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University MAGAZine             sUMMer 2009

The DiSepio Institute
for Rural Health and Wellness
                                                                                                    Ross Feltz
                                                                                                    Director of Marketing
                                                                                                    and Community
                                                                                                    assistaNt editor
                                                                                                    Amanda Stoehr
                                                                                                    Drumm ’03
                                                                                                    Assistant Director
                                                                                                    of Marketing and
                                                                                                    Community Affairs
oN tHe cover:
The Rev. Gabriel J.
                                   1    Message from Father Gabriel                                 FlasHbacks
Zeis, T.O.R., university
president, welcomes
                                   2    DiSepio Institute for Rural Health and Wellness             Anita Fusco
guests to the Blessing                                                                              Baumann ’90
and Dedication of                  6    Fostering the Common Good                                   Director of Alumni
the DiSepio Institute                                                                               Relations
for Rural Health and               8    Fast Paced & Professional
                                   10   Largest Commencement Held                                   Knepper Press

                                        Commencement Address: We Are Experiencing a Crisis          desigN
                                                                                                    pbj creative studios
GoAls of A                              of Humanity
hiGher edUcAtion:                  13   Student Government Association in phase three of
4 A humble and                          ambitious plan
   generous attitude
   toward learning                 14   Red Flash Futures formed to support athletic improvements
4 Reverence for all                                                                                 The Saint Francis University

   life and for the                15   Alumni Return for Annual Golf Outing                        Magazine is published by Saint
                                                                                                    Francis University, Loretto, PA.
   goodness of all                 16   NewsBriefs
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   humanity                                                                                         Saint Francis University Magazine
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4 A global vision                  21   FlashBacks                                                  Public Affairs
4 Service to the poor                                                                               Saint Francis University
                                                                                                    P.O. Box 600
   and needy                                                                                        Loretto, PA 15940-0600
                                                                                                    (814) 472-3022
4 Respect for the                                                                         
   uniqueness of                                                                                    NoNdiscrimiNatioN
   individual persons                                                                               statemeNt aNd No
                                                                                                    HarassmeNt Policy
4 A community of                                                                                    Saint Francis University,
                                                                                                    inspired by its Franciscan
   faith and prayer                                                                                 and Catholic identity, values
4 The spirit of                                                                                     equality of opportunity, human
                                                                                                    dignity, racial, cultural and
   simplicity and joy                                                                               ethnic diversity, both as an
                                                                                                    educational institution and as
4 Franciscan presence                                                                               an employer. Accordingly, the
                                                                                                    University prohibits and does
reAch hiGher.                                                                                       not engage in discrimination
                                                                                                    or harassment on the basis
Go fAr.                                                                                             of race, color, religion, sexual
                                                                                                    orientation, national origin,
                                                                                                    sex, age, disability or status
                                                                                                    as a veteran or disabled
                                                                                                    veteran or any other protected
                                                                                                    classification. The University
                                                                                                    is committed to this policy
                                                                                                    based upon its values and in
                                                                                                    compliance with federal and
                                                                                                    state laws. This policy applies
                                                                                                    to all programs and activities
                                                                                                    of the University, including,
                                                                                                    but not limited to, admission
                                                                                                    and employment practices,
                                                                                                    educational policies, scholarship
                                                                                                    and loan programs and athletic
                                                                                                    or other University-sponsored
                                                                                                    programs. Inquiries or
                                                                                                    complaints may be addressed
                                                                                                    to the University’s Director of
                                                                                                    Human Resources/ Affirmative
                                                                                                    Action/Title IX Coordinator,
                                                                                                    Saint Francis University, Loretto,
                                                                                                    PA 15940 (814) 472-3264. For
     DiSepio Institute for Rural                                                                    other University information,
   Health and Wellness, page 2                                                                      call (814) 472-3000.
                                                                                                    January 1, 2007
                                  A MessAGe froM the President

Who Touches Us
Touches Another
           aint Francis of Assisi understood well the mandate
           of Jesus to bring his Father’s love into the world
           through a simple touch of love, one that heals, one
           that forgives, one that instructs, one that affirms.
           Jesus touched many people during the course of
 his ministry and Saint Francis armed himself not so much
 with theological erudition, or silky words, or big plans for the
 development of programs or a new social order, he took the
 touch of Christ into the world and without words, reformed
 the Church and gave a new vision of faith to many.
 We, the community that is Saint Francis University, are
 committed to the practical faith life of our patron Saint
 Francis of Assisi. We understand well that it is through our
 mission that we accomplish the work of the Gospel, as long
 as we are living out the mission, striving to incarnate it in
 our daily activities of institutional engagement: educating,
 learning, serving, welcoming and nurturing, we are bringing
 the simple touch of love into the world, the healing touch of Christ.
 Many touched the person of Christ, those seeking his wisdom, his healing grace, his compassion
 and comfort. Many sought out Francis. They wanted to live with him to learn from him. They wanted
 to serve the poor with him. They wanted to teach with him. They wanted to build a future Church
 with him. So, too, there are many who touch us with their generosity and their desire to come and
 walk with us on the mission that is Saint Francis University. Through their generous support we are
 able to fulfill the hopes and dreams of our founders who so well imitated the dedication and faith of
 their patron Saint Francis.
 Most recently, we dedicated the newest building on campus, the DiSepio Institute for Rural Health
 and Wellness. This state-of-the-art complex will allow the University to extend its healing touch to
 many. It will raise the bar for preventive health care in our region and for our students, faculty and
 staff. It will allow our health care professionals in all allied health care areas to work together to
 design new paradigms of wellness for rural communities and model these new programs through
 service to our neighboring communities and beyond. When someone is touched by these programs
 and their services they will be touched by the University, by those who helped us realize this dream,
 and inevitably by the Christ who Saint Francis so wanted to incarnate in all that he said and did.
 Thank you to those who join us in our labor of love. Thank you for allowing us to touch others and
 for bring Christ into the world. n

                                                                                                          Summer 2009   1
                               for Rural

2   Saint Francis University
The DiSepio Institute
Health and Wellness
blessiNg aNd dedicatioN
“Bless this new building and make it a
                                                     Improving medical technology and
center where people express a humble
and generous attitude of teaching
                                                     wellness opportunities on campus
and learning, share knowledge and
wisdom, and work together for the                    and in the region.

common good.
                                                                he newest building on campus has a mission to serve. It will        The DiSepio
“Make it a place where everyone                                 serve in ways that are exemplary of a Franciscan approach           building was not
entering its doors can enhance the                              to total health wellness. Physical health is a product of many      completely ready
health of body, mind, and spirit.                               activities and practices, but also depends on receiving proper      for occupancy
                                                                rehabilitation services when necessary. Mental growth comes         at the time of
“Make it a place where people serve                  from learning and doing, under the direction of capable and caring             the Blessing and
each other as brothers and sisters in                faculty and mentors. Spiritual wellness comes from participating in            Dedication. More
the Franciscan way.                                  spiritual exercises that help make one fit for greater service, especially     photos showing
                                                     to the underserved.                                                            students and
“We dedicate this Institute in the name                                                                                             faculty using the
of Joseph and Marguerite DeSepio                     The Saint Francis University community gathered on April 18 to thank
                                                                                                                                    facilities will be at
and all others who have offered their                donors, especially Joseph and Marguerite DiSepio, for the gift of the
generous support. Reward them, Lord,                 DiSepio Institute for Rural Health and Wellness.
for turning their vision into service to             Graced with a spectacular atrium and eye-popping views of campus,              and in the next
our community and for fostering the                  the DiSepio Institute houses the following new facilities:                     issue of the Saint
intellectual, physical, and spiritual                4 The student health center will provide minor medical                         Francis University
growth of people who will use this                       procedures and diagnostic services, along with programming for             Magazine.
Institute now and for many years to                      prevention and wellness.
come.                                                4 The center for rehabilitation is staffed by physical therapists, athletic trainers,
                                                         occupational therapists and exercise physiologists to treat sports and orthopedic injuries and
“We bless and dedicate this new                          conditions.
addition to the Saint Francis University             4 The human Performance lab analyzes and develops athletic and functional performance.
community with gratitude to you, Most                4 The fitness center includes 3,500 square feet with a cardiovascular area with treadmills,
High God, the source of all good, and                    elliptical machines, upright and recumbent bikes, a strength training area, a free weight area
in the name of Jesus Christ, who is                      and a 1,000 square-foot group exercise room.
Lord, now and forever.”                              4 The spiritual Wellness center features an outdoor sunken courtyard with a labyrinth for
                                                         meditation, and an indoor ecumenical meditation room.
       — from the blessing and dedication,           4 The earnest J. scharpf family conference center can accommodate 95 people and is
                            April 18, 2009               equipped videoconferencing capability and high-tech audiovisual equipment.
                                                     recogNiziNg tHe commoNwealtH aNd otHer doNors
(photo left:) The atrium serves as a reminder of
                                                     “The new DiSepio Institute will give students a state-of-the-art facility for learning and the
our Franciscan view that wellness involves having    unique opportunity to observe and assist in treating chronic illnesses that are more prevalent in
a healthy relationship with the world around us.     rural medically-underserved areas,” said Governor Edward Rendell.
It will serve as a gathering place and a connector
to Sullivan Hall. Outside the double doors is the
meditation labyrinth.                                                                                                                (continued on next page)

                                                                                                                                  Summer 2009                   3
    DiSepio Institute for
    Rural Health & Wellness
    (continued from previous page)

    “I am pleased that the Commonwealth of
    Pennsylvania also played an important role
    in the funding of the DiSepio Institute,” Fr.
    Zeis said. “This is a strategic investment
    by the commonwealth. It will help improve
    the quality of life in our rural communities,
    where there are so many people who are
    frequently underserved. While directly serving
    area residents, the DiSepio Institute also
    will provide our health care students with
    practical experience and initiate them into
    service to the rural community.”

