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									SpEcIAl REpoRT
Life sciences in The neTherLands
Why working together is in their genes
    Special RepoRt: LIFE SCIENCES IN THE NETHERLANDS                                                 ADV ERTISEMENT FE ATURE


    as a country that depends greatly on its sizeable exports,         in all, the government of the Netherlands is investing about
    the Netherlands competes on a global market. Strong                €500 million in public–private life sciences partnerships in
    competition leads to high-quality products and services that       just the health domain. that significant public investment has
    meet the demands of today’s and future markets. those              been doubled to a total of €1 billion by industry, universities
    future markets will demand new products and services               and university medical centers.
    from the large Dutch life sciences industries — products
    that, for example, will enable us to detect and treat chronic      the new partnerships will be able to draw from a wealth
    diseases such as cancer and diabetes at much earlier               of basic research that has already been generated thanks
    stages. and products from the food industry, from plant            to public–private partnerships launched in earlier years.
    breeding up to food processing, and the chemical industry,         these include the Netherlands Genomics initiative, a 10-
    where there will be a growing demand for more sustainable          year €1 billion program in itself, bio-banks and research
    and healthier products and production processes.                   from groups working in nanotechnology and regenerative
                                                                       medicine. Value creation is further encouraged by creating
    in all of these instances, life sciences, i.e. the full spectrum   favorable conditions for high-quality clinical research and by
    of biotechnologies and nanotechnologies combined with              providing risk-bearing loans for product development up to
    information and communication technologies, will have to           phase ii clinical trials.
    bring many of the required innovations. What we need are
    fertile breeding grounds where such innovations can grow           OUR PARTNERSHIPS WELCOME INTERNATIONAL
    and come to full fruition rapidly.                                 PARTICIPATION
                                                                       For readers of this issue, it is of course most important
    i am convinced that the Netherlands is among the most              to note that all of these partnerships and platforms very
    productive life sciences breeding grounds worldwide.               much welcome participants from other countries, whether
                                                                       they come from academic backgrounds or from private
     Thanks to sizeable investments from government,                   industries; all will be able to benefit from the infrastructure
                                                                       we have built. of course, all Dutch programs and
     industry and academia, the Netherlands has
                                                                       partnerships already work closely together with initiatives
     turned itself into a fertile breeding ground for life
                                                                       elsewhere in the world.
     sciences innovations. A wealth of public–private
     partnerships is welcoming collaborators from
                                                                       this Nature Biotechnology Special Report on life Sciences
     anywhere in the world.
                                                                       in the Netherlands offers a wealth of information and many
                                                                       examples of exciting public and private innovation. i hope
    DUTCH ACADEMIA AND INDUSTRY WORK CLOSELY                           you’ll find the time to read some of it, and even better, to
    TOGETHER                                                           come to our country to experience its fertile life sciences
    the Dutch Government has very actively supported and               climate for yourself.
    co-funded a research and development infrastructure
    where people and ideas from academia and industry come             i am sure you will find the Netherlands is the perfect place
    together. open innovation and long-term public–private             to further develop your life science innovations as well.
    partnerships are key to our endeavor. these partnerships
    cover the entire life sciences value chain: they range from
    basic research to actual product and business creation. in
    cases where they address human health, they reach all the
    way from bench to bedside.

    For example, in the life sciences health sector alone, the
    newly created public–private networks include 175 companies                                     Maria van der Hoeven
    ranging from large multinationals to small- and medium-                                         Minister of economic affairs
    sized high-tech firms. they also include all Dutch university                                   the Netherlands
    medical centers, together with their associated universities.                                   the Hague, May 2009
ADVER T I SEM EN T F E AT U RE                                                                               Special RepoRt: LIFE SCIENCES IN THE NETHERLANDS

Life sciences in The neTherLands

conTenTs                                                                                                                       adVerTisers
2               THE GOVERNMENT’S VIEW                                                                                           amsterdam innovation Motor
            “i am convinced that the Netherlands is among the most productive life                                              Bioceros
             sciences breeding grounds worldwide.” says Maria van der Hoeven,                                                   Bioconnection
             Minister of economic affairs of the Netherlands.                                                                   BioMedical Materials
4               LIFE SCIENCES IN THE NETHERLANDS                                                                                center for translational Molecular Medicine
                Why working together is in their genes                                                                          Health Valley
                                                                                                                                Hycult biotechnologies
                                                     thanks to an open mind, an entrepreneurial                                 immuno Valley
                                                     spirit and a remarkable talent to get organized,                           Kluyver centre/B-Basic
                                                     the Dutch have reached the top in many world                               leiden BioSciencepark
                                                     markets. their strong inclination to build                                 life Sciences & Health
                                                     coalitions and to work together may be due partly                          Modiquest Research
                                                     to an ancient struggle against high waters.                                Netherlands Genomics initiative
10 HOLLAND GOES PUBLIC–PRIVATE                                                                                                  ti pharma
                academia, industry and government co-funding open partnerships                                                  Virtual proteins

                                                     a series of public–private partnerships reaffirms
                                                     Holland’s eagerness and willingness to reach out
                                                     and get things done. By teaming up with partners
                                                     from elsewhere, the life sciences sector in the
                                                     Netherlands serves vital needs while creating
                                                     global business opportunities.

                                           ON THE COVER:                                                                       ON THE BACK:
                                          ‘RED VINEYARD’ BY VINCENT VAN GOGH                                                   TULIPS AND LIFE SCIENCES
                                          the artwork on the cover was created by Vincent van                                  another Dutch icon is the tulip — thanks in part to a
                                           Gogh (1853–1890), an iconic artist from the Netherlands                             strong tradition of plant and horticultural breeding
                                           who pioneered a style that later came to be known as                                and to logistics skills allowing the Dutch to distribute
                                          ‘expressionism’. the painting, called ‘the Red Vineyard’,                            bulbs and fresh flowers all over the world. Historically
 Life sciences in The neTherLands
                                           here serves to illustrate the Dutch tradition of working                            known for its ingenuous and entrepreneurial inhabit-
                                           closely together. Born in Holland, Van Gogh later traveled                          ants, and despite its limited size, Holland is the world’s
 Why working together is in their genes

                                           and worked in Belgium and France. today, paintings of                               second largest agricultural exporter. the tulip on
                                           this Dutch pioneer are among the world’s best known,                                the back contains hundreds of Dutch companies and
                                           most popular and most expensive works of art.                                       organizations that together make ‘integrated life sci-
                                           (image courtesy of alexander Burkatovski/coRBiS.)                                   ences innovation’ a living reality.

this Special Report was produced by the Netherlands Foreign investment                          Business Development Manager      Profile Texts Co-ordination       Design/Production
agency (, the Netherlands agency for international Business and                         Graham combe                      peter Vermij                      Stephen Russell
cooperation (, the Netherlands association for Biotechnology (NiaBa.                           Bird’s eye communications         Nature publishing Group
nl) and the life Sciences & Health innovation program (                        Nature publishing Group 
all advertisers retain sole responsibility for the contents of this report.           
                 Special RepoRt: LIFE SCIENCES IN THE NETHERLANDS                                                     ADV ERTISEMENT FE ATURE

                 Why working together is in their genes

                                                                                                                                                           NFIA/HollANDSE HooGTE
                 For a small country, Holland sure has
                 accomplished a lot. Thanks to an open
                 mind, an entrepreneurial spirit and
                 a remarkable talent to get their stuff
                 organized, the Dutch have been able
                 to reach for the top in many world
                 markets. In the ever more complex
                 world of life sciences, one trait has
                 given the Netherlands a particular
                 edge: the eagerness and ability of their
                 inhabitants to reach across boundaries,
                 to build coalitions and to work closely
                 together. For the Dutch, creating
                 partnerships is not just a necessity — it
                 has been part of their genes all the way.

