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									     Mrs. Kolmetz’s
    Clown Fish Class

  Procedure Handbook
Classroom Reference Guide
     Hello! Welcome to Mrs. Kolmetz’s class! We are going to
have so much fun this year learning new things and making new
friends. There are a few things that we all have to do in
order to make our classroom run smoothly.

     Please take a moment to glance through my classroom
procedures. If at any time we need to check and see how
something is done, we can look back in the book to make sure
we are following the procedures.

     When students forget procedures, we will look back in
the manual to find out what they should be doing.

     I am so looking forward to having your child in my class
and I know that we are going to have a fantastic year!

Susan Kolmetz

                                                         Page 1
             List of Procedures and Page Number

Start the day routine                    Page 3
Morning Work                             Page 3
Bathroom and Water                       Page 3
Morning Meeting                          Page 4
Asking a question                        Page 4
While others are talking                 Page 4-5
Entering the classroom                   Page 5
Exiting the classroom                    Page 5
Walking in the hall                      Page 5-6
Turning papers in                        Page 6
Homework                                 Page 6
Red Take Home Folders                    Page 7
Snack                                    Page 7
Packing up                               Page 7
Exiting at the end of the day            Page 8
Pencil Sharpening                        Page 8
Classroom Supplies                       Page 8
Bringing toys to school                  Page 8
Classroom jobs                           Page 9
Free Choice Time                         Page 9
Classroom Website                        Page 9
Casting For Excellence (Behavior Plan)   Page 10

                                                    Page 2
                              Start of the Day

1. Greet Mrs. Kolmetz in the hallway.
2. Place backpack/coat in your assigned cubby. If you brought your lunch from
   home, put your lunch box in the basket. Place snack in snack basket.
3. Turn in your Take Home Folder. These will be placed in the white tub by the
4. Use restroom as needed before instruction starts.
5. Go to your seat for morning work.

                                Morning Work

1. This is quiet time.
2. There will be morning work at your seat every morning when you come in the
3. If you finish early, get a book from the class library and quietly look through
                                Bathroom and Drinks

1. You are free to use the bathroom as long as Mrs. Kolmetz is not giving direct
   instruction. This means that during a lesson you need to wait until Mrs.
   Kolmetz is done giving directions or talking before you get out of your seat
   to use the restroom, unless, of course, it is an emergency.
2. If you cannot wait and I am talking, quietly raise your hand with your fingers
   crossed and I will direct you to go.
3. When you are done, flush the toilet and then wash your hands in the
   classroom sink.
4. If the bathroom is being used, sit quietly in the “Waiting Chair” for that
   student to come out. If the bathroom and the Waiting Chair are both
   occupied, you will have to wait for your turn.
5. As long as there is no one getting a drink at the same time as you would like
   one, you may get up and get a drink from the water faucet. However, if I am
   giving direct instruction, you must wait until I am finished talking.

                                                                           Page 3
                                       Morning Meeting

     1. Each day we will all move to the carpet to begin our class meeting.

     2. Morning Meeting is an important way for us to learn and have fun together.
        In order to make this possible, you MUST follow the rules for Morning
     3. We say Good Morning to each other and participate in an activity.
     4. We have a positive attitude.
     5. We listen to each other. This means we do not talk when our friends are
        talking. We do not talk when Mrs. Kolmetz is talking.
     6. We participate! This means listening, participating in activities, and
        responding to questions.
     7. We will sit Criss Cross Applesauce in our assigned square on the carpet,
        keeping our hands, feet, and other objects to ourselves.
     8. When morning meeting is over, you are responsible to move to your seat
        quickly and quietly so that we can begin our next activity.

                                   Asking a Question

1.      Raise your hand, quietly. When we call out, no one can hear what anyone else
        is saying

2.      If I see your hand, I know you have a question and I will give you time to ask.
        You do not need to wave your hand in the air or make noises; this is
        distracting to me and to the other students.

3.      Mrs. Kolmetz will let you know when it is a calling out time and when it is a
        raise your hand time. Please listen to find out what “time” it is.

