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					Bardstown Elementary School      Bardstown       KY
A B Chandler Elementary School   Corydon         KY
A B Combs Elementary School      Combs           KY
A D Owens Elem School            Newport         KY
A J Lindeman Elementary School   Erlanger        KY
A J Lloyd Middle School          Monticello      KY
A M Yealey Elementary School     Florence        KY
Abraham Lincoln Elem School      Louisville      KY
Acad For Individual Excellence   Louisville      KY
Adair Co Elementary School       Columbia        KY
Adair Co High School             Columbia        KY
Adair Co Middle School           Columbia        KY
Adair Youth Development Ctr      Columbia        KY
Adairville Elementary School     Adairville      KY
Albert S Brandeis Elem School    Louisville      KY
Alex R Kennedy Metro Mid Sch     Louisville      KY
Allen Central High School        Eastern         KY
Allen Central Middle School      Eastern         KY
Allen Co Intermediate Center     Scottsville     KY
Allen Co School District         Scottsville     KY
Allen Co-Scottsville High Sch    Scottsville     KY
Allen Elementary School          Allen           KY
Alvaton Elementary School        Alvaton         KY
Anchorage Ind School District    Anchorage       KY
Anchorage Public School          Anchorage       KY
Anchored Christian School        Bowling Green   KY
Anderson Co High School          Lawrenceburg    KY
Anderson Co Middle School        Lawrenceburg    KY
Anderson Co School District      Lawrenceburg    KY
Andre Lucas Elem School          Fort Campbell   KY
Anne Mason Elementary School     Georgetown      KY
Apollo High School               Owensboro       KY
Appalachian Christian Academy    Manchester      KY
Argillite Elementary School      Argillite       KY
Arlie Boggs Elementary School    Eolia           KY
Arlington Elemementary School    Lexington       KY
Artemus Elementary School        Artemus         KY
Ascension School                 Louisville      KY
Ashland Central School           Ashland         KY
Ashland Day Treatment Center     Ashland         KY
Ashland Elementary School        Lexington       KY
Ashland Ind School Dist          Ashland         KY
Assembly Christian School        Lexington       KY
Assumption High School           Louisville      KY
Athens-Chilesburg Elementary     Lexington       KY
Atherton High School             Louisville      KY
Atkinson Elementary School       Louisville      KY
Auburn Elementary School         Auburn          KY
Auburndale Elementary School     Louisville      KY
Audubon Elementary School        Owensboro       KY
Audubon Traditional Elem Sch     Louisville      KY
Augusta Ind School District      Augusta         KY
Augusta School                   Augusta         KY
Austin Tracy Elementary School   Lucas           KY
B T Washington Interm Acad       Lexington       KY
Ballard Co Elementary School     Barlow          KY
Ballard Co Middle School         Barlow          KY
Ballard Co School District       Barlow          KY
Ballard High School              Louisville      KY
Ballard Memorial High School     Barlow          KY
Barbourville Ind School Dist     Barbourville    KY
Barbourville Independent Sch     Barbourville    KY
Bardstown High School            Bardstown       KY
Bardstown Ind School District    Bardstown       KY
Bardstown Middle School          Bardstown       KY
Barkley Elementary School        Fort Campbell   KY
Barren Co Day Treatment Center   Glasgow         KY
Barren Co High School            Glasgow         KY
Barren Co Middle School          Glasgow         KY
Barren Co School District        Glasgow         KY
Barren River Area Alt School     Glasgow         KY
Barret Traditional Middle Sch    Louisville      KY
Bates Elementary School          Louisville      KY
Bath Co High School              Owingsville     KY
Bath Co Middle School            Owingsville     KY
Bath Co School District          Owingsville     KY
Battletown Elementary School     Battletown      KY
Beacon Central Alt High Sch      Utica           KY
Beattyville Elementary School    Beattyville     KY
Beaumont Middle School           Lexington       KY
Beaver Creek Elementary School   Topmost         KY
Beaver Dam Elementary School     Beaver Dam      KY
Beckham Bates Elementary Sch     Whitesburg      KY
Bedford Elementary School        Bedford         KY
Beechgrove Elementary School     Independence    KY
Beechwood Elementary School      Fort Mitchell   KY
Beechwood High School            Fort Mitchell   KY
Beechwood Ind School District    Fort Mitchell   KY
Belfry High School               Belfry          KY
Belfry Middle School             Belfry          KY
Bell Central School              Pineville       KY
Bell Co High School              Pineville       KY
Bell Co Rcvry & Day Trtmnt Sch   Pineville       KY
Bellevue High School             Bellevue        KY
Bellevue Ind School District     Bellevue        KY
Bellewood Boys Home School       Bowling Green   KY
Belmont Elementary School        Hopkinsville    KY
Ben Johnson Elementary School    Mc Daniels      KY
Bend Gate Elementary School      Henderson       KY
Bently Alternative School        London          KY
Benton Elementary School         Benton          KY
Benton Middle School             Benton          KY
Berea Cmty Elementary School     Berea           KY
Berea Cmty Jr Sr High School     Berea           KY
Berea Ind School District        Berea           KY
Bernheim Middle School           Shepherdsvlle   KY
Beth Haven Christian School      Louisville      KY
Bethany Christian School         Bethany         KY
Bethel Christian Academy         Mc Daniels      KY
Bethel Elementary School         Sharpsburg      KY
Bethlehem High School            Bardstown       KY
Betsy Layne Elementary School    Betsy Layne     KY
Betsy Layne High School          Betsy Layne     KY
Beulah Mountain Christian Acad   Whitley City    KY
Bevins Elementary School         Sidney          KY
Big Creek Elementary School      Oneida          KY
Big Creek Elementary School      Avawam          KY
Big Creek Elementary School      Bear Branch     KY
Bishop Brossart High School      Alexandria      KY
Black Mountain Elem School       Kenvir          KY
Blackberry Elementary School     Ransom          KY
Blaine Elementary School         Blaine          KY
Blake Elementary School          Louisville      KY
Blessed Sacrament School         Fort Mitchell   KY
Bloom Elementary School          Louisville      KY
Bloomfield Elementary School     Bloomfield      KY
Bloomfield Middle School         Bloomfield      KY
Blue Lick Elementary School      Louisville      KY
Bluegrass Baptist School         Lexington       KY
Bluegrass Christian School       Richmond        KY
Bluegrass Middle School          Elizabethtown   KY
Bondurant Middle School          Frankfort       KY
Bonnieville Elem School          Bonnieville     KY
Booker T Washington Academy      Lexington       KY
Boone Co High School             Florence        KY
Boone Co School District         Florence        KY
Boone Co School District         Florence        KY
Boone Elementary School          Barbourville    KY
Boston Elementary School         Boston          KY
Boston Elementary School         Williamsburg    KY
Botts Elementary School          Denniston       KY
Bourbon Central Elementary Sch   Paris           KY
Bourbon Co High School           Paris           KY
Bourbon Co Middle School         Paris           KY
Bourbon Co School District       Paris           KY
Bowen Elementary School          Louisville      KY
Bowen Elementary School          Stanton         KY
Bowling Green Christian Acad     Bowling Green   KY
Bowling Green High School        Bowling Green   KY
Bowling Green Ind School Dist    Bowling Green   KY
Bowling Green Junior High Sch    Bowling Green   KY
Boyd Co Central Alt School       Ashland         KY
Boyd Co High School              Ashland         KY
Boyd Co Middle School            Ashland         KY
Boyd Juvenile Detention Ctr      Ashland         KY
Boyle Co High School             Danville        KY
Boyle Co Middle School           Danville        KY
Boyle Co School District         Danville        KY
Bracken Co High School           Brooksville     KY
Bracken Co School District       Brooksville     KY
Bracken County Middle School     Brooksville     KY
Breathitt Co High School         Jackson         KY
Breathitt Co School District     Jackson         KY
Breckinridge Co Alt Ctr          Harned          KY
Breckinridge Co High School      Harned          KY
Breckinridge Co Middle School    Harned          KY
Breckinridge Co School Dist      Hardinsburg     KY
Breckinridge Elementary School   Lexington       KY
Breckinridge Metropolitan HS     Louisville      KY
Breckinridge-Franklin Elem Sch   Louisville      KY
Bremen Apostolic Academy         Bremen          KY
Bremen Elementary School         Bremen          KY
Briarwood Elementary School      Bowling Green   KY
Bridgeport Elementary School     Frankfort       KY
Bristow Elementary School        Bowling Green   KY
Brodhead Elementary School       Brodhead        KY
Brooks Elementary School         Shepherdsvlle   KY
Brookside Elementary School      Nicholasville   KY
Brown School                     Louisville      KY
Brown Street Alt Center          Vine Grove      KY
Browning Springs Middle School   Madisonville    KY
Bruce Hall Day Treatment         Danville        KY
Bryan Station High School        Lexington       KY
Bryan Station Middle School      Lexington       KY
Buckhorn School                  Buckhorn        KY
Buckner Alternative High Sch     Buckner         KY
Buckner Elementary School        Buckner         KY
Buechel Metropolitan High Sch    Louisville      KY
Bullitt Central High School      Shepherdsvlle   KY
Bullitt Co Day Treatment Ctr     Shepherdsvlle   KY
Bullitt Co Public School Dist    Shepherdsvlle   KY
Bullitt East High School         Mt Washington   KY
Bullitt Lick Middle School       Shepherdsvlle   KY
Burgin Ind School District       Burgin          KY
Burgin School                    Burgin          KY
Burlington Elementary School     Burlington      KY
Burning Springs Elem School      Manchester      KY
Burns Elementary School          Owensboro       KY
Burnside Elementary School       Burnside        KY
Bush Elementary School           London          KY
Butler Co High School            Morgantown      KY
Butler Co Middle School          Morgantown      KY
Butler Co School District        Morgantown      KY
Butler Learning Center           Morgantown      KY
Butler Traditional High School   Louisville      KY
Byck Elementary School           Louisville      KY
Cairo Elementary School          Henderson       KY
Caldwell Co Elem School          Princeton       KY
Caldwell Co High School          Princeton       KY