                 ‘pioneers in international business’,
                 is the official slogan with which the
                 country sells its successful brand of        INCENTIVE TO WORK TOGETHER: The struggle against high waters taught the Dutch how to
                 commerce to an increasingly globalized       organize and collaborate. After more than 1,800 people drowned in Holland’s own ‘hurricane
                 world. it’s a nod back to very old days      Katrina’ in 1953, the country invested many billions in monumental high-tech barriers to
                 when Dutch pioneers set sail to distant      prevent new disasters.
                 parts of the world to establish trade
                 routes reaching all the way from
                 Japan to New York. today, being a            entrepreneurial and open-eyed to the     water is pumped out to rivers and seas
                 pioneer takes different skills, which        rest of the world. that, and of course   to make sure everyone’s feet remain
                 luckily for the Dutch they possess a         their knack for finding agreement over   dry.
                 great deal of: well educated, multi-         good consultations, also makes them        the experience of being a pioneer
                 lingual, highly organized, ingenious,        excellent partners in life sciences and  in erecting enormous water works
                                                              biotechnology.                           has served Holland well. today,
                                                                                                       Dutch firms lead world markets for

                                                              Holding back water together              water management, water treatment
                                                              Historians will have various             and water distribution technology.
                                                              explanations, but one major reason       companies based in Holland have been
                                                              for the Dutch to be strongly inclined to called in to help create new lands in
                                                              collaborate is their ancient struggle    Dubai, expand the panama canal, add
                                                              against the water. tucked in between     a port and industry complex to the
                                                              european superpowers such as the         Suez canal and protect the city of New
                                                              UK, Germany and France, Holland          orleans against future recurrences
                                                              learned to enlarge its small strip of    of storms such as the infamous
                                                              land by shielding low-lying river deltas hurricane Katrina.
                                                              from the incoming waters. Most people      they are far from the only ones
                                                              know about the sheer ingenuity with      to seek international collaboration.
                                                              which giant barriers and dams hold       For example, when the international
                 LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.                the water at bay, some of them only      center for Global Development ranked
                 Being neighbor to the UK, Germany and        at very high tides in order to protect   rich countries on how much they
                 France, Holland has always been open to      biodiversity. less well known is how     help poor countries build prosperity,
                 international cooperation. Nine out of ten   an intricate network of dedicated        good government and security, the
                 adults in the Netherlands speak English.     organizations still controls the way     Netherlands came out on top.

                                     ADVER T I SEM EN T F E AT U RE                                                Special RepoRt: LIFE SCIENCES IN THE NETHERLANDS

                                                                                                                                         Learn more about investing in the Netherlands:
                                                                                                                                         Tel. +31 70 379 8818

                                                                                                                                           MAJOR BUSINESS PLAYERS
                                                                                                                                           ROOTED IN THE NETHERLANDS
                                                                                                                                           ahold                 philips
                                                                                                                                           akzo Nobel            Royal Dutch Shell
                                                                                                                                           DSM                   Unilever
                                                                                                                                           iNG                   Heineken
                                     OLD AND NEW: The architecture of Amsterdam’s historic center is testimony to Holland’s rich           KlM                   aSMl
                                     tradition of worldwide trade. Today, high-rise buildings house some of the country’s contemporary
                                     leaders in global commerce, such as Philips, a global supplier of medical technology.
                                                                                                                                 through giant auctions houses in the
                                                                                                                                 Netherlands. With stunning efficiency
                                     Strong commercial instincts                  but notice how every square inch of the        they take in fresh goods from over
                                     Strong commercial and international          country is accounted for and exploited.        100 countries and, in a matter of
                                     instincts enabled Dutch companies to            Dutch organizational skills also            hours, repackage them for delivery to
                                     go out and build strong positions on a       come to the forefront at the airport           thousands of individual retailers all over
                                     variety of world markets. For example,       itself, which links North america with         the world.
                                     Royal Dutch Shell is among the world’s       hundreds of destinations across europe,           then there is Rotterdam, europe’s
                                     largest petrochemical industry players       asia and africa. the airport continues         biggest seaport, which accepts
                                     and leads the world in terms of research to win awards from international travel            and sends shipments from and to
                                     investments into sustainable energy.         magazines for its efficiency, among            regions across Northern europe. But
                                     aSMl is the world’s biggest producer         other things. commerce exploits the            infrastructure and organization also
                                     of computer chip-making machinery.           airport, too. over half of all international prove themselves in more surprising
                                     Unilever is one of the world’s largest       trade in flowers and plants flows              ways. the 2008 fact book of the
                                     producers of consumer                                                                                organization for economic
                                     goods and at the forefront of                                                                        cooperation and Development

                                     promoting more sustainable                                                                           (oecD) puts Holland, known
                                     agricultural practices. Dutch                                                                        for its high population density,
                                     pension fund aBp is the second                                                                       on second lowest place in
                                     largest pension fund in the                                                                          terms of road fatalities per
                                     world. Heineken beer is served                                                                       capita, right after Sweden.
                                     all over the globe, making                                                                           and in a survey last year by
                                     the company the third largest                                                                        the european competitive
                                     brewer worldwide. Dutch banks                                                                        telecommunications
                                     hold key positions in global                                                                         association, the Netherlands
                                     finance, and DSM, among                                                                              held its ground as europe’s
                                     europe’s biggest industrial                                                                          second most competitive
                                     biotechnology companies, is a                                                                        telecommunications market.
                                     world player with regard to                                                                             Strong organization is also
                                     bio-specialties.                                                                                     apparent in the remarkably
                                        according to the World                                                                            low prevalence of methicillin-
                                     trade organization, in 2006                                                                          resistant staphylococcus aureus
                                     the Netherlands ranked                                                                               (MRSa) in Dutch hospitals,
                                     sixth in absolute numbers of                                                                         achieved according to experts in
                                     exported goods, an amazing                                                                           large part through meticulous
                                     feat considering the country’s                                                                       screening and cooperation
                                     modest size.                                                                                         among hospitals. the same
                                                                                                                                          medical infrastructure,
                                     A passion for organization                                                                           encompassing 31 clinical
                                     trade is greatly helped by                                                                           research organizations, eight
                                     Holland’s superb talent for                                                                          university medical centers and
                                     building reliable infrastructures CHAMPIONS OF TRADE: Green technology, logistics and trade          88 regional hospitals working
                                     and tightly organizing their use. have historically been among Holland’s strengths, giving the       together in many ways, has
                                     anyone flying in to amsterdam       country a head start in many world markets. For example, the     made the Netherlands a
                                     Schiphol airport can’t help         Dutch dominate worldwide exports of bulbs and fresh flowers.      favorite place for carrying out

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    Special RepoRt: LIFE SCIENCES IN THE NETHERLANDS                              ADV ERTISEMENT FE ATURE

                                                             Humanizing Medicine ®

             The European CMO for (autologous) Human Cell & Tissue culturing:

             · Officially licensed as a Registered Tissue Establishment (EU Directive)
             · GMP Human Cell & Tissue Culturing
             · GMP Cell Banking & Storage
             · GMP Cell Line Development
             · GMP Process Development
             · GMP Consultancy
             · Storage and distribution of Clinical Trial Materials throughout Europe

                                        PharmaCell, Maastricht, The Netherlands

                                               ADVER T I SEM EN T F E AT U RE                                             Special RepoRt: LIFE SCIENCES IN THE NETHERLANDS

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                                                                                                                                              Tel. +31 70 778 8888

                                               ATTRACTING TALENT: Dutch education levels are among the highest         INGENIOUS, ORGANIZED: Being a small country, Holland has learnt
                                               in the world. A 2007 Global Talent Index ranked Holland third for its   to be ingenious and well organized: this giant, floating bike rack near
                                               ability to attract and promote talent.                                  Amsterdam’s main railway station holds more than 2,500 bicycles.

