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									                                 LA CAVERNA
           57 Icen Way, Dorchester DT1 1EW, Tel/Fax: 01305 262500

               PRIMI PIATTI (Starters)

PANE ALL'AGLIO                               £2.40                              PASTE (Pastas)
Garlic bread
BRUSCHETTA                          £ 3.50                                                           Starter/ Main
Garlic bread with fresh tomato, basil and                 SPAGHETTI CARBONARA                     £6.60 / £9.30
                                                          Spaghetti with bacon, egg-yolk and cream with a hint of
parmesan cheese                                           garlic
CARPACCIO                           £9.30                 PENNE ARRABBIATE                        £6.30 / £8.40
Thin slices of raw beef, seasoned and served with         Pasta quills with tomato, garlic, basil and chilli
rocket salad and slivers of parmesan cheese
                                                          PAPARDELLE PASTICCIATE                  £7.10 / £9.60
FUNGHI FRITTI                                £7.90        Flat egg pasta with parma ham, mozzarella, cream and
Mushrooms in breadcrumbs, fried in garlic                 tomato sauce
BIANCHETTI                                   £7.50        FARFALLE AL SALMONE                     £7.40 / £11.10
Deep-fried whitebait                                      Butterfly shaped pasta with smoked salmon, crab,
COZZE                                        £8.20        cream, tomato and brandy sauce
Mussels provençale or marinière                           RISOTTO MARINARA                        £7.70 / £9.50
AVOCADO TRICOLORE                            £8.30        Rice cooked with seafood, garlic and cherry tomatoes
Avocado, tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella                  SPAGHETTI MARINARA                      £7.00 / £11.40
AVOCADO E GAMBERETTI                         £8.50        Spaghetti cooked with seafood, garlic and cherry
Avocado prawns                                            tomatoes
MEDITERRANEI ALLEGRI                         £11.00       CRESPOLINE                              £6.70 / £9.20
Large med-prawns in garlic, marsala wine and cream        Rolled pancake with ricotta cheese and spinach. Served
sauce with a hint of chilli                               with béchamel and tomato sauce.
                                                          RISOTTO AI PORCINI                      £6.40 / £8.90
                                                          Rice cooked with cream and porcini mushrooms
                                                          LASAGNE                                 £6.70 / £9.30
                                                          Traditional Lasagne
                    PIZZE (Pizzas)

MARGHERITA                                   £7.70                               PESCE (Fish)
Tomato and mozzarella
BOSCAIOLA                                    £8.30
Tomato, mozzarella and mushrooms                          MEDITERRANEI ALLEGRI                         £19.20
CAPRICCIOSA                                  £9.40        Large med-prawns in garlic, marsala wine and cream
Tomato, mozzarella, ham, artichokes and olives            sauce with a hint of chilli
QUATTRO STAGIONI                             £9.40        SCAMPI PROVENCALE                            £15.40
Tomato, mozzarella, onions, peppers, mushrooms and        Scampi in tomato sauce with garlic, capers and
artichokes                                                anchovies. served with rice
PICCANTE                                     £9.00        SCAMPI AMORE                                 £15.60
Tomato, mozzarella and hot italian sausage                Scampi in tomato, brandy, cream and crab meat sauce
NAPOLETANA                                   £8.60        served with rice
Tomato, mozzarella, anchovies, olives and capers
TROPICANA                                    £8.60        FRESH FISH OF THE DAY: Please call for details
Tomato, mozzarella, ham and pineapple
FORMAGGI                                     £8.80
Tomato, mozzarella, dolcelatte and stilton
RUSTICA                                      £9.80
Mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, parma ham, rocket salad
and slivers of parmesan
VENEZIANA                                    £9.70
Tomato, mozzarella, tuna, prawns and anchovies
LATINO                                       £9.70
Tomato, mozzarella, avocado, bacon and tomato slices

