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Without doubt, the highlight of the
school year for me is the annual
Battlefields trip to Ypres, in Belgium
writes Head of History, Mr Elliott. As
a historian and a teacher, I am
endlessly impressed with the effect
these sites have on students and the
way the students engage with them.
                                         difference to the experience of the
This year's trip was probably the        trenches.
best yet; the sun shone all day and,
unusually, there were few other          Finally, to Ypres itself. After
school parties around so at most of      chocolate and chips, we all met
our stops, we had the sites to           together at the Menin Gate, for the
ourselves. We started by visiting        daily act of remembrance. At 8pm
several interesting cemeteries           every evening, the traffic is stopped,
around Ypres. Essex Farm contains        the crowds hush and trumpeters
the grave of Valentine Strudwick, a      sound the Last Post, honouring all
boy of only 14 when he died, but still   the tens of thousands who died in
fighting for King and Country.           defence of Ypres. This brought
Langemark is the biggest German          home why the day is such an
cemetery in the area and many            important one for all of us.
students were struck by how
different it looked
compared       to  the
Commonwealth war
At Sanctuary Wood
Museum, the group
were able to explore a
set of trenches and, as
a unexpected bonus,
were able to listen to a
soldier in full WWI kit
talk about trench life.
This was a real treat
and made a real

                                                                   May 2011
Holly Watson wins top Rotary Award … Diary
                                                                                      Thursday 12 May
                                                                                    Year 13 Musical Theatre
                                                                                      A Chorus Line 7pm
                                                                                       Monday 16 May
                                                                                   Main summer exams start
                                                                                       Thursday 19 May
                                                                                       Non-Uniform day
                                                                                   Year 10 & 11 BTEC Music
                                                                                      Showcase evening
                                                                                        Friday 20 May
                                                                                  Year 11 Dance visit Jerwood
                                                                                     Wednesday 25 May
                                                                                      Governors‟ Meeting
SUS Sixth Former, Holly Watson, has had a very busy year receiving awards               Friday 27 May
in recognition for her determined campaign fight against knife crime after the
death of her brother a couple of years ago.                                             Difference Day
The latest is from the Rotary Club of Great Britain where, as Sudbury Rotary        Year 12 AS Drama day
Clubs' Young Citizen of the Year ,she got national recognition for her work at    Years 11, 12 & 13 on Study
the Rotary International Britain and Ireland (RIBI) Conference in Dublin as one              leave
of five RIBI Young Citizen Award Winners. She was impressive on the live
interview for BBC News Channel.                                                   BREAK UP for HALF TERM
Holly has worked with the local constabulary, spoken on BBC radio,                     Monday 6 June
approached schools, launched a website and fronted an advertising campaign:
                                                                                        Back to School
Holly has made sure that young people throughout the area understand why
knife crime has to end.                                                               Welcome to Year 8
Prior to the Awards ceremony, all the winners were featured in a special              Wednesday 8 June
programme on the BBC News Channel (sponsors of the Awards) where the
                                                                                   Year 10 Show Me Learning
cameras came into school and the reporter interviewed Holly and fellow Sixth
                                                                                     Science presentation
Form students after her
presentation to the Sixth                                                             Thursday 16 June
Form about her work (see
                                                                                        Difference Day
Sixth Form Learning                                                                     Friday 17 June
Mentor, Miss Townend                                                                 Year 9 Forensic Day
who put forward Holly‟s
name initially, was also                                                          Thursday/Friday 23/24 June
interviewed .                                                                            Sports Days
The five winners received                                                               Friday 24 June
a trophy, a £500 donation
to their Community                                                                      Year 11 Prom
Project and a visit to the                                                             Monday 27 June
BBC News studios as
part of a tour of the BBC                                                             Welcome to Year 7
news centre in London.

