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									                             Profile of the Teacher
                       (For the University Website)
1.       Name                             :Dr.M.B.Deshmukh
2.       Designation                         : Professor
3.       Qualification                       :M.Sc.,Ph.D
2.       Specialization                      : Organic Chemistry
5.       Date of Birth                       :1st April,1954
6.       Teaching Experience                 :
         UG                                  :    02                     years
         PG                                  :    30                     years
7.       Dates of joining the institutions             : 8th July,1980
8.       Date of Superannuation                        : 31st March, 2014
9.       Honors                              : Visiting Professor, Hanyang University,
                                                 Seoul, South Korea ,(March-June,2010)
10.Awards       :
  1)Mahalaxmi Prize of Shivaji University, Kolhapur
  2) National Merit Scholarship: 1975-1977
  3) Post doctoral research scholarship Karl-Franzens University of Graz,
       Austria (during 1993-94)
 4) Best P.G.Teacher Award of Shivaji University 18th November , 2008.

11. A) Recognitions
  1. Worked as a Member of SAP proposal Screening Committee, UGC, New Delhi
  2. Chairman of the Session in the International Conference on Drug Discovery and
       Process Research held at KLE Society’s College of Pharmacy , Belgum.
     B)Memberships of Academic          :
  1. Member of faculty of Science, Shivaji University, Kolhapur.
  2. Chairman Ad-Voc BOS in Agrochemicals & Pest Management S.U.Kolhapur.
  3. Member Ad-voc BOS in Agrochemicals &Pest Management, Solapur A
      University, Solapur.
  4. Member of BOS in Environmental Sciences, S. U.Kolhapur,2006..
  5. Member of Ad-voc board in Industrial Chemistry, Shivaji University,Kolhapur.
 6. Worked as a member of Organic Chemistry Syllabus Committee of Solapur and
   Mumbai University.
 7. SET Exam. Co-ordinator, Shivaji University Kolhapur since ,2006
 8. Member of Syllabus Committee Dr. B. A. Marathwada Univ. Aurangabad
 9. Member of Examination Committee M.P.S.C.( Maharashtra Public Service
     Commission, 2005
 10. Chairman for session Effects of synthetic drugs on Human Metabolism
     venue.Pratishthan Mahavidyalay, Paithan & worked as a on paper presentation
    during 8th & 9th February,2008
C)Bodies and Research       :
1. Member of Research and Recognition
   Committee, Shivaji University, Kolhapur
2. Member of Syllabus Committee, M.P.S.C. Govt. of Maharashtra.
3. Member of Text book recommendation Committee , Board of Secodary Educatiion,
  Govt. of Maharashtra
4. Member of Research and Recognition Committee: Dr. B. A. Marathwada
  Univ. Aurangabad.
5. SET Exam. Co-ordinator, Shivaji University, Kolhapur since 2006.
6. Expert reviewer for journals:
       i) Indian J.Chemistry, Sec-B, CSIR New Delhi.
       ii) J. Indian Chemical Society, Kolkatta.
       iii)Green Chemistry, USA
       iv) Phosphorus , Sulfur and Silicon
D) Associations/Society                  :
a) National    : Member of Indian Chemical Society, Kolkatta.( Since1985)
b) International                        :          _
12.    Field of Research Interest     : Synthetic Heterocyclic Chemistry,
                                      Physico-organic Chemistry, Co-ordination
13.    Research Guidance                     :

          a)   Number of Ph.D. produced                : 26

          b) Number of M.Phil. produced                : 11
14.Projects Completed:
Sr. No      Title of the Project        Sanctioning          Amount Utilized            Tenure of the
                                        Agency               Rs.                          Projects
1.           New Synthetic              CSIR, New Delhi      1,75,680/-              3 years
             methods in Aziridines

     2.      Synthesis of some          DST, New Delhi       1,75,120/-                      2 years
                                        (Young Scientist
             Benzofurans and
             Benzopyrans as             Ref:OY/COO/91-
             possible Insecticides
             and Pesticides

