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									                                                             The Beacon
                                                       The Newsletter of
                                                Light of Christ Catholic Parish
                                                                January-February 2011              volume 1, No. 3

   St. Alphonsus Church     222 Carey St., Deerfield, MI 49238                                          Ph: 517-447-3500
   St. Peter the Apostle Church 309 S. Lane St., Blissfield, MI 49228                                   PH: 517-486-2156

                                                    Patron of the oblates
     On January 24th the Oblates of St. Francis     ST. FRANCIS DE SALES
de Sales will celebrate the feast day of our             The tumultuous years in France after the Protestant Reformation formed the
patron, St. Francis de Sales, along with            background for Francis de Sales. He was born on August 12, 1567, into a family of
thousands of other devotees of Salesian             nobility of what was then the Kingdom of Savoy, which bordered France, Italy and
spirituality throughout the world.                  Switzerland. He received his schooling under the Jesuits at the College of Clermont
     Oblates live and minister in Europe, Asia,
                                                                                     in Paris and the University of Padua earning a
Africa and the Americas. The Province which
Marty Lukas, Tom Helfrich and I belong is the                                        Doctorate in Civil and Church Law.
Toledo-Detroit Province, one of two in the                                             To the disappointment of his father, Francis gave up a
United States. Our province has men living and                                       promising civil career in favor of the priesthood. After
ministering in New York, Ontario Canada,                                             his ordination, he was sent as a missionary to the
Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia,                                              Chablais district of Savoy. There he became famous for
Washington, D.C., the Virgin Islands, Maryland,                                      his pamphlets in defense of the faith. These writings
Florida and California and in the missions in                                        are now collected into a book known as The Catholic
Mexico, Haiti, Namibia and Brazil. Their                                             Controversy. By the end of his missionary apostolate,
ministries include parishes, schools, retreat                                        Francis had persuaded about 72,000 Calvinists to
work and pastoral work in hospitals, prisons,
                                                                                     return to the Catholic Church.
the military and universities. Four parishes in
Lenawee County are pastored by Oblates.                  Francis was ordained a bishop and named the Bishop of Geneva in 1602, but
     The Oblates will certainly have different      resided in Annecy (now a part of modern day France) since Geneva was under
ways of commemorating this feast depending          Calvinist control and therefore closed to him. He was never permitted to take his seat
on their culture and their country. It is the       in the cathedral in Geneva. His diocese became famous throughout Europe for its
custom of the Oblates in Michigan and Ohio to       efficient organization, zealous clergy and well-instructed laity, a monumental
come together on the Sunday afternoon closest       achievement in Francis' time. Francis' fame as a spiritual director and writer grew.
to the 24th and celebrate as a group.               He was persuaded by others to collect, organize and expand on his many letters
     This year we will meet at St. Mary of Good     addressing spiritual subjects, and to publish them in 1609 under the title, The
Counsel Church in Adrian, MI at 4PM for             Introduction to the Devout Life. This became his most famous work and remains a
evening prayer and a presentation on the            spiritual classic found in bookstores throughout the world today.
theology and spirituality of St. Francis followed        Francis' special project was the writing of A Treatise of the Love of God, over
by a social hour and dinner. About forty Oblates    which he prayed and labored many years. It is also still published today. Francis de
will attend this celebration.                       Sales died on December 28, 1622, at the age of fifty-five. In addition to the works
     To learn more about St. Francis de Sales       above, his published letters, sermons and conferences comprise approximately thirty
and the Oblates check out our website:              volumes. The enduring value and popularity of his writings led the Church to bestow
                                                    on him the title, Patron of Catholic Writers. Francis is also the patron of the Deaf
     I know you may be asking yourself, “Why
all this stuff about the Oblates and St. Francis    community for his efforts in developing sign language, the Oblate Sisters, Brothers
de Sales?” I simply thought it would help you       and Fathers of St. Francis de Sales, the Diocese of Toledo, Ohio, and of the Sisters of
understand the three priests you rub shoulders      the Holy Visitation of Mary, which he co-founded.
with so often at Light of Christ Parish and our          Francis collaborated with St. Jane Frances de Chantal in founding the religious
religious community which is so important to        order of the Sisters of the Visitation of Holy Mary (VHM). It was through the
us. Hopefully, you’ll find this interesting.        persistence of one of these sisters some two hundred fifty years later, Mother Marie-
     Have a good week and be assured of the         Therese Chappuis, VHM, that Fr. Louis Brisson, a priest of Troyes in France,
prayers of the Oblates around the world for you     founded the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales - a community of priests and brothers
and your families, especially as we celebrate the   dedicated to living and spreading the spirit and teachings of Francis. Fr. Brisson also
feast of our patron, St. Francis de Sales.
