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									JULY/AUGUST 2006

             TriCounty Independent Insurance Agents Association, Inc.
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          Photo of Capital Building taken by Vincent Alba of Suffolk Big “I”
            the day of the IIAB Legislative Conference in Washington, DC.

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                                               INDEPENDENT INSURANCE AGENTS ASSOCIATION

                    OFFICERS & DIRECTORS
                President    Kevin R. Crossley, Club Insurance Brokerage                                  tel. 516-873-2360/fax 742-9883
                             1415 Kellum Place, Garden City, NY 11530                               
          President Elect    Brian L. Bergman, Meyerson-Roth Co., Inc.                                    tel. 516-432-5800/fax 432-5274
                             30 B West New York Ave., Long Beach, NY 11561                            
           Vice President    Evan S. Portnoy, Rampart Brokerage Corp.                                     tel. 516-538-7000/fax 390-3555
                             1983 Marcus Avenue, Ste #C-130, New Hyde Park, NY 11042           
               Treasurer     Stephen Folan, The Folan Agency, Ltd.                                     tel. 516-944-9400/fax 944-9879
                             378 Port Washington Blvd., Port Washington, NY 1105                           
                Secretary    Steven Visco, PhD, AAI, C.H. Edwards, Inc.                                tel. 516-249-5200/fax 249-5255
                             791 South Main Street, Farmingdale, NY 11735                               
Immediate Past President     Kenneth J. Hehir, Jr., CFP, NGL Insurance Group                              tel. 516-599-1100/fax 599-2968
                             112 Merrick Road, Lynbrook, NY 11563                                         
                             Eileen Abatelli Black, CPCU      tel. 718-352-6000/fax 352-3420 -
                             Justin Fries, CPCU, CIC          tel. 516-837-1100/fax 837-1200 -
                             Richard Longueira, AAI           tel. 718-445-1910/fax 461-6546 -
                             James Stipp, CPCU                tel. 516-627-5800/fax 627-8849 -
                             Fitzgerald Ventura               tel. 718-279-7705/fax718-631-0067 –
                             Robert Mackoul, CLU              tel. 516-431-9100/fax 516-431-4641 -


    IIABNY Chair of the Board        Sharon Emek, CIC, PhD tel: 212-684-5670/fax 212-684-5673 -
                Regional Directors   Lane S. Rubin               tel: 516-224-9700/fax 516-228-9809 -
                                     Russell Grant, MBA          tel: 845-735-5200/fax 845-735-2905 -
                                     Russell C. Vollmer          tel: 631-261-1972/fax 631-261-1978 -
                 Tri-Lines Editors   Joseph Tunkel               tel. 516-647-7105/fax 516-599-5622 -
                                     Richard Longueira, AAI
TriCounty IIAA Executive Director    Patricia Calvert            tel. 516-621-2209/fax 484-9051 -
       Advertising & Sponsor Sales   Dan F. Palmieri, F.A.       tel. 516-622-0030/fax 622-0034 -
           State National Director   Steven J. Spiro, CLU, ChFC tel. 516-568-0800/fax 516-568-0809 -

    Association Address: TriCounty IIAA • PO Box 316 • Albertson, NY 11507 • Phone No. (516) 621-2209 • FAX (516) 484-9051
 Retiring President’s Remarks
   I can’t believe it has been a whole year. I know everyone             As I look back now, I
says that time flies, but these days, you know time really does       have a number of people
fly when faxes are considered slow. And this past year has            to thank that have made
been a blur.                                                          my year a lot easier. First,
   Let’s see, a year ago, when I took office:                         I would like to thank
      • Katrina was the name of a Russian dancer.                     Bruce Chester and Kevin.
      • Wilma was a cartoon wife, married to Fred                     These two gentlemen
         Flintstone.                                                  could not have been better
      • Multi Decadal Oscillation was unheard of.                     as Past President and                 by Ken Hehir, CFP ®
      • All State Insurance was still writing new business            President Elect. There were
         downstate.                                                   times during the year I had them on speed dial, I called so
      • The Spitzer assault on the insurance industry was             often. They would always take the call and help me out.
         actually fading.                                                The remainder of my executive board, Brian, Evan and
      • A flood exclusion was just that…a flood EXCLU-                Steve, were so very helpful, not only at meetings but also
         SION.                                                        making trips with me on behalf of the organization to
      • And the Red Sox were the reigning World Series                Albany, Washington, D.C., and New York City.
         Champs.                                                         The Board of Director made me look very good. These
   A year later, all that I have just mentioned are changed, or       Directors included Eileen Black and Gary Shapiro who
are changing, and I look back and wonder if we made a dif-            organized and ran the meetings and programs about which I
ference. Much like the world, insurance is not strictly black         previously spoke. Jim Stipp ran the scholarship, which had
and white…but very much gray and a definitive answer as to            274 applications this year. Five years ago we had 12. Fitz
the difference we’ve made may not be easy to see or touch.            Ventura was so successful as Legislative Chair that we needed
But it was not for lack of trying. We as a board have tried a         two teams in both Albany and Washington and we got to see
number of new and different approaches to help our mem-               dozens of lawmakers. And Fitz also became a movie star of
bers and the insurance industry during the year.                      sorts. Steve Visco…well if you have seen the latest and
   We had meetings with diverse subjects and agendas that             newest Member Directory then you know the awesome job
were educational, timely and informative.                             he did. Justin Fries as member services chair (we are the
   We had meetings at different venues in three counties.             largest local association in NY) and Rick Longueira who not
   We subsidized some meetings for members.                           only helps publish Tri-Lines Magazine…but also ran our
   We had both breakfast and evening meetings, and we had             successful and fun Mets night last summer…as a huge
special speakers ranging from NY Superintendent of                    Yankee fan.
Insurance Howard Mills to Sharon Emek, Chair of IIAANY,                  I also have to give special thanks to a group of individuals
to Army Ranger Keni Thomas, who was a platoon leader in               who were always there. There are a group of past
Somalia at the Black Hawk Down army helicopter tragedy.               Presidents, Rick Longueira, Lane Rubin, Steve and Dave
We even had an outing to the Mets game.                               Spiro, Tom Reardon and Joe Tunkel. They always lend a
   We made legislative trips to Albany and Washington, D.C.,          hand and more important, a little guidance and historical
and we have continued our scholarship program.                        perspective. You guys always keep involved, come to virtual-
   I hope my fellow agents and industry friends have availed          ly every meeting, both Board and regular, and have helped
and will continue to avail themselves of the many opportuni-          me immensely, more than you will ever know
ties the Tri County Insurance Agents Association brings to               Thanks also go to our sponsors and company friends. You
their business and their life. Over the past year, I have had         have been loyal to us agents throughout the year and we
the privilege of meeting many new agents and making many              could not do our work without your help.
new friends. I hope we have made some difference…time                    Pat Calvert. Your award, much deserved, shows what Pat
will tell…but it’s been both fun and gratifying.                      truly means to this organization and to me. Our Board
   Frankly I have really had a blast. There is still unfinished       members, like you all, have daily jobs, businesses and families
business, as there always will be, and this organization has a        to take care of. Without Pat, our organization would not be
great person to take the lead in Kevin Crossley.                      the strongest local association in NY.
   I’ve known Kevin for about nine years now; he has                     And finally, to the members of our association, thank you
become a good friend. He brings a different perspective to            for putting your trust in me to serve as your president. I
the table, as well as a host of insurance and business expert-        have been honored to represent you, our association and our
ise. He has a wealth of life experiences from going to col-           industry.
lege in rural New Hampshire to being a Councilman in New                 So, now that I am a has-been…it is time to bring in the
Jersey to being a business owner on Long Island.                      new. Good luck Kevin.