                                               clinical trials for companies such as           High standards of living                       Singapore, the United arab emirates
                                               Genzyme, Boston Scientific, Merck,              When asked, international                      and the United States. and in a 2004
                                               Sharp & Dohme (MSD) and centocor.               organizations with offices or facilities in    study carried out by the aaRp, the
                                                                                               the Netherlands will cite the country’s        largest US membership organization
                                               High levels of education                        high standards of living as a good             for people aged over 50 years, Holland
                                               a prime reason for many companies               reason to stay. For example, Holland           scored highest on quality-of-life issues
                                               to at least ponder setting up shop in           ranked sixth in the 2008 edition of the        that are important to older people and
                                               the Netherlands is the fact that its            United Nations’ Human Development              society in general.
                                               population enjoys very high education           index, which looks “beyond GDp to a              the Dutch healthcare system was
                                               levels. in fact, in 2007 the Global talent      broader definition of well-being” and          but one of the reasons. in 2008, Health
                                               index of the economist intelligence             includes indicators for living a long and      consumer powerhouse, a Swedish
                                               Unit’s (eiU) placed Holland third (after        healthy life, being educated and having        company, ranked the Netherlands first
                                               the United States and canada) for its           a decent standard of living. in an expat       in the euro Health consumer index for
                                               ability to attract and promote talent. of       explorer survey carried out by HSBc            the fourth year in a row. “it is justified
                                               all 12 Dutch universities, 11 were ranked       Bank international in the same year,           to say that the Dutch have the best
                                               among the top 200 World Universities in         Holland tied for the number four spot          healthcare system in europe,” said
                                               the 2008 times Higher education World           with Germany and canada, just after            the company’s president at the time of
                                               University Rankings.                                                                                 publication.

                                                 Setting high standards of                                                                            Many expatriates, even city
                                               course begins at primary                                                                             dwellers enjoy the remarkable
                                               education levels. in 2006, the                                                                       proximity of the Dutch
                                               oecD’s international Student                                                                         countryside. on average, every
                                               assessment (piSa) ranked Dutch                                                                       inhabitant owns 1.1 bicycles,
                                               schoolchildren third in the world.                                                                   which are used for recreation as
                                               the 2008 oecD fact book put                                                                          well as for daily commutes. and of
                                               the country on fifth place for the                                                                   course, Holland’s rich cultural life
                                               percentage of households with                                                                        adds to the living experience. the
                                               access to a computer (80 percent).                                                                   Royal amsterdam concertgebouw
                                               Ranked by population access to                                                                       orchestra was named the world’s
                                               broadband internet, point topic,                                                                     best orchestra by music critics
                                               a British company, gave Holland                                                                      worldwide, to name just one
                                               second place, with 35 percent.                                                                       example.
                                                 through the years, the Dutch
                                               have learned to speak foreign            DUTCH DESIGN: Creativity and open-mindedness have            Creativity serving R&D
                                               languages. about 87 percent              made the Dutch designers famous in many trades,              Great creativity and open-
                                               of Dutch aged 15 or over speak           including architecture, fashion and industrial design.       mindedness have made the
                                               english, 65 percent speak German         Here, bikes and cars share the road on the Erasmus           Dutch designers world-famous in
                                               and 25 percent speak French.             bridge in Rotterdam.                                         fashion, architecture and industrial

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    Special RepoRt: LIFE SCIENCES IN THE NETHERLANDS                                                                  ADV ERTISEMENT FE ATURE

                              YOU HAVE DONE A GREAT DISCOVERY...
                               WE HAVE THE MEANS AND EXPERTISE TO
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                                        FROM CLINICAL UP TO COMMERCIAL SCALE
                                        Core Business
                                        Fill & Finish - including lyophilization - of vials and pre- lled syringes.

                                        Core Competence
                                        Fill & Finish, process development – including lyophilization cycle
                                        development and scale-up. Other CMC development blocks such
                                        as formulation development, analytical development & validation
                                        and stability studies can be provided as separate ‘building blocks’
                                        or as a complete package with our F&F activities (one-stop-shop).

                                        Our facilities are in compliance with cGMP and HSE standards and with
                                        guidelines issued by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and
                                        the European Medicines Agency (EMEA).

                                        85 years of biopharmaceutical experience
                                        with BioConnection you are in good hands.

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     Biocon adv C.indd 1                                                                                                           05-03-2009 17:00:57
                   ADVER T I SEM EN T F E AT U RE                                         Special RepoRt: LIFE SCIENCES IN THE NETHERLANDS

                                                                                                               Find life sciences partners in the Netherlands:
                                                                                                               Tel. + 31 71 332 2036

                                                                                                                                                                 H. DE HEK
                     PUBLICLY LISTED DUTCH
                     LIFE SCIENCE COMPANIES
                     crucell              octoplus
                     DSM                  Fornix
                     Galapagos            aMt

                   design — Dutch Design has even
                   become a trade name.
                      the same traits serve the country
                   well in R&D-heavy sectors such as the
                   life sciences. the 2008 oecD fact book
                   ranked Holland fourth on the number
                   of patents per capita, coming only after
                   Japan, Switzerland and Germany.
                      this vast body of intellectual property
                   is the product of strong traditions in       CREATIVE, SCIENCE-DRIVEN: Holland ranks 4th worldwide for the number of patents per capita
                   basic research in a number of areas.         and its life sciences research output measures up to those of its biggest neighbors. Nemo,
                   the leiden centre for Science and            Amsterdam’s state-of-the-art science center, demonstrates the country’s love for science.
                   technology Studies (cWtS), a world
                   expert in analyzing research outputs and
                   impacts, ranked Holland first in citations   product development. in Holland, how-          top institute (ti) pharma, the center
                   per publication in chemistry for the         ever, academia, industry and govern-           for translational Molecular Medicine
                   period between 1998 and 2007. Between        ment have added intensive cooperation          (ctMM) and the BioMedical Materials
                   1998 and 2002, cWtS put the country          to the fertile mix. together, they have        (BMM) program, focus exclusively on
                   in the top five on similar rankings for      invested close to €2 billion in public–        health. the Bio–Based Sustainable
                   applied chemistry, molecular biology         private partnership programs, creating         industrial chemistry program (B-Basic)
                   and biochemistry, social science related     what is called ‘integrated life sciences       is set up specifically to foster innovation
                   to medicine, clinical medicine and           innovation’.                                   in industrial biotechnology, while the
                   engineering.                                   public–private partnerships have             technology top institute (tti) Green
                                                                sprung up in all parts of Dutch life           Genetics and the Food & Nutrition
                   Collaboration in the life sciences           sciences. the Netherlands Genomics             Delta innovation program focus on
                   ingenuity, organization and collaboration    initiative (NGi), for example, entails         agricultural biotechnologies.
                   have also helped to bring Holland’s          basic genomics, proteomics and                    Some of these public–private
                   life science sectors to the world’s          metabolomics research for agricultural,        partnerships and their relationships
                   forefront. For example, Wageningen           industrial and medical applications.           are described in more detail on the
                   University and Research center is widely     others, such as life Sciences & Health,        following pages.
                   known for its strong contributions to