    The state grant matched the funding from
    the DiSepios, as well as other alumni
    donors, along with private foundations
    and corporations – First Commonwealth
    Financial of Indiana in memory of Mr. James
    Trimarchi, former chairman of the bank’s
    board of directors; the Tombros Foundation in
    recognition of Mr. and Mrs. H. Connell Lang,     The DiSepio Institute’s entrance from Lakeview Drive. “Our goal is for this 30,000 square-foot education and research
    and Lee Initiatives, Inc.                        center to be a premier facility of its kind in the United States,” says Fr. Zeis.

    a giaNt steP iN tHe master PlaN
    This new building is the first giant step
    in the University’s ambitious master plan
    that includes a critical new science center,
    renovations of Sullivan and Schwab halls, new
    homes for fine arts and other departments,
    and other enhancements to campus.
    “Moving forward on these plans is crucial
    to the future of our University,” explains
    Fr. Zeis. “Some of our alumni and other
    friends of Saint Francis have already heard
    about our goals for the science center has
    I have traveled the country meeting with
    many individuals and groups. Saint Francis
    University needs your help if we are to
    continue to attract excellent students and
    faculty. You will be reading about our master
    plan in future issue of the magazine, and I
    hope you will respond positively.” n
                                                     The Earnest J. Scharpf Family Conference Center has already seen heavy use, such as for this gathering of occupational
                                                     therapy and physical therapy students, faculty and staff listening to Bryan Anderson, who lost both legs and an arm while
                                                     serving with the U.S. Army in Iraq.

4               Saint Francis University
                                                                                          enefactors Joseph’58 and Marguerite ’60 (scharpf) disepio
                                                                                          are flanked by (l-r) Michael Arnall, who served as executive
                                                                                          director of the DiSepio Institute during its formation; fr. Zeis,
                                                                                          and the rev. christian oravec, t.o.r., chair of the University’s
                                                                                          board of trustees.
                                                                                Joseph and Marguerite DiSepio, graduates of Saint Francis College with
                                                                                degrees in accounting in 1958 and 1960, respectively, reside in Monroe
                                                                                Township, New Jersey.
                                                                                Marguerite was the first female accountant hired in the controller
                                                                                department of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. In addition to
                                                                                volunteering her services to retired persons and others as a tax consultant
                                                                                and income tax preparer, she serves as a trustee of the Amboy Foundation
                                                                                and The Ernest J. Scharpf Foundation, Inc.
                                                                                Joseph, who also majored in mathematics at Saint Francis, is an army
                                                                                veteran. After graduation, he worked in the Office of the Comptroller of the
                                                                                Currency at the U.S. Treasury Department in various positions including as
                                                                                an instructor of bank examiners. In 1969, Joseph accepted a senior position
                                                                                at Amboy Madison National Bank in Old Bridge, N.J., serving in a number
                                                                                of capacities. Subsequently, he became president and chief executive officer
                                                                                of Amboy National Bank in Montgomery Township, N.J. Today, Joseph is
                                                                                rounding our his banking career as a director and vice chairman of Amboy
                                                                                The DiSepios are benefactors to numerous educational and medical
                                                                                institutions as well as organizations that administer to the needs of the
                                                                                poor and disadvantaged. At Saint Francis, they are the benefactors of the
                                                                                Marguerite and Joseph DiSepio Scholarship Endowment and the T. Agnes
                                                                                and Ernest J. Sharpf Memorial Scholarship Endowment. They also funded the
                                                                                University’s first endowed chair in 2001, The Joseph and Margerite DiSepio
                                                                                Chair in Computer Science.
                                                                                “Their past generosity has significantly advanced the University’s education
                                                                                excellence,” says Fr. Zeis. “And, their most recent benefaction has enabled
                                                                                Saint Francis to further its goal of elevating rural health and wellness
After overseeing the construction of the new building, Facilities Director      standards beyond the local area to a regional population and ultimately to
Bernie Geishauser tries out one of the exercise bicycles. Bernie retired June   the nation.” n
30 after 25 years of employment at Saint Francis.

                                                                                                                                      Summer 2009              5
    DiSepio Institute forum urges loving cho
    the tradition of Franciscan healthcare
Fostering the Comm
                gathering of health science           While Coughlin said that the Franciscan
                majors, faculty, staff and others     T.O.R.s have a particularly strong heritage in
                met for the first event in the new    healthcare, Bro. Bill Short, O.F.M, presented
                DiSepio Institute for Rural Health    a rather detailed history of the origins of
                and Wellness to hear why Saint        Franciscan healthcare. Short, a teacher of
    Francis has a special mission related to health   Franciscan spirituality from California, noted
    care.                                             that in addition to Francis having served
                                                      lepers, the earliest of his followers were
    “Your celebration of the opening of this new      engaged in healthcare.
    building and the service it seeks to provide to
    both your students and the local community        “Around 1212, Clare was engaged in a
    is a wonderful example of what might be           ministry of healing in Assisi and it is Clare
    possible when radically different futures are     herself who cares for Francis in his later years.
    envisioned, new partnerships are formed, and      By 1370, the Hospital of St. Francis was being
    a shared vision evokes new commitments,”          operated by Franciscans in Malta,” he said,
    said Bro. Edward Coughlin, O.F.M., vice           “and, the Hospital of St. Francis in Padua,          Bro. Ed Coughlin said the “the Franciscan T.O.R.s have
                                                                                                           a particularly strong heritage in healthcare.”
    president for the Franciscan mission, St.         which may have been the first modern
    Bonaventure University.                           hospital in the world, still exists and is being
                                                      transformed into a museum of medical
    The DiSepio Institute could “exercise a           science.” Short also said that Franciscans
    leadership role in creating spaces wherein        made significant contributions to pharmacy.
    individuals, ordinary folk and medical            For more on Short’s presentation, visit www.
    professionals, would have the opportunity
    to better understand the questions, the
    ethical issues and the moral obligations that     Issuing a call to “heal from a Franciscan
    challenge every person to make loving choices     perspective,” Str. Joanne Schartzlein, O.S.F., a
    even in the most difficult of circumstances,”     registered nurse, asked what those associated
    he said. “Catholic Moral Tradition has the        with the DiSepio Institute will do to “immerse
    potential to make a significant contribution      themselves in the circumstances of the poor,
    toward a better understanding of the              the under-served, so you can understand
    issues and how they might be handled by           better your mission.?”
    ordinary men and women as well as medical
    professionals.”                                   She urged students to “link with your patient
                                                      — find a way to enter into a relationship so,
    The goal, he said, is the “education and          like Francis, you find the face of Christ in your    Bro. Bill Short spoke of the origins of Franciscan
    formation of men and women who have               patient.“ n                                          healthcare.
    been invited to develop the ethical and
    moral perspective that will prepare them to
    think ethically and morally in the ordinary,      fostering the common Good consisted of three events. The Saint Francis Ethics Institute
    sometimes extraordinary, moments in their         presented the Rev. John Dear, S.J., who spoke on The Road to Peace and Justice: Creative Nonviolence
    human experience.”                                in a World of Violence. Additionally, students from throughout the northeast came to campus for
                                                      the North American Undergraduate Conference in Religion and Philosophy.

6             Saint Francis University
ices in
              Sr. Joanne Schartzlein (far
          left) met with student nurses
          after exhorting the gathering
           “to find the face of Christ in
                         your patients.”

on Good

                                            Students, faculty and staff were urged to make a
                                            significant contribution toward a better understanding
                                            of the issues and how they might be handled by ordinary
                                            men and women as well as medical professionals.

                                            Faculty members (l-r) Dr. Rosemary Bertocci, religion
                                            and philosophy; Tracy Wright, physician assistant
                                            science; Mary Ann Wharton, physical therapy; and Dr.
                                            Michael Mckale, religion and philosophy; discussed with
                                            the speakers how Saint Francis University is uniquely
                                            positioned to significantly impact health care in rural
                                            areas. “It may just be that among all the 21 Franciscan
                                            Colleges and Universities, it is actually your specific
                                            mission to work on this problem because of your unique
                                            location and the unique configuration of your student
                                            body (the high percentage of health science majors),” Br.
                                            Short suggested as a response to one question.

