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					            ST. AMBROSE PARISH
    PARISH OFFICE:   2315 Redondo Avenue               CHURCH      1975 South 2300 East
                     Salt Lake City, Utah 84108-3297   LOCATION:   Salt Lake City, Utah

    ST. AMBROSE                                                                                           SALT LAKE CITY

                                                                    Father Gally on Vacation: Father Gally will be on
           VOLUME XLVI NUMBER 24                                    vacation to India until July 4. Our good friend, Father
                                                                    Paul Capitolo, SJ, will be coming in for his annual
                  Happy Father’s Day!!!                             summer visit from June 19 to July 8.
    On behalf of the clergy and staff of St. Ambrose Church,        Parish Council Elections: The Parish Council elections
    we want to wish all of the fathers, grandfathers, great-        for the four at-large openings will be held at the end of
    grandfathers . . . a very happy Father’s Day. Thank you for     August. Since we were delayed in getting our ballot
    saying “yes” to God and assuming the responsibilities of        finalized before the summer vacation season, we will hold
    this most important vocation in the Church. In the Baptism      the election in August to insure more participation in the
    rite, parents are reminded that they are the first and best     election process. We want to thank the out-going
    teachers of their children in the faith. We ask God’s           members of the Council—Pete Marron, Leslie Marks,
    continued blessing upon each of you that you will remain        Anita Klebba, Beth Waltz, Victor Pardini (appointed),
    faithful to this call.                                          Dan Liston (past president) and out-going President of the
                                                                    Parish Council, Frank Hanson. Mr. Dan Adams has
    Second Collection for J.E. Cosgriff School: Beginning           agreed to serve as the new Parish Council President. The
    on the first weekend of July, the Parish will begin taking up   final meeting of the Parish Council for this year will be
    the monthly collection for J.E. Cosgriff School. We             held on Monday, June 18, to wrap up some loose ends
    suspended the collection last year when we thought we           before a summer break.
    would need to have a fund drive to pay for the kitchen and
    social hall renovations. Since the money for these projects     Interested in Catholicism or Missed a Receiving a
    will be taken out of a generous estate settlement to the        Sacrament? If you or someone you know is interested in
    Parish, we did not have to run a special fund raising           finding out more about the Catholic Church or how to
    campaign. With the increase in next year’s tuition, there is    receive a missed sacrament, please call Pam @ 485-9324
    a greater need for tuition assistance and your contributions    for more information. An RCIA Introductory Class will
    will help families of Cosgriff students who are having some     be held on Tuesday, June 26, from 7:00-9:00 pm in the
    financial hardships.                                            Vaughan Center. Included in this Class is an Overview of
                                                                    the RCIA Process, a Tour of the Church, and summer
    No Liturgical Music for Two Weeks: During the next              reading material. The RCIA Process will begin on
    two weekends (June 17th and 24th) there will be no liturgical   September 11, 2007. We will need Sponsors for our new
    music at the 5:00 p.m. (Saturday) or 10:00 a.m. & 12 noon       RCIA candidates and catechumens who will begin their
    Sunday Masses. This is temporary as we transition to our        journey into the Catholic Church next Easter. For more
    new Director of Music and Liturgy, Mr. Chris Huntzinger.        information, please call Pam Avery at 485-9324.
    Liturgical music will resume on the weekend of June 30/
    July 1.
                                                                    Please Pray for the following sick persons: Michael Bailey,
                                                                    Jack Ballow, Robert Blair, Gerard Boller, Christine Brimley, John
    Welcome, Chris Huntzinger: St. Ambrose Parish is                Coburn, Michael Coffey, Margaret Conway, James Cosgrove, Richard
    happy to welcome our new Director of Liturgy and Music,         DeMarco, Cameron Durst, Kathy Downs Ellison, Ines Fowler, Linda
    Mr. Christopher Huntzinger. Chris is an accomplished            Fuller, Nylene Gonzales, Roberta Gammons, Judy Gardner, Randy
                                                                    Gardner, Lorraine Gerzewski, Adam Herrera, William Howard, David
    musician and choir director who is well known in Catholic
                                                                    Irvine, Jeanne Kaufman, Lois Kearns, Macklyn Kesselinger, Vivian
    parishes throughout the Salt Lake Valley. For the last nine     Kooyman, John Kurtyka, Robert La Dua, Pam Lewis, Ruby Lopez,
    years he has worked as the Director of Music at Good            Vince McDonald, Scott McGowan, Terry McOmber, Susan Neville,
    Shepherd Lutheran Church and Our Lady of Lourdes                Gary Newport, Joe Okamura, Patricia Politano, Wendy Paullet, Jan
    Church in Magna. Chris will also be teaching part-time at       Pederson, Theresa Pietramali, Cindy Rowan, Ruthanna Rougelot,
                                                                    Estelle Sain, Gerry Scharf, Eva C. Smith, Frank Mayo Smith, Carol
    J.E. Cosgriff School and organizing a children’s choir that     Steffen, Amelia Tedesco, Kellie Thompson, Renee Toomey, Kathleen
    will sing at St. Ambrose and other neighboring parishes.        McGuire Tuckey, Lisa Vomar, Travis Watrous, Will Woodell, and
    (More about Chris can be found in the next Ambrosian.)          Scott Zeberlein.