Caldwell Co Middle School        Princeton       KY
Calhoun Elementary School        Calhoun         KY
Calloway Co High School          Murray          KY
Calloway Co Middle School        Murray          KY
Calvary Christian Academy        Letcher         KY
Calvary Christian School         Barbourville    KY
Calvary Christian School         Covington       KY
Calvary Christian School         Catlettsburg    KY
Calvary Elementary School        Lebanon         KY
Calvary Kid's Christian School   Winchester      KY
Calvert City Elementary School   Calvert City    KY
Camargo Elementary School        Mt Sterling     KY
Camden Station Elem School       Crestwood       KY
Camp Dick Robinson Elem Sch      Lancaster       KY
Camp Ernst Middle School         Burlington      KY
Camp Ground Elementary Sch       London          KY
Camp Taylor Elementary School    Louisville      KY
Campbell Co High School          Alexandria      KY
Campbell Co Middle School        Alexandria      KY
Campbell Co School District      Alexandria      KY
Campbell Reed Learning Center    Manchester      KY
Campbell Ridge Elementary Sch    Alexandria      KY
Campbellsburg Elem School        Campbellsburg   KY
Campbellsville High School       Campbellsvlle   KY
Campbellsville Ind School Dist   Campbellsvlle   KY
Campbellsville Middle School     Campbellsvlle   KY
Campton Elementary School        Campton         KY
Cane Ridge Elementary School     Paris           KY
Cane Run Elementary School       Louisville      KY
Caneyville Elementary School     Caneyville      KY
Cannel City Elementary School    Cannel City     KY
Cannonsburg Elementary School    Ashland         KY
Capital Day School               Frankfort       KY
Cardinal Valley Elem School      Lexington       KY
Cards Model Alternative School   Monticello      KY
Care Academy                     Willisburg      KY
Carlisle Alternative School      Bardwell        KY
Carlisle Co Elementary School    Bardwell        KY
Carlisle Co High School          Bardwell        KY
Carlisle Co Middle School        Bardwell        KY
Carr Creek Elementary School     Littcarr        KY
Carr Elementary School           Fulton          KY
Carrithers Middle School         Louisville      KY
Carroll Co Alternative School    Carrollton      KY
Carroll Co High School           Carrollton      KY
Carroll Co Middle School         Carrollton      KY
Carter Christian Academy         Grayson         KY
Carter Co Career Technical Ctr   Olive Hill      KY
Carter Co School District        Grayson         KY
Carter Elementary School         Olive Hill      KY
Carter Traditional Elem School   Louisville      KY
Cartmell Elementary School       Carrollton      KY
Casey Amish School               Butchertown     KY
Casey Co High School             Liberty         KY
Casey Co Middle School           Liberty         KY
Casey Co School District         Liberty         KY
Cassidy Elementary School        Lexington       KY
Catlettsburg Elementary School   Catlettsburg    KY
Caverna Elementary School        Cave City       KY
Caverna High School              Horse Cave      KY
Caverna Middle School            Horse Cave      KY
Cawood Elementary School         Cawood          KY
Cedar Grove Elementary School    Shepherdsvlle   KY
Centerfield Elementary School    Crestwood       KY
Central City Elementary School   Central City    KY
Central Elementary School        Winchester      KY
Central Elementary School        Paintsville     KY
Central Elementary School        Benton          KY
Central Elementary School        Mayfield        KY
Central Hardin High School       Cecilia         KY
Central HS McA                   Louisville      KY
Central Kentucky Christian Sch   Harrodsburg     KY
Central Learning Center          Henderson       KY
Chance School                    Louisville      KY
Chandlers Elementary School      Russellville    KY
Chapel of Praise Chrn Academy    Falmouth        KY
Charles Kelly Elem School        Burlington      KY
Charles Russell Elem School      Ashland         KY
Chavies Elementary School        Chavies         KY
Chenoweth Elementary School      Louisville      KY
Chester Goodridge Elem Sch       Hebron          KY
Christ Central School            Pikeville       KY
Christ the King School           Lexington       KY
Christ the King School           Madisonville    KY
Christian Acad of Carrollton     Carrollton      KY
Christian Academy of Lwrnbrg     Lawrenceburg    KY
Christian Acad-English Station   Louisville      KY
Christian Acad-Rock Creek        Louisville      KY
Christian Acad-Soutwest          Louisville      KY
Christian Co Alt Sch             Hopkinsville    KY
Christian Co Day Treatment Ctr   Hopkinsville    KY
Christian Co High School         Hopkinsville    KY
Christian Co Middle School       Hopkinsville    KY
Christian Co School District     Hopkinsville    KY
Christian Fellowship School      Benton          KY
Christian Heritage Cmty Sch      Radcliff        KY
Christian School of Excellence   Fredonia        KY
Clark Alternative School         Winchester      KY
Clark Co Christian School        Winchester      KY
Clark Co School District         Winchester      KY
Clark Elementary School          Paducah         KY
Clark Middle School              Winchester      KY
Clark Moores Middle School       Richmond       KY
Clarkson Elementary School       Clarkson       KY
Clay City Elementary School      Clay City      KY
Clay Co High School              Manchester     KY
Clay Co Middle School            Manchester     KY
Clay Elementary School           Clay           KY
Clays Mill Elementary School     Lexington      KY
Clays Mill Rd Christian Acad     Lexington      KY
Clear Creek Elem School          Shelbyville    KY
Clearfield Elem School           Clearfield     KY
Clinton Co High School           Albany         KY
Clinton Co Middle School         Albany         KY
Cloverport Ind School District   Cloverport     KY
Cochran Elementary School        Louisville     KY
Cochrane Elementary School       Louisville     KY
Cold Hill Elementary School      London         KY
Coleridge Taylor Elem School     Louisville     KY
College View Middle School       Owensboro      KY
Collins Lane Elementary School   Frankfort      KY
Colony Elementary School         London         KY
Columbia SDA Elementary School   Columbia       KY
Community Christian Acad-Elem    Paducah        KY
Community Christian Academy      Independence   KY
Community Christian Acad-Mhs     Paducah        KY
Community Montessori School      Lexington      KY
Concord Elementary School        Paducah        KY
Conner Middle School             Hebron         KY
Conner Senior High School        Hebron         KY
Continuous Learning Center       Paris          KY
Conway Middle School             Louisville     KY
Cooper Whiteside Elem School     Paducah        KY
Coral Ridge Elementary School    Fairdale       KY
Corbin Christian Academy         Corbin         KY
Corbin East School               Corbin         KY
Corbin High School               Corbin         KY
Corbin Ind School District       Corbin         KY
Corbin Middle School             Corbin         KY
Cordia School                    Hazard         KY
Cornerstone Acad-Eastside        Louisville     KY
Cornerstone Christian Academy    Shelbyville    KY
Cornerstone Christian School     Lily           KY
Corpus Christi High School       Simpsonville   KY
Country Heights Elementary Sch   Owensboro      KY
Covington Baptist School         Covington      KY
Covington Catholic High School   Covington      KY
Covington Independent Sch Dist   Covington      KY
Covington Latin School           Covington      KY
Cowan Elementary School          Whitesburg     KY
Cox's Creek Elementary School    Coxs Creek     KY
Crab Orchard Elementary School   Crab Orchard   KY
Crabbe Elementary School         Ashland        KY
Crawford Middle School           Lexington      KY
Creekside Elementary School      Sonora          KY
Crestwood Elementary School      Crestwood       KY
Crittenden Co Elem School        Marion          KY
Crittenden Co High School        Marion          KY
Crittenden Co Middle School      Marion          KY
Crittenden Co School District    Marion          KY
Crittenden-Mt Zion Elem School   Dry Ridge       KY
Crofton Amish Parochial Sch      Crofton         KY
Crofton Elementary School        Crofton         KY
Crosby Middle School             Louisville      KY
Crums Lane Elementary School     Louisville      KY
Cub Run Elementary School        Cub Run         KY
Cuba Elementary School           Mayfield        KY
Cumberland Co Elem School        Burkesville     KY
Cumberland Co High School        Burkesville     KY
Cumberland Co Middle School      Burkesville     KY
Cumberland Co School District    Burkesville     KY
Cumberland Elementary School     Cumberland      KY
Cumberland High School           Cumberland      KY
Cumberland Trace Elem School     Bowling Green   KY
Custer Elementary School         Custer          KY
Daniel Boone Elementary School   Richmond        KY
Danville Bate Middle School      Danville        KY
Danville Christian Academy       Danville        KY
Danville High School             Danville        KY
Danville Montessori School       Danville        KY
Danville School District         Danville        KY
David School                     David           KY
David T Wilson Elementary Sch    Brandenburg     KY
Daviess Co High School           Owensboro       KY
Daviess Co Middle School         Owensboro       KY
Daviess Co School District       Owensboro       KY
Dawson Springs Cmty School       Dawson Spgs     KY
Dawson Springs Ind School Dist   Dawson Spgs     KY
Day Treatment Alternative Sch    Bowling Green   KY
Day Treatment Center             Murray          KY
Dayton High School               Dayton          KY
Dayton Ind School District       Dayton          KY
Deep Springs Elementary School   Lexington       KY
Deer Park Elementary School      Owensboro       KY
Deming School                    Mount Olivet    KY
Dennis C Wooton Elem School      Hazard          KY
Dewitt Elementary School         Dewitt          KY
Dishman McGinnis Elem School     Bowling Green   KY
Dixie Elementary Magnet School   Lexington       KY
Dixie Elementary School          Louisville      KY
Dixie Heights High School        Fort Mitchell   KY
Dixon Elementary School          Dixon           KY
Donald E Cline Elem School       Cold Spring     KY
Dorothy Howell Elem School       Elsmere         KY
Dorton Elementary School         Dorton          KY
Doss High Mag Career Academy     Louisville      KY
Douglas Elementary School        Liberty         KY
Drakes Creek Middle School       Bowling Green   KY
Dry Ridge Elementary School      Dry Ridge       KY
Dunn Elementary School           Louisville      KY
Dupont Manual High School        Louisville      KY
Eagle Creek Learning Center      Williamstown    KY
