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HW2020 Community Engagement Survey II - Alcohol and Drug

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					                       Community Engagement Survey II
                       Survey Dates: October 8-15, 2009

                                        UNHEALTHY ALCOHOL AND DRUG USE
                                                            Provisional Objectives
                       Health Across the Lifespan: Change Wisconsin's unhealthy alcohol and drug use

                       Health Equity: Improve access to comprehensive culturally-appropriate services
                       for racial/ethnic minorities; workforce development; improve access; community
                       organizing and education.
                        #   Group Membership               What do you suggest are the best ways to move these objectives
                        1   Member Focus Area                                           forward?
                                                     *Increase the tax on all alcohol (protecting the funds for alcohol
                            Strategic Leadership     prevention/treatment activities.)*Make the fine for DUI/DWI offenses
                            Team (FAST)              much higher to make it more of a disincentive*Restrict advertisment of
                                                     alcohol at all school events.
                        2   Member Wisconsin         1) Greater fines; greater penalties for underage drinking parties (laws
                            Public Health Council or enforced) for youth and host. 2) Intervention with 1st OWI. 3) More
                            a standing committee     Educationa and Community Awareness on risks of early drinking =
                                                     increase risk of addiction; brain scan health impact for early use; impact
                                                     on memory; athletics; etc. 3) Adopt the John Underwood approach to
                                                     schools as New York state and others have. His focus is to start with
                                                     athletes and athletic code; tweaking them to be more specific - enforced;
                                                     role modeling by coaches & parent involvement. Athletes are a large
                                                     percentage of some schools; leadership and looked up to. Focus also on
                                                     lost training effect from binge drinking and breakdown in the body. 4)
                                                     Focus on the fact that not all are drinking; create a culture where not
                                                     drinking is the norm - not hold wine events as fundraisers for youth
                                                     prevention programs; not have an open bar at youth awards ceremonies;
                                                     not offer alcohol at events. Provide tailgating; community activities that
                                                     are alcohol-free for families. 5) More program funding for evidence-based
                        3   Chair; Wisconsin         1. Partner programs like Strengthening Families.
                                                     preventionwith local Drug-Free Community Support Program
                            Prevention Network;      (DFCSP)coalitions and Alliance for Wisconsin Youth coalitions and
                            Member; SCAODA           regional centers.2. The State should contract with the Wisconsin
                            Prevention               Clearinghouse for Prevention Resources to sustain the continued
                            Committee;Registered     development of an effective and efficient infrastructure for prevention
                            for fall 2008 Community throughout the state that the Clearinghouse has been instrumental in
                            Engagement forum         building on a foundation of evidence based processes; strategies; and
                                                     interventions.3. Adopt state policy that requires all school districts to offer
                                                     evidence-based substance abuse prevention and/or mental health
                                                     programming at every grade level K-12; or the adoption of Health and
                                                     Wellness academic standards for each grade-level; K-12.
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                        #   Group Membership              What do you suggest are the best ways to move these objectives
                        4                                                              forward?
                            Wisconsin Department Beer Tax towards enforcement and prevention
                            of Health Services
                            program or management
                        5   staff
                            Member Wisconsin         Change racial and ethnic minorities to under-represented groups. There
                            Public Health Council or are other groups with significant disparities beyond race that are not
                            a standing               currently in workforce; having access; or getting education. For example;
                            committee;Member         DHS shows marijuana and other drug rates (ecstacy; crystal meth; heroin)
                            Focus Area Strategic     are significantly higher among LGBT teens than other groups.
                            Leadership Team
                        6   (FAST)
                            School District          Continued collaborative efforts through such groups as the Consortium for
                            Superintendent              Substance Abuse Prevention in Eau Claire County.
                        7   Human Services           Create/increase programs that link with the justice system to promote
                            organization             AODA treatment options for the courts (an AODA differed prosecution
                                                     program) to give judges options to jailing offenders.
                        8   Wisconsin Department Define unhealthy alcohol and drug use.A prolonged and intensive effort
                            of Health Services       aimed at all sectors of society to change the social norms about unhealthy
                            program or management drinking and drug use.
                            staff;Member Focus
                            Area Strategic
                            Leadership Team
                        9   (FAST)
                            Registered for fall 2008 Have increased AA communities in high schools and colleges that are
                           Community Engagement         directly targeted for young people...
                        10 Active in community          In addition to access include new and expand on current community
                           health; Former Director      education and outreach programs which utilize community rganizations as
                           Minority Health program      well as health departments.Focus on communities which have high
                           for large multi-state        indicators: communitiies of color; youth; IDUs; LGBT populations
                           CBO; Former Chair;
                           Village of Shorewood
                           Health Commission
                           ;;Registered for fall 2008
                           Community Engagement
                           Wisconsin Minority
                           Health Leadership
                        11 Registered for fall 2008 Increase state taxes on alcohol and beer purchases.Strengthen OWI
                           Community Engagement state penalities.Work with school districts and local law enforcement to
                           forum                    change local cultural mores regarding parents of teens hosting alcohol
                                                    consuming parties in their homes.Continue public media awareness
                                                    campaigns directed at alcohol effects and driving.

