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									                                          Preble County Junior Fair Department
                                       Recommendations for 2011 Fair Book Changes

       No Changes except dates
4-H MISCELLANEOUS AND                         COOK-OFF                                      LIVESTOCK SKILLATHON
BOOTH                                         FOOD SHOW & INTERVIEW                         PREMIER EXHIBITOR
BEEF                                          KING AND QUEEN

Junior Fair Entry Deadline: June 20, 2010
         General Rules changes:
1. Friday, August 6 All Jr. Fair Livestock released at Noon
2. Exhibitors returning from Ohio State Fair participation, who missed their showmanship class, will show for their own
showmanship grade on the next day or before the market show begins. They cannot compete for their Showmanship age division
3. Suggestion for clarification of Jr. Fair Livestock Sale Rules coming from both the Poultry and Rabbit Department.
Committees: Provide clarification on the sale of a pen of 3 meat rabbits and a pen of 2 meat chickens when one (1) animal in the
pen dies. Rule #1 says animals are eligible to sell once judged & showmanship is completed. Rabbits and Poultry are shown as
PENS and should sell as complete pens or as individual animals (like lambs). This year at fair, exhibitors were allowed to sell 2
rabbits or 1 chicken because one of the animals died after being judged but before the Sale. --- Rodney will help with wording
of this.

1. No need to sign up in advance
2. Delete “in the Sheep Arena” Add: “Location will be announced during fair. Games may be subject to change.”

1. Make Rule #7 be Rule #1 and renumber the rules.
2. Add DUNF to the end of new Rule #1 to read as follows:
3. “All lactating Dairy Cow exhibitors must attend Quality Assurance. All Dairy Cow exhibitors must turn in a Drug Use
Notification Form for each animal. (Refer to Junior Fair Livestock Rules under Rules Violations.)”
4. For each class number change the year dates -- Example: March 1, 2010 becomes “March 1, 2011.”

1. Change the wording from “Jr. Fair pass” to “Jr. Fair wristband”.
2. Change to read “All proceeds benefit JFB”
3. Change dance time from “7:30 – 10:30 p.m.” to “7:00 – 10:00 p.m.” Correct Blue Page time also.

add to Rule #9 “to include kennel cough.”

1. Add: FFA Projects 10:00 a.m. – Noon and 2:- 6 p.m. in the blue section
2. Change to:     6 p.m. Friday of fair Projects must be in place. Check-in 10 a.m – Noon and 2 – 6 p.m. the Friday before fair.
3. Class changes J.200 Cutting Board move to J-400
         J-401add Flower Box
         J-402 Chair, Bench
         J-401 add wood Storage Box
         J-201 Corn Hole
         J-202 Dog House
         J-801 Add “a minimum of 4 photos”
         J- 701 Blue Prints
         J-702 The Wood Project Scale Model
4. Remove: “record books must be ….” sentence

FLOATS & PARADE           1. Remove Rule #6 instead at the top in bold Add: “Lineup begins at 10 a.m.”

1. Remove Rule #4.         Rule #5 correct spelling typo “scull” should be “skull”
2. Rule #20 Deletions: “
         “If there are 5 or more wethers”
         ”category. they”
         “If there are less than 5 wethers, they will be judged together.”
3. Make the last two sentences read as follows: “In the “All Other Breeds” wethers will show in a separate class from the does.”
4. Rule 21 correct typo “county” should be: “County”
5. Add to end of Rule 21 the following:
“Registered dairy does must be tattooed. All market wethers must be eartagged, with the exception of Lamanchas. This breed may
be tattooed with the number coinciding with the PCJF eartag.”
6. Add a Rule #21 a) as follows:
“All market goats and dairy market wethers must be at the fairgrounds on May 7 th between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. for mandatory weigh-
in and ear tagging with rate of gain competition. The exhibitor or a representative must be present at the time of weigh-in. You
may tag and weigh-in 4 goats, but you may only show 2 market goats at Junior Fair. You must declare your two market entries on
the day of the weigh-in at the fair.”
7. Rule 26 Replace type of “minimum” with “maximum
8. Class Changes:
         J-91 should read born before April 1 and after January 1 of this year
         Change J-101 to J-100
         Change J-101 to J-100 B
         Insert J-101 Exotic Wethers
         Remove J-101C
9. Add:
         J-102 All Other Breeds Does
         J-103 All Other Breeds Wethers
         J-103 B Grand and Reserve Champion Wethers -- All first and second place winners from J-101, J-103
              Market Wether classes – Make these class number changes:
         J-102 to J-104
         J-102 B to J-104 B
         J-103 to J-105