    New Message Board Coming: A monument style
    message board has been designed and will be completed           In Your Prayers please remember these persons who
    this summer. It will be located on the corner of Redondo        died this past month.
    and 23rd East and will include daily and weekend Mass and       Frank Fearon, brother of            Russell J. Hadley
    confession times as well as holiday Mass times when             Connie Sliwinski
    applicable. We hope this will be one more way people will
    feel welcomed to our Parish.

    JUNE 17, 2007                                                       ELEVENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME

    Catholic Lagoon Day: The annual Catholic Lagoon Day             J. E. Cosgriff School has job openings for the following
    sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, Council 602, will         full time positions:
    be held on Sunday, July 8, 2007. There are many                 Kindergarten Teacher
    activities that have been planned including discounted          Third Grade Teacher
    park entrance tickets and food. Activities begin at 11:00       Secretary/Office Manager
    am and Mass will be celebrated at 12 noon. The discount
    ticket brochures are available at all of the entrances to the   Part-time Pre-school Teacher for 2 year olds
    Church. Please pick one up and plan for a fun, family day       Interested applicants should send resume to
    at Lagoon on July 8.                                   or mail to:
                                                                    J.E. Cosgriff School
    New Bible Study Begins on July 11. This session will be         2335 Redondo Avenue
    a study on How to Study the Bible. It will run through          SLC, UT 84108
    August. The study group meets on Wednesday evenings             (801)-486-3197
    from 7-9:00 pm in the Vaughan Center. Call Pam @ 485-
                                                                    49er’s: Trip to Wendover-Friday, June 22; bus leaves St.
    9324 for more information.
                                                                    Ambrose at 9:00 am. Cost is $15.00. Call Faye @ 466-
                                                                    4449. Board Meeting-Monday, June 25, 9:30 am in
    Religious Education Registration: If you have not yet
                                                                    Vaughan Center. Picnic in the Park-Thursday, July 12, at
    registered your child for the 2007-2008 Religious
                                                                    the Lakeside Pavilion in Sugarhouse Park. Picnic will be
    Education classes, please do so before June 30 to avoid a
                                                                    held from 5:00 pm until dark. Cost is $12.50 per person.
    late fee. Children in public school, grades 1-8, meet in
                                                                    Call Isabelle Rader @ 463-9834 for reservations no later
    classes from 8:45-9:45 am on Sunday mornings. All
                                                                    than July 10.
    children 3, 4, or 5 years old by September 1, (even if they
    are attending J. E. Cosgriff School on weekdays), are
                                                                    Young Man Seeking Room and Board: Tyler Langdon,
    invited to be part of the Religious Education’s pre-school
                                                                    a young Catholic man from Arrowwood, Alberta, Canada
    classes. Please call Pam or Carolyn @ 485-9324.
                                                                    will be coming to Salt Lake City this fall to attend the
                                                                    Violin Making School of America (VMSA). He is a
    Blood Drive Coordinator: In the past, St. Ambrose
                                                                    Catholic man of high moral standards and would be an
    Parish has sponsored a blood drive each year to help
                                                                    excellent tenant for any Catholic family that has a room to
    provide much needed blood for our community. We were
                                                                    rent. If you would be interested in extending hospitality
    recently contacted by the American Red Cross asking for
                                                                    to this young man, please contact Tyler Langdon at P.O.
