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Hey guys,

Today I’m going to show you a method I found, which can get you thousands of twitter
followers or Youtube Video views in just a short amount of time. Believe me, this is one of the
easiest tutorials you will find, yet it is still effective. Without further ado, let’s start with the

                                         The Method

                                               Step 1:

Go to and register an account there. After that, link your twitter account
to your account.

                                               Step 2:

After you have made an account (and verified it) on twiends, go here.

Put the following code in the URL bar:
javascript: /* nemsis 4 bhw */ function tr_f() { var followlinks = []; for
(var i=0; i < document.links.length; i++) {if
ength] = document.links[i];}} /* nemsis 4 bhw */ for (var i=0;
i<followlinks.length; i++) {var rrr=followlinks[i].onclick();} } tr_f();

This will make you follow people on twitter. You will get anywhere from 1-10 seeds from
following someone on twitter. It may say that you cannot follow people because you have a
low “Twust score”, go to the twust score page and try to follow all the requirements. The
code will eventually stop following people, when it does click refresh and put the code in
your URL bar to repeat the process.

PS: I believe you can also drag the following link -> AutoTwitter your bookmarks.
                                              Step 3:

You will then get an unlimited amount of seeds. You can offer seeds to people in order for them
to follow you. You can go to "Settings" to change the amount of seeds that you want to offer to
people to follow you.

For example: Let's say I use this method and get 100 seeds. I then go to Settings, and I change
the setting to "2 seeds offered per follow to everyone". I will eventually get 50 followers. If you
want to increase the number of followers, increase the number of seeds offered.

                                              Step 4:

You can unfollow all those people you followed after you get the seeds. However, unfollowing
them immediately will give you a low “following score” which can prevent users from following
you. You can do this for Youtube as well, by clicking the appropriate tab.

Here’s some proof for you guys, did this within 45-60 minutes.



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