                                                    founded a community of sisters with the same name.
                                                         The spirit and reputation of Francis and the influence of his writings spread
                                                    rapidly after his death. The Church formally declared him to be a saint in 1665 and in
                                                    1867 gave him the rare title of Doctor of the Church - a title conferred on fewer than
                                                    thirty-five other saints in the history of the Church.§
Youth Ministry                                  Formation Ministry                                       Please consider joining the planning
YOUNG ADULTS                                    RELIGIOUS                                           committee for this event. We need many
                                                                                                    volunteers to make the Family Mardi Gras
                           By Sara Smith
                                                 EDUCATION                                          Carnival possible. Please contact Deanna
      The Youth Group is beginning the                                                              Burke by January 31 if you would like to be
                                                                         By Deanna Burke
second semester with lots of enthusiasm and                                                         a part of planning this fun event. Let’s have
a newly formed student leadership team. We                                                          some Mardi Gras fun together before lent
are very excited about the student                                                                  arrives!
involvement in planning and sharing our
Faith with other teens. The leadership team                                                            MIDDLE SCHOOL YOUTH RALLY
has already shared some creative ideas on                                                                This year’s Diocesan Middle School
how to build and strengthen our group and                                                           Youth Rally is Saturday, March 12, from
community. We would like to thank you for                                                           2pm-9pm at Lansing Catholic High School
your support in the successful car magnet                                                           in Lansing. The theme is “Tell My Name
and yard sign fundraiser. We will be using                                                          Throughout the World”. Our keynote
the money raised for the education activity                                                         speaker is Steve Angrisano and Bishop
fund in helping to create opportunities to                                                          Boyea will be celebrating Mass with us.
shape a life of discipleship.                                                                       Inspirational message, Planet X Inflatables,
      We have 32 candidates preparing for                                                           music, dance, great food and an awesome
the Sacrament of Confirmation and an                                                                celebration of faith are featured.
outpouring of support from families and                                                                  All youth presently in 6th-8th grade are
sponsors. Through this journey, they will                                                           invited to attend. Please mark your
attend a two day Confirmation retreat                                                               calendars now and watch for more detailed
beginning at Siena Heights on March 19th.             SAFE SHEEP PROGRAM
                                                                                                    information in the mail and in the bulletin.
They will be meeting teens from other                Safe Sheep is a “safe touch” and               Please contact Deanna Burke with any
parishes that will be joining together in       general safety program for primary grades.          questions.
receiving this Sacrament. This will help        Every Catholic school and parish in the
build a sense of Catholic unity with the        United States is mandated by a recent                      First Reconciliation
larger Church. The group will share in the      Charter of the Bishops to present touching                       (Penance)
Liturgy in the evening and then we will         safety to our children.
                                                     We will be teaching the Safe Sheep                    and First Eucharist
begin our own overnight lock-in at the
SALT center. We will conclude the retreat       program to the children in the Light of                        (Communion)
on March 20th with breakfast and going          Christ parish. A letter will be sent home to             All children 2nd grade and higher in
home for a nap in the afternoon! We would       parents notifying them prior to the lesson.         need of preparation to celebrate the
love for you to help out in any way, as a       Parents can watch the DVD presentations             sacraments of First Reconciliation and First
chaperone, in preparing materials, or in the    online at . If you                Eucharist are invited
support of planning. Please contact me for      preview the videos before the students see it       to attend our first
more information and to explore the             in class, please don’t let them watch with          class on Tuesday,
possibilities of your involvement.              you. It’s important that the students watch it      January 18, from
      As the students continue on their         together in class. Please feel free to watch it     6:30-7:30 PM in the
journey in receiving the Holy Spirit, we ask    with them after they watch it in class.             Church          Hall
that you take a few moments to reflect on       Parents will receive an “opt out” form if           (basement) in
memories of the teens growing up and think      they would prefer not to have their child           Deerfield.
about your hope for their future. What gifts    receive the lesson.                                      We would like to
have they been given? In what ways do you            We a r e h a p p y t o p r o v i d e t h i s   invite at least one
see them serving God and others? Even the       opportunity to help keep our children safe.         parent to attend this
silliest and seemingly small memory or          Please feel free to contact Deanna Burke            first session for a
words of support and encouragement will         (Office: 517 447-3500 x15 or                        special parent
be appreciated in a note in the months to ) with any                     meeting while the
come. We will be offering paper doves for       questions you may have about the Safe               children are in class. We will alternate sites
you to write your special message to the        Sheep Program.                                      between Blissfield and Deerfield each class.
youth. We will be collecting these care                                                             Children in 2nd grade Religious Education
                                                 FAMILY MARDI GRAS PROGRAM                          will receive a letter with more detailed
letters and presenting them to the candidates
during the Confirmation retreat in March. I         We have tentatively scheduled a Family          information and a schedule for classes in the
sometimes think that the students have no                         Mardi Gras Carnival to be         mail.
idea how important they are to all of us and                      held in Blissfield on                  Please feel free to contact Deanna
this is a beautiful way to show them they                        Sunday, March 6, from              Burke (church 447-3500 or home
are noticed and loved. Thank you for your                       3:00-5:00. We would like to         447-3752) with any questions you may have
love, support, and prayer during this time.                have carnival food and games to          about our First Reconciliation and First
We are so blessed to have such an amazing              celebrate Mardi Gras before lent             Eucharist Programs. §
parish community! §                             begins on Ash Wednesday, March 9.
