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Hey there.

My name is Valentin Biaggio and I have been doing marketing for
a while now. I earned my first money when I was 12 years old,
selling pizza. I had my first PC at 17 years old. At the time, the
Internet seemed a whole new digital world to me; a world where
things seemed ten times easier and yet, ten times harder. It was
a huge challenge for me...but I loved the opportunity of getting
myself into something new and it really got me started with
online marketing.

By the way, I do not come from a rich family and since I was a
little kid, I always wanted to help my parents, although they
never said anything to me, not even once, about me having to go
to work. It was all my call.

Before I go on, I would like to answer a question that any
experienced reader and business veteran would ask himself:
“Why am I giving away this full report, for free and what’s in for
me?” I will give you my answer in just a minute.

But before I do...

I want to personally guarantee you that it will not make you rich,
it will not expose my personal business, nor will it make promises
     “You are about to make a killing on Amazon with my new

    “I must be crazy: I am giving away my $$$ business for
47$?! Be the first one to...”

     “This is my ULTIMATE SECRET on how to make money
online and you are the first one to...”

Are you familiar with guys like these? If I could I would ban all
these thieves from the Internet. How is it possible for someone to
sell his own money making business for 47$?

The guy that I’m talking about was selling money making
websites for 47$/website; they were making him 500$/month
(that’s what he said). I was so curios about this “GREAT DEAL”
and I personally told him: “You have 30 websites for selling. Each
website brings in 500$/month: so 30 times 500 = 15000$/month.
Why do you need to sell them for such a low price, if they
generate a huge monthly income?”

After a few days, he mailed to me the following response: “Fuck
off asshole, you know nothing about marketing!”

I took down his thread of course, as I notified the webmaster of
the forum he was posting on. Another GOD DAMN thief...
From now on, whenever you come across advertising messages
like these or forum threads, please stop wasting your money, or
even better, try asking them why exactly do they sell their
secrets, business or whatever for such low prices? You’ll piss
them off!

Believe me, after almost 7 years in the field, I came to realize

Most people that can’t make money at all, teach others how to do
it. This is where they get their money from.

Let me ask you something else. If you had a local store that
brought you a reasonable monthly income, would you sell it?
Would that be rational? Of course not! Unless your store is on the
edge of bankruptcy and you want to get rid of it. This is available
for online business, as well.

Last but not least, here’s an advertising mail I received on 9th
November, 2011:

It's Diamond Dave.

You may know me previously from

I sent you this because sometimes we all need a wake-up call. We all start out small. We use
beginner software and we see small results. I did the same thing when I first got started years
back. But, eventually, I realized, I needed more fire power.For example, do you know how
important backlinks are to your site if you want top rankings on Google?
Do you know how to GET 1000's of quality backlinks? I hope so, because if you don't, you won't
get veryfar. It's the sad truth. Don't let anyone tell you different.I know this because I took
BHW from a brand new site to being ranked #1 for all my keywords.In fact, I took this site from
a "nothing site" to becoming the top 500 ranked site on the planet,according to Alexa.I'm not
bragging. It's just a fact. I say it to prove to you that I know how the game works. Youmust
have backlinks to get top rankings on Google.

Today, I'm giving you my secret sauce...

You MUST do this to get top rankings.

You need two simple things...

From the content of his partial sales letter, this guy knows what
he’s doing. He’s definitely selling his stuff and he is really good at
it, too. But is he giving away VALUE? Is he really helping you
make a living? Or, is he selling a few tools that will stay on your
PC, make him some money and give you some hope?

I will not, however, comment on his activity, because I don’t
know him personally, nor do I care about what he does or how
honest he is. Although I met a lot of guys like him who literally
stole my money, I’m not here to harm his business, but I will let
you decide whether or not would you risk your money on his
“secret sauce”.

Just to make it crystal clear: people like him never sell their
secrets to anybody. They just sell their tools, tips, or partial
knowledge but nothing more.
Now to get back to the question I have to answer for you: “Why
am I giving away this full report, for free?”

Three reasons:

  1. This report will not make you money just because you read
     it. This, I guarantee you. So, there is no point in selling
     something I can’t possibly guarantee that will work for you,
     the way it does for me. I will never sell a book about “How
     to make money online”, unless I am 100% sure that it
     ACTUALLY MAKES MONEY for any reader, once he’s done
     reading it.
  2. Although, this report offers some value (presenting a
     working social marketing technique using Google+), it
     doesn’t sell my personal niche, nor my business. Therefore, I
     don’t mind sharing my experience with others, as long as I
     do not get too specific about my personal work;
  3. Let’s just say I have a personal interest in seeing Facebook
     overtaken by Google+, because of some things they have
     done to me in the past, as a business advertiser on their
What’s in for me?

