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                           December 2009 Newsletter
                                        WORSHIP SCHEDULE


December 6 – Second Sunday in Advent
      Worship, Communion Nursery Care
                8:15 & 11:00am

December 24 – Third Sunday in Advent
     Worship, Communion & Nursery Care
                8:15 & 11:00am                                     JANUARY

December 20 – Fourth Sunday of Advent            January 3 – Epiphany Sunday
             Worship & Communion                         Worship, Communion Nursery Care
                8:15 & 11:00am                                    8:15 & 11:00am

December 24 – Christmas Eve                      January 10 – Baptism of Our Lord Sunday
       Christmas Family Worship Service                Worship, Communion & Nursery Care
                    4:30pm                                        8:15 & 11:00am
          Festive Communion Service
                    6:30pm                                    nd
                                                 January 17 – 2 Sunday after Epiphany
          Festive Communion Service                    Worship, Communion & Nursery Care
                   10:45pm                                        :15
                                                                 8:15 & 11:00am

December 25 – Christmas                                       rd
                                                 January 24 – 3 Sunday after Epiphany
             Worship & Communion                       Worship, Communion & Nursery Care
                   10:00am                                       8:15 & 11:00am

December 27 – 1st Sunday of Christmas                         th
                                                 January 31 – 4 Sunday after Epiphany
             Worship & Communion                       Worship, Communion & Nursery Care
                    10:00am                                      8:15 & 11:00am
                                                                                                             December 2009

         I asked the members of the Tuesday evening Bible study group what the season of Advent meant to them? The
answer I received was the one I expected. “It’s the season of preparation for Christmas.” True, in part. The church has
given four weeks to make prepare spiritually through prayer, worship, devotion, service, for the celebration of Jesus’ birth.
Then, to whatever extent we engage in the usual round of office parties, gift exchanges, trimming the tree and stringing
lights, most of that will occur during this four week period of Advent.

         But if Advent really is just “pre-Christmas,” why then do we come to church and sing those dirge Advent hymns in
their minor keys, and why to we have to listen to Jesus’ apocalyptic predictions and the rantings of John the Baptist before
we getting anywhere near to reading the Christmas story and singing “Joy to the World” in church?

        Advent is a season of tensions. Indeed, there is some tension expressed by church folk who just do not
understand why they can’t sing their favorite Christmas carols starting now. We live in tension between the first Advent of
Jesus Christ, born in a stable in Bethlehem, and his Second Advent, when he returns as the Lord of hihistory to usher in
God’s reign.

        So we are not just looking backward to the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, but we are looking ahead to his coming
again. Thus we sing, “Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus” as well as some of the less inspiring Advent hymns, (and I will
grant you some of them are real duds) because there is an Advent yet to come that we are to prepare ourselves for.

          But in between the Advent that is past, and the Advent expected at the end of history, God also comes to us in
the now. So Advent is the season of acknowledging the ways that God has come to us unmistakably in the present. This
experience is different for everyone. The one thing I feel certain we all share in common though, is that Jesus has come
to us. Perhaps you experienced the Advent of Jesus when your children were born, or in the strength under girding you
fight against cancer, finding a job against all the odds. Some of us have found ourselves caught up in situations in which
there is no humanly conceivable way out. Some of you are enslaved to habits that are destroying you. Others face some
dilemma for which there are no straightforward answers. And yet to some of us that in the midst of these challenges God
we have experienced God intervening on our behalf.

        Advent is not confined therefore to preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus which has already happened, or the
future coming of Jesus, “And of that day or that hour no one knows” ( Matthew 24:36). We have awaited his coming
again for nearly 2000 years already and for all we know it may be another 2000 years. But Jesus does come to us, in less
dramatic ways perhaps even now. So heed the Apostle Paul’s words, “Besides this, you know what time it is, how it
is now the moment for you to wake from your sleep” (Roman 13:11a). We do not want to miss his coming because
we too engaged in trying to catch up on work that is never ending; or fighting traffic at the malls.

        Remember, “our salvation is nearer to us now than when we first became believers” (Romans 13:11b).

Thanks be to God!
Pastor Mike
                                                                                                               December 2009

Getting Ready for Christ [mas]

                                                  I saw a stranger yestreen,
                                                I put food in the eating place
                                                 Drink in the drinking place
                                                 Music in the listening place
                                            And in the sacred name of the Triune
                                              He blessed myself and my house
                                                 My cattle and my dear ones
                                                And the lark said in her song
                                                      Often, often, often
                                            Goes the Christ in the stranger’s guise
                                                                    Celtic blessing for hospitality
                                                                    Oxford Book of Prayer

For those of us who attend worship with some regularity, it can be particularly irksome to see folks who consider
themselves members of our congregation at Christmas and Easter who may never (or seldom) darken our doors any
other time. I write this in defense of these people, not because I excuse them from coming (I wish they would want to
come every week) but because our radical welcome of hospitality as the gospel defines it must extend to everyone, and
because special worship at times of holiday stress can help to forge important relationships that can last a lif    lifetime.
         Most of us will never have the opportunity to welcome a pregnant teenager from a foreign land and her aging
husband, as did the innkeeper in Bethlehem. But we do have the opportunity to see in the face of a stranger the face of
Christ, as the Celtic blessing expresses it. So here are some practical tips on welcoming strangers at this time of year (and
hopefully we can practice these things every week, too.)
         Smile and greet someone warmly (as if you expect to see visitors.)
         Sit with them and help them with the worship service.
         Welcome them in particular to the Eucharist (studies show this to be the most stressful time for visitors.)
         Remove from your voice and your heart the judgmental tone (haven’t seen you here before…)
         Invite them to coffee and fellowship (and don’t sit in little cliques that can be hard to break into.)
         Don’t ask them to be on the church council the second time they come.
         Be for them the hands of Christ and act toward them as if they were Jesus Himself.
         Be ready to answer questions (or accompany them to someone who can answer.)
         Most of all, act as if you want to be part of Saint Paul’s yourself, how fulfilling it is to be a Christian.
At this time of year, in these difficult and challenging economic times, churches (and ours in parti particular) can be a source
of comfort and welcome. It’s part of our baptismal covenant to share the good news of the gospel, and welcoming our
neighbor in a special way is the best way to deepen our spiritual roots and branch out for our neighbor.