     3.     Synthesis and               DST- New Delhi,      Rs-12,08, 325/-                 3 years
            Applications of Some
            New Macromolecules

      15.     Research Publications :             Total number of publications : 109
              Publications in last five years:
Sr. No.      Title of Paper                      Journal          Authors            Page     Volume    Year

1.           An Efficient, Uncatalyzed, and      Phosphorus,      Sudhakar A.        103–     185       2010
             Rapid Synthesis of Thiazoles and    Sulfur, and      Gaikwada; Amol     109
             Aminothiazoles Under Microwave      Silicon,         A. Patila;
             Irradiation and Investigation of                     Madhukar B.
             TheirBiological Activity.                            Deshmukh

             Development and validation of a     Food             Sangram H. Patil   FOC                2010
2.           simple analytical method for the    Chemistry        , Kaushik          H,       -
             determination of 2,4,6-                              Banerjee           994O
             trichloroanisole in wine by GC–                      Pandurang G.       nline
             MS.                                                  Adsule and
                                                                  Madhukar B.
3.           Cynogen bromide and Ethyl           J.Hetero-        M.B.Deshmukh,      1-4      Inpress   2010
                                                 cyclic           Sanjeevani
             acetocetate in
                                                 Chem.            S.Patil and
             Heterocyclization:Novel Synthesis                    S.D.Jadhav
             of Tetracyclic Derivatives of 3-
     Aryl Quinazolinone
4.   Synthesis and X-Ray                    J .Chemical    Rajnikant •         (DOI             2010
     Crystallographic Analysis              Crystallogr-                       10.10
                                                           Sabeta Kohli , M.
     of 2-(2, 4-Dimethyl Pyrrolyl)          aphy                               07/s1   -
     Benzothiazole                                         B. Deshmukh         0870
5.   Microwave assisted synthesis of        J.Indian       M.B.Deshmukh,       302-             2009
     2,3,4-trisubstituted                   Chem. Soc.,    A.W.Suryavanshi     305   86
     1,2-dihydropyrimido-                                  , S.S.Jagtap
     [1,2-a]benzimidazole                                  S.A.Deshmukh

6.   Synthesis and Anti-microbial           J.Indian       M B Deshmukh*,      613-   86        2009
     activity of pyridopyrazole and         Chemical       S.A.Deshmukh,       16
     pyrazolo-[3,4-d]dihydrothiazol         Soc.           ,S.S.Jagtap,
                                                           S.D.Jadhav and P
                                                           V Anbhule
7.   .Multi residue analysis of 83          Journal of      Patil S.H.,
     pesticides and 12 dioxin like          Chromatogra    Banerjee K.,        1216   2307-09   (2009)
     polychlorinated biphenyls              phy-           Dasgupta,
        in wine by gas chromatography-                     S.Oulkar
     time of flight mass spectrometry,                     D.P.,Patil S.B.
                                                           Jadhav M.R.
                                                           Sawant R.H.
                                                              and Deshmukh

     Degradation kinetics and safety         Pest          Dasharath P         64     183-88    2009
8.   evaluation of buprofezin residues in   Manag Sci.     Oulkar,a Kaushik    (2)
     grape and three                                       Banerjee,a∗
       Different soils of India                            Sangram H
                                                           Patil,Ajay K
                                                           Praveen B
                                                           Madhukar B
                                                           Deshmukh and
                                                           Pandurang G
9.   Synthesis ,X-ray diffraction and       Indian J.      M. B.                48B   737-740   2009
     optical spectral study of Benzo-18-    Chemistry      Deshmukh*, K N      (5)
     crown -6 containing                                   Alasundkar, S M
       monoazodyes.                                        Salunkhe, D
                                                             S .A .Sankpal,
                                                           D R Patil & P V

10.    A Novel one step synthesis of 2-         European    P.V.Anbhule,     44         2651-54   (2009)
       amino-5-cyano-5-hydroxy 4-aryl          Journal of   M.B.Deshmukh,    (6)
       pyrimidines &                           Chemistry    S,M.    Salunkhe
         their anti-bacterial activity,                     and D.R.Patil,

