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                   December 2009 News for Alumni, Parents and Friends

It Was a Fabulous Fall!

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    News Briefs                                                               Blue and Gold Goes Greener

                                                                              On December 10, we learned that Breck has been awarded a grant
                                                                              from Hennepin County to support schoolwide organic recycling.
    Rev. Brian Prior Selected

                                                                              The grant comes from the county’s Waste Abatement Incentive
    as IX Bishop of Minnesota                                                 Fund.
                                                                              The grant application was the work of Breck’s sustainability
    In October, the Episcopal
                                                                              committee, which includes students, parents, faculty and staff. Its
    Church selected the Rev.
                                                                              chair is Custodial Supervisor Walter Walker.
    Brian N. Prior to succeed
    James L. Jelinek as Bishop of
    Minnesota. Rev. Prior will also
    serve as the chair of Breck’s
    Board of Trustees after he is
    ordained and consecrated as
    bishop on February 13.
    He has been Rector of the
    Church of the Resurrection in    Outgoing Bishop James Jelinek
    Spokane, Washington, since       visits Breck with Bishop-Elect
                                     Brian Prior
    1996 and formerly served at St.
    Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Spokane.
    Rev. Prior, his wife Staci and his two teenage sons, who will both
                                                                               The Breck Sustainability Committee, left to right. First row: Ashley
    attend Breck, will relocate to the Twin Cities in early January.           Farley Shimota, Roshny Vijayakar; second row: Warren Hall, Walter
                                                                               Walker, Kristi Cousineau; third row: Anjali Madhok, Sam Aronson,
    Breck participated in the selection process by hosting one of              Paige Olowu; back row: Beckie Alexander, Ingrid Miller, Katie Ross,
    five question-and-answer sessions (called “walkabouts”) with               Kristina Tester, Jackie Keepers and Mary Gentry
    candidates, where students served as prayer readers, musicians,
    ushers and tour guides.

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    Upper School Organizes “Houses”                                              In Memoriam

    On December 4, the Upper School held a kick-off assembly                     Dr. Patti Soderberg, who taught
    for a student-designed “house” system to be part of a larger                 chemistry and served as a lab
    Community Cup award at the end of the year. Each student has                 assistant in the science department,
    been randomly placed in a house, named: Wilder (the town where               died unexpectedly on December 6.
    Breck was founded in 1886), Whipple (the founder of our school               She was 52.
    and first Bishop of Minnesota), Haupt (beloved Reverend and
                                                                                 Patti had just come to Breck this fall
    headmaster in the 1900s) or Salas (our most recent head whose
                                                                                 after teaching most recently at the
    20-year career at the school made it the nationally recognized
                                                                                 Conserve School in Land O’Lakes,
    school it is today). Through service and school spirit students will
                                                                                 Wisconsin, where she was a biology
    challenge each other, in their houses, to get involved in Upper
                                                                                 teacher, house parent, curriculum
    School activities. Breck’s Toys for Tots drive will be the first forum
                                                                                 evaluator and coach.
    for the Community Cup competition.
                                                                                 Said Head of School Edward Kim, “Although she had been with
                                                                                 us only a brief time, she is being remembered as an energetic,
    Lee R. Anderson, Sr. ’57 Named

                                                                                 purposeful and very dedicated teacher and colleague. She was
    Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year                                       especially passionate about the environment and the role Breck
                                                                                 could play in helping students become more knowledgeable
    Lifetime trustee Lee R. Anderson, Sr.,
                                                                                 about and active in environmental efforts.”
    was selected as the 2009 recipient of
    a national award from Ernst & Young,                                         She is survived by husband, Jim Agre; father, George; siblings,
    recognizing his innovation, success                                          Gary (Kathy), Barbara Sorensen and Doug; also many nieces,
    and personal commitment in the                                               nephews, other relatives and friends.
    category of real estate, hospitality and
                                                                                 Patti was a graduate of St. Olaf College and received her Ph.D.
                                                                                 from the University of Wisconsin, and she previously taught
    Lee is chairman of APi Group, based                                          at the Blake School and Conserve School in Land O’ Lakes,
    in New Brighton, a conglomerate of                                           Wisconsin. She was an avid outdoorswoman who loved sailing,
    more than 33 independent companies                                           skiing, bicycling, canoeing and nature. A memorial service was
    in the life safety and industrial and                                        held December 14, with memorials directed to the Sobriety High
    specialty construction industries.                                           Foundation.
    After graduating from Breck and the United States Military                   Former trustee (1983-87) Merlin
    Academy at West Point, he intended to make a career in the                   Dewing of Shoreview died December 2.
    Army. But when his father, the late Breck lifetime trustee Reuben            As chair of the Minneapolis Chamber
    L. Anderson, suffered a heart attack, Lee came back to Minnesota             of Commerce, he helped spearhead
    as a salesman in his father’s plumbing contracting business. That            the deal between Calvin Griffith and
    business became APi Group, now a $1.6 billion global corporation.            Carl Pohlad — which kept the Twins in
                                                                                 Minnesota. He had a long career with
    The Ernst & Young Awards, now in their 23rd year, were presented
                                                                                 Peat Marwick (later KMPG), becoming
    at a gala in Palm Springs in November.
                                                                                 the Minneapolis office’s managing
    Says Head of School Edward Kim, “Lee Anderson, who has                       partner, and was involved with many
    achieved so much in business, serves as a model of the traditional           civic organizations. He was awarded
    Breck values of honor, God and country. We at Breck are so                   the University of North Dakota’s Sioux
    fortunate to have received Lee’s generous support over the years.            award, its highest alumni recognition. Merlin is survived by his
    His dedication to our mission has been a sustaining force, and we            wife Barbara, three children including Jeffrey Dewing ‘90 and five
    are thrilled to congratulate him on this prestigious award.”                 grandchildren.
                                                                                                                   Today at Breck | December 2009 | 3
    News from the Development Department
    Annual Fund Supports Life at Breck

                                                                                                                            Ways to Give

    This year’s Annual Fund theme is Life at Breck: supported by the
                                                                                                                            Here are some options for making your tax-deductible gift
    Annual Fund. That theme applies to virtually every aspect of life
                                                                                                                            to Breck.
    at Breck.
                                                                                                                            • Check. Make checks payable to Breck School and send
    Your gift to the Annual Fund supports academics, performing and
                                                                                                                              to: Breck Annual Fund, 123 Ottawa Avenue North,
    visual arts, athletics, and so much more. Contributions are used for
                                                                                                                              Minneapolis, MN 55422.
    the current school year to help balance the budget and provide
    materials and resources that Breck needs to fulfill its educational                                                     • Credit or Debit Card. Breck accepts donations charged to
    mission.                                                                                                                  VISA, MasterCard and American Express. You may make a
                                                                                                                              secure gift online at Or use the form
    Parents, alumni, grandparents, parents of alumni, faculty and
                                                                                                                              printed on your pink remittance envelope.
    staff, and friends of Breck are all invited to make a difference by
    contributing as generously as possible to the Annual Fund.                                                              • Bill Pay. You may use online banking to write an electronic
                                                                                                                              check to Breck School. Note Annual Fund in the memo.
    “Gifts of every amount are important to the Annual Fund,” say Jeff
    and Helene Slocum, Annual Fund chairs for 2009-10. “We hope                                                             • Gifts of Appreciated Securities. If you give appreciated
    everyone will participate at some level to help Breck stay financially                                                    securities to Breck, there are two benefits. First, you
    strong. You can walk through the school on any given day and                                                              avoid paying capital gains taxes on the amount of the
    see the tangible impact of your gift in classrooms, labs, studios,                                                        appreciation. Second, you can still deduct the full amount
    athletic facilities, the chapel, the theater, the grounds, and even                                                       of the current value of the stock as a charitable income tax
    beyond the campus when students go into the community to                                                                  donation. If you cannot use all of the deduction in the year
    do service.”                                                                                                              you make the gift, you may carry over the deduction for an
                                                                                                                              additional five years.
    The year is off to a solid start with $1,160,519 in gifts and pledges
    received as of December 30 towards a goal of $2.1 million.                                                              • Matching Gifts. Breck is eligible to receive matching gifts
                                                                                                                              from companies that provide that benefit to employees.
                                                                                                                              Check with your human resources department or search
                                                                                                                              Breck’s matching gift database at
                                                                                                                              gifts_giving/matching-gifts for your employer.