See you in church,

Pastor Paul
Advent 2009
Sisters and brothers in Christ of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America,
I greet you with the words of the apostle Paul to the Romans: "Therefore, since we are justified by faith, we have peace with God
through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have obtained access to this grace in which we stand" (Romans 5:1-2a).
Where does the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) stand today? We stand together in God's grace, but we are not
standing still. We proclaim Jesus Christ and are fully engaged in this mission by actively caring for the world that God loves.
God's mission is serious work that calls for serious commitment. We bring all that we are -- especially our rich diversity, our
shared tradition and even our disagreements -- in service of God's mission.
We go forward in this mission trusting that "God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been
given to us" (Romans 5:5). Evidence abounds of the Holy Spirit being poured out upon us and through us:
    •   Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Naples, Fla., recently purchased land for new ministry center. They also convened ELCA
        partners, seminaries, synods, and churchwide staff to envision together a vibrant, evangelical and multicultural Lutheran
        presence in southwestern Florida.
    •   Our new directors of evangelical mission, based in synods, are trained and ready to serve ELCA congregations that
        they might continue to grow as evangelical centers for mission.
    •    The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malawi told Global Mission colleagues traveling in the region that they are ready to
        deepen their relationship with the ELCA so that together we can more generously and faithfully respond to malaria, HIV
        and AIDS. Andrea DeGroot-Nesdahl, ELCA coordinator for the Lutheran Malaria Initiative, writes, "The ELCA, especially
        through the Lutheran Malaria Initiative, will be part of a movement that changes the world. It's certainly going to change
    •   In summer 2009, 37,000 youth, young adults and adult leaders attended the ELCA Youth Gathering in New Orleans.
        They spread throughout the city, wearing orange t-shirts in a witness of service that touched the hearts of residents and
        has them talking still.
    •   ELCA chaplains Michael Lembke, Richard Brunk and Paul Dirksmeyer bore witness to God's mercy at Fort Hood,
        Texas. They ministered to families, friends and an entire nation grieving the tragic shootings at the nation's largest
        military base.
These are just a few examples. Think of the signs of the Holy Spirit being poured out in your life and in your congregation!
Thanks be to God for this continued outpouring of the Spirit among us.
When the ELCA Church Council faced the reality of reduced financial resources for mission, it made a difficult but necessary 10
percent budget reduction. The decision, however, does not diminish our resolve and commitment to engage together in God's
mission for the life of the world.
We will engage Christ's mission with everyone who stands together in God's grace, using the rich gifts that the Holy Spirit has
poured into our lives:
    •   Together we will proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord in worship spaces and workplaces, in online conversations and around
        kitchen tables.
    •   Together we will develop new ministries in every synod in multicultural communities and among people living in deep
    •   Together we will raise up and welcome faithful, wise and courageous leaders by sustaining vital and creative seminaries
        and campus ministries.
    •   Together we will send missionaries to accompany new and growing Lutheran churches throughout the world.
I invite you to deepen this conversation with me in an online town hall forum on Sunday, December 6, at 4:30 p.m. (CST); check for more details.
The apostle Paul wrote that where the Holy Spirit is poured out upon us, hope abounds and hope does not disappoint us
(Romans 5:4-5). What a wonderful promise this is as we now enter the season of Advent! With our hope in Christ, we face the
future together as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, serving the world that God so loves.
Amen. Come Lord Jesus!

The Rev. Mark S. Hanson
Presiding Bishop, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
                                                                    DO YOU NEED TO CONTACT PASTOR
 To Ray DeSanti, who very patiently vacuumed up almost all of      MIKE, MICHAL OR THE CHURCH OFFICE
 that confetti from Pastor Mike and Pastor Paul’s exciting skit
 on Stewardship. Don’t worry Ray – it’s stuff like this that
 gives us all job security – you’ll be finding those blue things   Pastor: (Pastor Mike)
 for months to come!                                                Secretary: (Michal)
 To the very manly elf who shined up that kitchen stove.                               Fax: 489-3788
 To the tinkerers on Property who fixed the sanctuary candles
 and the ever-problematic heating system and pipes in the
 Fellowship hallway.                                                        OPERATION FRONT OFFICE
 To our Coffee Hour angels – may every slot be filled to keep a
 smile on Mary Quinn’s face.                                       New Envelope Offering Service!!!
  To all those with eagle eyes who find articles on our members    To reduce the cost of envelopes for our members, we are
  and get them to me in time for the newsletter.                   moving to a new offering envelope service and changing
                                                                   to a bi-monthly mailing to your house. If you do not
  To our calligrapher extraordinaire, June. May your pen be
                                                                   receive your January/February envelopes by December
  ever ready for emergency work and may it never run out of           th
  ink.                                                             19 , please let the office know.

  To the Altar Guild for making both our sanctuary and our
  grounds festive for the harvest and holiday seasons.

  To Fran and Alan Seitz, who so generously donated a
  much-needed projector for use at the church.

                                                                   We’ve received our annual check from GoodSearch
                                                                   $38.77. Since the office did almost all of the searching
                                                                   and shopping, this money will be applied back to the
        DONATIONS TO THE CHURCH                                    office budget.

 We want to thank everyone who donates needed items for
                                                                   If we could get even 10 more people to start using this
church events, activities and ministries. Please keep in mind
                                                                   service, money could go to Pastor’s Discretionary Fund,
however that though we are a very large church, we do run out
of room. Also, donations should be given in the season they        Christian Education – the sky is the limit.
can be used. Please speak with someone about the items you
wish to donate prior to leaving them on the property.              If you need help setting up your computer, please contact
                                                                   the office and we will work with you.

            ARE YOU A SNOWBIRD?

If you move to a warmer climate during the winter
months, and would like to suspend your newsletter or
envelope packet while you’re gone, please contact the
office and let us know the duration of your absence.
                                                              Torrington Area Council of Churches (TACC):
Red Kettle Campaign:
                                                              TACC is in need of a coordinator!
 St. Paul's will be covering "ringing the bell" for the
Salvation Army's Red Kettle Program on Saturday,               Ted Barlow, former coordinator of the emergency fund,
December 12th at Torrington's Stop and Shop. The hours        retired and moved his family to Pennsylvania this past
are 10am to 9pm. Two hour shifts are usually the most         September.
popular but if someone would like to do more, or less, we
can arrange that also.                                         We have an interim serving now, but we need a
                                                              permanent replacement by this coming January or the
 This has been a difficult year for many and even more
difficult at this time of the year so I look forward to our   emergency fund program may be in jeopardy.
participation this year.
                                                                The duties consist of verifying information provided by
  Depending on how many are interested in volunteering,       the applicants by telephoning landlords, oil companies,
we can always add another day or more! St. Paul's is a        CL&P, etc. on Thursday mornings. This comes after four
very giving church and I look forward to the response
                                                              teams, each meeting one Wednesday a month,
from our congregation reflecting our blessings.
                                                              personally interview the applicants and forward the
 If you are not available for that Saturday, please call      information with their comments and recommendations to
Lt. Alan Galentine at 860-482-3569 and set a time and         the coordinator.
place for when you might be available and tell him that
you represent St. Paul's Lutheran Church.                      After successfully reviewing all of the information on
                                                              Thursday and making the final decision on being qualified
 Please contact me at 860-489-6106 or see me at church
                                                              for aid, the coordinator calls the applicants with his/her
for scheduling on December 12th.
                                                              decision and authorizes checks be cut and mailed directly
                 Respectfully, in his name,                   to the companies, or landlord, etc. Checks are not mailed
                 Pat Dupret                                   to the applicants.
                 Torrington Area Council of Churches
                                                                If anyone is interested in serving, please see Pat Dupret
P.S. If you are being hit hard by the recession, you can      or call her at 489-6106 and she will put this person in
volunteer to do 10 hours of ringing for a food voucher.       touch with the interim person and sit with her through the
                                                              initial process.
Adoption Services:
A Program of Lutheran Social Services                         Good News Garage:

