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Objective by linzhengnd


									                                                      Strategic Planning Opportunity

Goal One:       Develop and promote excellent graduate programs aligned with the University mission of applied learning,
                applied research, and professional service in the community and region.
Objective                                                 Measures                       Person(s) Responsible   Date Due      Progress
                                                                                                                               (% Complete)
1.1:    Establish the Graduate Office.
       Action Item(s):
                    a Graduate Dean.
       1.1.1: Recruit                                     Regular Dean Hired             Academic Affairs        2012          I
     1.1.2: Establish the structure and processes of      Graduate Office is fully       Graduate Council and    2009          3
                                                          functional                     Graduate Dean
     the Graduate Office.
1.2: Establish graduate programs that meet regional
and economic needs for advanced education and fit
within the mission of the University.
       Action Item(s):
       1.2.1: Monitor  regional and economic needs for    Periodic report of the         Academic Units          2010 and      2
                                                          analysis of regional needs                             every five
       advanced education through regular                 for graduate level education                           years
       communication with representatives from
       regional business, government and education.
       1.2.2: Issue a call for graduate program           Call for proposals issued      Graduate Council        Fall 2007     2
                                                                                                                 and each
       proposals on a regular schedule.                                                                          academic
          Give priority to program proposals that
       1.2.3:                                             Acceptance of appropriate      Graduate Council        Fall 2007     4&O
                                                          graduate program proposals                             and Ongoing
    advance the university’s mission in applied
    learning while meeting regional needs.
1.3 Assemble a graduate faculty with recognized
excellence in teaching and research.
       Action Item(s):
       1.3.1: Establish   Graduate Council Constitution   Bylaws are written             Graduate Council        Jan 2008      2
       and Bylaws.
       1.3.2: Form Graduate Council Standing              List of standing committees    Graduate Council        Jan 2008      1
                                                          and members
       1.3.3: Refine policies and procedures for          Existing policies and          Graduate Council and    Jan 2008      1

                                                 Strategic Planning Opportunity

   evaluation of graduate faculty.                     procedures are reviewed        Academic Affairs
                                                       and modified
   1.3.4:  Promote hiring of new faculty with a        Credentials of newly hired     Academic Affairs               Fall 2007     4&O
                                                       faculty                                                       and ongoing
    record of applied scholarship and evidence of
    quality teaching.
    1.3.5: Establish processes and support for         Highly qualified faculty are   Academic Affairs               Fall 2007     4&O
                                                       hired and retained                                            and ongoing
    recruiting and retaining quality faculty.
1.4 Pursue sufficient resources for applied graduate
study, research, and professional service.
   Action Item(s):
   1.4.1: Secure  funding from grant and govern-       Grants received                Academic Units                 2012          1
    mental agencies and private foundations.
    1.4.2: Enhance library resources for graduate      Quantity of library holdings   Director of Library Services   2007 and      3
    1.4.3: Gain access to external resources to        Resources are obtained         Academic Units, Grants         2007 and      1
                                                                                      Office and Academic Affairs    ongoing
    support research.
1.5 Continuously improve the quality of graduate
   Action Item(s):
   1.5.1: Develop a comprehensive assessment           Plan is developed              Graduate Dean & Graduate       Jan 2009      2
   plan for graduate education at Western.
   1.5.2: Implement the assessment plan.               Measurable data is available   Academic Units and deans       Fall 2008     1
                                                       on all programs
   1.5.3. Modify programs, policies and processes      Data-driven program            Academic Units and             Fall 2008     I
                                                       modifications                  Graduate Council               and ongoing
    as indicated through evaluation data.
1.6 Recruit and graduate highly qualified graduate
   Action Item(s):
   1.6.1: Acquire funding for teaching and applied     Sufficient funding             Academic Units and             Fall 2007     4, O
                                                                                      Academic Affairs               and ongoing
   research assistantships as needed within
   graduate programs.
   1.6.2: Secure funding for scholarships through      Sufficient scholarships        Academic Units and             Fall 2007     4&O
                                                                                      Academic                       and ongoing

