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 VOLUME 24,           NUMBER 5                     NEWS REVIEW                          $ 3.00                     MARCH 22, 1999

 Watch For Deceptions On A
      Planetary Scale
As Dark “Elite” Turn Up Heat
                    3/2/99   KORTON                             tells you that “man will do greater things than I”. So be it.

   Good morning. Commander Tomeros Maasu Korton                                           DECEPTION ON A
here in Radiance and Light and in Service unto Holy God.                                 PLANETARY SCALE
I come as one of God-Aton’s Hosts, come at this time to
show you the way out of the affliction brought upon you by         This is what the “new” millennium is going to bring you, and it will be
Satan’s workers—most of whom are not souled beings, but         man’s signs you will see in the sky foisted off upon you to make it look as
biological replicas programed to destroy a world.               though God has come back to punish His wayward flock. And indeed,
   In order for you to prevent the heinous plans and            you have gone astray as to God’s laws and ways of Creation, but He is not
Protocols of the “elite” parasite class of “royal” overseers,   how your Bible describes Him; fire and brimstone may well rain down
you will need to distinguish between what is REAL versus        from the skies and belch forth from the bowels of your Mother Earth, but it
what is a manifested conjuring of hidden technologies—for       will be by the actions and negative thoughts of man that these things shall
you see, in these so-called Ending Times, your own Bible        come about.
                                                                   Aton, The One Light, does not coerce nor threaten His creations. He
 CONTACT                                                        only offers.   It is up to man, individually and collectively, to accept
 P.O. Box 27800
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 Las Vegas, NV 89126
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Page 2                                                  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT                                                             MARCH 22, 1999

