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									                              T.H. Rogers PTO
                           Thursday, Oct 11, 2007
                      7:00 pm, T.H. Rogers – Room 115

 I.    Call to order – at 7:00pm                                               Adriane Arnold/ Greg Lewis
 II.   Secretary’s Report                                                                Vidya Madabushi
       Updated on Sep 13th 2007 minutes.
III.   Principal’s Report                                                                      Dr. White
          Middle school orchestra has been invited to participate in Winter Festival at George Brown
           Convention Center.
          International Festival – November 29th 6:30pm
          Technology Committee updates
                           Ms. Holly Smith is the new technology staff. She has 31 years experience in
                            working with schools.
                           GOAL: Development of long range Plan subcommittees
                                  Hardware and Software
                                  Professional Development.
                                  Integration.
                           Parent Involvement: Need parents to participate in the subcommittee.
          Professional Development
                           LTF
                                  Laying the foundation across all classes.
                                  Teachers go through training and are LTF certified.
                           ASPIRE
                                  Road map activity for all 225 teachers.
                                  Value added data analysis.
                                  Work at child score progress.
                                  Student growth and achievement.
                         CRISS
                                  Morzano strategy gains for students.
                                  Teachers have undergone 12 hrs of CRISS training.
                         PDA/Math Assessment
                                  Using PDA for assessment.
          HISD BOND
                         Encourage parents to vote for bond.
                         If the bond passes T.H.Rogers will receive 8 million dollars
                         Zero tax increase bond.
IV.    Treasurer’s Report                                                                Brandon Stone
V.     New Business
          Thanks to all the new parents who attended the PTO meeting
           Carolyn Clark, Rich Heilmann, Dianne Zeiler, Tram An, Juliet Chang, Orit Pennington,
           Grace Weng, Li Doyle, Tanya Mooradian, Brannon Lloyd, Maria Miranda, Rigi Sierra,
           Francisca Garcia, Lee Nguyen.
          Walk-n-Roll is on October 12th.
          Original Works due on October 15th 2007.
VI.    Fundraising Reports                                                Bridget Brinson/ Teresa Lau
          152 family donors with approximately $27000 in donation.
          RAM NEWS and the website will have the list of donors.
          Corporate fundraising
                   Making corporate partners and not just asking for donation.
                   Schlumberger will be hosting a Math and Science family night.

VII.   Volunteers Report                                                                  Nellie Naidoo
       1. Parents need to login their volunteer hours.
       2. MI requested volunteer for field trips.
       3. Mr. Muzyka needs 10 parents for lock-in days.
VIII. Committees
          1. Budget & Finance                                                  Brandon Stone
                  Assistance to the School Orchestra Program.
                               6hrs - $45/hr = $270/week = $2160/semester.
                               4 hours for elementary students (third grade and up) and 2 hrs
                                  for middle school students.
                               PTO aprooved to pick up the cost upto $2160.

             2. Technology                                                                    Joan Khosla

             3. After school activities study committee                                        Susan Goll
                       Will send out a survey to get parents feedback on needs for enrichment
                        programs by end of October.
             4. Community Building                                                             Monica Ho
                   Miller Outdoor Theater – Oct 19th 2007.

             5. Teacher Appreciation                                                       Lynn Reynolds

             6. SDMC                                                     Peggy Sue Gay / Paul Clements

             7. PAC                                                   Anne Amador/ Martha Jenkinson

                       Mr.Muzyka will look into revising the scheduling of Middle school P.E. in the period
                        following lunch.
                       H.I.S.D. hasn’t yet released the Math textbooks for Middle school.
                       After-school busses began October 8th. They are dropping the students off at their
                        homes rather than local schools. There are eight after-school busses this year, which
                        is a greater expense for the school than anticipated.
                       The principals will implement any policies regarding a minimum grade average
                        required for participation in extracurricular activities on a case-by-case basis.
                       A campus-wide needs assessment will be conducted to establish needs and priorities
                        in facilities and curriculum; the goal is to have the assessment complete by
                       Parents are strongly encouraged to come before 2:45 or after 3:10 if they wish to
                        park and pick-up their children; however, parents will not be denied access to their
                        children at any time. Issues leading to pick-up frustrations are exacerbated by the
                        construction on San Felipe, but are improving.
                       Mr. Muzyka is checking into having the city put up a flashing school zone sign on
                        Bering Drive.
                       Comments regarding some children’s unease approaching teachers outside of
                        school, some parents’ reluctance to directly confer with teachers, and penalty
                        policies for late assignments were noted.
                        Next year IPC will not be offered, due to the state’s mandate for four years of
                         specific science instruction.
                        Next PAC meeting on November 13th 2007.

IX.   Speakers
       Mr. Harvin Moore Board of Directors for HISD District 7 attended the meeting.
                 He gave us an overview of the bond.
                 Informed that Grady will be rebuilt in two stages.
         Mr. Mohammed T.H.Rogers Alumni
                 He talked about his project for Eagle Scout.
                 He had already discussed with the MI teachers and the school on his proposal.
                 He requested the PTO for funding his project.
                 School has funds to help with his project.
X.    Old business                                                                                Greg Lewis

XI.   Adjourn – at 8:45pm                                                     Adriane Arnold / Greg Lewis

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