                                            Strategic Planning Opportunity

external and internal sources.
1.6.3: Develop a plan for advertising graduate   Plan developed              Public Relations, Academic    Fall 2007     4&O
                                                                             Units, Graduate Council and
programs.                                                                    Graduate Dean
1.6.4: Develop and implement program-specific    Program plans implemented   Academic Units,               Spring 2008   2
                                                                             Admissions, Graduate Office
recruiting strategies
1.6.4: Admit graduate students to begin fall     Students admitted           Academic and support units    Fall 2007     4
semester of 2007.
1.6.5: Implement alternative scheduling of       Student surveys and         Academic units                Fall 2007     4&O
                                                 enrollment numbers
courses to meet student needs.
1.6.6. Develop a method for surveying and        Assessment plan             Graduate Dean                 Jan 2009      3
tracking graduate students prior to and after

                                                     Strategic Planning Opportunity

Goal Two:     Develop a supportive academic environment for applied graduate study and research.
Objective                                                  Measures                      Person(s) Responsible         Date Due      Progress
                                                                                                                                     (% Complete)
2.1 Acquireand maintain adequate facilities and
equipment for applied graduate study and research.
      Action Item(s):
      2.1.1: Establish processes to secure equipment       Documented processes in       Academic deans and            Jan 2008      3
                                                           place                         Academic Affairs
      that supports simultaneously both graduate and
      undergraduate programs.
      2.1.2: Prepare facilities that are needed for        Adequate facilities are       Academic Affairs and          Fall 2007     3
                                                           available                     Academic Units                and ongoing
      implementation of approved graduate programs.
2.2   Establish graduate student support systems.
      Action Item(s):
      2.2.1: Work   with the admissions office to          Policies and procedures are   Academic Units, Admissions    Fall 2007     4
                                                           established                   Office and Graduate Dean
      establish policies and procedures for graduate
      2.2.2: Work with the Registrar’s Office to           Policies and procedures are   Academic Units, Registrar’s   Fall 2007     4
                                                           established                   Office and Graduate Dean
      establish policies and procedures for graduate
      enrollment, records, and graduation ceremonies
      2.2.3: Work with the Business Office to              Policies and procedures are   Academic Units, Business      Fall 2007     4
                                                           established                   Office and Graduate Dean
      establish policies and procedures for graduate
      business functions.
      2.2.4: Work with the Financial Aid Office to         Policies and procedures are   Academic Units, Financial     Fall 2007     4
                                                           established                   Aid Office and Graduate
      establish policies and procedures for graduate                                     Dean
      financial aid.
      2.2.5: Establish a seat on the Student Government    Seat established              Dean of Student Affairs       Jan 2008      1
      Association for a graduate student representative.
      2.2.6: Establish a low-cost health care coverage     Coverage available            Dean of Student Affairs       Jan 2008      4
      insurance option for graduate students.

                                                   Strategic Planning Opportunity

      2.2.7: Work with the Dean of Student Affairs to                                Dean of Student Affairs and    Jan 2008   1
                                                                                     Graduate Dean
      understand and respond to graduate student
      2.2.8: Investigate the feasibility of offering                                 Dean of Student Affairs,       2012       4
                                                                                     Director of Residential Life
      graduate student housing.                                                      and Graduate Dean
      2.2.9: Establish a graduate student association.   Graduate student            Dean of Student                2012       I
                                                                                     Development and Graduate
                                                         association established     Dean
2.3Provide a support structure and system for
graduate faculty and staff.
      Action Item(s):
      2.3.1: Work through   the Graduate Council to      Implementation of changes   Graduate Council               Ongoing    4&O
      continue to develop policies and procedures
      that support graduate faculty.
      2.3.2: Establish a formula for compensation of     Formula developed and       Graduate Council               Jan 2009   1
      graduate faculty serving on and chairing
      graduate student applied research projects.


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