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Sheet       Qualitative Data
No.         Questionnaire                                Question #9            The one thing that concerns me most about the
                                                                                future of people and society is-

        1   That they are lazy, and don’t do their part
        2   The stability of the family unit.
        3   The lack of concern people have for the future and for each other
        4   The influence of the media.
        5   Getting away from matters of the heart
        6   Their attitude and self responsibility to want to learn (lack there of)
        7   Lack of responsibility            Lack of initiative   More parent involvement
        8   Cultural differences all coming together in America and how we will handle the differences.
            The issue of immigration and what will happen if we do nothing verses if we do something to help with the illegal immigrants.

       9 More parent involvement
      10 There is a general moral decay in our society that I feel is cause for great concern. It is necessary to combat this on every level,
            both at home and in the school. It seems vitally important to me that education institutions are able
            to attract and retain people who are great educators and able to instill knowledge and ethics into their students
            and inspire then for the future. A society without ethics, morality or knowledge will inevitably collapse.

      11 I think the grooviest issue facing American society is our etheocentricity wedded to commercialism. As a society we
         exhibit an astounding blindness to the needs of individuals not in our own society not in our own social economic group,
         our own culture our own country while consuming more and more of the our own world’s resources.
      12 The ethical & moral decisions made by our leaders, our parents & our children.
      13 Overpopulation
      14 Respect for others, awareness of differences & equity
      15 If people are more concerned about legal issues and politics-and abandon the technology sector which support and create jobs.
      16 Tolerance & acceptance of diversity
      17 The amount of apathy that students, parents, and teachers have towards education
18 That we will become a society that is nosy, rude, and will sue for just about anything.
19 The overwhelming amount of information available how can we determine what’s really important to know?
20 The lack of people with college degrees
21 No Answer
22 The high importance of test skills. Since we are putting more emphasis on high test skills, we are leaving out imagination.
     The schools teach memorization now to get the high scores and the teachers have no time left for creative work.
23   America is a free country and people take advantage of that. There are so many people who don’t want to help
      themselves when they have the ability to do so. I feel people don’t hold
     themselves accountable for their actions and rely on others to take care of them.
24   Whether they will clone people-I have nightmares of my ex-husband being cloned! Funding-will industry fund this?
25   The potential divide between those who have and those that have not-particularly access of technology.
26   The ever widening gap between the rich & the poor. The world continues to widen that gap by systems that propagate
     a poor-stay-poor-rich-stay-rich society. If public education is not strongly supported, the world is headed to a bad place.
27   Everyone is afraid of offending someone. Teachers can’t even tell their students “no” anymore. People now seem to
      forget that it is ok to get your feelings hurt once in a while.
28   A lack of religious training, or the practice of any real Faith in so many of our homes, is what concerns me the most.
     Since most of our morals come from a strong belief-our faith-,there are a lot of families in today’s society that don’t
     have much moral strength or background to guide their lives. Too many people these days don’t believe in absolute
     rights or wrongs (but believe everything is relative). This often leads to Broken Marriages, rebellious children,
     teenage pregnancy etc. (No moral strengths).
29 They are too many to mention really. I think with so many new races & huge jump in illegal immigrants will have a huge
   problem in the near future. It seems education, and intelligent people are on the decline.
30 Their “voluntary, ignorance”: People vote without researching candidates, attend churches where they know nothing
   of the actual teachings and doctrine of the church, keep up with current happenings of their favorite celebrities
   while they know nothing of current events throughout the world, and believe everything they hear on TV.
31 The disconnect that parents seem to have from the education of their children. Not only are they extremely uninvolved
   (at least 80%, in my opinion) but when effort is made to help a student, parents often make empty promises or simply
   do not respond at all to the please of teachers and administration. This disconnect extends to the home as well. Parents
   place educators at an automatic disadvantage by very often not assuring simple things such as an adequate nights sleep
     for their child. Schools are also expected to teach basic social skills & morality that should be taught by parents/guardians.
   There are only so many hours in a day. Education, to be successful, absolutely must have cooperative parental involvement.
32 I am concerned about the lack of respect in society. If people respected others, there would not be destruction of property,
     theft, shootings, etc. I believe this respect of others is a learned trait just as lack & respect is a learned trait.
33   The lack of motivation of students toward learning and getting a good education.
34   Worshiping the god of self-esteem.
35   Separation of economic levels based solely on education; yet providing economic success for alternative learners.
36   Learning to understand and accept differences, whether cultural, economic, religious, etc.
37   A selfish and entitlement minded population.
38   Proper education in smaller town’s.
39 Lack of parent involvement in daily student education-parents only seem to care at report card time; the primary concern
     of society is not education but a letter grade-as long as they get an A, it doesn’t matter if students learn.
40   The resistance to the development of a world state.
41   Well, the focus of education, I mean, is education going to be targeted towards test scores? Are teachers going to
     teach to the tests, and not go beyond/cover any other materials?
42   That both will cease to exist.
43   The increased tendency toward religious fundamentalism-reverting to an exclusive, closed set of beliefs as a reaction to
      the exposure to challenging viewpoints.
44   The alarming rate of growing population in the U.S. paired with little availability of jobs and money.
45   I feel there is to much dependency on technology. (I.E. computers, Internet, video games) I believe that technology
     is important however it has also made us FATTER and LAZIER than that of America 13 years ago.
46   Too often poser & (money) possessions are more important to us than simple decency.
47 That the people that lack book smarts will be left behind. Most people that have common since get worse grades and are
   left out of the money provided for college.
48 Today’s society the upcoming generation is no longer taking education seriously. Society, today, is based on money,
   cars, clothes, & sex. I am also concerned about the lost for continuing education. It will be increasing.
49 Human beings inability to recognize, accept or solve the pain in each other.
50 We are continuing to move to a society of “haves”-and “have nots” Poor education dooms individuals to permanent
     under-class status and friction and alienation

51 The appearant inability to get along with each other & accept people as people with no labels. Until we can all accept that
     we are all a part of one world we will continue to devalue each other.
52   Not being able to utilize education and not being able to build on the background of the individual.
53   The loss of core values related to family and work. Lack of respect & accountability w/I lower generations.
54      The lack of resources to individual's as a result of expenses, in other words limited access to opportunities
55   Lack of concern for others & laziness when it comes to learning
56   Our society is becoming too oriented toward short-term, instant gratification. We lack patience and too often loose our
     opinions and decisions upon emotion and not logic
57   Poorly prepared or unprepared students who are not successful in college increases the numbers of "work-ready"
     individuals able to participate in and improve society
58 Degradation of values and morals in the home in unhealthy parental guidance coupled with the influence of violent and sexual
   media that our children are exposed to and abused by
59 As the cost of education increases there are going to be more uneducated people in the world.
60 Not getting an education because it being to expensive.
61 That e will get into another global war.
62 We won't stick to the basics. We let small factions split for our society.
63 We are destroying ourselves (all life) (our cultures-what makes us unique-, our sense of fairness and justice for all people of
   the world, and our physical surroundings-air, vegatation, water, land, plant and animal species).
64 Integriation, cultural awareness, knowledge of society and others.
65 The new generation of students, which does not value the importance of education
66 NO Answer
67 No Answer
68 NO Answer
69 The diminishing of middle class is threatening the conomy which intern may affect educational opportunities and advancement.
70 That everyone is so self-absorbed we don't care about the consequences of our actions
71 Ignorance
72 Access to quality educaiton
73 The disparity between social classes and the relative funding for educaiton concerns me right now. In the future, it would be
   in society's best interest to level the educational playing field, providing equal opportunitis for less fortunate and
     demographics. Increasing educational opportunities for less fortunate students and demographics. Increasing educational
   opportunites is cricial if we desire to maintain our quality of live and socioeconomic status on a global scale.
74 We're not all in the same level of technology and the society is moving faster than the people.
75 The impact of the increase in the gap between haves nad have nots.
76 Unwillingness to put forth seniors great effort to learn and understand difficult subject matters.
77 The decreasing value placed on character and moral responsibility or ethics.
78 The intolerance in this country for people of different races, ethenicities, religions, etc.
79 Society is tolerating immoral beliefs, actions, and behaviors
80 Is how people interact with each other. It seems that the haves and have nots are becoming further apart and how
   they interact is further apart
81 It appears that the United States takes on a "big brother" in other countries. Due to this fact, I believe our government
   must provide more funding for our children, our future. American dollars need to be spent on American soi.l, so
   we can address many multiculturism dilemmas.
82 People will be replaced with technology and society will be ok with it.
83 The lack of compassion that people feel towards each other: in ealier times people had genuine care and concern for the
   community in which they lived and now it seems that no one cares how their community is as long as it doesn't affect them.
84 Everyone is moving at such a fast pace. There seems to be no time for family at all. Round table discussions w/no tv on and
     all at the table is a thing of the past.
85 I think if we are not careful, that we could easily use up all of the worlds natural resources. It oculd be harder than we think
   to improvise.
86 Growth, I like seeing new technology and I believe we can all benefit highly from it, however, I fear technology may be
   becoming too advanced with cloning, and equipment to spy on citizens with. I think some things are harmful.
87 The failure of people understanding how our actions affects the world not just us. We are a society only concerned
   with how things will interfere with our lives, not what is necessry for future generations. People seem ungrateful for
   the opportunities we have in America and they feel things are owed to them. As a nation we must be willing to stand
   up for what is just and the freedoms we have or we will become a society in which we do not understand. Who wants
   to live in a country where we do not have the right to make choices or to have freedom of speech. The younger
   generations do not understand what past generations have fought and died for . They do not understand the hardships
   that have been indured to get us where we are. Furthermore they do not wish or want to be a part of the efforts made
   to keep us a free nation. Where does this leave us? I am not one looking forward to this answer. I am afraid that
   my children will be faced with situations in which America as a nation may have to rebuild itself.
88 The loss of individual thought, creativity, and critical thinking skills. Technology tends to turn people into
   unquestioning robots who rely on the media to tell them what to believe.
 89 The one thing that concerns me the most about the future of people and society is how indolent "we" have become.
    Our culture it seems has become complacent. It appears that the local, sate, and federal government will continue to
    provide humanity no matter what the cost to the tax paying individuals who I will call the working poor. It is (in my
    opinion) a vicious cycle that is a learned behavior which is passed from generation to generation and will
    ultimately or inevitably lead to the demise of our social dominance and therefore filter consequently into public
    education as well.
 90 corruption of morals and values
 91 Lack of education
 92     As a whole, not willing to pay the price. No one is accountable for his/her actions
 93     Good jobs!
 94 People are getting lazy because everything has enhanced like internet and cell phones
 95 Education-Because it is important to know about other cultures, religions, and past time (history). The more you know
    the more experience you get about life. That means you are better prepared for your future and also peoples
    future (to self).
 96 Moral values concern me most about the future of people and society because many decisions are related to morals.
 97 Society w/a crumbling family base
 98 Lack of ability for people to except responsibility for their own actions or inactions.
 99     Lack of morals and ethics in society…..it's like there's no sense of right and wrong for some peole anymore
100 Unwillingness to take the time required to understand issues and think about them critically.
101     Will we continue to have closed minds void of new ideas but filled with persecution for the untraditional?
102 Being culturally isolated and culturally uneducated.
103 People are growing more and more self-centered and selfish. I am concerned about the ability of others to
    work together for the good of others.
104 Acknowledge of differences, and treaching without personal influences
105 Keeping education updated & connected to the marketplace.
106 Their attitude of "what's in it for me" as opposed to what can we do to help society as a whole.
107 The thing that worries me most is that societ is continuing to deteriorate, not get better; but I know this is
    predicted in the Bible. People are continuing to become more immoral, self-centered, and unGodly. People
    have moved away from the one true God and have accepted false teachings. I am more worried about the
        external future of people, not earthly.
108   The amount immorality present.
109   Cultural diversity in the US and Keeping up with technological advances for all students of all grade levels.
110   The work ethics issue
111       Not enough emphasis is placed on educators anymore. America is falling behind.
112       Limiting the empact of our class system
113       Technology will be too far advanced for the average person. And society won't be able to keep up.
114       Discrimination
115   I would think that how insane people are today, we bomb threats & school shooting, It seems like everyday.
      People killin kids I mean this stuff you hear on the news is just crazy. I guess if I had to pick one thing it would
      have to be is the way people think.
116       How everybody is going to act and be successful in life. The generation now is crazy compared to my moms
      age. Also, more and more males try to get by without jobs, and have somebody support them. It will hopefully
      work out for everybody.
117   Some of the children that I receive in class should be more       advanced in their studies. I think a lot of schools
          are over crowded and under-funded not to mention a lot of students come from broken homes. I think all of
      this plays a down roll part in public educaiton.
118   The ability to look beyond ones self.
119   To make sure that people of all cultures have an equal chance to learning the skills needed in a technological world.
120       People today believe that everyone owes them something and expect that things are given to them instead of
      earning the items.
121   Accountability, lack of discipline
122   The lack of time management
123       We don't fully understand the consequences of our actions
124   Inadequate (representation of scientific information in the media)
125   violence with injustice
126   Academic standards are not high enough to prepare our high school graduates for higher education and/or a good
      job with technology and problem solving demands. We have become lazy and expect every, instant solution
      to our needs and wants.
127   Lack of obtaining formal educational for vocational education
128   Illegal immigrants holding back students because teachers are so concerned on them and they are being draining
      on the classroom teacher.
129   Views of responsibilities, Nobody takes responsibility for their actions anymore. Everybody blames someone or something
      else on their own actions.
130   Illegal immigrants not carrying their weight and draining the system.
131   Racism, I fell today society is multi-cultural and those who sit on the "stone age idea" of discrimination & racism will
      never progress.
132   Lack of accountability. Kids aren't respectful.
133   Growing acceptance of death and murder or violent crimes
134   The ability to get along with live peacefully amongst each other
135   With an educated population-it is good, however with global outsourcing; will we have jobs in America?
136   Not everyone is geared to be a "teacher". Focus on the basics, build to the specifics of honing a skill.
137   Our society is such a melting pot of people and we must be prepared and know how to work with students and
      people from all cultures and what they bring to a classroom. (from a teacher's standpoint."
138   No Concerns
139   Lack of respect and general lack of care for other humans (re.others feelings, personal possessions, etc.)
140   Our children's education is not a priority of our government.
141   That society gets on better track and becomes concerned once again w/important things rather than the dumb things
      that fill the news.
142   The technology is a huge issue. We need to be more involved w/technology because it is quickly
143   Their inability to effectively communicate with people who are "different" & their lack of value judgement.
144   I 'm concerned about people living in 3rd. World countries such as Africa who are uneducated. Illiteracy is a problem
      today and I'm concerned about the future.
145   Lack of education in the advancement of technology
146   The lack of a moral and spiritual compass that guides every aspect for our world: education, politics, environment, etc.
147   Diminishing family values
148   their ability to co-exist peacefully
149   the lack of religious beliefs and the lack of service to others
150   maintaining a balance of new technology with previous methods
151   Will not be able to keep up with technology
152   People don't have the means ($ or education) to move forward effectively.
153   moral disintegration
154   funding fo rurban schools
155   Global Competition
156   no child left behind
157   Keeping technology ethical moral fine balance as well as cutting edge
158   That more people have become uninterested in furthering their educaiton
159   People not caring in futures or society, or themselves.
160   Lack of disapline & morals.
161   Our disposable mentality
162   They can't relate to one another. People in power have low expectations for certain groups of people, and this
      will result in a sad society.
163   Peoploe are content with the way society is and does not plan to change it.
164   More and more high school students will drop out of school and not receive a high school diploma or GED
165   The one thing that concerns me the most is that more and more people are becoming of low economic status. Things
      are becoming more expensive all the time and people are not able to afford the things they might need.