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President’s Message
   What a great evening! We had a fabulous turnout at the                aware of the issues and chal-
installation dinner. For those agents that were unable to attend         lenges that will be before us
the dinner, I would like to share with you my reflection on the          and you can be assured your
past and the focus on the future of our association, that I high-        association will address and
lighted in my installation speech:                                       continue to speak out on all
   Welcome everyone and thank you for attending our Tri-                 fronts that concern our
County Independent Insurance Agents Association Installment              members, their agencies and
Dinner.                                                                  the industry.
   It is so good to see many of my family and friends here with             Tonight is not about me,                Kevin R. Crossley,
us tonight. A special welcome to three of my best friends, my            it’s not about my board mem-                        President
daughters Alison, Melissa and Nina (who I call stretch). I even          bers. Tonight is about our associ-
put my oldest daughter Alison to work tonight as she has been            ation. Yes, tonight is a celebration to thank the men and
entertaining us on her flute. In addition to Alison…we have              women who continue to serve our fine organization. Men and
the talented Keith Sattely on the keyboard.                              Women who serve our association with dedication, honor, trust
   A special welcome to my brother, Dennis and my AAA                    and integrity. Some of the finest independent insurance agents
friends.                                                                 in the state. Men and Women that are professionals in the insur-
   Also, a special thanks to my good friend and business partner         ance industry and well respected leaders in their communities.
Mark Derrenberger for being a true friend. I could not think                I am proud to be a member of Tri County Independent
of a better business partner. Thank you, Mark. And of course             Insurance Agents and I know I join an elite group of members
I could not do all this without my Club Agency Executive                 that support, participate, call to action, join committees, attend
Team, who certainly makes it easier for me to be involved in             meetings and continue to help the association to be on the
volunteering my services. Thank you guys.                                forefront of all the challenges that confront our own agencies
   I also want to acknowledge and thank my friend and business           and this ever changing industry of ours.
associate Jack Howlett for delivering the proclamation from the             I know many of you here tonight are active members who
State Senate and Assembly. Their good wishes and success to              attend our meetings and you know the value of your associa-
me and the entire Tri County Board and its members, is greatly           tion. We will continue to work hard to develop programs that
appreciated.                                                             will be meaningful and informative with a little fun mixed in.
   I am also honored that two of my fellow council members               Soon you will be hearing about what we have on tap for the
are with us tonight…all the way from Ho-Ho-Kus, New                      coming year.
Jersey…Councilman John Mongelli and Councilman Hugh                         You know, your association is so much more than just the
Turk.                                                                    meetings…its educational classes…college scholarship pro-
   I also want to acknowledge our past presidents of our associ-         gram…as you heard tonight we had over 275 applicants apply
ation who have dedicated so much of their time and talent for            for the two scholarships this year. Your association is also…the
the good of our association.                                             Tri-Lines publication…always highlighting key topics at our
   I see our past presidents as professors of the game and for the       meeting…sponsorship ads and so much more…our website
ones that wish to be a little more active in the association, I          with the latest information…our member services/Insur
have a plan in place that I will release in the coming                   Pac/trips to Albany and Washington, DC to talk with our local
months…so stay tuned.                                                    and state legislators…our sold-out golf outing and so many
   Included in that group of past presidents is the woman you            more committees that bring value to your agency and your
can blame for me being here…my longtime friend, Maura                    membership.
Clancy. Also, included in that special group is our immediate               All this works if our members participate and see the value
past president and my good friend who I enjoyed serving under            this association brings to their agency. Join us as often as you
and who made Tri County a stronger and more vibrant associa-             can, join a committee…even if you’re not on the board and
tion…a man who you always knew where he stood on all the                 you want to help…ask me…or ask a business associate to join
issues…Ladies and Gentlemen our immediate past president                 you at the next meeting.
Ken Hehir.                                                                  I am excited about this coming year and as your President, I
   I want to congratulate the two winners of our Joel Pollack            will work hard to deliver the promise of this association to its
and Stephen Dooley scholarship program…congratulations to                members, as did the men and women that came before me.
both of you and I know scholarship dollars can certainly ease               In closing, I want to congratulate my new slate of officers
the burden of the escalating cost of education.                          and directors. I know them all and they are hard-working indi-
   My message to you will be brief…so if you give me a couple            viduals that I look forward to spending time with in the com-
of minutes of your time it will be appreciated…thank                     ing months.
you…tonight is not the night to hear about all the challenges               Thank you for listening and please enjoy the rest of the
that our industry will be facing in the coming year. I am fully          evening.

             National Legislative Conference Report
                                                     by Fitz Ventura
   The 27th Annual 2006 Big I National Legislative                         (i.e. expiration lists) are amortized over a 15-year
Conference occurred in Washington, D.C. April 26th through                 period. Big I supports an amortization period of five
the 28th. The event was well attended by over 1,700                        years, which would have a positive impact on the
agents who were also there to attend the National                          value of service businesses. H.R. 4960, the Tax
Conference.                                                                Fairness for Small Business Act of 2006, introduced by
   The dissent of large numbers of independent agents and                  House Chief Deputy Majority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA)
brokers on Washington and their subsequent lobbying                        and Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D-N.D.), would revise the
efforts on issues that impact our clients and business do                  amortization schedule for intangible assets to better
not go unnoticed by the political elite. Keynote speakers                  reflect their useful life.
this year were House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio)             • Terrorism Insurance – The Terrorism Risk Insurance
and Senator Mark Pryor (D-Ark.), both of whom expressed                    Extension Act of 2005, S.467, was signed into law by
support for the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers.                  President Bush on Dec. 22, 2005. In addition to
Big I notes that the “National Conference has long been an                 extending TRIA for another two years there were some
important speaking engagement for prominent political                      modifications to the law which the Big I supported
leaders including Ronald Reagan, George Bush and                           including: limiting federal interaction in the insurance
Bill Clinton.”                                                             marketplace, a requirement from private carriers that
                                                                           coverage will continue to be available, and that
   Agents and brokers from downstate New York ought to
                                                                           coverage triggers would remain reasonable.
know that their interests were well represented by
                                                                       A special thank you to the following members of
approximately 10 members of the Tri-County Board. Agents
                                                                     Congress who made themselves personally available, who
in attendance took the opportunity to educate local
                                                                     were well informed of our issues and generous with their
legislators on the importance to our clients of:
   • Modernization of the National Flood Insurance Program
                                                                         - Congressman Gary Ackerman – of the 5th congressional
      (NFIP) – recent flood claims, particularly those related             district
      to the hurricane season, have significantly impacted               - Congressman Joseph Crowley – of the 7th congressional
      the NFIP’s future ability to pay claims thereby                      district
      necessitating additional legislatively granted temporary           - Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney – of the 14th
      borrowing authority. Beyond that, however, New York                  congressional district
      agents stressed the importance of modernizing the                  - Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy – of the 4th
      available coverage in the program to provide optional                congressional district
      business interruption insurance for commercial                   Furthermore, we met with the staff members for
      policyholders, an automatic base amount of additional          Congressman Anthony Weiner – 9th district, Congressman
      living expense coverage for residential consumers with         Gregory Meeks – 6th district, Congressman Vito Fosella – 13th
      the option to purchase increased coverage, a base              district, Congressman Peter King – 3rd district, Congressman
      amount of finished basement coverage on residential            Major Owens – 11th district, Congressman Edolphus Townes
      policies and optional replacement cost coverage for            – 10th district and Congresswoman Nydia Vasquez – 12th
      contents and commercial buildings.                             district.
   • Tax Reform – The current code has certain provisions              Regrettably, we were unable to meet with Senators
      that discourage small business owners from growing             Schumer and Clinton. We hope to be able to get on their
      and creating jobs in that certain intangible assets            calendar next year.

