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									                                                   February 08
         NSW Masters Squash Association Unit 2 / 18 – 20 Courallie Ave HOMEBUSH WEST NSW 2140
          Phone 02 9746 0245 (ah) 02 9701 7381 (w) 02 9746 0245 (f) e-mail:

Welcome to our first Newsletter for 2008. On behalf of               Our next event is to support ACT Masters with their
the Editor, your Committee and our huge editorial staff,             State titles on the first weekend in March and then we
we welcome you back to the best Master‟s state in                    look forward to the usual high grade tournament hosted
                                                                                                           th    th
Australia. We look forward to seeing you at our                      by Dave Fuller in Bathurst on the 5 and 6 April.
tournaments during 2008.
                                                                     Members are also reminded of the following future
                                                                     events and to mark them down in the
                Richard’s Ramblings                                  diary :-
                                                                     2009         Victoria
NSW Masters first tournament of the year based at                    2010         Tasmania
Wyong hosted by Kevin and Sue Dillon proved to be a
popular event with over 150 entries and a big thanks to              Dick Best
Killarney Vale and Long Jetty for their support. Alan                President
McLeod and his team are to be congratulated for the
efficient way the tournament was run.
With such a success this early Masters players will be                             Your 2008 Executive
looking to the continuation of the fine effort.                                   and General Committee
The committee meeting held at Wyong focused on this                  This is the first opportunity to present your Committee
year‟s program with discussion particularly directed                 for 2008 who were duly elected at the AGM in
towards the administration of the State titles at                    November 2007:
Thornleigh at the end of June and the Australian titles to
be conducted in Darwin in September.                                 President:                 Richard Best

Accommodation in Darwin in early September is                        Vice President:            Robert Scott
apparently short therefore members anticipating going
to Darwin are advised to contact Paula Smith who has                 Secretary:                 Megan Walters
once again agreed to be our Accommodation Co-
ordinator for the event. With the shortage of                        Treasurer:                 Don Barnes
accommodation and deposits required in May it is
emphasised co-ordination with Paula is an imperative.                Registrar:                 Alan McLeod

It is with regret that during last year, NSW Masters                 General Committee:         Sue Barnes, Alex Fenwick,
Squash lost a supporter with the passing of Maree                                               Lesley Henry, Garry Irwin
Wilson who died peacefully at Ulladulla on 30 June
2007. Maree and her husband John were great                          State Selectors:           Jan Grant, Kevin Henry,
supporters of Squash being members of NSW Masters                                               Garry Irwin, Robert Scott
Squash from the early days and being actively involved
                                                                     Entertainment and
for a number of years in the administration of NSW
                                                                     Accommodation Director:              Paula Smith
Squash coupled with a period where they managed
Toongabbie Squash and Fitness Centre During these
                                                                     Do not be afraid to approach any of the above and have
years Maree formed many everlasting friendships and
                                                                     a chat about anything to do with your Association. They
shared good time particularly on our trips away. Many
                                                                     will be more than willing to have a chat.
Squash members were in one of the largest funerals seen
for many years in Ulladulla.

On a brighter note, it was pleasing to see Col Clapper
recognized with a member of the Order of Australia in the
Australia Day Honours. Col has been very much involved
in the administration of Squash particularly in the early
days in Queensland but in recent times has been the
driving force with his contribution to the establishment and
continued roles as Chairman and CEO of Oceania

Old Nicker’s Notes – November 07                                                              Page 2

