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					John REED


Johni,ii,iii,iv,v,vi,vii,viii,ix,x was b. abt. 1757i,x in VAi,x and d. May-1823ii,ix,x in Bourbon Co.,
KYi,ix,x. Married Elizabeth HORNBACKi,iii,iv,vii,ix,x,xi,xii (b. 4-Jul-1763i,ix,x,xii, VA/xd.
4-Jan-1827i,ix,xii, Bourbon Co., KYi,ix,x/bur. family farmxii).

Samuel HORNBACK and John REED owned and operated a mill (grist and saw) on Strodes
Creek in Bourbon Co., KY.xiii “The 1787 Court received several petitions to erect mills along
the Licking River and at Houston Fork. By 1778, some citizens sued Samuel HORNBACK and
John REED for flood damage to property adjoining HORNBACK’s mill. The Court ordered
appropriate adjustments and compensation to HORNBACK’s neighbors (Bourbon Co., KY
Court Order bk A, pg 148).” “Bourbonites held a cattle show at HORNBACK’s mill in 1818 or
1819. The mill was the logical choice as it was located at the crossroads of Winchester Pike and
Ironworks Rd.”xiv John REED and Samuel HORNBACK are supposed to have each purchased
½ the land for the mill.xv John REED purchased Samuel HORNBACK’s heirs rights in the mill
after Samuel’s death.xvi

Samuel HORNBACK and his wife moved from Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV to Bourbon Co.,
KY abt. 1788. He built a water and/or gristmill (referred to at various times as HORNBACK
mill, REED mill and THATCHER mill) on Johnson Fork of Strodes Creek of the Licking

“Among the early settlers of what now forms Clintonville Precinct were those of BRISTOW,
PETTIT and REED. The latter was the first owner of a mill, which after words passed into the
hands of Mr. HORNBACK, then to Mr. THATCHER. It was a saw and grist mill and is now
owned by Matt D. HUME …”xviii “Mrs. PEIRCE, wife of Samuel, residing in ? Co., KY. Her
grandfather was Samuel HORNBACK. Her father, John REIDE. Her uncle George REIDE …
I was five years old when we came to KY. We started from South Branch, within ½ mile of
Moorefield, in April. We came over to George Cr. … There we were detained six weeks getting
boats built … We landed at Maysville, the 1st of June … We went to near Harrodsburgh. This
was in July. In October, we came over to CARTWRIGHT’s Station. Mrs. PEARCE’s father,
John REIDE, built the mill where THATCHER’s is now. It was of logs, at first. Got burned
down … 6 or 7 families came down when we did and had about 40 head of horses also of cattle
and sheep.”xix

“We came in Jun-1788; and abt. The last of harvest, we went down and began to build cabins
and dig the race. Old Jno. REID, son (in-law) of old Sam’l HORNBACK helped his f. in law
build the mill. They were in partnership. Indians never troubled them.”xx

They had:

Hannahiii,vii,ix,x,xxi REED – b. abt. 1758x in VAx. Married Josiah (Isiah) WILSONiii,vii,ix,xxi (d.
bet. 17-Jun-1824ix and 2-Jul-1825iii,vii) on 21-Nov-1808ix,xxi in Bourbon Co., KYix,xxi, permission
given by John REED. Lived in Mason Co., KY in 1831vii.

Bernie Cinkoske, 2741 Patton Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46224, (317) 290-0810,

Elizabethiii,vii,ix,x,xxi REED – b. abt. 1760x in VAx. Married Daniel THATCHERiii,vii,ix,xxi on
8-Jan-1820xxi in Bourbon Co., KYxxi.

Danieliii,vii,x REED – b. abt. 1766x in VAx.

Absalomii,iii,vii,x,xxi,xxii,xxiii,xxiv REED – b. abt. 1764x in VAx. Married Edith PARISxxi,xxii,xxiii on
24-Feb-1803xxi,xxii in Bourbon Co., KYxxi,xxii. Absalom REED was one of the first Justices of
the Peace in Clinton Co., OH.xxv Absalom was appointed to appraise the personal estate of John
JACKSON, dec. on 16-Oct-1810 in Clinton Co., OH.xxiv They had:
       Jehuxxiii                               b. bef. 1803xxiii

Josiahiii,v,vii,xi (Joseph)x REED – b. abt. 1768x in VAx. Married Kitty GRIGSBY on
12-May-1811 in Clark Co., KY.v

Johnii,iii,vi,vii,viii,x,xxvi,xxvii,xxviii REED – b. abt. 1770viiix in VAx and d. abt. 1-Aug-1837xxvi in
Switzerland Co., INxxvi. Married Janexxvi TILLETxxvii (b. bet. 1765/84viii, VA/d. aft. Jun-1836xxvi,
Switzerland Co., IN) in VA. See additional information. They had:
          Frances Allene