 Congressman Gary Ackerman (with carnation) and                      Congressman Tim Bishop (without jacket) and members of
 members of Suffolk and TriCounty agents                             Suffolk agents

Congressman Steve Israel (seated without jacket) with        Former Secretary of State and Former Chairman of the
members of TriCounty and Suffolk agents                      Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell spent nearly one hour
                                                             talking to all the agents in attendance.

                                  President Bob Rusbuldt addressing the conference.

                           OTHER VIPs and SPEAKERS

                   The Principals and Staff of

                 Morstan General Agency, Inc.

     wish to thank our friends and business associates of the

             ASSOCIATION, INC.

          For the many years we have spent together,
grown together and now look forward toward the future together.
            You’re all an important part of our lives.
                    Thank you one and all.

      Jay Levy    Al Eskanazy Howard Levy Bob Finkel

               Morstan General Agency, Inc.
                  600 Community Drive,
                      P.O. Box 4500
                Manhasset, NY 11030-4500
           PH: 516-488-4747 FAX: 516-327-0200

Building Bridges
   'Solidarity in Weakness'.....Joy is hidden in compassion.
The word compassion literally means 'to suffer with'. It
seems quite unlikely that suffering with another person
would bring joy. Yet being with a person in pain, offering
simple presence to someone in despair, sharing with a
friend times of confusion and uncertainty...such experi-
ences can bring us deep joy. Not happiness, not excite-                       TriCounty Agent Member Terry Flood
ment, not great satisfaction, but the quiet joy of being                           with Nicaraguan children
there for someone else and living in deep solidarity with
our brothers and sisters in this human family. Often this is       ed about the Gringos arriving. Adjacent to our dorm was
solidarity in weakness, in brokenness, in woundedness, but         the school. It was strange to see that most the children
it leads us to the center of joy, which is sharing our             were uniforms and it was a public school.
humanity with others.' A quote from the theologian,                   Crisp white shirts, clean shoes, and pressed skirts and
Henri Nouwen                                                       pants.
   What does this mean???                                             Quite ironic for the volume of dust, dirt roads, and dirt
   I questioned this prior to departing with 18 other insur-       floors in their homes. Some children were not in uniforms.
ance professionals on a humanitarian trip to build houses          Why you ask? You see, in Nicaragua, the poverty is at such
for the destitute in Nicaragua. Eighteen of us, led by             an extreme that the children are required by law to wear
Mark Rollins of the Rollins Group, left on Feb. 5th to be          uniforms at school. By wearing uniforms, the children
completely immersed with the poor of Nicaragua. The trip           can’t ascertain amongst themselves who is poorer. What
was facilitated by Bridges to Community, a not-for-profit          about the children not in uniforms, those are children
organization based in Westchester.                                 whose parents could not afford the $30.00 per year for the
   We arrived in Nicaragua late Sunday evening. The                uniform. No uniform, no school.
group of us arrived at the airport about the same time.               After settling in, it was off to meet the eight families that
The first night, we headed to our hotel in Massaya, about          we raised the money to sponsor a home. The cost of
20 minutes outside the village of Los Conchitas where we           building a home is $3,500. For $3,500 the family is built a
would be building the two homes, and start a third.                15 by 18 concrete block one-room house with a steel roof.
   Once we cleared the bat out of the room, things settled         There is no running water, electric outlets, or indoor bath-
down. The next morning, we awoke for some sight-seeing             rooms in the house. This would be a true luxury.
prior to being immersed into Los Conchitas. Bonnie and                We arrived at the first family’s home. This was not a fam-
Jim Gordon from Bridges to Community met us and acted              ily that I personally sponsored, but another member of our
as our guide and mentors for the week. After sight-seeing          team, Roger Sitkins and his son Patrick. We walked up the
and a brief lunch, it was time to go to Los Conchitas.             dusty path to the house, and learned that in this shack that
During the ride on the bus, it reminded me a lot of “the           was about 12 feet by 15 feet lived eight people. There was
poor areas” of St. Thomas. It was when we turned off the           a single twin bed that slept five people. Two hammocks for
road, onto a dirt bump ridden road that conditions went            the children to sleep. No floor, just dirt. The walls were
from bad to worse.                                                 scrap wood, the roof tarp that was torn in places. Open
   Garbage stacked up along the road, huts made of scrap           electric wires lit the one light bulb in the open area.
wood and rusted sheets of metal started to appear one                 The family was very excited to meet us. I bought candy
after the next. Living conditions that are indescribable           to give to the children at the houses, all shyly accepted this
appeared one after the next. Malnourished dogs were                small gift. This continued for the next six houses. Dennis
wandering, along with the pigs and chickens. A few miles           Kelly, one of my salesmen, met his family at house number
later, and 18 insurance professionals arrived in Los               7. It was a young couple; Yeri was about 18, his wife Ilse
Conchitas and settled into our concrete block dorm where           about 16. She was 7 months pregnant. He makes about
we would be spending the week.                                     $1.50 a day as a mason. Yeri was a mason on our building
   Our greeting party consisted of 100+ children, all excit-       crew. Dennis stood proudly with Yeri and Ilse as he handed