          PAGE 2                                                                                 SUSSED OUT
Letter from the Head … Facebook
The new behaviour system is a           This is, of course, a critical term and   one which a huge number of
success, so say the students,           one which holds more than the usual       students meet. Those falling short
parents and staff!                      developments for us.                      of the standard are being helped
                                                                                  and encouraged from a very early
We worked hard to put in the                           Exams
                                                                                  stage (starting last term) so that
elements which will make a
                                         Students in years 10, 11, 12 and 13      they have plenty of time to ensure
success of the s ystem,
                                        are all preparing for exams and I am      that they do „achieve more than
concentrating on the positive first!
                                        very grateful for all the additional      they believe possible‟.
As a result students are gaining
huge numbers of achievement             work , revision sessions and              Year 9 are now well settled into the
points and postcards of praise          interventions which are being put on      school and we are working to bring
and the classes across the school       for students. The uptake is great and     their expectations up to their
are more work focussed.                 the feedback is that they are having      targets too. I am very pleased with
                                                                                  the overall level of work and
We are dealing with poor work           a clear impact already!                   achievement and the year group
and behaviour and, crucially,
                                                                                  as a whole are showing great
ensuring that it doesn‟t interfere      Parents, please make sure that            promise!
with the learning of others. Our        students revise steadily.    We still
early visits of the senior staff to a   have revision guides on offer for that              New Students
classroom where a student is not        last minute preparation. It is also
                                                                                  After half term we will be joined by
working well, are very effective in     essential that on the day of their
                                                                                  the younger students, mainly from
turning their behaviour around          exams students are equipped with
                                                                                  Clare Middle School, who will join
and if this is unsuccessful the         the appropriate equipment ie pens,
                                                                                  us for our new year 7 and 8. This
student is removed for at least the     pencils etc and any other books, like
                                                                                  is an exciting development which
rest of that lesson.                    English texts they will need. Please
                                                                                  will lead to our growth in two years
                                        check in advance that they have all
Overall, I am very pleased                                                        time as these year groups become
                                        this because, on the day, it might be
indeed! We have work to do in                                                     full. There are spare places in
                                        too late to recover.
spreading the best practice in the                                                these new years and some
system across the whole school          Year 10 students are working well         students from other middle schools
and in observing each other to          and there are schemes in place            have already chosen to come to
ensure that we are as consistent        already to support those who are not      the school early. We will be
as possible and the system itself       yet reaching our high expectations.       offering very small groups with
has     highlighted          some       Remember that the goal we set each        unparalleled personal attention
development needs which we              student and ourselves is that they        and support to these years and I
have already started to address         will reach at least the same level of     am certain that we will be setting
on our professional development         progress as that achieved by the top      an excellent foundation for the
day at the start of term. It is a       25% of students in the country! That      expansion of the school into the
great start with better to come!        is a high and ambitious standard but      younger year groups.
                                                                                        Strength to strength
                                                                                  As always we are developing our
                                                                                  work on a continuous basis with a
                                                Student Reunion                   clear determination to go from
                                         Do you know anyone who was at            strength to strength. Those with
                                          Sudbury Upper School between            students at the school already
 The school has just started it‟s        1974 and 1978. There are plans           know about the fantastic learning,
  own Facebook account. Find              afoot to get around 150 students        support and opportunities we offer
  Sudbury Upper School & Arts            together next month at the King‟s        but we are also working hard on
 College for the latest goings on.         Marsh suite at AFC Sudbury‟s           our continuous development and
                                         ground on Saturday June11. from          improvement. We will be inviting
  There are a number of other                    3.30pm to midnight.              you all to help us to identify our
 Facebook groups operating in                                                     next development objectives
school including Classic Album          The event is being planned by Martin
                                                                                  during this term, to go into our
Nights, Drama , Sudbury Young           Saiz, Steve Cant, Andrew Vinter and
                                                                                  improvement plans for next
             Stars.                             Stephen Guy-Clarke.
                                                                                  academic year, I hope you will be
                                          If you would like to attend email       able to join us!
    We are also trying to get a
     Twitter feed going on     or call him                 D Forrest, Headteacher
          SUSUpdate.                              on 07881505232.

 S U S S E D OU T                                                                                            PAGE 3
Sudbury Festival winners … Locker keys
                                                                                    Locker key refunds
                                                                                            Year 11
                                                                               It has been agreed that lockers will
                                                                               be available during the
                                                                               examination period. Therefore you
                                                                               should endeavour to collect your
                                                                               refund of £3 after your last
                                                                               Key deposit refunds will only be
                                                                               made once Student Services has
                                                                               clearance from the Library that
                                                                               all books have been returned.
                                                                               You should therefore take your
                                                                               form to the library and ask Mrs
                                                                               Mackay or Mrs Adams to sign,
                                                                               stamp and date the box .
                                                                               Please note that all Year 11
                                                                               lockers will be cleared during the
                                                                               week commencing 4 July, the
                Sudbury Festival of Speech and Drama                           contents of which will be stored by
   On Monday 14 March, the year 12 A-Level Drama and Theatre studies           Mr Herring until Friday, 8 July.
 students were entered in the Drama section of the Sudbury Festival. This      Students who have books
   has become an annual event and provides the students with a valuable        outstanding as at 24 June may
rehearsal performance before their A-Level practical exams. The students       have their Prom Tickets
did extremely well as usual and received lots of positive feedback from the    withdrawn.
  adjudicator. Lauren Chinery and Natalie White won the Duologue Shield        Students will have to arrange a
   with their performance of an extract from a play called „Push Up.‟ The      convenient time with Mr Herring to
      adjudicator commented that their performance was „very effective,        collect unclaimed items.
       incredibly clever with nice contrast, superb timing and incredible      After 8 July refunds will no
                                 concentration!‟ .                             longer be available and any
    Ella Frampton and Jade Goodwin also did extremely well, winning their      unclaimed items will be
category with a performance of an extract from „The Memory of Water‟ that      disposed of.
     was described as „Really nice, natural and realistic. Well contrasted           Year 12 & 13 leavers
   characters performed very well indeed! A really difficult text performed    All books must be returned to the
                                     superbly.‟                                Library before you can collect your
                          Other feedback was a follows.                        £3 locker key deposit
                                     2nd Place
                                                                               Please note that all       Year 13
   Jasmine Mitchell and Jordan Bond – „A really lively scene and what an       lockers will be cleared   during the
  excellent pair to play it. Projected well and therefore shared the wit and   week commencing 4          July, the
                      momentum of the scene excellently.‟                      contents of which will    be stored
     Nathaniel Rayner – „Very convincing performance as a landlord with        until Friday, 8 July.
   excellent use of the stage. He was a very involved character and was        Students will have to arrange a
                              performed brilliantly‟.                          convenient tim e with Miss
    Susanna Whymark – „Very at ease, beautiful performance which was           Townend to collect unclaimed
                         extremely natural and realistic.‟                     items.
                                      3rd Place                                After 8 July refunds will no
   Chris Badrick and Ryan Ingram – „Very clever and very funny excellent       longer be available and any
performance. It was very well performed and timed perfectly which gave us      unclaimed items will be
       that really good contrast between the two characters. Hilarious!‟       disposed of.
 Shana Perry – „Really involved performance which you displayed perfectly      If any books are not returned,
                      – beautifully in character throughout.‟                  letters will be sent home to your
                                                                               parents before the end of term.

         PAGE 4                                                                                       SUSSED OUT
Make Your Mark with a Tenner ...
                                                                              THE ‘BE EQUIPPED’

                                                                               By the start of the
                                                                               Summer term, all
                                                                                students should
                                                                               have the following
                                                                                items each day.