Earlington Elementary School     Earlington      KY
East Bernstadt Elem School       E Bernstadt     KY
East Calloway Elem School        Murray          KY
East Carter High School          Grayson         KY
East Carter Middle School        Grayson         KY
East End Intermediate School     Middlesboro     KY
East Hardin Middle School        Glendale        KY
East Heights Elementary School   Henderson       KY
East Jessamine High School       Nicholasville   KY
East Jessamine Middle School     Nicholasville   KY
East Oldham Middle School        Crestwood       KY
East Ridge High School           Lick Creek      KY
East Valley Elementary School    West Liberty    KY
East View Elementary School      Owensboro       KY
Eastern Elementary School        Pleasureville   KY
Eastern Elementary School        Georgetown      KY
Eastern Elementary School        Glasgow         KY
Eastern High School              Louisville      KY
Eastside Christian Academy       Louisville      KY
Eastside Elementary School       Cynthiana       KY
Eastside Middle Sch              Mt Washington   KY
Eastwood Christian Academy       Murray          KY
Eden Elementary School           Inez            KY
Edgar Arnett Elementary School   Erlanger        KY
Edmonson Co 5th 6th Center       Brownsville     KY
Edmonson Co High School          Brownsville     KY
Edmonson Co Middle School        Brownsville     KY
Edmonton Elementary School       Edmonton        KY
Education Development Center     Frankfort       KY
Edythe J Hayes Middle School     Lexington       KY
Eisenhower Elementary School     Louisville      KY
Ekron Elementary School          Ekron           KY
Eleventh Street Alt School       Bowling Green   KY
Eliahu Academy                   Louisville      KY
Elizabethtown High School        Elizabethtown   KY
Elizabethtown Ind Sch Dist       Elizabethtown   KY
Elkhorn City Elementary School   Elkhorn City    KY
Elkhorn Elementary School        Frankfort       KY
Elkhorn Middle School            Frankfort       KY
Elliott Co High School           Sandy Hook      KY
Elliott Co School District       Sandy Hook      KY
Eminence High School             Eminence        KY
Eminence Middle School           Eminence        KY
Emma B Ward Elementary School    Lawrenceburg    KY
Emma L Minnis SDA School         Louisville      KY
Emmalena Elementary School       Emmalena        KY
Engelhard Elementary School      Louisville      KY
Erlanger Elsmere Ind Sch Dist    Erlanger        KY
Erpenbeck Elementary School      Florence        KY
Ersil P Ward Elementary School   Wallingford     KY
Estill Co High School            Irvine          KY
Estill Co Middle School          Irvine          KY
Estill Co School District        Irvine          KY
Estill Springs Elementary Sch    Irvine          KY
Eubank Elementary School         Eubank          KY
Evan Harlow Elementary School    Harrodsburg     KY
Evangel School                   Louisville      KY
Evarts Elementary School         Evarts          KY
Evarts High School               Evarts          KY
Ewing Elementary School          Ewing           KY
Ezel Elementary School           Ezel            KY
F T Burns Middle School          Owensboro       KY
Fairdale Elementary School       Fairdale        KY
Fairdale High Magnet Acad        Fairdale        KY
Fairview Elementary School       Ashland         KY
Fairview High School             Ashland         KY
Fairview Ind School District     Ashland         KY
Faith Baptist Academy            Franklin        KY
Faith Hills School               Crockett        KY
Faith Temple Christian School    Owensboro       KY
Fallsburg Elementary School      Louisa          KY
Fancy Farm Elementary School     Fancy Farm      KY
Fannie Bush Elementary School    Winchester      KY
Farley Elementary School         Paducah         KY
Farmington Elementary School     Mayfield        KY
Farnsley Middle School           Louisville      KY
Fayette Co Public Schools        Lexington       KY
Feds Creek Elementary School     Fedscreek       KY
Fellowship Christian Academy     Lancaster       KY
Fern Creek Elementary School     Louisville      KY
Fern Creek Traditional HS        Louisville      KY
Field Elementary School          Louisville      KY
Flaherty Elementary School       Ekron           KY
Flat Gap Elementary School       Flatgap         KY
Flat Lick Elementary School      Flat Lick       KY
Fleming Co High School           Flemingsburg    KY
Fleming Co School District       Flemingsburg    KY
Fleming Neon Elementary School   Neon            KY
Flemingsburg Elementary School   Flemingsburg    KY
Florence Elementary School       Florence        KY
Foley Middle School              Berea           KY
Fordsville Elementary School     Fordsville      KY
Fort Logan High School           Stanford        KY
Foster Traditional Academy       Louisville      KY
Foundation Christian Academy     Bowling Green   KY
Fourth Street Elem School        Newport         KY
Foust Elem School                Owensboro       KY
Frakes School Ctr                Frakes          KY
Frankfort Christian Acad         Frankfort       KY
Frankfort High School            Frankfort       KY
Frankfort Ind School District    Frankfort       KY
Franklin Co High School          Frankfort       KY
Franklin Co Public School Dist   Frankfort       KY
Franklin Mennonite School        Franklin        KY
Franklin Mennonite School        Russellville    KY
Franklin-Simpson High School     Franklin        KY
Franklin-Simpson Middle School   Franklin        KY
Frayser Elementary School        Louisville      KY
Fredericktown Elementary Sch     Springfield     KY
Fredrick Fraize High School      Cloverport      KY
Fredrick Fraize Middle School    Cloverport      KY
Freedom Elementary School        Shepherdsvlle   KY
Frenchburg Group Home Academy    Frenchburg      KY
Frost Middle School              Louisville      KY
Ft Campbell High Sch             Fort Campbell   KY
Ft Campbell Schools              Fort Campbell   KY
Ft Knox Cmty Schools             Fort Knox       KY
Ft Knox High School              Fort Knox       KY
Ft Thomas Ind School District    Fort Thomas     KY
Ft Wright Elementary School      Fort Wright     KY
Fulton City High School          Fulton          KY
Fulton Co Elem Middle School     Hickman         KY
Fulton Co High School            Hickman         KY
G C Burkhead Elementary School   Elizabethtown   KY
G R Hampton Elementary School    Barbourville    KY
Galelean Christian Academy       Liberty         KY
Gallatin Co High School          Warsaw          KY
Gallatin Co Middle School        Warsaw          KY
Gallatin Co School District      Warsaw          KY
Gallatin Co School District      Warsaw          KY
Gallatin Co Upper Elem School    Warsaw          KY
Gamaliel Elementary School       Gamaliel        KY
Garden Springs Elem School       Lexington       KY
Garrard Co High School           Lancaster       KY
Garrard Co School District       Lancaster       KY
Garrard Middle School            Lancaster       KY
Garrison Elementary School       Garrison        KY
Garth Elementary School          Georgetown      KY
Gateway Christian School         Middlesboro     KY
Gateway Diversion School         Mt Sterling     KY
George F Johnson Elem School     Virgie          KY
George M Verity Middle School    Ashland         KY
George Rogers Clark High Sch     Winchester      KY
Georgetown Middle School         Georgetown      KY
Gilmore Lane Elementary School   Louisville      KY
Girdler Elementary School        Girdler         KY
Glasgow High School              Glasgow         KY
Glasgow Ind School District      Glasgow         KY
Glasgow Middle School            Glasgow         KY
Glasscock Elementary School      Lebanon         KY
Glendover Elementary School      Lexington       KY
Glenn Marshall Elementary Sch    Richmond        KY
Glenn O Swing Elem School        Covington       KY
Gloria Dei Lutheran School       Elizabethtown   KY
Goldsmith Elementary School      Louisville      KY
Good Shepherd School             Frankfort       KY
Goose Rock Elementary School     Manchester      KY
Goshen Elementary At Hillcrest   Prospect        KY
Grace Baptist School             Madisonville    KY
Grandview Elementary School      Bellevue        KY
Grant Co High School             Dry Ridge       KY
Grant Co Middle School           Dry Ridge       KY
Grant Co School District         Williamstown    KY
Grants Lick Elem School          Alexandria      KY
Grapevine Elementary School      Madisonville    KY
Graves Co High School            Mayfield        KY
Graves Co Middle School          Mayfield        KY
Gray Middle School               Union           KY
Grayson Co Alternative Ed Ctr    Caneyville      KY
Grayson Co High School           Leitchfield     KY
Grayson Co Middle School         Leitchfield     KY
Greathouse-Shryock Trad ES       Louisville      KY
Green Co High School             Greensburg      KY
Green Co Middle School           Greensburg      KY
Green Co School District         Greensburg      KY
Green Hills Elementary School    Bledsoe         KY
Green River Youth Dev Ctr        Cromwell        KY
Greensburg Elementary School     Greensburg      KY
Greenup Co High School           Greenup         KY
Greenup Co School District       Greenup         KY
Greenville Elementary School     Greenville      KY
Greenwood Elementary School      Louisville      KY
Greenwood High School            Bowling Green   KY
Greysbranch Elementary School    Greenup         KY
Gutermuth Elementary School      Louisville      KY
Guthrie Christian Day School     Guthrie         KY
H W Wilkey Elementary School     Leitchfield     KY
Hacker Elementary School         Manchester      KY
Hager Elementary School          Ashland         KY
Hall Elementary School           Grays Knob      KY
Hancock Co High School           Lewisport       KY
Hancock Co Middle School         Lewisport       KY
Hancock Co School District       Hawesville      KY
Hannah McClure Elem School       Winchester      KY
Hanson Elementary School         Hanson          KY
Happy Valley ALC                 Glasgow         KY
Hardin Christian Academy         Radcliff        KY
Hardin Co Day Treatment Ctr      Elizabethtown   KY
Hardin Co School District        Elizabethtown   KY
Hardinsburg Elementary School    Hardinsburg     KY
Harlan Co Christian School       Putney          KY
Harlan Co School District        Harlan          KY
Harlan Ind School District       Harlan          KY
Harlan Jr Sr High School         Harlan          KY
Harmony Elementary School        Goshen          KY
Harrison Co High School          Cynthiana       KY
Harrison Co Middle School        Cynthiana       KY
Harrison Co School District      Cynthiana       KY
Harrison Elementary School       Lexington       KY
Harrodsburg Day Treatment Ctr    Harrodsburg     KY