    2009-10 Annual Fund

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Goal $2.08 Million
    $ 100,000


















    Total gifts and pledges to the Annual Fund are $1,160,519 as of December 30, 2009

    Remembering Ervin Stockwell III for His Legacy to Breck

    During his time as an English teacher, Bugle advisor and English
    department head, Ervin Stockwell III had a profound impact
    on his students. When he passed away in Texas this summer,
    Mr. Stockwell left another legacy: a bequest to the school’s
    A veteran of the Army in World War II, Mr. Stockwell had a
    bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst
    and a master’s from Boston University. A lifelong educator, he had
    retired from teaching and chairing the English department at St.
    John’s School in Houston, Texas. He is survived by a brother, sister-
    in-law, four nephews and their families.
    Jeff Perry ‘66 remembers Mr. Stockwell fondly, describing him as
    an “erudite English scholar who traded pleasantries in French
    with Mrs. Rader (the Headmaster’s secretary) to the delight of his
    Says Jeff, “He demanded not merely proper English usage
    and grammar from us, but also original thought and persuasive             purple prose upon an eager readership. Consistently friendly, if
    presentation of those thoughts in our writing and speaking. We            firm, he made an enormous difference in our ability to write and
    had to submit well-written summaries of random literature bits on         speak effectively. We mourn his passing, and offer our sincere
    a near-daily basis; his students will fondly recall the Précis Practice   condolences to his survivors. RIP, Ervin!”
    Pad. We will also fondly recall his assigning the task to some
                                                                              Says Head of School Edward Kim, “I never had the opportunity
    hapless boy of teaching for a day; we all learned new respect for
                                                                              to meet Mr. Stockwell, but I am touched by his thoughtfulness
    a master’s classroom role. His vocabulary lists were legendary,
                                                                              at remembering Breck School in his estate. His gift is truly
    earning the student an automatic extra point for proper use of a
                                                                              meaningful, and it will be meaningful for years to come.”
    word in a written assignment. I still award myself a mental point
    whenever I use one of Mr. Stockwell’s words. He was, in addition          If you would like to learn more about including Breck in your will
    to his role as English teacher, the faculty advisor to the Breck          or estate plan, please contact Barbara Brown at 763-381-8208 or
    Bugle, where many of his current and former students foisted juicy,

    Applause 2010 Will Capture the Spirit of Aloha

    This year’s Applause fundraising event, our 21st annual, promises
    to be a warm and wonderful affair. Applause will take place on
    Friday, April 16, at the Graves 601 Hotel in downtown Minneapolis.
    Chair Cindy Schmoker and her team of volunteers are planning an
    evening with a Hawaiian theme. Look for tropical décor, island-
    influenced dining options, a live auction, silent auction and raffle
    drawing for the Big Kahuna $5,000 prize.
    As we have done for the past two years, Breck will offer silent           Look for invitations in the mail in March. In the meantime, please
    auction items online so that everyone can bid. The online auction,        check the Applause page on Breck’s website for information about
    which you can reach via Breck’s website, will open April 5 and close      buying raffle tickets and a “wish list” for donations to the silent
    shortly after the event, on April 18.                                     auction.
                                                                                                                 Today at Breck | December 2009 | 5
                                                      Artville Artville
        Breck Profile
        Carol Grams, The Mayor of Artville

               fter more than 20 years of teaching art at Breck, most of     everywhere, and that public recognition is so important for
               it in Lower School, Carol Grams says she still can’t wait     children. And it’s especially wonderful that we proudly display work
               to get to work in the morning. “I love my job! The time       from children of all ages — the youngest as well as the oldest.
               has gone by so fast.”
                                                                             Growing up as the oldest of five siblings in Minnetonka just a
    Lower School students gave her the title of Mayor when they              short distance away from her home today, Carol says that her own
    christened her studio space as “Artville” after its construction in      parents’ encouragement of her interests made a huge difference in
    1994. “We were making a whole town out of boxes,” Carol recalls.         her life. “My parents had books with pictures of art masterpieces,”
    “There were cars and buildings and people — one of whom held             she remembers. “I would sit and look at them for hours, making
    a sign that said, ‘Welcome to Artville.’ And there were friendly         up stories about the people and things in them. And now, I get
    dragons who embody the children’s creative spirit to this day.”          to show my students pictures of masterpieces and hear what they
                                                                             see. Their perceptions really keep me going.”
     Carol Grams says she still can’t wait to get to work in the
     morning . “I love my job! T time has gone by so fast .”
                                he                                           Carol and husband Robert Ellingson, an attorney with the State
                                                                             Board of Public Defense, are parents of three. Neil, who graduated
    Encouraging young creativity is something Carol finds exhilarating,      from Harvard, is now at divinity school at the University of Chicago.
    and her colleagues say that it shows. Says preschool instructor          Amy, who graduated from Wellesley, is in New Orleans with Teach
    Joyce McCann, “She is such a jewel. She begins her lessons with          for America. And Daisy is a sophomore at Scripps College in
    the large group, and you can just see the sparks get ignited. I          California.
    have no doubt that Carol’s gentle guidance and confidence is a
                                                                             When she’s not at Breck, Carol enjoys traveling, reading, riding her
    big reason why there are always children at the art table in my
                                                                             bike, walking her dog and exercising outdoors, but her sketchbook
    classroom!” And fellow art instructor Jil Franke says, “I could
                                                                             is never far from her side. She belongs to a drawing co-op and
    write a book about Carol and her fine classroom teaching. I am so
                                                                             tries to grab time for drawing whenever she can find it. Joyce
    appreciative of her wisdom, kindness and professionalism that she
                                                                             McCann, a friend both inside and outside of school, says “Carol
    carries into this wonderful school each and every day.”
                                                                             is compassionate, creative and such fun to be with. Whether it’s
    The development of confidence is something Carol says she                riding bikes on the trail, pottery outings in the fall or gourmet
    relates to, both as a teacher and as an artist, herself. “I was always   dinners, we’ve shared so many wonderful times together.”
    the little girl who likes to draw,” she says of her youth. “But I had
                                                                             But the Mayor’s thoughts are never too far from her adopted
    to overcome my own inhibitions and fear of failure, so I understand
                                                                             town of Artville. “I’m so fortunate to be here in this constantly
    what my students go through.”
                                                                             stimulating atmosphere,” she says of Breck. “I love the spiritual
    She has enjoyed some significant new experiences: a sabbatical           component, the collaborative conversations we have over lunch,
    in Italy and Peru (“a gift that just keeps on giving,” she says) and     the encouragement to keep innovating and learning, the fact that
    the opportunity to teach Upper School students during Michal             I can watch my students go on to Tobie’s classes in Middle School
    Sagar’s sabbatical last year (watching the development of students       or Jil’s in Upper School. I carry the influence of my mentor, Rosie
    she’d had in preschool was a great thrill, she says). But it’s the       Wells, wherever I go. But mainly it’s the children, who are always
    constants at Breck that keep her excited to be here. “The arts are       amazing. When they take the boxes our supplies come in and
    truly supported here,” Carol observes. “Student artwork is hanging       build the Tunnel of Fun every year, I’m just as excited as they are!”

    Upper School Advanced Research Program Opens Doors to the “Thrill of Discovery”

    In 2009-10, eleven students are participating in the Advanced           If you would like to know more about the Advanced Science
    Science Research program, which provides opportunities for              Research Program please contact its advisor, Lois Fruen
    professional research experiences.                                      (
    • Eric Chien ’10 studied a promising new method of biological
      control to curb invasive soybean aphid populations. His work
      was supervised by Dr. George Heimpel at the University of
      Minnesota’s Department of Entomology.
    • Somer Drummond ’10 identified genes to use in a vaccine
      that will prevent diarrhea in young piglets caused by E. coli. Her
      work was supervised by Dr. Tim Johnson in the University of
      Minnesota’s Veterinary Science Department.
    • Hannah Kumar ’10 showed that the glutathione redox cycle
      controls chilling oxidative stress in spinach plants. Her work was     Left to right, front row: Kristina Tester, Ava Mokhtari, Katherine
                                                                             Paulsen; second row: Daniel Mokhtari, Eric Chien, Somer Drummond,
      supervised by Dr. Amy Verhoeven at the University of St. Thomas’       Hannah Kumar; back row: Kara Lillehaug, Addison Weiler, Brandon
      Biology Department.                                                    Onopa and Charles Morris
    • Kara Lillehaug ’10 and Kristina Tester ’10 collaborated on a
      project to determine effects of a toxic chemical, cardenolide, in     Four students comprise the 2009-10
      two different species of milkweed on monarch butterfly growth         Advanced History Research Program.
      and development. Their work was supervised by Dr. Karen               They are part of a two-phase
      Oberhauser of the University of Minnesota’s Department of             study of land use and its effects,
      Fisheries and Wildlife.                                               focusing on urban waterways in
    • Ava Mokhtari ’10 and Addison Weiler ’11 collaborated on the           the Minneapolis metropolitan
      development of a gene expression profile for a neurodegen-            area. Students and their
      erative disease called Theiler’s virus that can be used to diagnose   projects are as follows:
      multiple sclerosis. Their work was supervised by Dr. Kathy Olson      • David Crowe ’10 researched
      of the Biochemistry Department of the University of St. Thomas.         Bassett Creek, whose
    • Charles Morris ’10 researched links between enzymes that play           infamous history of pollution
      a role in memory to enzymes that process pain signals in the            and neglect has been               History researchers presenting at
      spinal cord. His work was supervised by Dr. Lin Aanonsen in the         reversed by beautification         Macalester College, left to right:
      Neuroscience Department at Macalester College.                          efforts by local, state and the    Katie Robinson, Josh Parish and
                                                                                                                 Katie Ross. Inset: David Crowe
    • Daniel Mokhtari ’10 developed a new set of “click” chemistry            federal government.
      protocols to synthesize molecular building blocks that can be         • Josh Parish ’10 studied Shingle Creek where some of the area’s
      used to develop antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial drugs.         first settlers built homes. He focused on various environmental
    • Brandon Onopa ’10 worked to produce optoectronic devices                issues and local politics surrounding the creek.
      applying thin-film technology. His work was supervised by Dr.         • Katie Robinson ’10 looked at Nine Mile Creek and the ways in
      Russell Holmes in the Chemical Engineering and Materials                which its water quality is affected by its varied commercial, public
      Science Department at the University of Minnesota.                      and private uses.
    • Katherine Paulsen ’10 researched factors that affect leaf-litter      • Katie Ross ’10 investigated the changes that have taken place
      decomposition by measuring levels of CO2 flux from litter that          at Purgatory Creek during its transition from largely private to
      contributes significantly to atmospheric CO2 concentrations. Her        public land ownership.
      work was supervised by Dr. Jennifer Powers at the Department of       If you would like to know more about the Advanced History
      Biological Sciences at the University of Minnesota and at Cedar       Research Program please contact its advisor, Melissa Soderberg
      Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve.                                      (
                                                                                                            Today at Breck | December 2009 | 7
    Breck Celebrates
    Upper School                                                               Ava Mokhtari and Addison