11.    Microwave assisted synthesis of         J.Indian     M.B.Deshmukh,       85      330-332   (2008).
       2,4-disubstituted pyrimido-             Chem. Soc.   A.W.Suryawansh
          [1,2-a]benzimidazole,                             i,S.S.Jagtap and

12.    A Novel and environmental                Indian          MB              47B     792-95    (2008).
       friendly, one step synthesis of 2,6-    J.Chem.Sec   Deshmukh*, P
       diamino-4- phenyl pyrimidine                         VAnbhule
       carbonitrile using potassium                         ,S.D.Jadhav,S.S.J
       carbonate in water .                                 agtap,D.R.Patil,
                                                            Alasundkar, S M
                                                            Salunkhe, D R
                                                            Patil & S A
13.    Synthesis of dibenzo- 18 -crown -6      Indian J.    MBDeshmukh*K        47 B    1915-     (2008)
       ether containing pyrimidine             Chemistry,   NAlasundkar, S              1917
       derivatives                                          M Salunkhe, D K

14.    A Novel and environmental               Indian       MBDeshmukh*P        Sec.    792-95    (2008).
       friendly , one step synthesis of 2,6-   J.Chem.      VAnbhule            47B
       diamino-4- phenyl pyrimidine                         ,SD.Jadhav,
       carbonitrile using potassium                         S.S.Jagtap,
       carbonatein water                                    D.R.Patil
                                                            K NAlasundkar,
                                                            S M Salunkhe, D
                                                            R Patil
                                                            S A Sankpal,

15..   Synthesis of aminoacid derivatives      J.Indian     MBDeshmukh          85      290-92    (2008
       of 2-mercaptobenzothiazole              Chem. Soc    PVAnbhule           (3)
16.    A novel and environmentally             Indian J,    M.B.Deshmukh        Sec-    792-795   2008.
       friendly one step synthesis of 2,6-     Chemistry    P.V.Anbhule,        B, 47
       Diamino-4- phenyl pyrimidine -5-                                         (5),
       carbonitrile using potassium
       carbonate in water.
17.   An efficient, simple, one pot          Indian          M .B.               46B    1545-48   2007.
      synthesis of dihydropyrimidines 2-     J.Chem.         Deshmukh,
      (1H) ones using                                        P.V.Anbhule ,
        Phosphrous pentoxide.                                A.R.Mali
                                                             S.D.Jadhav and
18.   Synthesis of some 4- substituted       Indian       J. M. B. Deshmukh,     46B    1211-     2007.
      hydrazinotetrazolo [1,5-a]             Chem.           A. R. Mali, S. D.          1213
      quinoxaline.                                           Jadhav and A.

19.   Copper-catalyzed substitution          Indian J.                           46B    989-994   2007
      reactions of acylal with               Chem Sec.       M.B.Deshmukh ,
      organomanganese                                        S.D. Jadhav and
        reagents.                                            S.V.Kadam

20.   Synthesis and Biological activity of   J. Indian       M B Deshmukh,       84     1-3       2007
      some benzothiazolidinones,             Chem.           S S Jagtap, S A
                                                             S.D.Jadhav and
21.   Synthesis and study of biological        Indian           MB               46 B   852-859   2007
      activity of some new1,4-               Journal of      Deshmukh, S A
      benzothiazines                         Chemistr        Deshmukh, S S
                                             y               Jagtap and A R

22.   Synthesis of some 4- substituted       Indian J.       M. B. Deshmukh,            1211-13   2007
      hydrazinotetrazolo [1,5-               Chem.,          A. R. Mali, S. D.   46B
      a]quinoxalines.                                        Jadhav and A. W.