                   agricultural breeding research, and                                                         Working together: in their genes
                   Dutch companies are world leaders                                                           the surge in public–private partnerships
                   when it comes to plant as well as farm                                                      testifies to Holland’s eagerness and
                   animal breeding. in biomedical sciences,                                                    willingness to reach across borders
                   the Dutch excel in areas such as cancer                                                     and boundaries to get innovation off the
                   research, infectious diseases, vaccines,                                                    ground. By teaming up with each other
                   molecular imaging, cardiovascular and                                                       and with partners all over the world, the
                   clinical research.                                                                          life science sector in the Netherlands
                      like many life science and biotech hot                                                   is well positioned to help serve the
                   spots, the ‘Holland biodelta’ contains                                                      world’s needs as well as create great
                   a mix of dozens of academic research                                                        opportunities for global commerce.
                   organizations, hundreds of small bio-                                                          once again, the Dutch are building
                   tech companies and an array of local                                                        on their collaborative traditions,
                   offices of multinational corporations.                                                      demonstrating that, indeed, a
                   Such diversity within a 120-mile radius BORN TO COLLABORATE: The Dutch                      predisposition to working closely
                   already offers great opportunities for    are eager to reach across borders and             together might be found one day
                   knowledge creation and innovative         boundaries in order to bring innovation.          somewhere in their 30,000 genes.

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     Special RepoRt: LIFE SCIENCES IN THE NETHERLANDS                                                ADV ERTISEMENT FE ATURE

                                                 LIFE SCIENCES & HEALTH

     Exploiting public–private
     innovation to the fullest

     With successful public–private                                                         programs and partnerships in which
     R&D projects up and running, the                                                       public and private partners work
     Netherlands recently added a new                                                       closely together, creating what the
     layer to its life science infrastructure:                                              Dutch have come to call ‘integrated life
     the Life Sciences and Health program                                                   sciences innovation’.
     launched last year will ensure that
     many of the seeds derived from                                                           An array of partnerships
     public–private partnerships will                                                         the result has been an array of very
     come to full fruition. In addition, it                                                   successful public–private partnerships
     will help promote the country as a         All partners in the Dutch Life Sciences       (ppps) such as the Netherlands
     prime candidate for international          sector, including government ministries Genomics initiative (NGi, www.
     collaboration.                             for health (VWS), science (OC&W) and, top institute pharma
                                                economic affairs (EZ), work closely together. (ti pharma,, the
     in recent years, global life science       The overall network is able to speed up center for translational Molecular
     and health sectors have undergone          development of marketable products.           Medicine (ctMM, and
     significant changes. centralized,                                                        the BioMedical Materials program
     large-scale knowledge development                                                        (BMM,
     has given way to dynamic, open and         research and development collaboration
     flexible innovation networking between     that has attracted attention from far         other smaller but similar public–
     multidisciplinary research organizations. abroad.                                        private initiatives include the
     product development, once the                                                            translational Regenerative Medicine
     exclusive domain of just a few corporate like most of the world’s life sciences          program (teRM,,
     players, has become a game in which        hot spots, the ‘Holland Bio delta’ offers cyttron (, focusing on
     thousands of actors from academia,         a mix of dozens of first-class academic imaging technology at the molecular
     big industry and small- and medium-        research organizations, hundreds of           and cellular level, and the ‘String of
     sized enterprises have to work and play    small biotech companies and an array          pearls’ initiative (,
     together.                                  of local centers and branch offices of        which links the biobanks of eight Dutch
                                                multinational industry corporations.          university medical centers.
     Knowledge sharing, partnering and the      in itself, such a diverse scenery within
     creation of global networks have become a 120 mile radius already offers great           ctMM combines 28 major industry
     crucial elements of the innovation game. opportunities for knowledge creation            players such as philips, DSM,
                                                and innovative product development. in Schering-plough and Fei and 52
     Public and private, hand in hand           recent years, however, Dutch academia, small- and medium-sized enterprises
     Dutch life science and health sectors      industry and the national government          with eight university medical centers
     have been no different in this respect. in have added intensive cooperation to           and eight academic partners such as
     one way, however, the Netherlands has      that fertile mix. together, they have         eindhoven University of technology
     been leading the way. as it did before in  invested more than €1 billion euros in        and the Dutch cancer institute (NKi).
     the social and economic sectors, this
     little country’s knack for cooperation,
                                                 Dutch academia, industry and government have invested more
     coalition and consensus building has
     produced a new brand of public–private      than €1 billion in public–private collaboration

ADVER T I SEM EN T F E AT U RE                                      Special RepoRt: LIFE SCIENCES IN THE NETHERLANDS

                                                                                     For more information, please contact:
                                                                                     ingeborg van der Heijden, MSc
                                                                                     lSH communications Manager
                                                                                     tel + 31 71 332 2036 Fax + 31 71 332 2031
                                                                                     Wassenaarseweg 72, 2333 al leiden, the Netherlands

 The Life Sciences and Health
 program aims to help double
 the rate at which product
 ideas reach the clinic

together, they will invest €250 million
into 17 collaboration projects in
the area of cancer, cardiovascular,
neurodegenerative and infectious/
auto-immune diseases.

all of these public–private
partnerships are working to take
bright ideas conjured up in academia
and quickly translate them into
potential products for patients
— whether it’s drugs, vaccines,
diagnostics or innovations in cell and
tissue engineering.

Topping the cake: Life Sciences             Collaboration projects between academic and industry partners will yield powerful
and Health                                  leads, such as musculoskeletal scaffolds made from biomaterials that will be
in 2008, Dutch industry and government      developed through the BioMedical Materials (BMM) program. Illustration: Mieke Roth.
together added the top floor to the
country’s already formidable life
sciences infrastructure. the life           the program will also be able to boost  example by putting the Netherlands’
Sciences and Health innovation              development by co-investing funds into  key advantages on full display and
program was set up to forcefully            new clinical research facilities.       by serving as a ‘one-stop shop’ for
encourage ‘valorization’ of useful                                                  international investors and potential
ideas coming from any of the public–        Extending a global                      collaboration partners. to this end, a
private research and development            collaboration network                   portal website (
partnerships. its goal is to help the       the life Sciences and Health innovation will provide a comprehensive database
sector double the rate at which Dutch-      program is also charged with further    and overview of the Dutch life sciences.
born product ideas will reach the clinic.   improving the Netherlands’ overall
                                            life sciences business climate, for     the program demonstrates the
at the program’s core is the ability to     example by giving companies better      country’s natural inclination to find
close investment gaps by providing          access to clinical research facilities  consensus and common ground,
loans or government support to              and by facilitating business education  just as it did when it built dikes and
companies wanting to commercialize          targeted at young life science          other innovative waterworks to hold
high-risk, high-tech innovations, in        researchers, making sure there are      tides at bay. it will highlight how the
part through the european Union’s           lots of attractive human resources      country uses its excellent clinical
eurotransbio subsidy scheme. Funding        for companies interested in growth.     infrastructure to become a top spot for
could include research all the way up                                               phase i and phase ii clinical research.
to first-in-man studies as well as the      last but not least, the program will    and it will be there to show potential
development of rigorous business            invigorate and intensify international  partners the easiest and the best ways
plans.                                      collaboration and cooperation, for      in from abroad.