 November is National Adoption Month. If you have ever          Don’t forget that St. Paul’s is a dropoff site for the
considered becoming a family who can adopt a child, you       Lutheran-sponsored Good News Garage. This
can explore international and domestic adoption options       organization will not turn away a vehicle, though it is
at no cost or obligation. Meetings are held monthly from      definitely preferable that the vehicle can be used or
7-9pm and require advance registration 800-286-9889:          repaired inexpensively for use by a needy family. If you
                                                              have a car, van or truck that you are thinking of donating,
First Tuesday, Rocky Hill office                              please call 877-GIVE-AUTO. And if the cost of repairing
                                                              the car is too high, it can either be donated for parts, or as
Second Tuesday, Somers Congregational Church,                 a last resort it can be scrapped. Any way you look at it,
Main St, Somers                                               there is value to your clunker. Please consider using this
                                                              valuable community service.
Third Monday, Bethesda Lutheran Church,
305 St. Ronan St., New Haven                                  “A Great and Mighty Wonder” Christmas Cantata:

Third Thursday ,St. James Lutheran Church,                     Many of our St. Paul’s choir members will be joining
111 Peter Rd, Southbury                                       several other churches for a glorious Ecumenical Cantata
                                                              at the First Congregational Church of Torrington on
                                                              December 13 at 4:00pm under the baton of Ken Beyer,
                                                              with Adrienne Weik as pianist.

                                                               Please join us for this free will offering concert.
      NOVEMBER COUNCIL MEETING                                    FRESH FOOD FOR THE HUNGRY
            HIGHLIGHTS                                            A NEW MINISTRY OF ST. PAUL’S

          Interim Treasurer Appointed                        Inspired and directed by St. Paul’s member’s Carol
                                                             Sinnott and Sharon Faita Maziarz, a community garden
  Joe Toce has been appointed by the Congregation            will be taking shape on St. Paul’s property. The vision is
Council to fill the post of Treasurer of the Congregation.   to create a garden in which produce can be grown to
The post has been vacant Since the resignation of
treasurer Lenni Nilsson in July. Joe, along with his wife,   donate to local organizations to help fight hunger in the
Carole, joined St. Paul’s this past March. He has a long     community.
career operating a local business and has previous                                    th
experience on church finance committees and as a             On Sunday, November 8 , a group of interested persons
church treasurer. We are pleased to have Joe on board        met to begin planning. On Saturday, November 14 , the
during the current budget development process and are        group met again to walk the property in order to site the
confident he will serve St. Paul’s well until a permanent    garden.
treasurer is elected in December.
                                                             Though in the infant stages of planning, it is anticipated
Submitted by Dixie Travis
                                                             the garden will contain six to twelve raised beds in a
                                                             fenced area. A water capture system will be designed to
                                                             make use of rain water and a composting bin will be

                                                             Scout master and St. Paul’s member, Bruce Magyar, is
                                                             planning to use some of the construction as qualifying
                                                             community service projects for up to six Eagle Scout
                                                             candidates in his troop. Member George Blakeslee, a
                                                             carpenter, has agreed to work with the scouts.

                                                             There is room in this project for many more planners and
                                                             gardeners. If you are interested in learning how you might
Annual Meeting of the Congregation,Part 1                    join this effort, speak to Sharon, 860-482-9899 or email
                                                             her at (
The annual Meeting of the Congregation is set for
Monday, December 14 at 7:00 p.m. The meeting will be
                                                             Submitted by Sharon Maziarz and Dixie Travis
preceded by a potluck supper at 6:00. Prominent on the
meeting agenda are the passage of a budget for FY 2010
and the election of a treasurer and four persons to the
Congregation Council. All voting members of the
congregation are urged to attend.
                   837 Charles Street
                  Torrington, CT 06790

  Is it really the Holiday season already? Hilltop staff and
children wish you all well during this blessed season. We
are blessed to be a part of Hilltop, especially at this holy
time of year, where we are honored to bring the good
news of Jesus with the children and families.

  Ted Morton Photography came to Hilltop at the
beginning of November to take our portraits. We are
looking forward to some fantastic portraits that will be
back in time for Christmas gifts!

  Hilltop participated in Operation Christmas Stocking,
donating about 80 items. We also participated in the food
drive. Once the food is delivered to the classroom, the
children take a walk with their teachers up to the narthex
to deliver the food. Last year I remember wondering if we
would have enough food to bring each class up for at
least one time. This year, the basket in my classroom was       Hilltop Christian Nursery School was well represented at
overflowing! One family brought in a whole box of food,              eterans                     Park
                                                               the Veterans Day service at Coe Park. They proudly
and another filled a paper grocery bag with food! We had       presented their flag to the men and women of Torrington
about 150 cans and boxes come in!                              who have served our country through military service.
                                                               This flag also represents the time in class the children
  Registration for the 2010-2011 school year opens u to
                              2011                     up      spent learning about our soldiers. This flag is currently on
active members of St. Paul’s on December 1, 2009.                                     on
                                                               display in the Torrington Mayor’s office.
Please visit the main office to register your child during
December to ensure a space for your child in the coming         Two other flags are being sent to one student’s father,
school year. Registration opens up to currently enrolled       who was deployed to Iraq in May, and to another
students and their siblings January 4 2010. We will            student’s brother, who will be finishing his training very
conduct an Open House for the general public to come in        soon.
and visit the program on January 11 , and then the public
is invited to register starting January 15 2010.
  We still have openings for three and four year olds in the
current year. If you know of anyone who might be
interested, please refer them to us!

                         In His Service,
                         Jan Sosnicki
                                                                       TREE LIGHTING, SOUP & SANDWICH
                                                                           SUPPER & FAMILY CRAFT

                                                                As has become tradition here at St. Paul’s, the outside
                                                              Christmas tree will be lit on the first Sunday in Advent,
                                                              November 29, at 5:00pm. All are invited to meet in the
                                                              upper parking lot to light the tree and sing Christmas
                                                              carols. After that, we head inside for a soup and
                                                              sandwich supper. All families are invited to bring
                                                              sandwiches (P, B, & J, tuna, egg, ham salad, ham &
                                                              cheese, etc.) and finger desserts. The Christian
                                                              Education committee will have the soup and beverages.
                                                              After dinner we will gather to make a craft that will be
                                                              meaningful throughout the Advent and Christmas season.
                                                              Young and old, singles and families, are all invited to this
                                                              evening of fellowship and fun. We will be finished by

                                                                            FRUIT BASKET ASSEMBLY
                                                                                 HELP NEEDED!!