  Make Your Mark with a               within their community.
                                      Andrew Teviotdale, head of                  Pen (and a spare)
                Tenner                business and economics added;
                                      “Make Your Mark with a Tenner “
75 SUS students have taken up
Peter Jones‟ challenge of turning     allows the whole school to see                   Sharpener
£10 into a profit in just one month   first hand the benefits of                         Eraser
as part of Enterprise UK‟s Make       enterprise. It is a fantastic project
Your Mark with a Tenner               that allows children, in a very                    Ruler
campaign and we are waiting to        creative and innovative way, to           All in a pencil case or
hear the results of this March        set up their own business. It really
campaign in school.                   is an inspirational way to learn          other suitable way of
A £10 note was been given to          and it‟s great to see the                     carrying them.
each student taking part, and         excitement of the students and
they were challenged to come up       their determination to make a            All this equipment is available
with creative and enterprising        profit with the additional incentive     from the Library at very cheap
ideas that will make money and        to think about social impact. I‟m        prices, including a ready-made
make a difference – and to return     really looking forward to watching             up pencil case at £3
the £10 note at the end of March.     this year‟s ideas come to life.”

Suffolk entrepreneur, Stephen
Alexander from Kaboom Creative                   New Website
in Colchester, launched the
                                                                                        Esafety tip:
                                         dedicated to Sudbury and sur-
competition at Sudbury Upper                                                  If you are using a website that
                                               rounding villages
School at the beginning of March                                              requires you to enter personal
and encouraged the students to               information, ensure that the website
                                                                              address has https rather than just
unleash their most enterprising
                                                                              http at the start – the extra “S”
ideas. “Make Your Mark with a                                                 stands for “secure” and will mean
Tenner is a fantastic idea.” He                                               that the computer encrypts the data
                                      Check your school emails regularly.
said. “Young people will be able                                              when it sends it over the internet.
to experience first-hand how far a     All Library reminders are sent out     There may be a padlock symbol
humble ten pounds, when                           electronically              appear in one corner of the browser
combined with ideas, flair, and                                               window – it varies from browser to
planning, can make a difference

 S U S S E D OU T                                                                                         PAGE 5
The Arts team … Classic Album Night
                                             performances, production, concerts,     Classic Album Night
                                             exhibitions, dance shows and so on.
                                             We provide the Front of House team      Cream’s ‘Disraeli Gears’
                                             at each of these events welcoming
                                                                                     By Hayley Bean
                                             the audience to the school and
                                             making sure they know where to go       ‘How does this song go?‟
This term has been an extremely              and so on. Another part of what we
busy one for the Arts Council. Back                                                  „Confident words from Jon Beales
                                             do includes asking members of each
in January, applications opened for                                                  there…‟
                                             audience to evaluate the
Sixth Form students to lead the              performances they‟ve seen- usually      Put together in two weeks, some
Arts Council. After a gruelling              via feedback forms but sometimes        may have entered with trepidation
interview with Miss Turner,                  we interview them with voice            in the hope that Cream‟s name
A s s i s t a n t H e a d , we we r e        recorders. We feel this is one of our   would not be tarnished by the end
appointed leaders of the Arts                most important jobs because it helps    of the evening, and that opening
Council - so, firstly we would like to       us we gain vital evaluation which we    quote from Jake Scroggs-Paris
say hello!                                   can use to feedback to the Arts         might be a reflection of exactly
We are both extremely excited for            teachers in order to further improve    how people felt, but in true
what lies ahead for the A Team,              the Arts at Sudbury Upper School.       Sudbury Upper School style
and our work started straight away-                                                  Disraeli Gears was a complete
                                                        Full Meeting
promoting the Arts Council in                                                        triumph.
assemblies and inviting applicants           So far this year we have already had
                                                                                     I think we‟ve found our new
for the opening posts in the lower           one full A Team meeting; introducing
                                                                                     regulars for Classic Album Nights,
years. W e received an                       everyone and setting up our aims for
                                                                                     too, in support act The Story
o v e r w h e l m i n g r e s p on s e o f   the year. We have also helped at
                                                                                     Boys, whose rendition of Fish not
applicants - something which we              loads of events and the feedback
                                                                                     only had the audience in fits of
think reflects the work that the             from audience members and
                                                                                     laughter, but with the shining
Team has done so far!                        teachers about our work so far has
                                                                                     talent of guitarist, Alfie Row, they
                                             been really positive- the A Team
              Interviews                                                             also managed to turn the
                                             have done themselves proud!
                                                                                     amusing song into a credible
After spending a whole day                   We have lots planned for the rest of    musical performance. Another
interviewing all the applicants, it          this year, including organising a       expectation I had, having been to
was extremely tough to decide who            professional Stand Up Comedy            previous shows was that
was in as everyone brought                   Night in partnership with the           technology would hold back the
something different to the table! In         Laughing Horse Comedy Club and          entire thing. This proved to be a
the end we managed to whittle it             Creative Arts East – get the date in    false one, as there were very few
do wn a n d t h e te a m was                 your diary now –Friday 17th June –      technical problems, besides that
assembled! This year‟s A Team                Tickets £10 on sale soon! Also, in      of Alfie‟s guitar not making any
includes students from all years, all        the Summer Term we plan to survey       sound – apart from this slip-up,
of whom have an interest in the              students throughout the school to       the rest of the night was faultless.
Arts, and most of whom are                   find out what ideas you have for
already actively involved in the Arts                                                There was potential for a major
                                             clubs, trip and productions etc, and
in and out of the curriculum. Take                                                   blunder in Tales of Brave Ulysses
                                             what improvements you would like to
a look at our board outside the                                                      when Charlie Felton‟s cymbal fell
auditorium to see who‟s on the                                                       off in a moment of frenzied
team!                                                 Student feedback               drumming, but he carried on
                                                                                     seamlessly, impressing everyone.
So, what do we do? Well, we meet             If any students want to contact us to
every Monday morning during                  give ideas and feedback, please join    SWLABR was a personal
Registration time in L5 to have a            our Facebook group or come and          favourite of mine, bringing the
quick catch up about any events              speak to one of us! We welcome          psychedelic 1967-style rock of
coming up in the week and to                 new ideas and value your opinions,      Cream to life, but it was the first
discuss any issues. We also have             as we are constantly striving to        and second Sunshine of Your
a more formal, longer meeting                improve and develop the Arts at         Love with atmospheric lava lamp
every half term, which is used to            Sudbury Upper School!                   lighting, cleverly thought out
discuss bigger issues in more                                                        mushroom props on the stage,
                                             Daisy Robinson & Lauren Chinery
depth and to plan new projects.                                                      and the connection between the
One of our most important jobs is                                                    audience and performers that
helping out at all the Arts events                                                   made the night, especially at the
going on in the school each term.                                                    end of the night where a large
These include all sorts of                                                           number of the audience took to
                                                                                     the stage and really joined in.