                                                                               ADVERTISER RETAINS SolE RESpoNSIBIlITY FoR coNTENT         11
 Life Sciences in t he Net her lands

Cooperation is in
   our genes
                  The Life Sciences sector in the Netherlands:
                  • Is leading a trend towards public-private research
                    and development collaborations open to partners

                  • Fully focuses on speeding up the development of
                    marketable biomedical products

                  • Takes advantage of well-integrated chains
                    connecting basic research and clinical application

                  • Is home of a growing number of innovative, high-
                    tech startups increasing the sectors’ innovation
                    power and pluriformity

                  • Is leading in relevant areas of life sciences, for
                    example in biomaterials and regenerative medicine,
                    cancer diagnostics and treatment, and vaccines

                  • Has an excellent position to deliver personalized
                    medicine, due to the high level of integration and
                    organization of the sector

                  • Exploits a rich and highly diverse public and private
                    life science sector all within a 120 mile radius

   Contact us at: Life Sciences & Health    T + 31(0) 71 332 2036
                  Wassenaarseweg 72         F + 31(0) 71 332 2031
                  2333 AL Leiden  
                  The Netherlands 
            Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis The Hague
     Special RepoRt: LIFE SCIENCES IN THE NETHERLANDS                                                    ADV ERTISEMENT FE ATURE

                                                 BIOCEROS                                     For more information, please contact:
                                                                                              olaf Blaauw, Head of Business Development
                                                                                              tel: +31 30 253 8955 Fax: +31 30 253 2288
                                                                                              Yalelaan 46, 3584 cM Utrecht, the Netherlands

     Following two roads to excellence
     Bioceros (Utrecht, The Netherlands)         Bioceros has a solid track record in    the people
     is one of Europe’s premier providers        stable cell line development using      at Bioceros
     of GMP-ready protein producing              peR. c6® and proprietary cHo cell lines,strongly
     cell lines. Recently, the company           offering clients much versatility with  believe that
     joined the DSM and Crucell Vendor           respect to speed or yield of protein    true and close
     Network for PER. C6®, a powerful            production.                             collaboration
     technology platform for the large-scale                                             speeds up
     manufacture of biopharmaceutical          Exploring therapeutic targets as well     selection and
     products. Bioceros was the first          Bioceros also explores a number of        development of
     pre-approved Europe-based cell line       promising proprietary therapeutic         clients’ most
     generation partner to receive the honor.  targets, including targets in oncology    viable drug
                                               and auto-immune disease. the company candidates. at
     at the time of the announcement, Karen employs its validated technology             the same time,
     King, president of DSM Biologics, noted: platforms and pre-clinical development it helps move          Bram Bout, CEO, Bioceros
     “the growing number of peR. c6®           expertise to design and develop effective the company’s
     licensees requires that we expand the     humanized monoclonal antibodies.          own portfolio forward.
     possibilities for our licensees to obtain                                           the company’s commitment extends way
     services like cell line generation. We      BIOCEROS HIGHLIGHTS                     beyond just putting a high-yield stable
     are confident that Bioceros’ excellent      Stable peR.c6 ® and cHo-based cell      cell line together; first and foremost,
     experience and service level will provide   lines                                   Bioceros is dedicated to improve the
     our european licensees additional           Recombinant protein at 20 liter scale   lives of patients and, through its efforts,
     options to move their peR. c6® programs     pre-clinical development of             to provide opportunities for real market
     forward successfully.”                      monoclonal antibodies                   growth.

                                                 HYCULT                                       For more information, please contact:
                                                                                              loek Willems, Business Developer
                                                 BIOTECHNOLOGY                                tel +31 413 251 335 Fax +31 413 248 353
                                                                          Frontstraat 2a, 5405 pB Uden, the Netherlands

     Meeting the needs of Innate Immunity research worldwide
     Hycult biotechnology (Uden, the             oxidation, cell damage, coagulation,
     Netherlands) is a leader in the innate      endotoxins and other microbial toxins.
     immunity field as a developer and a            the company has also gathered
     manufacturer of unique, high-quality        extensive expertise in developing
     antibodies, proteins/peptides and           products for the detection of cell and
     biomedical research assays, with            tissue damage, which can be used for
     special expertise in non-invasive
                                                 non-invasive screening of patients who
     disease screening solutions.
        Hycult biotechnology (Hbt) works         may have suffered damage to the liver,
     closely with researchers and participates   kidneys, intestines or brain. Hbt will
     in european collaborative research          launch its first ce-labeled assay in 2009.     KEY HBT PRODUCTS
     projects, enabling the company to              Hbt was iSo 9001:2000-certified             complement, collectins
     monitor current trends and demand           in 1998 and was upgraded to
                                                                                                Neutrophil proteins
     in relevant research fields. effective      eN iSo 13485:2003 in 2007.
     in-licensing of innovative proteins/                                                       toll-like receptors
     antibodies and in-house assay               Hbt in-licenses your products as well
                                                                                                Scavenger receptors
     developments lead to products that          You can also use Hbt’s global distribution
                                                 network to commercialize your own              lpS, microbial toxins
     bring forward your research as well.
                                                 research products. By using Hbt’s              FaBp
     Unique portfolio of research products
     Hbt provides a unique portfolio             licensing scheme, you can distribute your      cell & tissue damage
     of research products, focusing in           products more widely while reducing            oxidative stress
     particular on innate immunity. its          the work load of your own research
                                                                                                lipid-binding proteins
     specialties include complement,             staff. Moreover, you will be able to
     neutrophil proteins, inflammation,          benefit from royalties from sales.             coagulation molecules

NGI adv Nature 2009v2:Layout 1 kopie               02-04-2009        16:02       Pagina 1
ADVER T I SEM EN T F E AT U RE                                               Special RepoRt: LIFE SCIENCES IN THE NETHERLANDS

      Excellence in genomics,
      benefits for society
      Genomics has revolutionised life sciences research.                                   Now is the time to deliver on the promises
                                                                                            and put genomics to work. The Netherlands
      Ranging from food to ecology and from bioprocessing to
                                                                                            Genomics Initiative (NGI), established by the
      healthcare − genomics has sparked a myriad of new                                     Dutch government in 2002, aims to get the
                                                                                            best from genomics by providing excellence
      insights, methods, applications, tools and expectations.
                                                                                            in research. Until 2012 over € 1 billion will
                                                                                            be invested in an integrated network of large-
                                                                                            scale NGI Genomics Centres and research
                                                                                            programmes. Science is a truly international
                                                                                            affair and international collaboration is
                                                                                            therefore an essential part of the NGI strategy.

                                                                                            Sixteen NGI Genomics Centres are responsible
                                                                                            for breakthroughs in the fields of health, agro-
                                                                                            food, sustainability, enabling technologies and
                                                                                            society. The Genomics Centres are consortia of
                                                                                            universities, research institutes, industry and
                                                                                            societal organisations. They work on visionary,
                                                                                            yet targeted programmes that cover the
                                                                                            complete chain from fundamental science to
                                                                                            product development to ensure optimal bene-
                                                                                            fits for consumers, patients and companies.

                                                                          NGI Genomics Centres are open
                                                                          to new partners and ready to answer
                                                                          your questions. Take part in this
                                                                          inspiring network!

        NGI developed a number of activities to support the entire chain from research
        to product: among them are the NGI Venture Challenge, the NGI Pre-Seed Grant,
        BioGeneration Ventures and the NGI Valorisation Award.