                                                                         Summer 2009                    7
                                                             Fast Paced &
                                                                  By Amanda stoehr drumm ‘03

                                                                                     hat would it be like to
    Kristina had the                                                                 wake up each morning,
    opportunity to meet                                                              take the metro into the
    with Ann Eppard’s
    sister, Karen, during her
                                                                                     heart of the Capitol of the
    internship.                                                                      United States, to see ornate
                                                                  buildings rich in history, and work at the
                                                                  center of politics and progression? That is
                                                                  exactly what Saint Francis University senior
                                                                  accounting and marketing major Kristina
                                                                  chunko experienced every day for six weeks
                                                                  during the summer. She lived and worked
                                                                  as a Congressional intern in Washington,
                                                                  D.C., as part of the university’s Ann Eppard
                                                                  Congressional scholarship program.
                                                                  Kristina interned for Pennsylvania’s 9th
                                                                  District (located in central Pennsylvania)
                                                                  Congressman Bill Shuster in his Washington,
                                                                  D.C. office. She had the opportunity to walk
                                                                  the halls with United States Representatives.
                                                                  Knowledge and history were at her fingertips,
                                                                  as the Capitol Building was footsteps away
                                                                  from her office, the Library of Congress
                                                                  was merely down the street, and historic
                                                                  monuments were only a short walk away.
                                                                  She met with influential people and had
                                                                  the opportunity to speak with constituents
                                                                  from Representative Bill Shuster’s hometown
                                                                  district. She learned firsthand about politics,
                                                                  the bill process, and the most important issues
                                                                  affecting Americans.
                                                                  A typical day for Kristina began with her
                                                                  metro ride into the Capitol, which allowed
                                                                  her to avoid all of the hectic beltway traffic.
                                                                  The daily metro ride was a new experience for
                                                                  Kristina, and she easily adapted to the long
                                                                  metro wait during rush hour, “Sometimes
                                                                  my normal half an hour ride would take 45
                                                                           minutes due to metro malfunctions,
                                                                           waits or overcrowded conditions. In
                                                                          time I got accustomed to the wait and
                                                                          learned how to adapt by reading a
                                                                         newspaper or book while waiting for
                                                                         my destination stop.”
                                                                       As a congressional intern, Kristina
                                      Kristina speaks with
                                         constituents from
                                                                       became a member of “Team Shuster.”
                                Congressman Bill Shuster’s
                                       hometown district.
8         Saint Francis University
                                                                                                                       Kristina’s office building was blocks from
                                                                                                                       Pennsylvania Avenue, and a short walk to the
                                                                                                                       President of the United States’ residence.

                                                                                                                   The Cannon House Building is the site for United
                                                                                                                   States Representatives’ offices, and was the location of
                                                                                                                   Kristina’s internship.

                                                                                                                       The internship program was established
                                                                                                                       by former Congressman Bud Shuster
The Library of Congress was a short distance from the internship headquarters.                                         in memory of Ann Eppard, his long-
                                                                                                                       time chief of staff. Mrs. Eppard, a
She was involved in briefings, meetings,                         “Internships are a wonderful way for students         Pennsylvania native, was a trailblazer
receptions, and received phone calls from                        to apply what they learned in the classroom           on Capitol Hill. She was the first
constituents. She witnessed a democratic                         to the real world. The work they do and the           Pennsylvania woman and one of the
society in action and learned many skills                        projects they complete help to expand and             first women of any state to rise to the
during her internship, “Living and working                       enhance their knowledge and skills in a               powerful position of chief of staff to a
in [Washington,] D.C. taught me a lot of                         particular area. Internships are also an avenue       member of congress. She was the role
important life skills and lessons that I plan on                 for students to explore the world of work             model for many women who followed
using in the future. The environment was fast                    and see what they like and do not like about          in her footsteps. Awarded annually,
paced and professional, giving me confidence                     various jobs and career fields. Employers,            the scholarship provides an opportunity
to enter the work force.”                                        especially in this tough economy, look for job        for qualified Saint Francis University
                                                                 candidates with experience and an internship          students to experience life working in a
Prior to her internship in Washington, Kristina                  falls into that ever-so-important and vital           congressional office. To donate to this
interned in the marketing department.                            experience category,” explained Julie Barris,         fund, send contributions to:
“The marketing department at Saint Francis                       director of career services.
University tremendously helped me with                                                                                 Ann eppard Memorial
my congressional internship. A lot of my                         A Northern Cambria native, Kristina feels that        scholarship fund
[Congressional internship] daily tasks were                      the internship benefitted her in many ways,           c/o Saint Francis University
the same as the ones I had in the marketing                      “It was an honor and a pleasure to work for           P.O. Box 600
department, which made it easy for me to                         Congressman Shuster and his staff. I learned          Loretto, PA 15940-0600
adapt. Being able to write press releases                        a lot about politics and professionalism
and conduct research for the marketing                           from my Congressional internship. Living in           Alumni: If you have any internship
department at Saint Francis helped me to be                      Washington, D.C. and learning to get through          possibilities, email details to our career
able to write letters and conduct research for                   the city on my own helped me to grow up a             services department at
Congressman Shuster and his staff.”                              lot in the last six weeks.” n               

                                                                                                                                                 Summer 2009                  9
                                                         We are
                                                        a crisis of
 largest commeNcemeNt Held
           he largest commencement
           in the history of Saint Francis
           University was held on Sunday,
                                                              The commencement address of Dr. Manfred A. Max-Neef,
           May 10. Separate undergraduate                    recipient of the honorary degree, Doctor of Humane Letters

           and graduate ceremonies were
 held, with 598 total students eligible for             n July, last year, I received a moving letter   Every time we were together she recited a
 degrees. A total of 21 received doctor of              from your President, Reverend Gabriel           new episode, and I was fascinated. And then
 physical therapy degrees; 267 received                 Zeis. The fact that someone you have            came the day in which I learned about the
 master’s degrees; 289 received bachelor’s              never met, expresses admiration for your        combat between Hector and Achilles. I was
 degrees; and six received associate’s                  life’s work and achievements is moving          absolutely overwhelmed and could hardly
 degrees.                                          indeed. Particularly if it comes from someone        sleep that night. The next day I asked her to
                                                   who lives and works under the inspiration            recite the episode again. And the next day
 F. Nicholas Jacobs, international director for                                                         again, and the next day again. After about
                                                   of Saint Francis of Assisi, one of the human
 SunStone Consulting, served as the speaker                                                             five times, she asked me: “I have recited it
                                                   beings I most admire. That letter is one of
 for the morning graduate ceremony. He is                                                               so many times, why do you want to hear it
                                                   the reasons that I am here today. The other
 the author the recently published book,                                                                again?” And my answer was: “Because I
                                                   reason must be, I suppose, that I am the way I
 Taking the Hell Out of Health Care: A Patient’s                                                        hope that next time Hector will win.” She
                                                   am; that is, unorthodox, critical, nature loving,
 Guide to Getting the Best Care.                                                                        said nothing. But the next day she recited it
                                                   romantic and free.
 Msgr. Arnold Gaus, pastor of Holy Name                                                                 again, and Hector won, and I was absolutely
                                                   What we become in life, what makes us what           delighted. It was then, I presume, that some
 Church in Ebensburg; William C. Polacek,
                                                   we are, always originates at some points             fundamental traits of my character arose. On
 president and chief executive officer of JWF
                                                   through some events. In my case, the starting        the one hand, the profound belief that if we
 Industries, Johnstown; and Manfred Max-
                                                   point and the special event occurred when I          persist, we can change history; and on
 Neef, author and economist from Chile,
                                                   was a little kid of about eight year of age. I       the other my sympathy for the weaker and my
 were awarded honorary doctorate degrees
                                                   am of a German family and I had a fantastic          disdain for power and invulnerability. Through
 during the undergraduate ceremony.
                                                   grandmother, my father’s mother. She was             the years these early verifications turned me
 Mr. Manfred Max-Neef, known as ‘The               an enormously cultured person. Her daily             into a sort of romantic anarchist who likes
 Barefoot Economist,’ having coined                exercise consisted of learning a new poem            to put things upside-down in order to see
 the phrase in his landmark text From              every morning. Whenever I was with her, she          all angles of reality, and who has never felt
 the Outside Looking In: Experiences in            recited for me. As a consequence, at that very       comfortable in any sort of mainstream. At this
 Barefoot Economics, was the speaker for           early age, I had become familiar with Goethe,        stage of my life I am still convinced that the
 the afternoon undergraduate ceremony.             Schiller, Hölderlin and Rilke. One day she went      adventure of life is in the realm of uncertainty.
 Max-Neef is a native of Chile and has             beyond German poetry, and begun reciting             While mainstream generates what I call
 a distinguished career in academics,              Homer’s Illiad, which, as incredible as it may       intellectual numbness, uncertainty begets
 economic development and politics (his            sound, she knew by memory in its entirety.           creativity. Mainstream is boring, uncertainty is
 commencement address follows).                                                                         exciting.

