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How To Open An AdSense Account by zulfikarads2010


									So you have looked at the AdSense program, read up on it on forums and
realized that with the right website that you can use it to earn a
serious long term income, so you go to Google's AdSense website, fill in
the application and wait for a few days until you get an email approving
your site. But then you hear nothing for days, and days turn in to weeks.
So you then email Google asking for an update on your application only to
get an email back saying that your application has been turned down. Or
you get an email back within days of applying informing you that your
application has been unsuccessful.So where did you go wrong? After all
you filled in the application correctly did you not? Or did you? Well if
you missed any part of your name and address out, or supplied an
incorrect email then that is enough for your application to have
failed.Also did you read the Terms Of Service (TOS) before you applied?
No? Well then expect your application to be turned down very
fast.Likewise, did you pay attention to the website quality guidelines
that your site needs to comply with? If the answer is no then you will,
you guessed it, get turned down.So many applications fail because people
simply do not read the TOS or site quality compliance guidelines before
applying so make sure you read them and understand them fully before even
thinking about applying if not you will fail.They are there for a reason
and that is to ensure that AdSense ads do not appear on junk or half
built sites, simply put advertisers want their ads to appear on good
sites and not ones that have poor spammy content on them.The majority of
applications fail for not observing the TOS and the site guidelines, so
make sure you read them fully and make sure your site complies and make
changes to it if it does not prior to applying to AdSense, making changes
later is no good. You need to get it right first time as if not your site
is unlikely to ever get approved and you will get repeatedly turned
down.You really do need to get your application right the first time you
apply to the program as if not you may struggle to ever get approval of
an AdSense account.

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