                                                                                                           Continued on Page 8

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a picture of himself and his girlfriend to the couple. Those       thought was pregnant. When asked when she was due, she
of us who raised enough money to sponsor a house had to            told Mark she was not pregnant, but that she had a tumor
bring a picture of our family to give to the family we were        in her abdomen. She told us that she could not afford the
sponsoring.                                                        $450.00 for the operation. When Mark told Bonnie and
   Then it was my turn to meet the family I sponsored.             Jim that he would pay for it, Mark was told that the
Three generations living in a shack of scrap wood and rust-        money should be given directly to Bonnie and Jim.
ed tin. They had two beautiful daughters who were in               Otherwise, she would give the money to her family instead
their best clothes. As I                                                                           of getting the operation.
walked up to greet them,                                                                              We met others families
something happened. As I                                                                           who had been to a medical
reached into my backpack to                                                                        clinic, but could not afford
hand over the picture of my                                                                        the $2 pills. In the recent
family, I stopped, looked and                                                                      Time Magazine “Persons of
thought. I saw this young                                                                          the Year” issue, this was
family living in this horrid                                                                       called “stupid poverty,” the
condition struggling and suf-                                                                      people who die for want of
fering to get by with the two                                                                      a $2 pill because they live
children. Emotionally, I                                                                           on $1.00 a day. For an
could not help but think of                                                                        8-month-old infant to perish
my wife and three children              Terry Flood and Dennis Kelly of the Flood Group            because of dehydration and
back in New York. What was                 pose with a child in front of a home they are           diarrhea because the family
it that separated me from                            building in Nicaragua                         can’t afford medical care is
them? I could barely intro-                                                                        an injustice and pure shame.
duce to them who was in my family picture. One could                  We worked hard the next few days building both houses,
not help but think that this could easily have been my fam-        and poured the footings for the third house. On Friday
ily if not by the grace of birth back home.                        afternoon, we were finished with what we could do, the
   After meeting all the families, we ventured back onto the       welders had to come to put the roof on. Bridges to
pickups to go back to our dorm. The sun was setting over           Community had us scheduled to leave the village Friday
an active volcano, a beautiful sight to behold. Ironic,            evening, returning to the comforts of the hotel. We were
because of the sights just felt.                                   to return to the community one last time for the house
   The next day, we loaded up to go to the worksite where          dedication Saturday evening once the roof was on and the
we began building the homes. Over the next few days, the           red clay tile floor was set.
house began to take shape. The new house standing next                All 18 of us arrived back to Los Conchitas Saturday
to the old and one could easily see how this house will dra- evening for the house dedication. One Hundred Fifty
matically improve the family’s standard of living. Members         members of the community turned out to thank us. The
of the community would come over to assist. Never asked            owner of one of the houses spoke, about how his lifelong
to, but they came willingly and eagerly. The poorest of the dream was fulfilled and that his family would have a safe
poor all came to help, never once asking for a handout or          shelter. He was heartfelt when he spoke. A dignity and
money. They worked proudly, diligently, and quietly for            level of appreciation I never experienced. He has been
hours at a time. The sense of community and pride was              given the opportunity. The man who would not show his
much to be admired for people that had so little.                  face the first day stood proudly in front of us all as well as
Communicating was difficult at times, but our hosts Jim            his community. He would pay Bridges to Community $10
and Bonnie Gordon were always around to help with the              a month for seven years for this new house. Bridges
Spanish to English translations.                                   believes that this helps build a sense of pride in that it was
   During the evening free hours, a few of us would stroll         not just given to him.
down the dirt lane to see the horrid living conditions.               We were served candy and soda by the community.
One night, we met a young couple weeping. When asked               With them not knowing, the people who had so little, gave
through the translator why they were crying, we discov-            and taught us so much. In the end, the community gave
ered that their 8-month-old died of dehydration. To the            us a departing gift, a painting of the two houses being
next family, where Mark Rollins met a lady whom he                 built with all of our names in the painting. It said “With

                                                                                                           Continued on Page 9

Continued from Page 8

much love and appreciation from the community of Los                   happen if they don’t. The risk of pity is that it kills kind-
Conchitas.”                                                            ness; the promise of passion is that it builds hope that the
  'Solidarity in Weakness'.....Joy is hidden in compassion             poor are fully capable of helping themselves if given the
had new meaning after my return. Many lessons were                     chance. In 2006, the world’s poor needed no more con-
learned from being immersed with the poor. The pride,                  dolences; they needed people to get interested, get mad,
the love of family, the respect for elders, the ability to over-       and get to work!”
come major obstacles, to make the most of so little, the
value of life and respect for others. So who really benefit-           Terrence C. Flood
ed from the trip, I can honestly say that I came back with
                                                                       The Flood Group, LLC
far more than I gave, and my 18 fellow insurance associates
look forward to the trip next year.
  In closing, I’ll borrow one more paragraph from
“Time.” “This is not about pity. It’s more about passion.              Bridges to Community
Pity sees suffering and wants to ease the pain; passion sees           95 Croton Avenue
injustice and wants to settle the score. Pity implores the             Ossining, NY 10562
powerful to pay attention; passion warns them what will                Tel 914 923 2200

                  To advertise or sponsor call Dan Palmieri


   (718) 445-1910


    TriCounty is offering ‘one of a kind only’ sponsorships
   on a ‘first come’ basis to our associates for a grand slam

     ‘Tri County Family Day at Shea Stadium’

                 Sunday, September 10th, 2006
Sponsorship costs $300.00 …AND it includes one complimentary
ticket for the game and the barbeque, valued at $60.00!
Sponsors may distribute materials to the group and we will take your photo
with members of Tri County and their families for our publication,
Fax this form to 718-461-6546 NOW….. then mail it with your check,
payable to TriCountyIIAA, to our administration office. If you slide in first,
we’ll fax or e-mail you a sponsor confirmation notice.

We would like to be a sponsor at the ‘Tri County Family Day at Shea
Stadium’ September 10th, 2006. Game time is 1:10pm. Arrive early for
the food and fun in the Picnic Area!

                      (Add separate sheet if needed)
                 Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of New York, Inc.

     Insurance Industry Role Models Receive IIABNY Annual Awards
  Individuals who have performed beyond the call of             them on the Long Island homeowners insurance crisis.
duty were among those honored May 5 by the                      Even prior to the recent business restrictions by
Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of New York              Allstate, MetLife and Nationwide on Long Island,
Inc. for their contributions to the insurance profession        Crowley worked diligently to ease the tightening
and service to community activities over the past 12            homeowners insurance marketplace and its effects on
months. The association recognized their achieve-               the consumer.
ments when it presented its annual awards at
IIABNY’s 2006 Annual Business Meeting, held at The                Steven J. Spiro, president of Spiro Risk Management
Roosevelt Hotel in New York City. The awards presen-            in Valley Stream and IIABNY State National Director,
tation preceded the election of new officers and                was honored by the American Association of
regional directors.                                             Managing General Agents with the Association
                                                                Achievement Award. Spiro, who was also elected IIAB-
 The award recipients:                                          NY president in 2000, was honored for his distin-
                                                                guished service to IIABNY and outstanding industry
   Thomas J. Crowley, vice president of Maran                   achievements.
Corporate Risk Associates, Inc., Southampton,
received the Outstanding Local President Award.                   Sharon Emek, IIABNY’s current chair of the board, is
Crowley, who is president of the Independent                    the lone 2006 recipient of the IIABNY Distinguished
Insurance Agents & Brokers of Suffolk County, was               Service Award, the association’s highest honor.
recognized for his commitment in developing greater             Outgoing Chair Mark J. Hagan presented the award,
member involvement within the Long Island associa-              which recognized Emek’s “unselfish sacrifice” of time
tion. In addition, he has expanded his market exper-            and effort to better the insurance community in New
tise to local, state and national leaders, informing            York State and her community.