10         Saint Francis University
                                                                                                   as separate from all others. The economy
                                                                                                   requires economic solutions. The environment
                                                                                                   requires environmental solutions, and so on.
                                                                                                   We then become victims of our own inability
                                                                                                   to understand and to accept, that what is
                                                                                                   important are not the parts, but the
                                                                                                   connections and relations between the
                                                                                                   To understand this, one example should
                                                                                                   suffice. A few weeks ago the G-20 meeting
                                                                                                   took place. It was concerned with how to
                                                                                                   address and overcome the economic-financial
                                                                                                   crisis. One of the strongest warnings was to
                                                                                                   avoid protectionism, and instead vigorously
                                                                                                   expand international trade and stimulate
                                                                                                   economic growth. Such decisions obviously
                                                                                                   make sense in a fragmentary thinking, but
                                                                                                   are off the track in a systemic perspective.
                                                                                                   Let us see. The other great concern in the
                                                                                                   international agenda is global warming
                                                                                                   and climate change, which may have more
                                                                                                   devastating effects than an economic crisis.
Well, this is the sort of man that stands today    Well, let this last statement be the starting   An economic crisis can be reverted, while
in front of you, to tell you how he feels about    point of my reflections.                        natural collapses are often irreversible, at
the challenges that we – but especially you,                                                       least in human time frames. The need for a
young people – are facing in the world today.      I am convinced that what we are going           drastic reduction of CO2 emissions is almost
                                                   through right now is much more than a           universally accepted, and it will be the main
We are living right now in the midst of a          financial and economic crisis. What we          topic in the other global meeting to take place
gigantic financial and economic crisis. At         are experiencing is nothing less than           in Denmark in December.
least that is what we are told. And so we          a crisis of humanity. It seems to me that
witness the apparition of unprecedented            never before have so many elements and          There is an obvious incoherence between
gigantic amounts of money destined to              processes converged to simultaneously reach     both preoccupations. CO2 emissions should
rescue precisely those who were responsible        their maximum level of tension. The financial   be reduced, yet a vigorous expansion of
of bringing about the crisis in the first place.   and the economic are more visible, but they     international trade is the most efficient way
According to the Food and Agriculture              are only symptoms of a much greater disease.    of dramatically increasing the emissions of
Organization of the United Nations, 30                                                             CO2. Contradictions and incoherence like this,
billion dollars per year would be necessary        Political, economic, religious and sports       are the result of fragmented thinking, and
for overcoming hunger in the world. If you         corruption expand; greed consolidates           repeat themselves systematically in global
take the amount of dollars put together by         itself as a fundamental value; gigantic         political decisions influenced by economic
the rich countries for the rescue package and      enterprises only concerned with their own       preoccupations.
divide it by those 30 billion, what you get        privileges; judicial systems that forget
                                                   justice; the growth obsession at any cost;      “Economics, mathematically the most
is an unbelievable result. That money could
                                                   the destruction of nature; disdain for the      advanced of the social sciences, is the most
guarantee more than three centuries of a
                                                   planetary limits; decadence of the school       backward of the human sciences. This is
world without hunger. The obvious question
                                                   and the health systems; hyper-consumerism;      because it systematically overlooks the
must be asked: “Where was that money?”
                                                   hyper-individualism; global warming; climate    social, historical, political, psychological
We were always made to believe that there
                                                   change; longing for power; cruelty, genocide    and ecological conditions that, in the end,
were not enough resources to solve extreme
                                                   and all forms of disregard of life. Colossal    are inseparable from economic processes.
poverty. Yet all of a sudden unimaginable
                                                   convergences whose outcome can only be          The consequence is, as we have witnessed
amounts of money are available to save the
                                                   equally colossal. Whether for better or for     these last months that economic experts
speculators. Which shows that to save banks
                                                   worse that is the question.                     are notoriously incapable of interpreting
is much more important than to save children.
                                                                                                   the causes and consequences of monetary
Only one dramatic conclusion can be drawn:         In the face of such an enormous diversity,      perturbations and predicting the course of the
“We live in a world in which there                 an additional point of concern should           economy even in the short term. Concerned
is never enough for those who have                 be the incapacity of those who design           only with that which can be measured, they
nothing, but there is always enough for            solutions, of thinking and analyzing with a     ignore life, suffering, happiness, love, honor,
those who have everything.”                        systemic vision. Each problem is considered
                                                                                                                              (continued on next page)

                                                                                                                           Summer 2009               11
 Crisis of Humanity                                                                                            Dr. and Mrs. Max-Neef
                                                                                                               with Fr. Zeis.
 (continued from previous page)

 talent, generosity, conscience, the                                                                           answer is that we have reached
 good and the evil. Only economic                                                                              a point in our evolution in
 growth is considered to be of real                                                                            which we know a lot, but we
 importance. Hence, economics                                                                                  understand very little. Let me
 can be used to measure poverty                                                                                illustrate what I mean by this.
 in monetary terms, but ignoring
 the subordination, the humiliation                                                                            We can achieve knowledge
 and the pain that the poor                                                                                    about almost anything we
 experience”                                                                                                   want. We can, for instance,
                                                                                                               study everything there is, from
 The situation is evidently absurd,                                                                            theological, anthropological,
 because what is intended is to solve                                                               sociological, psychological and even
 problems of the XXI Century that have no          genuine creation is in our hands. We,            biochemical perspectives, about a human
 precedent, with economic theories of the          but especially you, the young, can do what       phenomenon called love. The result will
 XIX Century. The neoclassical economy             needs to be done. All that is required is the    be, of course, that we will know everything
 still being taught in most universities has       willingness to do it; that is, to demolish the   that can be known about love. But we will
 nothing to do with today’s real world. For        walls of discrimination, fundamentalism,         sooner or later discover that we will never
 the XXI Century we need a XXI Century             reductionism and many other isms, so that        understand love, unless we fall in love.
 economy. And this must be a relational            we can see the glimpses of a better world.       We will realize that knowledge is not the
 economy that recognizes itself as an              Hopefully of a world where the stagnation        road that leads to understanding. In fact
 inseparable sub-system of a larger and finite     of ideologies is replaced by the vitality of     we will reach the awareness that we can
 system: the biosphere. A relational economy       ideas.                                           only attempt to understand that of which
 whose fundamental principle should be that                                                         we become a part. That understanding is
 no economic interest can ever be above            A crisis in the Chinese tradition is also an     the result of integration, while knowledge
 the reverence of life. The construction of        opportunity. And a colossal crisis like the      has been the result of detachment. That
 such a new economy is the first step for the      one we are going through is also a colossal      understanding is holistic, while knowledge
 present crisis of humanity to bring about         opportunity for constructing a better world.     is fragmented.
 the great transformation towards a truly          Although we are part of God’s creation, we
 humane society, in which the overwhelming         can also create. In fact, I have never been      The new humanity to emerge from this crisis
 dominant values would no longer be                convinced that creation was a programme          should be one of understanding. That is a
 greed, competition and accumulation, but          that God completed. On the contrary, I           humanity in which humans finally realize
 solidarity, cooperation and compassion.           strongly believe that God created life (the      that they are an integral and inseparable
                                                   greatest of all miracles) precisely because      part of that magnificent all-embracing
 For ninety years we have known, from              He wanted creation to go on forever.             immaterial reality. A humanity that is not
 the evidences of quantum physics that             That is why the future is open, and that is      above nature, but is an integral part of
 the world is not as we think it is. This new      why reality is potentiality, and that is why     nature. A more humble humanity that
 reality is not based on matter anymore            genuine creation is in our hands.                accepts that the most perfect of creations is
 (matter is not made of matter) but relates                                                         not man, but life in all of its manifestations.
 to a fundamental immaterial connectedness         the opportunity that a crisis of                 A humanity like the one conceived by
 obeying non-deterministic laws. Reality is        humanity gives us is to fundamentally            francis of Assisi, where sun and moon
 not reality but potentiality. This potentiality   re-conceive ourselves, our relations,            and wolf and clouds and trees and birds
 establishes an intimate, non-separable,           our values, our conducts and our                 and woman and man, are all brothers and
 non-reducible, holistic relationship between      beliefs. But in doing so, we must know           sisters. A humanity where respect, love and
 everything. The future is essentially open,       what we are looking for and what we              compassion are not simply purposes but
 not strictly determined, allowing genuine         want to achieve. After long reflections I        facts.
 creation. And humans are an integral              have come to some conclusions that I have
 and inseparable part of a more general,           expressed elsewhere.                             There is a world in which you have to see in
 all-embracing immaterial reality. This                                                             order to believe. And there is another world
                                                   We have never in all of our existence            in which you have to believe in order to see.
 transcendental message, almost a century          accumulated more knowledge than during
 old, does still not reach the social sciences,                                                     I call upon you, the younger generation, to
                                                   the last one hundred years. Yet, if we           go beyond what you now see, so that you
 and least of all the economy.                     are in the situation in which we are, the        can prove that because you believe, another
 The fundamental message is: everything            obvious question is how useful has all that      world is possible. n
 is related to everything else, and                knowledge been. It seems to me that the

12           Saint Francis University
           Student Government Association
                                                    in phase three
                          ity to
          ip: esponsibil
Leadershlop R aders today for
    deve le w.
             vice to our SFU
 Service: Serunity and the

                                                                                        of ambitious plan
     comm nity at large.
                      ti g a tighter
         unity: Creathn ugh
  Comm munity ro
       co m             on .