          PAGE 6                                                                                           SUSSED OUT
No Ball Games … Children‟s Theatre

No Ball Games
The Creative Learning Team from the
New Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich came
to Sudbury Upper School to perform
their issue based piece on anti-social
behaviour. They had previously been
in school during March to run             Years 11, 12 and 13 students visited The National Gallery and the
workshops on the play‟s theme of          National Portrait Gallery, London on the 16 March. As you can see they
antisocial behaviour with students        had to sketch pictures within gallery. Students were surprised to see
from year 9. Both the performances        paintings previously only talked about and featured in art lessons.
and workshops were very popular
with the year 9 students.
Feedback from some            of   the
participants and teachers:
Gabrielle Pars – “It was really funny –
I learnt not to be older than I am and
not to be stupid.”
Larna Davey – “I learnt that if you
want to achieve something then you
can, no matter what anyone says.”
Natasha Deal – “It was funny and
unique with real life aspects
Mark Perryman – “It was really funny
when they kept getting the teachers
involved when they didn‟t expect it!”
Ellie Wilson – “I learnt that if people
see you doing just one thing wrong
then you might not get a second
chance to show them who you really        Children’s Theatre Performances
are”.                                     In early March, our year 10 BTEC Acting students went to St Gregory‟s,
                                          Woodhall and Tudor Primary schools with a selection of Grimm Tales
                                          performances as part of their BTEC Acting course. The students
     More congratulations                 performed a number of the tales, such as Hansel and Gretel, Snow
 Two Steps Twice, a band made up          White, Ashputtel and Little Red Cap. The student has been working
     of 9 Sudbury Upper School            extremely hard in lessons and in their own time to ensure that they were
  students, won their regional final      ready on time and did really well on the day. The year 10 students were
  through to the next stage of Live
                                          assisted by year 12 and 13 directors who have been working with the
  and Unsigned, a competition for
bands, vocal groups and solo artists.     groups. John Chandler, Luci Sorrell, Lauren Chinery and Natalie White
The area finals are at the Towngate       have helped the year 10‟s create some really interesting physical work. A
    Theatre, Basildon on 15 May.          large number of the students were awarded Distinction grades for their
                                          performances and the audiences were amazed at what they had

   S U S S E D OU T                                                                                         PAGE 7
Theatre experiences in and out of school
Frank & Ferdinand
Year 11 BTEC Acting classes
per f orm ed their f inal ex am
performance of Frank & Ferdinand
by Samuel Adamson. The piece
was being performed to an assessor
from the National Theatre as part of
the National Theatre Connections
Festival which takes place every
year.     The scheme involves 10
professional writers, writing 10 new
plays for schools and youth theatres
across the country to perform. The
students thoroughly enjoyed the
whole experience. As well as
performing the piece at school we
were also lucky enough to perform
as part of the festival at the Norwich
Playhouse on 3rd May. Performing
in a professional theatre is always of
huge benefit to the students and          Theatre trip to see Frankenstein at the National Theatre.
they all really enjoyed it.               On the last day of term the Drama Dept were lucky enough to have
                                          secured 30 tickets to see the sell out run of Frankenstein at the National
Megan Goddard said “Frank and             Theatre! The production was directed by Danny Boyle (Academy Award
Ferdinand was such a brilliant show.      winner for Slumdog Millionaire and who also directed 127 Hours and
Although I only had a minor part, I       Trainspotting) and was starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the Monster
still felt it was a learning experience   and Johnny Lee Miller as Dr Frankenstein. It was extremely good and
for myself and the others in year 11      the students really enjoyed themselves.
acting. The show was well put             “Childlike in his innocence but grotesque in form, Frankenstein‟s
together and it was definitely worth      bewildered creature is cast out into a hostile universe by his horror-struck
all the effort put in by Mr Cox, the      maker. Meeting with cruelty wherever he goes, the friendless Creature,
main characters and the lighting          increasingly desperate and vengeful, determines to track down his
team. Every show we perform in            creator and strike a terrifying deal. All I ask is the possibility of love!
Acting is always a huge boost to my       Urgent concerns of scientific responsibility, parental neglect, cognitive
confidence and no matter what role        development and the nature of good and evil are embedded within this
we play is great fun as well as           thrilling and deeply disturbing classic gothic tale.”
helping us to dev elop our                On leaving the theatre we bumped into Graham Norton who was also
performance skills and team work. I       watching the show. He was kind enough to pose for a photo with the
hope I can do another performance         students! (See above)
before leaving Sudbury Upper.”

