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					"Morvern Callar," a film directed by Lynn Ramsey, is another very dark,
very Scottish film made with the assistance of the Glasgow Film Board.
It's a multiple prize winner: nominated for 14 awards, it took nine.
It's based on a novel by Alan Warner, and might be considered another
entry in the tartan noir school of filmmaking: just a bit bloodthirsty;
more than a little graphic in its portrayal of young people going about
their daily rounds of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

The highly talented Samantha Morton (JANE EYRE) stars as Morvern Callar,
a young woman without a future, working as a grocery store clerk in
Oban, a picturesque town, full of retirees, on Scotland's west coast.
It's a town where futures are not made. She awakes one morning to find
her boyfriend has committed suicide. Her behavior then is not what we'd
expect; it goes well beyond ordinary denial as we'd conceive it. She
spends the funeral money he'd left her to get herself and her best
friend from the store to a vacation in Spain; lots of sex, drugs and
rock and roll to be found there. She also signs her name to the novel
the boyfriend had written, and sets about trying to sell it as he'd
instructed on his last disk.

Director Ramsey, in this movie, follows the maxim "Show, Don't Tell."
It's intense, frequently color-saturated, particularly in the Spanish
scenes, and moves fast. No spoon feeding of what to think, no backstory,
no voiceovers, just a close up, unblinking eye on Morvern and company.
Her first film, RATCATCHER, also set in Glasgow, was almost unwatchable
in some unbearably dark scenes; evidently she doesn't believe in going
easy on her audience.

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