Dorothyiii,vii,ix,x,xxi,xxix REED – b. abt. 1774x in VAx. Married Thomas LEWISiii,vii,ix,xxi,xxvi
(Lewis THOMAS) on 23-Dec-1806xxi in Bourbon Co., KYxxi. Lived in Wabash Co., IN in

Samueliii,iv,vii,x,xxii,xxiii,xxiv,xxx,xxxi REED – b. 1-Sep-1778x,xxii,xxiv,xxxi in VAx and d.
5-Apr-1854xxii,xxiv,xxxi in Clinton Co., OHxxii, bur. Richland Methodist Church cemetery, Clinton
Co., OHxxxi. Married Sarah M. PARISxxii,xxiii,xxx,xxxi (b. 25-Aug-1782xxii,xxiv,xxxi/d.
3-Oct-1863xxii,xxiv,xxxi, Clinton Co., OHxxii/bur. Richlandxxxi). Samuel and Absalom, his brother,
were among the first settlers in Richland township, Clinton Co., OH, around 1803. Reed
Settlement was on the Wilmington & Washington Pike.xxiii,xxiv Samuel purchased 1,000 acres
(Lindsay Survey)xxiii and through imperfect title paid for the land twice.xxii,xxiv Served on grand
jury during the Feb-1816xxiv term. They had:
       Elizabethxxii,xxiii,xxiv                 b. 16-Feb-1799xxii,xxiv
       Absalomxxii,xxiii,xxiv                   b. 25-Nov-1800xxii,xxiv
                 xxii xxiii xxiv
       Abner , ,                                b. 10-Jan-1803xxii,xxiv
       Josephusxxii,xxiii,xxiv,xxxib. 15-Jul-1804xxii,xxiv,xxxi                    d. 10-Sep-1840xxii,xxiv,xxxi
                xxii xxiii xxiv                                  xxii xxiv
       Cyrus , ,                                b. 9-Jun-1806 ,                    d. 6-Apr-1839xxii,xxiv
       Johnxxiii,xxiv                    b. 23-Oct-1808xxiv
                    xxiii xxiv
       William ,                         b. 27-Nov-1810xxiv                d. 15-Jan-1863xxiv
       Maryxxii,xxiii,xxiv                      b. 12-Apr-1813xxii,xxiv            d. 17-Sep-1896xxii,xxiv
                       xxii xxiii xxiv                 xxii xxiv
       Samuel P. , ,                     b. 3-Sep-1815 ,                   d. 25-Nov-1860xxii,xxiv
Bernie Cinkoske, 2741 Patton Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46224, (317) 290-0810,

Sarahiii,vii,ix,x,xxi (Sally) REED – b. abt. 1778ix,x in VAix,x and d. 1848ix,x in Bourbon Co., KYix,x.
1st m. Francis YOCUMix,x on 12-Dec-1798ix,x in Bourbon Co., KYix,x, 2nd m. William
BUCKHANNANiii,vii,ix,x (d. bef. Jan-1830iii,vii) on 25-Sep-1807ix,x in Bourbon Co., KYix,x and
3rd m. Samuel PIERCEiii,vii,ix bet. Aug-1828 and Jan-1830iii,vii. They had:
1st:     ?ix
2 :      Johnix,x           b. 8-Aug-1808ix,x             d. 16-Feb-1881ix
                      ix x                  ix x
         Fielding ,                b. 1813 ,
         Stephenix,x               b. abt. 1815x
                    ix x
         George ,                  b. 16-Nov-1816ix,x             d. 11-Jun-1889ix
         Porterix,x                b. 4-Sep-1820ix,x              d. 20-Nov-1895ix
 rd        ix
3 :      ?                                                        d. age 12ix

Cyrusiii,vii,x,xxii,xxiii,xxiv,xxxi,xxxii REED – b. 1784x,xxxi in VAx and d. 21-May-1861xxxi in Clinton
Co., OH, bur. Richland Methodist Church cemetery, Melvin, Clinton Co., OHxxxi. Married
Judah (Judy) D. ?xxxi,xxxii (b. 1798xxxi/d. 2-Jun-1864xxxi, Clinton Co., OH/bur. Richlandxxxi). Was
a soldier in the War of 1812 and went to Clinton Co., OH about 1819.xxii,xxiii,xxiv Samuel and
Absalom, his brothers, sold him 100 acres of the land they owned in Clinton Co., OH.xxiii

Georgei,iii,vii,xi,xxxiii Washington REED – b. 5-Nov-1804 in Bourbon Co., KY and d. 7-Mar-1868
in East Union, KY. Married Levina DEAN (b. 18-Feb-1805, Clark Co., KY/d. 30-Jun-1835,
Bourbon Co., KY) on 22-Nov-1826 in Bourbon Co., KY. Physician. They had five children
        John Newton                b. 25-Oct-1834             d. 16-Aug-1900i,xxxiii

The History of Grant and Hardy Co., WV, “Early Courts in Hardy Co., WV, 17/18-Mar-1786”
lists: recommended for appointment – John REID for Ensign.