Absolutely NOTHING! Perhaps a better feeling knowing that some
of you might give Google+ more credits than Facebook, once you
read my report.

Ok, so let’s get started...

I think everybody here knows about Facebook’s main competitor,
Google+. Just like any other social networks, Google+ shelters
users like you and me that login everyday and start looking for
dating, business opportunities, games, news, chatting, or media
sharing. In other words they represent a raw TRAFFIC SOURCE.

Moreover, I would even call it: unexploited TRAFFIC SOURCE.
Just like during the Gold Rush time, when gold diggers used to kill
each other for gold, things will get rough here, too. The faster
you exploit this social network, the better. There aren’t many
“gold diggers” yet, but there will be soon, especially now, when
Google+ Business pages are on.

Things you need to set before you start “digging for gold”:

      Pick up a niche where you have experience in : if you like
       guitars, choose a guitar niche and sell your skills; if you
         own a local offline store, build an online store, with the
         same products that can be ordered online, from your own
         store; if you like teaching, build an interactive teaching
         website for students; if you like sports, build a business
         website where you offer your live coaching services; if you
         have experience with dating beautiful women, teach other
         people how to do it, through your personal business
         website; if you like poker and you are good at it, teach
         others how to stop wasting money; etc.
        Choose the right domain for your business; make sure
         your domain’s name has at least one KEYWORD that best
         defines your niche ; always go for .com domains;
        Design or buy a business professional web template that
         corresponds to your niche; forget about free Wordpress
         blog templates; that age is over;
        Forget about old theories like: make a nice blog, add
         millions of spinned articles, place you ad inside, and start
         earning big money! Add spinned articles?! So you post a
         bunch of articles with irrelevant, random text inside, and
         you expect money in return? What are they thinking?!
        Add VALUABLE content to your website and make sure
         that whatever you advertise, or sell will make life easier
         for your clients. Always give away more than you get in
         return! That’s how I do it... whenever I sell something, I
         always give more than I should;

You have to understand that if you provide good quality in
whatever you sell or promote, traffic comes natural, without you
having to do much SEO. But if you want to skip steps, and get
rich only by spinning some articles and buying some backlink
package, then it’s time you stopped reading this report, because
you are wasting your time here.

Assuming that you already have a good looking website, quality
content and a nice niche, it’s time to get yourself a complete
Google+ profile with lots of targeted followers.

Every since Google+ opened the gates, I’ve been looking for a
good tool that would help me get this done faster. There aren’t
too many, but the one I warmly recommend is Google Plus

I have been using it for three months now and my profile has
officially reached its 2300 targeted followers. That’s why I like this
software: it builds targeted circles of friends depending on their
occupation, interest, geographical location and Google+

However, if you own other tools that are able to do a similar job,
then feel free to use them. The objective is simple: build a profile
with targeted followers, that are interested in whatever you sell.
What’s even more interesting is that, once you add some targeted
friends, Google+ starts suggesting new friends that are similar to
the ones you have just added.

The picture below shows a little algorithm that I currently use for
my business. The way I see it is this:

     - Level 1 - build a Google+ complete profile and choose
       the right followers for your circles, depending on your
       business niche
     - Level 2 – Use Google Plus Socializer (or similar) to build
       your targeted followers
     - Level 3 - use your targeted followers and Google+
       business pages to promote:
         o Your Personal Website (directly)
         o Your Personal Website using YouTube Advertising
             (people respond better to promotional videos)
         o Affiliate products using YouTube Advertising (people
             respond better to promotional videos)
         o Other clients’ business
                            Level 1
                     Google Plus Socializer

 Google+ Profile                                               Google+ Users

                                           Level 2

                    Circles of Targeted Followers
                                                        Google Plus Business Page
                                                        (Launched few days ago
 Level 3

Personal Business   YouTube Promotion                Selling Promotion Services
What I also like to do is:

     - Use Fiverr to sell a lot of related services
     - Sell traffic to clients that use a similar business niche,
       using my Google+ profile

As you can see, there are many ways to make some good money
with Google+; all you need is a little determination and honesty.

In conclusion, I would like to add a little sample of a check
payment I received by the end of August 2011 (yes, I was one of
the first Google+ users and I didn’t waste a second); so, just to
prove that I know what I’m talking about here’s my sample:
I have my strong believe that some of you got the real idea that’s
behind this report and sooner or later you will realize that
Google+ truly is a gold mine. Remember, simple things hide great

To conclude with, no matter what you decide to do next, I wish
you all

Yours sincerely,

     Valentin Biaggio

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