                              Arthur Taibe Joins Iroquois®
       April 19, 2006, Olean, NY: The Iroquois                  property and casualty business in New York, and
     Group® recently announced that Arthur Taibe,               he is known and respected by most of the agents
     CIV has joined Iroquois® as a Regional Manager             in the Hudson River Valley and downstate. We
     to serve member agents in New York State. After            are confident that he can further strengthen our
     graduation from St. Johns University, Art started          well-established position here.”
     a long and prestigious career with three insurance
     companies, serving in various sales, marketing               The Iroquois Group® is one of the oldest and
     and branch management positions in New York.               largest networks of Property and Casualty insur-
     He currently resides in Danbury, CT, with his              ance agencies in the country today, with more
     wife Pat.                                                  than 1,500 Member Agents nationwide. Iroquois®
                                                                has been creating winning partnerships between
       “We are very fortunate to have Art join our              agents and carriers for over 25 years. By providing
     Iroquois team,” said Iroquois® Managing Partner,           markets, expertise and support, Iroquois® helps
     Ted Branch. “Art has extensive knowledge of the            independent agents remain independent.

     SMK Administrative Agency, LLC
                             118-35 Queens Blvd.
                         Forest Hills, New York 11375
              718-544-1700                       718-268-7067 Fax
  SMK represents many of the major National and Regional
        We write a wide range of Businesses Including:
            Office risk, including Doctors, Dentists,
                   Chiropractors, Eye Care…
         Automotive Service Stations and Repair Shops
             Technology and Internet Businesses
                           Retail Stores
                  Wholesalers & Distributors
                    Importers and Exporters
           Food Processors and Food Industry Risks
            Shopping Centers and Building Owners
We write your entire account, all lines of business; BOP’s, Package Policies,
 CGL, Automobile, Inland and Ocean Marine, Worker’s Compensation,
         Umbrella including mono-line Umbrella, Excess Limits.

             We want to write Queens County Personal Auto!

For additional information about becoming an SMK Administrative
     Broker please contact Jack Wallace, Marketing Director,
        718-544-1700 or E Mail:
          SMK Administrative Agency, LLC is a division of S&M Klein Company, Inc.

Congratulations To…
On the Agency Side -
Andrea Cali Earns IIAA’s Accredited Customer                   Bibi Baksh from MRW Group in Lynbrook successfully
Service Representative Designation                             completed the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers
IIABNY is proud to inform you that on March 22, 2006,          of America’s Accredited Customer Service Representative
Andrea Cali from Ability Service Agency in Baldwin             (ACSR) designation program in Personal Lines. She
successfully completed the Independent Insurance Agents        attended a minimum of 5 days of intensive insurance
& Brokers of America’s Accredited Customer Service             training and passed 5 comprehensive examinations to
Representative (ACSR) designation program in                   achieve this great accomplishment.
Commercial Lines.
                                                               ACSR is an international designation program developed
Diana Kilbourn Earns IIAA’s Accredited Customer                and administered by IIABA to promote and recognize
Service Representative Designation                             the professionalism of customer service personnel in the
IIABNY is proud to inform you that as of April 12,             insurance industry. Over 13,000 customer service
2006, Diana Kilbourn from MRW Group in Lynbrook                representatives have achieved their designations making
                                                               ACSR the largest CSR training program in North
successfully completed the Independent Insurance Agents
                                                               America. In addition, the program has been approved in
& Brokers of America’s Accredited Customer
                                                               most states for continuing education credit for agent’s
Representative (ACSR) designation program in
                                                               licensing renewal.
Commercial Lines.

                                                               For more information on earning the ACSR designation,
They each attended a minimum of 6 days of intensive
                                                               contact IIABNY’s Education Department.
insurance training and passed 6 comprehensive
examinations to achieve this great accomplishment.
                                                               On the Company Side -
Bibi Baksh Earns IIAA’s Accredited Customer Service            Cindy Davis, Administrative Supervisor at Merchants
Representative Designation                                     Insurance Group has earned her MBA from Dowling
IIABNY is proud to inform you that on April 12, 2006,          College in Oakdale.

     Suggestions for C-MAP Improvement Sought
As the Long Island market continues to                         homeowners unable to obtain coverage in the
deteriorate, more agents and brokers may be                    voluntary market. After a decade, the C-MAP
forced to place homeowners’ coverage through the               program currently writes just under 5,000 policies.
Coastal Markets Assistance Program (C-MAP). In an              IIABNY’s Senior Vice President of Industry
effort to streamline the C-MAP process and make                Relations Kathy Weinheimer is looking for input
it more “agent-friendly,” IIABNY is working with               from Long Island agents who are familiar with the
the New York State Insurance Department and the                program and have suggestions for improvement,
New York Property Insurance Underwriting                       especially for the submission process. Please
Association (NYPIUA) to recommend procedural                   email Kathy Weinheimer with your comments and
changes to the program. Established in 1996, the               suggestions at or call her
C-MAP program filled the void for those                        at (800) 962-7950.

Mackoul Fuel……For Thought
  Sitting in the Lustig & Brown E&O seminar last             do have an obligation
week, I thought to myself, that as much as the lec-          to our clients to advise,
turing attorneys had things right, they were at the          guide, and direct them
same time so wrong! Their E&O message was very               to purchase the cover-
clear; that in our litigious society, consistency and        ages that they need for
documentation were in large measure the best                 their personal and busi-
defense to avoid E&O claims. However, I was trou-            ness needs. Trust and       by Robert Mackoul, CLU
bled after their seminar. Not by their repeated ham-         confidence generates
mering of documentation and consistency, but more            retention and referrals. How do we obtain referrals?
by how defensive in nature their presentation was            It’s certainly not because we act like innocent
and how the courts viewed our role as agent and              bystanders while the insured purchases his coverage,
brokers.                                                     and then reads his policy (that we’ve gotten to them
                                                             in a timely manner), so that the burden of terms,
  Many of us have worked hard to obtain our profes-          conditions, and exclusions is their problem.
sional degrees CIC, CPCU, CLU, & ChFC degrees.
We call ourselves insurance professionals, and we              Louis P. DiCerbo II, a legend in the financial serv-
brand our agencies as “Trusted Choice.” Yet, based           ices industry, used to say “no one does it better”!!
on a NY State court decision called the “Murphy              Although he was talking about life and health agents
Decision,” we agents are viewed as nothing more              in the general agency system, that phrase is applica-
then order takers. Here are the three key sentences          ble to us independent agents. “Nobody does it bet-
of the “Murphy Decision”:                                    ter then us!!” All of us can improve our systems, and
                                                             the way we do business. We do need to purchase the
 1)    The absence of a special relationship                 most up to date technology, and have highly trained
       removes the agent’s duty to advise, guide             and knowledgeable employees managing all the
       or direct an insured’s coverage                       processes. However, make no mistake that, each us
 2)    The agent has a duty to procure coverage              agents and brokers has a responsibility to our clients
       specifically requested or to advise of an             and prospects as advisors, that cannot be diminished.
       inability to do so in a timely manner                 The Murphy Decision may be hailed by E&O attor-
 3)    The insured has a duty to read their policy           neys as a great defensive tool in court, but ethically
       and is therefore bound by the terms, con-             our training, education and experience (and that
       ditions, and exclusions.                              applies to our staffs) demands a much higher stan-
                                                             dard. After all, nobody does it better then us.
  Well the “Murphy Decision” just proves that we as          Nobody, and we need to remind ourselves, our
an industry have a real public relations problem!! We        staffs, and the public of that regularly.