                           When Another Person is Talking

1.      We all want to be respected and heard. This is why when another student is
        talking to the class during a lesson, we all look at this student and listen to
        them. Everyone has such great ideas and it is important to hear everyone.

2.      There are FIVE things that we should do to show that we are being good
        listeners. These are the cues that we will use to remind you of what a good
        listener looks like,
                                                                        Page 4
     *     Have your EYES on the speaker

     *     EARS are listening

     *     MOUTHS are quiet

     *     HANDS are on our laps or our tables

     *     We are NOT WIGGLING around

3. We are a community of students who know how to make responsible and
respectful choices that we can be proud of.

                             Entering the Classroom

1.   We enter our classroom quietly. Please come in and go to your seat or your
     spot on the carpet. Mrs. Kolmetz will give you instructions as to where to sit
     and further instruction when everyone is seated.

                              Exiting the Classroom

1.   When it is time to leave the room, Mrs. Kolmetz will ask you to line up. Please
     do not line up until you are asked to do so. This is true even of the line
     leader. Problems lining up will result in us having to practice this procedure
     over again.

2.   We wait in line quietly. Mrs. Kolmetz will start our hallway chant and when
     everyone is ready to walk in the halls, we will leave the room.

3.   When in line, we will follow our school rules of:

     * Walking quietly

     * Keep hands, feet, and items to yourself

     * Walk to the right in the hall

                             Walking Down the Hall

1.   The other students are learning and we do not have the right to take away
     from them. We walk down the hall quietly. We are responsible students who
     respect the rights of other students who are learning.

2.   We walk on the right hand side of the hallway and stay in line, one student
     behind the other.                                                 Page 5
3.   There is always a line leader and a door holder. The line leader will always
     walk first in line and the door holder will always be second.

4.   Acting appropriate in line means:

     * keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself (this means that we should
     not touch other students' work in the hallway.)

     * keep your shoes on your feet, walk, and always stay behind the person in
     front of you. We are all going to the same place, so there is no need to push
     and rush.

5.   Failure to walk appropriate in the halls means we will line up and practice,
     practice, practice!

                                Turning Papers In

1.   All completed assignments will always go in the white basket on the shelf by
     the door.

2.   DO NOT bring your paper to me! They need to be put in the basket.

3.   You must put your name on all of your papers. This way, I know which good
     work is yours and we can keep track of how you grow and change in your work


1.   Parents, please check your child's folder on Monday for the week's
     homework assignments. Homework will be due back to school on Friday.

2.   Homework assignments should not take longer than 5 to 10 minutes to

3.   Read nightly with your child, as your child progresses, you may have him/her
     read to you! (We will be sending a BOOK-IT log home at the beginning of
     each month to be completed and returned by the end of the month. With
     this, your child will earn free personal pan pizzas from Pizza Hut and also, a
     special treat for those that read 100 books by the end of the year.)

                                                                              Page 6
                                 Red Take-Home Folder

1.      You have been given a Red Take-Home Folder to use this year in Mrs.
        Kolmetz class. You must bring it to school every day and take it home every

2.      If you lose your Red Take-Home Folder, you will be responsible for replacing
        it with another red folder.

3.      Parents expect to see:

        •     Discipline Calendar

        •     Notes and reminders about upcoming events

        •     Homework and classwork

        •     Monthly Book Log

     6. Notes, communication, money, permission forms, etc. (from home) need to be
        put in the Red Folder and sent with your child to school. ** Please put money
        in a sealed envelope with your child's name on it and what it is for on the
     1. We will have snack time every morning after reading at 9:30.
     2. You may bring a small, healthy snack and juice. (**Parents, please put snack
        items in a bag with your child’s name on it.)
     3. Place snack bag in the snack basket when you are putting your backpack, etc.
        away in the morning.

                         Packing Up at the End of the Day

1.      Once you have been given your Red Take-Home Folder and your discipline
        form is marked, you are expected to get your backpack, lunchbox, and snack
        bag (if you have one) from your cubby and return to your seat and pack up.

