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									                      2011/60-64 Tender Clarifications

1. The dates in Schedule 3 are 29th August 2011, should this be 2012 or is
   the date correct and it indicates when you need the project plan by?
   Date is correct on this query 29th August 2011.

2. With details currently provided in the requirements server matrix being for
   3 servers, can you confirm the total storage capacity needed for all
   servers? Also detail on current workload utilisation particularly Disk IO or
   number of disks required? This would be useful to understand to ensure
   performance is not negatively impacted within any proposed virtual
   The current maximum storage available in Dungannon if fully utilized is
   6.233Tb. Looking at the power consumption across a 24 hour period the
   load is constant as the power consumption never varies more than +-250
   watts on a 7.7Wk load.

3. Is there a desire to reuse any existing hardware (storage or server) in the
   proposed solution? If so would you be able to provide detail on the
   specification of these i.e. Model, CPU, Memory, Disk capacity and network
   All new servers required would need a 5 year warranty.

4. Doc 2: In addition to the 500 staff, how many students/other users are
   they expecting will use the site? Will all these users be held on Active
   Approx 13000 students - all users on AD.

5. Should prices be fixed just for the 12 month contract, or also for the 24
   month possible extension?
   12 months at present.

6. Doc 4: Cookstown was omitted from the list of three SWC locations where
   the product will be supplied, are they expressing preventing this campus
   No, all campuses will be accessing.

7. Does “the supply of the products” refer to access to a centrally hosted
   environment, or to three separate installations?
   Central environment.

8. With omissions not being excluded, are additional requirements expected
   to fall under change control, the cost of which will then be determined by
   effort against day rates?
   Tenderers to put forward proposals. and then agreed requirements will be
   signed off on tender award. Change control would be required for
   anything outside of signed off requirements.
9. Which version of SharePoint are they seeking to use?
   Existing Sharepoint 2007

10. Which edition of SharePoint are they seeking to use?
    Existing Sharepoint 2007

11. Which version of SQL Server are they seeking to use?
    Existing SQL 2005

12. Which edition of SQL Server are they seeking to use?
    Existing SQL 2005

13. Can we obtain a guest account for the MLE to review their exiting portal in
    order to identify further enhancements?
    Will be provided on tender award.

14. Are there any branding requirements?
    Already branded.

15. Does Blackboard use Windows Authentication?

16. For SQL Server Integration, are there any reports defined that are in
    scope, or is the requirement just to provide a means of integration with
    SSRS for future reports to be added? If the former, can we obtain report
    definitions so that costs can be provided?
    Requirement is for integration with SSRS.

17. For Forms development, are there any forms defined that are in scope, or
    is the requirement just to provide a means of rendering forms for future
    forms to be added? If the former, can we obtain form templates so that
    costs can be provided?
    Rendering forms for future forms to be added. Some forms to be

18. For Survey development, are there any surveys defined that are in scope,
    or is the requirement just to provide a means of rendering surveys for
    future surveys to be added? If the former, can we obtain survey templates
    so that costs can be provided?
    Rendering surveys for future surveys to be added. Some surveys to be

19. What are the expectations regarding the content of Team Sites, or is the
    requirement to provide a means of creating a Team site template?
    Yes, requirement for template.

20. With regards to the third party products, can you provide more information
    with regards to the content expected to be rendered through the web
    parts, and whether there are data connectors available for them?
    To be detailed in scoping of the project.
21. Should training include Reporting Services training?
    Could be included as an option.

22. Pricing scheduled: Item 1: Are SWC seeking to replace existing
    hardware, or reuse existing servers where possible?
    Reuse servers where possible.

23. Item 1: Do SWC have software licences already? If so, please can they
    supply details?
    Yes are licensed, details will be supplied on tender award if necessary.

24. Item 1: Do SWC have a hosting provider already, or are they expecting the
    Supplier to provide this facility? If the former, what maintenance
    arrangements exist currently?
    SWC host internally.

25. Item 2: What facility should this maintenance charge cover, and how does
    it differ from the maintenance charge cost requested as part of item 1?
    Recurring annual maintenance.

26. General: Should travel and subsistence costs be included here, or should
    this be factored into the overall charges?
    Factored into overall charges.

27. Schedule 2: What would constitute a „kit‟?
    This is an if applicable section but an example would be hardware kit.

28. Schedule 3: SWC are seeking 29th August 2011 as completion and
    signoff. Do SWC have defined acceptance criteria for what they would
    deem to be a suitable product delivery, and if so, can we see it?
    Will be signed off on tender award.

29. One month to kick off the project, allow for performing the low level
    analysis required, develop and rollout the project introduces a huge risk
    that SWC will not get a feature rich deliverable. What are the reasons
    behind such a quick turnaround, given the contract is for a 12 month
    These are the college deadlines.

30. Can SWC guarantee user availability in July/August for workshops,
    meetings, acceptance test and technical support?

31. Will SWC provide a project manager who is empowered to make decisions
    on behalf of SWC swiftly, given the timescales stated?

32. What financial penalties are SWC proposing in the event of failing to meet
    the project plan and deadline dates?
    Financial penalties will be signed off with approved tenderer.
33. Apologies, just to clarify. Is the tender saying you need the site delivered
    by 29th August 2011? i.e. one month to deliver the site.
    Yes the date is correct - this is development of an existing installation.

34. One of the requirements is for “Write user name and password to SQL
    Database”. Can you confirm that this is to write the initial password back
    to the database?
    Yes initial password

35. Another requirement is for “Technical staff must be sufficiently trained to
    facilitate integration of future systems which may be used within the
    college”. Could you confirm how many technical staff would require
    training, and that you would like this carrying out on-site at the College?
    2-3 staff on-site

36. Could you provide more detail about your requirements for the section
    entitled “Distribution of Account Details” (on page 9 of the request); in
    particular the second and third bullet-points?
    Requirement is for a portal for student to create their own accounts as well
    as reset passwords and request access to groups and/or distribution lists.
    It is envisaged that this will be scoped in more detail with successful
    tenderer during project design phase.

37. Finally, could you confirm the project timescales are as stated in the
    document. If so, we would be able to meet the required completion date of
    19 August, but we would need to be starting the project just as soon as
    possible (ie if we could start before 20 July that would be helpful).
    Timescales as stated in tender document

38. What is your budget for 2011-61 Online Collaboration Tool?
    Approx. 20K incl. VAT

39. What is your budget for 2011-62 Server Virtualization?
    Solution Reliant

40. What is your budget for 2011-63 SharePoint Development?
    Approx. 15K incl. VAT

41. How many users will need to administer online conferencing (2011-61
    Online Collaboration Tool)?
    Solution Reliant

42. Will you need SharePoint 2007 or 2010?
    Already have a Sharepoint 2007 solution.

43. Could you please elaborate on what you mean by „added value‟?
    Added value/value added is a decision for the tenderer.

44. What are the critical success factors, eg usability, scalability?
    As per tender criteria
45. What would put you off a bid? Eg. Location, company size
    All bids will be evaluated according to tender criteria

46. Would it be beneficial to award multiple tenders to one bidder to
    consolidate billing and workload?
    No requirement to award tenders to one bidder.

47. How important is it for the bidder‟s references to be educational
    Appropriate references are extremely important.

48. Are you looking to host your own AD or is it possible to outsource it?
    AD already internally hosted.

49. Could you please advise how many users (teachers/Students) are
    Approx. 13,000 students, 500 staff

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