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					                   TOPS Northern Nevada May 2011 Newsletter
        April was a success; we finally got to have the Leaders workshop. I have heard from some of the ladies that
were there and they said it was very informative. At the workshop we got to share ideas for contest and programs
for the upcoming year. We got to meet a lot of different chapters I was very pleased with the turn out and you
guys just made my day. Thank you so much.

         For the next Leader workshop, I have decided to have it at my house where we can use the pool for
exercise and have a nice lunch of healthy options. Mark the date on your calendars for this workshop; it is June
18th at 11am till whenever we want to be done swimming and sitting in the Jacuzzi. Seating will be limited to 18
people and you will need to bring a sunning chair, so if you plan on coming to this work shop please let me know
as soon as you know you will be able to come.

       The July 16th workshop, I am bringing it to Fallon, in hopes that some members from the outer chapters
might be able to attend. I will have just returned from SRD with lots of updated info. Please let me know if you
plan on attending the July work shop, I will have more details as we get closer to it. Once again Thank you for
coming and sharing with other chapters, this is how we can be better chapters together as we travel our roads to

        On May 6-7th was Nevada’s SRD “WILD THINGS”. I was able to attend and got to see all of those able to
come this year. While we were there I was in the Hat parade I used all my sons stuffed animals for my hat, didn't
win the contest, but I still had fun with the whole thing. I also got to meet with Nancy Marasco and got to eat
lunch with Barb Cady, two very nice ladies who had lots of information for us. I have been trying to find us
transportation to next year’s SRD which is currently in Mesquite again next year, I’m not sure of the theme for next
year I couldn’t hear back stage when it was announced but I will confirm that with Reatha here soon. I have
promised Nancy that I would attempt to get at least 50 members to come to SRD next year, whether we decide to
charter a bus or fly down and get a shuttle to take us to Mesquite; I am still working on the details, please give me
any input you might have I am open to suggestions. I want to also let everyone know that I have learned a lot as to
how SRD should be run and I am hoping that next year ours will be fun and entertaining. So let show our support
for TOPS and our royalty and plan on attending Nevada’s SRD April 19th-21st 2012 in Mesquite, mark it on your
calendars now.

       Now that I am back from SRD I will begin visiting chapters, a lot have not scheduled me to come, but I am
coming anyway. I will be presenting the 2011 Area Captain program entitled “Super Foods” So plan on being at
your meeting ever week for the rest of the month of May because you might see me with lots of helpful
information from TOPS for you. I will be bursting with all kinds of new info to share with you guys, see you there. If
you do know when you would like me to come and visit your chapter then please let me know by either by
emailing or calling me personally.

        I have issued an AREA CAPTAIN CHALLENGE to Northern Nevada. The challenge is to lose 20lbs starting
April 15th or to become a KOPS all by December 31, 2011. If you want to be part of this challenge, I have enclosed
a copy of the contract please sign it and return it to me by June 4th, make copies as needed and share with your
chapter. At the end of the year and once I have received a copy of everyone’s weight charts that is in the
challenge, I will be asking the weight recorders for copies at the end of the year, there will be a huge picnic to
congratulate everyone for either becoming a KOPS, for losing 20lbs or for even just trying by committing to the
challenge. I hope to start our northern Nevada KOPS Honor Society at this time. I will also have awards for
everyone and special ones for those who might have gone above and beyond the challenge. I promise it will be
lots of fun. All current KOPS are also invited to the picnic. I already have over 27 contracts signed, let’s get to

         Spring Fling is coming up on Saturday June 4th. At the Calvary Chapel Carson City; 1635 Clearview Way;
Carson city, NV 89701 from 9am-3pm. I want to thank all 79 members who were able to send in their registrations
early for me so that I can get a budget approved and get to planning. I want to also let you know that if you still
wish to come you can register for the event for only the $10 registration until May 23rd. For the lunch all is going
smooth with the supplies. I have only a few things that we will still need #1. ICE... lots of bags and #2. Dinner rolls;
that’s it so, if your chapter still hasn’t decided then let me know what you decide and I will make a note in my
spring fling plans. I would like to have a contest exchange, suggested by our very own Marcia Kaster from
Gardnerville. It goes like this, your chapter brings enough copies (in this case 9) of a successful contest with
instructions on how to run the contest, to the spring fling, you will then exchange those with the other chapters in
attendance and will return with 9 new contest to try with your chapter. I think this will help us with some great
contest this year, all the better a challenge for us.

         I have received from #NV0141 Gardnerville a flyer for the river walk they will be sponsoring for a
fundraiser. I have enclosed a copy for your chapter please make copies and share with them. The Walk is on
Wednesday, June 15th. The cost is $10 for the lunch consisting of your choice of Tuna or Egg salad sandwich, fresh
fruit, energy bar, and bottled water. The walk is less than a mile and you may go at your own pace. Please bring
your own chair for the lunch. Where we will be meeting in downtown Reno at 10am in the River walk district near
the handicap parking area on west first street (past south Arlington Ave.) Please call Darline Guidicatti prior to the
event to let them know if you plan on attending.

       I also want to remind everyone of the weekly walks that I do with a few others, at Meadowood mall in
Reno. We start as soon as the doors open around 7am until about 9:30am, not everyone gets there at that time
some arrive around 8am and it doesn’t matter how long you stay we walk till were done. Every Tuesday and
Thursday mornings hope to see you there.

       There are a lot of things happening this year and I am glad to get this information to Northern Nevada. I
just want you guys to know I am here for you and I look forward to this year with you guys. My hope is to get
Northern Nevada on the map, so send in your news worthy events and contest maybe a great program was
presented and you want to let everyone know how much fun it was. Send it in to TOPS News.

       Also remember to check out the TOPS website ( ) and our Regional area site
( ) you can check out what is happening in our region, also check out TOPS on Facebook,
you can find all kinds of ideas for contest and programs, and other members to chat with

                                  Thanks again Northern Nevada for your support.
                                                Michelle Yauger
                                    TOPS Northern Nevada Area Captain #6331

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