    our help again. If you would be willing to serve as
                                                                    Box 158, Arrowwood, Alberta, Canada (telephone: 1-403-
    coordinator of this year’s drive, please contact Fr. Bill at
    485-5610. If you would like to volunteer in some other
    capacity (sign-up, set-up, check-in, etc.) please let us
                                                                    Save the date—The Immaculate Mary Divine Mercy
    know. This is a very worthwhile project for our parish to
                                                                    Family Conference 2007 will be held August 31-
    be involved in.
                                                                    September 2 at the Yarrow Hotel & Conference Center in
                                                                    Park City. Opening talk and Holy Mass with Bishop John
                           Parking Lot Re-Striped: The
                                                                    Wester begins Friday evening at 4:30 pm. For complete
                           parking lot will be re-striped during
                                                                    details on this prayerful Labor Day weekend, go to www.
                           the first week of July. At that time
                                                          , or call Carmen @ 816-1510.
                           the Parish Council has approved a
                           plan to change the entrance and exit
                           to the parking lot. This will improve
                                                                        NEWCOMERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!
                           the traffic flow and will allow
                                                                              Registration cards are at entrances.
                           children to exit from the passenger
                                                                     Fill one out & drop in it the collection basket or you
    side of the car to the school or Church without having to
                                                                               may mail it to the rectory office.
    pass in front or between cars. It should also help the
    traffic flow on 23rd East. Please watch for and follow the
    new directional signs. (Reminder: The white parking
                                                                                   PARISH SUPPORT
    stalls nearest the Church have been reserved for the
    elderly or those needing special assistance in coming
    into the Church. Within 5 minutes of the beginning of           Weekly Income needed FY ‘06-’07                 $9,038
    Mass, anyone is welcome to park in those stalls if they         Contributions same week year ago               $10,682
    are vacant.)                                                    Contributions last week                        $10,492

                        JUNE 17, 2007                                                 St. Ambrose Parish
                      WEEKDAY READINGS
    Monday-Psalm 98:1, 2b, 3ab, 3cd-4; 2 Corinthians 6:1-10;                  CHURCH LOCATION:
    Gospel-Matthew 5:38-42.                                                            1975 South 2300 East
                                                                                       Salt Lake City, Utah
    Tuesday-Psalm 146:2, 5-6ab, 6c, 7, 8-9a; 2 Corinthians                    LORD’S DAY MASS:
    8:1-9; Gospel-Matthew 5:43-48.
                                                                               Saturday 5:00 pm
    Wednesday-Psalm 112:1bc-2, 3-4, 9; 2 Corinthians 9:6-                      Sunday 8:00 am
    11; Gospel-Matthew 6:7-15.                                                         10:00 am
                                                                                       12:00 Noon
    Thursday-Psalm 111:1b-2, 3-4, 7-8; 2 Corinthians 11:1-
                                                                              WEEKDAYS: 7:00 am
    11; Gospel-Matthew 6:7-15.
    Friday–Psalm 34:2-3, 4-5, 6-7; 2 Corinthians 11:18, 21-                   SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION
    30; Gospel-Matthew 6:19-23.                                                     Saturdays 3:30 pm-4:30 pm
                                                                                    (or by appointment)