                                                                As part of the Angel Project, fruit baskets are given to
                                                              families of St. Paul’s who have lost a member of their
                                                              immediate family. Cash donations are accepted toward
                                                              the cost (choose a green angel from the “Angel” table in
                                                              the Narthex) of the baskets and the fruit and fillers are
                                                              purchased in bulk to get the freshest fruit available. Your
                                                              help is needed to assemble these baskets on Friday
                                                              evening, December 11, beginning at 5:00pm. Bring a
                                                              snack and a drink, if you wish. We will then try to deliver
                                                              as many baskets on Friday night as we can. Other
                                                              deliverers are needed for Saturday. If you can help,
                                                              please call the church office at 482-3555 or see Paula
                                                              Rosenbeck or Elsie Santoro.

                                                                       ANNUAL CHRISTMAS COOKIE BAKE
    THANK YOU FOR CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS &                          Children and adults will gather in the church kitchen to
                 STUFFERS                                     bake cookies for infirm members and college students
                                                              next Sunday, November 29 , beginning at 1:00pm. This
  Since hearing of Camp Hope/Urban Hope’s Christmas
                                                              is confirmation student expectation that is enjoyed by all
Stocking Ministry in May, children and adults from St.
                                                              who help out. It is a great way to bring the love of Christ
Paul’s have been making felt stockings and gathering
                                                              to our members who cannot get out to church regularly. It
stuffers for the stockings that are used to bring hope and
                                                              also gives our college students something to look forward
the message of Jesus Christ to children in the inner cities
                                                              to receiving in the mail as they begin studying for their
of Connecticut. During Vacation Bible School last
                                                              final exams. Each child is asked to bring a batch of
summer, Christmas in July, about sixty stockings were
                                                              unbaked cookie dough (no nuts, please), supporting
made and decorated and several box loads of stuffers
                                                              ingredients (colored sugar, sprinkles, frosting, etc.) and
were collected. Now, as Christmas approaches, about
                                                              the baking instructions.
125 more stockings have been made and decorated and
more stuffers have been collected. The gifts were               Donations of baked cookies are also invited. Because
dedicated during the services on November 22 and              we make upwards of 150 plates and containers of
shortly they will be delivered to Camp Hope where the         cookies, help is needed to help meet our goal. Make your
staging process will continue. Thanks to all who helped       family’s favorite Christmas cookie. In case you
in any way. Look to St. Paul’s website for pictures from      wondered, we usually have an
the decorating workshop that took place on November 15        abundance of chocolate chip cookies, so if your family
when about 50 children and adults gathered to put the         has a second favorite to them, they are most welcome!!
finishing touches on these gifts of love.

   Thanks for all who have so generously taken angels
from the angel table in the Narthex. All yellow angels for
the Navajo Lutheran Mission School were taken and
those gifts will be packaged and shipped to Rockpoint,
Arizona early during the week of November 30 . Curtis                       MEMORIAL FLOWERS
Schimanski has agreed to work his magic and help pack
                                                                    Do you have a loved one who you would like to
the gifts in the most safe and economical way! Thanks to
                                                                         remember with flowers on the Altar?
the Grunders for shipping the gifts from their business so
all the packages arrive at the same time at the                  Consider signing up for an open Sunday Worship service to
reservation.                                                   have flowers on the altar to honor a date or the memory of a
                                                               loved. The cost is $35.00 for two bouquets. Checks should
  One of the children from the class that we support (5 &      be made payable to: “St. Paul’s Altar Guild” and dropped or
6 grade) had on his wish list a television for his             mailed to the church office.
classroom. Debbie Jones graciously did the price
                                                                Any general donations to the Altar Guild will be used for
comparisons and shopping and the TV is being paid for
by St. Paul’s Women. It is being shipped directly to the       special holiday displays and floral requests not covered
class as part of their Christmas gift.                                                       ar
                                                               by individual requests for altar and memorial flowers.

  Green angels on the table are for cash donations for
fruit baskets and the remaining white angels are for gift
certificates and actual gifts for children. These gifts are
due to be back no later than Sunday, December 13 so
they can be tagged, bagged and delivered to families
during the week while children are in school.

  Pink angels are for senior saints living in nursing homes
or assisted living facilities. You are asked to purchase
the gift and personally take it to the person. Oftentimes           ST. PAUL’S WORSHIP SERVICES
the visit is enjoyed far more than the actual gift itself.                   ON CABLE 5
                                                                St. Paul’s Worship Services can be viewed weekly on
  Thank you for helping to make the Angel Project a
                                                               Cable 5. They are shown on Mondays and Tuesdays at
success again this year.
                                                               11:00am. Cablevision now only allows DVR taping,
                                                               so….if you would like to view St. Paul’s Worship Services
                                                               and don’t get Cable 5 or you are not home when it is
                                                               aired, you will soon be able to borrow a DVD, which
                                                               contains the services, from the St. Paul’s Library. If you
                                                               do borrow it, please make sure it is returned the next
                                                               week. Thanks to the Publicity Committee for making this
                             ST. PAUL’S CHURCH HISTORY NOTES 1884-2009 (125 Years)

Page 9       ST. PAUL’S CHURCH HISTORY NOTES                         Page 10         ST. PAUL’S CHURCH HISTORY NOTES
                  1884 – 2009  125 YEARS                                                1884 – 2009  125 YEARS