                                                                               Weiler were first-place winners
    Results from the 2009-10 Siemens                                           of the Dublin (Ireland) City
    math, science and technology                                               University’s “Think Science
    competition have been                                                      Challenge” for their research
    announced, and there are four                                              titled “Expanding a Gene
    semifinalists from Minnesota,                                              Expression Profile for Theiler’s
    and three of them are from           Kara Lillehaug, Daniel Mokhtari                                          Ava Mokhtari and Addisson Weiler
    Breck. Congratulations to Kara       and Kristina Tester
    Lillehaug, Daniel Mokhtari and                                             Mattie Hogg and Annalisa Tester were invited to participate in
    Kristina Tester. Of more than 2,100 entrants from North America,           the North Central ACDA (American Choral Directors Association)
    318 were named semifinalists. The semifinalists’ names were listed         women’s honor choir.
    in a two-page spread in USA Today on October 29.                           Six Upper School students, accompanied by faculty and
    Senior Lelah Childs is one of about 1,600 high school students             administrators Edward Kim, Kimberly Peeples, Douglas Cabrera
    nationwide to earn the status of semifinalist in the 2010 National         and Robert Johnson, attended the NAIS (National Association of
    Achievement Scholarship Program, an academic competition                   Independent Schools) annual People of Color Conference, held
    established in 1964 to provide recognition for outstanding black           this year in Denver. They were Kayla Butler, Mayyadda Major,
    American high school students. More than 160,000 students                  Sophie Naranjo-Rivera, Julian Randall, Angelina Thomas and
    entered the competition this year.                                         Kiarra Zackery.
                                                                               Two ceramics students won awards at the Shattuck St. Mary’s Art
                                                                               Invitational, and their work was displayed in the Morgan Gallery on
                                                                               campus. Congratulations to Katherine Pierce, who received the
                                                                               first place award for her ceramic teapot, and Tou Yia Yang, who
                                                                               received honorable mention for his blackware totem covered box.
                                                                               The mock trial team is off to a great start! They competed in a
                                                                               24-team scrimmage at Lakeville South High School and won both
                                                                               of their trials. In addition, Kara Lillehaug won “Best Attorney” in
     National Achievement Scholar Lelah Childs (second from left,              her round, and Josh Parish, a newcomer to the team, won “Best
     second row) with Breck’s 2009-10 National Merit Scholarship               Witness” in his very first trial.
     Semifinalists. Left to right, first row: Maggie Nolting, Katherine
     Paulsen, Katie Ross, Kristina Tester; second row: Maura Rice,             Sophomore Samarth Damania was one of 359 high school
     Lelah Childs, Haley Lillehei, Nathan Yueh and Henry Bell                  students across Minnesota to be selected to attend Minnesota
    The four members of the Advanced History Research class                    Business Venture, a summer program focused on career planning
    were the only high school students speaking at the American                and financial literacy.
    Association of Geographers West Lakes Division annual meeting,
    held this year at Macalester College. The students are David
                                                                               Middle School

    Crowe, Josh Parish, Katie Robinson and Katie Ross, and you can             Congratulations to Blair Bingham, Milan Burgess, Thomas
    read more about their projects on page 7.                                  Dickstein, Delany Roberts and Erykah Starr. These five Middle
                                                                               School students were selected by audition to be part of this year’s
    Senior Nathan Yueh was profiled as a “Standout Student” on                 ACDA-MN State Elementary Honor Choir. The festival was held on
    Channel 12 news in early November. Nathan was interviewed for              November 21 at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church in Mahtomedi.
    the piece along with his Chinese teacher, Margaret Wong.

    Nine Middle School students were participants in the ACDA-                 Faculty artists held a show of        Jean Wright
    MN 7/8 Honor Choir: Reilly Fannon, Alex Hasselbring, Peter                 their work in the George R. A.      stands among
    Metzger, Nath Samaratunga, Blaze Beecher, Connor Day,                      Johnson ’59 Chapel Gallery              one her art
    Christopher Walker, Leshare Subendran and Amanda Zeidner.                  this fall.                          which is made
                                                                                                                  of sheer fabric.
    Eighth grader Mardryka Adzick was Minnesota’s representative at

    the junior teen division of the National American Miss Pageant held
    at Disneyland Thanksgiving week. Mardryka won Minnesota’s top
    honors as Miss Personality and Most Photogenic in the pageant,
    which rewards scholarship and talent in its teen participants.
    Congratulations to Sabrina Tattersfield on meeting her personal
    goal in the TC Marathon. She completed the “10 miler” at a
    personal best time of 8 minutes, 30 seconds/mile. She came in               Lara Johnson’s works are
    first in the 12- and 13-year-old divisions and finished third in the        beautifully painted toys and
                                                                                furniture.                      Both faculty and students enjoy the
    14-year-old division.                                                                                       interactive show.

    Faculty and Staff                                                          Congratulations to Health Center Coordinator Karen Kaverman

                                                                               and former Upper School Consulting Psychologist Dick Fowler on
    Middle School science teacher Virginia Amundson has published
                                                                               their marriage November 27.
    a book titled A Comparison of Macrolichen Species Richness and
    Frequency. A comparative study completed on selected islands               And congratulations to Athletic Department Assistant Tina Williams
    in Lake of the Woods near Kenora, Ontario, the book came from              on the birth of son Brooks Avery Williams on December 28.
    research Virginia completed during her sabbatical last year.
                                                                               Service Projects Help Breck Look Outward
    Upper School Chinese teacher and                                       s
                                                                               Some Examples From the Fall
    Director of International Education
    Margaret Wong received a lifetime                                          Parents Association Lends a Hand to Local Residents
    achievement award from the ACTFL                                           At the Family Community Outreach Committee’s fall event, held
    (American Council of Teachers of Foreign                                   this year on Halloween day, nearly 150 volunteers did outside
    Languages) group CLASS (Chinese                                            chores including leaf raking, shrub pruning and garden winterizing
    Language Teachers Association of                                           for 15 elderly homeowners.
    Secondary-Elementary Schools). Margaret received the award at              There were students from each division (83 from the Upper
    the group’s annual conference, held this year in San Diego.                School), the boys tennis team, a Boy Scout troop and 36 adults
    Former gymnastics coach and current physical education instructor          participating.
    Peggy Fifield will be inducted into the University of Minnesota’s          Each volunteer
    Gymnastics Hall of Fame on January 22.                                     team presented
    Seven of Visual Arts Department Head Michal Sagar’s works shave            the homeowner
    been juried into Hot for Wax, a showcase of innovative works               with a pumpkin
    that incorporate hot wax painting, on display earlier this year at         bag to mark the
    YorkArts in York, Pennsylvania.                                            holiday and left
                                                                               behind a stuffed
    Ceramics instructor Jil Franke was a featured artist at the                pumpkin leaf
    Minnesota Women Ceramic Artists 2009 exhibition at the gallery             bag happily
    at the Northrup King building in Minneapolis in November.                  smiling from
    Her work was also featured during the 19th annual holiday                  the curb.           These volunteers from the Upper School
    exhibition and sale at the Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis                                 acknowledge Halloween by raking in costume.

                                                                                                                Today at Breck | December 2009 | 9
                                                                              Happy Holidays
     One delighted resident called
     Edward Kim on the following
     Monday to thank him for the
     assistance from Breck. She said
     the volunteers were charming and
     helpful, and that she could never
                                                                              From Breck!
     have managed the work on her own.
                                                                              Toys for Tots
                                             Juniors Eric Laorr, Kayla Mork
                                             and Noelle Tremmel are hard
                                             at work.