23.   Copper-catalyzed substitution          Indian J.       M.B.Deshmukh        46 B             2007
      reactions of acylal with               Chem .          and S.D.Jadhav.
       organomanganese reagents.
24.   Synthesis and Biological activity of   J. Indian           MB              84     1-3       2007
      some benzothiazolidinones,             Chem Soc.       Deshmukh, S S
                                                             Jagtap, S A
                                                             S.D.Jadhav and

25.   Synthesis and study of biological         Indian           MB              46 B   1-7       2007
      activity of some new 1,4-              Journal of      Deshmukh, S A
      benzothiazines                         Chemistry       Deshmukh, S S
                                                             Jagtap & A R

26.       A remarkable catalytic activity of    Journal of     M.B.Deshmukh,             248–250   2006
          [Cu(NCMe)2(PPh3)2]BF4 in              Chemical       Sunil Jadhav,     -
          conjugateaddition of                  Research       P.V. Anbhule,
          organomanganese reagents to α,ß-                     A.R. Mali and
          unsaturated ester, enones and allyl                  A.W.
          chloride                                             Suryawanshi

27.       Molecular and Crystal structure of    Crystallogra   Rajnikant,        51      615-618   2006
          4-ethoxycarbonyloxy-1-oxo-1H-         phy reports    Dinesh, Kamni     (4)
           phthalazine-2-carboxylic acid        (Russia)       and M. B.
          ethyl ester,                                         Deshmukh

28.       Synthesis, crystal structure and      Indian     Rajnikant,            44      602-05    2006
          study 0f X-H…..A interaction in       J.Pure and Dinesh and M. B.
          N,N –bis-(4-methoxy benzylidine       Applied    Deshmukh
          )-hydrazine. (Applied biosystems,     Physics

29.       Solvent free accelerated synthesis    J. Indian      M BDeshmukh, S 83         1-3       2006
          of 2-hydrazinobenzothiazole           Chem. Soc.     S Jagtap & S A
          derivatives using Microwave.                         Deshmukh

30.       2,3-Diphenylquinoxaline-Structure     Acta           Rajnikant,        E62     2356-     2006
          Reports                               Cryst(UK)      Dinesh,       M           2357
                                                               A.R.Mali, Sunil
                                                               Jadhav Pryinka

31.       Synthesis X-ray structure and N-H-    Bull. Mater.      Rajnikant,     29(3)   239-242   2006
          --O interactions in 1,3-diphenyl      Sci.           Dinesh, M B
          urea.                                                Deshmukh and

16. Conference/Symposia/Workshops attended            :in last five years
Sr. No.   Academic Year           No. of conference/Symposia/workshops attended
                                  National                       International
1         2009-10                 04                               -
2         2008-09                   04                        O1
3         2007-08                   02                        01
4         2006-07                   -                         02
5         2005-06                   02                        03

18. Best paper Presentation Awards         :
Sr.   Title of the research paper          Name of the        Name of the     Name of the
No.                                        Conference with    organizer       award
1.    Microwave Assisted Thiolation(S-     International      Department      Best paper
      alkylation)of Some Thioquinazoline   Conference on      of Chemistry,   presentation
      Derivatives under Solvent Free       Drugdiscovery      Shivaji
      Conditions                           and process        University,     Citation +
      (Oral).                              research, 23rd –   Kolhapur.       Cash Prize
                                           25th January                       Rs-500/-

2.    Synthesis of Some New Quinazolines   International      Department      Best poster
      as Thrombin Inhibitors               Conference on      of Chemistry,   presentation
      (Poster)                             Drug discovery     Shivaji         (Citation +
                                           and process        University,     Cash Prize
                                           research, 23rd –   Kolhapur.       Rs-500/-
                                           25th January