Student Government Association leaders conducting the spring town hall meeting were (l-r): William reilly, vice president, finance; nathan frye, chief senator; Bethany o’Keefe,
chief senator; Joseph lockwood, former president; caitlin Basile, current president; curtis Webb, Jr., former president

                 hile focusing on goals                      Town Hall meetings, one each semester, and                    SGA spending will total $163,000 and
                 in those three areas, the                   a student satisfaction survey conducted in                    include:
                 Student Government                          spring ’08 were important tools in helping                    $30,000 for leadership development
                 Association is in phase                     SGA develop a strategic spending plan for                       9,000 for three scholarships, $3,000 each
                 three of a very ambitious                   funds that have accumulated over previous                       4,000 for upperclassmen leadership
plan to be responsive to student ideas that                  years.                                                                 scholarship, $2,000 each
will improve the quality of campus life at                                                                                  16,000 for campus ministry center outdoor
Saint Francis.                                               The student satisfaction survey identified the                         community project; completed.
                                                             top ten concerns of students as:                                7,000 for victory bell tower
Last spring, SGA leaders Joe lockwood,                         1. Scholarships                                              18,000 for a graduate assistant
who graduated in May with political                            2. Recreational/sports facilities                            12,000 for club baseball loan, completed
science, pre-law degree, and curtis Webb,                      3. School spirit                                             11,000 for disc golf course, completed
a political science/pre-law major, briefed                     4. Green initiative                                          12,000 for hockey-size portable ice rink
University trustees on the significant                         5. Campus technology                                         32,000 for a snow tubing park
progress they have made and plans for next                     6. Diversity issues/awareness                                12,000 for improvements to the watershed
year.                                                          7. Increase counseling/mental health                                 hiking trail
becomiNg more rePreseNtative                                   8. Liberal Arts tradition: General Education                “The top ten list forms measurable
An important step was the amending of                             Program                                                  objectives,” Lockwood explained to the
the SGA constitution “to make SGA a more                       9. Franciscan Tradition/Day of Reflection                   trustees.“ SGA will continue to hold town
inclusive representational model and ensure                   10. Parking                                                  hall meetings every semester to keep
diversity of student opinion,” Lockwood told                                                                               students updated and to field questions,
the trustees.                                                Using the survey results and additional                       and will seek to administer the student
                                                             feedback from focus groups, SGA adopted a                     satisfaction survey every spring and present
Under Webb’s leadership, SGA created a                       spending plan to address three major areas:
promotional video to increase visibility,                                                                                  the findings to the president’s council.”
                                                             leadership development, student life (i.e.
ensure transparency and increase                             recreational activities), and the sustainability              “The students involved in student
marketability (see                   of the new SGA.                                               government are remarkable students,” said
video.htm?terms=video+library).                                                                                            Fr. Zeis. “They are doing wonderful things to
                                                                                                                           add vitality to our campus.” n

                                                                                                                                                     Summer 2009                   13
     Red Flash Futures
     formed to support athletic improvem
             ed Flash athletes are already
             benefiting from stepped up
             fundraising by Red Flash sports fans
             who have formed Red Flash Future,
             an extension of the Stokes Club, to
 provide for improved facilities and programs
 for Saint Francis athletes.
 Red Flash Future members have already raised
 more than $100,000, with some individuals
 investing more than $10,000. “Our athletes
 are already benefiting,” says Bob Krimmel,
 director of athletics. “Thanks to Red Flash
 Future, we’ve added a strength coach (see
 related story), are completing a new
 weight room at the DeGol Field House
 and begun improvements on the men’s
 basketball lockerroom (see photos).
                                                                                                    (photo above) norm rish (yellow shirt Stokes Club Board
 “The athletic department is partnering                                                             member), don friday (Head Coach Men’s Basketball),
 with the ALMA Foundation to                                                                        Bob Krimmel (Director of Athletics), and stephen
 supplement the university advancement                                                              sangiorgi (Stokes Club President) prepare to demolish
 office fundraising specifically designated                                                         the men’s locker room. (At left): Coach Friday makes a
 for Red Flash athletes,” Krimmel                                                                   heft swing as a WTAJ TV cameraman videos the action for
                                                                                                    the evening news.
 The ALMA Foundation, based in Florida,                                                             Long-term objectives include:
 is headed by Nick Zaccardi, who has                                                                4 Provide the funds for new scoreboards at
 worked with a number of high profile                                                                  DeGol Field and Stokes Athletics Center
 sports figures such as Alabama football                                                            4 Provide the funds for a timing system for
 coach Nick Saban, New York Yankee                                                                     the Fr. Bede Hines Track
 manger Joe Girardi, and tennis great                                                               4 Provide the funds for an additional
 Chris Evert.                                                                                          athletic field for practices.
 “Nick’s fundraising career dates back to 1977,” says Krimmel.                                      Memberships in the Red Flash Future Club
 “He has been responsible for raising over $20 million for                                          will be based on annual giving by each
 numerous charities and schools.”                                                                   member and corporation.
                                                                                                    4 A $10,000 Investor receives a Red Flash
 Red Flash Future will generate revenue through various                                                 logo jacket, a Red Flash logo briefcase,
 membership levels to provide for capital and staffing                                                  and a Red Flash wheeled carry on bag.
 improvements as outlined in the athletic strategic plan.                                           4 A $5,000 Investor receives a Red Flash
 Immediate objectives, in addition to the hiring of a strength                                          logo jacket and a Red Flash logo Durahide
 and conditioning coach, are:                                                                           briefcase.
 4 Provide funds to build a weight room in DeGol Field House                                        4 A $1,000 Investor receives a Red Flash
 4 Provide funds to begin to renovate team locker rooms in the Stokes Athletics Center (starting        logo jacket
    with men’s basketball)                                                                          For more information on Red Flash Future, call
 4 Provide funds to refurbish (new equipment) and relocate (to the first floor) the Stokes Center   Janet Adams at (814) 472-3350 or e-mail
    Weight Room                                                                            n

14         Saint Francis University
                                               Alumni Return for Annual
ents                                                Golf Outing
 First sFU streNgtH coacH
      n a move that will benefit all 21 Red
      Flash athletics programs, nearly 400
      student-athletes, Jesse Webber
      has begun work as the university’s
      first-ever strength and conditioning
 coach. He brings 13 years of experience in
 strength and conditioning, and fitness.
 “This is a major step for our athletic
 programs and for our student-athletes,”
 says Bob Krimmel, director of athletics.
 “Coach Webber brings a wealth of
 experience, great enthusiasm and a vision
 for our strength training program. With
 the completion of our new weight room,
 our student-athletes will be provided
 with a great learning environment and an
 excellent teacher. I welcome Jesse and his
 wife, Sara, to our Red Flash Family.          (l-r) Andy furia ’67, Peter ellis ’64, ray Ponchione ’71, Jim cooney ’66, tom Gill ’67, don Mcclure ’65, Bob
                                               ryan ’64, Jim Gallagher ’65, Bill hoyne ’65, Marshall Allu ’67, Jerry Gillon ’64, tom Mcloughlin ’66, Urban
 “I’m excited about the opportunity to build   Mulvehill ’66, Bryan Mcfadden ’66, Jack (Pat) cataldo ’66, and nick Wheeler ’07

 a strength and conditioning program, at
 Saint Francis,” Webber said. “I am focused                  ver US Open weekend when                  Bob Krimmel, and numerous other Saint
 on improving the experience for the                         the battle for a major was                Francis coaches and staff. nick Wheeler,
 student-athletes and I’m looking forward                    been waged on Bethpage                    Saint Francis mens golf coach who played a
 to being a part of the Red Flash family. It                 Black on Long Island, Saint               number of holes with each group, said, “It’s
 seems to be a tight-knit community, and                     Francis graduates from the                wonderful to have alumni return to enjoy the
 I’m excited to be a part of that.”            classes of 1964 through 1968 returned                   course and campus, and more importantly,
                                               to Saint Francis for their own competition.             for them to provide financial support to
 Webber comes to Loretto after two years       Arriving on Thursday, June 18th, they                   our athletic program.” Last year, the SFU
 at the University of Maine, where he was      gathered for a practice round skins game at             alumni who participated in the event, raised
 the assistant strength and conditioning       Summit Golf Club in Cresson. During the                 enough money to support the purchase of
 coach. He was previously the first-ever       60s the Summit, then a nine hole course                 video teaching equipment for the mens and
 head strength and conditioning coach at       and not the dramatic 18-hole layout it is               womens golf team.
 Georgetown (2001-03), following stints        today, was the home course for the Saint
 as an assistant at Towson State and the       Francis golf team. The group then gathered              Jim Gallagher, former President of
 University of Maryland. Webber received       in Ebensburg at Amici’s Restaurant for                  Philadelphia University and a class of 1965
 his USA Weightlifting Club Coaching           dinner and awards.                                      graduate said, “Coming back to join other
 certification in 1997, became a Certified                                                             alumni to play your University’s course has
 Strength and Conditioning Specialist in       On Friday, June 20th, after a luncheon held             special meaning. Its an opportunity to not
 1996, and is Red Cross CPR certified.         at Immergrün Golf Club, the group teed off              only compete but to network, get caught up,
                                               for a 18-hole tournament competing for                  and visit the campus to see the many positive
 He has a Bachelor of Science in Sports        straightest drive, closest to the pin, and low          upgrades and changes that have occurred.”
 Sciences from Ohio University and a Master    gross and low net prizes on the nine-hole
 of Science in Human Movement Science          course originally built for Charles Schwab.             Winner of the low net prize was Marshall
 and Education from the University of          Following golf, there was a reception and               Allu ’67 and winner of the low gross prize
 Memphis. n                                    dinner at Immegrün attend by fr. Zeis,                  was Pat cataldo ‘66. n

                                                                                                                                 Summer 2009              15
 Annual President’s Awards convocation held
 Jason Burkett ’09 of Mineral Point, PA, and Ashley opfar ‘09
 of Elizabeth, PA, received the 2009 Mr. and Miss Frankie Awards
 during the annual President’s Awards Convocation held at the John F.
 Kennedy Student Center. father Gabriel Zeis, t.o.r., president of the
 University, presented the prestigious awards.
 In addition, three faculty awards were presented during the prestigious
 event. dr. Balazs hargittai, associate professor of chemistry, was the
 recipient of two of the awards, including the Gerald & Helen Swatsworth
 Faculty Award and the Saint Francis Honor Society Distinguished Faculty
 Award. dr. G. stephen neeley, professor of philosophy, was presented
 the Student Government Association Outstanding Educator Award. n

                                                                                                               2009 Mr. and Miss
                                                                                                               Frankie, Jason Burkett
                                                                                                               and Ashley Opfar, pose
                                                                                                               with their awards.