        •     Take your belongings out of your cubby and return quietly to your

        •     Place your Red Take-Home Folder inside your backpack.

                                                                              Page 7
                          Exiting at the End of the Day

1.    Kindergarten will be dismissed at 1:50

2.    Listen for Mrs. Kolmetz to ask you to line up at the door, and please remain
      in the order that she lines you up in.

3.    As we walk to the pick-up area, we need to remember to walk on the right
      side of the hallway... remember that's the side we walk on.

4.    Please remain in line until Mrs. Kolmetz personally dismisses you!

                                 Pencil Sharpening

1.    We do not sharpen pencils during the school day, if your lead breaks and you
      do not have another pencil, you may take a sharpened pencil out of the pencil

2.    Place the pencil that needs to be sharpened in the “Needs to be Sharpened”

3.    You may not use the electric sharpener.

4.    No hand held pencil sharpeners, please.

                                Classroom Supplies

Pencils      Crayons            Glue sticks          Scissors              Backpack

Wish List:   Play dough         Toy kitchen items          Children’s Books
             AA Batteries       Kleenex                    Paper Towels
             Extra Crayons      Extra Glue Sticks          Antibacterial wipes

             Napkins            Paper Plates               Crayola Dry Erase Center

                             Bringing Toys to School

***Please do NOT bring toys from home to school unless specifically requested for
a class lesson.
                                                                     Page 8
                                     Classroom Jobs

1.    Students are given classroom jobs on a weekly rotating basis. Jobs include:

      •     Line leader

      •     Door holder

      •     Messenger

      •     3 Table Captains

2.    Students who can perform their jobs responsibly will continue with their
      assigned job for the whole week. Those who cannot will be placed back in
      the rotation for further practice.

                                 Free Choice Time

1.    At the end of the day on Friday, we will be able to have “Free Choice Time”
      if we have earned the privilege.

2.    During “Free Choice Time” you may play with the toys in the classroom or
      other activities as offered.

3.    Once time is called, you will be asked to start cleaning up. All toys must be
      cleaned up, and all students must be back in their seats when the clean-up
      song is over. This means, that you should begin picking up when time is called.

4.    Being out of your seat when the music ends can result in a loss of free
      choice minutes for the next week.

                                Classroom Website

** Please take time to check out our class website. I will be posting our weekly
newsletters, assignments, school news, etc. on this site.

                                                                                Page 9
                         Casting for Excellence
    In order to monitor your choices and your behavior you will have a clip that you
will physically move up or down the behavior chart. The direction you move your
clip will depend on the choices you make. To move your clip up your behavior
choices must be, “above and beyond”. Please know that you may not move your clip
every day. The chart below explains how the clip chart works.

       Pink          If you move to Outstanding, you’ll get to decorate your clip
                     and take a happy note home! You also get to add your name to
 Outstanding!        the “Pink Club” chart and we will post it to our classroom
                     website at the end of the week.
     Purple          As you continue to make good choices, you’ll
                     advance to “Great choice!”.
  Great choice!
       Blue          Making a good choice will help you move up to
                     the blue section of our chart.
  Good choice!
     Green           You will get to start out each day on “Ready to Learn”. You will
                     move your clip up or down depending on your choices each day.
Ready to learn.
     Yellow          If you receive a warning, you will move your clip down to help
                     you remember to think about your choices.
   Slow down!
       Red             If you continue to make poor choices, you will move to “Think
                       about it”. You will miss five minutes of recess or have a
 Think about it. classroom time out. You will be asked to complete an action
                       plan which must be signed and returned the next day.
      Black            If you still continue to make poor choices, you will move to
                       “Parent Notification”. You will be given a parent notification
      Parent           form which needs to be signed and returned the next day.
  Notification         Other consequences might include: losing recess, going to the
                       Buddy Room, or an office referral as per the school handbook.
  I believe this will be a positive way for students to monitor their
choices and will give them behavior goals to strive for! As always, if you
have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Mrs. Kolmetz
                                                                              Page 10

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