Catechesis                                      Liturgy                                          of the changes that will be required to Mass
                                                WELCOMING                                        parts we sing. Ten members of the staff and
ADULT FORMATION                                                                                  worship commission will be attending an all
                       BY MARY QUICK            THE REVISED MISSAL                               day workshop in January to learn more.
                                                                 By Margaret O’Malley                 Stay tuned as together we all grow into
    LIVING CHRIST RETREAT                                                                        the Revised Roman Missal! §
     We will be offering a very special time         The Roman Missal is the group of
of grace for every parishioner. You will        books that are used during mass. It actually
come away with your faith renewed and a         consists of several books: the Lectionary,
                                                                                                 PARISH ENVELOPES
better perspective on your job, family, life    the book with the scripture readings used on                        By Fr. Jack Loughran
and your personal relationship with Christ.     Sundays, Weekdays, and Feast Days; the                Everyone should have received their
You will be amazed how this time will help      Book of the Gospels, which is carried in the     weekly contribution envelopes in the mail
you discover God in your daily experiences      entrance procession and placed on the altar;     by now. If you haven’t please call the office.
and what peace this awareness can bring         The Collection of Masses for the Blessed              Regarding the envelopes, I’ve been
you.                                            Virgin Mary and the Lectionary for Masses        asked by some, “Why they are being sent
     Due to limited participants per retreat,   with Children, both of which are used only       via the US Postal Service?” and, “Isn’t it
you will be invited to attend. To get your      on special occasions. Over time all of these     more expensive?” The simple answer is,
name on our list now, contact Mary Quick        books undergo changes and are republished.       “No, it is not more expensive.” The vast
at 266-0439 or leave a message at either site   The Lectionary for Sundays was last              majority of parishes in the United States
office. This will truly be a sacred time you    changed in 1997.                                 have gone to this system of providing
will cherish forever. Our first retreat is           You may have heard or read that there       contribution envelopes because it has
coming soon so call today!                      are more changes coming. Changes which           proven to be an effective way of reminding
                                                will affect the prayers the priest uses at the   people to use their envelopes and, in almost
  RCIA CONTINUES TO GROW                        altar and some of the responses that we, the     every instance of a parish doing this, the
     Our RCIA group continues to meet           people in the assembly, say. That is in fact     number of families using envelopes has
every Monday evening in the Adult               the case. Changes have been made during a        increased as has the income.
Formation                                       very lengthy process in which the bishops             Another question asked by a few, “Why
Building in                                     and offices in Rome have collaborated.           aren’t the words ‘St. Peter’ or ‘Blissfield’ on
Blissfield. At the                              Actually this new translation has been in the    the envelope?” There are several reasons for
Rite             of                             works since 2004!                                this. First, in the official decree of merger,
We l c o m i n g i n                                 The need for a new translation became       Bishop Boyea identifies the Deerfield site as
November, we                                    necessary because Pope John Paul II issued       where the parish administration is to be
welcomed 5                                      a new edition of the missal, in Latin, during    located. This means that all billing and
individuals to                                  the Jubilee Year in 2000. The new edition        official documentation are sent to and from
continue the                                    included many new texts which required           that address. Second, the discount on bulk
Catechumenate                                   translation. ‘In addition, the experience of     mailing provided us as a non-profit
process. The                                    the years since the Second Vatican Council       organization by the US Post Office requires
Catehcumenate                                   gave rise to a desire for more formal and        that our official address be on all documents
process is where                                literal translations of the original Latin       (inside and out) using bulk mail.
we begin to dig a                               texts. This new translation will employ the           On another note, I suspect that some of
bit deeper into our personal relationship       best of what we have learned about               these questions arise because not everyone
with Christ and the sacramental component       translation and liturgical language in two       is comfortable yet with our new identity as
of the Church. Soon we will welcome 2           generations of celebrating the Liturgy in        Light of Christ Parish. I am still finding the
more individuals to the Catechumenate as        English. It will provide an opportunity to       adjustment challenging and I’m sure others
well. We ask for your continued prayer and      reflect ever more deeply on the Eucharistic      are as well. I hope, that if you have any
support as they journey to the Easter           celebration that lies at the heart of the        concerns, questions or complaints, your first
sacraments. You can see their photos and a      Church’s life’ (United States Conference of      response will be to speak to me.