Harrodsburg Middle School        Harrodsburg     KY
Hart Co High School              Munfordville    KY
Hart Co School District          Munfordville    KY
Hartstern Elementary School      Louisville      KY
Harvest Christian Academy        S Portsmouth    KY
Hatcher Elementary School        Ashland         KY
Hattie C Warner Elem School      Nicholasville   KY
Hawthorne Elementary School      Louisville      KY
Hayes Lewis Elementary School    Yeaddiss        KY
Hazard Christian Academy         Hazard          KY
Hazard High School               Hazard          KY
Hazard Ind School District       Hazard          KY
Hazel Green Elem School          E Bernstadt     KY
Hazelwood Elementary School      Louisville      KY
Hearn Elementary School          Frankfort       KY
Heath Elementary School          West Paducah    KY
Heath High School                West Paducah    KY
Heath Middle School              West Paducah    KY
Hebron Middle School             Shepherdsvlle   KY
Helmwood Hghts Elem School       Elizabethtown   KY
Henderson Co High School         Henderson       KY
Henderson Co North Middle Sch    Henderson       KY
Henderson Co School District     Henderson       KY
Henderson Co South Middle Sch    Henderson       KY
Hendron Lone Oak Elem School     Paducah         KY
Henry Clay Senior High School    Lexington       KY
Henry Co High School             New Castle      KY
Henry Co Middle School           New Castle      KY
Henry Co Public School Dist      New Castle      KY
Henry F Moss Middle School       Bowling Green   KY
Herald Whitaker Middle School    Salyersville    KY
Heritage Academy                 Florence        KY
Heritage Christian Academy       Hopkinsville    KY
Heritage Elementary School       Waddy           KY
Heritage Elementary School       Hitchins        KY
Hickman Co Elementary School     Clinton         KY
Hickman Co Jr Sr High School     Clinton         KY
Hickman Co School District       Clinton         KY
Hickory Amish Mennonite School   Hickory         KY
Highland Elementary School       Waynesburg      KY
Highland Elementary School       Staffordsvlle   KY
Highland Elementary School       Glasgow         KY
Highland Elementary School       Hopkinsville    KY
Highland Elementary School       Owensboro       KY
Highland Heights Elem School     Highland Heig   KY
Highland Middle School           Louisville      KY
Highlands High School            Fort Thomas     KY
Highlands Latin School           Louisville      KY
Highlands Middle School          Fort Thomas     KY
Highland-Turner Elem School      Booneville      KY
Hillard Collins Elem School      Florence        KY
Hillcrest Hall High School       Mt Sterling     KY
Hillsboro Elementary School      Hillsboro       KY
Hillview Academy                 Taylorsville    KY
Hindman Elementary School        Hindman         KY
Hiseville Elementary School      Hiseville       KY
Hite Elementary School           Louisville      KY
Hogsett Elementary School        Danville        KY
Holiday Elementary School        Hopkinsville    KY
Holmes Alternative School        Covington       KY
Holmes Jr Sr High School         Covington       KY
Holy Angels Academy              Louisville      KY
Holy Cross Elementary School     Latonia         KY
Holy Cross High School           Louisville      KY
Holy Cross High School           Latonia         KY
Holy Family Catholic School      Covington       KY
Holy Family Elementary School    Ashland         KY
Holy Family School               Louisville      KY
Holy Name Elementary School      Henderson       KY
Holy Spirit School               Louisville      KY
Holy Trinity Elementary School   Bellevue        KY
Holy Trinity Jr High School      Newport         KY
Holy Trinity Lutheran School     Bowling Green   KY
Holy Trinity Parish School       Louisville      KY
Hope Hill Children's Alt Sch     Hope            KY
Hopkins Co Adolescent Dt         Madisonville    KY
Hopkins Co Central High School   Madisonville    KY
Hopkins Co School District       Madisonville    KY
Hopkinsville High School         Hopkinsville    KY
Hopkinsville Middle School       Hopkinsville    KY
Horse Branch Elementary School   Horse Branch    KY
Horse Creek Elementary School    Manchester      KY
Howevalley Elementary School     Cecilia         KY
Hunter Hills Elementary School   Corbin          KY
Huntertown Elementary School     Versailles      KY
Hustonville Elementary School    Hustonville     KY
Hyden Elementary School          Hyden           KY
Immaculate Conception School     La Grange       KY
Immaculate Heart of Mary Sch     Burlington      KY
Immanuel Christian Academy       Monticello      KY
Indian Hills Elementary School   Hopkinsville    KY
Indian Trail Elementary School   Louisville      KY
Inez Elementary School           Inez            KY
Inez Middle School               Inez            KY
Infinite Possibiltes Chrn Acad   Sandy Hook      KY
Iroquois High Magnet Acad        Louisville      KY
Iroquois Middle School           Louisville      KY
Irvington Elementary School      Irvington       KY
Isonville Elem School            Isonville       KY
J A Caywood Elementary School    Edgewood        KY
J B McNabb Middle School         Mt Sterling     KY
J F Kennedy Montessori ES        Louisville      KY
J M Stumbo Elementary School     Grethel         KY
Jackson City School              Jackson         KY
Jackson Co High School           Mc Kee          KY
Jackson Co Middle School         Mc Kee          KY
Jackson County Alt School        Mc Kee          KY
Jackson Elementary School        Fort Campbell   KY
Jackson Ind School District      Jackson         KY
Jacob Elementary School          Louisville      KY
James A Cawood High School       Harlan          KY
James A Duff Elementary School   Eastern         KY
James D Adams Middle School      Prestonsburg    KY
James E Bazzell Middle School    Scottsville     KY
James I Tichenor Middle School   Erlanger        KY
James Lane Allen Elem School     Lexington       KY
James Madison Middle School      Madisonville    KY
James T Alton Middle School      Vine Grove      KY
Jamestown Elementary School      Jamestown       KY
Jefferson Co High School         Louisville      KY
Jefferson Co School District     Louisville      KY
Jefferson Co Traditional MS      Louisville      KY
Jefferson Elementary School      Henderson       KY
Jeffersontown Elem School        Louisville      KY
Jeffersontown High Magnet Sch    Louisville      KY
Jenkins Elementary School        Burdine         KY
Jenkins Ind School District      Jenkins         KY
Jenkins Middle High School       Jenkins         KY
Jennie Rogers Elem School        Danville        KY
Jesse Stuart Elementary School   Madisonville    KY
Jessie D Lay Elementary School   Barbourville    KY
Jessie M Clark Middle School     Lexington       KY
Joe Harrison Carter Elem Sch     Tompkinsville   KY
John Adair Intermediate School   Columbia        KY
John G Carlisle Elem School      Covington       KY
John Hardin High School          Elizabethtown   KY
John T Arnett Elem School        Gunlock         KY
John W Miles Elementary School   Erlanger        KY
John W Reiley Elem School        Alexandria      KY
Johns Creek Elementary School    Pikeville       KY
Johnson Central High School      Paintsville     KY
Johnson Co Alt School            Hagerhill       KY
Johnson Co Middle School         Paintsville     KY
Johnson Elementary School        Lexington       KY
Johnson Elementary School        London          KY
Johnson Elementary School        Fort Thomas     KY
Johnson Traditional Middle Sch   Louisville      KY
Johnsontown Road Elem School     Louisville      KY
Jonathan Elementary School       Benton          KY
Jones Fork Elementary School     Mousie          KY
Jones Park Elementary Sch        Liberty         KY
Jordan Christian Academy         Burnside        KY
Julia R Ewan Elementary School   Lexington       KY
Julius Marks Elementary School   Lexington       KY
Junction City Elem School        Junction City   KY
June Buchanan School             Pippa Passes    KY
Kammerer Middle School           Louisville      KY
Keavy Elementary School          Keavy           KY
Kenneth D King Middle School     Harrodsburg     KY
Kenton Co School District        Fort Mitchell   KY
Kenton Elementary School         Independence    KY
Kentucky Christian School        Campbellsvlle   KY
Kentucky Country Day School      Louisville      KY
Kentucky Dept of Education       Frankfort       KY
Kentucky Valley Ed Co-Op         Hazard          KY
Kenwood Elementary School        Louisville      KY
Kenwood Station Elementary Sch   Crestwood       KY
Kerrick Elementary School        Louisville      KY
Kimper Elementary School         Kimper          KY
King Elementary School           Louisville      KY
Kingdom Come Elementary Sch      Linefork        KY
Kingston Elementary School       Berea           KY
Kirksville Elementary School     Richmond        KY
Kit Carson Elementary School     Richmond        KY
Klondike Lane Elem School        Louisville      KY
Knight Middle School             Louisville      KY
Knott Co Central High School     Hindman         KY
Knott Co School District         Hindman         KY
Knox Appalachian School          Barbourville    KY
Knox Central High School         Barbourville    KY
Knox Co School District          Barbourville    KY
Knox County Learning Academy     Corbin          KY
Knox County Middle School        Barbourville    KY
L B J Elementary School          Jackson         KY
Lacy Elementary School           Hopkinsville    KY
Lafayette Senior High School     Lexington       KY
Lagrange Elementary School       La Grange       KY
Lake Cumberland Youth Dev Ctr    Monticello      KY
Lakeside Elem School             Sandy Hook      KY
Lakewood Elementary School       Cecilia         KY
Lancaster Elementary School      Lancaster       KY
Landmark Christian Academy       Louisville      KY
Lansdowne Elementary School      Lexington       KY
Larue Baptist School             Hodgenville     KY
Larue Co High School             Hodgenville     KY
Larue Co Intermediate School     Hodgenville     KY
Larue Co Middle School           Hodgenville     KY
Larue Co School District         Hodgenville     KY
Lassiter Middle School           Louisville      KY
Latonia Elementary School        Latonia         KY
Laukhuf Elementary School        Louisville      KY
Laurel Co Day Treatment          London          KY
Laurel Co School District        London          KY
Laurel Elementary School         Vanceburg       KY
Lawrence Co High School          Louisa          KY
Lawrence Co School District      Louisa          KY
Layne Elementary School          Louisville      KY
Learning Opportunities Ctr       Franklin        KY
Leatherwood Elementary School    Leatherwood     KY
Lebanon Elementary School        Lebanon         KY
Lebanon Junction Elem School     Lebanon Jctn    KY