166   Society needs to slow down and not hurry through life.
167   The lack of morales. Teachers spend so much time dealing with student behaviors. Students will be steal and inflict pain on
      other students and feel no remorse. They are able to look the teacher straight in the eyes and say they didn't do anything
      wrong even when the teacher wittnessed the event. What is really sad is that there is no parental support in this area
      (usually) leaving the teacher frustrated.
168   The family bond, are not like it was in the past, the cost of living being so high, both parents have to work, and they are not
      spending enough quality time with their children, to help teach them basic skills, which start at home.
169   Education isn't a priority
170   People not keeping up with technologies
171   political influence interfering with teachers being able to teach.
172   Everyone being treated equally
173 Apathy and the "What have you done fo rme lately mentality". People should focus on the long range solutions facing our society.
174 Religion
175 The continuous decline of academic riger-especially in secondary ed.
176   People's tolerance of one another. We have to learn as a society to respect and appreciate each other's differences.
177   Well, as Jodi Foster replied in "Contact" (the movie) when asked if she had only one question for an alien society
      it would be, "How did you make it without killing yourself?"=sustainability
178   The worlds limited resources are the fightings an wars to exploit these resources. The current ause will have major
      effects on the world of tomorrow.
179   Environment and ethic issues
180   No Answer
181   No Answer
182   No Answer
183   No Answer
184   No Answer
185   No Answer
186   The lack of personal responsiblility
187   Health-Mental and Physical
188   The pace of keeping up-being coonnected 24/7-not a good thing. Too many stressed students, tachers, and society in general.
189   Our lack of taking personal resposibility for our learning, values, and decisions.
190   Lack of ed, especially basics, being overly reliant on technology
191   Taking responsibility for your own actions
192   I'm not sure. I guess making sure that everyone has an opportunity to suceed. So many people have to make education opportunities
      available for everyone.
193   People are becoming lazy and don't want to work for anything. They want everything handed to them.
194   The speed at which technology is expanding. How does the common individuals cope/stay current?
195   Many people have little or no literacy skills. This has a negative impact on our society now so unless something is done, the problem
      will only worsen.
196   No Answer
197   Violence
198   Competing with other countries in science & math technology
199   People's unwillingness to change and incorporate diversity into their lives. There must be a compromise about important issues, such as
      language. There is such a negative reaction from the public about being a bilingual country.
200   The unwillingness to work hard to get ahead. Everyone wants to find the get rich or easy fix method.
201   Many people are ignorant, poorly educated and low literacy levels lead to societal problems and misunderstanding.
202   The thing that concerns me is education in the low income population. I don't feel the eudcation given to young people in public
      schools that come from low income families are given the same opportunity and they are not pushed or motivated enough
      to pursue a college degree.
203   The problem of homelessness in our society, lack of healthcare, lack of education in families.
204   People need to be educated in different ways. Different types of learners need ot be placed in appropriate settings and via
      customized ways.
205   I am most concerned about the political problems our country is having. In a society that touts democracy the peoples needs
      are at the whim of a small percentage of the populations as a whole. Assets are not well dispersed to the people.
206   The younger generation is so "me" oriented. (Selfish??) They have many high demands for what they are willing to do
      or not to do.
207   Everything is so complex and fast paced that people don't "seem" to have time for each other, taking care of themselves,
      resting, being healthy, & happy.
208   The growing amount of people that do not speak English and are therefore unable to communicate for the purpose of
      education, healthcare, work, etc.
209   The cost and availability of education to all populations limits the further educating of all people to fill high need jobs.
210   The complete faith and reliance on technology and material gain.
211   Respect, self-discipline, honesty
212   The lack of resources for poverty families which includes educational sources.
213   The understanding of issues critical to daily functioning is society such as cultural competence & basic understanding
      of world issues (global issues).
214   People now are looking out for number 1 and have no regard to those around them and will do anything to get to the top.
215   The lack of desires to change older ineffective way of doing things (example-paperwork for everything)
216   Our education level in regards to jobs, (i.e., people who complete college will get a job over a person who didn't attend
      college) Availability of funds for school
217   The violence in American homes and inadequate knowledge and skills about how to raise children.
218   Society as a whole seems to be coming to a "Faithless", self-centeredness that is alarming. "It's all about me"
219   Lack of commitment to invest self in the learning process. Student want it to be easy and not to require much effort on
      their part.
220   Our inability to compromise-I think our culture is more severely divided than at any time since the Civil War.
221   The lack of discipline
222   The lack of awareness of one's neighbor and their needs.
223   The issue that concerns me most is the decline in ethics across society, from business to government and law to personal
      courtesy. This country is quickly becoming a nation of self-centerd, egocentric people. This stems (partially) from a fear
      of teaching religious knowledge in public educational institutions (ethics are usually understood within the realm of religion).
      While our country has been on this same path for quite some time, it is incredible that nothing has been done to remedy the
      situation by teaching ethics in universities (even where it is offered, it is ussually discussed theoretically according to various
      paradigms, rather than as a practical subject of personal growth leading to a better society).
224   Moral and ethical decline
225   Accountability for ones own actions toward society
226   Their lack of concern for others. That most young people feel they should be given so much and they do not want to work for it.
227   We rely on technology to much if something was to crash, no one would know how to manually do it.
228   The amount of people that drop out and never continue their education
229   People (other than caucasian) can not see the minority population as the majority now that it is,
      everything is taught from a caucasian perspective instead of a cultural one.
230   No Answer
231   Keeping up with technology
232   The willingness of people and society to look the other way, instead of dealing with complicated issues,
      such as homelessness.
233   Their teaching ethical values
234   The one thing that concerns me most about the future of people and society is the focus on self….my
      rights, what I am entitled to have, and how are you interfering with that. We glorify the people in sports
      and on the big screen, and don't notice the public servants. We hear advertising often on how I deserve
      the best job, best makeup, best everything…and I think that has led to a sense of false entitlement.
235   The normal decay in our society will be our downfall as a nation. It is fostered by the media and enabled
      by the internet. It's already out of control.
236   No Answer
237   Society endorses the thought that "its all about me" Our society is self-centered. If we don't use our
      talents and help each other, our society will become ununified and fall apart.
238   I am most concerned about the lack of integrity in society. People do what they need to do because it is
      a difficult world out there. Morals are rapidly decaying, and society easily blurs the line between black
      and white. I hear that these characteristics have become the "standard" of our kids.
239   People are self-focused and completely independent of others. Decisions are made based on "what is
      important to me" with little thought or concern of how it affects others.
240   People, as a whole, thinking "some one else will take care of everything". Or not being involved or
      caring about what is going on outside "their world". If "it" leaves them alone, no reason to get involved.
241   Not only should we be teaching our children how improtant text book learning is but also how to
      impact with others on a daily basis. Granted most of this should be taught at home but, we need
      to instill ethics also.
242   The things which concerns me most in the extreme social and political polarization evident both in the
      U.S. and in extremist groups around the world. I worry about the real lack of diplomacy and
      compromise for the common good.
243   I really worry about how some of our students are raised. I come into contact with so many parents who
      act like children. The students mirror their parent's behaviors. Many times the students who
      misbehave in class, misbehave at home.
244   That they will not receive a good education.
245   The widening gap between the haves and the have nots.
246   The gap between people who use technology and the ones who don't .
247   Taking God out of the school systems
248   Everything we do these days leads to war.
249   Taking God out of everything
250   People, adults and children, need to be held accountable for their own actions. Society is too willing to
      make excuses for behaviorable issues.
251   The fact that society seems to have lost the sense of American pride in all aspects of our lives & have
      reported to an individualized way of thinkings.
252   To be able to think what is best for the majority of people instead of certain few.
253   The departure from the values and morals on which this country was founded.
254   Is individuals not expecting responsibility for their own mistakes and decisions
      in this changing society with less morals.
255   The growing % of population that seem to expect more from the gov. eg. More ened for services
      less people to pay for them.
256   The global diversity and how we will all communicate
257   World Economy
258   The lack of family and the hatrid eveyone has for one another. Today's society needs to understand the many difficulties
      that are ahead of us, and how to resolve them.
259   Lack of responsibility and integrity
260   Healthcare
261   economy
262   Society, and people need to focus upon helping students to ralize their potential and then work to achieve it.
      Students must realize that they are important and working hard brings good consequences but a poor attitude
      and work habits bring bad consequences.
263   Violence in schools & violence in general
264   Misunderstanding & mistrust
265   Public knowledge of critical issues in our society
266   As the cost of living rises, every day (fuel prices, utilities, etc. ) most people are going to be making enough
      money to get by
267   lack of education on how to manage money & daily living
268   The break-down of the family unit and general decline of morals & values…Lack of respect for authority.
269   Lackof proper education leaves people ignorant and easy to influence regarding important public issues and politics.
270   keeping up with current technology
271   The lack of parent support in education today. When children are young, parents are willing to do anything and
      everything to help with their hcild's education. As children get older parents start to slack off and that is when
      you can see children's grades start going down. Children also seem to be less enthused about school.
272   Lack of moral values
273   world ethics
274   The lack of respect for each person as a unique individual who has something to share in society is a major concern.
275   What I see going on daily @ McClain
276   The negative influence of the family (home) on children which impacts the school which impacts their futures of
      both the individual & society as a whole.
277   Loss of basic moral values, loss of hope. Life is not deemed as precious, and the lack of respect for all of life diminishes
278   No answer
279   Lack of respect for others. Growth of low educational standards for kids in proverty.
280   nations fighting nations
281   My main concern is the descrimination of racism in our society.
282   Lack of belief in the value of a strong education from today's students
283   No answer
284   violence
285   No answer
286   Who will teach the future doctor lawyers and nurses because people aren't interested in becoming a teacher
287   The world today is becoming to accept the unacceptable
288   That they truly do not value basic education. They talk as if it is but they do not. When asked will say that they
      are going on to further shooling. But they whimp out in a position to slow actions with not participating.
289   Beig able to educate and still stress the importance of ethics and character.
290   Is that people do not see that China & India & others are out proforming the U. S.
291   The lack of home training for our young people
292   Devloping a value for education in individuals. Life-long learners
293   The youth has become so brazen with their actions.
294   No respect, lower literacy skills, focused more on production outcomes rather than doing really good works-helping others.
295   Not enough of the younger generation seems to care enough about themselves or others because we as Americans
      have drifted away from what is traditonal
296   The standards of educaiton-and life in general-are falling to an atrociously low level.
297   The lack of a religious life style becoming more common.
298   The lack of moral ethics and values
299   End of free public education as we know it, replaced with for profit education facilities. The quality of public schools to
      give way to vouchers & outside pressures from business & government. An even bigger gap between the haves & haves not.
300   lack of education
301   A permanent "under class" of people who don't receive the education needed to succeed.
302   I see the issue of race becoming more of an issue. Steps are made to go forward buts comments from everyday
      people shows a split and it is still there.
303 The threat of terrorism and mass shootings in public places.
304 The one thing that concerns me the most is that most kids these days are more into computer, games, xboxes,
    etc. I believe that kids pay more attention to that type of technology then the technology to help them learn more.
    The more they learn and try to better themselves the more profitible they would be to society.
305 That technology will wipe out any past times or conversation which doesn't include it.Liike having a conversation with a
    person face to face instead of text messaging or writing a letter instead of an e-mail to someone.
306 The increasing moral decay of society. Specifically, parents who are either looking for or waiting for others to teach
      their child/children the morals and values that they were given and know to be right and true. As parents we can not expect
      our next generation to thrive and prosper on the morals and values established by the latest television shows, styles, and
      hottest Internet sites. Yes, it does take a whole village to raise a healthy, moral, well-rounded person, so we need to
      surround our children (and ourselves) with good people in the village but parents need to take on what "the village" can
      not or will not provide.
307   The irresponsible work habits and lack of integrity in the work place. I.E. Doing things the right way regardless is anyone
      is watching, doing things well-what happened to our sense of pride and accomplishments?
308   Dependance on technology
309   Lack of accountability
310   Generation Gap
311   The lack of basic parenting of children in the cause of students to come to schools with severe difficiencies that are very
      very difficult to overcome.
312   Preparing people for work
313   Learning we are all in this together (globally). We need to be total acceptance of others and we all have value.
      Acceptance of diverse culturals & religion.
314   The destruction of our environment
315   Lack of ambition and drive that a lot of our younger adults need to get up and do something positive with their life and
      future. Nothing in this world is eassy and it takes a person with tough skin to suceed but at the end of the road its all worth it
316   What we (human) have done to our environment will (and is) coming back to haunt us. If we continue on this path, we
      are sealing our own fates.
317   Losing our competitive edge compared to other countries. Our (US)education system is not producing the level of educ-
      ated people as we once did. Lower test scores, & lower graduation rates.
318   Too me & materialistic focused-hedonistic
319   Uneducated prople with few jobs that can make them a living
320   Lack of understanding of needs of other people.
321   Technology is great but at the same time it is not due to people who scam and steal identities and interest predators.
322   Lack of Values
323   It appeaars to me that the older I get and the more people that I meet most people are so self absorbed and only
      concerned with what is going on in their own little world, that what is going on around them doesn't fully register.-I worry
      that the majority of people and society in general are like this-Also-the usuals-the fact that issues such as racism and
      poverty are still alive and thriving bothers me. No matter how much "awareness" is put out there, ignorance still reigns supreme.
324   Lack of compassion
325   Affordable Higher Education
326   Lack of concern & care for each other
327   Everyone needs new ideas for education needs since now the world has new markets in other cultures.
328   Ethics & morales
329   Morals and values of society
330   Lack of discipline and our kids are not being raised by their parents.
331   The lack of work ethics, social skills, and communication is a real problem.
332   Moral Values. The way the children are being raised today with no respect and everything handed to them.
333   Standard of living for the next generation being unequal, middle class becoming a smaller group.
334   Lack of quality education
335   Ethics
336   That we're getting dumber.
337   The rapid growth of technology and the varied technological knowledge levels of learners. This factor divides learners
      and exhibits instructional abilities to individuals learning.
338   Dependance on natural resources
339   The influence of big business or powerful small internet groups on the American congress or political process.
340   For America to stay competitive in the global world that we live in today. Our economy and education must continue
      to improve.
341   (The interviewer wrote nothing)
342   Our ability to further meld into society that is more global.
343   The "me" society we are living in . We seem to be becoming a society that cares less & less for each other. We are
      becoming a rude, self-centred society.
344   The inability & unwillingness of parents to allow teachers to manage their classrooms without their interference.
345   Desire to learn
346   Equality/justice in a global society
347   Lack of educational opportunities for all individuals
348   The lack of skills needed for effective communicating.
349   The economy; I am afraid only the wealthy will be able to educate their children.
350   Losing sight of what a great country America is and what it stands for.
351   How we will get along, if we have different races holding office in the white house or anywhere. Will racism grow worst,
      if the opposers feel that the office holders is not doing a good job or even if he/she does will this not change their view
352   The government taking control of everyones lives
353   The lack of respect that is taught to the youth of today. I think this affects them in many different ways including their education.
354   Ethical and moral issues
355   Ecological health of the planet
356   Lack of Christian training in homes and then showing these attributes to other people in society.
357   Class differences-predjudice, not so much race differences, but class.
358   America is an individualist society. Our culture is permeated with I, Me, & you. At the same time, our society is given limited
      definitions of success by our culture. The most common definition of success would most likely include wealth. These two
      things are the ingredients for a greatly egocentric people. The focus is on advancing oneself. While advancing oneself is,
      of course, not degraded has made us blind and numb to the needy. The richer we get the more distance we put between
      ourselves and those who are labeled beneath us. It becomes harder for us to see poverty, we don't think about working class
      single moms who turn to prostitution to feed their kids.If we don't see the boys beaten by alcoholic fathers attending schools
      with no AC or fractures we don't think about justice for those kids………unless one of those kids steals your Ipod. The
      problem I see is not those most capable of influencing, helping, supporting, and giving their time, money, or a vote are
      immune or too distracted by luxuries to care.