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                        # Group Membership               What do you suggest are the best ways to move these objectives
                        12 Wisconsin Tribal Chair Increase the focus of reducing unhealthy consumption of alcohol but
                           or Tribal Health Director decrease the ability to gain access to alcohol for minors.
                        13 Neighborhood Leader      make it possible to have more treatment center for people with alcohol
                                                    and drug problems
                        14 Member Focus Area        My suggestion is to teach people what a serving of alcohol is!! Just like
                           Strategic Leadership     portions for food; the public has no idea that 3 drinks for a woman and 4
                           Team (FAST)              for a man in one setting is binge drinking (and puts them/us at risk).Labels
                                                    on alcohol beverage bottles about serving size could be provided from the
                                                    industry.I also believe we need a Drink Tracker for smart phones that
                                                    allows the drinker to track drink consumption; and then calculates their
                                                    blood alcohol levels with each drink..
                        15 Registered for fall 2008 Policies to address the number of ETOH outlets per population; tax on
                           Community Engagement ETOH; policies re: ETOH at school related fund raising events; events
                           forum                    where minors will be present; and changing the law allowing minors to be
                                                    in bars with their parents.
                        16 Member Focus Area        Priority given to prevention stratiegies targeting youth.Limit wait lists for
                           Strategic Leadership     service/treatment.
                           Team (FAST)
                        17 Member Focus Area          provision of funding for extensive prevention information and treatment
                           Strategic Leadership       intervention efforts for adults and youth. Tax increases on alcohol and
                           Team (FAST)                reduction of vendor sites (through attrition?) Healthy lifestyle PR
                                                      campaign for positive spin on prevention.
                        18 Member Focus Area          Reasonable health equity objectives. Economic development; job
                           Strategic Leadership       creation; reduced unemployment; reduced neighborhood violence;
                           Team (FAST)                reduced poverty; and reduced racism are also important health equity
                        19 Registered for fall 2008   There at play here.
                                                      factorsneeds to be more funding to create more programs for individuals
                           Community Engagement especially minorities. Wisconsin needs to maybe look at legislation
                           forum                    regarding OWI's since we have the highest numbers in this state.

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                        # Group Membership                What do you suggest are the best ways to move these objectives
                        20 Registered for fall 2008 this may seem minor but please change alcohol and drugs to alcohol
                           Community Engagement and other drugs - in wisconsin; LOTS of folks don't think alcohol is a drug
                           forum                    and our language needs to be consistent. NOW for the question at hand;
                                                    first i need clarification on the objectives - i'm a little confused by the
                                                    Health equity objective - do you want to improve access for minorities;
                                                    workforce development; access and community organizing OR is the
                                                    improve access one goal followed by workforce development and does
                                                    that mean improving the prevention/intervention/treatment workforce OR
                                                    improving program access/delivery to our workforce; improve access for
                                                    anyone and for prevention/intervention/treatment or what. long story for
                                                    what is written above; the only one that approaches an objective is
                                                    reduce drug-related deaths - and is this deaths from illicit drugs or all
                                                    drugs; including alcohol. i'm going to assume that your objectives will
                                                    relate to tobacco and alcohol deaths/injuries/health harm as well as other
                                                    drugs (prescription; illicit drugs; etc. with that in mind; i'm also painfully
                                                    aware of the potential loss of the infrastructure that we've created in

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