               2008 Tournament Dates                    Results from 2008 Wyong Masters Squash
                                                            Tournament – 9 and 10 February
New South Wales:
05 / 06 April             Bathurst
                                                       Division 1
17 / 18 May               Raymond Terrace
28 / 29 June              Thornleigh (State C’ships)   Winner             Warren Smith
                                                                          (Raymond Terrace)
02 / 02 August            Goulburn
11 / 12 October           MAASH                        Runner Up          Dragan Mitajovic
22 / 23 November          Dapto (AGM)                                     (Raymond Terrace)
                                                       Plate              George Sweeney
                                                                          (Raymond Terrace)
Australian Capital Territory:
                                                       Division 2
01 / 02 March             State Championships          Winner             Glen Brewster
                                                                          (Dora Creek)
Victoria:                                              Runner Up          Glenn Sharpe
18 to 20 April            Moorabbin (State C’ships)    Plate              Steve Franklin
25 to 27 July             Bendigo                                         (Wentworthville Leagues)
28 to 30 November         Ballarat                     Division 3
                                                       Winner             Des Wood
Queensland:                                                               (Wests Ashfield)
                                                       Runner Up          John Carney
15 / 16 March             Gympie                                          (Dapto Leagues)
05 / 06 April             Ipswich                      Plate              Eddie Estevao
26 / 27 April             Caboolture                                      (PCYC / Ador)
17 / 18 May               Daisy Hill                   Division 4
8 to 11 June              Labrador (State C’ships)     Winner             Garry Irwin
28 / 29 June              Nambour                                         (PCYC / Ador)
18 to 20 July             Nerang                       Runner Up          Mick Hall
8 to 10 August            Maroochydore                                    (Dapto Leagues)
22 to 24 August           Nundah                       Plate              Ian Hayes
3 to 5 October            Wynnum West                                     (Killarney Vale)
25 / 26 October           Caloundra                    Division 5
7 to 9 November           Maryborough                  Winner             Robert Bool
                                                                          (Dora Creek)
International Masters and Open Tournaments             Runner Up          Garry Dunn
2008                                                   Plate              Brad Crothers
22 to 24 February         Crookwell                    Division 6
                          (Matthew and Karen           Winner             Lyndon Baldwin
                          Benjamin)                                       (Wyong)
31 May to 1 June          Wyong                        Runner Up          Mike Drew
                          (Kevin and Sue Dillon)                          (Bel Air)
5 / 6 July                Wollongong                   Plate              Jason Davies
                          (Tony Bullman and                               (Georges Hall)
                          Don Barnes)                  Division 7
1 to 12 September         Australian Masters           Winner             Alex Kochor
                          Squash C’ships                                  (Killarney Vale)
                          Darwin                       Runner Up          Ron Smith
18 / 19 October           Bathurst                                        (ACT)
                          (Dave Fuller)                Plate              Michael Barnes
19 to 25 Oct              9 World Masters Squash                          (Dapto Leagues)
                          C’ships, Christchurch, NZ    Division 8
                                                       Winner             Kevin Dillon
                                                       Runner Up          Kerry Sharpe
September                 Australian Masters Squash
                          C‟ships, Victoria
                           th                          Plate              Paul Sweeney
October 10 to 18          7 World Masters Games,
                          Sydney                                          (ACT)


September                 Australian Masters Squash
                          C‟ships, Tasmania
Old Nicker’s Notes – November, 11                                                                   Page 3

                                                 Combined Division 5
 Results from 2008 Wyong Masters Squash          Winner                        Annette Yarrington
 Tournament – 9 and 10 February (cont’d)                                       (Killarney Vale)
                                                 Runner Up                     Linda Hancock
Division 9                                                                     (ACT)
Winner                Jim Walton                 Plate                         Fay Loving
                      (Dapto)                                                  (Winston Hills)
Runner Up             Bill Vines                 Combined Division 6
                      (Thornleigh)               Winner                        Rhonda Fry
Plate                 Trevor Ryan                                              (ACT)
                      (Wentworthville Leagues)   Runner Up                     Jill Bowler
Division 10                                                                    (Laurieton)
Winner                Ian Smith                  Special Plate                 Sue Hodgson
                      (Dural)                                                  (Orange)
Runner Up             Robert Hood                Plate                         Bert Edwards
                      (Port Macquarie)                                         (Roselands
Plate                 Tom Heta                   Consolation Plate             Cathy Fuller
                      (Killarney Vale)                                         (Bathurst)
Division 11                                      Division 7
Winner                Ted McKenzie               Winner                        Esther Busittil
                      (Springwood)                                             (Coolibah)
Runner Up             Richard Gaha               Runner Up                     Margaret Turnbull
                      (Killarney Vale)                                         (Narromine)
Plate                 Luis Lopez                 Special Plate                 Stephanie Tate
                      (Wollongong)                                             (Killarney Vale)
Division 12
Winner                Fraser Balderstone                 Funny No 1 (a bit cheeky but funny)
Runner Up             Darcy Arnold
                                                 A man playing on a new golf course got confused as to
                                                 what hole he was on. He saw a lady playing ahead of
Plate                 Ray Loving
                                                 him. He walked up to her and asked if she knew what
                      (Winston Hills)
Women’s                                          hole he was playing. She replied, "I'm on the 7th hole,
                                                 and you're a hole behind me, so you must be on the 6th
Division 1                                       hole."
Winner                Sue Dillon
                                                 He thanked her and went back to his golf.
Runner Up             Susan Fisher
                                                 On the back nine, the same thing happened, and he
                      (Raymond Terrace)
                                                 approached the lady again with the same request. She
Plate                 Karen Hall
                                                 said, "I'm on the 14th, you are a hole behind me, so you
                      (Dapto Leagues)
                                                 must be on the 13th."
Division 2
Winner                Kareen Watt                Once again he thanked her.
Runner Up             Paula Smith                He finished his round and went into the club house and
                      (PCYC / Ador)              saw the lady sitting at the end of the bar. He went up to
Plate                 Michele Hedge              her and said, "Let me buy you a drink to show my
                      (Springwood)               appreciation for your help." He started a conversation
Division 3                                       and asked her what kind of work she did She said she
Winner                Sue Parker                 was in sales, and he said he was in sales also. He
                      (ACT)                      asked what she sold.
Runner Up             Lynn Becker
                      (Dora Creek)               She replied, "If I told you, you would only laugh."
Plate                 Wendy Van Hemmert
                      (Killarney Vale)           "No, I wouldn't," he said.
Combined Division 4
Winner                Stephen Shrubb             She said, "I sell tampons."
Runner Up             Megan Walters              With that he fell on the floor laughing so hard.
                      (Wentworthville Leagues)
Plate                 Christine Cooper           She said, "See, I knew you would laugh."
                                                 "That's not what I'm laughing at," he replied. "I'm a
                                                 toilet paper salesman, so I'm STILL one hole behind