May 1894 – Special Town Meeting. The meeting voted that the          June 1, 1894 - Half a dozen families are removing the remains
Town should proceed with the removal of the bodies in the            of their relatives from the old South cemetery. They find more
South cemetery according to the provisions of the special act of     or less to take up, according to the time of interment, although in
the legislature.                                                     one case, part of the bones were found of a burial 53 years
                                                                     back. The damp character of the ground has tended to
The longest discussion was upon the question of the old              preserve them.
cemetery. Some were for putting it off to the annual meeting,
but this was seen to be unfair to the German people, who             June 29, 1894 – A small, black, curly haired dog thought he was
wanted the matter settled one way or the other, then and there,      going to be buried alive yesterday afternoon. He fell into one of
and the decision would be of no use unless given now. The            the opened graves in the South Main Street cemetery, and
meeting had a very good attendance. It was felt the work             couldn’t get out. For several hours he occupied the place until
should be done properly. We believe the work will be done            by his barking he attracted the attention of a passerby who
reverently and that a Christian church erected on the site will be   rescued the frightened canine.
the purpose most in harmony with the first us of the lot. We
have always felt that a neglected burying ground where the           July 1894 – Work on the cellar of the new German church at the
living relatives of the deceased are scattered and no one cares      old cemetery has rapidly advanced. Twenty-five men or more,
for the graves, leaving them to show inattention, is one of the      members of the society, have worked hard for three days and
saddest of sights.                                                   have made a large excavation. The soil on the surface is of
                                                                     good quality and has been taken off and made into a large pile,
The special committee for the removal of the remains in the          which will be used for grading the lawn. The gravel being taken
South cemetery appointed by the legislature, Messrs. Coe,            out is wheeled to the hollow in front next to the street.
Fuessenich and McNeil, met last evening and the notice as
required by the special act is published today, to be followed by    The deeds of the old South Cemetery lot were passed to the
two more insertions in as many weeks. The work is to be done         German society on the 4 installment. The price was as stated
by the selectmen, but under the direction of this committee, who     $2,000, with $150 more toward removal of graves.
are really a committee of arbitration. The notice is to give all
persons having relatives interred there, the full opportunity to     The stonework for the German church was begun yesterday
move the remains or stones themselves, and it is hoped they          afternoon, J. J. Odell having a contract for the work, and A. C.
will do this. Those that are left uncalled for will probably be      Hopkins drawing stone.
placed in the West Torrington cemetery, as that is better cared
for and has more room than the Torringford burial ground.            July 20, 1894 – The German Church – architect C. D. Johnson
Among the interments is that of the great grandmother of Mr. E.      (Janssen?) has exhibited and explained to us the plans of the
T. Coe, Mrs. Ann Wilson Taylor, a lady of high character, who        new German church to be built on the site of the old Southside
died in 1838, and whose husband, Joseph Taylor, was killed by        cemetery. The edifice is to be Romanic style of architecture, a
a blast in helping to build the Torrington turnpike in 1800. He      style of Middle Ages that presents greater chances of being
was buried in West Torrington, and the interment will be by the      brought out in an edifice of moderate cost than the Gothic. The
side of her husband in that cemetery. The Germans plan to            church is to be 40 feet front by 60 feet deep, 26 ½ feet to eaves,
build a neat edifice on the northeast corner of the lot in a line    54 to ridge, and with spire 120 feet. There will be first the
with the dwellings, 61x41 feet. The parsonage is to be along         granite course, five feet of nice brick work, then the woodwork
side of it, next to Mr. Doughty’s.                                   with slate roof, and galvanized iron cornices, all weather
                                                                     exposed places to be covered with copper. There will be
June 1, 1894 – Messrs. E. J. Coe and J. A. Doughty paid a visit      pilasters 20 inches wide every 12 feet, pilasters on the corners
to the old Southside cemetery yesterday and as a result will         of spire, belted spire, Roman arch windows. It is to be very
take care of the re-interment of whatever remains there may be       strongly built with solid walls, Southern pine trusses, well bolted.
of relatives of theirs, and to remove the stones to a new            In addition to the main dimensions given, there is to be a
location. Mr. Doughty will remove those of the Brooker relatives     projection in the rear 12x18 feet for an altar room, and a tower
to lots in the Center Cemetery; Mr. Coe of Mrs. Ann Wilson to        projects six feet beyond the front line of the church. The
West Torrington, and Charlotte Seymour, an infant sister of his      audience room is to be 54x38 clear, 21 feet high with plastered
mother, to the Center cemetery. Worked commenced today,              walls. The vestibule is of the same style as in the
because although they do not expect to find any remains, yet         Congregational church. There will be a gallery over it, and there
they are acting under the provision of a state sanitary law, which   is height enough for side galleries if ever wanted. The altar and
forbids the disinterment of the body of any deceased person          sacristy are at the pulpit end of the church.
during the months of June to September inclusive.
                                                                     To Be Continued…….

  It being Veteran’s Day, we saluted our flag and honored
our veterans who fought and those who died to protect
our freedoms. We prayed for those who are presently
fighting so that our wonderful freedoms remain intact. We
are thankful for all in the military who are risking their lives
                                                                                 CHRISTMAS EVE – 4:30PM
for this wonderful country that is called the U.S.A. We                             th
enjoyed our fellowship and light refreshments but missed           On December 24 , Christmas Eve, 4:30pm, St. Paul’s will
those who were unable to be with us.                               have a Worship for the whole family. Bring the kids, as
                                                                   we celebrate the coming of our Lord.
 Please continue to save Campbell Code labels, pull tabs
                                                                                  CHRISTMAS EVE – 6:30PM
and the educational boxtops. Saving is care, and very                                th
much appreciated.                                                  On December 24 , Christmas Eve, 6:30pm, St. Paul’s will
                                                                   have a traditional Christmas Service with the celebration
 As we look forward to our celebration of Christmas                of the Eucharist. Join us and celebrate the coming of our
fellowship, we have planned an extensive menu and are              Lord.
once again delighted to have the Hilltop children perform
                                                                                 CHRISTMAS EVE – 11:00PM
a Christmas pageant.                                                                 th
                                                                   On December 24 , Christmas Eve, 11:00pm, St. Paul’s
 We will begin at 12:30pm, so please note the time                 will have a Festive Communion Worship Service,
change. God is always present and continues to bless               celebrated with special music by the Senior Choir,
our fellowship.                                                    vocalists, and instrumentalists. A special fifteen minute
                                                                   musical prelude precedes the Service beginning at
                          We Give Him the thanks,                                   re
                                                                   10:45pm. You are encouraged to arrive early.
                          Mary and the Retirees

P.S. The word of Christ is God’s lullaby.
       Have a joyous Christmas.

                                                                                CHRISTMAS DAY – 10:00AM
                                                                   On Christmas Day, December 25 , 10:00am, a Christmas
                                                                   Service of Holy Communion will celebrate the nativity of
                                                                   our Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas Day is a time for us to
                                                                   gather together as a “family of faith” in adoration of our
                                                                   Savior. Make this Christmas special and attend worship
                   SEWING GROUP                                    with your family of Christmas Day.

  We will not be sewing until after the New Year. Since we
began in September, we have completed and delivered 42
lap robes to those in need.

 Our annual December luncheon will be enjoyed at Marino’s
on December 8th starting at 12:30pm, but we urg you to be
there shortly after 12:00pm.

                          Have a blessed Christmas
                          Gerd Sandrib
  On Monday evening, December 7 , beginning at
7:00PM, you are invited to join the Property Committee
and St. Paul’s Women of the ELCA as they decorate the
Chrismon tree and the sanctuary for Christmas.
Following the decorating all are invited to join us for
fellowship and an old-fashioned Yankee Swap. Bring
something you have been given that you don’t need or
don’t like (the more unique, the better!). Wrap it, and
don’t tell anyone what you brought. It will be fun to try to
guess who brought what! This is a twist on the traditional
grab bag. (A gentle reminder…please don’t bring
something that someone that may be in attendance has
given you. We don’t want hurt feelings.)
  Hostesses for the evening include Judie Schwalm,
Rosalie Mueller, and Paula Rosenbeck.

            HAT AND MITTEN TREE                                Preparations for our upcoming
 As in previous years, a Hat and Mitten Tree will be in
                                                               Pageant at the 4:30pm family
place in the Narthex beginning on November 1 through
December 13 . Donations of any and all sizes of hats,
                                                                service on Christmas Eve is
scarves, gloves, mittens and warm socks are                    going to be revving up sooner
encouraged. They can be bought or handmade, all are
welcome! These donations are then given to various                     than you think.
service agencies in town. This tree is placed in loving
memory of Gladys Gasser by St. Paul’s Women of the
ELCA. Gladys oversaw this project for many years and
this is one way by which her memory can be honored.
                                                               Please see Sharon Machuga if
                                                               your son or daughter would like
                                                                       to participate.