359   People are losing their creativity and they are disinterested in learning new things.
360   No comment
361   There are too many to write-hunger, lack of energy resources, inhumanity of man, torture, terror, mass killings………..
362   In the attempt to make all people able to have access to opportunities we have changed the requirements needed to succeed.
      Thereby "dumbing down" the very essence that made the opportunity attractive.
363   The direction it's (society) heading
364   The breakdown of the family unit has a major impact on society and the education of the next generation of parents & employees
365   Everyone working together in an ethical manner. The team all headed in one direction-to see that all kids become successful-
      learn to be self-supportive, drug free, thoughtful. Etc.
366   They do not have proper manners and social skills. Schools do not teach moral choices.
367   Most people claim to be technologically savy but lack the skills necessary to continue with the changing world much less
      create or change within it. Many students do not know as much as they could or should know about technology to stay
      competitive in today's world that is beginning to revolve around technology (it is no longer a luxury for those who can afford
      it) Is technology simply being used in a mechanical manner without understanding it in a theoretical manner? Is technology
      a more declarative knowledge rather than procedural knowledge? Are we living up to our true academicc, technological
      potential to stay skilled and competitive?
368   No on wants to be responsible for themselves.
369   Ailbity to compete in domestic & international markets.
370   Lack of consideration of other people's viewpointss/inability to view the same phenomenon from multiple perspectives.
371   That the poverty level will keep increasing and cause a vast array of problems in society. Which include crime rate, gang
      violence, murder etc….Poverty is not what causes crime but what poverty brings is a feeling of outcast, rejection, and
      hopelessness. Unless we can give children and others a sense to believe there is something for them they will have nothing
      to lose.
372   The lack of morality in society & the inability of public education to freely teach & enforce moral codes of conduct.
373   To be honest what concerns me most about the future is the decline of moral values and the lowering of the Judeo/Christian
      ethical standard in favor of a humanistic worldview, which puts "self" above others and God.
374   What concerns me most is the lack of concern people have for moral and ethical behavior
375   ………..we take things for granted; too often we rely on new and upcoming technology in our society. It scares me to think
      that someday we will rely on technological advances so much that we will digress in our understanding of the world.
      If each new generation doesn't strive to make our world a better place and leave its mark, then the past and current
      generations work may amount to nothing.
376   That humans will stop caring about others & that we will lose our connection with nature and other people.
377   We will have more aliens here and we'll all need to learn Spanish.
378   Society is very close-minded. Being close minded causes discrimination which in turn creates feal of being accepted. If
      you have fear in being accepted by society, then you have fear in moving forward. (i.e."Teacher hates black people (assump-
      tion) so he/she is going to fail me, so why even try?")
379   Lack of support from the community for better public schools.
380   The future of people and our society is threatened by the human nature & fight, the length of time it takes for individuals
      or/and groups to learn from past mistakes, and our inability to understand that God is God regardless of the name used.
381   My concern is that we gain a higher standard of morals. Parents aren't teaching children right from wrong and treating human
      life as a high importance. Our schools have more and more discipline problems without parental guidance. Education begins
      at home.
382   I have to select two-lack of high society to a visual society. Lack of expectation is so rampant that it's actually news when
      a company or group wants to move from "good to great". The quest for excellence used to be the norm. Now it's the expectation
      As for our conversion to a visual society, the brain of readers develops differently than the brain of a watcher. Our traditions
      are based on literacy-but we see our traditions eroding. Is it any wonder?
383   Increase in mental health & substance abuse on society at large at lack of ability to treat those who need counseling.
384   Our government and how they use tax payers dollars.
385   When people are given to them scholarships and chances to get there education and throw it all away because they
      don't have a positive attitude they want to achieve there goals.
386   That everyone receives an equal opportunity to learn and receive an education.
387   One thing that concerns me most about the future of people and society is disrespect of eudcation students of all ages in
      the way that most believe the government owes them instead of people trying to figure out for themselves that they can get
      what they need by asking, working, or seeking a way that is productive.
388   The need for higher education to be attainable to all.
389   Crime (violence, stealing)
390   The wasteful attitude many have. I am concerned that Americans do not conserve our resources and feel that will always
      be more.
391   "Common Sense" is not so common.
392   That there will not be enough health food, water, and energy to provide for everyone.
393   My biggest concern may be the seeming lack on many people's part to make responsibility for his/her actions, education
      and future.
394   People are for themselves and blame others for their actions. There is no responsibility. There is no tolerance for each other.
395   As an educator dealing with information literacy, I believe funding of technology so that students have access to current
      methods & can be competitive in a global society, is the biggest problem.
396   Decline of morals and values.
397   The importance of high morals & ethics., The christianity & God are being removed from the fore front of our nations
398   Increasing the number of college educated citizens who can communicate effectively, perform math skills, understand
      a global economy, and who can problem solve. All levels of education contributes to the development of their skills and to
      instilling a desire for continuing education throughout a lifetime.
399   Treating future generations that enjoys life as we know it today (education, quality of life, family values, & affordable
400   Violence-between different ethnic groups and between any group.
401   People who are not seeking out information to become better prepared on topics such as organic. More students are going to
      college but the public is becoming more dependent on the media to tell them what to think on topics.
402   That our continuing reliance & obsession with new technology-email, cell phones, blackberries etc., will make us more & more
      socially isolated from each other as people.
403   As a society we are becoming fatter and dumber. We are working harder and longer for less due to the lack of proper education.
      If these trends continue the days of the 5 day work week will be gone. I am concerned that quality of life will decline, people
      working 6 or 7 days per week just to make ends meet.
404   How fast paced everything is moving. With the internet and technology rapidly growing, kids become glued to the television and
      computers instead of playing outside and learning social skills. Fast food restaurants provide a quick alternative to a healthy meal,
      causing obesity and rising health issues in America, ultimately causing health insurance to sky rocket. And money hungry, fast
      paced big businesses are pushing the small ones out of business and replacing customer satisfaction with convenience.
405   Global catastrophe brought on by "perfect storm" of ignorance, incompetence, and indifference by nation-states in response to
      joint problems.
406   I am most concerned about the quality of parenting and education children are receiving from their parents and caregivers between
      birth and age 10. It is unfair and unrealistic for teachers to be held responsible for teaching children social and behavioral skills
      that should have been taught by parents.
407   It seems that the value and importance of education have been undervalued. I believe that education is a long-term and durable
      investment for our future and it brings much higher returns than any other investment. Often, however we look for something quick
      turnaround returns.
408   education
409   I am concerned about children being skipped/promoted to the next grade and they can't read.
410   Is equal opportunity to everyone, no more race, color, or etc. background
411   Closed minds, that do not look at all sides of issues and how responses relates.
412   Will we be prepared to compete with the rest of the world?
413   How people and societies can remain competing for the ever scarce resources without trampling on each other.
414   We seem to be losing our basic manners. People treat each others horribly and it is considered normal.This really
      scares me about where we are headed.
415   The gap in skill levels where technology is concerned.
416   Students and their families who cannot afford a higher education. In most cases poor education or lack of education
      leads to no or low paying jobs.
417   No choice in personal & private matters because of government/standardization of health, education, income, etc.
418   Lack of motivation
419   Hate
420   The dependence the students currently have on their parents, which translates to a dependency issue in college.
421   That the trend in society is for people to not have to pull their own weight. It is socially acceptable for people to live off
      other peoples hard work.
422   The shifts that is about to change the competitive edge between nations due to globalization anything other than the people
      can be replicated therefore we are only separated by knowledge.
423   The reliance on technology and how this is removing human knowledge/practice from everyday life, possibly leading to a
      loss of skills. Eg satellite navigation and the loss of the skill of reading a map
424   Stability of society and economics.
425   Energy Resources
426   The inability to do what is right (ethically)dispite what that could do to your social status, future recommendations or
427   The influence that pop culture has on younger children.
428   Not being able to think critically or problem solve effectively.
429   Technology skills are inadequate not everyone understands technology bit everyone needs too! The world is all about
      technology but some do not want change.
430   The lack of discipline in the educational system.
431   Lack of technical training
432   Technology is evolving at a much faster rate than educational facilities adopt it. Higher-ed seems to be far behind when
    it comes to careers and training in technology. Show me a good BA program for my technical industry, and I'll get a 4 yr.
433 The fact that the government will change laws and rules that affect EVERYBODY whenever it is just one person who is
    throwing the fit about the situation at question. An example, everything has to be re-written in Spanish (If you are
    going to live here, learn to speak our language.) It is okay for everybody to have a voice and an opinion, but we shouldn't
    constantly change our country for the minority groups.
434 The breakdown of peoples involvement in society & their communities. I believe that people don't have a sense of
    obligation to serve their communities of fellow man that they once had.
435 The lack good character in current generations.
436 We are at the beginning of a changing of the guard, so to speak. The values and beliefs of the current generation
    in power seems to be drastically different than that of the next generations, in terms of the workplace, social awareness,
    and environmental. A struggle exists currently between where we are and where we'll be headed in the next 15 yrs.
437 Lack of adequate and equitable funding/education for all communities, inner cities with majority populations continue to
    post low graduation rates and even lower post-secondary rates. With our country moving toward higher percentages of
    minority citizens, our current structure may not educate enough students prepared for technological careers that require
    high levels of math and science.
438 The fact that racism still in affect and most of America doesn't even know their racist.
439 The family unit
440 Deterioration of education and rise of crime
441 All technology does away with human contact. I believe people need people not all machines
442 Not being able to deal with the "haves" and "Have Nots". We will always have those who achieve through hardwork
    luck, inheritance, etc. Not being comfortable with the idea that others may have more or less and that "instant gratification"
    is the motivation for the perfect world to be as one vs. somewhat of a concern to me. Evaluating choices & decisions and
    learning to deal with them until new opportunities or choices are made available would enhance the future of people &
    society for incorporating this idea through education.
443 The attitude that people have about other people. For instance, people who do not know someone do not care for the
    people whom they do not know. Their attitudes are generally reckless to other people's problems.
444 That people are being conditioned to think it is okay to be lazy and get things done only on their own timelines. This
    is not practical when society does not accept a "whenever" attitude.
445 Life is pulling away from the family. If we lose the family we will lose society.
446 Loss of Values
447 The direction technology is going in isolates people from one another more with each new advancement. Moving
    forward is good and technology continues to make the lives of people better, but humans are social creatures
    and we need to make sure we don't allow technology to completely isolate us from each other.
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Qualitative Data
            Question 10 The one thing that concerns me most about the future of education is

        1    It is becoming to basic & generic
        2    Adequate funding, for meeting the needs of each individual students so data can drive the instruction where
             each child can reach their potential.
        3    The fact that there is no investment made in most homes by parents for students.
        4    The individual needs are always met.
        5    Federal Legislation
        6    Being able to teach those that are not willing to learn
        7    The negative mind set that government, education, and employer owes the individual in lieu of the individual
             working hard to be successful within the education process, contributing employee, and giving back to society.

        8 If education does not keep up with new technology, what will the future of America do when it’s students are
          not able to continue to progress. Perhaps there will not be adequate funding to provide the necessary technology
          for students, or students will not be able to afford to go to the best university they qualify for because they will not
          get scholarships based on academics since we give so much money to minorities.
        9 What a pity that entertainers and athletes are handsomely rewarded for their endeavors, while educators receive
          minimal rewards for their labors. There must be adequate funding for education on all levels, in order to attract the best
          and the brightest and to offer a nurturing environment to the students.

       10    The pervasive belief that our current method of rewarding grades reflects the knowledge in ability of the students.
             A student’s grade in any class may reflect to some degree a mastery a knowledge-but it also reflects-among other
             things-the students ability to play the “public school system”.

       11 The apathy & lack of work ethic exhibite3d by our students
       12 Accreditation
       13 Funding, politics
14   Education will become very expensive, only the have will be able to enjoy it.
15   Literacy of all students
16   What a pity that entertainers and athletes are handsomely rewarded for their endeavors, while educators receive
      minimal rewards for their labors. There must be adequate funding for education on all levels, in order to attract
     the best and the brightest and to offer a nurturing environment to the students.
17   It will fall behind of what is needed.
18   The applicability of what we learn in the classroom-how can I use it in the real world? Many times there are gaps
     between theory and real-world scholars.
19   The cost of College
21   How expensive it is
22   The high importance of test skills. Since we are putting more emphasis on high test skills, we are leaving
     out imagination. The schools teach memorization now to get the high scores and the teachers have no time left
     for creative work.
23   That education is not affordable to the average person. The cost is substantial and it takes years to pay back student
     loans. Often people make it through college and then are unable to find jobs that pay adequate enough to repay
     their student loans.
24   If teachers will become obsolete?
25   No answer
26   Political & corporate influences, when politicians & corporation (which are tied together) begin to affect education,
     the results are often negative. Those that do not understand education are too often left deciding what programs
     & schools receive funding.
27   New fangled educational theory scares me.
28   I believe children have many stresses nowadays and they do need “down” time-time for recess and play when they’re
     young and athletes, etc. as they get older. I do believe we should start very early with more difficult math training and
     foreign languages as learning happens much easier at early ages. I believe it is so important to have good teachers
     that can teach well while also being respectful of children and taking note of the stresses they have nowadays.
     We need to attract more good teachers with higher pay!!
29   People don’t seem to know much nowadays. They don’t retain info. that they have learned because of lack of sleep
     or moving too fast in classes. Also, the ridiculous concerns about evolution/creation. It was not an issue before.
30   The lack of support by society for public education.
31   The never ceasing additions to educational mandates-i.e. No Child Left Behind, that never receive adequate funding.

32   Students today do not take responsibility for their actions. More and more each year the numbers of students that
     blame circumstances or others for their failure increases. Their future is in their hands. Education must teach students
     to take responsibility and face consequences.
33   How to motivate students that don’t want to put forth any effort.
34   Lowering standards to increase rates instead of challenging students to meet higher standards.
35   A lower level of excellence achievement in an effect to accommodate everyone in one educational model. Resulting
     in some not given the opportunity for advance thinking and others not receiving alternative learning opportunities.
36   Lack of funding and improvement of instruction. Teachers are limited in what they are able to teach, and I feel many
     teachers limit themselves because of this.
37   Without an educated population, the country will become unsustainable.
38   Under payed teachers
39   The ever lowering standards-students just want to get their job done. They no longer try to give their best.
40   Lack of focus on the student and the need to continue finding ways to cram as much information into a single class
     as possible.
41   The thing that concerns me the most about the future of education is: the reliance on test scores as a master
     of teachers’ effectiveness as well as students measure of knowledge. Test scores don ot reveal the whole pictures.
42   That education will become 100% vocational and totally cease to be humanistic.
43   The perception by many in the general public that education under mines their personal values & religious stand points.
44   The growing price of higher education.
45   Those who cannot afford the technology being left behind.
46   Don’t forget the basic 3. 1) Reading, 2) Wrighting, 3)Arithmatic
47   That the public school system only push people through. A public school high school diploma is not worth much anymore.

48 As started in the prior question, education costs are increasing for continuing education. The education costs are
   increasing but most of the time students are not receiving what we have paid for. Computers are broken or there
   isn’t many to serve all students.
49 The urgency for all of society to remain current with ideas, technologies, etc, without all having the necessary
     opportunities, skills & understanding needed in an ever changing/demanding future.
50   Teaching toward mediocrity aiming for the middle and leaving those exceptional ability “out”-unless they have
      resources to “buy into” education.

51   The cost will be too high for most. The middle class will be left out because the poor can get financial aid U
     the rich can pay for it. So if you have a guy with middle class income and average grades, he won't stand a chance
     to get higher.
