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									International Water Management Consultant
Advanced - Engineering / Master of Science

NW6 4QH London
United Kingdom

Dear all,

I am a French engineer, working internationally in the sector of water and environmental public services

My multidisciplinary studies in International Agro-Development, completed by two Masters of Science
in Water Management and Geospatial Analysis, enable me to integrate a variety of complementary
notions (technical, economic, social) in the projects employing me.

Trilingual (French, English, Spanish), and with 7 years of professional experience in many countries
and for various stakeholders of the water and public services sectors, I am interested in projects
management, advice and expertise, research and training missions, anywhere in the world.

Feel free to contact me if my profile can serve your projects!

Thank you, best wishes,

Régis Garandeau.

Work experience

International Water Management Consultant (International mobility, based in London,
United Kingdom)
Since            Mission: - Participation to municipal, regional and national Master Plans in Iraq: water
April 2011
                 & land resources, irrigation, drinking water, sewage, solid waste, transport (SGI,
                 UNDP, Iraqi and Kurdish Governments)
                 - Publications on IT and GIS technologies for water services management (IRC, Bill &
                 Melinda Gates Foundation)

Member of the Board of Directors (Cergy, France)
Since            Mission: Strategic advice to the Direction of this International Agro-Development
March 2009
                 Engineering School.

Water and Habitat Engineer (Najaf and Basrah, Iraq; Benghazi, Libya)
October 2009     International Committee of the Red Cross (Swiss based International Organisation)
April 2011
                 Mission: Coordination of the water and habitat activities of the ICRC in Southern Iraq,
                 then Eastern Libya: rehabilitation and reconstruction of urban and rural infrastructures
                 for water and sanitation (treatment and pumping stations, networks), health (hospitals,
                 primary health care centres, physical rehabilitation centres), improvement of the living
                 conditions in detention centres.

International Water Management Consultant (International mobility, bases in Hong
Kong and France)
October 2007     Freelance consultant / Director of Ginkgo Consulting Ltd (Consultancy firm, Hong
September 2009
                 Mission: Advice, training, research, management or evaluation of water (drinking
                 water and irrigation), sanitation, hygiene and public health projects:
                 - Integration: water / agriculture / education / public health / economic and human
                 - Development, rehabilitation or emergency situations
                 - Rural, peri-urban or urban contexts

                 Examples of projects:

                 - Writing the Thematic Overview Paper on WASH projects monitoring and impact
                 assessment (IRC, Gates Foundation)
                 - Emergency and Early Recovery technical assistance and projects management in
                 Bangladesh (UNICEF, WASH Cluster Bangladesh)
                 - Professionalizing the manual drilling sector in Chad (Practica Foundation, UNICEF
                 and the Chadian Ministry of Water)
                 - Technical translations around handpumps management policies in Africa (WSP /
                 World Bank)

Sustainable Development Projects Manager (Tangiers, Morocco)
October 2006     Veolia Water (French private company)
October 2007
                 Mission: Management of peri-urban electricity, water and sanitation projects (networks
                 extensions, social connections with 0% interest loans, progressive tariff mechanisms,
                 cross-subsidies), environmental and health education projects in slums and schools
                 (2.5M US$), evaluation of their health, socio-economic and environmental impacts with
                 partners (Ministries, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, World Bank, NGOs).

Visiting Engineer (El Alto, Bolivia)
May 2007         Suma Jayma (Bolivian NGO)
June 2007
                 Mission: 3 weeks visit of the NGO and its water supply field work in rural communities
                 of the Altiplano (springboxes, gravity-fed networks with standposts or house
                 connections, wells with handpumps).

Research Assistant and Consultant (Wivenhoe and Cranfield, UK ; Delft, Netherlands)
March 2006       Aguaconsult Ltd, Cranfield University, International Water and Sanitation Centre
September 2006
                 (European research consortium)
                 Mission: Global research on water, sanitation and hygiene development technologies
                 and approaches, commissioned by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (click on the
                 link below to see publications).

Emergency Public Health Engineer and Researcher (Monrovia, Liberia ; Gonaïves, Haïti
; Nias, Indonesia)
June 2004        Oxfam GB (British NGO)
September 2005
                 Mission: Research, design and management of emergency public health projects after
                 armed conflicts and natural disasters (publication available on demand).

Delegate of the Arab Republic of Egypt (Geneva, Switzerland)
March 2004       Geneva International Model of United Nations 2004 (Swiss association)
March 2004
                 Mission: Delegate of the Arab Republic of Egypt during student debates organised by
                 the Security Council around water geopolitics in the Middle-East.

Intern Engineer (Cairo, Egypt)
June 2002        Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies (French private company)
December 2002
                 Mission: Co-management of the rehabilitation project of an industrial effluents
                 treatment plant at Daewoo Motor Egypt.
Volunteer (Paris, France ; Tuili, Burkina-Faso)
July 1999        Atout Lire au Burkina-Faso (French NGO)
June 2002
                 Mission: Education and local development projects design with local NGOs and
                 Authorities, sponsors finding, organisation of school building campaigns in
                 Burkina-Faso, conferences in France.