Old Nicker’s Notes – November, 11                                                                                   Page 4

             Accommodation Update                                                 Commisserations
   2008 Australian Championships - Darwin 2008
                                                              On behalf of the Committee and members of our
DARWIN - 27 Weeks to go                                       Association, I would like to pass on sincere
                                                              commiserations to popular member Des Wood whose
Yes the 2008 Australian Masters Squash                        father passed away recently. Our thoughts are with you
Championships are to be held in Darwin from 1 to 12           Des at this time of solemnity for your family.
September 2008. For those members still thinking and
saving for Darwin this year, it‟s time to book otherwise
you just might miss out on staying with the NSW family                            Lost Equipment
at the Coconut Grove Apartments.
                                                              One of our long serving members, Robert Spooner, lost
At this stage there are only a few apartments left so you     his raquet at the Wyong tournament.
need to contact me soon or you will have to find your
own accommodation. (Just ask Ray or Moya Sambucca             For all of those ,(151 of us) - could I ask that those of
how difficult and expensive it is in Darwin to find           you that were at the Wyong courts, please check in
something or someone in Darwin to get back to you)            their bags to see if you have a spare racket!!!
There are only a few of the one bedroom self contained        Robert had his on the ground while umpiring and when
apartments available (1 Queen + 1 single) at $151 per         he went to pick it up it was gone. Someone might have
night. Coconut Grove is ideal as it is within walking         picked it up by mistake thinking that it was theirs.
distance of squash courts, 3 kms from airport or 10 km
from city. Has a pool, B-B-Q , coin operated laundry.         I know some of you only play every now and then so if
                                                              you could check your bags that would be great - if you
So any members interested see me at Canberra on the           have it, please let Megan Walters, our Association
1 March                                                       Secretary, know and Megan will organise for it to be
                                                              picked up or returned at the next tournament.
Paula Smith or 9597 5717 or 0402 443 205
                                                              Funny No 2 (another cheeky one but funny)
       2007 World Squash Awards in London.
                                                              Three women, two younger, and their senior friend,
                                                              were sitting naked in a sauna.
The 2007 World Squash Awards' Lifetime
Achievement award was made to Heather McKay,
                                                              Suddenly, there was a beeping sound. The young
AM, MBE, the distinguished Australian who won 16
                                                              woman pressed her forearm and the beep stopped
consecutive British Open titles between 1962 and
1977. Considered by many to be the greatest female
                                                              The others looked at her questioningly.
player in the history of the game, and possibly also
Australia's greatest-ever sportswoman, Heather                “That was my pager” she said. “I have a microchip
dominated the women's squash game in the 1960s and            under the skin of my arm”
                                                              A few minutes later, a phone rang. The second young
She lost only two matches in her entire career (in 1960       woman lifted her palm to her ear. When she finished,
and 1962), and was unbeaten in competitive squash             she explained
matches from 1962 through to 1981, when she retired
from active open squash.                                      “That was my mobile phone. I have a microchip in my
Mrs McKay was disappointed not to have been able to
attend the Awards: "I know the award has been                 The older woman felt very low tech. Not to be outdone,
awarded only twice before, to two of the legends of           she decided she had to do something just as
squash, Jahangir Khan and Jonah Barrington, so I am           impressive. She stepped out of the sauna and went to
honoured to be the first female to receive this award,"       the bathroom. She returned with a piece of toilet paper
said McKay in a message read out at the ceremony.             hanging from her rear end. The younger women raised
                                                              their eyebrow‟s and stared at her.
"As you may have already guessed, squash has been a
major part of my life having first started playing in 1959,   The older woman finally said
winning my first major championship The Australian in
1960 and eventually retiring from open squash in 1981.        “Well, will you look at that. I‟m getting a fax!!!”
I had no idea that when I had my first hit of squash I
would be lucky enough to travel the world and make
friends world wide, some of whom I still keep in touch