52     Not meeting the learning needs of a diverse society.
53   Increased compensation in state system & lack of government financing
54   The closing of fine institutions do to limited funding.
55   The responsibility put on educators to raise children.
56   The inability of educational institutions to change quickly enough to meet a changing economic and cultural environment.
57     Cerating technology rich-"culturally responsive" teaching that promotes community-centered instructional strategies.
58   The standards that the children that have been raised in and those that are being raised in the above stated
     conditions in which they might shape in the ethics and quality and content of our educational system environment.
59   Making education affordable and accessible to anyone desiring to better themselves. The cost of education
     keeps increasing to the point that people cannot afford it.
60   People not understandign all the new technology and how it works.
61     That we will be educating young people in America in 2 or more languages. Kids in America should educate-
     right always in English.
62   The influence of special interest groups that seem to drive everything.
63   In all my life (but certainly less as time has passed) there has never been enough collective will and purpose to
     fund education. Educators should not have to spend one penny of their own money for anything related to their
     work. As the saying goes; "It will be a good day when education will have enough money and the military will
       have to have a bake sale to buy a bomer." (something like that)
64   The way education is presented, and how we could learn from it.
65   Disconnection from the industry if happens.
66   No Answer
67   No Answer
68   No Answer
69     With globaliztion and massive outsourcing of US industries and services to overseas, it does not seem that
     our educators had come to term with what is needed for our curent and future generation to compete and sustain
     superiority in this new emerging market.
70   Lack of governmental funds to provide a true public educational system
71   Not enough funding
72   Equal access of quality education for every student
73   The disparity between social classes and the relative funding for educaiton concerns me right now. In the future, it would be
     in society's best interest to level the educational playing field, providing equal opportunitis for less fortunate and
     demographics. Increasing educational opportunities for less fortunate students and demographics. Increasing educational
     opportunites is cricial if we desire to maintain our quality of live and socioeconomic status on a global scale.
     Wow. And an educated workforce is the best way to maintain a stable, competitive economy. We need to raise
     educational standards and opportunities for everyone to keep up with the rest of the world.
74     Some will not be able to learn because of the new technology & not being expose to it early in lower education.
75   Teaching to tests rather than focusing on learning.
76   Focus on quantitive measurement of qualitative outcomes.
77   There is too much emphasis placed on studying to make the grade and pass a test but little emphasis on
     learning and application.
78   The fact that every child still cannot get equal educational opportunities.
79   The immorality of society will control what teachers teach.
80   How focused we are on teaching to the tests this eliminates creativity and a broader understanding of things for kids.
81   Mainstreaming (inclusion) of special needs students.
82   People will be advanced through educaiton without the knowledge they need to succeed.
83 With the rise in technology I feel that the "classroom" will become obsolete. Just as the record was replaced with the CD.
     Children and adulots alike will sit in front of a computer to do school work and miss out on the socialization of the
   classroom setting.
84 Not enough teachers too much sports.
85 I believe people are getting more knowledgable with time, but with technology becoming more and more advanced, it
   could eventually take over and leave people with fewer job opportunities.
86 Technology. I believe education will be taught through technology. I am concerned for lower-class students
   who do not own computers and who may not be very computer literate and how they will obtain computers,
   and how well they will be taught to use the ones they have access to
87 Schools trying to keep up with the no child left behind regulations. The regulations do not take into
       consideration that educators can not make a sudent successful. They can provide them with the best
       tools to be successful, the ultimate choice to be successful is up to the individual.
88 The rules, regulations, and red tape that educators and administrators are forced to follow.
89 Public Education is one of the last remaining anchors that hold our society together. However, it is
   now being exhausted as one of the very few ways to provide accountability to a nation who demands
   reform. Politicians who know that poverty, welfare, unemployment, illegal immigrants, gangs, drugs,
      violence and social tolerance for all the previously mentioned have left them with only one means of accountability
      and eventual reform of the social order (THE TEACHER). The ones that are thanked and paid the
      least yet criticized the most.
90    Learning higher education with lots of knowledge and no job or people skills
91    The rising cost. Also the lack of fundamentals in the lower grades
92    Watered down education
93    Access
94    The way certain subjects are being taught.
95    Culture, history
96    How much education will induce a decision to learn more, developing curiosity.
97    Helping students understand what is ethically and morally right when they have no role models…
      except computer games
98    The widening gap between "the haves" and "have nots", especially reflected to their ability to access
      technology (i.e. computers, on-line learning, the internet, etc.)
99    I'm concerned that teachers just aren't passionate about what they're teaching-if they're not excited
      about learning, then why should the students be excited?
100   Pressure to measure 'accountability" on short-term scales, when the greatest pay-off of a fine education
      takes years to realize-as students use their education, continue to grow, and refine their understanding
      of what they're learned.
101   Will we be able to afford it? Tuition cost go up every year and there are those that do not have the option
      of financial aid and when we graduate & get our degrees, will our training have been adequate?
102   Trying to adopt education systems of other countries like England. America is known for its unique
      education system.
103   In concerned about the quality of teachers being trained to teach. The focus of society is wealth;
      being a teacher isn't the way to achieve this! Therefore, fewer and fewer are teachers and those that
      are are largely unmotivated.
104   Acknowledge of differences, and teaching without personal influences
105   Not enough & students show interest in science & engineering
106   How legislation mandates, thus limits, how and what is being taught.
107   The thing that worries me most about the future of education is tha tAmerican education is falling behind the rest of
      the world. Americans see primary school as an obligation, not an opportunity. Primary school is not an
      opportunity. Primary school is not challenging enough to students, and often teachers are not fit to teach.
      Education is becoming a joke in America.
108   Lack of stress of importance of education in the development of society.
109   Making education available for all ethnic groups
110   Too many unfunded mandates from State/Fed. Government
111   I don't think it is changing as fast as the world is changing
112   Staying current with the needs of the private population
113   Not enough people will be properly educated to fulfill higher level job skills.
114   Quality
115   Funding I guess would be the main priority
116   I hope that it gets better and better. The young generation, it's already tougher for them to graduate,
      but its good. I hope when my kids are in school it's more strick, and not so laid back. Make them all realize
      it not easy.
117   Some of the children that I receive in class should be more advanced in their studies. I think a lot of schools
      are over crowded and under-funded not to mention a lot of students come from broken homes. I think all of
      this plays a down roll part in public educaiton.
118   The talent to relate to the student's because people don't care how much you know, until they know that you care.
119   The quality of an online education
120   People today rely on technology too much (i.e. spell checker, calculator, etc.) On the high school level and
      basic college level these should not be allowed so the student can demonstrate he or she can perform the work.
121   The cost-funding
122   Trying to service all students from IEP to college bound in the same classes.
123   Teachers are being forced and rewarded by teaching for the test.
124   Parents wanting teachers to be babysitters but then get rude at what teachers do.
125   equity of resources
126   In addition, we need to provide for early learning success, with emphasis on core subjects needed for our
      technological world. Early primary students who are not succeeding with reading and math should receive
      additional instructions.
127   Lack of vocational education and teaching of trade (plumbing, heat and air conditioning)
128   The mandates from no child left behind is leaving some children behind and causing them to drop out of
      high school because of the EOC tests and higher levels of math that are being rquired for all studens.
129   Teachers not saying there are right and wrong answers. A lot of teachers are getting away from grading systems.
      Children need to realize that there are right and wrong answers and that not everyone can be on the same level.
130   Lack of parental supervision and home life for kids
131   The Teachers
132   Lack of Funding
133   Uneducated parents
134   The cost of schooling.
135   The cookie cutter method of educations. If you don't fit the mold, you can't be a good student
136   Lack of diversity in learning basic skills. Technology is important, however a graduating senior
      should know how to balance a check book, fill out a basic tax form, apply for a job, sew on a button, plan-prepare
      for a nutrious meal, etc.
137   We are still currently teaching students in the same way teaching began back in the day of the little red
      school house. Students need to have learning experiences where they are allowed to experience many
      ways of learning rather than just setting at the desk and listening to a teacher lecture.
138   Learners want convenience and we need to ensure that distance learning is engaging collaborative
      and effective. (high quality)
139   not being competative with other country's Japan, England, etc.
140   It is not important to our government
141   Being able to provide adequate teaching methods for students to earn & understand what they are doing.
142   I hope that teachers will realize the studetn's need someone who cares. I believe the teachers should help
      every child, especially those w/a disability.
143   Society's lack of focus on the educational system needs.
144   Schools that don't receive proper funding to provide the students with technology.
145   Lack of funding to support the growing number of students
146   The lackof moral & spiritual compass leads to a thought process of inclusion, acceptance, tolerance, etc.
      It is more important to teach affective, basic education than to worry about hurting feelings, taking care of every
      individual "need", etc.
147   catering to minority interest
148   unqualified,educators
149   the level of discipline in the classroom
150   loosing focus on arts being integrated in to other areas-too many requirements for students to meet
      became overwhelming
151   It won't be good, people won't do it
152   Our teachers, schools, & districts are not prepared and other (space-buildings, sports, teachers needs) take a
      higher priority.
153   Student's learning will be neglected due to incorporation of too many stimuli.
154   funding for teacher pay
155   funding
156        quality teachers
157        The lack of investment! Money spent on education!
158        It might not be able to keep up with the changing times.
159        lack of discipline @ home and in classes.
160        The lack of education the changing technology, especially, with older students returning back to school            .
161        Inequalities in the delivery system of education to the masses
162        87% of elementary teachers are white females from rural areas
163        Educators are not teaching what is required and are expecting less than adequate results from students.
164        Universities will offer more totalling online degrees with no hands on instruction. A student will be
           able to earn a degree in the medical field with no hands on clinical experience required.
165        What concerns me the most is that there are parents who won't get involved in their child's educaiton. I believe
           that if a parent does not show interest in their child's learning than their child will not show interest in wht they re learning.
166   It will get harder and people will not attend school.
167   The focus being on test scores. I do believe that student achievement needs to be monitored but not the the extent
      that the administrator and teachers are fearful. More and more emphasis is on test scores which are limited to
      teachers accountabilitty. (no stress there!) And even to consider teacher pay being linked to studetn
      test scores (pay for performance) is ludicrous to me. How many more hoopes must we jump through?
168   Every one have different needs, and some may not catch on as fast as others. If there's something maybe through
      technology, where a person can go to          in the privacy of there own home, like reading course's and tutoring,
      This can be a comfort for those with low self-esteem.
169   More and more individuals are getting degrees in education that have no desire to teach.
170   Technology will make classroom teachers obsolete. Children will learn over the internet.
171   Enough funding for any person seeking education.
172   All students earn the same education
173   We will eventually run out of our resources (teachers, people, etc) to groom the future generation.
174   Government getting too involved.
175   Having properly trained administrators and teachers.
176   NCLB and the idea that there is one education for everyoe. It is not possible to mass educate.
      A standardized test is not the be all, end all. We have to learn how to educate individuals.
177   Lack of Engineers/Technically qualified personel
178   The generalize nature of traiing and education, one size fits all. A higher degree of specialization needs to
      re-emerge, specifically in tech fields. Science, engineering, mathmetics, etc.
179   The university loses itself, and loses its essense. The major function of a university is to educate, but it has now a
      inclination to administration, and business life.
180   No Answer
181   No Answer
182   No Answer
183   No Answer
184   No Answer
185   No Answer
186   The reduction of recurrent annual funding. Taxes (Dependable) vs Lottery (variable)
187   A good learning environment
188   Letting the government dictate & mandate initatives & not giving the money & tools necessary to achieve NCLB
189   Value for the cost
190   Cost
191   It won't be able to keep up with the rapidly changing employment environment
192   Funding for up-to-date technology and for schools in general. Also competing with new programs offered like online high schools.
193   We are focusing too much on kids of lower skills for learning and forgetting about the ones of higher educaiton.
194   The disparity between expectations (local, state, fed) vs. funding.
195   Funding. I'm concerned that maybe our public schools are not receiving enough funds to help with literacy and other
      academics. For higher education, it seems that tuition continues to rise. So, is a college education going to be for
      only a few people?
196   No Answer
197   The lack in funding to higher education and the high cost to attend.
198   Lack of adequate funding for programs (Phys. Ed., Art, Music, Theatre) & teacher salaries to keep & maintain quality people.
199   Access! I hate that I will have so much debt when I graduate but at the same time, loans were my only option to
      continue my education. Some people want quality for loans and may feel they have no possible way to get a higher ed.
200   People wanting an easy fix. They don't want to put in the time and effort to get the job done. Student put the respon-
      sibility of learning on being spoon fed by the teacher and not doing there part. Students also have no problem signing an
      honesty policy and cheating on the test.
201   It seems that the public education system is a mess and overall flawed and ineffective. We are taxed more and everything
      we vote on is advertised "for the kids" but the money is spent ineffectively and doesn't ever seem to alleviate the problems.
202   I feel like with the tuition increases that many people who would like to attend do no have the income to do so.
      So in turn, they either get a minimum wage job or not. I think higher education is very important, and there should be
      more programs like the OHLAP program that encourages and promises a college education.
203   Education must be more valued in society so that we have qualified intelligent workforce in the future. Teachers need to
      be paid more income in the future. The USA is falling behind other countries in the knowledge & skills.
204   Primary and secondary schools need to have adequate funding for various programs.
205   The continuing teacher shortage, low wages for college professors and decreasing importance of educaiton in
      political discourse.
206   Cost
207   The cost- It should not cost so much to educate people-education is such a wonderful thing & so many cannot afford it.
208   The ratio of teaches to students in classrooms.
209   Cost of Educaton
210   The potential for becoming completely tech oriented.
211   Not all educational institutions are teaching valuable material. Students do not learn enough in school to be
      competent citizens, they mostly learn through other environments.
212   Children not receiving the education they need because of the lack of money in the education system.
213   Quality education for all persons.
214   Small town children will be left behind due to a lack of resources and interested educators who will receive better
      pay & benefits in a larger town.
215   Not trying to meet individualized learning needs of students.
216   Children aren't being challenged & education programs aren't keeping up with society's increasing knowledge
217   The use of the English language. People can't spell or write a complete sentence.
218   We (educators) are pressed to accept negative attitudes, discourteous & rude behavior, & sometimes
      threatening situations from students because we are instructed to treat them as a name & not a number & keep
      them happy.
219   We will "sell out" to the prssure to generate enrollment dollars; we will sacrifice quality to gain additional income.

220   The large numbers for whom it seems irrelevant (>50% high school drop-out rate in urban settings.)
221   That the youth of today don't feel that an education is important.
222   The division between those who can afford a better education and those who can not.
223   Currently, a person can receive an education and still be ignorant. Right now our universities are great at teaching
      subjects, but poor at instilling an integrative knowledge that allows a person to understand the world and live
      effectively in it. In the future, education needs to have a more holistic approach, not simply through more courses
      but through interaction with other freshman (upon entering) and seniors (nearing graduation). This interaction
      would be based on the most important things in life; religion, family, ethics, etc. Through discussions, students
      would be able to integrate the acknowledge they have accumulated and have a sense of growth through their
      experience. It would be wonderful if colleges could stimulate critical thought concerning one's worldview
      and how it has eveolved/changed throughout one's educational experience. Critical thinking has long been
      overlooked in modern education, and it is something that should be reintegrated if we want to raise generations
      of educated (not simply knowledgeable) individuals.
224   time taken away from classroom teachers for other activities
225   Expectations of small percentage of parents is increasing into a larger percent each year. They want their
      children to be prepared for life but do not expect them to make enough sacrafices from recreational
      times and activities
226   Having enough funding to provide schools with manpower and materials to educate the students.
227   The fact that physical education is being limited. In many places children only attend school for these
      activities and if they are removed children will have no ambition to go to school.
228   Meeting individual learners needs
229   That people seem to think that (trade) technical schools are more valuable than higher education now.
230   no answer
231   Teachers that make learning fun
232   The new mandates and laws that are being passed by our government, that put tight regulations on teachers & schools.