                         P.O. Box 93035    2509 AA The Hague   The Netherlands     T +31 70 344 0672   F +31 70 344 0632   E

                                                                                           ADVERTISER RETAINS SolE RESpoNSIBIlITY FoR coNTENT   15
     Special RepoRt: LIFE SCIENCES IN THE NETHERLANDS                                ADV ERTISEMENT FE ATURE

      w w w.modiquest

                                                                                                           Discover Your PoTenTiAl
                                             Your partner for Monoclonal Antibodies
                                                           Human Antibodies
                                                           •	 B-cell	technology
                                                           •	 Phage	display

                                                           Animal Antibodies
                                                           •	 High-throughput	Hybridoma	selection
                                                           •	 Mouse,	Llama,	Chicken,	Rabbit,	Rat	

                                                           stable Mammalian
                                                           cell line Generation
                                                           •	 Many		Ig-isotypes	for	various	species
                                                           •	 	H igh-producer	clones	

                                                           Animal Models (Mouse)
                                                           •	 Collagen-Induced	Arthritis	(CIA)
                                                           •	 Collagen	Antibody-Induced	Arthritis	(CAIA)

                                     Monoclonal Ant i body Technology

ADVER T I SEM EN T F E AT U RE                                        Special RepoRt: LIFE SCIENCES IN THE NETHERLANDS

                                            TI PHARMA                                   For more information, please contact:
                                                                                        ingeborg van der Heijden, MSc
                                                              communications Manager
                                                                                        tel + 31 71 332 2036 Fax + 31 71 332 2031
                                                                                        Wassenaarseweg 72, 2333 al leiden, the Netherlands

Speeding up drug development through public–
private research networks and education
Funded jointly by the Dutch                 development and drug regulation.             SOME KEY TI PHARMA PARTNERS
government, Dutch universities and          For example, regulators from the             Industry
pharmaceutical industries from all over     Dutch Medicines evaluation Board,
                                                                                         agamyxis                 iQ corporation
the world, TI Pharma facilitates public–    a top-rated government agency that
                                                                                         amgen                    Johnson & Johnson
private research and development into       carries out a significant proportion         astraZeneca              Merck & co., inc.
‘priority medicines’, as identified by the   of the eU’s regulatory work, teaches         Danone Research          pepscan
WHO.                                        researchers how they can help speed          eli lilly and company    pfizer
By bringing together partners from          up the evaluation process by producing       Galapagos                pharming
academia and industry in research and       the necessary data early on in the           GlaxoSmithKline          Schering-plough
development projects, TI Pharma helps       development chain.                           H. lundbeck a/S          Solvay
fill the gap between basic research and                                                   Academia
drug development, reducing both the      Special focus on WHO priority medicines
                                                                                     amsterdam University & Medical center
time and the cost needed to bring new    as a public–private partnership, ti         erasmus Medical center, Rotterdam
medicines to patients.                   pharma is also dedicated to fostering       Groningen University & Medical center
                                         progress in therapeutic areas identified    leiden University & Medical center
Since its launch in 2006, ti pharma      in the 2004 World Health organization       Maastricht University
(leiden, the Netherlands) has            report “priority medicines for europe       Netherlands cancer institute
experienced rapid growth. less than      and the world”. this report identifies the Netherlands institute for Developmental Biology
3 years after its inception, more than   translation from basic science to applied Netherlands Vaccine institute
                                                                                     Radboud University Medical center
40 new research projects have been       product development as a ‘weak link’ in
                                                                                     Utrecht University & Medical center
initiated, targeting several therapeutic the development chain and describes         VU University & Medical center
areas and enabling technologies (see     diseases of public health importance for
figure) and addressing serious diseases which pharmaceutical treatments either
confronting the world. approximately     do not exist or are inadequate.
600 scientists have joined the various      For example, ti pharma facilitates      With its headquarters just hours from
research consortia that bring together   programs aimed at producing vaccines       Brussels, ti pharma participates fully in
scientists from different backgrounds:   against malaria and chikungunya fever.     the innovative Medicines initiative (iMi), a
academia, university medical centers,                                               new public–private partnership between
big pharma companies and small- and      A strong European player                   the european commission and the
medium-sized enterprises (SMes) from Besides enlisting participation from           european Federation of pharmaceutical
pharmaceutical and biotechnology areas. industry partners all over the globe,       industries that will also address delays
                                         ti pharma is also excellently placed       and bottlenecks in pharmaceutical
                                         to become a strong european player.        research and development. — jointly
 shaping the future of medicines
                                                                                                          TI Pharma’s
                                                                                                          therapeutic areas*
Covering education
and regulatory sciences                                                                                   •   (auto)immune diseases
                                                                                                          •   cardiovascular diseases
ti pharma facilitates industry access
                                                                                                          •   cancer
to high-quality academic research. ti                                                                     •   infectious diseases
pharma also supports more efficient                                                                       •   Brain diseases
drug development by offering a unique                                                                     *   Guided by the WHo’s priority
                                                                                                              medicines for europe and the world.
and extensive training program
especially designed to teach young
researchers what it takes to develop and
bring drugs to the market. courses are
attended by phD students and postdocs,
as well as participants from industry.
  the training programs also
highlight relevant issues such as
intellectual property rights, business

                                                                                 ADVERTISER RETAINS SolE RESpoNSIBIlITY FoR coNTENT                 17
     Special RepoRt: LIFE SCIENCES IN THE NETHERLANDS                                                     ADV ERTISEMENT FE ATURE

                                                   VIRTUAL PROTEINS                            For more information, please contact:
                                                                                               Jackie Schooleman, chief executive officer
                                                                                               tel. +31 40 851 2250 Fax +31 40 851 2259
                                                                                               High tech campus 9,
                                                                                               5656 ae eindhoven, the Netherlands

     Bringing the power of virtual reality
     to the world of biomedicine
     Imagine picking up your pharmaceuti-          and recently, Virtual proteins and two
     cal target molecule and holding it in         private partners were awarded €1.2
     your hand, gently turning and twisting        million by eurotransBio, a funding
     it around until you suddenly feel and         scheme in which six leading eU biotech
     find the perfect docking site for a brand     countries work together. in a 2.5-
     new small molecule. Or picture your-          year project the three companies will
     self manipulating 3D computer brain           demonstrate their ability to speed up
     images with your fingers while trying to      the development of drugs by combining
     localize crucial amyloid plaques in the       a range of in silico technologies
     brains of real Alzheimer patients.            with human cellular disease model
        With Virtual Protein’s MicroLab®           experiments.                                MEDICAL: Virtual Proteins is developing a
     hardware and software, the future                                                         tool that lets scientists or physicians analyze
     is now. Built on a proprietary virtual        Pharma applications                         patient images in 3D.
     reality technology platform, VP               initially, Virtual proteins focused heav-
     MicroLab® is about to add a powerful          ily on drug development by offering its
     tool to both drug development and             Vp Microlab® as a tool to visualize and        in the project, philips and organon,
     (bio)medical research.                        manipulate complex proteins. Using the      together with academic partners, will
                                                   Vp Microlab®, pharma researchers are        develop new MRi and pet instruments
     Founded as recently as 2004 at the High       able to transform abstract structural       and new biomarkers to detect amyloid
     tech campus at eindhoven, Virtual             data into a 3D representation of their      plaques in the brains of alzheimer
     proteins has already made significant         molecule and use a simple electronic        patients. Virtual proteins will develop
     inroads into the fields of molecular          device to study the molecule as it is       a version of its Vp Microlab® that will
     biology and proteomics. after using           projected in the real world. Having the     enable scientists, radiologists and physi-
     hundreds of thousands of euros in             protein in hand, so to speak, makes it      cians to analyze patient images in a 3D
     seed capital from private investors to        much easier to study its structure, its     virtual reality.
     build the prototype of the revolutionary      functional behavior and its interaction
     Vp Microlab®, in 2007 the company             with other proteins or smaller ligands.     US market
     received its first €200,000 innovation           in combination with a powerful ther-     Recently, Mit e-lab helped Virtual
     loan from the Dutch government. Some          modynamic docking simulation appli-         proteins to complete its plan to intro-
     ‘micro-angels’ also helped out, and           cation, the system will tremendously        duce Vp Microlab® to the US pharma
     another €800,000 in government loans          accelerate the drug discovery proc-         and biotech market. already, Virtual
     was added to those first investments.         ess. Speed, accuracy and dynamically        proteins is working with many partners
                                                   calculated interactions will let these      that are implementing its virtual reality
                                                   technologies change the world of the life   tools in their fields to fully bring the
                                                   sciences.                                   power of virtual reality to the world of
                                                                                               biomedicine. the company welcomes
                                                   Medical applications                        additional relationships with public or
                                                   Heartened by early success and market       private partners who are motivated
                                                   requests, the company has begun to          to support the development and/or
                                                   venture out into other (bio)medical         commercial use of a series of new and
                                                   fields. Using similar algorithms, it        exciting virtual reality products.
                                                   adds new dimensions to analyzing
                                                   pet,ct and MRi scans and images
                                                                                                  KEY VP MicroLab® APPLICATIONS
                                                   of human patients. together with
                                                   philips, a global player in biomedical         Bio-imaging
                                                   imaging technology, and organon                thermodynamic docking
     PHARMACEUTICAL: The VP MicroLab®              (Schering plough), Virtual proteins has        Dynamic bionetworks
     allows researchers to see and manipulate 3D   joined leaRN, a project funded by the
                                                                                                  3D patient data review
     representations of complex target and drug    public–private center for translational
     candidate molecules.                          Molecular Medicine (ctMM).                     Medical trainer