LAST CALL!! Do you read this publication? We
currently receive a bulk mailing each month of Today’s
Christian at the church. In the efforts of being cost-
conscious, we need to find out if we should continue
paying for it. If we don’t hear from anyone by the end of
December, we will discontinue the subscription.
               WHY PRISON MINISTRY                             through vulnerability; the cornerstone of which love is
                                                               constructed. Kairos is given credit for changing the
 A while back, I was approached with the question, “Why        environment of entire prisons through its ministry.
should we engage in prison ministry?” I began to gather a
great deal of information regarding the prison system and       When team members serve two or more weekends, it
the people incarcerated. Quite frankly the information was     brings about a profound change in their lives and
so overwhelming that it absolutely confirmed why God           deepens their ministry, gaining strength and conviction.
has called me to serve in this ministry. At present, more      Most residents, who have attended a Kairos weekend
than 1 in every 100 adults is behind bars. At the              and the monthly reunions, return to society as productive,
beginning of2008 there were in excess of two million           responsible citizens, walking the spirit of love with Jesus
people in jails and prisons in the United States. As a         the Christ. The real person emerges, your brother and
matter of fact, the U.S. Department of Justice estimates       mine, trusting God and trusting himself to love once
that 7.5 million people are either in jail or prison or on     again.
probation or parole. That levels the field to about 1 in
32adults.                                                        The main goal of Kairos Prison Ministry is to reduce the
                                                               tax dollars required to support the prison system by
 According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, prison         helping as many as possible to seek repentance and
populations have increased by 628 per cent between             forgiveness and return to our society as a productive
1970 and 2005. It is written that 5.6 million Americans        citizen.
have spent time in a state or federal prison, almost 3% of
the population. So, what does it cost to incarcerate 2.3       Hebrew 13:3 “Remember those in prison as if you
million people? It is estimated to be between $50 to 60        were their fellow prisoners.” We are to have empathy
Billion a year and the costs keep rising. Estimates show       for those in prison. Jesus said that “His true followers
that there will be an increase of 192,000 additional           would represent Him as they visit those in prison.”
prisoners by 2011, costing an additional $25 billion dollars   Matthew 25:36 the real evidence of our belief is the way
per year or $85 Billion with no end in sight.                  we treat all persons as if they were Jesus. What we do for
                                                               others demonstrates what we really thing about Jesus’
 The big problem is that of the 650,000 people released        words to us…”feed the hungry, provide shelter for the
each year, about two or every three will find themselves       homeless, look after the sick and visit the prisons.”
back in prison within three years. You might be saying to
yourself…with those kinds of numbers, what can be                As to the personal benefit, there are no words, only
accomplished by prison ministry.                               tears of joy to see for yourself the transformation that
                                                               takes place on these weekends.
  Kairos Prison Ministry is a Christian ministry that began
in 1979 and was and still is made up of lay persons and          In addition to the Men’s Prison Ministry, there is a
clergy or spiritual directors. All are volunteers of their     Woman’s Prison Ministry. The three-day weekend is
time, money and effort. The effect of Kairos (God’s            described as a short course in Christianity and is
Special Time) is to present to the inmates a life changing     interdenominational. Couples attend the Kairos Torch
and transformational experience of a first-hand encounter      Program for youthful offenders, attending the three-day
with love, trust and vulnerability. Our present criminal       weekend and follow up with mentoring on a weekly basis.
population is probably the most spiritually-deprived and       There is a newly-formed Kairos Outside Program for
violent criminal’s society ever. They are a group of people    women, loved ones of the incarcerated men and women
with a hunger for God beyond their own capacity to             that mirror their three-day weekend.
understand. They live in a godless society which has
become normal and they hunger and thirst for God.                At this time two men from our church serve in the Kairos
                                                               Men’s Prison Ministry. Several of the women of St. Paul’s
  Kairos Prison Ministry presents God to inmates who           minister in the Outside Program, the numbers growing
have fallen through the cracks of our institutions. The        each weekend as women experience the saving grace of
introductory three-day Kairos weekend is a time when           Jesus the Christ. Kairos Prison Ministry is modeled after
God is presented as a viable option behind prison walls.       the street ministries of Tres Dias, Walk of Emmaus and
Kairos is God’s Special Time. People who are called by         Cursillo. People who have serve as volunteers have
God into the prison ministry make a personal sacrifice of      heard God’s call and have responded with the words from
time. Volunteers engage in 40 hours of team preparation        Isaiah 6:8, “Here I am Lord.”
before each program committing to working the three-day
weekend and return once a month for one year to be a            If your interest has been aroused, we can arrange for
mentor at reunions. They sacrifice personal agendas, free      you to be a guest at a reunion or weekend closing. I
time and recreation…most of all, they dispel of their          would be happy to speak to you individually.
judgmental attitudes. They choose to be used as
instruments of God instead.
                                                               Your brother-in-Christ,
Team members become real to the residents through a
personal witness of their own greed, ambition and
dishonesty. Team members learn to model strength

 Please remember that it is St. Paul's responsibility to       AN INVITATION FROM THE TUESDAY
serve at the Torrington Soup Kitchen located at Trinity             EVENING PRAYER GROUP
Episcopal Church the second Sunday of each month from
12:00pm - 2:00pm. Volunteers are needed, rain or shine.       Have you ever wondered what goes on in Prayer
The next Sunday for you to volunteer is December 13 .        Meeting?

                                                              It is a short meeting that convenes on Tuesday nights at
      COMMUNITY SOUP KITCHEN OF                              7:00pm. Please note in the calendar that meetings will
            TORRINGTON                                       begin at 6:30 through October 21 . People come
                                                             together in the Church Parlor to pray for the needs of the
 The Community Soup Kitchen of Torrington feeds an           Church, friends and family.
average of 100+ people, seven days a week, 365 days a
year. The Soup Kitchen is financed by contributions from      It starts with the prayer litany from the Evangelical
the public. They receive no contributions from any           Lutheran Worship hymnal; then as each person present
government agency. Donations are always needed to            wishes they lift up to God any special needs they know of.
keep this vital ministry moving forward. Contributions are
tax deductible and may be mailed to:                          Each Tuesday we pray for those persons in need who
THE COMMUNITY KITCHEN OF TORRINGTON, INC.,                   were listed n the Sunday bulletin. The prayer meeting
P.O. BOX 852, TORRINGTON, CT 06790                           ends with the Lord’s Prayer.