EXTRA TOPPINGS                    £1.20-£1.80
All pizzas seasoned with oregano and olive oil
                      CARNE (Meat)                          Home made choux pastry filled with cream
                                                            and topped with chocolate sauce
                                                            BANANA SPLIT                                   £5.20
Fillet                                            Sirloin   Banana, vanilla ice cream, butterscotch
£18.70                  AI FERRI                  £16.00    sauce, cream and crushed amarettini
                    Seasoned and grilled                    CASSATA SICILIANA                              £5.20
£19.30                  AI FUNGHI                 £16.60    Vanilla and chocolate ice cream with a
                                                            cream and candied fruit centre
               With red wine , marsala, cream
                       and mushrooms                        FLUTE AMARENA                                  £5.20
£19.10                AI FORMAGGI                 £16.40    Vanilla ice cream rippled with an
                                                            amarena cherry sauce
                   With blue cheese sauce
£19.00                   AL PEPE                  £17.40    LIMONCELLO                                     £5.20
                                                            Lemon ice cream with a light
                With red wine, brandy, cream
                                                            alcoholic flavour
               and green or black peppercorns
£19.60                MESSICANO                   £16.80    BABA AL LIMONCELLO                             £5.20
                                                            Little sponges soaked in lemon liqueur
              Tomato, chilli and red wine sauce
                                                            served with Vanilla ice cream,
                  with capsicum peppers
                                                            whipped cream and maraschino cherries
ROSSINI                                           £20.30    BOMBE BIANCO                                   £5.20
Fillet steak topped with paté and a
                                                            Dairy vanilla ice cream rippled with
 whole mushroom, served on a crouton
                                                            chocolate sauce enrobed in a white
 in red wine sauce
                                                            chocolate flavoured coating and
FEGATO ALLA SALVIA                                £18.20    topped with a chocolate flake
Calves liver with sage and butter
                                                            AFFOGATO                                       £5.20
POLLO ALL`LIMONE                                  £15.70    Hot espresso laced with liqueur poured over
Pieces of chicken breast in lemon                            a scoop of cappuccino ice cream served with
and spring onion sauce                                      cantuccini biscuits.
POLLO IN CASSERUOLA                               £16.30    ZABAIONE                                       £5.20
Pieces of chicken breast with mushrooms,                    Hot Marsala wine mousse
 capsicum peppers, garlic, olives
and tomato sauce
                                                            CHEESE AND BISCUITS                            £6.50
                                                            House selection of mixed cheeses
POLLO AI FUNGHI                                   £15.90
Pieces of chicken breast with cream
                                                            VARIOUS ICE CREAM/SORBETS                      £ 2.00
and mushroom sauce
                                                            PER SCOOP
FRANCOLASH                                        £17.60
Franco's goulash made with pieces
 of fillet steak in a red wine, peppers
                                                                             TEAS and COFFEES
 and paprika sauce. Served with rice
                                                            ESPRESSO                                       £1.50
                                                            ESPRESSO CORRETTO                              £2.00
                CONTORNI (Side dishes)                      BLACK COFFEE                                   £1.50
                                                            WHITE COFFEE                                   £ 1.60
VERDURE                                           £1.70     COFFEE WITH CREAM                              £1.70
Vegetables of the day                                       CAFFE E LATTE                                  £1.70
PATATE                                            £1.70     CAPPUCCINO                                     £1.80
Sauté potatoes                                              DOUBLE ESPRESSO                                £2.00
INSALATA MISTA                                    £1.70     LIQUEUR COFFEE                                 £3.80
Mixed salad                                                 HOT CHOCOLATE                                  £2.10
INSALATA VERDE                                    £1.70     TEA                                            £1.40
Green salad with avocado
INSALATA ARLECCHINO                               £3.80
Roquette, oranges, spring onions,
mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes and chilli                       PASSITO di PANTELLERIA D.O.C.
SPINACI                                           £2.00                 (14.5%) RALLO
Fresh Spinach                                                     ( Recommended Dessert Wine )
PATATINE FRITTE                                   £1.70
Hand cut chips
                                                                     Served by the glass 50ml £ 5.20

                     DOLCI (Sweets)
TIRAMISU                                          £5.20
Italian trifle made with layers of mascarpone,
cream and sponge soaked in coffee and liqueur
PROFITEROLES                                      £5.20

                              All major credit cards accepted, except Diners Club.
              Please note: A service charge of 10% will be applied to parties of 7 or more people.

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