                                                                                                               Graduated honors students that were recognized at the
                                                                                                               Awards Ceremony include:
                                                                                                               First Row: Benjamin Waksmunski, Kaitlyn Snyder, Brenda
                                                                                                               Kibler, Katelin Latta, Shannon Leyden, Fr. Gabe, Erin
                                                                                                               Reifsteck, Erin Weaver (purple dress), Claire McCall,
                                                                                                               Jennilee Morrison, Penelope Doll (patterned top), KaLynn
                                                                                                               Kline and Marie Matarazzo.
                                                                                                               Second Row: Sarah Dougherty, Bradley Duke, Amanda
 Double award winner Dr. Balazs Hargittai and Father   Dr. G. Stephen Neeley, the Student Government           Strittmatter, Ashley Opfar, Andrei Sandu, Joseph
 Gabriel Zeis.                                         Association Outstanding Educator Award recipient, and   Lockwood, Brittany Walters, Bethany Pounds, Maureen
                                                       Fr. Gabriel Zeis pose with Dr. Neeley’s award.          Rogers, Ellen Steficek and Jason Burkett.

16           Saint Francis University
Nick Lanciano ‘05 in Mexico                        Students at the Louvre in France

Did You Reach Higher?                              The University began its Reach Higher campaign in 1998, and many people have
                                                   shared their Reach Higher stories. The University’s study abroad, mission and
                                                   research opportunities provide some recent Reach Higher experiences.
                                                   We are looking for alumni to share their photos and stories, too! Send photos of
                                                   unique Reach Higher experiences to be published in the University Magazine.

Go Far.
                                                   Send your photo and description to
    Physician Assistant students in South Africa
                                          or mail to:      Saint Francis University
                                                                                          Marketing & Public Affairs Department
                                                                                          P.O. Box 600
                                                                                          Saint Francis University
                                                                                          Loretto, PA 15940

                                                   Benefit Concert featuring Boston’s Jean Danton held for Dorothy Day Center
                                                   Recording artist Jean Danton, a classical soprano from the Boston area, presented a benefit
                                                   concert the evening of June 5, at the Mishler Theater in Altoona, to support the university’s
                                                   Dorothy Day Center, which provides various forms of assistance to families in Loretto and other
                                                   areas in Blair and Cambria counties. Tickets included a post-concert reception at the Southern
                                                   Alleghenies Museum of Art, also in Altoona.
                                                   Ms. Danton has sung across the country in musical theatre, oratorio and opera recitals. She has
                                                   performed at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, and with the Boston Pops Orchestra, the Baltimore
                                                   Choral Society, the Greater Buffalo Opera, and with the Handel and Haydn Society. She has several
                                                   solo recordings on Albany Records and is on the voice faculty at Boston College, the New England
                                                   Conservatory and Eastern Nazarene College. She will be accompanied by pianist Leonardo
                                                   Ciampra, also of Boston.
                                                   “I am very pleased that Ms. Danton has so graciously offered her singing talents for this benefit
                                                   concert,” said Father Gabriel J. Zeis, university president. “I think it will be very special to hear
                                                   her in the wonderful Mishler Theatre. Last year’s inaugural concert featured local artists Sophia and
                                                   Clayton Burkey. They have been instrumental in helping us raise funds for the Dorothy Day Center.”
                                                   The Dorothy Day Center was founded in 1981, by current Saint Francis University president
                                                   Revered Gabriel J. Zeis, T.O.R. The center is a non-profit organization located on Saint Francis
                                                   University’s Loretto campus. The center continually provides clothing, food, furniture, appliances,
                                                   and financial assistance to economically disadvantaged families. n

                                                                                                                                 Summer 2009             17
NewsBriefs                                                                      After hours program for adult education
                                                                                The Office of Continuing Education, the School of Business, and the
                                                                                Office of Graduate Programs in Education have begun to have joint
                                                                                “After Hours” open houses to promote their various programs to
                                                                                adults in the region. deborah stohon, continuing education program
                                                                                coordinator, (left) is shown welcoming visitors to the most recent After
                                                                                Hours event. Future events are scheduled in State College, Altoona and
                                                                                Johnstown. Visit: n

                                            Aaron Steinly accepts the
                                            Dr. John Powers Award
                                            from Fr. Gabriel Zeis.

 United high school assistant principal receives Powers
 outstanding educator Award
 Aaron Steinly, assistant principal of United High School in Armagh, PA,
 was presented the Dr. John Powers Outstanding Educator Award by
 Saint Francis University at a dinner for family, friends and co-workers
 hosted by the rev. Gabriel J. Zeis, t.o.r., president of Saint Francis.
 “Aaron is dedicated to improving education
 for all students, to which his record at
 United School District attests,” said Zeis.
 “He also works diligently in exploring                          Franciscan Studies
                                                                  from Your Home
 alternative energy possibilities in an effort
 to make the world a better place. And, he
 has been instrumental in helping us on
 the Pennsylvania Science Technology and
 Mathematics (PA STEM) Initiative in central            Learn more about Catholic Franciscan values and their influence
 Pennsylvania.”                                         on contemporary society. The Institute for Contemporary
                                                        Franciscan Life (ICFL) offers a certificate program of
 In addition to serving his district in many            independent adult learning through distance education
 capacities, such as the district webmaster,            and correspondence study. Enroll at any time.
 technology trainer, and Classrooms for the             Take the courses that meet your needs, whether it’s one or two or more! A Completion
 Future coordinator, Mr. Steinly is also the            Certificate is awarded for each course to document your on-going learning.
 director of the non-profit organization called
                                                        available courses are:
 Principals for Change. Recently he created
                                                        4 Franciscan Gospel Living in the               4 Franciscan Servant Leadership
 P.F.C GreenSpaces, which serves as an
                                                          Contemporary World                            4 St. Francis of Assisi, an Introduction
 online community for schools to share and
                                                        4 The Franciscans: A Family History             4 The Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order
 collaborate on green initiatives.
                                                        4 Clare of Assisi: Her Life and Writings        4 Franciscan Spirituality
 He is the fifth recipient of the Powers Award,         4 Franciscan Prayer
 which was begun by Fr. Zeis to honor the
 memory of dr. John Powers, who taught at
 Saint Francis from 1946 to 1986. n                         To learn more about how you can enhance your Franciscan knowledge, contact us at
                                                                   (814) 472-3219 • •

18        Saint Francis University
                                                                                                                               Father Gabriel Zeis poses with Soriano Award winners
                                                                                                                               Craig Sikurinec and Linda Freidhof.

Employees at the luncheon with twenty-five years of service included (left to right): Front
Row: Dr. Patricia Serotkin, Annette Kelly, and Dr. Jean Samii. Back row: Deborah Stohon,
Thomas Sheehan, and Donna Yeisley.

employees honored at Annual recognition luncheon
On May 12, employees of Saint Francis University were recognized for
service and contributions to the University during the annual Faculty
and Staff Recognition luncheon. Those recognized were Saint Francis
University retirees, employees with twenty-five years of service to the
University, employees who completed degrees in the past year and
Soriano Award winners.
Retirees honored during the luncheon included: Paul deskevich,
c. Bernard Geishauser, diane lenz, cecilia nadolsky, Judith                                   Retirees at the luncheon included (left to right): Fred Schmidhammer, Judith Palecek, and
Palecek, and fred schmidhammer.                                                               Cecilia Nadolsky.

Employees with twenty-five years of service to Saint Francis University
were honored with recognition plaques. The plaques will hang in Scotus
                                                                                              leadership; Angela shotter, master of human resource management;
Hall, outside of the President’s office. The employees that were honored
                                                                                              and sherri toth, bachelor of science in business management.
include: dr. randy frye, c. Bernard Geishauser, Annette Kelly,
dr. Jean samii, dr. Patricia serotkin, thomas sheehan, deborah                                craig sikurinec and linda freidhof were the recipients of the annual
stohon, donna yeisley and dr. John Woznak.                                                    Soriano awards. Craig received the Theodore Soriano Outstanding
                                                                                              Service Award for Administrators, while Linda received the John Soriano
Those that were recognized for completing degrees in the past year
                                                                                              Outstanding Service Award for Operational Employees.
include: terrence Anderson, master of business administration;
nicole Baumann, bachelor of science in accounting; cara fox,                                  The Theodore and John Soriano Outstanding Service Awards were
doctor of health science; Grace haid, associate of science in business                        first presented in 1990, and are made possible by an endowment
administration; cynthia hollifield, bachelor of arts in sociology;                            established by the late Mr. Theodore J. Long of Altoona, PA. The awards
Amy hudkins, master of health science; shannon Klein, master of                               are given annually to the two Saint Francis University employees who
business administration; Beth McGregor, master of human resource                              exhibit outstanding professionalism, loyalty, and service to Saint Francis
management; darlene Prosser, bachelor of science in organizational                            University. n