233   A teacher pushing their beliefs on students.
234   The one thing that concerns me most about the future of education is a loss of connection with the students and
      a disrespect of students for their teachers.
235   The definition of an educated student has been narrowed down to mean one who can pass a test. The test
      pressures have caused teachers' & parents' focus to be too small. Tests are fine when used as one measure
      of student's success. Today the student, the teacher, the school, & the entire district are evaluated & defined
      on the basis on test scores. We need to have a higher view of education.
236   The thing that concerns me the most is that public educators are more caught up with technology and funding &
      political correctness while the educational needs of individual learners are not being adequately met. They
      believe more money & technology are the answers. The basics have always worked well! While technology &
      funding are important, that will never address the emotional & physical needs that many students have. One
      other concern is that many teachers are under so much pressure for their students to perform well on the
      standardized tests that they spend a majority of time "teaching to the test".
237   It is not valued as it should be. It seems to become less and less important, especially to the students.
238   Concerning the future of education, I am most apprehensive about the lack of interest and passion in
      our students, we can not force them to learn, and when we try, we just produce kids who spit back answers.
      I desire that we as educators might guide their existing interests and develop their special talents.
239   Because of the lack of discipline in students and the inability of teachers to deal consequentially with
      the students, less learning is talking place. I fear the effect of education is declining and will continue to.
240   Not enough teachers in classroom. Too many students for one teacher to make certain the students,
      each, understand the subjects.
241   We are basing what our children all learning on how well they can take a test. Not all children are
      good test takers but really do know the information if they were asked in a "different manor. While
      others may be able to score well by guessing. This does not give a fair evaluation of the intelligence of our children.
242   I worry about the move toward valuing standardized testing as, not just one method of evaluating student
      achievement, but the only method.
243   I want our students to become advanced in their uses of technology, but I don't want them to rely too much on
      technology. Students must be able to think for themselves. I am also concerned with parenting. In my experience
      parenting has become too lax. There are more and more parents who don't seem to care bout what
      their kids are doing.
244   Whether or not we will have educators capable of doing a good job. I've seen too many teachers who
      do not have a clue as to what they are doing.
245   The possibility of restricted access i.e., education for the elite and financially independent.
246   The money
247   Safety
248   That more and more kids these days aren't making educaiton their top priority.
249   Having a safe learning environment
250   Our leaders at the state and federal level not taking into consideration the needs of all the people, U.S.
      citizens, when making decisions. There is a difference in small town schools and large schools that needs
      to be addressed.
251   Cutting the arts out of school systems when it is obvious how important they are to the development of children.
252   The ability to keep up with the advance in technology
253   Our ability to attract certain qualified, motivated instructors.
254   Technology & education changing at a higher pace than state gov. can not keep up with financially
255   W/o significant movement toward implementation of things research shows that we need to do eg. (1) lecture
      is the poorest way to present material for learning-still most used method of teaching (2) electronic methods
      will keep us from having to build more compuses, bldgs. Etc., -more campuses now than before
256   The quality of education
257      Lack of Funding
258      Education must stay in the forefront of today's problems. If it does not, where will our thinkers, inventors and
         caregivers come from?
259      Lack of responsibility shown by parents, as well as students, for educational gains.
260      funding
261      Meeting the needs of all learners. So many teachers stick to one style of teaching rather than using
         different styles to meet all students needs.
262      The restrictions put on teachers by "no child left behind" has made it very difficult to reach the very slow
         students. The goal is that all students will pass these standardized tests. The problem is that many
         students lack the skills, motivation & family support necessary to be successful on these tests.
263      Keeping students in school. The government should mandate when & for what reason you can drop out of school.
264      government mandates
265      Educational opportunity
266      Education needs to focus more on technological skills and training to prepare people for our evolving society
267      The cost of eduation
268      Increased state/federal mandates w/o appropriate funding
269      Lack of funding and available teachers will cause greater strain on the teachers we do have and the students
270      not keeping up with foreign technology
271      All of the children are coming into school totally different levels. Some of the children are coming into school
         ready to read. Others are coming to school not knowing the letters in their name.
272      lack of ability to discipline
273      student effort
274      Educators do not really have a passion for children
275      What I see going on daily @ McClain
276   The negative influence of the family (home) on children which impacts the school which impacts their futures of
      both the individual & society as a whole.
277      Most educators need help, and to address all current social, monetary & state requirements for all students
         so that all individual learners keep on task, will take more manpower.
278      Student discipline without backing from front office
279      large number of non-graduating high school=no jobs=crime=cost to society of imprisonment of their students
280   Additional stress of the educator constantly trying to meet additional demands
281   the quality of eduction seems to be going down hill.
282   Concentrating on meeting federal and state regulations may detract from covernig some concepts in-depth
283   no answer
284   violence-intolerance
285   no answer
286   Are we adapting to the change culture. Will we meet the needs of a diverse population?
287   Education is always under-funded
288   It needs to be available outside the traditional school.
289   Lack of reading skills.
290   Having high school students fail in higher ed.because they were not prepared….just passed on
291   Not serving all students to best of our ability as a district
292   Hooking students to see that they learn & want to learn
293   The lack of opportunites the students are given.
294   Special Ed students, specifically studens with learning disabilities, falling through the cracks and not getting
      served appropriately.
295   Too many tachers are out to get a check, and really don't want to take the time to educate. It is easier for
      them to send a student out of their classes than to try to educate that child.
296   It will keep declining in quality. In public policy there are too many "no" answers and very few "Yes" answers.
      Educational standards are dropping, and in turn, teacher quality is dropping.
297   The lack of religious influence on education
298   Inadequate funding for special programs such as theatre, music, and the arts.
299   Lack of qualified teachers applicants to fill vacancies
300   more focus on individual learning requirements
301   Education is not focused on learning the material. Too many distractions and survival issues.
302   funding; available to keep the teachers, getting new teachers and funding for students to go to college.
303   The inability to fire incompetent instructors due to union influences.
304   The one thing that concerns me the most about future education is that if the teachers don't keep it interesting
      to keep the students attention that the education of our future will go down. I also believe that if we don't keep up
      with the technology of future education that it will also go down.
305      That people are going to become too dependent on technology in everyday life, including the classroom.
306      Will our children be able to not only survive but also compete on a global scale. With the huge problems and
         lack of funding that schools in the US get, are our children going to be prepared? Public education seems to
      be so focused on making sure that "Everybody" schieves that it appears to have lowered the bar to make sure "Ever
         body" can reach it. Many teachers have to be so focused on the children that are struggling that the achieving
      children do not get what they need to move on and go on to the next step.
307   The irresponsible work habits and lack of integrity in the work place. I.E. Doing things the right way regardless is anyone
      is watching, doing things well-what happened to our sense of pride and accomplishments? If feel it is amplified
      often by the practices in our field of employment-Ithink we protect mediocre and poor teachers and those who simply
      don't care enough to put a best foot forward-at such an incredible cost
308   Dependance on technology
309   Lack of Commitment
310   Availability of computers
311   By the year 2040 the minorities will be the majority and we (as a society) do not have enough minority teachers to
      be role models for their ethnic group. Also the economic divide is increasing and this impacts education.
312   Teaching useful skills
313   Keeping up with changes in technology, society, & the needs of the community.
314   Local, state, & national government setting unrealistic mandates for schools. Also, schools being so concerned
      with their students passing standarized tests that the students will be forced to memorize facts instead of learning
      to think for themselves.
315   I feel some teachers don't hold their students to high level of excellent. They just want to do the minimum work for
      full-time pay. I hate it when I ask a teacher for help and they tell you their busy and that the answer is in the book.
      I'm thinking what am I paying you for then.
316   People in higher ed are sometimes in it for the wrong reasons-the student's experience can suffer if faculty & staff
      don't do what's required of them appropriately.
317   The cost of education, especially higher education. The quality of teachers.
318   Lack of clear direction/too social-evironmental. Education needs to focus on the basics of education Not that other
      things aren't important, but you must have a strong foundation on which to build.
319   Not educating all that need (or want) it.
320   Money and lack of
321   Teachers are sending more and more homework home for the students and parents don’t always have the answers
      patience or time. I think there should be a study hall at the end of the day for all students who have homeowrk. Some
      students participate in sports and have to work and or chores but there is always something going on after school
      hours. I am also concerned about the conditions of our schools.
322   Financial Issues
323   I am concerned that our teachers are only able to teach the basic concepts to children due to too many kids, not
    enough money, etc. and that parent are slacking off and not doing their parts for education.
324 Everyone assigning blame & not taking responsibility. Teachers blame the parents. Parents think the teachers aren't
    doing enough & the only one who pays is the student.
325 Price of Education
326 Kids are not prepared for the future
327 America is falling behind in educational needs. American needs to offer college to everyone free.
328 Espense involved in college tuition
329 Proper financing to do the job right and maintain the focus on educating the student in order to ensure their individual
330 The 80s -90s generation just don't care so funding will decrease
331 Teachers lack of concern of students education. Also administrations inability to hold teachers to task.
332 Taking Prayer out of public school and teaching liberal views.
333 Funding
334 Lack of Funding
335 Everything will go on-line.
336 That it's becoming too much about kowtowing to whiny parents demands. ("kowtowing" is exactly what they wrote).
337 Too much emphasis might be placed on technology and future workforces may be less social and less able to
    communicate effectively.
338 Funding & meeting state & federal demands on test scores
339 Dumbing down the curriculum
340 American students staying competitive. How to motivate students from all walks of life to strive to obtain the best
    they can be in their life endeavors.
341 The increasing cost of an education which will make it less obtainable.
342 Our continued reliance on traditional methods in a fast-changing world.
343 That only the rich will be able to get an education.
344 The inability & unwillingness of parents to allow teachers to manage their classrooms without their interference.
345 Equal educational opportunity
346 That it could actually become too reliant on technology
347 Inability to keep up and educate students to become leaders in a global community.
348 Not allowing for creativity and teaching individuals how to think.
349 The rising cost of education.
350 Teaching children that "everyone is a winner". I do not think it is in the best interest of a child to make them believe
    that they are always a winner and that there seems to be no concept of "second best". We can all learn to lose
    gracefully and learn from our mistakes. Don't take away a child's spirit or self esteem, but if children can learn and
    understand both ends of the spectrum the world could be thiers.
351 Technology & access. If we upgrade our technology, but people don't know how to use it, that will be a problem.
352 making sure the usa is as well educated as the rest of the world
353 I am concerned about the quality of our education system. It seems to have greatly decreased over the years and can
    be attributed to low salaries paid to teachers as well as parents who do not encourage their children to learn & be
    respectful in school.
354 Funding for public eudcation
355 How hard it is for educational institutions to keep up with technology
356 Families need to stand behind good teachers by showing respect to what they trying to teach
357 I guess there isn't much that concerns me about the future of education. People that desire it will find a way to get it,
    putting the desire into people is the tough part, but that is a parenting issue.
358 My greatest concern for the education system in America is testing while some standarized testing is absolutely
    necessary, there is a trend of teaching to the test that is beginning to occur in many classrooms. The danger
    and the temptation of overusing worksheets in the classroom. This does not give students the full education they
    deserve. The worksheet mentality does not provide ample opportunities for success for learners and does not
    constitute good teaching.
359 Public schools are teaching students material that will allow them to pass a specific test. They should be teaching
    ideas that will allow them to be successful taking any test or solving any problems.
360 Testing for high school graduates, what if they are not test takers?
361 Apathy towards learning
362 The inability to efficiently and rapidly predict develop and replay new skills required in today rapidly changing marketplace
363 Funding
364 Besides the breakdown of the family, I am concerned about our ability to service & support students needs. We have
    problems with behavior, drug addiction, mental health, etc. We don't have enough counselors & psychologists.
365 The demise-all the continual criticism w/o concrete solutions. The US educational seem to be crumbling & dissolving
    around us. There are many wonderful things going on-they go unrecognized. Are we creating thinkers?
366 That it will become a standard and not up held as a special need (speaking of proper manners, social skills& ethics)
367 The lack of Multicultural awareness is causing our world to be very culturally illiterate even though the world is becom-
    ing very culturally diverse. How can we survive in a worldd of education and learning if we are so illiterate in such a
    basicc compnent of life? The educational world needs to teach about our students about the people they will interact
    with in order to stay ahead of the competitive game.
368 Getting adequate funding
369 Erosion of education standards thereby graduating personnel with substandard qualifications
370 The needs to educate everyone exactly the same different people have different needs/goals and thus not everyone
    needs a college education from a major 4 yrs. Institution to be successful need to educate all the same water down
    learning expectations.
371 That funding will not be adequate to supply the students what they need to succeed. I also believe teachers who do
    not get paid well will end up with higher levels of despair. I also believe if funding is not supplied to teachers and future
    educators then the schools will lose good teachers to other profesions that are paying well. In return this will harm
    the future of the students and they will lose interest in school and find other ways to occupy their feelings of
    abandonment from the schools.
372 Students are not being held to strict enough standards, in conduct or educational performance. To make them into
    productive members of society.
373 I'm concerned about scientific theories being propagated as truths. The Biblical account of creation, which I believe
    to be true, should be taught if other theories are taught as well. I'm also a huge advocate of teaching according to
    learning styles. A classroom that encompasses all learning styles is usually a successful one.
374 I'm concerned for children's safety in school because of violence due to --lack of concerrn people have for moral and
    ethical behavior.
375 ………that school boards and teachers are so concerned with raising exam and standardized test scores that
    children's learning will be hindered. It seems that each year schools become more and more obsessed with raising
    test scores. The problem is, many times this obsession causes teachers to cram information into their students
    either too quickily or without fully explaining the concept. If this continues to happen, then children won't learn the
    fundamental lessons important to our society.
376 That we are reluctant to change the structure of education. What worked in the 40's, or even the 90's does not work
    with those today. We (education) need to keep up with our student population and our society. We are stuck in time.
377 The teachers aren't meeting every child's learning needs.
378 Cost of education is on the rise. On average most people can't afford to further their studies. Although there are
    people that can afford it and choose not to further their education, there are some who would like to and can't afford-Why?
379 Lack of quality public schools
380 Teacher salaries-a good teacher still has family to support.
381 In America we do not value teaching and teachers as a respectful professional. Once again, many parents and
    government officials expect teachers to do so much with lower wages compared to other professions.
382 The narraative of education concerns me, and so does society's inability to face the tough realities. The narrative
    of education used to be about the development of the person as a whole. Education was a means and an end unto
    itself. Now the narrative of reducation revolves around better jobs and better pay. Education is no longer an end unto
    itself; it is simply a means. So, is it any wonder that there is a lack of passion for learning and an emphasis on
    credentials for test scores.
383 Pressure that young children feel to learn more & do more & stress of keeping up to gain college scholarships
    & be "well rounded"-with teenage burnout.
384 The rising cost of higher education (colleg).
385 That studens don't spend enough time studying for tests and exams and there homework. They don't realize there
    studying for there jobs in the future.
386 Financial Help
387 In my opinion the future of education has become such an expensive goal most Americans can not afford college or
    parents will not be able to save enough money for their children to attend college. For those that do attend higher
    education they need some assurance that jobs are available.
388 Raising costs
389 Kids not being able to get the right kind of education
390 English-only instruction. Our school system should be multi-lingual to allow equal learning opportunities for immigr-
    ants. They need to learn in their own language to become properly educated.
391 The American education system is very underfunded. We are falling behind other countries in research & innovation.
392 That people will fail to see the importance of a quality education and fail to provide the funding needed.
393 What concerns me most about the direction of education is the disolution of strong foundational skills, and a
    narrowing of experience.
394 Education is blamed for everything and not all parents support schools and the importance of education by owning
395 The widening of the information literacy gap based on socio-economic status of school districts concerns me most.
396 Quality of teachers and educators.
397 The decline of quality instructors.
398 We must address individual student needs, how students learn best, flexible class options that meet scheduling
    limitations of students, and, specifically in higher education-we must focus on customer services.