1. Page 144 Split H-45 Hunt Seat Equitation and H-54 English Pleasure by ages 8 – 13 and 14 – 18
2. Page 141 Rule #13 Add a 10 minute break prior to all Championship Classes
3. Page 144 Move Cones & Barrels to follow Barrels
4. Page 145 Move HP-96 Pleasure Driving to follow H-87
5. Page 143 Add HP-29 Ground Roping members 8-18 to follow HP-27 Trail in Hand (Move HP 27 before HP 25)
6. Page 143 Add HR 1 Therapeutic Showmanship English or Western members 8-18
7. Page 145 Add HP-81 Therapeutic Equitation/Horsemanship members 8-18
8. Page 145 Add to class HP 110 (Pattern A or B only)
9. Page 144 Add to class HP-59 Pattern A or B only)
10. Page 145 Remove from HP 108 and HP 109 Western Riding the words “Western or Saddle Seat”
11. Change typos. Renumber classes as needed

1. Add to Rule #6 at the end of the current rule…”After they have made weight, leg bands will be applied.”
2. Add to Rule #12 at the end of the current rule …”During Pre-Judging the barn will be closed in the market bird area to
3. Bold Rule #13
4. Add a Rule #18 “Extension cords on the floor must be taped down to the floor.”
5. Add a Rule # 19 “Cross breed birds will not be eligible to compete for Overall Grand Champion Bird.”
6. Class Changes:
         Remove current J-77 and replace with the following: “J-77 Cross Breed Birds (No fryers to be exhibited.)”

1. Rule #1 Remove the first sentence
        Note: this is an old rule and no longer applies - See Rule #10
2. Rule #15 Add to the existing rule a new first sentence as follows:
        “Exhibitors are not required to be present for meat pen weigh-in.”

1. At top header for the department should say:
Sunday, ______ - Showmanship 10:00 a.m. followed by Market Lamb Show
Tuesday, ______ - 4:00 P.M. Commercial Breeding and Breeding Sheep
2. Rule #7 Add at the end of sentence “and sell in the Sale.”
3. Add Rule #7A All lambs weighing under 90 lbs. will be eligible to show in a Feeder Lamb class. (This class winner is not
eligible for Final Drive.)
4. Rule #8 Remove the last sentence
5. Rule #9 Delete the first two sentences to make the rule read as follows:
“Any Junior Fair Market Lambs that are not slick shorn of wool on the day of the Junior Fair Market Lamb Show will be
eliminated from the show and will not sell in the Junior Fair Livestock Sale.”
6. Remove the old Rule #11 and Renumber as follows:
#12 becomes # 11                                                       #16 becomes 15
#13 becomes #12                                                        Remove old Rule #17
#14 becomes 13                                                         #18 becomes 16
#15 becomes 14
7. “All market lambs must be at the fairgrounds on May 7th between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. for mandatory weigh-in and ear tagging
with rate of gain competition. The exhibitor or a representative must be present at the time of weigh-in. You may tag and weigh-
in 4 lambs, but you may only show 2 market lambs at Junior Fair. You must declare your two market lamb entries on the day of
weigh-in at the fair.”

1. Add the following new rules:
2. Page 127 Rule 9 “ ’Prior handling of the animal’ is only for Horses because of the nature of the animal.”
3. Page 127 Rule 10 “Any species eligible for Showman of Showmen in their department is eligible to be used in the Showman
of Showmen competition.”

Page 161 Switch order in fair book of rules 6 & 7 so that it is not read so jumpy. (Make # 6 be # 7 and #7 be #6)

1. Page 153 Rule 8 The second through 4th sentences should read as follows:
“The tag must be in the left ear of the animal so the number show on the back of the hog’s ear before arriving at the fair. The
eartag must remain in the ear for the duration of the fair. The ear tag will serve as the animal’s ID number.”
2. page 154 Breeding Gilts Add Rule #6 “Gilts can leave the fairgrounds after the Gilt Show.”
3. Note: Leave Showmanship requirements as they are. Do not change this rule.

1. Page 166 Rule 7 Add at the end: “CD’s without vocals are preferred and will score higher than CD’s with vocals.”


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