There is a deed between Stephen D. LEWIS and John REED, Jr. for 1/3 of 1,330 acres of land
entered on Green Creek by Green CLAY by virtue of Treasury warrant in Bourbon Co., KY.
The land is subject to a Chancery suit where LEWIS is plaintiff and several people are
defendants. The defendants include: Henry WIGGINTON, Daniel & John THATCHER,
William, John and Giles TILLET, John HEDGES, James EALES, Thomas HUTCHCRAFT,
James PRITCHETT, William WARREN, John REED, Josiah BOGGS, Andrew McCROSKEY,
William BUCKHANNON, John HARPERT, Sylvester GRIMES and John CAMBELL.xviii

The 1790 and 1800 census for KY were destroyed. However, the Mar-1791 tax list (KY,
Bourbon) lists: John, James, Andrew and William REED. The 1800 tax list (KY, Bourbon)
lists: John S., George, John and Samuel REED. The 1810 census (KY, Bourbon) lists: John
S. REED and John S. REED, Jun. The 1820 census (KY, Bourbon) lists: Alfred, Caty,
Fredrick, George, John and Jonathan REED.

The KY Gazettexxxiv, published in Lexington, KY mentions the following:

Bernie Cinkoske, 2741 Patton Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46224, (317) 290-0810,

Vol IX, XL, 18-Jun-1796 – Abraham STEP, 17-Jun-1796, regarding bonds to Nathaniel
MASSEY from John BRECKENRIDGE and John REED of Bourbon Co., KY.
Vol I, 549, 16-Aug-1797 – John REED, 7-Aug-1797, living in Bourbon Co., KY on Stroud’s
Creek at HORNBACK’s mill, regarding a strayed or stolen mare.
    Daughters of the American Revolution membership application of Carol Ann SKINNER, Nov-1993, she lists John REED’s date
of birth as ca. 1833.
    Bourbon Co., KY Will bk G (1821-27), pg 102, microfilm, IN State Library, Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN, inventory of John
REID, 9-May-1823, executors John and Absalom REID. Inventory lists the following slaves: Winney, Patience, Nancy, Raufl,
Noah, Nepton, Moses and Henry.
     Bourbon Co., KY Circuit Court File #649, 13-May-1824, KY State Library and Archives, Frankfort, KY, division of John
REED’s estate, dead “some few years”. Lists the heirs of John and Elizabeth REED. Included substantial estate of more than
500 acres of land. Land part of Peter CASEY’s preemption, acquired in 1792. Notice of suit published in Paris, Bourbon Co.,
KY newspaper, Western Citizen. Suit states all children except Hannah WILSON, live outside of KY.
     Bourbon Co., KY Deed bk Y, pg 132, LDS microfilm #0183117. Sold all rights in “mother’s dowry from John REED or left
from her father Samuel HORNBACK.”
    Clark Co., KY Marriages 1792-1851, Researchers, Indianapolis, IN.
     Index to Volunteer Soldiers 1784-1811, Virgil D. WHITE, National Historical Publishing Co., 1987, lists John REID, pvt.
Capt. HUGHES’ Co. KY Militia, 1806-7. I do not know if this is the same John REED.
     Bourbon Co., KY Circuit Court File #96, REID Heirs vs. REID Heirs, 25-May-1826, KY State Library and Archives,
Frankfort, KY, over the division of John REED’s estate of 625 acres and division of slaves.
      1810 census (KY, Bourbon), microfilm.
     HORNBECK Hunting (the Book) & Descendants of Warnaar HORNBECK Born c1645, Shirley HORNBECK, 1994, lists
Elizabeth’s place of birth as Bourbon Co., KY, lists John REED’s date of death as 1817.
    Ancestral File, Mormons, computer, 9-Apr-1997, lists John REED b. 1759 in Bourbon Co., KY and d. 1817; his wife, Elizabeth
b. in Bourbon Co., KY; Samuel REED b. 1776; Cyrus REED b. abt. 1772; and George REED b. abt. 1762, VA.
     Bourbon Co., KY Will bk G (1821-27), pg 443, microfilm, IN State Library, Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN, inventory of
Elizabeth REED, 12-Mar-1827, executors Josiah and George REED, inventory lists the following slaves: Patience, Nancy,
Jahmes, Moses and Henry.
     Kentucky Ancestors vol 1, #2, pg 25 list the following grave: Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth, consort of John REED,
born 4-Jul-1763, died 4-Jul-1827. Grave found at the old home in Bourbon Co., KY near the Clark Co., KY line.
      Historical Map of Bourbon Co., KY, Alice Rogers Clay BLANTON, 1-Dec-1934.
      History of Bourbon Co., KY 1785-1865, H. E. EVERMAN, Bourbon Press, 1977, pg 10 and 41.
     Bourbon Co., KY Circuit Court File #59, 1798, KY State Library and Archive, Frankfort, KY, land purchased from James
DINWIDDE on 28-Apr-1796, originally purchased by Treasury warrant #20832, dated 16-Dec-1784. There is some question
about whether John REED paid for his share.
      Bourbon Co., KY Deed bk O, LDS microfilm #0183112, pg 313, 11-Sep-1819, deed between John and Mary HORNBACK
and John REED transferring a tract of land that was a portion of the allotment and preemption granted to Thomas KENNEDY
who sold it to Samuel HORNBACK. Pg 344, 4-Sep-1819, sale by John HORNBACK to John REED of all rights, title and
interest in _ of mill lying on Strodes Creek know as REED & HORNBACK mill. Pg 505, 11-Dec-1819, deed between Adam
and Sabina HORNBACK and John REED, Jr. of all rights, title and interest in _ of mill lying on Strodes Creek knows as
HORNBACK mill received from father, Samuel HORBNACK.
      HORNBECK Hunting source: History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Co., KY, William Henry PERRIN, 1882,
pg 138.
       Bourbon Co., KY Deed bk O, pg 344, 26-Dec-1819, LDS microfilm #0183112.
      HORNBECK Hunting source: Draper MMS 12 CC 114, No. 2 – Interview with Mrs. PIERCE (from xerox copy of original,
furnished by Mrs. Glenn ROBERTS of Fort Thomas).
     HORNBECK Hunting source: Draper MMS 12 CC 114, No. 19 – Geo. TRUMBO, p102 Historical Collection.
      Bourbon Co., KY Marriages 1786-1835, Michael COOK and Bourbon Co., KY Marriage Register, microfilm, IN State
Library, Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN: Hannah – bk 2, pg 44; Absalom – bk 2, pg 14 & 54; Dorothy – bk 2, pg 27 and Elizabeth
– bk 2, pg 68.
      Letter from Lenore ROBERTS, Wilmington, OH, 26-Jul-1997, lists Cyrus d. 15-Jun-1863.
       The History of Clinton Co., OH, W. H. Beers & Co., Chicago, IL, 1882, pg 758 and 1109.
       History of Clinton Co., OH, Albert J. BROWN, B. F. Bowen & Co., Indianapolis, IN, 1915, pg 129, 294, 323 and 624-25.
      Genealogical Miscellany #1, Clinton Co., OH, “Pioneer Families of Richland Township”, Allen Co., IN Public Library, Ft.
Wayne, IN.
       Switzerland Co., IN Will bk 1 (1823-1847), pg 114, will of John REED, 13-Jun-1836, proven 16-Aug-1837, microfilm, IN
State Library, Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN.

