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									              Top 10 Costly Link Building Mistakes

Link building is one of the most important SEO activities but this certainly
doesn't mean that you should build links at any price ? literally and figuratively.
Link building can be very expensive in terms of time and money. There are
many costly link building mistakes and here are some of the most common:

1. Check if backlinks have a“nofollow” attribute

Linkexchanges are still one of the white hat ways to build backlinks but
unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous webmasters, who will cheat you.
One of the scams is when you pay somebody for a backlink, it suddenly
disappears or has the “nofollow” attribute. That is why you should check from
time to time if the link is still there and if it doesn't have the “nofollow”

2. Getting good quality links butwith useless anchor texts

It is greatwhen PR of the site you are getting links from is high but when the
anchor text is “Click here!” or something like that, such a link is barely useful.
Keywords in the anchor text are vital, so if the backlink doesn't have them, it
isn't a valuable one. Analyzing the anchor texts of links takes time but the
Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer tool can do the hard job for you.

3. Getting an image link (when a textlink with keyword is possible)

Sometimes when web masters hurry to get backlinks, they skip minor details,
such as anchor text. Yes, an image link is great and it could even bring you
more visitors than a text link (if the image is attractive, of course and users click
it) but for SEO purposes nothing beats a keyword in the anchor text.
4. Not using ALT text if image linkis the only possibility

Image links might be the worse option than text links but if an image link is the
only possibility to get a backlink, don't reject it. However, make sure that the
ALT text of the image link has your keywords ? this is more than nothing.

5. Getting backlinks from irrelevantwebsites

Now, this mistake is really a popular one! When hunting for backlinks, you
should concentrate on relevant sites only. If you have a dating site, getting links
from a finance one is not valuable. It is true that it is not easy to find relevant
sites to get links from but unless your site is in a very narrow niche, chances are
that there are hundreds or even thousands of relevant sites you can get a
backlink from. If you need a list of such sites for your niche, try the Backlink
Builder and see what suggestions it can give you.

6. Getting backlinks from sites/pageswith tons of links

A backlinkis more valuable, if it comes from a page, which is not cluttered with
tons of other backlinks. Many pages have 200, or more links and if your link is
one of them, this isn't a great achievement. On the other hand, many directories
put the “nofollow” attribute on nonpaid links, so actually even if there are 200
links on page and most of them are “nofollow” (but yours isn't), this still

7. Links from pages spiders can'tcrawl

A link mightlook perfectly legitimate (i.e. keywords in the anchor text and no
“nofollow” attribute) and still it might not be a link. This is especially an issue
with link exchanges because you put a link to the other site but the other site
doesn't do the same for you. Links Google can't index can be placed on dynamic
pages or simply on pages, which are not indexed by Google because robots.txt
bans it. That is why it doesn't hurt to check from time if the pages your links are
placed on are accessible to spiders. The Search Engine Spider Simulator tool
can help you do this in no time at all.

8. Explicitly selling links

There ishardly a web master who hasn't heard that paid links can hurt your
rankings but still many web masters don't miss the chance to make a few bucks.
If you really want to sell links, you'd better use the specialized link selling
services, such as because they are more discreet. However, have
in mind that while some of the paid links networks try to hide the fact that the
links are paid, the rest are not that discreet. Also, maybe the worst gaffe you can
make is to include phrases in website like “Buy 5 PR links for $10”or any other
hint that you are selling links. You can include “Advertise here!” or similar
messages and still de facto sell paid links but this is not as explicit as listing
your prices for links.

9. Linking to sites with poorreputation

Linking to sites with poor reputation, also known as “bad neighbors” is one of
the worst mistakes you can make. When you link to such sites, for Google this
means that you endorse them and this results in penalties for you. That is why
you must absolutely always check the sites (and their reputation) first before
you link to them. Even if you are offered a lot of money to link to a site with
poor reputation, you'd better decline the offer because otherwise your rating
with search engines will suffer and this will cause you a lot of problems.

10. Linking to good sites gone bad
Even if you check carefully the sites you link to, sometimes it happens that a
site, which used to be more or less decent all of a sudden starts publishing porn
ads or other objectionable content. That is why it doesn't hurt if you check not
only that the outbound links you have are not broken but also where they lead

Links are very important and that is why you should pay attention to what links
you are getting. It is not a waste of time to monitor what's going on with your
links and in addition to the tools listed in the article, you can also try the
Backlink Summary tool.


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