      Seniors Katie Robinson
      and J J Oesterle warm
      up with some hot             Parent organizers Kate Berman, Kelli
      chocolate.                   Mork, Ronda Morin and Susie Preston

     Student’s Efforts Help “Raise the Roof”
     Senior Kristina Tester, who has been helping raise funds for the
     Ngamo Primary School in Zimbabwe for several years, enlisted the
                                                                              Upper School students gather up some of the more than 1,500
     Breck community in a fundraising drive for another school nearby.        Toys for Tots donations for pre-Christmas delivery.
     Many students, faculty and staff helped contribute to a new roof
     for a school in Ziga, Zimbabwe, by patronizing the “Raise the Roof
     Bakery” at Breck. With the sale of homemade treats as well as            Santa Lucia Day
     holiday crafts created by faculty, more than $2,300 was collected
     and sent to Ziga.
     To further her fundraising efforts both locally
     and internationally, Kristina has now established
     her own non-profit organization called
     “So Others May Learn.”
     Kristina is the daughter of Breck alumni Maya
     and Peter Tester from the Class of 1981.              Kristina Tester
     Middle School Collects School Supplies for the Philippines
     Substitute teacher Eric Almond and his wife Sally went to the
     Philippine Islands in November with many large cartons of school
     supplies donated by Middle School families.                              Kindergartner Zoe        Sierra Golla’s pepparkakor cookie
                                                                              Olson is Santa           breaks into three pieces, which means
     The supplies were collected to assist a school that lost nearly          Lucia.                   her wish will come true!
     everything in last summer’s devastating multiple typhoons.
     Arrangements were made by former Middle School faculty
     member Lou Trajano, who is now teaching nearby.

Advent                                  Happy Hanukkah!
Miss Tonkin watches
as her student lights
 the Advent candles
       and leads the
  Grades 1/2 Advent

Father Bellaimey is
the guest reader at
this Lower School                       Mrs. Wegner’s                Max Sternberg lights a Hanukkah
Advent gathering.                       kindergartners learn         candle during the Lower School Advent
                 s                      about Hanukkah and           and Hanukkah Chapel service.
                                        light the menorah.

                                          Getting a gimmel is
                                           the best when you
                                        play the dreidl game!

A Visit From Peef, the Christmas Bear

   Author Tom Hegg
       and his friend
       Peef entertain
    preschoolers on
      the day before
    Christmas break.

      The audience is
    fascinated by the
           Peef story.

                                        Preschool students play the dreidel game.9

                                                                       Today at Breck | December 2009 | 11
 Giving Thanks for Grandparents
 and Special Friends
     Breck’s annual Grandparents’ Day, chaired this year by parent Tonya
     Hendrickson, brought nearly 900 special guests to school on the day
     before Thanksgiving. This year’s theme was “From the Garden.”

                                                                                               s Uma Oswald (center) with her two grandmas,
                                                                                                  Bonnie Keegan and Lucy Oswald
      Charles Sternberg with his      Helen Boocock, who is Upper School
      grandmother Doris Sternberg     Director Melissa Soderberg’s mother, with her
                                      grandson Philip Soderberg

      Three generations enjoy the day: Kenneth Hjelm with              Lower School Student Council        Preschooler Ellie Conway is all
      daughter Alycya Hjelm Cardwell ’88 and granddaughter             members, including first grader     smiles with Mary Bednarowski.
      Alexandra Cardwell ‘23                                           Sarah Hatfield, volunteer to hand
                                                                       out programs.

     Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks
                                                                                          Erika Johnson is the Little Red Hen.

  Shayla Henderson-Thomas, right, works on a project with Georgia
  Thomas and Carrion Henderson.
                                                                      Mrs. Swenson’s
                                                                      perform “The
                                                                      Little Red Hen”
                                                                      for their guests.

                                                                     The appreciative
                                   Seeing double: Fourth grader            audience
                                   Grace Evenstad with her grandma
  Chair Tonya Hendrickson          Grace Evenstad

                                                                                                                            Elizabeth Powers
                                                                                                                            and Jackson
                                                                                                                            Dempsey are a
                                                                                                                            happy pair.
  Senior Tara Clark with grandparents Tom and Beth Clark

Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks                                                              Today at Breck | December 2009 | 13
 Happy Halloween

                 More photos online!
                Check our galleries at
Today at Breck | December 2009 | 15
        Fall Sports                            Doubles Team Takes Second at State; Girls Swimmers Take Fourth
     Cross Country                                                          Boys Soccer
     The season                                                             The team won three games against top-ten opponents: Benilde-
     was marked                                                             St. Margaret’s, Mounds Park Academy and Rochester Lourdes,
     by 12 all-time                                                         retained the Willems Cup with the win over MPA and were
     personal                                                               seeded first in section play, en route to a record of 7-3-0 in the
     records, three                                                         conference (first place), 4-4-1 non-conference and 11-7-1 overall.
     athletes moving                                                        Henry Bell, Robert Kwakenat, John Loizeaux and Daniel Mokhtari
     up or making                                                           were the team’s seniors, and juniors Trotter Oberrender and Max
     it on to the                                                           Oppenheimer were captains. All-Conference honors went to
     Breck all-time                                                         juniors Trotter Oberrender, Max Oppenheimer and Reuben Parish
     top ten list, and                                                      and sophomore Ryan McLean with honorable mentions for Micah
     academic honors for both the girls team (gold), the boys team
     (silver) and Brooke Kirkham (all-state). The boys finished seventh
     in the conference and tenth in sections, led by seniors Peter
     Engh and Brandon Onopa (captain). The girls finished sixth in the
     conference and sixth in sections, led by seniors Brooke Kirkham,
     Katie Ross and Kristina Tester (captain). Brooke Kirkham and Taylor
     Kirkham were named All-Conference, and Brandon Onopa and
     Alex Gougeon received honorable mentions. MIPs were Robby
     Dorn and Alex Gougeon, MVPs were Brandon Onopa and Brooke              Erstling, Joe Ginsburg and Noah Sanders. The MIP was Antonio
     Kirkham, and Mustangers were David Caruso and Katie Ross.              Sundquist, MVP Reuben Parish and Mustanger Michael Portu.
                                                   – Coach Daisy Anderson                                               – Coach George Stuempfig
     Football                                                               Girls Soccer
     Highlights of the 2009 season include the team’s win in their          Winning the Orono tournament and beating Orono (the state
     first section game (our first since 2005), implementation of a         champions) were among the season highlights for the girls,
     successful summer camp, strong commitment levels from our              who earned a #3 seed in the section. The final record was 9-7-2
     student athletes and a great attitude among the players. The team      overall, 6-3-1 in the conference. There were six seniors: Christine
     finished with a 3-7 overall record (0-4 conference). Seniors John      Brodersen, Emily Kleidon, Kara Lillehaug, Ava Mokhtari (co-
     Baker (co-captain), Charlie Berlin, Sam Greely, Greg Kruger, Haley     captain), Katie Robinson (co-captain) and Annalisa Tester (co-
     Lillehei, Jake McCormick, Zach Soskin and Nick Vespasiano led          captain). Emily Kleidon, Ava Mokhtari, Katie Robinson and Grace
                                                           the way, along   Cronin were named to the All-Conference team, with honorable
                                                           with junior      mentions for Julia Carpenter, Jillian Husband and Ellie Soskin.
                                                           co-captain       Sara Mevissen was MIP, Ava Mokhtari MVP, and Annalisa Tester
                                                           Steven Kiesel.   the Mustanger.
                                                           All-Conference                                                     – Coach Ted Kroeten
                                                           honors went to
                                                           Steven Kiesel
                                                           and Austin
                                                           Lommen, with
     for Michael Burwell, Tyler Hudson, Jake McCormick and Kasey
     Robinson. Charlie Berlin was the MIP, Steven Kiesel the MVP, and
     John Baker the Mustanger.
                                                       – Coach Chris Ohm