The Rivals                                piece. The play was originally           the audience; it was definitely
In March, as an extension to the AS       written with the intention of            not aimed at those who were
Drama & Theatre Studies course, Mr        mocking the upper classes and            hoping for a traditional
Cox accompanied a small group of          the etiquette, formalities and           interpretation, and indeed a
students from SUS and GCUS to the         general hierarchical structure that      number of audience members
Mercury Theatre, Colchester to see a      existed within society at that time.     did not return after the interval!
matinee performance of Sheridan‟s         This production, directed by Gari
comic masterpiece „The Rivals‟ – a        Jones and performed by the               The Trial & Lidless
chaotic and fast-paced tale of love,      Mercury Theatre Company, was             Splendid Productions toured
deceit and intrigue. Students had         presented in a „Burlesque‟ style,        their new piece based on „The
studied this play previously as part of   derived from the definition of, „a       Trial‟ by Kafka          in SUS
the AS Drama and Theatre Studies          grotesque imitation of the dignified     auditorium and another group of
course, and it was interesting to see a   and pathetic‟. This unexpected           students went to see Lidless at
modern-day interpretation of what is      ap pr o ac h pro v ok ed m ix ed         the Trafalgar Studios in London.
effectively an 18th Century period        reactions amongst members of

         PAGE 8                                                                                         SUSSED OUT
Radio adventures … Cook Club
                                                                              Year 9 Cook Club
                                                                              The new Cook Club term will start
                                                                              on Wednesday 11 May. The Food
                                                                              Technology department started the
                                                                              Cook Club back in February with
                                                                              some very enthusiastic candidates
                                                                              ready and eager to get cooking to
                                                                              achieve their “Active Kids Get
                                                                              Cooking” Gold award.
                                                                               Each week, members of the club
                                                                              have cooked a different meal from
                                                                              countries around the world which
                                                                              began with the sizzling up some
                                                                              spicy Mexican Quesadillas and
                                                                              then Chinese Spring Rolls. Cook
                                                                              Club runs every Wednesday from
                                                                              3.45pm-4.45pm and is open to
                                                                              Year 9 students. Please contact
                                                                              Mrs Price or Miss O‟Donnell if
                                                                              interested in coming along.
The Princes Trust XL Group recently took a trip to visit Ipswich
Community Radio and BBC Radio Suffolk. The 6 boys from year 10
enjoyed a morning being shown around BBC Radio Suffolk and the
Community Radio Station, both based in Ipswich.
The boys are currently working on XL modules and working towards
gaining a Bronze Arts Award by creating their own radio show based on
their heroes of music. It is hoped that their show will be broadcast on the
community radio sometime in the future. They gained some useful
knowledge about radio and how it works during the morning.
Their pre-recorded show will be made using the new radio equipment
(see below) now based in the multi-media room. If anyone wants to use
this equipment they should contact Mrs Newell.

                                                                                      RED NOSE DAY
                                                                              Students collected £773.77
                                                                              through their Non-uniform day and
                                                                              various individual activities in aid
                                                                              of Comic Relief

   S U S S E D OU T                                                                                        PAGE 9
Boys in Babergh … Maths Stars
Boys in Babergh
Back in December boys from
Sudbury Upper School and All
Saints Middle School signed up to
take part in the 10th Boys in
Babergh event. The group was
led     by     professional
choreographer, Darren Ellis, who
came into school to work with the
boys selected to take part.

The boys took part in three all-
day rehearsals, creating work
around         the    idea      of
communication. Students worked
individually and in small groups to
create some of their own work as
well as learning repertoire from
Darren. This gave the boys a
great sense of pride in their work
as they got a chance to show off
what they, as individuals, could
                                                           MATHS CONGRATULATIONS
really do.                                                   UK Intermediate Maths Challenge

These rehearsals were then put                   Congratulations to everyone in Year 9 who took part in this.
into context as our boys met up                        Best In School Award went to : Ben Armstrong
with boys from 4 other schools at
Great Cornard Upper School to                      Silver Certificates went to: Ben Armstrong & Judith Gill
put the final piece of performance          Bronze Certificates went to: Aimee Sheppard & Kelsie Ennis-Hadley
together. This was a fun and
exciting day as the boys got to try
on costumes and begin staging
their piece, as well as getting to
experience some videoing work
on a green screen! It was great to
see how all the different groups of
boys had interpreted the idea of
communication and our boys
showed true professionalism in
the way they carried themselves
on this day

The project culminated in a final
performance at the Jerwood
Dance House in Ipswich on
Saturday 5th March. This gave the
boys the opportunity to perform in
a professional venue and it was
great to see the final piece come
together with costume, lighting
and music! The boys put on two
performances for audiences
wh i c h r ec e i v ed r a p tu r o us   Jude Lee was overall winner of the Literacy Group‟s Story Board
applause. The boys gained a lot          Competition held in school. The competition was judged mostly on
out of the performance and have          imagination and originality and Jude‟s story was fantastically funny with very
played a pivotal role in promoting       creative characters. Other group winners were Jack Lower and Josh
boys‟ involvement with dance.            Pilgrim.
                                         The aim of the competition was to help promote original writing, a feature of
     Mr Ashworth, Head of Dance          GCSE coursework, and also the promotion of confidence in creative writing.