  IS STARTING!                      Visit our

                                     Go to
       OR email:     

                    Trusted Choice                                          ®

            Summer Ad Blitz launched June 19
  Trusted Choice® Month may be over, but that               A complementary online ad campaign will begin
doesn’t mean we’re taking a break from branding             July 17 and will extend through the end of
your agency as the smart way for consumers to               August. Targeted Web sites and portals that will
buy insurance and financial services. Nothing               run Trusted Choice® banner ads are,
could be further from the truth!                   and
  Later this month Trusted Choice® will launch a               This expansive national advertising activity will
major, summer-long, national ad blitz that will             increase visibility and brand recognition among
educate consumers about the value the brand                 the Trusted Choice® target audience: college-edu-
and your agency brings to them. This campaign               cated adults ages 35-64 with household income
will run through August.                                    of $75,000 or more.
  And, just as significant for you, this ad blitz is           Your agency should tie into this summertime
the perfect opportunity for your Trusted Choice®            promotional campaign locally by running Trusted
agency to run a local tie-in advertising campaign           Choice® tag-able ads in your community. Your
using the high-quality customizable ads provided            local promotional activity will educate local con-
by the brand program.                                       sumers about your agency's Trusted Choice®
  The overall summer blitz will feature 180 ads             status and position it as the trusted advisor
on nationwide TV and a 45-day Internet ad flight            for their insurance needs. Your agency will also
on popular Web sites. The 30-second Trusted                 get double exposure by running the ads concur-
Choice® television ads begin airing June 19 and             rent with or immediately before or after the
will run nationally through August 27, except for           TV ad flights.
a one-week period the first full week of August.               Trusted Choice® provides participating agencies
The targeted cable TV networks and dates for                with free customizable print, radio, billboard and
each flight are:                                            TV ads for use in their local marketing area.
                                                            Contact IIABNY to order these customizable ads
  •   Fox News—June 19 through July 9                       to learn how to purchase broadcast and print
  •   CNN & Headline News—July 10 through                   advertising.
      July 30                                                  Don’t miss out; this is your best chance to
  •   The Weather Channel— August 7 through                 strike while the summer ad blitz is so hot!
      August 27                                                Not yet part of Trusted Choice®? Again, contact
                                                            IIABNY now to join the consumer brand move-
  The Fox News flight schedule will be posted               ment that is sweeping the agency ranks.
online at soon; the other                For more information, contact Trusted Choice®
two network schedules will be posted shortly.               Executive Director Jeff Myers at

                         Support Our Advertisers –
                            They Support Us !
Get Out That Homeowners Policy!
   Unless they’ve submitted a claim recently, your client’s          building materials are low
homeowners policy is probably in a drawer somewhere                  because most of the goods
with the premium paid for another year. Well, it’s time to           were shipped to the devas-
tell them to dust it off and review it. Even though you try          tated areas. Locally, this
to update their policy coverages every year, you are proba-          caused the cost of materials
bly unaware of situations that need to be addressed.                 to rise.
Perhaps a letter from your agency needs to be sent to all               Ask the insureds to
your homeowner clients – homeowners, condo and co-op                 review the dwelling amount                 by Stephen Folan
unit owners and renters.                                             listed on their policies.
   We all saw the devastation that Hurricane Katrina                 Remind them that this limit represents what it will cost to
brought to New Orleans. Hopefully, we will not see that              replace their home - like kind and quality - including
type of destruction on Long Island, but we need to be                debris removal for the damaged house, architect’s fees and
prepared. Most people don’t realize that almost every                building permits. Renovations and repairs are usually more
homeowners policy on Long Island contains a “catastroph-             costly than new construction. Believe it or not, reconstruc-
ic wind deductible” which is different from the regular              tion costs for standard homes are approaching $200 per
deductible associated with a windstorm claim. If the dam-            square foot in our area. If they have recently remodeled or
age was caused by a named hurricane, the deductible may              put on an extension or deck, you need to know about it.
jump to 2% or 5% of the dwelling limit. In talking to                   If you insure a renter, or a co-op or condo unit owner,
insureds, they don’t fully understand the cat wind                   make sure that the personal property limit is adequate to
deductible. Some think it’s a percentage of the claim, not           replace all their contents at today’s prices. Unit owners
the dwelling limit. Many don’t know the difference                   need to also check that the Additions and Alterations cov-
between a Class 1 hurricane and a Class 3 hurricane. The             erage is enough to replace or repair any building items for
companies all have different triggers for this deductible.           which they are responsible. This can include kitchen cabi-
Inform them of the hurricane deductible. If they do not              nets, bathroom fixtures, tiling, carpeting, paneling, wallpa-
understand it, instruct them to call you. The hurricane              per, lighting fixtures, built-in wall units, etc. Don’t forget
deductible may turn out to be the biggest hidden E&O                 about the debris removal for the damaged property, espe-
exposure agents have.                                                cially if the unit is not on the ground level. The cost to get
   Hurricane Katrina also showed that most Americans do              garbage down from the tenth floor can be expensive.
not carry flood insurance on their homes, condo units or                Finally, inquire if they operate a business out of the resi-
apartments. Since surface water or water that comes                  dence – either full-time, part-time or as a hobby. They may
through the foundation of the house is not covered by a              be surprised to learn that many homeowners and renters
homeowners policy, a separate flood insurance policy is              policies do not cover losses from business activities. Many
needed. The National Flood Insurance Program estimates               people think that because they have homeowners insur-
that 25% of the flood claims processed occur outside of              ance, anything that happens at their home is covered. This
high-risk flood areas. A Preferred Risk Policy is available          is not true. Inventory stored in the garage, business
for these areas at a reduced rate. Remember, there is a 30-          equipment stolen from a car, or liability from accidents
day waiting period before new flood policies become effec-           that occur while in the course of their business may not be
tive. Don’t let your insureds wait until the hurricane is on         covered by the homeowners policy. Have them call you to
the way!                                                             discuss In-Home Business coverage options.
   Recent high-profile events such as Hurricanes Katrina,               As you can see, there are many issues that pertain to
Rita and Wilma have brought national attention to the                homeowners insurance of which insureds are unaware or
problem of underinsurance of homes and maintaining                   think their policy already covers. Although agents try to
proper insurance to value. According to Marshall &                   make sure our clients are covered properly, each of them
Swift/Boeckh, a construction information firm, 64% of                has different needs. Put them on notice that there may be
homes were underinsured in 2003. That number has risen               gaps and exclusions in their coverage, and ask them to call
because of the increase in the cost of construction materi-          you if they need to review their policy. If you don’t, you
als after the hurricanes in the Gulf States and the wildfires        better dust off your E&O policy. Also, make sure you
in California. Supplies of lumber, sheet rock and other              have fresh batteries in your flashlight!

      To advertise

       or sponsor

     call Pat Calvert


Jerry Brunell Memorial Fishing Outing
         Again this year, Downstate
         will hold its annual Fishing                     Sponsored by
                excursion on the
             “Fishtale” boat departing
                                                 Downstate Insurance
           from Captree Boat Basin.                     Assoc. Councils
         Ticket price includes a full
         day of fishing, breakfast, lunch,
         beer, soda, prizes,                 September 13, 2006
         bait & tackle, fish bags.

                         Place – Captree Boat Basin
                         Time – Departs 7:45 am. Returns 3:30 pm.

