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					                                  A Curriculum for Youth
                     Based On the Ten Core Concepts of Science of Mind
Synopsis: The lessons this month concentrate on free will. We live in a Universe of
Wholeness, Allness, Oneness. Spirit is perfect and contains all possibilities, embraces
all seeming opposites. Each human being has free will and can choose to experience
freedom or bondage, abundance or lack, joy or misery, all of which lie within the Infinite
Inclusivity of God.
JULY, WEEK FOUR                                                                INTERMEDIATE, 4-5

1) Children will be able to explain freedom and free will in their own words.
2) Children will be able to recognize good and bad choices about their thoughts and
3) Children will be able create empowering thoughts.

MATERIALS:                                                   OUTLINE
CD, CD player, song charts                                     Opening
                                                                   Song: “I Send My Love”, K. Drucker
PREPARATION BEFORE CLASS:                                          Prayer/affirmation
Materials ready as above                                           Offering/song
Affirmation on board                                               Get Acquainted/Attendance
ACTIVITIES:                                                         Story
Story                                                               Drawing/Treatment
Drawing/Treatment                                                   Demonstration
Demonstration                                                       Meditation
Meditation                                                          Game Time
Game                                                            Closing
                                                                    Clean-up / review
                                                                    Prayer / affirmation

UCRS Curriculum, July, week four, Intermediate, grades 4-5                                              1
Opening song: “I Send My Love” by                            Opening Prayer
Karen Drucker                                                Teacher gives the opening prayer.
Children stand in a circle and sing the song.
Display the song chart so the children can                   I invite you to close your eyes now and
see the words.                                               know that you have the power to make
                                                             good choices. You have free will, God’s
       I send my love over the mountains,                    greatest gift, and you can choose how you
       I send my love over the sea.                          want to create your life. For this, we are
       I send my love into the heavens,                      all truly blessed. And so it is. Amen.
       And it comes back to me.

Repeat using the word joy, and peace.

Affirmation: I      have freedom to choose what I think.
             I      have a freedom to choose what I feel.
             I      have freedom to choose what I do.
             I      make good choices.

Offering/song “I am so Blessed.” Offering affirmation: Freedom is my divine
birthright. I am free to give and receive.

Get acquainted: As you introduce each child, have them tell their favorite flavor of
candy. They can put a sticker by their name on the attendance chart. Continue until all
the children have been introduced.

Lesson: Free to Choose Our Thoughts
During the month of July we are learning about freedom and free will.
Today we are going to learn that for every freedom we have, there is also a
responsibility. I am going to tell you a story about a young boy named Alex.

It also tells us how using the power of our thoughts can create good in our life.
We have the freedom to choose happy, empowering thoughts, or sad and angry thoughts.

Listen to how Alex used his thoughts in this story.

UCRS Curriculum, July, week four, Intermediate, grades 4-5                                                2
                                         A SURPRISE FOR ALEX

       It was almost Alex’s birthday and he was having the whole family over for a bar-
b-cue and ice cream and cake. Mom had made a beautiful cake that looked like a
baseball. There were balloons decorating the patio and his brothers had put two big
boxes on the table with big blue bows on them. Alex was getting more and more excited
with every minute.
       When Grandma and Grandpa arrived they brought a package too. Then his Aunt
Lyn and Cousin Jeremy came with a fancy bag that said Happy Birthday on it. Dad had
hotdogs on the grill and everyone helped take the salads, jello, drinks, and potato salad
outside to the picnic table. Alex was polite and patient as they ate the dinner. Then
they lit the candles and he closed his eyes tight. He wished one more time for a puppy.
He had been thinking of nothing else for weeks. He wanted a puppy so bad. He dreamed
of puppies at night. He drew pictures of puppies with his crayons. He had a name
picked out and he could just feel what it would be like to snuggle his nose in his puppy’s
furry head as they went to sleep together on his bed. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to
him, and finally, they brought the presents over.
       Wow! He got a baseball glove and ball. Next he got two games from his cousin.
His Grandma gave him pajamas with puppies all over them. And then Mom and Dad
handed him the biggest box. He held his breath as he took off the lid. He let out a
squeal when he saw the furry tail. But then he saw it was a stuffed puppy. It wasn’t
real! He tried to look happy, but everyone could tell from his face that he was
       “Alex, I told you we couldn’t get you a real puppy. We aren’t allowed to have pets
in this house, remember?”
       Alex knew that is what they said. But he hoped it was just a way to keep the
surprise. Now he realized his dreams would not come true. All he had was a stuffed
puppy. He remembered to say thank you to everyone and he tried to smile. But inside,
he was really very sad.
       The party was over. All the people went home and Alex went upstairs to bed. He
put on his new pajamas and got into bed with his new stuffed toy. He guessed he would
just have to pretend it was real.
       The next day his Mom told him that his Grandma called and wanted him to come
down to her house to help her with a project. She only lived a block away and Alex went
to his Grandma’s house almost every day. When he got there, Grandma had cookies and
milk ready for him. She told him that she had a project in the yard that she needed his
help with. “Would you like to help me out with something?” She asked. “It might mean
you would have to come over almost every day.” Alex was curious, but he didn’t mind
coming to Grandma’s every day. She always had warm cookies for him, and they loved to
play dominoes together. “Sure,” he said. “What is it?”