short bio in the back of each church.           Catholic Bishops quote, 2010).                        Please refrain from simply complaining
     As a sign of hospitality, we are asking         The new translation will not be used        to others or stewing over whatever concern
parishioners to bring the snack for our         until the first Sunday of Advent 2011.           you may have. This only increases negative
Monday gatherings. We still have some           During the coming months we will be              feelings, resolves nothing, serves no one and
openings, so if you are willing to help, give   seeing articles in Faith Magazine and in the     is fair to no one. Only in an honest exchange
Mary Quick at call at 266-0439. Mary will       parish bulletin and will hear about it during    of ideas - in honest conversations can we
even come and pick it up from your home if      the homilies at Mass. By the time we begin       move ahead with the peace and energy we
you can’t deliver it. Anyone who may be         using it we will all have an understanding of    and our parish deserve. If you have a
considering learning more about the             what is changing and why.                        concern or a complaint please call me and
Catholic Church can contact Mary Quick at            Several of the musicians and I went to a    set up an appointment to have a
anytime ~ we are always OPEN! §                 workshop in November that dealt with some        conversation. I promise an open door and an
                                                                                                 open mind. §
Outreach AT LIGHT OF CHRIST PARISH: FEBRUARY 5-6                                                       ANNUAL PARISH SWEEPSTAKES
                                                                                                            WINNERS -- 2010
                                                                                                           January: Fr. Tom Helfrich
                                                                                                            Seller: Fr. Jack Loughran
Hope for a Family sponsorship creates real change
     Our faith teaches us that we are one human family, and that we have a responsibility to the               February: Beth Seegert
most vulnerable of our brothers and sisters, wherever they live or whatever faith they may be.                  Seller: Daryl Seegert
     For almost 30 years, Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (CFCA) has brought hope
to families living in poverty in the 23 countries where we work. Founded in 1981 by lay                          March: Leona Payne
Catholics acting on the Gospel call to serve the poor, we have grown into a movement of more                     Seller: Oliver Payne
than 250,000 sponsors who are supporting more than 300,000 children, youth and aging friends
worldwide.                                                                                                        April: Karl LaVoy
     When a sponsor commits to sponsoring a child, youth or aging friend for $30 a month                          Seller: Karl LaVoy
through our Hope for a Family sponsorship program, it impacts the entire family. Our approach
to sponsorship provides basic necessities like food, education, clothing and access to medical                   May: Mary Dunham
care – but then it goes much further. Livelihood programs help families become more self-                        Seller: Mary Dunham

Much more than a handout                                                                                   June: Robert and Nadine Cannon
                                                                                                                Seller: Martha LaVoy
      Our unique style of sponsorship is effective because we know "one size does not fit all."
Project coordinators and staff members listen closely to our sponsored members and their
                                                                                                                  July: Nora Forche
families, then tailor benefits and services to meet their specific needs. In many projects, parents
of sponsored children are given opportunities to participate in skills training or livelihood                     Seller: Rich Forche
initiatives, so that they can begin to rely less on sponsorship and more on their own abilities to
provide for their families.                                                                                     August: Lisa Howard
                                                                                                              Seller: William B. Howard
We're in it for the long run
     We are committed to helping the families we serve create a path out of poverty, and our                  September: Amy Fleming
benefits and services are designed with that commitment in mind. Sponsorship does not end at a                 Seller: Marian Howard
certain age, but only when a student has attained his or her educational dreams, or when the
elderly can comfortably live out their final years with dignity, purpose and companionship. Our                October: Kevin Roe, Sr.
program is truly a partnership with the sponsored individuals and their families, and with the                  Seller: Kevin Roe, Sr.
sponsors. Through active participation in the program and your encouragement and
support, families receive the essential tools they will need to break the cycle of poverty.               November: Ray and Katie Navarre
                                                                                                               Seller: Katie Navarre
We invite you to walk with us
     The relationships developed through our Hope for a Family program help create a sense of            December: Gaynell Sharrock
belonging to a caring, international community. Families in the sponsorship program see                     Seller: Gaynell Sharrock
themselves as part of a worldwide movement with responsibilities and opportunities to share
their lives with you as their sponsor. Through letters, photographs and prayer, you are invited to Congratulations to all our winners and
be a companion to your new friend on his or her journey out of poverty. §                          Thank You to all our supporters. The
                                                                                                      drawings for 2011 occur on the last day of
On this weekend (Feb. 5-6) our guest preacher and presider will be Rev. Charles l. Muwonge.
                                                                                                      each month.

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