                                                                                                                                                             Summer 2009                  19
 disepio institute for rural health and Wellness and                                     holocaust survivor and civil rights Activist
 hollidaysburg Area yMcA Bring Wellness to the local                                     speaks about experiences
 community                                                                               Judith (Beker) Meisel, a Holocaust survivor and civil
 The DiSepio Institute for Rural Health and Wellness at Saint Francis University in      rights activist, presented a program describing her life
 conjunction with the Hollidaysburg Area YMCA hosted a Community Wellness Fair           experiences combating bigotry and racism. Her lecture,
 on Saturday, April 25, at the Hollidaysburg Area YMCA. The day’s events were free       delivered on the evening of April 23 in the Immaculate
 and open to the public and featured the annual YMCA Healthy Kids Day.                   Conception Chapel, told about her family’s struggles
                                                                                         during the Holocaust. In 1945, when Judith was 15, she
 father Gabriel Zeis, president of Saint Francis was, “Thrilled to join with             and her sister escaped a death march from the Stutthoff
 the YMCA for the institute’s inaugural event to promote health and wellness             concentration camp.
 throughout the region.”
                                                                                         Involved in education throughout her life, Meisel
 The day began with The Bud Shuster Run for Your Life 5k race and 2 mile run/            participated in the Civil Rights Movement and was
 walk at 8 a.m. Congressman Bud Shuster, M.C. (Ret.) noted, “When I realized as          involved in the March on Washington where she met
 a trustee at the university, what an incredible asset the DiSepio Wellness Institute    Martin Luther King Jr. She has received numerous awards,
 would be, not only for the university, but for our region,                              including the 1994 Distinguished Community Service
                                                                                         Award from the Anti Defamation League. She regularly
 the idea of taking the wellness story to our communities became very exciting.”         travels throughout the United States teaching about
 The day consisted of a health and wellness fair with display topics that included:      individual responsibility, making a difference, and “no
 succeeding in school, backpack safety, and sugar and fat content in food. Free          room for hate.” Her life experiences are documented in
 educational sessions were taught by professionals from the university’s DiSepio         the film, Tak for Alt (Thanks for Everything), which includes
 Institute for Rural Health and Wellness and School of Health Sciences. Those            filming at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
 sessions included: Eat Healthy for Life; Physical Activity Recommendations; Sports      in Washington, D.C.
 Injury Prevention; Health Screenings; and Eating out and Eating Healthy.                Meisel’s presentation was made possible through the
 During the day, children in eighth grade and under participated in drills and           partnership with the Jewish Federation of Greater
 sports activities facilitated by Saint Francis University football, men’s and women’s   Altoona. n
 basketball, and men’s and women’s soccer teams. n

20         Saint Francis University
                                                               Murray dashe (m) has             Sigma Phi brothers and         websites: www.delcostello.
                                                               been named to the board          fr. Gabriel Zeis, t.o.r.,      net, a photography website
                                                               of Herbalife Ltd. for a three-   president of Saint Francis,    consisting primarily of
                                                               year term.                       at his final change of         photos that he took; and
                                                                                                command ceremony, held at      www.theblackswansociety.
                                                               claudia (Wuenschel)              the Washington Navy Yard       com, a website about the
                                                               finnegan writes, “At the         in January 2009.               music business. He also has
                                                               end of the 2008-09 school                                       been a full-time associate
                                                               year, I will have completed      Kathleen (virgilio) davis      professor of video,
                                                               7½ years as a job coach/         writes, “I just wanted         television and film at the
                                                               teaching assistant in the        to say that after serving      Art Institute of Philadelphia
                                The Lebrets and the Shermans   Transition Program at            over 37 years in the field     for the past 17 years.
                                                               Franklin High School. This       of education, as a dean,

William Welker writes,
                               claire (Winchester)
                                                               program serves young
                                                               adults age 18-22. My
                                                               grandchildren range in age
                                                                                                college president and
                                                                                                university professor, it is
                                                                                                the education and values I     1975
“At age 84, I am still doing   lebret and her husband,         from 5 to 19, spanning           gained at Saint Francis that   Jerome laday writes, “In
honor guard duty with the      George, together with her       pre-school to college. My        I hold dearest to my heart.    May, 2009, I did a Minor
Lake County Honor Guard        former roommate Kathy           youngest son is a rising         I value the University more    League Baseball tour
in Leesburg, FL and at the     (Zackoff) sherman               senior, so we will be            with each year of my life.     through Virginia and North
Florida National Cemetery      and her husband, Rich,          visiting college campuses        Thank you to Saint Francis:    Carolina. Starting in Norfolk
in Bushnell, FL.”              spent two weeks together        this summer. We still live       both the saint and the         to see the Tides play, I then
                               exploring and hiking in         in Leiper’s Fork, TN, in our     University.”

                               Yellowstone and the Grand       home with ten rolling acres
                                                               of woods and pasture. We         Mark del costello was
                               Tetons.                                                          hired as a consultant by the
                                                               love company. Y’all come
                               Kathy (Zackoff)                 visit, hear?”                    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
sister Paula delGrosso                                                                          in December. He also has
was interviewed for the        sherman and Patty
                                                                                                a contract to write several

Altoona Mirror about her       (stanton) Massenburg
                               met in Williamsburg, VA                                          books about his time in
work with the St. Vincent                                                                       the film business, with the
de Paul Soup Kitchen and       to renew their friendship,
                               relate life stories and         vice Admiral robert              first to be written sometime
Food Warehouse in                                                                               this year or next. He also
Altoona, PA.                   reminisce about life in         conway, Jr. was joined
                               Loretto in the ‘60s.            by several of his Delta          currently maintains two
                                                                                                                               Pictured row 1 (l-r): Tom
                                                                                                                               Coster, James O’Brien, Jim
                                                                                                                               Coan, Jim Carney, Admiral
                                                                                                                               Conway, Paul Anderson, Bob
                                                                                                                               Veit, Vince Pestritto, Andy
                                                                                                                               Shank; row 2 (l-r): Sam
                                                                                                                               Pantano, Tom Hoyne, Jim
                                                                                                                               Schaedler, Rich Yokim, Bill
                                                                                                                               Kuenzig, Ken Kuska, Father
                                                                                                                               Gabriel Zeis, T.O.R., Frank
                                                                                                                               Gemino; row 3 (l-r): Rick
                                                                                                                               Leahy, John Gentile, Bill Cramp,
                                                                                                                               Tom Cichalski, Phil Tartaglione,
                                                                                                                               Robert Fuerst.

                                                                                                                               Editor’s note: An (m) following
                                                                                                                               a graduate’s name indicates a
                                                                                                                               master’s degree only. Those with
                                                                                                                               both a bachelor’s and master’s
                                                                                                                               degree will be listed in their
                                                                                                                               undergraduate year.

                                                                                                                                  Summer 2009                     21
                                                                        1981                                                                 1993
                                                                        dr. richard conwell                                                  susan Minnick writes:
                                                                        has earned a doctorate in                                            “I got married on May 30,
                                                                        business administration with                                         2009 to Garrett Smetana
                                                                        a concentration in health         christine Kessler was              at the Vanderbilt Mansion
                                                                        services administration           awarded the Veronica               in Oakdale, NY. It was the
                                                                        from Nova Southeastern            M. Muzic Master Teacher            first wedding for the both
                                                                        University. Dr. Conwell’s         Award at the Pennsylvania          of us! We met 20 years ago.
                                                                        dissertation, “Retention by       College of Technology. The         He worked at the camera
                                                                        the U.S. Air Force Medical        highest award possible at          shop down the street from
 Fr. David Peles and his                                                Service Corps and Civilian        the institution, it is presented   where I worked as a deli
 TKE brothers                                                           Healthcare Executives: A          to someone with at least six       clerk. We went to the same

                                                                        Generational Study of the         years’ successful teaching         high school but had not seen
                                                                        Relationship of Ethical           experience at the college          each other in years until we
                                                                        Values to Organizational          and who is representative of       ran into each other in March
 went to watch the Kinston              Five alumni, all brothers       Commitment,” examined             the very best faculty. Kessler     2007.”
 Indians, Carolina Mudcats,             of TKE fraternity, were on      the aspect of retention of        began her employment

 Durham Bulls, Kannapolis               campus Memorial Day             healthcare executives in          with Penn College in 1996.
 Intimidators, Greensboro               weekend. The brothers were      both a military and civilian      Kessler’s work experience
 Grasshoppers, Charlotte                there to celebrate the 25th     environment and the               as a physician’s assistant
 Knights, Hickory Crawdads              anniversary of fr. david        relationship of ethical values    includes National Health                 15th Anniversary
 and the Winston-Salem                  Peles’ ordination. A Mass       to commitment in these            Services/Executive Health          sergio Bascon is currently
 Dash. It was a great eight             and dinner were held at St.     respective organizational         Group, Good Samaritan              working at Kirkland &
 days. I have been to see a             Mary’s Church in Nanty Glo,     entities. Dr. Conwell was         Medical Center, Johnstown;         Ellis LLP as their corporate
 game in each Major League              PA, on Sunday, May 24, to       also a recent recipient of        Veterans Administration            messaging archiving
 city including some of the             commemorate the occasion.       the Jefferson Award for           Hospital, Altoona; and the         engineer. He manages their
 old ballparks and most of              In addition to Fr. Peles,       Public Service for his myriad     former Mercy Medical Center        corporate e-mail archiving
 the new ones, so now I                 the other alumni present        volunteer activities in the       (now Good Samaritan                solution firmwide and also
 am doing Minor League                  were Bill davies ’81,           Western Pennsylvania area.        Medical Center), Johnstown.        manages, along with two
 teams. I have now seen a               tom schaefer ’81, Mike                                                                               others, the corporate e-mail