Lebanon Middle School            Lebanon         KY
Lee Co Alternative School        Beattyville     KY
Lee Co High School               Beattyville     KY
Lee Co Middle School             Beattyville     KY
Lee Co School District           Beattyville     KY
Leestown Middle School           Lexington       KY
Legrande Elem School             Horse Cave      KY
Leslie Co High School            Confluence      KY
Leslie Co Middle School          Hyden           KY
Leslie Co School District        Hyden           KY
Letcher Central High School      Whitesburg      KY
Letcher Co School District       Whitesburg      KY
Letcher Elementary School        Letcher         KY
Lewis Co Central Elem School     Vanceburg       KY
Lewis Co High School             Vanceburg       KY
Lewis Co Middle School           Vanceburg       KY
Lewis Co School District         Vanceburg       KY
Lewisburg Elementary School      Lewisburg       KY
Lexington Catholic High School   Lexington       KY
Lexington Christian Acad-Cent    Lexington       KY
Lexington Christian Academy      Lexington       KY
Lexington Christian Acad-Scc     Lexington       KY
Lexington Chrstn Acad-Rose HS    Lexington       KY
Lexington Junior Academy         Lexington       KY
Lexington Montessori School      Lexington       KY
Lexington School                 Lexington       KY
Lexington Traditional Mag Sch    Lexington       KY
Liberty Christian School         Hawesville      KY
Liberty Elementary School        Goshen          KY
Liberty Elementary School        Liberty         KY
Liberty High School              Louisville      KY
Lighthouse Alternative Academy   Bowling Green   KY
Lighthouse Christian Academy     Ledbetter       KY
Lincoln Alternative School       Stanford        KY
Lincoln Co High School           Stanford        KY
Lincoln Co Middle School         Stanford        KY
Lincoln Co School District       Stanford        KY
Lincoln Elementary School        Dayton          KY
Lincoln Elementary School        Franklin        KY
Lincoln Elementary School        Fort Campbell   KY
Lincoln Trail Elementary Sch     Elizabethtown   KY
Lincoln Village Treatment Ctr    Elizabethtown   KY
Linlee Elementary School         Lexington       KY
Little Flock Christian Academy   Shepherdsvlle   KY
Livermore Elementary School      Livermore       KY
Living Waters Christian Sch      Big Laurel      KY
Livingston Central High School   Smithland       KY
Livingston Co Middle School      Burna           KY
Livingston Co School District    Smithland       KY
Lloyd Memorial High School       Erlanger        KY
Logan Co High School             Russellville    KY
Logan Co School District         Russellville    KY
London Christian Academy         London          KY
London Elementary School         London          KY
Lone Jack School Center          Fourmile        KY
Lone Oak Elementary School       Paducah         KY
Lone Oak High School             Paducah         KY
Lone Oak Middle School           Paducah         KY
Longest Elementary School        Greenville      KY
Lost Creek Elementary School     Dice            KY
Lost River Elementary School     Bowling Green   KY
Louisa East Elementary School    Louisa          KY
Louisa Middle School             Louisa          KY
Louisville Collegiate School     Louisville      KY
Louisville Collegiate School     Louisville      KY
Louisville Day Treatment Ctr     Louisville      KY
Louisville Junior Academy        Louisville      KY
Louisville Male High School      Louisville      KY
Lowe Elementary School           Louisville      KY
Lowes Elementary School          Lowes           KY
Ludlow High School               Ludlow          KY
Ludlow Ind School District       Ludlow          KY
Ludlow Middle School             Ludlow          KY
Luhr Elementary School           Louisville      KY
Lynn Camp Jr Sr High School      Corbin          KY
Lyon Co Elementary School        Eddyville       KY
Lyon Co High School              Eddyville       KY
Lyon Co Middle School            Eddyville       KY
Lyon Co School District          Eddyville       KY
MacDonald Intermediate School    Fort Knox       KY
Madison Central High School      Richmond        KY
Madison Co School District       Richmond        KY
Madison Day Treatment Ctr        Richmond        KY
Madison Middle School            Richmond        KY
Madison Southern High School     Berea           KY
Madisonville Christian School    Madisonville    KY
Madisonville North Hopkins HS    Madisonville    KY
Magoffin Co High School          Salyersville    KY
Magoffin Co School District      Salyersville    KY
Mahaffey Middle School           Fort Campbell   KY
Majestic Knox Creek Elem Sch     Majestic        KY
Malcolm B Chancey Elem School    Louisville      KY
Manchester Elementary School     Manchester      KY
Mapleton Elementary School       Mt Sterling     KY
Marie Roberts-Caney Elem Sch     Lost Creek      KY
Marion Co High School            Lebanon         KY
Marion Co Public School Dist     Lebanon         KY
Marshall Co High School          Benton          KY
Marshall Elementary School       Fort Campbell   KY
Martha Jane Potter School        Whitesburg      KY
Martin Co School District        Inez            KY
Martin L King Jr Academy         Lexington       KY
Mary A Goetz Elementary School   Ludlow          KY
Mary Carrico Memorial School     Philpot         KY
Mary Queen of Heaven School      Erlanger        KY
Mary Queen of Holy Rosary Sch    Lexington       KY
Mary Todd Elementary School      Lexington       KY
Maryhurst School                 Louisville      KY
Maryville Elementary School      Louisville      KY
Mason Co High School             Maysville       KY
Mason Co Middle School           Maysville       KY
Mason Co School District         Maysville       KY
Mason County Intermediate Sch    Maysville       KY
Mason-Corinth Elem School        Williamstown    KY
Maurice Bowling Middle School    Owenton         KY
Maxwell Elementary School        Lexington       KY
May Valley Elementary School     Martin          KY
Mayfield Elementary School       Richmond        KY
Mayfield Elementary School       Mayfield        KY
Mayfield High School             Mayfield        KY
Mayfield Ind School District     Mayfield        KY
Mayfield Middle School           Mayfield        KY
Mayfield Use Development Ctr     Mayfield        KY
McBeath Elementary School        Liberty         KY
McBrayer Elem School             Morehead        KY
McCracken Co Alternative Sch     Paducah         KY
McCracken Co School District     Paducah         KY
McCreary Central Academy         Stearns         KY
McCreary Central High School     Stearns         KY
McCreary Co School District      Stearns         KY
McCreary County Middle School    Stearns         KY
McDowell Elementary School       Mc Dowell       KY
McFerran Preparatory Academy     Louisville      KY
McKee Elementary School          Mc Kee          KY
McKell Elementary School         South Shore     KY
McKell Middle School             South Shore     KY
McKinney Elementary School       Mc Kinney       KY
McLean Co High School            Calhoun         KY
McLean Co Middle School          Calhoun         KY
McLean Co School District        Calhoun         KY
McNabb Elementary School         Paducah         KY
Meade Co High School             Brandenburg     KY
Meade Co School District         Brandenburg     KY
Meade Memorial Elem School       Williamsport    KY
Meadow Lands Elementary School   Owensboro       KY
Meadow View Elementary School    Radcliff        KY
Meadowthorpe Elementary School   Lexington       KY
Medora Elementary School         Louisville      KY
Meece Middle School              Somerset        KY
Memorial Elementary School       Hardyville      KY
Menifee Co Academy               Mariba          KY
Menifee Co Elementary School     Frenchburg      KY
Menifee Co High School           Frenchburg      KY
Menifee Co Middle School         Frenchburg      KY
Mercer Co Alt Learning Ctr       Harrodsburg     KY
Mercer Co Senior High Sch        Harrodsburg     KY
Mercer Co SHS -E Lexington       Harrodsburg     KY
Mercy Academy                    Louisville      KY
Merritt Little School            Lancaster       KY
Metcalfe Co High School          Edmonton        KY
Metcalfe Co Middle School        Edmonton        KY
Meyzeek Middle School            Louisville      KY
Micah Christian School           Louisville      KY
Middle Alternative School        Bowling Green   KY
Middle Fork Elementary School    Salyersville    KY
Middleboro Alternative School    Middesboro      KY
Middlesboro High School          Middlesboro     KY
Middlesboro Middle School        Middlesboro     KY
Middletown Elementary School     Louisville      KY
Milburn-Maupin Trad Magnet Sch   Louisville      KY
Mildred Dean Elem School         Newport         KY
Mill Creek Elementary School     Louisville      KY
Millard Hensley Elem School      Salyersville    KY
Millard Middle School            Pikeville       KY
Millbrooke Elementary School     Hopkinsville    KY
Millcreek Elementary School      Lexington       KY
Millersburg Military Institute   Millersburg     KY
Millville Baptist Academy        Frankfort       KY
Milton Elementary School         Milton          KY
Minors Lane Elementary School    Louisville      KY
Model Laboratory School          Richmond        KY
Monroe Co High School            Tompkinsville   KY
Monroe Co Mennonite School       Mount Hermon    KY
Monroe Co Middle School          Tompkinsville   KY
Monroe Co School District        Tompkinsville   KY
Montgomery Co High School        Mt Sterling     KY
Montgomery Co School District    Mt Sterling     KY
Monticello Ind School District   Monticello      KY
Monticello School                Monticello      KY
Moore Traditional School         Louisville      KY
Morehead Montessori School       Morehead        KY
Morehead Youth Development Ctr   Morehead        KY
Morgan Co High School            West Liberty    KY
Morgan Co Middle School          West Liberty    KY
Morgan Co School District        West Liberty    KY
Morgan Elementary School         Paducah         KY
Morganfield Elem School          Morganfield     KY
Morgantown Elem School           Morgantown      KY
Morningside Elementary School    Hopkinsville    KY
Morningside Elementary School    Elizabethtown   KY
Morton Middle School             Lexington       KY
Mother of Good Counsel School    Louisville      KY
Mountain Christian Academy       Martin          KY
Moyer Elementary School          Fort Thomas     KY
Mt Carmel School                 Vancleve        KY
Mt Sterling Elementary School    Mt Sterling     KY
Mt Vernon Elementary School      Mount Vernon    KY
Mt Washington Elementary Sch     Mt Washington   KY
Mt Washington Middle School      Mt Washington   KY
Muhlenberg Co School District    Greenville      KY