          PAGE 10                                                                                             SUSSED OUT
Attendance to 31/03/2011
                    Harry Maile         99.2%                  Year 11                Ashley Webb
99.6% ½ day         Stacey Mulley       Megan Benson           100%
99.2% = 1 day       Jake Ralph          Tom Grafen             George Airey           98.4%
99.8% 1½ days                           Zara Holt              Robert Aitken          Ryan Bown
98.4% 2 days        98.4%               Abi Nolloth            Kate Baker             Jack Cade
98% 2½ days         Isaac Adams         Hobun Pang             Josh Finbow            Jessica Clark
97.6% 3 days        Chloe Ames          Mark Ruskin            Bethan Hann            Jessica Downs-
97.2% 3½ days       Rebecca Bree        Ryan Simpson           Kieran Knox-           Russell
                    Mark Byford         Janine Treais          McAuley                George Farn
Year 9              Ben Carter                                 Joe Meekings           Megan Goddard
100%                Alice Flynn         98.8%                  Billy Myles -          Nathan Jackson
Ben Armstrong       Grace Gardiner      Nazim Hoque            Berkouwer              Samuel Jones
James Curran        Carrie Hibble       Courtney Huckle        Bethany Payne          Brandon New
Kimberley Durrant   Patrick King        Hannah Lockwood        Nic Prall              James Wilson
Leigh Farmer        Angelika Komaisko   Harry Nunn             Jamie Pryke
Holly Free          Zach Mitchell       Sophia Palmer          Brandon Steele         98%
Liam Frost          Charmaine Page      Jordan Walpole                                Samuel Boreham
Connor Griggs       Stephen Raymond                            99.6%                  Ben Groome
Erin Knox-McAuley   Jordan Theobald                            Dean Barker            Rory Holloway
Yvone Loh                               98.4%                  Jodie Chapman          Calum Perrio
Andrew Moye         98%                 Eleanor Bareham        Hennessie Lano         Chris Pilgrim
Janssen Napenas     Luke Buck           Dominic Buchanan       Zoe Stonehouse         Emily Salt
Laura Page          Holly Cook          Danielle Byford        Emily Wenborn          Samuel Willings
Mark Perryman       Brandon Wade        Lauren Davey                                  William Wingfield
Thomas Reeve                            Charlotte Latchford-   99.2%
Febin Shaji         97.6%               Kinsey                 Sophie Ames            97.6%
Lorna Stebbings     Amber Baldry        Oliver Norris          Jack Biscoe            Abbie Broom
Jordan Stott-       Matthew Blake       Daniel Turner          Bethany Clark          Rebekah Gale
Tomlinson           Emily Morton        Phoebe Witt            Chester Kendell        Grace Leggett
Rebecca Thackeray   Max Morton                                 Sam Maile              Sully Lydford
Charlotte Whiting   Tiegan Robinson     98%                    Jonathan Taylor
Jamie Williams      Abbie Shields       Charlie Douglas        Taylor Theobald        97.2%
                    Emily Spooner       Kate Hurley            Robyn Webb             Jack Conway
99.6%               Ben Stringer        Liam Jee                                      Samuel Davies
Kimberley Gower     Sophie Theobald     Jack Lavelle           98.8%                  Joseph Lee
Shannon Harvey                          Kyle Parker            Kloe Chandler          Daniel new
Joseph Henry        97.2%               Elsa Punchard          Verity Farrow          Pen Pinnegar
Jack Treleven       Marcus Brooker      Kieran Ralph           Yasmine Price          Hannah Rowbothan
                    Rebecca Cook        Rebecca Webber         Sheryl Risley          Emily Rowling
99.2%               Ellen Harling                              Roxane Smith           Barbara Starkey
Hettie Bawn         Charlie Gee         97.6%                  Alice Waddell          Thomas Taylor
Callum Benson       Lee McCormack       Lewis Bareham
Rose Comber         Harry Slater        Patrick Barker
Amelia Dzioba       Dorian Thompson     Kyrie Brett
Jack Hinshelwood    James Thowney       Charlotte Downs-          More Maths congratulations
Rebekah Holmes                          Russell
                    Year 10             Kimberley Johnston       Congratulations to Sixth Form A
Orla Knox-McAuley
                    100%                -Turner                  Level Maths students for their results
Eleanor Lavery
                    Ryan Alexander      Eloise Rayner            for January.
Jude Lee
Curtis McGlasham    Matthew Gill        Nicole Rose              Particular congratulations go to
Connor Molloy       Krystal Loh         Luke Underwood           Matthew Gill in Year 10. Matthew had
Holly Moore         Zak Purdy                                    already taken GCSE Mathematics
Sophie Payne        James Relph         97.2%                    and GCSE Statistics with us.
Jordan Robinson     Joe Salter          Laura Barnard
Kayleigh Tatum      Sam Thackeray       Henry Double             He has now started the A Level
                    Charlie Treleven    Jessica Gaze             course and achieved a Grade A in his
98.8%                                   Jamie Hicks              first exam.
Ashleigh Harvey     99.6%               Hannah St Ledger
Lorretta Kennard    Deanna Emerton
                    Hannah Foster