                                                                              PASTOR:            Rev. William F. Wheaton
                                                                              ASSOC. PASTOR:     Rev. Lourduraj Gally
                                                                              PERMANENT          John Bash
    Sat. 6/16        5:00 pm -   Mary Jeanne Neumann (Norbert Neumann)         DEACONS:          George Reade
    Sun. 6/17        8:00 am -   Cecil long (Doris Long)
                    10:00 am -   Mark Markham (his family)
                    12:00 pm -   Vern P. Hanson (Francis & Joan Hanson)       PARISH OFFICE:2315 Redondo Avenue
    Mon.             7:00 am -   For those souls in Purgatory                               Salt Lake City, Utah 84108
                                  who have been forgotten (Mariclare Klein)   PHONES:       485-5610 and 484-3642
    Tues.            7:00 am -   Rosemary Schultz (Mariclare Klein)
    Wed.             7:00 am -   Lucie Swanson (Genevieve Coburn)
                                                                              HOURS:        8:00 am-4:00 pm (Mon-Thurs)
    Thurs.           7:00 am -   Josephine Vieta (Peggy Eklund)               SECRETARY:    Melanie Elizondo
    Fri.             7:00 am -   Special intentions of Billy Reagan           BOOKKEEPER:   Vicki Bourg
                                  (Mariclare Klein)                           VAUGHAN CENTER: 1929 South 2300 East
                                 Josephine Vieta (Gerald & Dorothy Kaffer)
    Sat. 6/23        5:00 pm -   Don Holbrook (Holbrook family)
    Sun. 6/24        8:00 am -   Donna Kane (Marron family)                   OFFICE OF RELIGIOUS EDUCATION
                    10:00 am -   Norman & Rena Harrower                       DIRECTOR:       Pamela Avery (485-9324)
                                  (Angelo & Ett Cuatto)
                    12:00 pm -   Pete & Stephanie Casanova
                                  (Angelo & Ett Cuatto)
                                                                              DIRECTOR OF MUSIC: Barbara Libsch
    Bible Camp      *6:00 pm -   George Kounalis (Kounalis family)
                                                                              BEREAVEMENT & HOMEBOUND:
                                                                                             Dean Betenes (484-8756)
                                 Thank you to all our                         VOLUNTEERS:    Melanie Elizondo (485-5610)
                                 Liturgical Ministers!                        PARISH COUNCIL PRESIDENT:
                                                                                             Frank Hanson
      LITURGICAL MINISTRY FOR NEXT WEEK,                                           
               JUNE 23RD & 24TH
                                                                              J.E. COSGRIFF MEMORIAL CATHOLIC SCHOOL
    5:00 pm: Lector-Barbara Struhs. E.C.M.-Kathy Frappier, Pam Avery,         SCHOOL OFFICE: 2335 Redondo Avenue
    Trudi Terry. Altar Servers-Marlo Esperson, Connor Morgan, Ian
    Struhs, Rachel Struhs.                                                                     Salt Lake City, Utah 84108
    8:00 am: Lector-Richard Sievers. E.C.M.-David Hughes, Carol
                                                                              PHONE:           486-3197
    Hughes, Millie Everill. Altar Servers-Grace Fitzpatrick, Robert Hanlon.   PRINCIPAL:       Betsy Hunt
    10:00 am: Lector-Nicole Hall. E.C.M.-Sue Patillo, Pam Sewell, Vivian      SECRETARY:       Kim Marron
    Ngai, Linda Itami. Altar Servers-Michael Lien, Alyssa Nassiah, D. J.      DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR:
    Patillo, Megan Stand.                                                                      (vacant)
    12:00 pm: Lector-Kathleen Brown. E.C.M.-Dean Betenes, Jim Stanley,        EXTENDED DAY PROGRAM:
    Claire Stanley. Altar Servers-Ian Gorrell-Brown, Logan McLaughlin.                         Tammie Cleverly (484-8905)

    JUNE 17, 2007


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