                         Directions –        Southern State Parkway to
                         Exit 40, Robert Moses Causeway, take south 5
                         miles to Captree Boat Basin exit.
 Please fill             Footwear – Sneakers, dock siders, or
   out and               equivalent

 send with               Note – To donate fishing prizes and for more
 your check              information, call Martin Rosenthal at
                                      516-599-1100, ext 155
 payable to
                           Firm Name
 Downstate                 Name
                           City                           State         Zip
     Return to:
  Martin Rosenthal
                           # Fishing                @ $55 each = $
  c/o NGL Group
                           Total Amount of enclosed check: $
  112 Merrick Road
                           Use back of form for additional fishermen.
 Lynbrook, NY 11563

“LET OUR OFFICE BE YOUR OFFICE”                                                    Support
     30 Major National & Regional Carriers
  Competitive Commercial & Personal Lines                                Our Advertisers
  Life, Accident & Health, Financial Services
    Seasoned, Caring Management & Staff
         Fully Automated • Applied TAM
      Excellent Reputation & Track Record
     Private Offices & Conference Rooms
              Licensed in all States
    Family Perpetuated Agency, Est. 1974                              They Support Us !
          (Bower & Glickman, Inc.)
              Plainview, N.Y.
       Ask For Richard or Evan Bower.
         All information confidential
      References Available Upon Request
       516-576-0400 Fax 516-576-1177

                            DOWNSTATE AGENCY NETWORK, LLC
                             Move Your Income to the Next Level

                                 Contact Arthur Anderson at 516.622.2571            FAX:   516.622.2771

                                                DOWNSTATE AGENCY NETWORK, LLC
                                                377 OAK STREET • 5TH FLOOR • GARDEN CITY, NY 11530
                                                PHONE: 516.622.2571 • FAX 516.622.2771

Heard Around Town
USA Program Administrator’s – Several years ago               little electrical heat to
IIABNY’s brokerage arm advised Big I agents and               make the scent disburse.
brokers of a worker’s comp market which could be              The fax I received was
placed through the brokerage arm – who deals as a             forwarded and it reads,
General Agent for the members. The company is                 in part, that his brother’s
Clarendon and after a while they stopped paying               house burned down to
commissions to the agents and brokers as well as the          ashes. The insurance
override to the GA. There are still some agents and           investigator sifted through                By Joe Tunkel
brokers who have money due them. USA                          the ashes and had the cause
Administrator’s have basically gone out of business           of the fire traced to the master bathroom. Beside
but has a part time staff responding to phone                 the normal things like a blow dryer, there was
messages. IIABNY won an arbitration settlement                nothing exceptional. The investigator felt it would
against them but they have ignored it and IIABNY              have to be “something that would disintegrate at
is still involved in legal proceedings with them.             high temperatures. Then wife remembered she had
But what of the agents and brokers who had no                 a Glade Plug-in in the bathroom. The investigator
market and placed business based on the faith and             felt this was the cause of the fire and said he has seen
belief that Clarendon was a viable market?                    more home fires started with the plug-in type room
According to one agent due past commissions was               fresheners than anything else.He said the plastic is
given a new contact # for USA Administrator’s                 very thin. He said in every case there was nothing
recently. IIABNY instructed the agent to leave a              left to prove it even existed. When he looked in the
message for “Kathy”. If he does not get his
                                                              wall plug, the 2 prongs left by the plug-in were still
commission payment resolved then contact the legal
                                                              in the wall plug.
secretary at Clarendon. This battle with Clarendon
                                                              The plug-in that these people had was one with a
has been going on for over 20 months and still
                                                              small night light built in it. They had noticed that
seems to be a long way from being resolved.
                                                              the light would dim and finally go out. A few hours
Did IIABNY know something was amiss at USA
                                                              later the light would be back on again. The
Administrator or at Clarendon and let the agents
                                                              investigator feels that the light dims as the unit heats
and brokers know about it? Should IIABNY have
been more active in the name of the agents and                up and cools off rather than blow the bulb. Once it
brokers by pursuing regulatory as well as legal action        is cooled, it would come back on. – that is a
against USA Administrator’s and Clarendon?                    warning sign. HOAX Busters said they have seen
Just because you are in a program endorsed by your            some posting like this on the Internet. SC Johnson
national, state or local association does not mean            who make Glade Plug-ins says all their Plug-in
you can pass over your obligation of due diligence.           products are safe and will not cause fires. The Plug-
                                                              in products have been sold for more than 15 years
GEICO-Travelers partnership? – When GEICO                     and hundreds of millions of the products are being
writes your chient’s auto policy and they have their          used safely. No one has contacted SC Johnson they
homeowners policy in Travelers, GEICO gives a                 say with this regard.
“companion credit” discount on their auto policy.             Agent Jeff Koch asks if anyone was able to confirm
But if you write a new homeowners policy in the               the electrical compliance to the wiring of the outlet,
Travelers with the auto in GEICO, there is no                 since a situation like this can occur when the wiring
discount for your client’s homeoawners policy. Is it          is done wrong and the outlet is grounded
possible that GEICO filed with the Dept. of                   improperly or reverse current.
Insurance on their own, without the knowledge of              We will continue to investigate and report further.
                                                              History is an account, mostly false, of events, mostly
“Air Freshener Causes Fires” –                                unimportant, which are brought about by rulers,
October 2004 –                                                mostly knaves, and soldiers, mostly fools.
These are those plug-in air fresheners that generate a        – Ambrose Bierce

                                                                                                 Long Island Insurance Community 12th Annual Gala
                                                                                                      The Premier Insurance Industry Event in the Metropolitan Area
                                                                                                                                September 21, 2006, 5:30 to 9 p.m.
                                                                                                                                     Bourne Mansion, Oakdale, NY

         Y are cordially invited to the Long Island Insurance Community Gala, a very special event that brings the
  Long Island Insurance Community together to give help and hope to Long Islanders who are less fortunate than ourselves.
            The event honors industry and business leaders who demonstrate a commitment to the community by
                                      improving the quality of life of their neighbors.

Honoring                                                                                                                             Sponsorship Opportunities
                                                                                                                                     Platinum Sponsor                                             $10,000
Travelers                                                                                                                            Gold Sponsor                                                 $7,500
Corporate Representatives                                                                                                            Silver Sponsor                                               $5,000
Lisa Tepper                                                                                                                          Bronze Sponsor                                               $2,500
Regional Executive

Peter J. Brown                                                                                                                       Journal Ad
Regional Vice President                                                                                                              Gold Page                                                    $1,500
Personal Lines
                                                                                                                                     Silver Page                                                  $1,200
Ricky C. Jones                                                                                                                       Full Page                                                    $1,000
Field Vice President
                                                                                                                                     Half Page                                                    $500
Claims Services
                                                                                                                                     Quarter Page                                                 $300
                                                                                                                                     Announcements                                                $150

                                                                                                                                     Tickets                                                      $250

                                 For more information contact Lois Grant at 631.940.3746 or

 U We wish to reserve                                                                tickets.                                      Total $

 U We wish to reserve a                                                                                                           Sponsorship $
 U We wish to reserve a(an)                                                          journal ad.                                   Total $
                          Please make check payable to United Way of Long Island, 819 Grand Blvd., Deer Park, NY 11729, or
 Charge my      U VISA U MasterCard U AMEX                                               Card No.                                                                                Exp. Date                    /   /
 Name                                                                                                                   Title

 Company                                                                                                                Phone/Fax
 Address                                                                                                                E-mail

 City, State, Zip                                                                                                       Total Amount $
 Solicited by                                                                                                           Paid here                                                     Bill on
                    Contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. The fair market value of the dinner is $101. A copy of our latest annual report may be obtained, upon request, from
                      United Way of Long Island, 819 Grand Boulevard, Deer Park, NY 11729 or from the New York State Attorney General Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271.
                                                                     A copy of our latest annual report is also available on our website:

                           TRICOUNTY IIAA
                                        Service Directory
                    The vendors and companies listed below support our publication “Tri-Lines” and our membership
                           meetings. Please consider calling them next time you need service in these areas.