UCRS Curriculum, July, week four, Intermediate, grades 4-5                               3
      They went out to the back yard and there was a puppy. He ran right to Alex and
jumped up on him. Alex fell down and let the puppy lick his face as he wagged his tail
and jumped around. Alex had never felt so happy.
      It isn’t exactly the way he thought it would be, but he had a puppy for a best
friend after all. And he named the puppy “Crackerjack.”

What did Alex think about before his birthday?
How did he feel about having a puppy?
Did he get a puppy for his birthday?
How did Alex’s thoughts make the puppy be a part of his life?
Was it exactly the way he thought it would be? Why?
Have you ever thought about something really hard and then you got it?
Have you ever gotten something you wanted that wasn’t exactly how you imagined but
still what you wanted?

Alex made a choice that he wanted a puppy. Now what responsibilities will he have?

Discuss how freedom to make choices also comes with responsibilities.

Activity: Treatment for Alex’s Puppy
Work together with all youth to create a treatment to affirm Alex’s puppy in his life.
Talk about how our affirmative thoughts in our Treatments are how we use our Freedom
to Choose.

Activity: Draw Alex’s Puppy
Have children draw a picture of how they think Alex’s puppy looked.
How many different kinds of dogs did the group imagine?
You all had the Freedom to choose your thoughts of what the puppy looked like!

Now we are going to have a little demonstration. I want you to close your eyes. Imagine
that you have your favorite flavor of candy. See what color it is. Taste it. Feel it in
your mouth. Now open your eyes.

You were able to choose any candy in your mind. Did your thoughts help you make your
choice? Did your thoughts help you taste, smell, feel the candy you chose? Discuss.

UCRS Curriculum, July, week four, Intermediate, grades 4-5                               4
Meditation: Imagine What You Want
Today we are going to practice having empowering thoughts. We are going to visualize
something that we desire.

Meditation:    Play soft music, have the children prepare for the meditation by
uncrossing their legs and arms. Sit with a straight back and closed eyes.
       I invite you now to close your eyes and go to that place within where God is, that
God space where you are loved, and safe, and peaceful. Take in a big breath and slowly
let it out. Relax your body and go into your imagination. Imagine yourself having
something that you really want. Can you see it? Can you hear it? Can you smell it?
What does it feel like to have this special thing? Just spend a few minutes filling your
thoughts with what it is like to have what you desire….And now give thanks for this new
thing in your life, knowing it is already yours. Begin to come back into the here and now
and when you are ready, open your eyes.

Allow the children to share their meditation experience if they want to.
Are you open to receiving what you want in many different ways?

Game Time:
If there is extra time, allow the children to play with play dough, puzzles, or books.


Review/ take home page: Use the take home page to review the lesson with the
children before they circle up for the closing prayer.

Closing Prayer: Hold hands in a circle.                      Affirmation:

 Let's hold hands and know that we are all                    I have freedom to choose what I think.
we are so blessed to have freedom. We                         I have freedom to choose what I feel.
know we all make good choices until we are                     I have freedom to choose what I do.
together again next week. And so it is.                                I make good choices.

UCRS Curriculum, July, week four, Intermediate, grades 4-5                                             5

                                                 I have freedom to choose what I
                                                 want. With my freedom comes

If I choose to have a bicycle,
I have the responsibility to ride
safely and take care of it.

                     I have freedom to choose what I think.
                     I have freedom to choose what I feel.
                      I have freedom to choose what I do.
                              I make good choices.

UCRS Curriculum, July, week four, Intermediate, grades 4-5                         6

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