Muhlenberg North High School     Greenville      KY
Muhlenberg North Middle School   Greenville      KY
Muhlenberg South High School     Greenville      KY
Muhlenberg South Middle School   Greenville      KY
Muldraugh Elementary School      Muldraugh       KY
Mullins Elementary School        Pikeville       KY
Munfordville Elem School         Munfordville    KY
Murray High School               Murray          KY
Murray Ind School District       Murray          KY
Murray Middle School             Murray          KY
Myers Middle School              Louisville      KY
Nancy Elementary School          Nancy           KY
Nativity Acad At St Boniface     Louisville      KY
Nelson Co Baptist School         Bardstown       KY
Nelson Co High School            Bardstown       KY
Nelson Co School District        Bardstown       KY
Nevisdale Elementary School      Nevisdale       KY
New Castle Elem School           New Castle      KY
New Haven Elem Middle School     New Haven       KY
New Haven Elementary School      Union           KY
New Highland Elem School         Elizabethtown   KY
New Hope Christian Academy       Midway          KY
New Horizons Alt School          Elkton          KY
Newburg Middle School            Louisville      KY
Newport Central Catholic HS      Newport         KY
Newport High School              Newport         KY
Newport Ind School District      Newport         KY
Newport Middle School            Newport         KY
Newton Education Center          Campbellsvlle   KY
Niagara Elementary School        Henderson       KY
Nicholas Co Elementary School    Carlisle        KY
Nicholas Co High School          Carlisle        KY
Nicholasville Elem School        Nicholasville   KY
Nichols Elementary School        West Point      KY
Ninth District Elementary Sch    Latonia         KY
Ninth Grade School               Georgetown      KY
Noe Middle School                Louisville      KY
North Bullitt High School        Shepherdsvlle   KY
North Butler Elementary School   Morgantown      KY
North Calloway Elem School       Murray          KY
North Drive Middle School        Hopkinsville    KY
North Hancock Elementary Sch     Lewisport       KY
North Hardin Christian School    Radcliff        KY
North Hardin High School         Radcliff        KY
North Laurel High School         London          KY
North Laurel Middle School       London          KY
North Livingston Elem School     Burna           KY
North Marshall Middle School     Calvert City    KY
North Metcalfe Elem School       Edmonton        KY
North Middletown Elem School     N Middletown    KY
North Oldham High School         Goshen          KY
North Oldham Middle School       Goshen          KY
North Pointe Elementary School   Hebron          KY
North Todd Elementary School     Elkton          KY
North Warren Elementary School   Smiths Grove    KY
North Washington Elem Sch        Willisburg      KY
Northern Elementary School       Georgetown      KY
Northern Elementary School       Lexington       KY
Northern Elementary School       Butler          KY
Northern KY Learning Academy     Alexandria      KY
Northern Middle School           Somerset        KY
Northside Baptist Chrn School    Mayfield        KY
Northside Christian School       Louisville      KY
Northside Elementary School      Midway          KY
Northside Elementary School      Cynthiana       KY
Norton Elementary School         Louisville      KY
Notre Dame Academy               Louisville      KY
Notre Dame Academy               Covington       KY
Oak Grove Elementary School      Corbin          KY
Oakdale Christian School         Jackson         KY
Oakhill Elementary School        Somerset        KY
Oakland Elementary School        Oakland         KY
Oakview Elementary School        Ashland         KY
Ockerman Elementary School       Florence        KY
Ockerman Middle School           Florence        KY
Ohio Co High School              Hartford        KY
Ohio Co Middle School            Hartford        KY
Ohio Co School District          Hartford        KY
Ohio County Christian Academy    Beaver Dam      KY
Okolona Elementary School        Louisville      KY
Old Kentucky Home Interm Sch     Bardstown       KY
Old Kentucky Home Middle Sch     Bardstown       KY
Old Mill Elementary School       Mt Washington   KY
Oldham Co High School            Buckner         KY
Oldham Co Middle School          Buckner         KY
Oldham Co School District        Buckner         KY
Olive Hill Elementary School     Olive Hill      KY
Olmstead Elementary School       Olmstead        KY
Oneida Baptist Institute         Oneida          KY
Oneida Elementary School         Oneida          KY
Open Door Christian Academy      Paducah         KY
Opportunities Unlimited          Martin          KY
Oran P Lawler Elem School        Leitchfield     KY
Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy    Simpsonville    KY
Our Lady of Lourdes School       Louisville      KY
Our Lady of the Mountains Sch    Paintsville     KY
Our Savior Lutheran School       Louisville      KY
Overdale Elementary School       Louisville      KY
Owen Co Elementary School        Owenton         KY
Owen County High School          Owenton         KY
Owensboro 5-6 Center             Owensboro       KY
Owensboro Catholic 4-6 Campus    Owensboro       KY
Owensboro Catholic High School   Owensboro       KY
Owensboro Catholic Middle Sch    Owensboro       KY
Owensboro Christian Academy      Owensboro       KY
Owensboro High School            Owensboro       KY
Owensboro Middle School          Owensboro       KY
Owensboro Treatment Center       Owensboro       KY
Owingsville Elementary School    Owingsville     KY
Owsley Co Elementary School      Booneville      KY
Owsley Co Jr Sr High School      Booneville      KY
Paces Creek Elementary School    Manchester      KY
Paducah Alternative School       Paducah         KY
Paducah Middle School            Paducah         KY
Paducah Tilghman High School     Paducah         KY
Page School Ctr                  Pineville       KY
Paint Lick Elementary School     Paint Lick      KY
Painted Stone Elem School        Shelbyville     KY
Paintsville Elementary School    Paintsville     KY
Paintsville Ind Sch District     Paintsville     KY
Paintsville Jr Sr High School    Paintsville     KY
Paris High School                Paris           KY
Paris Ind School District        Paris           KY
Paris Middle School              Paris           KY
Park City Elementary School      Park City       KY
Parker-Bennett-Curry Elem Sch    Bowling Green   KY
Parkway Elementary School        Radcliff        KY
Paul G Blazer High School        Ashland         KY
Paul Laurence Dunbar High Sch    Lexington       KY
Payneville Elementary School     Payneville      KY
Peaks Mill Elementary School     Frankfort       KY
Pembroke Elementary School       Pembroke        KY
Pendleton Co High School         Falmouth        KY
Pennyrile Christian Academy      Madisonville    KY
Perry Co Central High School     Hazard          KY
Perry Co School District         Hazard          KY
Perryville Elementary School     Perryville      KY
Pewee Valley Jr Academy          Pewee Valley    KY
Phelps Day Treatment Center      Phelps          KY
Phelps Elementary School         Phelps          KY
Phelps Elementary School         Windsor         KY
Phelps High School               Phelps          KY
Phillip A Sharp Middle School    Butler          KY
Phillips Elementary School       Liberty         KY
Piarist School                   Martin          KY
Picadome Elementary School       Lexington       KY
Pierce Elementary School         Greensburg      KY
Pike Co Central High School      Pikeville       KY
Pike Co School District          Pikeville       KY
Pikeville Elementary School      Pikeville       KY
Pikeville High School            Pikeville       KY
Pilot View Elementary School     Winchester      KY
Pine Knot Career Institute       Pine Knot       KY
Pine Knot Intermediate           Pine Knot       KY
Piner Elementary School          Morning View    KY
Pineville Elementary School      Pineville       KY
Pineville High School            Pineville       KY
Pitt Academy                     Louisville      KY
Pleasant Grove Elem School       Mt Washington   KY
Pleasant View Elem School        Williamsburg    KY
Pleasure Ridge Park Magnet HS    Louisville      KY
Poage Elementary School          Ashland         KY
Ponderosa Elementary School      Catlettsburg    KY
Poplar Creek Elementary School   Siler           KY
Porter Elementary School         Hagerhill       KY
Portland Christian School        Louisville      KY
Portland Elementary School       Louisville      KY
Potter Gray Elementary School    Bowling Green   KY
Powell Co Alternative School     Stanton         KY
Powell Co High School            Stanton         KY
Powell Co Middle School          Stanton         KY
Powell Co School District        Stanton         KY
Prater Borders Elem School       Salyersville    KY
Presentation Academy             Louisville      KY
Prestonsburg Elementary School   Prestonsburg    KY
Prestonsburg High School         Prestonsburg    KY
Price Elementary School          Louisville      KY
Prichard Elementary School       Grayson         KY
Pride Ave Elementary School      Madisonville    KY
Prince of Peace School           Covington       KY
Providence Elementary School     Winchester      KY
Providence Elementary School     Providence      KY
Providence High School           Providence      KY
Providence Ind School District   Providence      KY
Pulaski Central Alt School       Somerset        KY
Pulaski Co Day Treatment Ctr     Somerset        KY
Pulaski Co High School           Somerset        KY
Pulaski Co School District       Somerset        KY
Pulaski Elementary School        Somerset        KY
R C Hinsdale Elementary School   Edgewood        KY
R E Stevenson Elem School        Russellville    KY
Raceland-Worthington High Sch    Raceland        KY
Radcliff Middle School           Radcliff        KY
Ramey Estep High School          Rush            KY
Rangeland Elementary School      Louisville      KY
Rector A Jones Middle School     Florence        KY
Red Bird Mission School          Beverly         KY
Red Cross Elementary School      Glasgow         KY
Red River Valley Elem School     Hazel Green     KY
Reidland Elementary School       Paducah         KY
Reidland High School             Paducah         KY
Reidland Middle School           Paducah         KY
Renaissance Center               Greenville      KY
Render Education Center          Hartford        KY
Rev James Uzzle Christian Acad   Hickman         KY
Rich Pond Elementary School      Bowling Green   KY
Richardsville Elem School        Bowling Green   KY
Ride Center Alternative School   Morganfield     KY
Right Fork School Ctr            Stoney Fork     KY
Rineyville Elementary School     Rineyville      KY