Girls Swim and Dive                                                      (co-captain) and Maren
Our Section 6A                                                           Seeland (co-captain).
champions took fourth                                                    Emily Alper and Jessica
place at the state                                                       Ryvlin were named to
meet and ended the                                                       the All-Conference team,
season with a record                                                     with honorable mentions
of 14-3 overall, 2-1 in                                                  for Maddy Bush, Hayley
the conference. Special                                                  Opperman and Sunny
honors went to Taylor                                                    Tang. Noelle Tremmel was
Foster (section swimmer                                                  the MIP, Emily Alper the       At the finals of the state tournament,
of the year), Michelle                                                   MVP, and Maddy Bush the        second-place finishers Emily Alper
Carlson (section coach                                                   Mustanger.                     and Sunny Tang pose with coach
                                                                                   – Coach Barb Meyer   Barb Meyer and assistant coach
of the year) and Brian                                                                                  Susie Robinson.
Wright (section assistant                                                Volleyball
coach of the year).                                                      The team played its best game against St. Croix Lutheran, the
Seniors on the team                                                      Tri-Metro Conference winner, and won a sub-section game against
were Taylor Foster,                                                                                                Brooklyn Center on
Gabby Keller, Brooke                                                                                               their home court after a
Kirkham, Martha Mesna, Libby Meyer and Corrie Searls. All-                                                         loss to them during the
                                       Conference honors went                                                      regular season. It was a
                                       to Abby Erdmann, Taylor                                                     big come-from-behind
                                       Foster, Maddy Holker,                                                       victory and a good
                                       Maddie Joern, Georgia                                                       indication of the promise
                                       Keller, Megan Mattson                                                       of this very young team.
                                       and Chandra Yueh, and                                                       Seniors Katie Pierce
                                       honorable mentions                                                          and Kiarra Zackery
                                       went to Tori Goldstein,                                                     (co-captain) provided
                                       Gabby Keller and Libby                                                      leadership along with
                                       Meyer.                                                                      junior co-captain
 At the state meet                            – Coach Michelle Carlson   Danielle Tryon — who also was named to the All-Conference team.
Girls Tennis                                                             Nailah Hill was the MIP, Dani Tryon the MVP, and Katie Pierce the
With a record of 7-4 overall (5-3 conference), the team achieved
                                                                                                                     – Coach Michelle Summer
a solid fourth-place finish in a very strong Tri-Metro conference,
finishing third as a team in the section. Junior Emily Alper and         Middle School
seventh grader Sunny Tang were state runners-up in Class A               Seventh-grade football beat the best team in the league, Nativity
doubles, capping a great season that also included a big non-            Gold, by 31 points, made it to the playoffs, and ended with a 3-3
conference win over Providence. Senior leadership came from              record. Eighth-grade football ended the season with very strong
Morgan Becker, Maddy Bush (co-captain), Hayley Opperman                  play, making it to the second round of playoffs and finishing with
                                                                         a 2-6 record but as the runner-up of division two. Seventh-grade
                                                                         boys soccer had a great season, with a 7-3 record and big wins
                                                                         over schools including Blake. In the Breck tournament, the team
                                                                         had two overtime games, winning the first round with a shootout
                                                                         but losing the second round shootout. Eighth-grade boys soccer
                                                                         had a 4-3 record and great teamwork that progressed throughout
                                                                         the season. Girls soccer finished with a 3-6 record, improving
                                                                         steadily through the season. Girls tennis showed great progress
                                                                         this season, winning more games than last year and ending up
                                                                         with nine wins out of 12 matches. Volleyball had a 1-13 season
                                                                         record, but a number of newcomers to the sport played well, came
                                                                         through as a team and showed a lot of spirit.
                                                                                                         Today at Breck | December 2009 | 17
       Seen and Heard: Lower School
      Time for Pumpkin Math!                                            Preschool Visits the Pumpkin Patch

                                                                       Farmer Peterson shows students a 100-pound pumpkin.

     Second graders Esme Klopp and Abe Burton “scoop the goop” from
     their pumpkins.

                                                                                                                 s Nevin Switz and
                                                                                                                   Samantha Albrecht
                                                                                                                   examine the colorful
                                                                                                                   dried corn.

                                   s Grace Kelm is ready to count
                                      the seeds, part of the pumpkin
                                      math lesson.

                                     Michael Johnson grabs a           Ms. McCool helps with the hardest part,
                                     handful of pulp.                  getting the pumpkin in the tote bag.

 Planting Bulbs in a Lower School Garden                                    Lower School Celebrates Veterans’ Day

                                                                                                             Breck dad Michael Ott explains
                                                                                                             how he continues to be involved in
                                                                                                             the military reserve.
                                                                          Stewart Whitson,
                                                                          husband of
Lower School Chaplain Nan Zosel and students plant tulip bulbs in
                                                                          Extended Day
the courtyard.
                                                                          and Summer
                                                                          Director Melissa
                                                                          Whitson, talks
                                                                          about his
                                                                          experiences in
                                                                          the Army.

                                                                           Students sing in
                                                                          the Lower School
                                                                              Veterans’ Day

Preschooler Matthew Putnam

                                            s Upper School
                                               students help
                                               prepare the soil.

                                           How to plant a bulb?
                                           Drop it in the hole roots      It’s all in the family: Third grade instructor Barbara Jacobs-Smith with
                                           down, give it a little food,   her son Jake, parent Michael Ott with daughter Natalie and Patrick
                                           then cover it with dirt.       Liss with his dad Kenneth Liss.
                                                                                                           Today at Breck | December 2009 | 19
      Tom Turkey Visits Kindergarten


                                                                                                       Olivia Salmi volunteers to point out
                                                                                                       anatomical features.

                                                 Riley Olowu cautiously touches
                                                 Tom’s beard.

                                                               Aiko Sims is surprised when the
                                                                top of Tom’s cage is removed.

       Second Graders Explore Community-Building Through a Science Museum Program at Breck

                                                                                            James Clinton,
                                                                                             Byron Jia and
                                                                                               Sean Reiling
                                                                                             work together
                                                                                              to build their
                                                                                                 part of the


                                                                                                   and Dylan
                                                                                                 Vincent test
                                                                                                 the limits of
     Ty Thayer’s second graders with their
     completed tabletop community

           Isaly Swiller, Henry Koch and Makayla
          Stevenson build a farm in their section
                          of this larger community.
  Seen and Heard: Middle School

 Fifth Graders Program Robots                                            Seventh Grade and Kindergarten Bio-Buddies
                                                                         Learn Together

Seth Madson and James Williams work together.

                                                                     Charles Crosby and his buddy Carter Roland write in Charles’
                                                                     “All About Me” book.

James Williams celebrates              Nicole Oppenheimer                                      Jevaun Nygren
when his robot hits the mark.          sends her robot on its way.                             is ready to
                                                                                               make his

                                                Sometimes it
                                                helps to follow
                                                closely so you
                                                can correct

                                                programming                                    So is Edward
                                                errors quickly.                                Stuart.            Max Ruderman
                                                                                                                  washes the blue
                                                                                                                  paint off his feet.

                                                                                                    Today at Breck | December 2009 | 21
     Grade 6 Visits the Minnesota History Museum    Scaling New Heights in Project Adventure

                                                                                               Lucas Wille
                                                                                               and Luke
                                                                                               to climb the

                                                   Charlie Oberrender climbs up to
                                                   the trapeze platform…

                                                   … leaps for the trapeze bar

                                                   …and makes it easily!
  Seen and Heard: Upper School

 Getting Outside for Environmental Science                            Firing Pots

Seniors Corrie Searls and Callan                                  Junior Anna Laorr stokes the      Kayla Mork chops more wood.
Dodge deBruyn take a water                                        fire under the firing barrel.
sample to test the level of        Nathan Yueh and Jake
dissolved oxygen in the pond.      McCormick do the same.
                                                                      French Week

Cole Harstad, Sam Greely and Nick Vespasiano check the readout.

                                                                  Michael Mooney and David Zosel sample the delicious French food
                                                                                                        Schmidt and Jodi James.
                                                                  offered by French teachers FrederiqueSage Cammers-Goodwin
                                                                  Sophia Schonwetter

                                                                                                  Today at Breck | December 2009 | 23
      Constitution Class Takes a Field Trip                                      Fall Drama Festival: “Story Theatre”

     Tim Rosenfield’s U.S. Constitution class gathers before their trip to the
     Minnesota Supreme Court.

      Upper School Gets a Visit From a “Lost Boy”
      Benjamin, one of the “Lost Boys” of Sudan, came to Upper
      School to tell his amazing story of survival. Just five years old
      when he was taken from his parents, Benjamin survived a
      1,000-mile walk across Africa before getting shelter in a UN
      refugee camp. Education, he says, became his mother and

Fall Drama Festival: “Company”

                                 Today at Breck | December 2009 | 25
       Scenes from Homecoming

                                                                    The full court, left to right: front row: Maggie Nolting (emcee),
                                                                    Brooke Kirkham, JJ Oesterle, Hayley Opperman, Annalisa Tester
     Homecoming queen Katie Robinson   Crown bearers Melanie Oden   and Katie Robinson; back row: Tyler Spangler (emcee), Nathan
     and king John Baker               and Jackson Dempsey          Yueh, John Baker, Cameron Soojian, Josh Parish and Mike Morin

  Blessing of the Animals

Father John Bellaimey blesses teacher Sarah Flotten ’86’s dog Madison.

                                                                           Middle School Chaplain Alexis Kent blesses the crated pet belonging
                                                                           to Matthew and Lindsay Putnam.

Sonan Gutema listens intently during        Kindergartner Katherine        Senior Gabby Keller and her German                 Zoe Olson loves all
the service.                                McGrann holds her sleeping     shepherd wait to be blessed.                       animals — alive and
                                            bunny.                                                                            stuffed.