399 Providing affordable quality education in order that students will not incurr an insurrmountable debt to repay.
400 The quality of education. Many schools are struggling with funding.If there are funding problems there usually is a
    problem with teacher's salaries. The better paying jobs are where many teachers want to go. So the quality of
    teachers has a possibility of going down in lower paying schools.
401 We are not preparing students for the future.
402 That technology advances faster than we can keep up and an aging population will be left behind as useful &
    necessary employees. Also, that technology will make some jobs & occupations unnecessary.
403 The ever worsening economy is making it hard for students exiting high school to go directly to college. In this
    highly materalistic time, many students feel the need to go directly into the workforce to be able to afford their
    lifestyle. I fear that this will cause a decrease in the number of students graduating with a degree, and therefore
    make us a much less educated, and weaker society.
404 That kids are not learning the correct skills to make it in the real world.
405 Total privatization leading to ever greater inequity and inequality.
406 I am concerned about the amount of funding allocated for public education. Teachers are underpaid, especially in
    Oklahoma. Not enough funding and support is provided for public education.
407 The quality of education concerns me most. Grades have been greatly inflated; subsequently, high grade point often
    doesn't represent the quality of students' capability or ability to perform the job in organization.
408 funding
409 Parents having to put their children in private schools so they will get a good education.
410 Make sure all low-income neighbors have the same or equal education as higher income neighbors
411 The high cost of education, especially for people that are just making slightly too much money to qualify for additional
    funding, also equally important is the difficulty of being accepted into college, even with good grades, citizenship, etc.
    because there are only so many sports available.
412 Who will be teaching it! Meaning will the teachers be prepared to teach.
413 How individuals and social educational needs will be met without sacraficing the other
414 It seems that a focus on cheating "legislation" is causing some people to over look the actual needs of students.
    I'm scared that all of the standardized testing we focus on will not help create well-rounded students and in turn adults.
415 Teachers that have not been properly trained in technology. If this is where our future is going, then we need to keep
    our "professionals" educated…..whether they are veterans or brand new!
416 Funding
417 Scripted curriculum-where good teachers are not given the opportunity to teach to meet the needs of their students.
418 lack of funding
419 Lowering Standards
420 The dependency the students currently have on their parents, which translates to a dependency issue in college.
421 People think that college is a right that can be taken for granted and that only jobs that require a college degree are
422 The students becoming teachers lack enough of a foundation and must spend time in college to learn curriculum
    rather than how to teach also lack of parental responsibility.
423 The way funding is being cut whilst expectations for students and teachers are being raised.
424 Whether everyone could have fair education world widely.
425 Too much focus on practical major such as business, engineering
426 The children in poverty that doesn't have as much of a chance at a good education as others.
427 Standardizing
428 Continuing down a path of unreasonableness when addressing issues and problems.
429 Multicultural awareness
430 Education will become more "online" and the students will lose the social education of attending school.
431 Lack of good teachers
432 It cost too much: student loans are a complete joke but most are forced to take them because of the cost associated
    with persuing education. There shouldn't be a price tag on my learning.
433 That in the near future college will be too expensive for people to attend. They keep raising prices but yet the
    classes and degrees stay the same.
434 How competitive it has become at such an early stage in the education process.
435 The lack of quality of education at the middle & high school level. The lack of teaching life skills at the college level.
    Most graduates are not ready to be successful when they graduate from college.
436 By most accounts, we are failing our youth. There are facets of the American education system that are working
    (schools of choice); however, we exist very much as a status-quo environment which does not take into account
    those non-traditional learners. In order for our country to compete in this globally competitive economy, we need an
    overhaul of our educational system.
437 Our society's willingness to underfund public education. This will continue to divide the upper and lower socio-
    economic classes.
438 How hard it is to further your education, how there are progrsms to help you spend your money and get in debt, but
    not ones for scholsrships or grants. You have to actually dig and hunt for them but getting a loan or credit card is
    posted in every ad and every commercial.
439 People taking responsibility for their action
440 Becoming more expensive and less effective
441 Technology will take over & replace personal touch of education. We will always need human contact for help in
    gratification of a job well done.
442 Setting and keeping standards-definitive benchmarks at each grade level and alternative placement for individuals
    who fall short but with paths available to achieve as one grows in academic and vocational areas along with maturing
443 The fact that higher education continues to be something that more and more people are unable to afford financially.
444 The students are allowed to go on their own deadlines with relatively little punishment, as the climate of education
    seems to frown upon set deadlines and zero to no credit for late assignments. If the main concern for funding and
    teacher retention in a district revolves around students performing well during high-stakes testing, and not so much
    about teaching such life skills as punctuality, then I worry that we are raising a generation of low achievers with
    little motivation and not life-long learners.
445 There is so much to learn that while we are gaining knowledge many never gain understanding, wisdom, or work values.
446 Demoralization (in California they are trying to pass a law that would be demoralizing to the traditional family. This is
    not something that we should be teaching in school).
447 Keeping up with the rest of the world. American has been allowing politics to distract us from the learning process
    and as a result our students continue to fall further behind.
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Qualitative Data
Questionnaire                      Question #11           If I could recommend one (1) thing to education that would
                                                          help make it successful in the future, it would be:
       1 Have less generic class & more on the job training (internships)
       2 Build relationships with each student, parent and educator. This is the foundation that fosters the learning
       3 It’s also my belief that teachers need to invest in the student’s lives not just teach them. The HBC’s but invest in them,
         teach life. The rest will follow.
       4 If gifted students were in advanced classes everyday and everyones individual needs were met.
       5 Meet the needs of all learners regardless of legislation and federal regulation
       6 Finding more ways to make the parent involved with their child’s ed.
        7 Go back to the “old school of education” and make every individual responsible for putting in the effort to learn, and for the
            education system to stand firm with the grading system if the individual does not accomplish a passing level of the subject.
        8   Give more scholarships based on academics rather than race so that the future of America will be able to get the best
            education in order to make the best advances in medicine and other technologies.
        9   This presents a quandary, but I think perhaps a return to the basics as presented in education a century ago, could
            prove interesting. Students were continually challenged and moreover expected to learn and to exhibit good behavior.
            We need to challenge today’s students as well, by utilizing modern technology to present them with an interesting
            and challenging education.
       10   Precise education objectives and better education of student knowledge.
       11   Parents being parents would be the biggest asset to our children’s successful education
       12   Money
       13   Unified approach to education as a priority, plan to promote important & awareness of ojt, lifelong learning
       14   Make education affordable for all
       15   Multicultural education in every classroom
       16   More money spent on retention of effective teachers
       17   Getting educators who actually know what they’re doing.
       18 More on the job training, whether it’s internship or co-op. The experience will make the classroom learning more relevant
          and interesting.
       19 Make it easier for people of all social classes to obtain financial aid
21   Lower cost of education
22   Bring imagination & creativity back to the class.
23   To make it more affordable to attend college and to somehow make it possible for those who lack the money but want
     to attend be able to.
24   Eliminate red-tape to allow education to respond faster to new changes.
25   No answer
26   The most important lesson to be taught is critical thinking. People need to be taught to ask hard questions. If a study
     states something…..ask who conducted this study? What were their motivations? Etc. By teaching our students
   to pursue a greater understanding of things, they will begin to influence leaders that ultimately make big decisions regarding
   funding, etc.
27 Being culturally unaware etc. but not to the point of hindering classes.
28 Attract really good teachers with more pay and good resources. Get your technology but don’t rely too much on technology,
   but encourage reading in every class!! Read things that can add more fun to learning etc. I think it would be good to start
   in very early years with Values Training (Treat others the way we want to be treated-the old Golden Rule)-especially
   since many children don’t get much of that at home now.
29 Teach the past. Make it interesting. Quit being concerned with insignificant conflicts and focus on the kids needing the
   education. They are our future, you don’t want them stupid!
30 To provide public schools with the resources and funding to provide each student with the proper learning environment,
   technology, & qualified teachers that are needed to meet the needs of all learners.
31 Adequate funding to help in student success & continued teacher training.
32 Each year my peripheral responsibilities increase. My job first and foremost should be to teach students the concepts in my
   subject area. The time allotted to this end is shortened as less is expected from the student.
33 Teachers need to be on the committees that recommend new legislation demands for the nation. New demands are made
    in the field of education without thinking through if they are really helpful. Plans are put in place without funding for those plans.
34 Have standards and expect them to be met.
35 More interactive learning at the younger age, and an expectation that high school is the actual end of education that higher
   education is not for everyone.
36 Adopt to the changing culture in America and teach tolerance and understanding.
37 Educate-provide a good and solid knowledge base to enable students to move ahead.
38 Pay the teachers more money
39 Educate the parents on how to help their students learn by doing daily drills, etc. Education is not just in a classroom-it is
   a life long world-wide process moment by moment.
40 Listen more to the students because they are the reason education continues to exist. Most teachers and focus on their
   material and test grades (MCAT, IONA, etc).
41 To put the focus back on teaching for teaching’s sake; not having to be stressed about test scores, or research proposals.
    Teachers and professors need to teach firstly, and fun worry about research, or anything else.
42 That educators learn to make a persuasive case for the importance of historical, humanistic knowledge, rather than abandon
     teaching that in favor of vocational skills.
43 Making the profession of teaching as alternative as possible to the most talented (potential) students educators, so that the
   field attracts talent & commitment.
44 Access to better academic equipment and facilities, not only computer/IT but science, engineering and other educational
   fields as well.
45 Don’t forget the basic 3. 1) Reading, 2) Wrighting, 3)Arithmatic

46 Get the politicians & businessmen the hell out of it!! We should be willing to risk it all for the integrity of the academic….over
     jobs, over departments, over universities. We are not.
47 That you could incorperate test to help those that do not retain information as well. Meaning the people that have a hard time
   with the book end of education.
48 Pay teachers more, so there wouldn’t be a shortage and they would enjoy teaching making the learning environment more
   fun for students to learn. This will decrease drop out rates and illiteracy rates amongst high school & colleges.
49 Make learning as simple as possible.

50 Provide universal access to education that supports full development of individual potential-without delegating some groups
51 More positive reinforcement. My experience and that of my children has been that of negative reinforcement i.e.: teachers tend
   to repremend rather than praise. Not true 100% of the time, but seems to be the majority.
52 Individualized and equal access and not applying the "seperate but equal" principle. (The "seperate                 principle. (The
                                                                                                          but equal "))is a way of pondering
   unequal education).
53 Accountaility; make the student responsible! Design your policy & Procedure around this focus.
54 Meaningful experiences, eliminate worksheets
55 Putting magination back into the younger grades-not teaching to the test. Government to eralize not every child can be
     perfect & to help more w/I the real problems that affect learning-socio economic status
56 To enhance life long learning we need to rethink the way we limit students to Bachelor, master, doctorate degrees. We limit
   what students need/want by restructuring students to the restrictions of the degree. Students should be able to taylor their
   coursework (with some restrictions) It meets their needs…..not the needs of the institution. It is critical that advanced
   educational opportunities are made available to students without the rediculous limitations placed upon graduate level ed.
57 Incorporate technology-oriented, stimulating, highly interactive mediums in instructional design to address the neurological
   high estem portion of students' grades; then follow up with reflective exercises. Students are easily bored by traditional
   methods-engage them in "their language, establish utility and most important forge personal connections outside of the classroom.
58   Ethical accountability in the structure of administration and in faculty in the areas of knowledge and rapport.
59     Use more funding for education rather than sports and fancy uniforms. Spend money wisely.
60   Showing more people how to work all the new technology. So they can have a better understanding and it helping them
     with there classes.
61   Everyone should take a "keyboard" skills class because using (typing) on a computer is so crucial to communicating with
     society unsing a computer.
62   Focus on education. What makes good institutions, and how do we help learners learn better. Quit pandering to special
       interest groups in education.
63 I wish educators weren't as willing to accept things as they are (the less than ideal conditions under which they have to teach)
     But I know, too, they're too busy to do anything more to fight for what they need. So, I guess your answer is to have a strong
     lobbying group to conditionaly put in front of the legislators the needs of education. I've always felt that if people who don't
     vote for adequate funding for education would spend a time in the classroom to really know what it takes to do the job, They would
     appreciate it and realize that it's the most important job in the world and fund it! If we have educated societies, where everyone
      had their needs met because of the good education they received, we would have as many fewer societal problems.
     A strong leader from the education file-or maybe (another field would be better?) needs to come forward and influence the
     national will to make the education of our society our national focus.
     Educators need to hve an objective advocate, too, to present the group in a different light-so many legislation and leaders
     in the nation still see teachers as people (women) who need a "little extra spending money", who maybe can't do "real work" (i.e.
     business, science, etc) and are somehow less intelligent because "how hard can it be to teach or work with children?"
64  To adopt our change to fit surrroundings
65 More connections with the industry & practice. This is the cornerstone of the success of higher education……specially
     in fields connected to a certain profession.
66  No Answer
67 No Answer
68 No Answer
69 Better Math for everyone, Math is the base of all science. Interpersonal, communication skills (verbal and writing)
70 Equal Access
71 To give everyone an equal chance to learn
72 A greater federal grant to support the rising cost of technology and necessary in providing equal access to computers
     training applications, the internet.
73 Equal learning environments for students of all backgrounds. And more rigerous educational experiences.
74 Everyone receives the same education regarless of race, funds, on all levels of education. Starting with    k-12 and up.
75   Make critical thinking skills a priority over learning technology skills.
76   Children who learn the basics of grammar, reading, math, science, civics, history in grade schools.
77   Meet people where they're at and adjust to fit their different needs.
78   I know that it would be almost impossible, but to somehow make education a level plane, giving all children equal
     opportunity and resources.
79   Teach multiculturism across the curriculum.
80   Have guidelines for each course but eliminate teaching to the test. Have the kids do profiles to see if they have a
     understanding of what is covered in course. If their profiles don't meet certain guidelines then they don't get the credits.
81   Provide more funding to schools and educators.
82   Get more funding for schools so they can do the job necessary for every student.
83   Funding
84   More teachers w/more pay. Smaller classes. Put the politicians in the classroom. Maybe they could understand
     what our educators need.
85   More business representitives should come talk to students interested in simular future employment to help them make
     their decisions easier.
86   Not to set standards too low. If students are expected to only do so well, they will only meet that expectancy. I
     believe more teachers should set the bar higher.
87   It would be beneficial if lawmakers would spend more time speaking with educators who are currently in the classroom
     about educational concerns. Also, they (the lawmakers) should spemd time in the classroom possibly teaching
     our actual lesson or even participating in a substitute program for a school system. I feel they would receive a
     better understanding of situations we face.
88 Teach young people to think for themselves. It will make them more intelligent, competitive, successful, and responsible.
89 The one thing that I would recommend to make education successful in the future would be to deemphasize the results of
     standardized achievement, end of instruction, ACT or any other tests that people are brainwashed into believing
      are the ultimate goals of a successful education experience. Instead, create a city/state/federal government that
      provides acknowledgement and gratitude for all learners and their individualized accomplishments (including
      the all mighty testing results).
90 Choose instructors by education and experience not by ethnic background
91 Make it as accessable to everyone as possible.
92 No Answer
93 Better Teacher pay
94 Teach more and not use the internet for everything.
95 I would recommend history because history (the past) is a part of our life. If you don't know the past you do not
      have a future. To learn about the past what human race did wrong can change the future to something positive.
      Example: Adolff Hitler; everybody should know bout him, what he has done in the past. A terrible time. Those
      things should be educated more so we won't do the same mistakes over and over.