S U S S E D OU T                                                                                    PAGE 11
Army Careers Day … First Impressions
 Armed Forces Careers Day at                                                             First Impressions
   Bassingbourn Barracks                                                                Year 12 students and those
                                                                                    Year 13s not going to university
Thirty students joined in the fun at the                                            were told just how important it is
Armed Forces Careers Day at                                                             to make the very best „First
Bassingbourn Barracks in                                                            Impression‟ when applying for a
Hertfordshire. This is the first time                                                      job or for an interview
representatives of all the services                                                  anywhere. Army officer, Major
have been at this exhibition and it                                                     Mike Robinson, stressed to
gave a new dimension to the                                                         students how to make the very
proceedings, with planes and tanks                                                     best of their applications and
and much more mixing together to                                                       interviews. Take nothing for
give students a real hands-on                                                         granted and ensure you have
opportunity to have a look at some of                                                covered all bases, he said. He
the options offered by a career in the                                                 produced a booklet ,which is
Armed Services.                                                                          available in careers or the
Students looked at more than 40                                                        Library, for any students who
possible career choices supported by                                                   would like one giving tips on
training second to none. There is a                                                  how to find jobs, the questions
broad range of financial sponsorship to                                               to ask at interviews and much
support them with their education, right                                                            more.
through to a University Degree.
Careers range from plumbers and                                                        The job market is very difficult
carpenters to chefs, musicians,                                                         for young people today and
engineers, doctors, PE instructors,                                                  students were advised to take a
intelligence, drivers and many more.                                                          serious look at an
The live arena show featured a freefall                                                apprenticeship which not only
parachute drop on a pinpoint in the                                                       gives them valuable work
middle of the arena and a mock                                                       experience but training as well.
infantry attack, in addition There was                                                 A speaker from West Suffolk
also a chance to have a go on the                                                       College explained that there
climbing wall, laser shooting                                                          were a huge range of careers
competitions and join the army for 30                                                  that offered apprenticeships.
minutes!                                                                                Students should look on the
                                                                                        careers noticeboard for the
                                                                                         latest openings or log onto
                                                                           , a
                                                                                        website that is full of useful
                                                                                            advice on what to do.
                                                                                     Apprenticeships are not just for
                                                                                      those leaving school at 16, but
                                                                                       can be found at any age into
                                                                                       your early 20s. However, for
                                                                                       many you will still need good
                                                                                       GCSEs as they are extremely

                                                                                         Cheerleading Club
                                                                                     Students interested in a Cheer-
                                                                                      leading Club at £4 per session
                                                                                     for 10 weeks should contact Mr
Students from year 11, 12 and 13 went to the New Diorama Theatre in                     Ashworth for more details.
London to see the 3rd year degree students from Central School of Speech
and Drama perform their final devised performance piece. The trip was                Unfortunately due to Govern-
funded by AimHigher and included a workshop/question and answer session              ment cuts ,a small charge has
with the cast and director. This was a perfect follow-up to the workshop                     to be made.
offered to these students earlier in the year which discussed how to get into
drama school.

  PAGE 12                                                                       SUSSED OUT
Difference days … Elections ...Celebration
Difference Days
At Sudbury we have six
„Difference Days‟ during which
we deliver PSHE and Citizenship.
In one of these       days we
discussed „Sexual Relationships
and Young People‟ with our Year
11 students.
During this day they learnt about
how the Media influences
perceptions young people have of
themselves and how the media
encourages adults to believe that
teenagers are over sexualised.
They were interested in how
photographs were airbrushed
and how sexualised images are
frequently used in magazines
aimed at young teens. Students
were concerned about these
images and Year 11 tutor ,Mrs
Culshaw, planned an opportunity
                                     Year 9 student, Georgia Vince, casts her vote in the Year 9 elections for the
for students to put their thoughts
                                     Student Council at the end of last term. The new Year 9 representative
on paper and sent them to Sarah      leader, Ben Milnes, attended his first full Student Council meeting this
Teather , Minister of State for      week. All those students who stood for the Year 9 elections were also
Children and Families .
                                     invited to attend the Council.
They received a reply from Tim
                                     Elections for the Head Boy and Head Girl are underway and             all the
Loughton, Parliamentary Under
                                     candidates will be looking for your vote!
Secretary of State for Children
and Families.        He said „ I
recognise concerns raised by
your Year 11 students. We know
that parents also express real
concern about children being
pressurised into growing up too
quickly, to become consumers or
sexualised adults earlier than is
appropriate.    That is why the
Government             made a
commitment to take action to
protect children from excessive
commercialisation and we have
asked Mr Reg Bailey, Chief
Executive of the Mothers‟ Union,
to conduct an independent review
into these issues .‟
Mr Bailey has already said that
there are areas which concern
him. Parents are concerned that
sexual images have become so
common that they are a kind of       The last week of the Winter term saw all the Year groups in the main school
wallpaper to children‟s lives.       celebrating a wide range of achievements in school, ranging from
Parents are also concerned that      attendance, academic success and „Good Egg‟ contributions to life in
products sold in shops are not       school.     Mr Cox‟s tutor group (above) were the best for achievement
always suitable for the age group;   points in Year 10, last term, while in Year 9 Miss Marriott‟s tutor group was
businesses must behave more          top for best attendance and punctuality and Kimberley Gower was top in the
responsibly towards children and     merit awards.
not just as consumers.

         S U S S E D OU T                                                                                PAGE 13
Football leagues … Football … Rugby
                                                                                West Suffolk Cup semi final
                                                                                SUS 3 v Cornard 2
                                                                                The year 11 football team progressed
                                                                                to the county final with a hard fought
                                                                                victory against local rivals Cornard. In
                                                                                the first 15 minutes there was very
                                                                                little football played from both sides,
                                                                                with few chances created. Calum
                                                                                Finch and James Wyatt defended
                                                                                solidly to stop Cornard‟s attacks. As
                                                                                the game progressed, Sudbury began
                                                                                to dominate the midfield, creating
                                                                                more chances.
                                                                                A great run down the wing by James
                                                                                Irwin who crossed to Jack Hubbard
                                                                                for a simple tap in. James made it 2-0
                                                                                with a superb strike while one-on-
Charity Dodge Ball Tournament
                                                                                The game was in control with a third
The year 10 team beat the year 9 team and the Year 11 team beat the
Sixth form in a controversial match, much disputed by the Sixth Form.           goal. Jake Jackson finishing off an
                                                                                excellent passing move. With 5 min-
Year 11 then went on to beat Year 10 who played a valiant match –               utes left Cornard scored two quick
with Oliver Huckle being a very determined Man of the Match! There-
fore leaving Friday 8th a match between Year 11 and the Legendary               goals to make the last few minutes a
Staff team!                                                                     bit tense, but Sudbury held on for a 3-
                                                                                2 victory to play the final away at
Unfortunately for Year 11 Captain, Howard Harris, most of his team
                                                                                Newmarket on Monday 9 May.
decided to go and enjoy the sun and left him on his own to face the
staff!! Being quite determined not to give up ,Howard threw together a
team including – Yr 10‟s Oliver Huckle, Sixth Formers Oliver George,                    A CHORUS LINE
Dom Thackery and a few others.                                                   Musical Theatre students perform
It was a close match in which Mr Longfield was again left holding the           extracts from the Broadway musical
field for the staff team, but eventually even he fell to the pelting of balls               A Chorus Line.
from the multi year team. And once again Howard was left victorious!             Thursday 12 May at 7.00pm in the
A huge thank you to all staff and students involved, all money raised                  Auditorium £5 entry
goes to the Make a Wish Foundation.                                                      A brilliant night out!