ADVER T I SEM EN T F E AT U RE                                           Special RepoRt: LIFE SCIENCES IN THE NETHERLANDS

                                            CTMM                                              For more information, please contact:
                                                                                              Marjoke Kortas, communications manager
                                                                                              tel +31 40 800 2303 Fax +31 40 800 2315
                                                                                              High tech campus 84, 5656 aG eindhoven,
                                                                                              the Netherlands

Translating science into better healthcare
Chronic diseases such as cancer,
                                               KEY CTMM ACTIVITIES
cardiovascular, neurodegenerative
                                               Developing new diagnostic
and infectious/autoimmune disorders            technologies
severely impact many millions of
                                               Facilitating patient stratification
people, including people in the
industrialized world. The Center for
                                               top quality molecular imaging and
Translational Molecular Medicine               molecular diagnostics research
(CTMM) aims to significantly reduce
                                               Developing products up until clinical
the burden of chronic diseases                 phase iia (proof of concept)
and improve the quality of life for
                                               providing tools for personalized
patients by providing new diagnostic           medicine

as a young public–private partnership        together, these emerging technologies
based in the Netherlands, ctMM               will enable doctors to make earlier and
strives to become a leader in                more precise diagnoses and to design
innovative Molecular Diagnostics             ‘personalized’ treatments, which are
and Molecular imaging technologies.          targeted at smaller patient groups or
                                             individual patients.
                                               Using public and private funds,
 CTMM — A public–
                                             ctMM works by inviting, assessing and            already eight university medical
 private partnership for                     funding multidisciplinary translational          centers, several universities and more
 translational molecular                     research projects in which Dutch                 than eighty companies have teamed
                                             universities, public research centers            up to deliver new molecular medicinal
 medicine                                    and industry closely collaborate.                products to patients’ bedsides sooner.

 aiR FoRce       personalized chemo-Radiation of lung and Head and Neck cancer
 BiocHip         Biochip Diagnostic tests for acute leukemia and Multiple Myeloma
 BReaSt caRe     Neoadjuvant Drug treatment for Breast cancer Response prediction and Response Monitoring
                 the Natural Sensors of plaque and patient Destabilization
 coHFaR          Biomarkers to predict cardiac Failure, arrhythmias and Success of treatment
 DecoDe          Decrease colorectal cancer Death
 eMiNeNce        early Molecular imaging of Neovascularization in cardiovascular Disease
 iNcoaG          innovative coagulation Diagnostics
 leaRN           In Vivo Molecular Diagnostics in alzheimer’s Disease
 MaMMotH         Mammary carcinoma Molecular imaging for Diagnosis and therapeutics
 MaRS            Molecular Diagnosis and Risk Stratification of Sepsis
 MUSiS           intra-operative Multi-spectral imaging Systems for Radical tumor Resection
 paRiSK          assessment of plaque at Risk by Non-invasive (Molecular imaging and Modeling)
 pReDicct        Biomarkers for the prediction and early Diagnosis of Diabetes and Diabetes-related cardiovascular complications
 tRaceR          Development of tools to time and Select therapy in treatment of pre-clinical, early and established Rheumatoid arthritis
 tRiUMpH         translational initiative on Unique and Novel Strategies for Management of patients with Heart failure

                                                                                     ADVERTISER RETAINS SolE RESpoNSIBIlITY FoR coNTENT     19
     Special RepoRt: LIFE SCIENCES IN THE NETHERLANDS                                                     ADV ERTISEMENT FE ATURE

                                                 CELSUS-BIOMAT                                For more information, please contact:
                                                                                              Yvette B.J. aldenhoff, phD, chief executive officer
              CELSUS-BIOMAT B.V.                     
                                                                                              t: +31 46 475 89 79 F: +31 46 475 98 14
                                                                                              chemelot campus, B. lemmensstraat 364,
                                                                                              6163 Jt Geleen, the Netherlands

     Providing antithrombogenic heparin coatings
     for cardiovascular devices and implants
     celsus-Biomat BV (Geleen, the               vibrant and rapidly growing life
     Netherlands) is a provider of modified      science business environment.
     heparins such as benzalkonium heparin,
     which is widely used in antithrombogenic    Key activities
     surface coatings for medical devices        • Design, manufacture and testing
     and implants, and intimatantM, a              of heparin-containing and heparin-
     proprietary heparin cofactor-ii agonist.      releasing surface coatings for
        the company harbors unique                 medical devices. (See: Journal
     knowledge and expertise, due to close         of Vascular and Interventional
     partnerships with two leading research        Radiology 2007, 18(3) 419–25.)
     organizations: celsus laboratories          • Heparin-related consulting; heparin
     (cincinnati, oH), a leading producer          activity assessment, heparin release         between biomaterial surface and blood
     and global supplier of heparin-               from medical device coatings. (See:          cells, scanning electron microscopy,
     derived pharmaceutical ingredients,           Biomaterials 2004, 25(16) 3125–33.)          fluorescence microscopy and flow
     and Maastricht University Medical           • assessment of blood compatibility            cytometry. (See: Journal of Biomedicine
     centre (Maastricht, the Netherlands),         of biomaterials (e.g. surface-coated         and Biotechnology 2007, 10, 29464.)
     in particular its cardiovascular              medical devices) using fresh human         • Fluorogenic and chromogenic
     Research institute Maastricht.                whole blood and state-of-the-                substrate production for the
     celsus-Biomat is located at the               art methods, including thrombin              analysis of blood coagulation.
     chemelot life Science campus                  generation (static and under flow            Readily available: cBS 2238 (Factor
     in Geleen (the Netherlands), a                conditions), analysis of the interaction     iia) and cBS 2765 (Factor Xa).