96    Learning by experiences. (field trips and hands on learning) in conjunction with traditional lectures
97    Establish a "back to basics" approach of getting communities and families involved.
98    Make it possible to access education anytime, any place.
99    I would recommend more teacher evaluations, because some of the teachers that have "taught" me were
      absolutely horrible. Of course, that would probably create even more of a teacher shortage than we already have, so
      maybe fixing the teachers shortage is the answer, that way there are better teachers to choose from
100   Resist the "customer is always right" mindset. The customer is not the expert in the discipline, and a
      demand for greater convenience can result in lesser learning, if we're not careful.
101   To provide more opportunity for success! It's not enough to just provide education. It is necessary to help the
      student find the right path. During the counceling process we are ask for our major but not truly assisted in discovering
      what that major is worth. It is important to help the student make good decisions so they leave with a degree
      they will use vs. a degree they hate and end up back in school or discouraged and never go back because they
      don't think it's worth it just because it didn't work the first time.
102   Promoting exchange programs for our students to go to as many countries as possible.
103   Smaller classrooms (as in #of children in class)
104   More diversity, see books and material provided for kids, teachers, better prepared
105   More connection & relationships with the industry & professional societies.
106   Require all legislatures to spend a month in a public shool classroom.
107   Education needs to start with its teachers and parents. Teachers need to be better and more strictly evaluated,
      and parents need to stress school as an importance. Education needs to start at the top and work its way
      down to the students, instead of blaming the students. Education needs to raise its expectations and standards.
108   Good funding and teachers
109   Computer literacy and technology available to all grade levels at all educational levels.
110   Relevance
111   Let a younger generation run education in hopes that it will be more dynamic
112   Focus on the customer
113   Since everything is done on computers, computers should be more available to lower income people. We should also
      have more user friendly programs for computers.
114   Be student oriented
115   Not to have so many policies and proceeders
116   I would say everything, it has all helped me but I forget a lot that I shouldn't forget. School is tough but it helps you big time
      in the long run, I wish I would have new that along time ago.
117   Educators make an intricate part of student's lives. Better teachers that are funded equally and fairly will make schools
      a better place and more learning will take place.
118   Just because you teach, doesn't mean you can't learn.
119   Make sure technology keeps up with todays standards
120   Lower the costs so more could attend and have the students earn the grades.
121   Smaller classrooms
122   More diversity in class choice
123   More teacher preparation either in college or offer clinics during the summer breaks.
124   Getting interested by trying new ways to teach
125   Strive for uniform access to educational resources.
126   Increase our expectations of young people for success in school. We must not lower standards to meet the status quo, but
      gradually increase academic standards. Along with this, there should be good technological skills training for young
      people who have aptitude for trades. We are lacking as a society in skilled craftness in building trades, etc.
127   Scheduling of classes in traditional settings
128   Focus on developing 21st. Century skills. Educate on the process of learning rather than the product.
129   Make learning fun. You can still be a hard teacher, but making it fun keeps students interested.
130   More government funding to increase teacher salaries to attract top candidates.
131   Better Training
132   Provide more funding for students.
133   Adequate funding for mandates
134   No Answer
135   Make it interesting to your student
136   Cover the basics!
137   The college do more realistic hands-on experiences or students entering the education profession.
      The experience that new teachers have coming into teaching and being responsible for their own
      classroom after college no way meets the realization of them being totally responsible for a class.
      Also, working with low-socioeconomic students presents different challenges.
138   Public ed needs to be competative with privatized systems.
139   Having higher standards in English and math.
140   Educate non-educaors to the problems with our current system.
141   More student/teacher interaction, Sudents should not feel like they can't come to a teacher to ask
      a question. Also, teachers should understand they are there to help the students.
142   The teachers should treat every student equally, and if they have special needs, then they help those students.
143   Somehow convince the government and your students that a strong, valuable education is the most important thing
      they could ever invest in.
144   Teachers should be monitored to assure they are qualified in their subject areas.
145   Provide low cost lap top to all students with all needed text on them.
146   Getting back to the basics of education & the educational process taking into consideration technology &
      progress, individual learning needs, etc. but making sure that children are still learning the basic skills
      and concepts needed as their education progresses.
147   maintain balance between athletics and educational focus
148   develop a method to meet the needs of each student
149   make kids work to earn their education
150   integrate technology in the classroom while still maintaining the role of the teacher
151   Technology for everyone
152   more technology
153   Preperation of educators to communicate w/ students families of different cultures.
154   make quality education available to every child
155   higher pay
156   increased salaries
157   Technology, technology, technology
158   I know funding can be difficult but try the best to keep up with the technology.
159   No Answer
160   Target middle age people who are less educated about going back to school. Explain to them
      how available education is being made.
161   The development of teacher education institutions that would specialize in the development
      of instructors (teacher academics)
162   Accountability in schools to educate all children
163   Don't put limitations on students or yourself.
164   Quality teachers play a large role in the success of students. Teachers should be required to do more than teach
      for 3 or 4 years to receive tenure. Tenure should not just be automatic for teachers after 3 or 4 years of teaching.
165   If I could recommend is finding more ways to get students actively involved with their lessons. If there are ways to get
      students actively involved in all subjects, I believe that would be great. I only see studens actively involved in just a few subjects.
166   More one on one with students most teachers these days don't have enough time and patience.
167   Remember the people element. Remember that students are people not a test score. Remember that teachers are
      professionals that chose teaching as a career because they desired to make an impact on young peoples lives. Allow
      teachers to think "out of the box" instead of being completely tied to a curriculum because it's the latest "research based"
      set of readers. Remember the culturally diverse population we live in; the importane of each person and their contribution
      to our society.
168   To make it possible for all who really want to elarn, and want to go to college, to have funding to help ones who cannot afford to
      pay, to encourage them to continue there educaiton, This will be for all ethnic groups.
169   To not let kids just "get through" their education and to really prepare them for their continuing education as they encourage
      them to continue
170   Keep one on one interactions with children
171        Let teachers teach!
172   Reading more!
173   Teach students how to think
174   Free internet for everyone and cheap computers for underpriviledged kids. Oh, and no regulation either.
175   More rigerous certification requirements for school administrators.
176   Multiple intelligences
177   Encourage more people to study/pursue careers which contribute to the overall intellectual capital/competativeness
      of the United States. Fewer lawyers, more engineers, business people, educators, directors. P.S.-Don't tell my brother!
178   Maixmize the use of and availability of technology. The availability of information will continue to increase.
      Those who can best evaluate and use this information wil be the best prepared for the challenges ahead.
179   University should keep instruction as the first priority all the time.
180   No Answer
181   No Answer
182   No Answer
183   No Answer
184   No Answer
185   No Answer
186   Stop dumbing down the lessons to the lowest demoninator
187   The future is our children, so it would be to show them the way to be successful.
188   Giving students & teachers as many options as possible to achieve defined goals & the necessary means to get there.
189   Pay the teachers at a level higher than what the individuals they teach will make in their career.
190   Make it accessable, financially & remotely
191   Bridge the gap between higher education grads, the workforce
192   Again, I 'm not sure. I think budgeting is important because of the money crunch in school systems. I also think schools
      should strive to hire good teachers, who want to empower their students. Without good teachers, education would certainly
193   Keep up on teaches better and make sure they are all meeting their requirements.
194   Make old topic thearetical classes more interesting to all, but especially the millennials who expect the bells & whistles
      (responsiveness) of technology-adaptive to the learning styles of all ages.
195   With the rising cost in fuel & other things, make college education more accessible. Step up the distance learning.
196   No Answer
197   Lower the cost so everyone has the opportunity to attend and make a better future for them self.
198   Making education available to eveyone
199   In a perfect world, I would like to see all classes offered in different teaching styles. For example Anatomy 101, Sec 1-
      online courses, Sec 2-lecture courses, Sec 3 -lab courses. I think if people were offered to be taught in the way they
      learn best, more successful education could be.
200   Interactive learning during class and making students responsible for independent learning (quick quiz on reading). I have
      found that games that have to do with our readings are very helpful.
201   I think educaiton funding should follow the student and there should be greater incentive for performance.
202   Stress the importance of a college education and start the motivation, encouragement and drive in grade school.
203   More incentive for educators i.e. (more money) Educators salaries, more value on education, by more specialized schools
      and interships.
204   Continuing learning, life long, Reducing all possible learning barriers if possible.
205   Increased access to remote students, in Oklahoma.
206   Placing less emphasis on "testing" and more emphasis on learning & understanding the material, & being
      able to apply the learning in real life.
207   Remember that not "everyone" is technology savvy!
208   Increase funding so teachers can live comfortably on their salary and to increase retention of teachers.
209   To address individual learner needs to enhance learning and retaining of education received
210   Continued interaction between educator and students.
211   closed campuses in high school
212   Provide more funding to meet the needs of the schools system.
213   Insuring that when developing standards individuals needs and capabilities, especially children with learning
      disabilities are still met.
214   Equip all schools with the tools & resources they will need to provide an education that is equal to that of
      the national standard.
215   Include several different types of learning methods.
216   I think it's important for students to be taught good study habits & test taking tips, because they can learn the
      information but if they don't know how to apply it then it is usless.
217   Focus on the basics, put phonics back in education
218   Pre-test students to ensure @ least adequate writing skills & reading levels a admitting them into a nursing or
      college class.
219   Expect at least as much, if not more, from the learner as is expected from the educator. Engage the learner
      in the process by whatever means available.
220   Engagement in active learning as early as possible.
221   Make sure parents are involved and feel that their child's education is their responsibility.
222   Be more creative in teaching "boring" subjects.
223   I partially answered this quesiton in the previous two quesitons but, just to summarize, bring ethics and critical
      thinking (they are not mutually-exclusive) back to into a vibrant educational environment in order to raise
      a generation of educated citizens focused on fixing and maintaining the things most important in
      lives of individuals and societies.
224   adequate funding
225   Allow students to enter the labor force at a younger age so the public schools do not have to carry
      such a large percentage of dead weight through the high school years. Classrooms are taken up
      with discipline problems and time and energy is put forth by teachers but not many students. Many
      students do not understand the privilege of an education.
226   Increasing funding so schools can afford to higher adequate faculty & staff & pay teachers what they deserve
227   Make it fun
228   Meeting individual learners needs.
229   Start teaching the people in your class room by ethnicity. If you are white you are out numbered about 5 to 1 now.
230   No Answer
231   computers
232   To be sure that all student's needs are being met. Individual learning styles taken into consideration.
233   Teachers should know what they are talking about and make it fun.
234   If I could recommend one thing to education that would help make it successful in the future, it would be to
      return to educating children in proper character, in traditional values, the things that really matter. Treating
      others with kindness and consideration and doing the "right thing" is more important than adding another
      math class or technology requirements, and would have a greater impact on society as a whole.
235   The quality of the teacher is the most important factor in the success of students. Get the best teachers,
      let them teach, and the results will be strong schools and kids who have grown in their interest in learning.
      It is still (and will always be) the personal connection between the teaacher & learning. Everything else is frills.
236   No one would disagree that technology & funding are important in today's education. But the 3 R's are still
      the foundation of anyone's education. I believe thre needs to be a stronger emphasis on children being
      more proficient in reading. They need to be able to communicate in an intelligent way both written and
      orally. Finally, students need to learn to master math skills to the best of their ability-the 3 R's.
237   My recommendation is that educators help students make the connection between school and real-life.
      This could happen by creating a desire to learn & think critically, as well as using the skills they learn
      in school & applying them to their future careers, lives, etc.
238   I am stumped as to how to revolutionize education. Out of my inexperience and naieve, I would love to
      implement smaller class sizes, more group projects, explorative activities, and other basics of education
      that extract creativity from our kids and present them with the joy of discovery. The potential for an
      inviting learning environment which inspires curious kids who themselves then enjoy and request
      a rush of new knowledge is motivating but perhaps too idealistic.
239   I honestly don't know. It would seem to me we should place more value on teacher, and spotlight those
      who are making a difference. (Teaches who are inspiring kids to rise above their circumstances to
      attain high goals) But how to do that -inspire kids-I don't know.
240   Teach subjects that matter now or in the future. To much time is spent teaching about past history. Kids
      today think more about the future and how they will survive, not how people survived 200 years ago.
241   Make sure that all teachers really can teach. Some teachers may have all of the requirements to be a teacher
      but lack the skills to keep students interested in the subject they are teaching.
242   Move away from high stakes testing and toward recruiting (and compensating) high performing students to
      enter the teaching profession.
243   Don't give up on any of the students. Keep raising the bar!
244   Do not put teachers in the education system who aren't capable of teaching or running a class room. Set
      the standards higher for the people who teach.
245   Recognizing that students learn at different rates and in different ways. A universal method of teaching
      is simply an impossiblitiy
246   Make everyone use technology in one way or another.
247   Parental involvement
248   At least two years of college should be mandatory.
249   Student/teacher ratio
250   Making parents more responsible for their childrens education and parents allowing their children to be
      disciplined by the teachers.
251   Have better trained teachers who are willing to take the time with one-on-one support for each student.
252   More access to things
253   Benchmark & compare educational excellence where it exists to determine best practices and apply
      to our educaitonal system.
254   I don't agree with teachers being secure w/tenyear. I believe teachers need to be evaluated on performance.
      There are teachers that should not be teaching. This is a job that you want to change a life.
255   Proper funding.
256   More teachers that are qualified using technology
257   Continue to explore non-traditional ways of educating adults.
258   Discuss and promote thoughts and beliefs that promote a high standard for educators and a morale society.
259   Pay teachers adequately; respect teachers.
260   Education should be focused on students, not federal & state mandates
261   Let teachers teach & quite mandating things that "have" to be done. By doing this we are forced to "teach
      to the test" rather than teach a broad spectrum of the subject. There are several important things that
      need to be taught about the subjects, but 1/2 of which are being missed because teachers are forced
      to teach to a test!
262   Students should have learning levels that should be held at every level, examples: know multiplications
      tables by 4th grade. If students don't meet levels, students must take extra time or class necessary
      to meet the levels. If that needs to be Saturday school, summer school, extra periods of Math or
      reading, they must do it. These must be expectations that are reinforced for the slower students to
      be successful.
263   Everyone has specific needs. You cannot generalize everything associated with education to one specific
      style. Everyone learns differently.
264   Treat children & students as people with learning needs & not as numbers and statistics
265   available to all those who desire it Finances wouldn't be a factor
266   Pay educators what they are worth
267   No child left behing-kids with ADHD need more help than what they get. Most teachers focus on the A students
      than the students that really need help. They are put on the back burner. Kids are left behind! 504 program is a joke.
268   Lets people who have actually taught in a classroom make the decisions!
269   More government funding for all education programs-including classes to meet the individual learning needs of all ages.
270   teaching the advancing technology
271   Get with daycare providers and have them do age-appropriate activities with the children instead of pushing them to do
      things that they are not ready for.
272   Consequences for students actions
273   Dedication to learning
274   Find out more about how eveyone learns & gear education to meet the needs.
275   Consequences for negative behavior
276   To prepare children to be effective families. I believe if we do not intervene in our families we will continue to perpetuate
      a dysfunctional society, educational system, etc…………….
277   Vaues & morals returned to education
278   Students must be told in no uncertain terms that they are in school to learn. Any deviations must be
      delt with effectively & swiftly.
279   Positive behavior mandates for low income students=require health for poverty students. Poor health =future costs to society
      Low income students require self-discipline training=builds self-estem & self control
      Low income students requrie strong discipline to teach students boundaries of behavior.
280   Make family an active part of the students educational process
281   More concern directed toward low socioeconomic students
282   Have stricter guidelines on qualifications for teaching middle school, particulary in the core subjects
283   No Answer
284   better discipline
285   No Answer
286   In sure that there are adequat funds for educators.
287   Public schools should not always be structured for students to enter college. Some Students do not always fit
      into the category.