                                                 Year 9 Rugby
                                                           Year 9 Rugby                 MMM …FOOD FIGHT
                                                                                  Continuing the successful Mmm…
                                                                                 concert series, on Friday 13 May we
                                                                                  have a battle of the bands contest,
                                                                                where the winner will win a slot at the
                                                                                  LeeStock concert at the end of this
                                                                                month! Doors open at 7pm, with en-
                                                                                try priced at £3 on the door. All profit
                                                                                   will go to the Willow Foundation,
                                                                                  which is the charity that LeeStock
                                                                                           raises money for.
                                                                                 Come and watch some of the best
                                                                                musical talent in the school and raise
                                                                                 money for an extremely worthwhile

     S U S S E D OU T                                                                                             PAGE 14
Playground to Podium … Canoeing success

                                                                                  Canoeing success
                                                                                  SUDBURY Canoe Club‟s Kate
                                                                                  Baker triumphed in the first
From Playground to Podium
                                                                                  ranking slalom of the season, in
14 SUS student helpers joined 27 disabled students from various schools           Yalding, Kent.
across the South West Suffolk Schools Sports Partnership, including our
own wheelchair athlete,George Collins, for an afternoon of sport. It is the       Kate is in Year 11 at Sudbury
second event of its kind and is designed specifically for young children with     Upper School and has been a
learning difficulties or a disability to ensure that they have opportunities to   SUS sports award winner for the
take part in sport.                                                               last couple of years.
The afternoon was held at Haverhill Leisure centre and the students were
                                                                                  Competing in the British Canoe
able to take part in three different activities. On offer was Football, which
                                                                                  Union Slalom, Baker, the club‟s
was hosted by Ipswich Town Football Club, New Age Kurling, run by Simon
                                                                                  junior woman in Kayak Division
King of Babergh District Council and Boccia, run by Stephanie Lloyd also
                                                                                  Three, took first plac e,
from Babergh District Council. Our thanks go to them for all their help and
                                                                                  convincingly beating all female
support with the day.
                                                                                  classes in the race with a
Boccia is a Paralympics sport which the students are not necessarily familiar     consistent time in both runs.
with. We are extremely fortunate that one of the Great Britain Boccia ath-        This was an excellent result for
letes, Daniel Bentley, trains at Haverhill Leisure centre. He very kindly         Kate , who only took up paddling
agreed to come along to the event and demonstrated the sport of Boccia to         in February last year.
the students and also presented medals and certificates at the end of the
afternoon. Daniel spoke to the students and encouraged them; he also
brought in his Paralympics Gold Medal from the Beijing Paralympics which
the students were in awe of. Our thanks must go to Daniel for supporting our

5-a-side football
SUS Sports Leadership students              The whole afternoon was
organised and ran a 5-a-side football       rounded off with Lionel the Lion
tournament in conjunction with the          presenting all the players with
South West Suffolk School Sports            certificates and Wells Hall
Partnership                                 receiving their deserved trophy,
                                            having won all their games.
The SUS students,         before the
games, took training sessions in            Pictured right SUS Sports leader
shooting, passing and warming up as         Chloe Mills with Lionel the Lion
well as refereeing the matches.

 S U S S E D OU T                                                                                        PAGE 15
Trampoline Success… Vouchers

                                                                                   Tesco and Sainsbury’s
                                                                                 Tesco finish giving out vouchers
                                                                                 on Sunday 8 May, while
                                                                                 Sainsbury‟s are giving them out
                                                                                 until the end of the month.
                                                                                 Please bring them into school.
                                                                                 Give them to your tutor or drop
                                                                                 them in the boxes in the Library.

                         Trampoline Success                                      Top tutor group is 9MAD (Tesco)
Year 9s Carrie Hibble, Sophie Davey and Poppy Bixby (see above) com-                   & 9MAD (Sainsbury).
peted in the Western Area Trampoline competition today and finished 3 rd           Total vouchers collected so far
place as a team, qualifying the girls to represent the Western area in the         10363 for Tesco and 1021 for
Suffolk County Championships on the 12 May!                                                  Sainsbury.
April Castle, Teagan Robinson and Georgia Barrs also competed and                       KEEP COLLECTING
finished in 5th place which is a fantastic achievement.
Under16s, Abbie Felton, Janine Treais Natasha Jarvis and Carrie Hibble,
competed in the U16 Western Area Trampoline Competition held at
County Upper School. ( see below)
The girls performed 2 routines to a very high standard. Not only did the
girls finish 2nd place, but they go forward to join the Year 9 students in the
Western Area final.

                                                                                 Check out Student pages

                                                                                   Check out the Student pages on
                                                                                 the School website and VLE for all
                                                                                  the latest information either in the
                                                                                     Sixth Form or Main school.

                                                                                       Log onto the website
                                                                        and click
                                                                                  on „Student tab to find out the
                                                                                           latest info.

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