3.    Evaluation of Insecticides for the   Deccan Sugar                       Best paper
      control                              Technologist,s     1 Sept.2004     presentation
      ofwhieWoollySugarcaneAphid,Cerat     Association                        Citation +
      ovacuna Lanigera ZehntControl of     (India)                            Cash Prize
      sugarcane White woolly aphid .       52 AnnualConv                      Rs-2000/-
                                           ension 2003.
                                           held at Pune
4.     Analytical Method Development       Best poster        23rd-24th       Citation &
       and Validation for the              presentation in    December,       Certificate
         determination of volatile                 National                2010.
         compounds in Wines by GCMS.               Seminar on
                                                   and Functional
                                                   organized by
                                                   Dept. of
                                                   Chemistry ,
                                                   Shivaji Univ.
5.    Multi -residue analysis of 83                Rank 4th in             2009         Appreciation
      pesticides and 12 dioxin-like
      polychlorinated                              Hottest , the                        Letter from
      biphenyls in wine by gas                     most down                            Editor
      chromatography–time-of-flight mass
      spectrometry,                                loaded research
                                                   Factor : (4.1)

19.      Other Activities                                  :
         A] Extension Activity                             :

         a) Invited Talks

Sr.No.    Title of the Talk          Name of the Organizing                        Date of the activity
1.        Reaction Mechanism         P. G. Centre of Shivaji University,           5th February,2003
          & Stereochemistry          Solapur

2.        Theoretical                P. G. Centre of Shivaji University,           9th Aug. 2004
          Chemistry                  Solapur

3.        Designing of Organic       Y. C. College of Science, Karad               20th July, 2004

4.        Designing of               Dept. of Chemistry, Gulbarga                  20th Aug., 2005
      Synthesis              University,Gulbarga

5.    Methods of Pest        Agri-business, Marketing and               14th March, 2006.
      Control                Development organized by AgPM
                             Department, S.U.Kolhapur.

6.    Physico-organic        P. G. Centre, Mumbai University at D.B.    23rd Feb., 2006
      Chemistry &            J. College, Chiplun
      Designing of

7.    Applications of MNR    Arts, Commerce and Science college,        30th Jan. 2006.
      & Mass                 Palus

                                                                        18th and 19th March,
8.    Integrated Pest        Two days State level seminar at            2006.
      Management             Parbhani

9.     Applications of NMR   Workshop on Analytical                     3 rd December, 2006.
      And Mass               Instrumentation conducted by USIC,
      spectrometry           Shivaji University, Kolhapur

10    Teaching in            National level seminar organized           6th January,2007
      Chemistry: What do     byNSBCollege,Nanded
      we aim for ( Key
      Note Address)

11.   Applications of        Two days Seminar on Modern Trends in       2ndFebruary,2007
      Instrumental           instrumental Techniques of Analysis on
      methods of analysis    at College of Engineering Rajaramnagar ,

12.   Writing of the         State Level workshop on, on at Matoshri    5th Feb.2007
      Research project       Bayabai Kadam
      proposals              Mahavidyalaya,Kadegaon,Dist-Sangli.

                              A work shop on organized by on under
13.   Research               lead College programme .Arts,              15th February,2007
      Methodology            Commerce & Science College, Palus.
14.    Designing of             Invited Lectures on at P.G.Centre of    19th & 20 th
       Synthesis and NMR        Mumbai University at Ratnagiri          February,2007

       Stereochemistry      &
15.    Theoretical              Solapur Univ.Solapur
       Chemistry.                                                       6th Sept. .2006 & 22nd
                                                                        Feb. 2007

16.    Phermones in             Refresher Course Organized by Staff
       Integrated Pest          Academic College Dr.B.A.Marathwada 23rdSeptember,2006
       Management.              University, Aurangabad

17.    Reaction Mechanism       P. G. Center of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar 14th&15th
                                University, Osmanabad.                 October,2006.

       Chemistry of
18.    pesticides and           Shankarao Mohite Mahavidyalaya, Akluj   11thOctober, 2006

       Designing           of P.G.Centre of Mumbai
19.    Synthesis &       NMR Ratnagiri                                  19th & 20th
       spectroscopy                                                     February,2007

       ReactionMechanism        Solapur Univ.Solapur
20.    & Stereochemistry                                                6th Sept. .2006 &
                                                                        22 nd Feb. 2007

       Writing   of     the Modern Trends in instrumental
21.    Research     project Techniques iof Analysis on at College of
       proposals            Engineering Rajaramnagar ,Tal-Walwa 2nd February,2007