INSURANCE COS.                         Magna Carta                            Pryor Personnel Agency               Budde French Cleaners, Inc.
& MARKETS                              Insurance Companies                    147 Old Country Road                 107-11 Metropolitan Ave.
                                       1 Park Ave.                            Hicksville, NY 11801
The B&G Group, Inc.                                                                                                Forest Hills, NY 11375
                                       New York, NY 10016                     Tel:516-935-0100 Fax: 516-931-7842
(Bower & Glickman, Inc.)                                                                                           Tel:718-263-7474 Fax: 718-263-1545
                                       Tel:212-591-9500 Fax: 212-591-9600
                                                                              Email:            email:
Plainview, NY                          Lou Masucci
                                                                              Patricia Pryor Bonica                Bob Teichman, Ilan Yunger
Tel:516-576-0400 Fax: 516-576-1177
                                       Morstan General Agency, Inc.
Email: rbower@thebggroup
                                       P.O. Box 4500
                                                                              ADJUSTERS FOR                        Milro Services, Inc.
Richard Bower
                                       Manhasset, NY 11037-4500
                                                                              THE INSURED
                                                                                                                   41 Hanse Ave.
                                       Tel:516-488-5355 Fax:516-437-5050
                                                                              New York Adjustment Bureau
Commercial Mutual Insurance Co.                                                                                    Freeport, NY 11753
                                       Al Eskanazy, Bob Birner                66-19 Woodhaven Blvd.
15 Joys Lane                                                                                                       Tel:516-379-6100 Fax: 516-379-6299
                                                                              Rego Park, NY 11374
Kingston, NY 12401                     NIF Group                                                                   Len Minervini
                                                                              Tel:718-275-2700 Fax: 718-275-2978
Tel:631-351-0302                       30 Park Ave.
                                                                              Steve Libel                          Restoration Specialists/Crystal
                                       Manhasset, NY 11030
Fax: 845-331-8141
                                       Tel:516-365-7440 Fax: 516-496-7356     LIFE & HEALTH                        450 Westbury Rd.
Stan Landberg, CPCU, Marketing Dir.
                                       Email:          INSURANCE                            Carle Place, NY 11514

Com Net Solutions                      Michael Orlando, Nancy Williams        D.M.C. Executive Planning            Tel:516-333-0088 Fax:516-997-4519

Combined Underwriting Agency Network   North Sea Insurance Co.                201 Northwest Drive, Suite 10        R.G. Klaber, Helen Rosenbaum

14 Front Street                        50 W. Hawthorne Avenue                 Farmingdale, NY 11735
                                                                                                                   ServPro of Hicksville-Plainview,
Hempstead, NY 11550-3645               Valley Stream, NY 11582                Tel:516-753-5433 Fax: 516-753-5440
                                                                                                                   Port Jefferson and Manhattan
Tel:888-376-5884 Fax: 888-726-6638     Tel: 516-825-2800 Fax: 516-825-1947    Dennis Cataldo, CLU, ChFC
                                                                                                                   525 Route 112
Lou Narciso                            E-mail:          Millennium Brokerage, Corp.
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                IIABNY Regional Director’s Report
           Tri-County Association of Independent Agents
                           May 1, 2006
1. The Regional Homeowners Market remains a                 3. NYC DOT Requirements. IIABNY met on
   hot topic with IIABNY and the State                         April 18th with representatives of NYC
   Legislature. Currently, a bill has been intro-              Dept. of Transportation over their require-
   duced by Sen. Ken LaValle that would limit                  ment that certificates of insurance for road
   insurers’ ability to 4% in each rating territory.           and sidewalk contractors be accompanied
   This would considerably slow down the pace                  by a notarized statement from from the
   of non-renewals. This bill also includes provi-             agent or broker as to their validity. Agents
   sion for a permanent NYPIUA. But the chief                  are advised not to honor this requirement,
   stumbling block for that in the past has                    mainly for E&O reasons. IIABNY officials
   apparently been in the Senate where the lead-               have registered our concern over this issue
   ership has used the Assembly’s sluggishness                 as well as the obsolete certificate form
   on auto insurance reform as a reason not to                 they prescribe and Jim Keidel, Esq. of
   pass a previous permanency bill. We hope                    Lustig & Brown, LLP have sent a letter to
   that the Senate will see the light this time and            the NYC DOT on behalf of IIABNY and
   pass this bill intact, which will help both par-            other trade associations who has joined
   ties.                                                       our effort: PIA, the Brokers Association
                                                               and ELANY. Another meeting is scheduled
2. Zurich Broker Compensation Disclosures.                     with NYC DOT on Wednesday, May 3rd.
   After its settlement with several states
   over the broker compensation issue,                      4. Automobile Accident Reporting Threshold.
   Zurich has decided to use the agreements                    Assemblyman Morelle sponsored the origi-
                                                               nal (transportation) bill to increase the
   reached with those states over broker
                                                               threshold for reporting motor vehicle acci-
   compensation notices universally on all its
                                                               dents to the DMV from $1,000 to $2,000.
   policies in all states including NY, where a
                                                               The Assembly passed it in January, but the
   separate and acceptable agreement on this
                                                               companion bill died in the Senate from
   issue has been reached. Their reasoning
                                                               lack of action. The Assembly re-introduced
   was to have an efficient and consistent
                                                               and passed it again in February. Senator
   method of notification. IIABNY officials met
                                                               Skelos has introduced it again in the
   with Zurich officials to register our opposi-
                                                               Senate where it awaits action. If passed
   tion to this decision. We fear it will re-
                                                               not only would the reporting threshold
   ignite Insurance Department interest in a
                                                               change, so would the surcharge level in
   broker compensation regulation thereby
                                                               the NY Safe Driver Insurance Plan since
   adding more work for all agents and bro-                    that automatically conforms to the DMV
   kers, not to mention phone calls and                        reporting threshold.
   questions to answer. Although Zurich has
   not budged from its position, it has                        Respectfully submitted,
   agreed to work with IIABNY to make this                     Russell C. Vollmer
   effort reasonable for producers.                            IIABNY Met.-Suburban Regional Director


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   Western Select Insurance Company
     Paramount Insurance Company

          One Park Avenue
      New York, NY 10016-5802
        1 (888) ONE - PARK

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                                                             Agent ®

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             ALBERTSON, NY 11507-0316
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