Bernie Cinkoske, 2741 Patton Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46224, (317) 290-0810,

       Bourbon Co., KY Circuit Court File #409, 1-Nov-1815, John, Giles, William and James TILLET and John S. REED and his
wife Jane (formerly TILLET) vs. John REED, sen. and Adam HORNBACK over 200 acres on waters of Strodes Creek, KY State
Library and Archive, Frankfort, KY.
       Information provided by Joyce PERRY from Leone ROBERTS, Wilmington, OH, 5-May-1997, source: REID Bible given
to Absolom REID on the death of Joseph REID, shows John REID b. 6-Mar-1735. Joseph is supposed to have been b.
25-Feb-1703 in Glasgow, Scotland and immigrated in 1716 to Newport News, VA, taylor. Also shows John Simpson REED b.
1-May-1765. However, based upon various documents, this does not appear to be the same person, the names of various
siblings do not agree.
       Bourbon Co., KY Deed bk R, pg 340, 28-Aug-1824, LDS microfilm #0183117.
      Bourbon Co., KY Deed bk Y, pg 209, 13-Aug-1830, LDS microfilm #0183117.
       Cemetery Records of Clinton Co., OH 1798-1978, Genealogy Committee of the Clinton Co., OH Historical Society, Auless
Printing Co., Blancherter, OH, 1980, lists Samuel REED b. 1779 and d. 1855.
       Bourbon Co., KY Deed bk Z, pg 48, LDS microfilm #0183117.
       History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison & Nicholas Counties, KY, William Henry PERRIN, O. L. Baskin & Co., Chicago, IL,
1882, pg 792.
       The KY Gazette 1787-1800, Frontier Press, Galveston, TX, 1983.

Bernie Cinkoske, 2741 Patton Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46224, (317) 290-0810,

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