Delegate of the World Bank (Geneva, Switzerland)
March 2002       Geneva International Model of United Nations 2002 (Swiss association)
March 2002
                 Mission: Delegate of the World Bank during student debates organised by the World
                 Health Organisation around the project Roll Back Malaria.

Intern Technician (Huacho, Peru)
June 2001        Centro de Asistencia, Proyectos y Estudios Rurales (Peruvian NGO)
September 2001
                 Mission: Diagnosis of gravity irrigation networks, participation to the elaboration of an
                 apiarian micro-credit project.

Intern Worker (Salamanca, Spain)
June 2000        Finca Valverde (Spanish private company)
July 2000
                 Mission: Agricultural worker in a 700 hectares Spanish mixed farming and
                 stockbreeding farm (cereals, bovines for meat and corrida, horses dressage, rural

Diplomas and education

UCL, University College London (London, United Kindom)
Since            Master of Science in Geospatial Analysis. Geographic Information Science (GIS),
September 2011
                 modelling and geographic, demographic, socio-economic, urban and environmental
                 spatio-temporal analysis.

Cranfield University (Cranfield, UK)
October 2003     Master of Science in Water Management. Integrated water management, with a focus
October 2004
                 on water, sanitation and hygiene in developing countries. Best student of the year.
                 Area of specialisation: Community Water and Sanitation

RedR, Register of Engineers for Disasters and Relief (Cambridge, UK)
June 2004 June   Training in Emergency Environmental Health Engineering. Shelters, water and
                 sanitation, health and security issues.

ISTOM, Ecole d'Ingénieur en Agro-Développement International (Cergy, France)
September 1999   Engineering diploma in International Agro-Development. ISTOM is a multidisciplinary
July 2003
                 school training executives with technical, economic and social skills for international
                 organisations and companies involved in agriculture, environment, trade and
                 development. This school celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2008.
                 Area of specialisation: Rural and Agricultural Hydraulics

2iE, International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering (Ouagadougou,
January 2003     Specialisation in Rural and Agricultural Hydraulics. Integrated management of
April 2003
                 irrigation, community water supply and rural development projects.
European Highschool Charles de Gaulle (Dijon, France)
September 1996   General and scientific studies, in both French and English. Achievement of European
July 1999
                 Scientific A-levels with honours.
                 Area of specialisation: Physics and Chemistry

Computing skills

Java, Python.

Regular use of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, ArcGIS 10 and Internet.
Notions on Access, Epanet, Autocad.

Language skills

Speaking competence: Native             Written competence: Native speaker

Speaking competence: Fluent             Written competence: Fluent

Speaking competence: Fluent             Written competence: Intermediate

Speaking competence: School level       Written competence: School level

Speaking competence: Basic level        Written competence: Basic level


- "‫( األسر ق ال ذهب وت حدي ات ال عزاق‬Iraq and the challenges of Blue Gold)", Garandeau R. (ISTOM Mag,
2010: electronic copy available upon request)
- "Evaluating & improving the WASH Sector: Strengthening governance, learning about complexity,
assessing change", Garandeau R., Casella D., Bostoen K. (IRC, 2009: downloadable on IRC's
- "ISTOM 100 ans", several authors including Michel Griffon, Deputy Director of the French National
Research Agency (ISTOM, 2008: paper version only)
- "Landscaping of the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Sector, Technologies and Approaches", written by
a consortium of researchers from Cranfield University, IRC and Aguaconsult (IRC, 2006: downloadable
on IRC's website)
- "Chlorination for Hand Dug Wells in Monrovia", Garandeau R. Trevett A., Bastable A. (Waterlines,
2006 : electronic copy available upon request)
- "La traversée du Sahel en mobylette", Garandeau R., Migraine J.B., Dolidon B. (ISTOM Mag, 2004:
electronic copy available upon request)

Translation of technical documents :
- "Understanding groundwater and wells in manual drilling", written by Arjen van der Wal, peer-read by
various experts including Prof. Richard Carter, and published by the Practica Foundation.
Downloadable in several languages on Practica's website (French version Régis Garandeau and Julien
- Interface of the PATHS software ("Policy Analysis Tool for Handpumps Sustainability"), designed and
published by the WSP / World Bank (French version Régis Garandeau and Jérôme Rihouey)

Member of the ISTOM Alumni network, creator and member of Cranfield University's Community Water
Supply network. These networks, available on the internet, gather more than 1200 professionals
working in the fields of agriculture, environment and water in more than 120 countries.

Other qualifications
- Concrete field testing certification (ACI, 2010)
- Driving license (2001, full)
- First Aid Certificate and Certificate in Health and Safety Regulations (FFSS, 2000)

Visited countries (work, studies, tourism)
North Africa, Middle-East : Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait
Sub-Saharan Africa : Senegal, Liberia, Mali, Burkina-Faso, Chad
Americas : United States, Cuba, Haiti, Peru, Bolivia
Asia : India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Singapore, Macao, Hong Kong
Europe : France, Ireland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech
Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Turkey
Oceania : Australia
(Click on the link below to see the map)

Juggling, kites flying, chess, football, gardening, guitar.

If you wish to get references on my work, I can give you the contact details of my previous employers
(with their agreement). If you are interested, please tell me from which organisations and in which
language you would like to receive references.

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