Lower Schoolers Olivia Benson and her brother          Sometimes it’s hard to coax your pet      Fiona Reilly is happy

William flank their friend Chris James.                to come near the other animals.        her pet tiger is blessed.
                                                                                                            Today at Breck | December 2009 | 27
        Alumni News
                                    Breck hosted over 300 alumni
                                    for Homecoming * Reunion
                                    Week 2009. This year’s events
                                    and festivities were planned
                                    and implemented by the
                                    Homecoming Committee of
                                    the Alumni Council led by
                                    Chris Welsh ’90 and Georgie
                                    White ’01. The week provided
                                    alums with many exciting
                                    opportunities to reconnect              Chris Perkins ’90 and         David Leslie ’47 and
                                    with Breck.                             Magnus Wahlstrom ‘90          Chris Welsh ‘90

      Del Carter ’50 and                           Turquoise Phillips ’03        Caryn Mead Kelly ’92          Andrew Christopherson ’99
      Henri Verbrugghen ‘52                        and Rob Johnson ‘90           and Steve Sorensen ‘94        and Paris Johnson ‘99

     Distinguished Alumni Award 2009

     The weekend started with the presentation of the Distinguished
     Alumni Award on Thursday, September 24. This year the award
     was given to entrepreneur and philanthropist Robert Roosen’50.
     Bob was chosen by the Distinguished Alumni Committee
     specifically for his work with World Orphans. Drew Gaillard ’88                                                  s
                                                                                                                      Edward Kim with
     and Anne Bather Arden ’89 chaired this year’s Distinguished                                                      Distinguished Alum
     Alumni Committee.                                                                                                Robert Roosen ‘50

    2009 Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame                                       Reunions


    The 2009 Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Reception         The classes of 1949, 1964, 1989, and 1999 celebrated their reunions
    was moved back to campus and held in the Homecoming tent                Homecoming weekend. Events were held at the homes of
    on Friday, September 25. Drew Johnson ’97 and Nancy Johnson             classmates, clubs and restaurants.
    ’82 were the co-chairs of this year’s event. We honored Del
    Carter ’50 (football, basketball, track and tennis), Steve Tapper
    ’84 (football, swimming and baseball), Allison O’Toole ’89 (soccer
    and basketball), and former coach and faculty member Vern Skari
    (coach, wrestling and track).

                                                                                Class of 1999: Andrew ’99 and Yasamine Christopherson with Michael
                                                                                ’99 and Jaime Proman

     Left to right, Allison O’Toole ’89, Del Carter ’50, Steve Tapper ’84
     and Vern Skari

    Golden Mustangs Luncheon

    Alums graduating 50 years ago and before were recognized at
    the annual Golden Mustangs Luncheon on Friday, September 25.
    Sixty alums and their guests attended lunch in the Chapel foyer at
    Breck. Alums were welcomed by Edward Kim, head of school, and
    luncheon chairman Fletcher Driscoll ’51. There was also a special
    presentation by Science Department Head Lois Fruen and two of
    her Advanced Research Program students, seniors Daniel Mokhtari
    and Somer Drummond, who provided guests with a glimpse into
    their projects.
                                                                                Class of 1989: Chris Lawrence and Christy Lund ’89, Meghan
    Homecoming Barbeque and                                                     McGrann ’89 and Kari Ellis Cook ’89

    Family Festivities
    The Breck Alumni Association hosted the annual Homecoming
    Barbeque on Saturday, September 26. This year’s theme of Carnival
    provided many fun family activities including a football toss, ring

    toss, horseshoes, face painting and clowns. The morning kicked
                                                                                       Class of 1949:
    off with the finals of the fifth annual Alumni Flag Football                Gene and Peter Pierce
    Tournament. The Class of 1994 was victorious over the Class of
    1997. Over 800 alumni, parents, students and faculty members
    took part in the Saturday festivities and cheered for the Mustangs
    against the Blake Bears.
                                                                                                              Today at Breck | December 2009 | 29
         Alumni Profile                                          Shannon Engelman ‘07
     Shannon Engelman’s travels have taken her far from Golden Valley:           observes. “But in Africa,
     college at Middlebury, a semester in East Africa, tours of campuses         the power and resources
     throughout the northeast with her Quidditch team. But she carries           that we take for granted
     the seeds of interests sown during her time at Breck wherever               back home are completely
     she goes.                                                                   missing. You cannot simply
                                                                                 tell people to stop cutting
     With a major in biology and a minor in French, Shannon continues
                                                                                 down mangroves to make
     an academic focus strongly influenced by Lois Fruen and the
                                                                                 charcoal, because the
     late Josie Rabary-Njaka. With activities that include organizing
                                                                                 people rely on charcoal for
     blood drives for the Middlebury Global Health Organization,
                                                                                 cooking and cannot afford
     she acknowledges the passion of Breck’s blood-drive organizer,
                                                                                 ovens. If mangroves are the nearest source of wood, and the family
     Brad Kohl. And with her desire to study in Africa, she credits Jake         needs to cook for their next meal, what are they to do?”
     Miller’s fascination with ecology as well as the Breck community
     service program for encouraging her to learn more about global              The semester abroad also included a month-long independent
     poverty and what we Americans can do to help.                               study program in the Jozani Forest, the only national park in
                                                                                 Zanzibar, where Shannon and another student looked at ways
     She says she thinks back to her participation in Breck’s Advanced           to enhance tourism, worked on a trail and created guides to the
     Science Research Program quite often. “Whether I’m writing                  species of interest in the forest, such as the endemic Red Colobus
     organic chemistry lab reports or giving a presentation on coral             monkey. “Tourism is the major source of revenue in the area,”
     reefs in Zanzibar, I appreciate how Ms. Fruen’s course taught               she explains. “If there are more tourists, it would also help the
     me how to be a scientist in every sense,” Shannon reflects. “It             surrounding villages.”
     taught me organization, attentiveness, presentation skills and
     appreciation for the impacts of science on a global scale. And              As she did at Breck, Shannon pursues a great many varied interests
                                                                                 outside the classroom. She enjoys cross-country skiing in the
     meeting the late Dr. Borlaug when he came and presented to us at
                                                                                 Green Mountains, participating in Quidditch (“the sport from Harry
     Breck really inspired me to think about the important applications
                                                                                 Potter in which they fly on broomsticks and chase the snitch”),
     of science, especially from a sociological sense.”
                                                                                 playing piano with the Middlebury College Musical Players and the
     Jake Miller saw the roots of her interest early on. “As a biology           campus job that puts her in charge of granola production for the
     student at Breck, Shannon was an enthusiastic learner with a                dining halls.
     curiosity about underlying concepts and a passion for deeper
                                                                                 With a mother who works at Breck (Business Manager Wendy
     understanding,” he says. And Lois Fruen says she loved working
                                                                                 Engelman) and another alum in the family (her brother Scott ’05),
     with Shannon. “I loved her enthusiasm and team spirit. She was the
                                                                                 Shannon can’t help but stay connected. But she has her sights set
     first of her class to get published — in Potato Digest!”
                                                                                 squarely on the future. “I’d like to go into global health in some
     Her time in East Africa has furthered Shannon’s consideration of            way, perhaps pursuing an MD/MPH,” she says. “As I learned from
     the relationship between environmental and sociological issues.             community service at Breck, if you have the resources to help
     “In America, we have the power and the resources to combat our              others, you should take advantage of that opportunity. If you don’t,
     most destructive practices: it is the willpower that is lacking,” she       who will?”

     Fall Events                                                                 Alumni Holiday Party


     On November 12, alums attended Breck After Hours at the                     The Alumni Holiday Party made its debut at The View in
     Walker Art Center. Alums had the opportunity to receive a private           Minneapolis on Monday, December 28. Approximately 200 alums
     tour of the featured exhibits followed by some tasty food and               attended this annual holiday tradition.
     refreshments from the 20.21 lounge.
Alumni Annual Fund Q & A
This year, Kelly Larsen Perry ’86 and M.E. Head Kirwan ’01 are          Why do you give to the Annual Fund?
the co-chairs of the alumni annual fund. Each year, donations by
                                                                        Kelly: A lot of people don’t know this, but the annual fund really
alumni make up 10 percent of the total annual fund goal.
                                                                        keeps the school running. Tuition only covers 65 percent of the
Why have you chosen to be involved with the                                             operating costs of the school. The annual fund
Breck Alumni Association?                                                               helps make up the remainder of those costs. We
                                                                                        give as parents and alumni to help make up the
M.E.: College and Breck gave me the educational
                                                                                        difference between tuition and what it actually costs
foundation which prepared me to succeed in my
                                                                                        for our children to attend and to keep Breck among
current position at the Minnesota Chamber of
                                                                                        the top schools in the country.
Commerce. I graduated with a fantastic class and
my closest friends today are from my class. Being                                         M.E. In our planning meetings, we’ve talked a lot
involved with the Alumni Association is my way of                                         about the silent scholarship. Alumni don’t realize
giving back. It has also allowed me to connect with                                       that when they attended Breck, they benefitted
an amazing network of alumni from classes ranging                                         from donations of past alumni. The money raised
from the 1940s to the 2000s.                                                              through the Annual Fund is not saved for a future
                                                                        goal; it is actively spent during the course of the year on things
Kelly: I agree with M.E.I have been lucky enough to send my own
                                                                        that students and faculty need. Giving to the annual fund allows
kids to Breck and have enjoyed the Breck experience, not only as
                                                                        today’s students to have the great experiences we had. Plus, there
an alum, but now as a parent. Continuing to be involved allows me
                                                                        is a tax benefit to giving!
to thank Breck for the great education and experiences.
                                                                        If you’re interested in donating to the annual fund, please go to:
Providing leadership to this year’s Annual Fund campaign has been
                                                               to donate online.
personally rewarding.