                                                                        1985                              1990
 game in every ball park in             harchick ’80 and rory                                                                                infrastructure. He and his
 New Jersey, Pennsylvania,              cullen ’81.                                                                                          wife have two daughters,
 Maryland, and Delaware.”                                                                                                                    Augustina and Florencias,
                                        Joseph sobocinski writes,       neil Mulligan has                 Michael Zenone began               and a son, Matias. They live

                                        “I recently completed           published his first novel, Lost   work as chief financial officer    near Chicago.
                                        my first marathon in my         Letter, which is available on     at Tyrone Hospital in March

                                        hometown of Pittsburgh at                       2009.
       30th Anniversary                 age 50. I rolled in with a

                                                                        1986                              1991
 Joseph severino writes,                time of 4 hours, 27 minutes,
 “On June 9, 2009, I received           thanks in large part to the                                                                          Jennifer (howe) howe/
 a certificate of appreciation          cheering of famous TKE                                                                               schmalenberger writes,
 from the Boy Scouts of                 alumnus Art cantrell            rev. Guy sylvester                Karen (vogel) Walker is a          “I married on June 7, 2003.
 America, in recognition of             ’79, cheering me near the       writes: “On May 11, 2009,         7th grade English teacher in       I currently live in Lancaster,
 my significant contributions           crucial spot by the Iron City   I was appointed rector of         the North Star School District     PA with my husband, five-
 and support to BSA of                  Brewery. (Old Art was never     the Shrine of the Blessed         in Boswell, PA.                    year-old son Brendan, and
 Northern New Jersey. On                far from the beer during his    Sacrament in Raritan, NJ.”                                           ten-month-old daughter
 May 21, 2009, I celebrated             SFC/TKE days either!)”                                                                               Anna. I have my own
 the 17th anniversary of                                                                                                                     business and work from
 my company, American                                                                                                                        home.”
 Promotional Packaging, Inc.”

22           Saint Francis University
                                                                            WE WANT TO HEAR
                                                                               FROM YOU!
                                                                    If you want to provide a news items for the FlashBacks section of the Saint Francis
                                                                    University Magazine, the best way to do so is to submit a Class Note to the Online
                                                                      Community, which can be accessed through the Alumni Relations section of the
tyler fruits graduated with        Antal nemeth is living in                                      Saint Francis website.
his master’s degree in school      his native Hungary, having
counseling from Wilmington         finished one master’s degree                                 Or you can mail or fax this form to:
University, DE, in May, and        in economics and another in
hopes to work in a high            translating and interpreting.
                                                                                                      Saint Francis University
school. Last April, he also        He has worked for Morgan
passed his Captain’s License       Stanley since 2006. He                                            Office of Alumni Relations
Test and runs fishing charters     still rides a mountain bike                                              P.O. Box 600
out of Avalon, NJ.                 competitively. This year he                                       Loretto, PA 15940-0600
                                   finished fourth in the overall                                      Fax: [814] 472-3044

                                   ranking in the Hungarian
                                   Nationals and won the            Name
                                   Hungarian 24H competition
rebecca Bianconi has               in the solo category. He tries   Maiden name
been named full-time               to keep in touch with friends
director of Laurel Crest           in the USA via Facebook and      SS#                                                          Class year
Nursing Home, in Cambria           Myspace and hopes to visit
County, PA. She has been           SFU sometime soon.               Spouse’s name
acting-director since


david lehman (m)
                                   daniel Ampadu graduated
                                   from Cornell University
                                   with a master’s degree in

                                                                    State                                                        Zip code
has been hired as the              structural engineering. He is
superintendent of the              currently working for Vulcraft   Home phone (            )
Conemaugh Valley School            of New York, a branch of
District. Previously, he served    Nucor Steel. He works as a       Work phone (         )
as assistant principal at          design engineer in a steel
Conemaugh Valley High              plant that mainly produces       E-mail address
School, a position he had          steel joists, decks and
held since coming to the           girders.                         Fax number (        )
school district in 2003.
Before that, he was a
teacher at Forest Hills Middle
School, where he also
coached junior high football                                        Title
and basketball.
                                                                    Business address

                                                                    Information of interest for FlashBacks

In Memoriam
     Pasquale ceglio ‘50              Barbara nagle ‘60
    lawrence hoover ‘49           col. William o’connor ‘40
       oliver Jones, ‘48             Josette roberts ‘60
     eileen Karlinski ‘68           ronald sandford ‘59
     James Karlinski ‘68             c. Gordon scull ‘70
     thomas lemley ‘97                Joseph Wehrle ‘40
     richard Mcnelis ‘56               frank Zmuda ‘62
    J. Paul Melanson ‘51
                                                                    (Include a photo if you wish. Photo will be printed if space permits, but cannot be returned.)

                                                                                                                                              Summer 2009            23
                                                                                                                           Ricky Cipko and
                                                                                                                           Erin Lehatto

        The Shields wedding

                 Carrie Thomas
               and Jude Naylor

                    Janis Kanitra                                                                                                             VanTassel
                 and Drew Lewis

 Marriages                                                            Rachel Rackovan
                                                                      and James Mock

 Jude naylor and Carrie
                                     Janis Kanitra and Drew
                                                                  Amanda cammarata and
                                                                                               rachel rackovan and
 Thomas on October, 11,              Lewis on July 5, 2008        Chris Kulifay on September   James Mock on October
 2008                                                             27, 2008                     11, 2008

 2001                                2003
                                     Matthew farabaugh and
                                                                  erin lehatto and Ricky
                                                                  Cipko on August 16, 2008
 renee leone and James               Marissa Arvesu on July 26,                                lauren Gamerro and
 Crickmore on September              2008                                                      John Shields on October
 27, 2008                                                                                      11, 2008

 Jennifer Parker and
 david link ’02 on                                                                                                       Ariana
                                                                                                                         Tiffany Zenone
 November 17, 2007

                                                                  Marissa Arvesu and
                                                                  Matthew Farabaugh
                                                                                                                                    The Ireland kids

24        Saint Francis University
                                                              The Haney kids                    Anthony


                                                                                                                                Malia   David Costlow
                                                                                                                        Lynn Anderson

Births                             Sierra, Savannah and
                                   Suzannah Walker
                                                                           Claire Cox
                                                                                                                                                        Ryan Bennett

Adopted sons, Joseph (age
                                Three daughters, Sierra
                                                                 A daughter, Anna, to
                                                                                                  A daughter, Camille Claire,
                                                                                                                                    A daughter, Malia Lynn,
3) and T.J. (age 5), to vince   (age 7), Savannah (age 4)        Jennifer (howe) howe/            to Angela (voyer) cox             to Bobby and Jennfer
vantassel and wife, Dianne      and Suzannah (age 2) to          schmalenberger and               and husband, Doug, on             (litzinger) Anderson on
                                Karen (vogel) Walker and         husband, Martin, on July 22,     December 2, 2008                  October 18, 2008

                                husband, Scott                   2008
                                                                                                  A son, Elijah Anthony, to         A daughter, Alysssandre, to
                                                                                                  Jennifer (Purdy) Keating          Manon Ann (settlemier)
A daughter, Ariana Tiffany,
to Michael Zenone and
wife, Michelle, on August
                                A daughter, Brooke
                                                                 A son, Noah Thomas, to neil
                                                                                                  and husband, Chad, on May
                                                                                                  12, 2009
                                                                                                                                    Baze (m) and husband on
                                                                                                                                    May 8, 2009

                                                                                                  2001                              2004
10, 2008                        Elizabeth, to sonia (Pepoy)      hammond and wife, Mandi,
                                haney and husband, Brian,        on December 7, 2008
                                on April 16, 2009

                                                                                                  A son, Zachary David, to          A son, Caeden Ryan, to
                                                                                                  Annie (chyle) costlow             Kelly (snee) Bennett and

                                A son, Daniel Frederick, to
                                                                 A son, Cade Patrick, to
                                                                 corey ’98 and Kelly
                                                                                                  and husband, Dave, on
                                                                                                  March 14, 2009
                                                                                                                                    husband, Ryan, on January
                                                                                                                                    9, 2009

                                Bradford ireland and wife,       (rafferty) Barron
                                Rebecca, on March 12, 2009

                                                                                                                                        Summer 2009                25
                                                                               NON-PROFIT ORG
                                                                                 US POSTAGE
saint francis                                                                      PAID
 university                                                                     ALTOONA, PA
    founded 1847                                                               PERMIT NO. 150

      P.O. Box 600
Loretto, PA 15940-0600

 Expect our call starting in the fall!
           nce again, the Raymond Hall Calling Room will be transformed
           from a typical University office setting to a vibrant call center
           when 45 energetic student callers begin calling Sunday
           through Thursday evenings starting on September 20, 2009.
 Our callers not only enjoy hearing about your experiences
 and accomplishments since leaving Saint Francis, but they also
 look forward to thanking you for your past support and updating
 you on all of the great things happening here. During the last
 school year, student callers contacted more than 8,000 alumni
 and parents to discuss many new initiatives occurring at the
 So, please answer your phone when a Saint Francis student
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