Rivendell Psychiatric Center     Bowling Green   KY
River Ridge Elementary School    Villa Hills     KY
Riverside Chrn Training School   Lost Creek      KY
Riverview High School            Shepherdsvlle   KY
Robert B Turner Elem School      Lawrenceburg    KY
Robert W Combs Elem School       Happy           KY
Robinson Creek Elem School       Robinson Crk    KY
Robinson Elementary School       Ary             KY
Roby Elementary School           Shepherdsvlle   KY
Rockcastle Co Alternative Sch    Mount Vernon    KY
Rockcastle Co High School        Mount Vernon    KY
Rockcastle Co Middle School      Mount Vernon    KY
Rockcastle Co School District    Mount Vernon    KY
Rockfield Elementary School      Bowling Green   KY
Rockholds Opportunity Ctr        Rockholds       KY
Rodburn Elementary School        Morehead        KY
Rogers Elementary School         Rogers          KY
Rolling Hills Christian School   Shepherdsvlle   KY
Roosevelt-Perry Elem School      Louisville      KY
Rosa Parks Elementary School     Lexington       KY
Rose Hill Christian School       Ashland         KY
Rosenwald-Dunbar Elem School     Nicholasville   KY
Rosspoint Elementary School      Baxter          KY
Roundstone Elementary School     Mount Vernon    KY
Rousseau Elementary School       Rousseau        KY
Rowan Co Middle School           Morehead        KY
Rowan Co School District         Morehead        KY
Rowan Co Senior High School      Morehead        KY
Roy G Eversole Middle School     Hazard          KY
Royal Spring Middle School       Georgetown      KY
Runyon Elementary School         Pinsonfork      KY
Russell Cave Elementary School   Lexington       KY
Russell Co High School           Russell Spgs    KY
Russell Co Middle School         Russell Spgs    KY
Russell High School              Russell         KY
Russell Ind School District      Russell         KY
Russell Middle School            Russell         KY
Russell Springs Elem School      Russell Spgs    KY
Russell-McDowell Interm Sch      Flatwoods       KY
Russellville High School         Russellville    KY
Russellville Middle School       Russellville    KY
Rutherford Elementary School     Louisville      KY
Ryland Heights Elementary Sch    Ryland Height   KY
Ryle High School                 Union           KY
Sacramento Elementary School     Sacramento      KY
Sacred Heart Academy             Louisville      KY
Sacred Heart Model School        Louisville      KY
Saffell Street Elem School       Lawrenceburg    KY
Salem Elementary School          Russell Spgs    KY
Saline Christian Academy         Somerset        KY
Salt Lick Elementary School      Salt Lick       KY
Salyer Elementary School         Salyersville    KY
Salyersville Grade School        Salyersville    KY
Sand Gap Elementary School       Sandgap         KY
Sanders Elementary School        Louisville      KY
Sandy Hook Elem School           Sandy Hook      KY
Sayre School                     Lexington       KY
Scapa Bluegrass Middle School    Lexington       KY
Schaffner Traditional Elem Sch   Louisville      KY
Science Hill Elem School         Science Hill    KY
Scott Co Alternative School      Georgetown      KY
Scott Co Middle School           Georgetown      KY
Scott Co School District         Georgetown      KY
Scott Co Senior High School      Georgetown      KY
Scott High School                Taylor Mill     KY
Scott Middle School              Fort Knox       KY
Sebastian Middle School          Jackson         KY
Sebree Elementary School         Sebree          KY
Second Street School             Frankfort       KY
Sedalia Elementary School        Sedalia         KY
Semple Elementary School         Louisville      KY
Seneca High School               Louisville      KY
Seven Hills Alternative Sch      Owensboro       KY
Shacklette Elementary School     Louisville      KY
Shannon Johnson Elem School      Berea           KY
Sharpe Elementary School         Benton          KY
Shawnee High Magnet Acad         Louisville      KY
Shearer Elementary School        Winchester      KY
Shelby Co East Middle School     Shelbyville     KY
Shelby Co Education Center       Pleasureville   KY
Shelby Co High School            Shelbyville     KY
Shelby Co Public School Dist     Shelbyville     KY
Shelby Co West Middle School     Shelbyville     KY
Shelby Elementary School         Louisville      KY
Shelby Valley High School        Pikeville       KY
Shelby Vly Day Treatment Ctr     Pikeville       KY
Sheldon Clark High School        Inez            KY
Shepherdsville Elementary Sch    Shepherdsvlle   KY
Shirley Mann Elementary School   Union           KY
Shopville Elementary School      Somerset       KY
Silver Creek Elementary School   Berea          KY
Silver Grove Ind School Dist     Silver Grove   KY
Silver Grove School              Silver Grove   KY
Simmons Elementary School        Versailles     KY
Simon Kenton High School         Independence   KY
Simons Middle School             Flemingsburg   KY
Simpson Co School District       Franklin       KY
Simpsonville Elem School         Simpsonville   KY
Sinking Fork Elementary School   Hopkinsville   KY
Sixth District Elem School       Covington      KY
Slaughter Elementary School      Louisville     KY
Slaughters Elementary School     Slaughters     KY
Smyrna Elementary School         Louisville     KY
Somerset Christian School        Somerset       KY
Somerset High School             Somerset       KY
Sorgho Elementary School         Owensboro      KY
South Christian Elem School      Herndon        KY
South Elementary School          Corbin         KY
South Elementary School          Beechmont      KY
South Floyd High School          Hi Hat         KY
South Floyd Middle School        Hi Hat         KY
South Green Elementary School    Glasgow        KY
South Hancock Elem School        Hawesville     KY
South Heights Elem School        Henderson      KY
South Hopkins Middle School      Nortonville    KY
South Irvine Elementary School   Irvine         KY
South Laurel High School         London         KY
South Laurel Middle School       London         KY
South Livingston Co Elem Sch     Smithland      KY
South Marshall Elementary Sch    Benton         KY
South Marshall Middle School     Benton         KY
South Oldham High School         Crestwood      KY
South Oldham Middle School       Crestwood      KY
South Park Tapp                  Fairdale       KY
South Side Elementary School     Beattyville    KY
South Todd Elementary School     Guthrie        KY
Southern Elementary School       Georgetown     KY
Southern Elementary School       Lexington      KY
Southern Elementary School       Falmouth       KY
Southern Elementary School       Beaver Dam     KY
Southern Elementary School       Somerset       KY
Southern High Magnet Acad        Louisville     KY
Southern Leadership Academy      Louisville     KY
Southern Middle School           Lexington      KY
Southern Middle School           Somerset       KY
Southgate Elementary School      Newport        KY
Southside Elementary School      Versailles     KY
Southside Elementary School      Cynthiana      KY
Southside Elementary School      Toler          KY
Southside Elementary School      Nortonville    KY
Southwest Calloway Elem School   Murray         KY
Southwestern High School         Somerset        KY
Spencer Co Elementary School     Taylorsville    KY
Spencer Co High School           Taylorsville    KY
Spencer Co Middle School         Taylorsville    KY
Spottsville Elementary School    Spottsville     KY
Squires Elementary School        Lexington       KY
SS Peter & Paul Elem School      Hopkinsville    KY
SS Peter & Paul School           Lexington       KY
SS Peter & Paul School           California      KY
St Agatha Academy                Winchester      KY
St Agnes School                  Louisville      KY
St Agnes School                  Covington       KY
St Albert the Great School       Louisville      KY
St Aloysius School               Pewee Valley    KY
St Aloysius School               Shepherdsvlle   KY
St Andrew Academy                Louisville      KY
St Ann Interparochial School     Morganfield     KY
St Ann School                    Howardstown     KY
St Anthony School                Covington       KY
St Athanasius School             Louisville      KY
St Augustine School              Lebanon         KY
St Augustine School              Augusta         KY
St Augustine School              Covington       KY
St Bartholomew School            Louisville      KY
St Bernard School                Louisville      KY
St Camillus Academy              Corbin          KY
St Catherine of Siena School     Fort Thomas     KY
St Catherine Tri-Parish School   New Haven       KY
St Cecilia School                Independence    KY
St Charles Middle School         Lebanon         KY
St Christopher School            Radcliff        KY
St Dominic School                Springfield     KY
St Edward School                 Louisville      KY
St Edward School                 Cynthiana       KY
St Francis Desales High School   Louisville      KY
St Francis High School           Louisville      KY
St Francis of Assisi School      Louisville      KY
St Francis of Assisi School      Pikeville       KY
St Francis School                Goshen          KY
St Gabriel the Archangel Sch     Louisville      KY
St Gregory School                Coxs Creek      KY
St Henry District High Schol     Erlanger        KY
St Henry Elementary School       Erlanger        KY
St James School                  Louisville      KY
St James School                  Elizabethtown   KY
St John Evangelist School        Paducah         KY
St John School                   Georgetown      KY
St John the Apostle School       Brandenburg     KY
St Johns Academy                 Louisville      KY
St Joseph Academy                Walton          KY
St Joseph Catholic School        Mayfield        KY
St Joseph Interparochial Sch     Bowling Green   KY
St Joseph School                 Bardstown       KY
St Joseph School                 Crescent Spgs   KY
St Joseph School                 Melbourne       KY
St Joseph School                 Cold Spring     KY
St Julian School                 Middlesboro     KY
St Leo School                    Versailles      KY
St Leonard School                Louisville      KY
St Margaret Mary School          Louisville      KY
St Mark Catholic School          Richmond        KY
St Martha School                 Louisville      KY
St Mary Elementary School        Paducah         KY
St Mary High School              Paducah         KY
St Mary Middle School            Paducah         KY
St Mary of the Woods School      Whitesville     KY
St Mary School                   Paris           KY
St Mary School                   Alexandria      KY
St Matthews Elementary School    Louisville      KY
St Michael School                Louisville      KY