                                                                                  Megan Bailey ’01 Becomes
    Upcoming Events                                                               First Regional Member of the
                                                                                  Alumni Council
   Breck Regional                       Washington DC Area                        Megan Bailey is thrilled to
                                                                                  be returning to the Breck
   Gatherings                           Regional Reception                        Alumni Council as its first
   The Breck Alumni Association will    Wednesday, January 27, 2010               regional member. She is
   hold two regional gatherings in      District Chop House                       currently living and working
   January.                             509 Seventh St. NW                        in New York City as a fashion
                                        7:00-9:00 PM                              advertising executive. Megan
   New York Regional                                                              will be partnering closely with
                                        If you live in the area or are
   Reception                            planning to be in the area for one        her counterparts in Minnesota
                                        of our regional events and wish to        to carry out the mission of the
   Monday, January 25, 2010
                                        attend, call the alumni relations         Council and bring the Breck
   Red Sky
                                        office at 763-381-8230 or email           spirit to New York alums. If
   47 East 29th Street
                                                 you, too, are a Breck alum
                                                                                  based in New York, look forward to messages from
   7:00-9:00 PM
                                        Check out for             Megan and the Council about social and networking
                                        additional event details.                 events in 2010!

                                                                                                        Today at Breck | December 2009 | 31
     Class Notes
                                                                             public speaking and judo, coaching judo,
                                                                             and working as a personal trainer. Marie is
                                                                             from Boston and is a medical ICU nurse with
     1957                                                                    her masters in both critical care nursing and
     See the good news about Lee Anderson, Sr., on page 3.                   in nutrition. They are very happy and can’t
     1958                                                                    wait to see what the future holds!
     Marlin Schmidt went on a United Methodist Church mission trip           1984
     in November at El Ayudante in Leon, Nicaragua. This is his second       Costume designer Astrid Brucker is currently designing
     trip to an ecumenical facility, which facilitates teams from all over   costumes for the feature film “Silver Tongues.” The shoot
     the U.S. to bring Jesus’ love to the people of Nicaragua.               begins December 1 in New York City. For more information
     1960                                                                    go to
     This past October, Ford M. Robbins had a book published by Red
                                                                             Frank Thorpe is featured in the December issue of Metro
     Mountain Press of Santa Fe called Connections: A Visual Journal.
                                                                             Magazine’s “dream team.” He is the restaurant concierge from
     The 96-page book of photographs covers 25 years of his work.
                                                                             Heidi’s restaurant in southwest Minneapolis.
     Maggie Lewis says it would be wonderful to live closer and be           Wayne Wilderson was recently on an episode of ABC’s “Private
     more a part of the Breck community and give back some of what           Practice.”
     she was given during her time at school. She lives with her artist      1985
     and retired cinematographer husband, George Koblasa, in Park            Kim Burnet Hall is living in Connecticut with her husband Tom and
     City, Utah. She has a small Ayurveda practice and continues to          two daughters, Amanda (eight) and Lindsay (seven). Kim works for
     study the traditions and medicines within this amazing system of        Helstad selling real estate in Connecticut, and Tom is a partner in
     health and well-being. Maggie is on the extended faculty of the         his law firm Fabini, Cohen, and Hall.
     California College of Ayurveda. She and her husband have the
     opportunity to travel around the country and teach yoga teachers        1987
     Ayurvedic Yoga therapy for certification.                               Michelle Williams and daughter Morgan (two and a half) recently
                                                                             moved into campus housing and love the joys of boarding school
     1974                                                                    and the “girls only” house.
     Pat Haglin and his wife Patricia live in Washington State. He hopes
     to see his classmates in August 2010.                                   1988
                                                                             Tom Coppo and Libby Fike Coppo welcomed daughter Ada
                                                                             this fall.
     This season Hans Tester will play one of the most horrific
     characters ever portrayed on television on the FX series                Kelly Malley Hall and Larry Hall’s daughter has graduated from
     “Nip/Tuck,” and one much less horrible on the ABC sitcom                UT Austin and is now playing professional volleyball in Switzerland.
     “Better Off Ted.”                                                       She will come home to California in the summer to play
     1982                                                                    professional beach volleyball. Her parents are very proud!
     Nancy Johnson has two daughters at Breck, in fourth and fifth           After leaving the practice of law at Dorsey & Whitney LLP, Andrea
     grade. She has finished up all her graduate course work and exams       Specht has become the executive director of the Bloomington
     and is now working on her dissertation.                                 Theatre and Art Center (BTAC). BTAC produces eight theatrical
     1983                                                                    productions per year, offers arts classes for children and adults,
     Sam Khalafalla says, “Aloha! How fast the years                         and mounts visual arts exhibitions in two galleries, all within the
     have gone by. I miss you all. What a great school.”                     Bloomington Center for the Arts.
     Sam was a lifer at Breck and is now living in Hawaii.
     David Williams and Marie Cloghessy were                                 Nate Schwalbach, his wife, Mari, Sam (six), and Joe (three) are
     married in San Jose, CA, on November 17. In attendance were             living in Portland, Oregon. When he wrote, Nate said they were
     Danna Heilicher Mirviss ’85 and her husband Joel. David has his         enjoying the fall season and were busy with back to school for
     master’s degree from San Jose State University and is teaching          the boys.
While temporarily in Las Vegas, Benjamin Tritle is working on           Greg and Lindsey Strobl Englerth proudly announce
“Let’s Make A Deal” on CBS Daytime.                                     the birth of their first child, Jack Thomas, born on
                                                                        June 24, 2009, weighing in at six lbs. twelve oz. and
Living and loving life in New York City, Jessica                        21 inches in length. They are thoroughly enjoying the
Ingber Meli had her third beautiful son Jude                            newest addition to their family and say Jack is such a
                                                                        happy baby and is quite the charmer.

last march. He joined big brothers Jackson
(seven) and Julian (five).
                                                                        Kerra Struthers Mayor and her husband James are thrilled to
Dr. Betsy Robinson Phillips just launched a new website for             announce the birth of their second daughter, Hannah Gabriella
her dental practice, Her practice is focused           Mayor, on August 13, 2008. She was seven lbs. ten oz. and 21
on families, cosmetic and sedation dentistry. It is located in          inches long. Hannah is now about 15 months, big sister Elizabeth
Minnetonka. She is enjoying life with her husband Jason, a              is three and a half, and they are all eagerly awaiting baby brother
chiropractor at Health Works Family Chiropractic in New Hope,           due in December. They are all enjoying family life.
and her two kids Ethan (six) and Ainsley (four). She also enjoys that
                                                                        In October, parents of Breck juniors and seniors were treated to
her siblings Kathy Robinson Larson ‘92, Christy Robinson Boese
                                                                        a panel discussion where alums Tony Jewett, Molly Varecka
‘94, Rob Robinson ‘98, and Tom Robinson are all in the area for
                                                                        ‘98, and Michael Proman ‘99 shared how the Breck experience
fun family get-togethers.
                                                                        shaped their time in college and career.

At the recent Lewis & Clark College
                                                                        Mike Freiberg and his wife Lauren announced the birth of Rose
homecoming/reunion of theatre majors,
                                                                        Duffie Freiberg on November 5. She weighed exactly nine pounds.
Brian Costello took part in a playwriting
festival as a director of a one-act                                     1996
performance. Much to his surprise, one of                               Gordy Stofer and Addie Stephens Stofer and their eight-month-
his student cast members included a fellow                              old baby, Ford, recently moved back to the
Mustang: Ryan Mooney ‘08. Rehearsing together in the L&C                Twin Cities after living in Colorado for the past
theatre building, it came as little shock that they both had been       nine years. They recently bought a house in
fervent acolytes of Mr. Hegg, not to mention Mr. Rosenfield, Mr.        the Linden Hills area and are very excited to
Moos as well as many other incredible Breck teachers. At the late-      be back home. Gordy is working for a local
night-packed-to-the-catwalks-standing-room-only performance,            boutique investment bank, Cherry Tree &
the show received some of the loudest laughs and applause of the        Associates, doing m&a advisory work, and
evening. Knowing that students are still working with many of the       Addie is enjoying being a full-time mom.

same great teachers Brian had is a testament not only to Breck’s
commitment to retaining excellent faculty, but also, and more           1997
amazingly so, those same teachers’ spectacular and superhuman           Matt Hemsley was pictured in the December 20 Star Tribune’s
ability to continue to inspire, energize, and challenge. Erik Rice      article about the LEAD (Leadership Emergence and Development)
’08, also at L&C, was in the audience.                                  Project, of which he was president and founding member. The
                                                                        group’s aim is to get their generation involved in the local
This summer, Caryn Mead Kelly moved her store “Melly” to the
                                                                        philanthropic community. The article also included a photo of
Galleria. She says, “Check out Melly on Facebook!”
                                                                        LEAD board member Peter Prudden ’00.
Last October, Molly Stout Whipple and her husband Trey
                                                                        A new urban street wear apparel clothing
welcomed their third son, Ford A. Whipple. They are thrilled to
have three boys!                                                        company called Wildchild Nation was started by
                                                                        Traci Copeland. They are currently featured in the
1994                                                                    November issue of Black Enterprise magazine.
Patrick McGrann, who heads Kitegang, a Minneapolis-based toy            Writes Traci, “We’ve also been featured on MTV’s
company dedicated to supporting kids in the toughest corners            “Made,” “America’s Best Dance Crew,” “Step Up
of the world, wrote an article about the Gaza Strip, where he’s         2” and “Step Up 3,” and more.” Their website is
currently living, for the December 20 Star Tribune.           