                                                              Prayer is a very important part of the church and all are
                        F.I.S.H.                             welcome to join the meeting on an occasional or regular
 The need for food continues throughout the year.
People continue to be homeless, unemployed or
underemployed. Staples of all types are needed,
especially peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese,
canned meats, hearty soups and juice. Leave your non-
perishable donations in the narthex. Boxes of food are
packed by volunteers and delivered by Ken Muller each

                GIVE IT A TRY….
              ELECTRONIC GIVING                                For over six years St. Paul’s has been involved in the
                                                             Prayer Shawl Ministry. Shawls are given to people who
                                                             are ill, in bereavement but they are also made for
  Many of you have already taken advantage of this giving
                                                             occasions such as pregnancy, birth, adoption, marriage,
option. Won’t you consider this easy and simple way to
                                                             and anniversaries. For the fourth year each WorkCamper
make your weekly or monthly contribution? By utilizing
                                                             was able to give a prayer shawl to the resident for whom
this program your contributions will be transferred
                                                             they worked this summer, thanks to the many volunteers
electronically from your checking or savings account or
                                                             who made shawls for this purpose.
your credit card directly to the church account. Please
remember you can start and stop anytime you want if you
                                                               We are currently out of our yarn supply. Each shawl
find this program isn’t for you. One simple and easy to
                                                             requires three skeins of Lion Brand Homespun® yarn,
use Authorization Form can begin or change your
                                                             (especially in the light colors) available at WalMart,
electronic contribution amount. Authorization Forms are
                                                             Michaels, JoAnns, ACMoore, and online. If you’d like a
located in the Narthex and in the church office. For more
                                                             pattern for a knit or crochet shawl, see Paula Rosenbeck
information and questions, please call Jean Schlapfer at
                                                             or Michal Rentschler.
the church office, 482-3555.
              MEMBERS CORNER

                                                                         ONLINE OPPORTUNITY
                                                                          TO HELP ST. PAUL’S
                                                                           Save Gas and Time

                                                              Go shopping on St. Paul’s new online website that is
                                                             open 24/7. The website has many features and more will
                                                             be added as time goes by. The main feature is the
                                                             affiliation with so you may purchase almost
                                                             anything you desire. There is no cost to St. Paul’s as it
                                                             has been fully funded by one of our members. All
                                                             proceeds are donated to St. Paul’s to be used for
                                                             whatever has the highest priority at the time.

                                                              Please log in soon and support St. Paul’s in this new
                                                             and exciting way.

Photos reprinted with permission from the Register Citizen
                                                                           DECEMBER BIRTHDAYS
                                                           Please let us know if your name is missing or under the
                                                           wrong date. We will also respect your privacy. If you
                                                           would like your name to stay off this list in the online
                ANNIVERSARIES                              newsletter, please contact us. We’ll update our records.

                                                                       st                              th
                                                           December 1                    December 16
                                                           Joyce Woike                   Abbey McDermott
                                                           Sydney Marhefsky              Carol Sinnott
                                                                         nd                            th
                                                           December 2                    December 18
                                                           David Radzins                 Stanley Dziedzic
                                                           Eric Martin                   Gilda LeViness
                                                           Sarah Kranz                   Eric Osanitsch
                                                           Mei Li Machuga                Theodore Camara
                                                                         rd                            th
                                                           December 3                    December 19
Congratulations to the following Active Members on their   Diane Boscarino               Henrietta Lukcso
wedding anniversaries! It is our wish to share the many    David Braatz                  Holly Gangell
joys in the lives of our members; but if our records are   Kacie Sonnenberg              Gregg Lutz
                                                           Amy Crossman                  December 21
incomplete or incorrect, please notify us so we can                      th
                                                           December 4                    Sandra Heintz
update them.                                               Marissa Chase                 December 22
                                                           December 5                    Brett Charity
                                                           Lois Nygren                   Tyler Schroeder
                    DECEMBER                               Cynthia Harmon                December 23
                                                           December 6                    Martha Helt
                                                           Scott Crossman                Evelyn Moe
                                                           Madison Murdick               Elsie Gangell
                                                           December 7                    Maxwell Green
    Cynthia & Lawrence Bielik           12/03/1977                                                     th
                                                           George Woike, Jr.             December 24
    Douglas & Jacquelyn Greenwood       12/10/1994         Eileen Duchene                Carol Jones
    Faith & Ian Jones                   12/18/1999                       th                            th
                                                           December 8                    December 25
    Wendy & Stephen Fedor               12/23/1994         Cheryl-Ann Bombardier         Tim Woike, Jr.
    Ilga & Helmuts Baumanis             12/25/1970         Carolyn Gallagher             December 26
    Deborah & Serafino Canino           12/31/1995         December 11                   Pamela Ewing
                                                           Iris Barko                    December 27
                                                           Micholas Jankowski            Margaret Shaffer
                                                                           th                          th
                                                           December 12                   December 28
                                                           Ethan Beebe                   Jonathan Gasper
                                                                           th                          th
                                                           December 13                   December 30
                                                           Kelli Schaller                Sharon Sawitzke
                                                           Garret Braatz                 December 31
                                                           December 14                   June Hohensee
                                                           Desiree Carey                 Linda Mraz-Reilly
                                                           Garrett Grening               Daniel Stevens
                                                           December 15
                                                           Cynthia Bielik
                                                           Kelly Crossman
                                                           Nicolette Johnston
                                                                             December 2009
             Sunday                         Monday                      Tuesday                   Wednesday                  Thursday                      Friday                    Saturday

                                                                                          1                       2                            3                          4                         5
                                                                                                                                                                               8:30am CAFAP
                                                                                                                                                                              10:30am Puppettude
                                                                Hilltop Enrollment for        10:00amChristian Unity                                                                   Performance at
                                                                Church Members                       Planning Mtg                                                                      Brandywine
                                                                                                                                                                              12:00pm Lions Club w/
                                                                                              6:30pm Membership                                                                        Puppettude
                                                                6:00pm Brownies 40420                  Class           6:30pm Girl Scouts                                              Performance

Second Sunday in Advent          6                          7                            8                        9                         10                           11                       12
 8:15am Worship, Comm, Nursery
 9:45am Fellowship Hour/                                                                      12:30pm Retirees
 9:45am Childrens Church
10:00am Sr. Choir Rehearsal
11:00am Worship & Comm.               3:30pm Brownies 40390
 2:00pm Puppettude
        Performance at                7:00pm Trim the                                         6:30pm Cub Scouts
        Torr. Health & Rehab                 Chrismon Tree      7:00pm Prayer Service         6:30pm Jr. Choir                                     5:00pm Fruit Basket
 8:00pm Alcoholics Anonymous          7:00pm Council Mtg        7:30pm Bible Study            7:30pm Sr. Choir         6:30pm Girl Scouts                 Assembly