Old Nicker’s Notes – November 07                                                                     Page 5

                      MALAYSIA                 JUNE 14th-21st                  $2095
                      FIJI                 AUGUST 8th-15th                     $1995
                                            8 days / 7 nights
Enjoy the best of both worlds when you combine your holiday with your squash. Free days to shop, sight-
see, enjoy the beach or just simply relax and nights to socialize and enjoy some squash against local clubs
and players.

Tour leaders Dean Landy and Peter Aitken are experienced players and coaches with many contacts
throughout the squash world in many exotic locations. Dean is the Fiji National Coach and last years Fiji tour
was an outstanding success.

This year we have added a tour to Malaysia to enjoy the many Asian delights and culture. The largest city in
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is the economic, political and social hub of the country. Highlights include the
Chinatown markets and the Petronas Towers. Penang is famed for it beautiful beaches and luxurious beach
resorts. Perfect for a relaxing getaway and combined with the chance to enjoy a range of water and beach
activities. The evenings will feature some club matches, in addition to markets, restaurants and

This years Fiji experience will include a 1 day tournament in Nadi, island resort accommodation and jazz and
drinks at the yacht club. Club matches are scheduled in Nadi and Lautoka. Other optional activities include,
snorkeling, scuba diving, parra sailing, golf, fishing and much more. Partners and non squash players are
most welcome.

                     Start planning your international trip to “squash heaven” now!

                             For more details and information contact;
           Dean Landy & Peter Aitken on (02) 9958 1399 or email at
Old Nicker’s Notes – November, 11                                                                                   Page 6


Col Mower Award

As most members will know, this award is in honour of a former member of the Association, Col Mower. Col was
involved in many aspects of the Association, but in particular, his love of the game both on and off the court. Some
worthy recipients in past years have been Dot Allen (2005 winner), Phil Grant (2006 winner), Robyn Stevens and Helen
Hall. Those of you who were present at the Raymond Terrace Dinner Dance saw the 2007 winner, Katie Totaro,
presented with the shield.

                   Katie after being presented with her trophy by the Association’s Treasurer Don Barnes

    Katie with 2006 awardee Phil Grant, long serving member (and Phil’s wife) Jan Grant, Katie, Dot Allen (2005 awardee),
               Committee member Kevin Henry, Treasurer Don Barnes and long serving member Lynn Becker

Players from the courts

Tanya Bailey and Christine Drew               Vicki Kitchen and Lynda Hancock                The Two Roberts –
                                                                                    Scott and Spooner enjoying a beer

Old Nicker’s Notes – November, 11                                                                            Page 7


Phil “Look at my Physique” Grant            The Masked Man and his Henchman             The Masked Man unmasked
                                                                                        Oh, it’s Tim Dann and Bob Bool

Audience making sure Phil is OK             Geoff Selby and Ian Smith                   Mystery Man and John Dowle

Wendy Fox and Rhonda Hannelly               Uncle and Mrs Arthur                        The Rose between two thorny
                                                                                         Lyndon Baldwin, Katie Totaro
                                                                                        and Alby Fisher


Even though the Ed has been doing this job for many years now, he may get stale in some of his ideas. If you have any
„new‟ ideas for the Editor in the compilation of Old Nicker‟s Notes, do not hesitate to pass them on to Don Barnes.


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