                                                                                                        Today at Breck | December 2009 | 33
     In addition to having her own business and working as an              Welcome back to Minnesota! Molly Varecka has moved back
     entrepreneur, Traci is also a fitness model with Wilhelmina Models.   home from New York City in October. Molly is a member of the
     She can be seen in magazines like Women’s Health, Health, Shape,      Breck Alumni Social Committee and is the loan administration
     Fitness, Runner’s World, and has recently done campaigns for          manager in the middle market real estate group at Wells Fargo.
     Target, JCPenny, and Under Armour.                                    She lives in St. Louis Park.
     As a new resident of Stanford, CA, Noah Ingber is enjoying biking     1999
     to East Palo Alto where he teaches third grade in a Spanish-English   This year, William Wells was elected as the executive director
     Dual Immersion program.                                               of University Neighborhood Improvement Association (UNIA)
                                                                           at the University of MN-Twin Cities Campus. UNIA is a group of
     Torrey Tobin Benson
                                                                           business owners, developers, homeowners, U of M staff, students,
     married Nick Benson this
                                                                           residents, and city officials who gather once a month to talk about
     summer. In attendance
                                                                           community improvement. UNIA promotes democracy and civic
     were Mike Tobin ’93,
                                                                           engagement. For more information go to
     Jessica Tobin, Tara
     Tobin ’90, Matt Tobin                                                 2000
     ’01, Anna Stephens,                                                   Colee and John Bean are happy to announce the birth of their son
     Anna Mullin ’96,                                                      AJ in November. At the time they wrote, he was “doing great at
     Kristen Sutley, Rori                                                  home and is almost back to his birth weight!”
     Coleman-Woods, Katherine Purdy Stephens, Gordy Stofer ’96,            Joe Pohlad and Sara Wagner were married on September 18 at
     Reven Stephens ’98, Liz Scattarella, Ali Gravier Lockhart, Kirsti     the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis.
     Beltz (not pictured) and Jimmy Beltz ’94 (not pictured).
     1998                                                                  Laura Egerdal is serving as communications
     Kevin Cannon recently produced                                        director for Missouri Secretary of State Robin
     a series of illustrations for a                                       Carnahan, where she works with media outlets
     documentary film about the 1960                                       across the state to promote news about Missouri
     U.S. Olympic Ice Hockey team,                                         government services. This year, Laura successfully
     called “Forgotten Miracle.”                                           managed publication of the Official Manual of the
     The trailer can be seen online at                                     State of Missouri. The 1,482-page book contains information on One                                         local, state, and federal governments, as well as stories, essays
     scene that Kevin illustrated features an amazing slap shot (a new     and pictures that help preserve the state’s unique heritage.
     technique at the time) of Breck graduate Paul Johnson ‘53.            It was unveiled on November 12 and can be viewed online at
     Alison Rosholt announced her engagement to Gordan Clark     
     Reynolds in November. Alison is in her second year of law school      Cara Kemnitz taught English to preschoolers and adults in
     at the University of Maryland. A 2010 wedding is planned in           Mozambique as a volunteer with African Impact. Cara has returned
     Bermuda.                                                              to Africa as a head teacher at The British School of Zanzibar in
     Rachel Hardeman was married to Eduardo Medina on                      Tanzania, where she teaches second grade.
     September 5, 2009, at The Rotunda at Carlson Towers in                2002
     Minnetonka. Breck alumni in attendance included maid of honor         Meredith Benson and Paul Doran
     and twin sister of the bride Simone Hardeman, bridesmaids             were married April 18, 2009, at the
     Sasha Walley, Marie Ndidi (Didi) Ugboajah and Anna Otieno             Breck School Chapel. The reception
     ‘99. Semonti Mustaphi ‘99 also attended. Rachel and Eduardo           was held at Windows on Minnesota
     currently reside in Minneapolis. Rachel is pursuing a PhD in Health   at the top of the IDS building. Katie
     Services Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota           Fannon Rogness ’99 and Keelia
     School of Public Health, and Eduardo is a medical student at the      Fannon were bridesmaids. Peter Hemsley made the wedding
     University of Minnesota Medical School.                               cake. It was a great Breck reunion of many alumni.
Robert Furst ’00 and Natalie                                           Meg Teckman is in Hong Kong teaching drama and musical
Burns were married on August 21                                        theatre to kids of all ages as well as performing professionally in an
at the Basilica of Saint Mary                                          improv comedy troupe called The ImProfessors.
in Minneapolis and held a                                              2005
reception at the Graves Hotel.                                         Robby Dee is a junior forward on the University of Maine men’s
The ceremony was attended by                                           hockey team, has switched positions to center and is doing well
many Breck alums. Breck alums                                          with his new role with the Black Bears.
in the wedding party included Brenna Meese (maid of honor),
JJ Furst ’95 (best man), Kendall Olson (bridesmaid), Jori Miller       Currently teaching English abroad, Elizabeth Pincumbe is at a
(bridesmaid), Keelia Fannon (bridesmaid), Briana Furst ’04             secondary school in Morón de la Frontera, Spain, right outside of
(bridesmaid), Genny Furst ’96 (bridesmaid), Thomas Simmons             Seville. She is participating in a bilingual program attempting to
’00 (groomsman), Nick Stark ’00 (groomsman), Oscar Brooks              further students’ knowledge of English around the country. Besides
’00 (groomsman), Michael Tankenoff (groomsman), Brendan                teaching, she is tutoring many students in Seville in English. She is
McCarthy ’00 (usher), Tasha Benson Furst ’95 (reader) and              thoroughly enjoying her time in Spain, as she has wanted to return
Meredith Benson Doran (reader).                                        ever since studying in Barcelona for a semester during college.
                                                                       She hopes to further her knowledge of the Spanish language
2003                                                                   and culture, as well as travel throughout Europe during her year-
For a second year, Susannah Brokl is the assistant girls hockey        long stay.
coach at Breck.
                                                                       After graduating from Gustavus Adolphus College in May,
Leah Lussier, a third-year law student at the University of Arizona,   Amanda Rosequist is currently working in Oklahoma City, OK, as a
was selected as the national Native American Law Students              business manager associate for Cargill.
Association’s student of the year. Leah serves as president of the
University of Arizona chapter of NALSA. She says she’s always          2008
mindful of her roots: “My community has given so much to me; I         Over the course of this school year, outside of academics, Shelby
now have a responsibility to give back.”                               Rubin had been working with fellow students to organize Camp
                                                                       Kesem-UW, a student-run summer camp for children who have
Lauren Tanick married Boris Epshteyn on November 28 at the             a parent who has or has had cancer. Shelby is responsible for
Roosevelt Hotel in New York. The couple met at Georgetown              the camp’s administration and programming which includes:
University from which Lauren received her bachelors and Boris          formulating and managing the budget, handling all financial
his law degree. Lauren works in New York as an advertising sales       processes, writing grants requesting donations from local
manager for Google.                                                    companies and businesses, and planning the daily schedule.

  MEMORIALS                                                            Riverside Church of Sartell. Dick is survived by his wife Shirley,
                                                                       daughters Susan, Elizabeth, Leslie and Patty, 15 grandchildren
  Former Faculty
                                                                       and six great-grandchildren.
  Former English teacher, English department head and Bugle
  advisor Ervin Stockwell died July 31 in Houston, Texas. For          Richard “Dick” Derauf ‘52
  more information, see the article about his bequest to Breck on      Dick Derauf died August 19 after an extended illness. A
  page 5.                                                              graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College, Dick enjoyed serving
                                                                       his customers in the packaging business and was most recently
  Richard “Dick” W. McNary ‘50                                         employed at Dairyland Packaging in Madison, WI. He was active
  A resident of St. Cloud, Dick died on September 25. He was a         in the Elks, Rotary, hockey association and speed skating clubs
  veteran of the Army and the Army Reserves and retired from           of Madison, among other community activities, and a member
  a career in retailing at Emporium, Target and Fingerhut. A life      of Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church in Sun Prairie. He is survived
  member of North Star Masonic Lodge #23, he belonged to               by his wife Nancy, children Liz, Rick, Peter and Kathryn, nine
  many civic organizations including the St. Cloud Shrine Club,        grandchildren, two brothers, a brother-in-law and many other
  National Sojourners, Waite Park American Legion Post 428 and         relatives and friends.

                                                                                                        Today at Breck | December 2009 | 35
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