288   Make education available in a personal setting vice in a gory setting.
289   Class sizes must be small 1 to 10, or 1 to 12. There must be the ability of the teacher to give attention
      to individual students daily. Caring and trust comes from that ability to get to know the students.
      It can't happen if you have 30 students per teachers.
290   Make it mastery based
291   In some areas we need a tradiitonal high school
292   Build relationships with students and help them develop multiple paths to achieve their goals.
293   Detect problems with students at a younger age. The parents should be held accountable for the actions
      of their children. Take preventative measures.
294   Individualized instruction for all
295   Take more time to educate our children better.
296   Take no shortcuts and provide brutal honesty. America is kidding itself in calling the nations
      "Student friendly" The students are running the show and it needs to stop in order to improve quality of life
      for everyone.
297   Incorporate religion
298   Encourage every student to be creative and involved in th arts (theatre, music, and artistry) because such
      things build creativity & cultural appreication.
299   Invest $ in proven strategies at the district level for academic improvement. Plan to spend time to plan, & plan
      to make it accepted by the teaachers & community. Add communicate, communicate, communicate.
300   tolerance, especially for Christian majority
301   Focus on excellence and increased expectations fo revery child.
302   No Answer
303   Ensure that learners are effective communicators and can exhibit the ability to think critically.
304   Make it more interesting and keep up with technology.
305   Keep it simple. Don't overdue the programs and the technology.
306   Raise the bar! Find a way to encourage Everybody to stand taller, do better and achieve more. When children
      are given goals and know what is expected of them, it is amazing what they can do.Find a way to have ALL the parents
      get involved and give the children the support at home that they need. Lets do that for everybody, educators included.
      Start by paying them better. Make education a profession that people want to go into because it is a good profession
      and can provide adequately for their family, not just because they want to make a difference and "love kids".
307   To practice what we preach-hold teachers accountable by developing multiple evaluation tools to evaluate teachers
      based on merit and performance. There has to be a way to do this with the education field. (I said teachers, but I
      believe this applies tso all certified staff in our field-from the top down).
308   Make it entertaining
309   Funding
310   Low tuition
311   Very actively recruit minority teachers and mentor them into staying but also provide a pay schedule that
      would attract people from minority groups.
312   Train young people for their working life
313   Be more flexible      (accepting of others)
314   To not forget, with all of our technology, personal, face-to-face interaction
315   Hold everyone and everything to a high level of excellence and never settle for second best because there is a lot of money
      at stake when it comes to one's future, career and education. I want the best eudcation possible for myself and my son
      and I would hope everyone else does too.
316   Keep the student as the focus of education.
317   Truly provide equal educational opportunites to every child regardless of socio economic levels and/or restrictions.
      All schools should offer the same programs.
318   Prioritize funding for educaiton
319   Be flexible-try to help everyone in the way they need it.
320   Make education (of any form) the #1 priority.
321   Spend more time helping the student or students that need more help than others and also I think there is way too much
      homework. Teachers also have to many students in each class to focus one on one.
322   Patience
323   If there could be some way to include parents more in educaiton process-possibly education for education -some parents
      just don't understand how important it is for them to do their part.
324   That a budget that is over stressed & teachers large class the chldren who are middle of the road will get lost if you need
      more help then an average student but not special ed there will not be enough resources to help those students reach
      their maximum potential.
325   More extensive teaching at all levels with more time to provide a proper education for all people.
326   Teach more subjects that will help children
327   Offer College Coarses free of charge.
328   Availability to everyone not just those with low incomes.
329   Hold educators/administrators more accountable to the fact that every student deserves a quality education.
330   Get the parents more involved so they are more about the education of their children.
331   Keep record of students success often school (graduation) and use this to determine teacher success.
332   Put Prayer back in school and teach the truth.
333   Demand student master tasks before moving on to next level-always!
334   Teach more individualized policy/relations and interesting history
335   Keep education personable, remember were students not just a number.Push us to do better, don't accept
      crap, cause then that is all you will get.
336   Standards
337   Maximize on group learning theories with and without technology
338   Convey the message to our legislature, and senate that all kids are not all college bound. We need to really open
      our eyes and start training more kids for more hands-on-occupations. All kids in school can run a computer, but
      very few can read a tape measure or weld.
339   Challenge the student
340   For government, state, and city to challenge themselves to put forth more resources into public schools. Addi-
      tional funding to aid teachers, administrators, and staff to excel in their job endeavors, granting them ways and
      the means to achieve their goals, allowing them to think outside the box and using technology to its fullest potential.
341   (The interviewee wrote nothing)
342   Begin now to address future trends. Shake things up!
343   More scholarships & programs for the less fortunate. Less politics in education-need more of "what you know"
      instead of "who you know".
344   Replace the absolute power of parents & fringe groups upon the day-to-day management of curriculum & classrooms.
345   Less Expensive
346   A focus on individuals' intelligences & strengths-less mandated testing/more individual tuitoring/grading.
347   Recognize there is more than just the U.S. system of doing things. Prepare for global environment.
348   Focus on becoming teaching oriented and more away from the political, research oriented focus.
349   Have mandatory American History classes for all so that everyone has a knowledge of how our government
      works and why.
350   Technology and "keeping up" is wonderful if money is not an issue. Getting back to basics and employ teachers
      that care about their position who realize the permanent affect they have on students. I feel our society is steering
      away from this basic yet most important aspect in our education system. Computers should be used as a learning
      tool, not the teacher. School is not only a place to learn basic skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic it's a
      growing experience for children to make it in today's world and becoming our future leaders.
351   How to use a computer & typing because in the business world or anywhere using a computer is key.
352   Once people get to college, they should not have to take general education classes. They should be available but not
353   To gain parental support. Having the support of parents is important because, unlike teachers who change every years,
      parents are consistent throughout the entire educational life of the student.
354   Educate parents in parenting/homework, school involvement
355   Be open minded…………..
356   Everyone working for the child's ability to do good in the home, in school, then society and the world will take care of itself.
357   Keeping down the costs, (that seem to go up every semester) and paying more to teachers so they don't burn out, and have a
      more genuine desire to teach & stick with it.
358   I have so many suggestions, but I suppose I'll just say make content applicable for students when you are preparing
      ask yourself as if you were the student-why should I care or so what? Take your content and give it real life application
      It is not enough to say it will be on your test. Interest and motivation will increase greatly if students see it as meaningful,
      relevent, or related with real life issues. If you add creativity or diversity to your teaching methods, then it makes the
      material more fun and memorable. If students leave a classroom hungry to learn and excited about applying it to life….
      the teacher was a success!
359   Stop requiring schools to meet certain standards on standardized tests
360   Smaller class size with more one on one for those that need it.
361   Make it relevant to the learner
362   Education should be focused on providing a knowledge base that enables students to transfer this skill set to everyday
      life. Education money should not be wasted on providihng skills that are only useful in a "hobby" environment.
363   Proper funding.
364   More counselors & support staff, psychologists, social workers, etc.
365   Build relationships w/kids & parents and teach kids to think.
366   Focus on the kids who are willing to learn and who will benefit society
367   Listen to your students needs. What worked in the past does not necessarily work now. Students go to college by choice
      so give them what they need and want to learn. Teach diversity because that (diversity) is what makes us stronger not different.
368   Pay teachers more so schools can keep them-also if teaching were a more profitable profession more people would teach
      giving schools more teachers to pick from and in general I believe we would have better teachers.
369   School reform. Example:faculty accomodations, graduation national standards, identify & channel equally college bound
      & vo-tech personnel, etc.
370   Maintain rigor, but keep learning enjoyable.
371   Raise pay all around for education. If education doesn't receive more funds then all else fails. Everything revolves around money
      Technology, teachers attitude, professionalism, teaching capabilities, more schools with smaller classes, new methods of
      teaching are all tied into more funding that has to be acquired.
372   Give teachers & principals more power to discipline students. Students who respect their authority figure have a much better
      chance to retain what's being taught because of less distractions.
373   Again, I think tha the classroom of the future is going to have a cater to all learning styles.
374   Put Godd, prayer, and the 10 commandments back in school to promote moral & ethical behavior.
375   …….to structure classrooms to teach in a multitude of learning styles. Not all children learn the same. Too often does a student
      fail a class for not understanding their teachers teaching style. If subjects could be taught in several different ways, then more
      students would comprehend concepts making school different ways, then more students would comprehend concepts
      making school easier for them, along with the teacher. This could perhaps be done by testing students to find their preferred
      style, and then pairing them with the teacher that fits most appropriately.
376   For teachers to focus less on faacts and more on understanding & problem solving. We need to produce critical thinkers,
      not clones that can't think for themselves.
377   Have more than one teacher in each classroom, so you can meet each child's needs.
378   For teachers/eudcators to be more involved w/students on personal level (within reason). Teach students through a more
      hands-on approach. Get involved, don't just lecture and talk at students. Have open discussions and debates, make them think.
379   I wish there was one thing………First…we need teachers that want to teach. Second…the supplies needed to make a school
      function. Third…Parents that support their kids and the teachers. Fourth-FUNDING!
380   Pay and screen treachers & professors.
381   Our elected officials, principals, superintendents need to be in the classroom knowing what teachers are up against and
      work as many days as the tax paying citizens.
382   Today's students and society are vastly different than those of 20-or even-10 years ago. This progression of change
      will gain speed and momentum, making the change. Pattern of this decade appears slow. Because we have moved to a visual
      society in which you no longer have to be literate to be exposed to the adult world, the childhood
      will continue its disappearing act, and that will change education in ways we've never dreamed.
383   Increase teacher pay-for those who shape & educate our most valuable resource, what a shame that they are so
      monetarily undervalued.
384   Create programs that require parent involvement.
385   To try find new and improved ways for students to concentrate and have a positive attitude about there image and self
      and confidence that they could make it to be somebody they want as there career and to achieve there goals.
386   Knowledge is power. Encouraging others to succeed and focus on their achievement goals.
387   Make education as affordable as possible for future generations.
388   Continue to change to meet the future needs as the world changes.
389   Better teachers
390   Adapting! Everyone learns differently. Incorporating different learning styles into the classroom will benefit more students.
391   Cut down on the number of "special needs" children. Anybody who has a hard time paying attention can be labeled
      as having a "learning handicap". The high number of these students hinders the education system.
392   continue to keep up with changing technology.
393   My recommendation would be to keep ever mindful of what sparks in one a desire to learn, to take on that endeavor oneself.
394   Administrators and politicians who make the laws should spend time in the classroom and really visit with real teachers
      to get the real facts so policy can work correctly rather than force with limited results.
395   Do away with "No Child Left Behind" and transfer money appropriated for funding the Iraq war into the Dept. of Education.
396   Better state funding for increased teacher's pay and programs.
397   Find a way to pay educators, in our 1-12 grades, higher salaries, thus drawing better quality of instructors.
398   Make decisions with the needs of students in mind.
399   Provide quality preservice (higher education-teacher education) & inservice professional development training programs.
400   More collaboration in the classroom. In the high school/middle school level the Math should make problems that correlate
      with science, english, and social studies to help the students connect with the topic in as many ways as possible. And the
      other in the same manner.
401   Making sure students are prepared to socialize with other people. Meaning with as much technology as we have people are
      more dependent on the technology than talking with people in person.
402   Pay our teachers more & give them the funding & resources necessary to teach our children the skills they need to
      not only compete & succeed in the world but also give them the social skills that we seem to lack. (Although I know
      parents are responsible for this as well).
403   Provide government subsidized grants for every American citizen that need not be paid back as long as the student completes
      a four year degree. The current student loan and grant programs do nothing to provide incentive for the student to stay in
      school and complete the degree.
404   Better prepare kids for the future. Teach them how to balance a checkbook. Prepare them for responsibilities they will have
      to encounter even after college. Inspire them to become all that they can be in the crazy, technology driven world.
405   Elect Barack Obahma!
406   Incorporate creative and active learning opportunities in lesson plans, and encourage parental involvement in children's ed-
      ucation. Kids need a variety of learning methods to stay engaged. Involvement of parents or mentors will also encourage
      a child's performance.
407   We as teachers need to survey knowledge that society needs and teach the knowledge to students. So we continuously
      produce enough human capital for future economy, culture, welfare, etc.
408   meeting individual learning needs
409   *Provide the same education in a public school as a private school.
410   Make sure all schools have the proper funds for books, programs, and other necessary tools for proper learning environments.
411 I can't think of just one thing. (1)Teacher salaries need to be raised, and for competitive so we keep out teachers in OK
    (2)Easier access in ouitlying areas for High School students to be able to take college pre-requisite classes early
    (3)More orientation to work area, inc. better more thorough orientation to career field.
412 Teachers need to be treated like "rock stars" meaning, very high paid, honored, looked at in very high regard. This is the only
    way we can get back to the greatest minds back in education.
413 Education should be able to adopt to local, national, and international mandates & should be abl eto forecast to be prepared
    for the future.
414 Don't forget about childrens' needs. They need to learn more skills as well as academic skills. And kids need to be kids!
    They need to express themselves and have fun, even in a school setting.
415 No Answer
416 Keeping up with technology. Better marketing of all types of education-like career and tech centers.
417 Better funding & training for teachers & schools.
418 Encourage teachers to use the technology that is already available.
419 More Funds
420 focus more on the impact academics can have in general life (jobs, promotions)
421 Increase standards so that people who earn an education actually have something of worth. When people are striving for
    something worth while, they tend to work harder.
422 hold parents accountable
423 Replace the education budget with the defense budget and leave it in this position for at least 500 years/forever. We need
    smart people not smart weapons. We need weapons of mass education not mass destructions.
424 Funding. Have more funding on technology topics and some non-traditional topics.
425 Give student more fair environment
426 Have teachers evaluate what they are doing with other teachers from diverse areas.
427 Focus on creativity and exploration
428 That big ideas are great but remember details, details, details.
429 Teach technological skills to the young and enhance it throughout their education teach them about where their
    world is going.
430 Recognize that not all students are capable of higher education. Leave the dregs behind.
431 Teach current events & technology
432 Study technology and hire teachers/instructors who have real knowledge of it. I think that it would open the door
    for many new programs in both higher-ed and technical students (vo-techs).
433 If going to college is so essential to our futures, make it easier for us to attend. Have teachers that want to help us succeed.
434 For education to stay current with technology and business trends. To adapt to the needs of the work force.
435 We need to return to the core value system of our forefathers.
436 Our students need to identify their strengths and desires educationally, leading to professionally, at an early age. By
    middle school, we need to be identifying the methods by which we educate different types of students and directing
    students toward relevance in the classroom by use of electives and innovative delivery.
437 Reduce the emphasis placed upon testing and realistically educate students in our public schools. With higher levels
    of math, most of which are not required in society, and emphasis on testing, many students fail short of the bar and to
    not gain a marketable education and skill. A society of successful test-takers does not ensure economic stability.
    Standards are an important part of our education system, but those standards should have relevance to our societal needs.
438 Put the same effort into giving money back as there is to taking it and let the professors know if its not for the students
    then they wouldn't have a job.
439 Smaller classrooms and more one on one with students
440 To be accessible, modern and diverse
441 Quality teachers to be reinforcement of all the new technology.
442 Make schools more structured with less emphasis on social individuality and more emphasis on achievement (individual)
    Example: School dress codes-even uniforms
443 Education must be accessable to everyone, no matter their financial position, age, race, learning disability, gender and/or
    any other reason that could be viewed as a hinderance to a person being able to receive any amount of education
    they need or desire.
444 To find a blance between life skills and mandated educational concepts. Both are important and both must, to some
    degree, be focused on.
445 Teach love through service.
446 Demoralization (in California they are trying to pass a law that would be demoralizing to the traditional family. This is
    not something that we should be teaching in school).         To no pass that law.
447 To allow educators more influence in the politics and mandates past by the government. Because teachers don't have
    enough say in the laws proposed and passed. The teachers struggle to meet the requirements and teach their students.
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