Third Sunday in Advent           13                     14                               15                      16                         17                           18                       19
 8:15am Worship, Comm, Nursery
 9:45am Fellowship Hour
          Thrivent Coffee Hour &
          Troop 40073 Bake Sale                                                                                                                                               10:30am Puppettude
 9:45am Sunday School                                                                                                                                                                  Performance at
10:00am Sr. Choir Rehearsal                                                                                                                                                           Litchfield Woods
10:30am Puppettude Performance
         At Valerie Manor, Torr.
11:00am Worship & Comm.                                                                                                                                                        3:00pm Puppettude
12:00pm Torrington Soup Kitchen                                                                                                                                                       Performance at
  2:00pm Puppettude Performance                                                                                                                                                       Wolcott Hall
        at Hughes HC, W Hfd
 4:00pm Ecumenical Cantata            6:00pm Potluck            6:00pm Brownies#40420
         First Cong Ch of Torr        7:00CONGREGATIONAL        7:00pm Prayer Service         6:30pm Jr. Choir         6:30pm Girl Scouts
 8:00pm Alcoholics Anonymous              MEETING, PART I       7:30pm Bible Study            7:30pm Sr. Choir         7:00pm Hilltop Mtg(TBD)

Fourth Sunday in Advent        20                       21                               22                      23                         24                           25                       26
 8:15am Worship, Comm, Nursery
 9:45am Fellowship Hour               3:30pm Brownies 40390
 9:45am Sunday School
10:00am Sr. Choir Rehearsal
11:00am Worship & Comm.
 3:00pm Puppettude
 4:30pm Youth for Understanding                                 7:00pm Prayer Service         6:30pm Jr. Choir
 8:00pm Alcoholics Anonymous                                    7:30pm Bible Study            7:30pm Sr. Choir

First Sunday after Christmas   27                       28                               29                      30                         31
 9:00am Sr. Choir Rehearsal
10:00am Worship & Comm.
          Fellowship Hour
 8:00pm Alcoholics Anonymous                                    7:00pm Prayer Service
                                                                7:30pm Bible Study            5:00pm Wedding Reh       Kelly/Liechty Wedding
              SERVERS TABLE (pg 1)

           December 2009
                  December 6th         December 13th            December 20th

Greeters      John Winzler            Jim Wolfinger           William Shaffer
              Helen Winzler           Joan Wolfinger          Margaret Shaffer
              Pete Sandrib
11:00am       Gerd Sandrib            Thomas O’Brien          Linda Richard

Acolytes      Tanner Braatz           Nicole Bertrand         Meaghan Jones
              Noah Braatz             Alexa Potter            Mallory Hubbard
8:15am        Greg Osanitsch          Briana Hall             Ben Stone

11:00am       Melissa Walsh           Curtis Joseph           Kevin Begey
              Summer Walsh            Sean Hartwell           Zachary Roberts

8:15am        Linda Magyar            Jackie Greenwood        Paula Rosenbeck

11:00am       Marty Thompson          Dennis Walsh            Sharon Machuga

Ushers        Bob Magyar              Bob Magyar              Bob Magyar
              Stanley Dziedzic, Jr.   Stanley Dziedzic, Jr.   Stanley Dziedzic, Jr.
8:15am        Andrew Dziedzic         Andrew Dziedzic         Andrew Dziedzic
              Gene Hubbard            Gene Hubbard            Gene Hubbard

11:00am       Peter Sandrib           TBD                     Otto Schibi
              Robert Longworth                                Rosemary Schibi

Comm.         Richard Corey (alt)     Bruce Ejzak             Barbara Clavette
              Pat Dupret              Linda Magyar            Jim Clavette, Sr.
Assistants    Mary Quinn              Norman Mailhot          Lois Nygren
8:15am        Kevin Ross              Debora Sterling         Christy Schimanski
              June Seiser             RuthAnn Stone           Carole Toce
              Jim Wolfinger           Jim Wolfinger (alt)     Joe Toce

11:00am       Lisa Bodnar             Diane Hartwell (alt)    Lenni-Lee Nilsson
              Diane Hartwell (alt)    Jeanette Richard        Peter Sandrib
              Lenni-Lee Nilsson       Dennis Walsh            Karen Trippodi

Nursery       Karen Kelleher          Paul Hoekman            Margaret Clavette
              Tim Kranz               Adrienne Hoekman        Meredith Winzler
Attendants    Jennifer LeViness       Hanna Hoekman           Megan Beck
                                      Molly Hoekman

Altar Guild   Sandy Heintz                                    Helga Brose
              Karen Trippodi                                  Pat Switzer
                            SERVERS TABLE (pg 2)

                        December 2009
              December 24th      December 24th           December 24th December 25th December 27th
                  4:30               6:30                    11:00       10:00am       10:00am

                                                                                                         Lenni Nilsson

                                                                                                         Jacob Magnoli
              Zachary Roberts    Sean Hartwell           Volunteers Needed       Volunteers Needed       Zachary Magnoli
                                                                                                         Phillip Weingart

Lectors       None Needed        Jim Wolfinger           Karen Kelleher          Volunteer Needed        Volunteer Needed

Ushers                           Bob Magyar              Bob Magyar              Bob Magyar              Bob Magyar
                                 Stanley Dziedzic, Jr.   Stanley Dziedzic, Jr.   Stanley Dziedzic, Jr.   Stanley Dziedzic, Jr.
                                 Andrew Dziedzic         Andrew Dziedzic         Andrew Dziedzic         Andrew Dziedzic
                                 Gene Hubbard            Gene Hubbard            Gene Hubbard            Gene Hubbard

Comm.                            Richard Corey           Pat Dupret              Norman Mailhot          Lisa Bodnar
                                 Diane Hartwell          John Grunder                                    Betty Hilton
Assistants                       Linda Magyar (alt)      Lenni-Lee Nilsson                               Faith Jones
                                                         Kevin Ross                                      Mary Quinn
                                                         June Seiser                                     Dixie Travis (alt)
                                                                                                         Jim Wolfinger

Altar Guild   Jeanette Richard   Jeanette Richard        Jeanette Richard        Jeanette Richard        Jeanette Richard
              Renate Higgins     Renate Higgins          Renate Higgins          Renate Higgins          Renate Higgins
                                                                                                    NONPROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                     U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                      Permit No. 69
                                                                                                    Torrington, Conn

St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church
837 Charles Street
Torrington, Connecticut 06790
                                                                    Address Service Requested

Date mailed: 12/1/09
Next Newsletter Articles Due: 12/16/09

                                     SUNDAY WORSHIP
                                               8:15am & 11am
                                            Nursery Care provided
                                      Holy Communion - EVERY SUNDAY

                          Tuesdays - 7:00 PM - Worship Service of Prayer
                                     Tuesdays 7:30 PM - Bible Studies
   CHURCH STAFF                                                             TELEPHONE: 482-3555
    Rev. Michael Millum ......................................................... Pastor
    Rev. Paul Sinnott .............................................................. Visitation Pastor
    Michal Rentschler ............................................................. Office Secretary
    Jean Schlapfer ................................................................. Bookkeeper
    Adrienne Weik .................................................................. Director of Music
    Raymond DeSanti ............................................................ Custodian

    Jan Sosnicki ..................................................................... Director & Teacher
    Laurie Chepiga, Sandra Heintz,
    Nikki Maccalous, Nicole Faita ........................................... Teachers

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