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                    ENC 1101 - Dr. Blanchard - Fall Semester, 2011

A Note: The names of seventy-two individuals from the ancient world to the twenty-first
century are listed below. Each of these now legendary individuals contributed in some
significant way to the world we generally take for granted today. These contributions
were made in diverse fields of endeavor. The seventy-two men and women listed were
scientists, inventors, explorers, artists, thinkers, and/or political, martial, social or
religious leaders. What they have in common is that each left the world different from
and better than the world into which he or she was born. You will select the subject
of your research paper from among the pathfinders noted in this list.

As you develop your research paper, you will find it helpful to keep in mind and
attempt to answer the following questions:

      1) Who was this individual?
      2) How did this individual acquire his or her skill or mastery?
      3) What did this individual do with his or her influence?
      4) What have been the effects on society or the world of this individual’s

 1) Jane Addams                             2) Roald Amundsen
 3) Susan B. Anthony                        4) Louis "Sachmo" Armstrong
 5) Arthur Ashe                             6) John James Audubon
 7) Alexander Graham Bell                   8) Mary McLeod Bethune
 9) Simon Bolivar                          10) Ralph Bunche
11) Maria Callas                           12) Charlie Chaplin
13) Cesar Chavez                           14) Henry Clay
15) Roberto Clemente                       16) Celia Cruz
17) Marie Sklodowska Curie                 18) Charles de Gaulle
19) Amelia Earhart                         20) Frederick Douglass
21) Mary Baker Eddy                        22) Thomas Alva Edison
23) Albert Einstein                        24) Dwight Eisenhower
25) Henry Flagler                          26) Benjamin Franklin
27) Sigmund Freud                          28) Galileo
ENC 1101:       Pathfinders   (2)

29) Greta Garbo                     30) Giuseppe Garibaldi
31) Lou Gehrig                      32) Martha Graham
33) Frida Kahlo                     34) Che Guevara
35) George Frederic Handel          36) Lena Horne
37) Joan of Arc                     38) Samuel Johnson
39) Helen Keller                    40) Bartolomeo de Las Casas
41) Bruce Lee                       42) Abraham Lincoln
43) Vince Lombardi                  44) James Madison
45) Malcolm X                       46) Bob Marley
47) Marcus Aurelius                 48) John Marshall
49) Thurgood Marshall               50) Jose Marti
51) Mother Teresa                   52) Samuel Morse
53) R. K. Narayan                   54) Florence Nightingale
55) Satchel Paige                   56) Tom Paine
57) Gordon Parks                    58) Louis Pasteur
59) Eva Peron                       60) John D. Rockefeller, Sr.
51) Margaret Sanger                 62) Leopold Sedar Senghor
63) Albert Schweitzer               64) Adam Smith
65) Harriet Beecher Stowe           66) Jim Thorpe
67) Toussaint-Louverture            68) Harriet Tubman
69) Sarah Breedlove Walker          70) Sam Walton
71) Booker T. Washington            72) Zeno of Elea

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