       Project Formulation State Level workshop at Matoshri
22..   in Science          Bayabai Kadam Kadegaon,
                           Dist-Sangli.                       5th February,2007
       Designing of        P.G.Centre of Mumbai University at
23.    Synthesis and NMR   Ratnagiri
       spectroscopy                                           19th & 20th
       Methods of Pest National level seminar organized by
24.    control             NSB College, Nanded
                                                              6th January,2007
       Integrated Pest        Vivekanand College, Kolhapur
25.    Management
                                                                        20th October,2007

       Research               Arts, Commerce & Science College, Palus
26.    Methodology            on under lead College.
                                                                        16th February,2007

       Green Chemistry        One dat workshop on organized by
27..                          Dahiwadi college, Dahiwadi.
                              .                                         5th February,2008
       NMR & Mass             Y.C. Institute of Science Satara
28.    Spectroscopy           (Lead College,Activity)
                                                                        16th Feb, 2008

29.    Manufacturing of       P.G. Center of Solapur                    3rd and 4th March,2008
       Agrochemicals          Shankarrao Mohite Patil College Akluj .

                              P.G. Center of Mumbai University,
30.    1)Molecular Orbital    Mumbai                                    17th Feb, 2008

                              P.G. Center of Mumbai University,
31.     i)NMR and Mass        Mumbai                                    5th and 6th March,2008
        ii) Designing of
                              S.H. Kelkar college, Deogad
32.    Designing of Organic                                             22nd and 23rd
       Synthesis                                                        December,2008.


33.    Reaction Mechanism     NET & SET work shop : North               23rd May,2009
       & Spectroscopic        Maharashtra Univ. Jalgaon

34.    Designing of New       Sub-centre of Mumbai University at        26th-28th
       Synthesis,             Ratnagiri                                 December,2008
       Protection and

       Greening in
35.    Agriculture3)Invited   A National Conference on Environment      29-30th Nov.,2008.
       talk & Chairing the    ,and Chemistry ,Arts ,Commerce and
       session: on            Science College, Kholwad (Surat)

26.    S-Thilation of         UGC sponsored National Seminar on         8-9th February,2008.
       quinazolin-3(1H)one    Effect of Drugs on Human Metabolism
       and their biological

37.    Green Chemistry        UGC sponsored State level Seminar         28th & 29th December,
                              Dahivadi College, Dahivadi                2009

38.    Effective Teaching     One day work shop at                      27th December, 2009.
       Methodologies in       Balbhim College, Beed.
       Chemistry &
       Designing of Organic

39.    Applications of        State Level Seminar on Balwant College,   December, 2009
       Chemistry in Rural     Vita

40.    Applications of        Two days workshop , Arts and Science,     8th & 9th December,
       Chemistry in           College, Palus                            2010
       Forensic Science

41..   Designing of Organic   Y.C.Institute of Science Satara           Jan.2010

42..   IR spectroscopy &      Sub-centre of Mumbai University at         25th-28th
       Designing of           Ratnagiri                                  December,2009

43.    Designing of           P.G.Centre S.H.Kelkar College, Deogad     Jan.2010
       Organic Synthesis ,
                              P.G.Y.C.Institute of Science Satara
44.    Retrosyntesis                                                    Jan.2010
Any other Information:: A)
a).Invited lectured in the work shop on NET & SET 23rd May,2009 at North
 Maharashtra Univ. Jalgaon.
b)Subject expert for the recommendation of Text books , the board of
 Higher secondary Education, Govt. of Maharashtra.
B) Public Outreach Activity

Campus interviews 2006-07

Placement officer:Worked as a Placement officer and arranged for Campus Interviews
on behalf of Cipla,Goa, Mcleoid Andheri, Excel Industries , Roha, Dist-Raigad :
Total 64 students placed in the industries for employment

Year                   No. of Placements:

2005-06.                      60

2006-07                       64

2007-08                       91

2008-09                       70

2009-10                       70
                                                                  Dept. of Chemistry,
                                                                  Shivaji University,

                                                   E mail:

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