                      Kluyver Centre for Genomics                       B-Basic
                           of Industrial Fermentation                   B-Basic focuses on the development of new bio-
                                                                        based production concepts for the chemical and
               The Kluyver Centre for Genomics of Industrial            energy industry. The technologies generated
               Fermentation employs microbial genomics to               by B-Basic offer tremendous advantages for
               improve microorganisms for use in industrial fer-        society in terms of cleaner manufacturing, waste
               mentation processes. Fermentation is used in the         recycling and economic competitiveness. Close
               production, from renewable feedstocks, of food           cooperation between industries and universities
               products and ingredients, beverages, pharma-             facilitates fast industrial implementation of
               ceutical compounds, nutraceuticals, and fine and          innovative concepts. B-Basic is a Dutch public
               bulk chemicals. The Kluyver Centre is a research         private partnership coordinated by TU Delft
               consortium of Dutch universities and industries          and operating under the auspices of the depart-
               and one of the Centres of Excellence of the              ment for sustainable chemical research of the
               Netherlands Genomics Initiative (NGI), which             Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research
               pursue the highest standards in genomics research.       (NWO-ACTS).



       adv_bbasic.indd 1                                                                                                       01-04-2009 10:00:07
ADVER T I SEM EN T F E AT U RE                         Special RepoRt: LIFE SCIENCES IN THE NETHERLANDS

                                 Ageing populations, changing lifestyles, growing
                                 healthcare costs and an increasing demand for a better
                                 quality of life are driving an unprecedented need for
                                 innovation in medical treatments. Innovative biomedical
                                 materials will help revolutionize the efficiency and
                                 efficacy of healthcare interventions.

                                 Thanks to biomedical materials, future medical treatments will be more
                                 effective, minimize the need for invasive surgery, and reduce long post-
                                 treatment recovery.

                                 The BioMedical Materials program (BMM) is a public-private partnership
                                 based in the Netherlands, and aimed at producing breakthroughs in
                                 the development and application of innovative biomedical materials.
                                 The program has brought together small and large companies,
                                 university medical centers, universities, public research centers, charity
                                 foundations, and the Dutch government. With a combined funding
                                 budget of € 90 million, BMM will be able to integrate research carried out

     Creating                    in multiple disciplines at leading national and international industrial and
                                 academic centers, enabling the field to make significant leaps forward.

     Materials                   Already, research carried out in the Netherlands is playing a leading

      for Life                   role in a global and rapidly growing biomedical materials field. The
                                 BioMedical Materials program is designed to further strengthen this
                                 prominent position by encouraging basic research, by adding to a
                                 growing patent portfolio, and by delivering tangible medical applications
                                 to patients.

                                 BMM’s research agenda focuses on novel materials enabling application
                                 in therapy to treat diseases (cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and renal),
                                 prevent inflammation through coatings, and improve drug delivery.

   BioMedical Materials
   Urmonderbaan 20a              To optimize the development of biomedical materials from basic
   NL-6167 RD Geleen
   Netherlands                   research into clinical proof of concept, BMM is continuously looking for           new national and international partners that can help achieve this.
                                 Moreover, BMM creates education and careers opportunities in
   Tel: +31 (46) 476 1590
   Fax: +31 (10) 264 4987        academia and industry for highly talented professionals.

                                                                 ADVERTISER RETAINS SolE RESpoNSIBIlITY FoR coNTENT   21
     Special RepoRt: LIFE SCIENCES IN THE NETHERLANDS                                                      ADV ERTISEMENT FE ATURE


              Health, Food & Technology
              Health Valley, located in the east of the Netherlands, is generating a unique mix of science and enterprise by bringing
              together business and three prominent research centers in the areas of health, food and medical technology.

              By combining the strengths of Radboud University and Medical Center Nijmegen, the Wageningen Centre for
              Food Sciences and Kennispark Twente, and by drawing together researchers and entrepreneurs working in
              all three disciplines, Health Valley is boosting innovation and new business creation on the dynamic interface
              between health, food and technology.
                                                                                              For more information, please contact:
              Our focus areas are:                                                            Greetje de Kleuver
              - Molecule to Man                                                               Manager of Communication
              - Biomarkers for oncology and urology                                 
              - Medical devices                                                               Tel. +31 24 355 8737
              - Robotics                                                                      Fax:+31 24 355 4923

                        unique knowledge base                industrial network             linking the best partners

                                                                   Immuno Valley in The Netherlands combines
                                                                   top-quality science in infectious diseases and
                                                                   immunology with innovative spin-off industry.

                                                                   The regional concentration of veterinary
                                                                   and human lifescience sectors stimulates
                                                                   cross-fertilization and synergy.

                                                                   We have a mission to stay on top in knowledge
                                                                   and innovation and have created a unique
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ADVER T I SEM EN T F E AT U RE                                                                                                    Special RepoRt: LIFE SCIENCES IN THE NETHERLANDS

                          Find your
                          life sciences partner
                          in the
                          Amsterdam BioMed Cluster


   LEIDEN BIO SCIENCE PARK Key to discovery
                                                                                                                                               Leiden Bio Science Park is the leading life science cluster
                                                                                                ION - LEID
                                                                                            VAT            EN
                                                                                                                                               in The Netherlands and ranks among the top five most

                                                                   - 2 5 YE A R

                                                                                                                                               successful science parks in Europe. The Leiden Bio Science
                                                                                                                            C E PA R K -

                                                                                                                                               Park features over 60 dedicated medical life science


                                                                                                                                             1984 / 2009



                                                                                  8                                    AR

                                                                                                                                               companies, the largest number of Dutch bioscience start-
                                                                                      19                          AN
                                                                                           N I V E R S A I RY -

                                                                                                                                               ups, several multi-nationals and internationally acclaimed
                                                                                                                                               knowledge institutions. Leiden is an excellent environment

                                                                                              ION - LEID
                                                                                                                                               for your science and business to flourish.

                                                                   - 2 5 YE A R

    Why choose the Leiden Bio Science Park for your European headquarters?
                                                                                                                            CE PA R K -


                                                                                         1984 / 2009

    • Complete cluster of dedicated life science       • Incubator facilities                                                                                       to the highway and the train station.


                                                                                  8                                    AR
                                                                                      19                          AN
                                                                                           N I V E R S A I RY -
      companies                                          Flexible office and laboratory accommodation                                                             • Building sites available and flexible
      In the park you will find research, discovery,     for start-ups within an incubator environment.                                                             space for rent
      development and manufacturing companies,         • Excellent business climate                                                                                 Life science companies and institutions
      service-oriented businesses and training           Leiden is home to several multinationals                                                                   at all stages of development are welcome.
      institutions, all together in one location.        and offers an internationally oriented and                                                                 The park offers opportunities for start-ups
    • A cohesive program for structured                  well-trained workforce.                                                                                    in the “incubator” buildings and multi-tenant
      development                                      • Easy access and good infrastructure                                                                        buildings for maturing companies. More than
      The city of Leiden and Leiden University           Amsterdam international airport and the                                                                    36 hectares is available to build your own
      work closely together in further developing        port of Rotterdam can be reached within                                                                    premises.
      the park.                                          30 minutes. The park is situated next

    Fo r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n : + 31 (0)71 524 75 55 /
    Join: Aeon Astron • BaseClear • Centocor • CHDR • Crucell • Danisco Genencor • Galapagos • HAL Allergy • Leiden University • LACDR • LUMC •
    Mentor • OctoPlus • Pharming • Prosensa • PROXY Laboratories • TNO • Top Institute Pharma • Xendo and others at the largest life sciences
    cluster in The Netherlands

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