    Many members have a second business providing services to our community. We want to develop a list for
    those who are interested in hiring their peers by including cops and their specific business skills!

    Please contact the office at 634-0058 if you would like to be included on this list.

    *Brett Poole            drywall/ construction                                491-7356
    *Chris Garcia           power raking/aeration                                320-5003
           Grady            tile/ bathrooms/basements                            238-8712
    *Brian to Emergency Network for the ongoing donation of the equipment and monthly
Thank you
    *Lance Lazoff           marble/granite If members                            499-2586
monitoring for security at the PPA office. countertops are interested in a security system, please
    *Stan Padalski Network at 328-0911. They offer a 20% discount.
contact Emergency                                                                598-1543
    *Rob McPike             decks                                                237-6074
Members, thank you for supporting the businesses that actively support us!
    *Paul Malchow           tree removal                                         339-9981
    *Pete Szentmartoni frame/trim carpenter/basements                            331-1145
    *Jim Waters              hardwood flooring/ tile                             235-1875
    *Bob McCafferty          hardwood flooring/ tile                             330-8204
    *Scott Wisler            real estate services                                210-4775
    *Judd Tyson              retirement planning services                        287-0168
    *Lee Doll               Sprinkler System Install/Repair/Winterization        535-9238
    *Noel Peterson          NRA Instructor                                       287-8349
Colorado Springs Police Protective Association
559 E. Pikes Peak Ave. Suite 102
Colorado Springs, CO 80903


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