St Nicholas North Campus         Louisville      KY
St Nicholas South Campus         Louisville      KY
St Patrick School                Louisville      KY
St Patrick School                Maysville       KY
St Paul Catholic Elem School     Leitchfield     KY
St Paul School                   Louisville      KY
St Paul School                   Florence        KY
St Philip School                 Melbourne       KY
St Pius X School                 Louisville      KY
St Pius X School                 Edgewood        KY
St Raphael School                Louisville      KY
St Rita School                   Louisville      KY
St Romuald Grade School          Hardinsburg     KY
St Rose School                   New Hope        KY
St Stephen Martyr School         Louisville      KY
St Therese School                Southgate       KY
St Thomas School                 Fort Thomas     KY
St Xavier High School            Louisville      KY
Stamping Ground Elementary Sch   Stamping Grd    KY
Stanford Elementary School       Stanford        KY
Stanton Elementary School        Stanton         KY
Star Elementary School           Rush            KY
Stephens Elementary School       Burlington      KY
Stinnett Elementary School       Hoskinston      KY
Stonestreet Elementary School    Valley Statn    KY
Stonewall Elementary School      Lexington       KY
Strode Station Elem School       Winchester      KY
Stuart Middle School             Louisville      KY
Stuart Pepper Middle School      Brandenburg     KY
Sturgis Elem School              Sturgis         KY
Sublimity Elementary School      London          KY
Summer Shade Elementary School   Summer Shade    KY
Summersville Elementary School   Summersville    KY
Summit Elementary School         Ashland         KY
Summit View Elementary School    Independence    KY
Summit View Middle School        Independence    KY
Symsonia Elementary School       Symsonia        KY
T C Cherry Elementary School     Bowling Green   KY
Tabernacle Christian Academy     Somerset        KY
Tabernacle Chrn Academy          Nicholasville   KY
Talton K Stone Middle School     Elizabethtown   KY
Tamarack Elementary School       Owensboro       KY
Tates Creek Elementary School    Lexington       KY
Tates Creek High School          Lexington       KY
Tates Creek Middle School        Lexington       KY
Taylor Co Elementary School      Campbellsvlle   KY
Taylor Co High School            Campbellsvlle   KY
Taylor Co Middle School          Campbellsvlle   KY
Taylor Co School District        Campbellsvlle   KY
Taylor Mill Christian Academy    Taylor Mill     KY
Taylor Mill Elementary School    Taylor Mill     KY
Taylorsville Elementary School   Taylorsville    KY
Temple Hill Elementary School    Glasgow         KY
Ten Broeck-Kmi Hospital School   Louisville      KY
The Providence School            Nicholasville   KY
Thomas Edison Elem School        Covington       KY
Thomas Jefferson Middle School   Louisville      KY
Tildon Hogge Elem School         Morehead        KY
Todd Central High School         Elkton          KY
Todd Co Academy Alt Sch          Elkton          KY
Todd Middle School               Elkton          KY
Toliver Elementary School        Danville        KY
Tollesboro Elementary School     Tollesboro      KY
Tompkinsville Elem School        Tompkinsville   KY
Trapp Elementary School          Winchester      KY
Trigg Co High School             Cadiz           KY
Trigg Co Middle School           Cadiz           KY
Trimble Co High School           Abbott          KY
Trimble Co Middle School         Bedford         KY
Trimble Co School District       Bedford         KY
Trinity Christian Academy        Lexington       KY
Trinity Christian Acad-Louisa    Louisa          KY
Trinity High School              Louisville      KY
Trinity High School              Whitesville     KY
Triple Crown Academy             Louisville      KY
Triplett School                  Owensboro       KY
Trunnell Elementary School       Louisville      KY
Tully Elementary School          Louisville      KY
Turkey Foot Middle School        Edgewood        KY
Turner Intermediate School       Monticello      KY
Twenhofel Middle School          Independence    KY
Two Rivers Middle School         Covington       KY
Tyner Elementary School          Tyner           KY
Union Chapel Elementary School   Jamestown       KY
Union Co High School             Morganfield     KY
Union Co Middle School           Morganfield     KY
Uniontown Elem School            Uniontown       KY
University Heights Academy       Hopkinsville    KY
Upper Tygart Elem School         Olive Hill      KY
Utica Elementary School          Utica           KY
Valley Traditional High School   Valley Statn    KY
Versailles Montessori School     Versailles      KY
Veterans Park Elem School        Lexington       KY
Victory Road Christian Academy   Cumberland      KY
Villa Madonna Academy            Villa Hills     KY
Villa Madonna High School        Villa Hills     KY
Vine Grove Elementary School     Vine Grove      KY
Viper Elementary School          Viper           KY
Virgie Middle School             Virgie          KY
W B Muncy Elementary School      Wooton          KY
W D Osborne Elementary School    Bevinsville     KY
W R Castle Mem Elem School       Wittensville    KY
W R McNeill Elementary School    Bowling Green   KY
Waco Elementary School           Waco            KY
Waggener Traditional High Sch    Louisville      KY
Walden School                    Louisville      KY
Waldorf School of Louisville     Louisville      KY
Walker Intermediate School       Fort Knox       KY
Wallins Elementary School        Wallins         KY
Walton Verona Elem School        Verona          KY
Walton Verona High School        Walton          KY
Warfield Elementary School       Warfield        KY
Warfield Middle School           Warfield        KY
Warren Central High School       Bowling Green   KY
Warren Co Elementary School      Bowling Green   KY
Warren Co School District        Bowling Green   KY
Warren East High School          Bowling Green   KY
Warren East Middle School        Bowling Green   KY
Washington Co Elem School        Springfield     KY
Washington Co High School        Springfield     KY
Washington Co Middle Sch         Springfield     KY
Wassom Middle School             Fort Campbell   KY
Watson Lane Elementary School    Louisville      KY
Watterson Elementary School      Louisville      KY
Wayland Alexander Elem School    Hartford        KY
Wayne Co High School             Monticello      KY
Wayne Co School District         Monticello      KY
Waynesburg Elementary School     Waynesburg      KY
Webster Co Alt Lrng Center       Dixon           KY
Webster Co High School           Dixon           KY
Webster Co School District       Dixon           KY
Wellington Elementary School     Louisville      KY
Wesley Christian School          Allen           KY
West Broadway Elementary Sch     Madisonville    KY
West Carter High School          Olive Hill      KY
West Carter Middle School        Olive Hill      KY
West Hardin Middle School        Cecilia         KY
West Hopkins School              Nebo            KY
West Irvine Elementary School    Irvine          KY
West Jessamine High School       Nicholasville   KY
West Jessamine Middle School     Nicholasville   KY
West Knox Elementary School      Corbin          KY
West Liberty Elementary School   West Liberty    KY
West Louisville Elementary Sch   Owensboro       KY
West Marion Elementary School    Loretto         KY
West Point Independent School    West Point      KY
West Whitesburg Elem School      Whitesburg      KY
Western Day Alternative School   Louisville      KY
Western Elementary School        Georgetown      KY
Western Elementary School        Centertown      KY
Western Hills High School        Frankfort       KY
Western Magnet High School       Louisville      KY
Western Middle School            Louisville      KY
Westport Teen Parent Program     Louisville      KY
Westport Traditional Mid Sch     Louisville      KY
Westridge Elementary School      Frankfort       KY
Westside Elementary School       Cynthiana       KY
Wheatley Elementary School       Louisville      KY
Wheeler Elementary School        Fern Creek      KY
White Hall Elementary School     Richmond        KY
Whitefield Academy               Louisville      KY
Whites Tower Elementary School   Independence    KY
Whitesburg Middle School         Whitesburg      KY
Whitesville Elementary School    Whitesville     KY
Whitley Central Interm Sch       Williamsburg    KY
Whitley City Elem School         Whitley City    KY
Whitley Co High School           Williamsburg    KY
Whitley Co Middle School         Williamsburg    KY
Whitley Co North Elem School     Rockholds       KY
Whitley Day Treatment School     Corbin          KY
Wilder Elementary School         Louisville      KY
Wilkerson Elementary School      Louisville      KY
Wilkinson St Sch Day Treatment   Frankfort       KY
Willard Elementary School        Busy            KY
William Conkwright Middle Sch    Winchester      KY
William H Natcher Elem School    Bowling Green   KY
William Natcher Elem School      Cloverport      KY
Williamsburg City School         Williamsburg    KY
Williamsburg Ind School Dist     Williamsburg    KY
Williamstown Elem School         Williamstown    KY
Williamstown Ind School Dist     Williamstown    KY
Williamstown Jr Sr High School   Williamstown    KY
Wilmore Elementary School        Wilmore         KY
Wilt Elementary School           Louisville      KY
Winburn Middle School            Lexington       KY
Wingo Elementary School          Wingo           KY
Wolfe Co High School             Campton         KY
Wolfe Co Middle School           Campton         KY
Woodbridge Academy               Lexington       KY
Woodfill Elementary School       Fort Thomas     KY
Woodford Co Alt Sch             Versailles      KY
Woodford Co High School         Versailles      KY
Woodford Co Middle School       Versailles      KY
Woodford Co School District     Versailles      KY
Woodland Elementary School      Radcliff        KY
Woodland Middle School          Taylor Mill     KY
Woodlawn Elementary School      Danville        KY
Woods Bend Youth Dev Ctr        West Liberty    KY
Woodstock Elementary School     Somerset        KY
Worthington Elementary School   Worthington     KY
Wright Elementary School        Shelbyville     KY
Wrigley Elementary School       Wrigley         KY
Wurtland Elementary School      Wurtland        KY
Wurtland Middle School          Wurtland        KY
Yates Elementary School         Lexington       KY
Yellow Creek School Ctr         Middlesboro     KY
Young Elementary School         Louisville      KY
Youth Performing Arts School    Louisville      KY
Zachary Taylor Elem School      Louisville      KY
Zoneton Middle School           Shepherdsvlle   KY

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