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As a selective, effective and safe herbicide widely used in maize field,
 atrazine has been used in China for more than 20 years. China has
become a major atrazine technical exporter in the world, with 70% of
atrazine (AI) exported. The supply and price of Chinese atrazine have
great impacts on the global market. The domestic consumption grows
stably. The distribution of atrazine producers are quite centralized, as
                  well as those of key raw materials.

     The basic data relevant to import/export, output, capacity,
consumption, demand, raw materials, etc. are presented in this report,
       and the active manufacturer profiles are also included.

          This report also answers the following questions:
        What's the registration situation of atrazine in China?
What's the situation of Chinese atrazie production? What's the key raw
  What are the changes to Chinese atrazine industry and what's the
                             future trend?
      Why the price of atrazine increased sharply in early 2008?
How about the export of atrazine? Who are the major exporters? What
                  are the major destination countries?
  Is there any opportunities or risks for Chinese atrazine industry?

                            Table of contents :
                  Introduction & methodology
                 I Herbicide industry in China
        I-1 Overview of herbicide industry in China
             I-2 Position of atrazine in herbicides
         II Production situation of atrazine in China
                     II-1 History of atrazine
      II-2 Registration situation of atrazine in China
II-3 Restriction on the use of atrazine in foreign countries
                   II-4 Production technology
               II-5 Current production situation
                     II-5.1 Atrazine technical
                     - Summary of producers
                    - Summary of production
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