                                                                                                                people that we’re up against are the so-called

 The News Desk
                                                                                                                rogue agencies that this individual refers to.
                                                                                                                They are not mad men.           They are not
                                                                                                                emotional idiots.      They are not out for
                                                                                                                revenge. They are out to keep secrets because
                                                                                                                they believe they have the God-given
      3/13/99      DR. AL OVERHOLT                                                                              authority to decide what happens to all the
                                                                            and Walter Cronkite and more recently for
                                                                                                                rest of us.
                                                                            working to expose the shenanigans and
   ECONOMIC JUSTICE NOW: G8’S conspiracies that NASA and other government                                           B. But this very, very reasoned, very
            WORLD BANK GLOBAL                                                                                   credentialed individual is absolutely convinced
                                                                            agencies are involved in. He has been brave
    WARMING SCANDAL EXPOSED                                                                                     that they wouldn’t hesitate two seconds, to
                                                                            enough to spend many hours on the Art Bell
                                                                                                                take him out and sure as hell wouldn’t, ah,
                                                                            Show exposing these conspiracies along with
       E x c e r p t e d f r o m t h e I N T E R N E T , 3 / 9 9 : many others to whom Art Bell gave much time. hesitate to take out you or me.
[quoting]                                                                                                           H. Well I think that this individual is
                                                                            The likelihood that this was a “natural” heart
       Rich Nations, Multinationals Profit From a t t a c k i s s o m i n u t e i t ’ s h a r d l y w o r t h   coming from a different perspective.
Fossil Fuel Funding May 15, 1998.                                           mentioning.                         Remember he has spent his career on the
       The World Bank is exposed today as a                                                                     inside.     He has spent his career in the
major promoter of global warming. The news                                      The following was sent to me:   shadows; he has spent...
comes as G8 summit leaders meet to discuss                                                                          B. Oh sure.
how developing countries can be persuaded                                                                           H. His career in the halls of power.
                                                                                Excerpted from the INTERNET, courtesy
to act on global warming. But the shocking of Calvin Burgin, <>, 3/10/                            B. Well, that is what validates it all the
new report from the US Institute for Policy 99: [quoting]                                                       more.
Studies, endorsed by Friends of the Earth                                       Art Bell Weather Warning Letter:    H. From that perspective he does not
International, shows that:                                                                                      approach this like you and I do basically
                                                                            Transcript of Art Bell Show with Richard
       Since the Rio Earth Summit, the World Hoagland.                                                          because of my network years with Walter. In
Bank Group has spent $12.4 billion on gas,                                                                      that I really believe in the power of the
oil and coal projects. [1] The greenhouse gas                                   B. is Art Bell                  American people and the power of the First
emissions produced by current Bank projects                                     H. is Richard Hoagland          Amendment and I believe that the only reason
over their lifetimes (9.9 billion tons of carbon)                                                               that we have made the progress we have made
                                                                                [This is just a small part of the
will total more than three times the output of conversation but it is the important part. A                     is because we have shared freely. Even those
greenhouse gases from all OECD countries third party who is also involved is referenced                         things at the cutting edge that some people
(2.7 billion tons of carbon). For 1995 the here.]                                                               have accused us of speculating wildly about.
Bank still spends nearly 100 times more on                                                                      The fact is that if I were to turn up dead
                                                                                B. But he has clearly said here that if he
promoting climate change than in averting it. were to go public with this he would be dead                      tomorrow morning there would be one
The G8 countries provide half of the World in 48 hours. Now I didn’t—                                           remarkable hurrah that we in fact were correct.
Bank’s funds because there is almost a dollar-                                                                      B. Um hm.
                                                                                H. (not clear)... from being scared witless.
for-dollar relationship between contributions to                                B. All right.                       H. Clinton’s problems began with the
the Bank and procurement contracts, nine-                                                                       death of Vince Foster. Bodies tend to focus.
                                                                                H. All right. He’s making a reasoned
tenths of World Bank fossil fuel money ends judgement. Now he also in this same note                            Remember I can count on among my friends
u p w i t h m u l t i - n a t i o n a l c o m p a n i e s s u c h a s warns me that if I pursue this course...  Ted Koppel, Walter [Cronkite], you,
Amoco, Chevron, Exxon and Mobil. These                                          B. I know.                      obviously, and many others that I would hope
companies are leading lobbyists—through the                                                                     would not stand by and simply—you know,
                                                                                H. That I may in fact incur a similar fate.
Global Climate Coalition—in resisting official                                  B. I know.                      wipe a tear and put a rose on my grave. The
action on climate change, particularly through                                                                  fact is that exposure and the light make the
                                                                                H. And I had a discussion earlier about
the US Senate.                                                                                                  cockroaches go away.
                                                                            this. This is why the previous two hours have                      And that’s my
                                                                                                                philosophy and I will live by that.
       Over the last year, one third of all World b e e n s o m e w h a t o f a s i d e - s h o w b e c a u s e ,
Bank fossil fuel funding has been spent in regardless of whether Paul Dore was behind                               B. And or, all right, ah... [End quoting]
China. It is estimated that China will require or was not behind this whole thing, events                           To read the rest of this long transcript you
an extra 15 gigawatts of power every year if have now rapidly escalated to where we have                        can find it on Art Bell’s web page at <http://
it is to meet its planned 8% annual growth discovered real data.                                      >
rate. This amount of power could run two                                                                            There have been several others who have
                                                                                B. I understand that; I do understand that.
cities the size of Los Angeles. The Bank has                                                                    lost their lives suddenly within the last few
                                                                                H. (garbled) use specifics and possible real
approved over $1 billion dollars in loans to threat and concern to everyone. And there                          months after appearing on Art’s show,
                                                                                                                including Speaking Wind.
t h r e e c o a l - f i r e d p o w e r p r o j e c t s ( T u o k e t u o , are people who may have died and may be
W a i g a o q a o , Y a n c h e n g ) w i t h a c o m b i n e d about to die if they step forward and that’s        These brave people who appear on Art’s
capacity of 7,700 megawatts. A fourth power what we should focus on tonight.                                    show to expose the many conspiracies need
plant at Leiyang is due for approval in June.                                                                   our prayers!!
                                                                                B. Yep, I completely agree with you and
The World Bank’s China portfolio for 1992- it’s because of my respect and understanding                             The latest update is that Richard Hoagland
98 will eventually emit 2 billion tons of of the credentials of the individual who wrote                        has been making a remarkable recovery from
CO 2.... [End quoting]                                                                                          surgery and, according to his brief
                                                                            this that, you know, I wouldn’t say I’m scared
       And the US is supposed to pay not only out of my wits. I have—I thought about it                         appearance on Art’s program on Tuesday
dollars but a sever cut in our living conditions really hard and I’m sure after reading this                    evening 3/16/99, the clues give a strong
to make up for this pollution abroad—when response you thought too, Richard. You know                           suggestion that his “heart attack” was the
the “elite” have the technology hidden to clean y o u ’ v e g o n e d o w n a l o t o f r o a d s i n y o u r   result of some kind of beam attack.
up the world at comparatively little expense. career, Richard. Some of them have been
                                                                            crooked roads with dead-ends and some have           PEOPLE CAN MAKE A
      RICHARD HOAGLAND HAS A                                                been very productive roads. The danger here                 DIFFERENCE
          MASSIVE HEART ATTACK                                              is that you may be going down a productive
                                                                            road that could get you killed.                  From      the     INTERNET,        <para-
       Richard Hoagland has had a massive heart                                 H. We’ve discussed this at various bench>, 3/6/99: [quoting]
a t t a c k a n d w i l l b e o p e r a t e d o n a f t e r a n marks in this long and twisted investigation                 Well it looks like the ordinary people can
angioplasty procedure failed. He is in critical that we have shared and have told you again be heard, after all. —Roger
condition at the present time (I think he was and again. And I will tell the country tonight:
to have a heart operation on 3/11/99).                                      my firm belief is the truth must out. And that    “‘Know Your Customer’ Dies—
       He was famous for working with NASA high visibility is the best protection. The                                            Bank Regulators Give In”
MARCH 22, 1999                                         CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT                                                                Page 3

 by Patrice Hill, The Washington Times, 3/5/99             Villandry says “If I’m locked into that        Channel 5 in Boston reporting another
                                                       number, I’m going to hell.”                        overnight visitation, this time in Lowell
      Bank regulators said Thursday they will              The Los Angeles Times says this is the first   Massachusetts by two dozen Blackhawk
withdraw a controversial “know your                    court decision to declare that a driver’s license  helicopters. Out of the choppers came Navy
customer” rule after being overwhelmed by              applicant can refuse to give the DMV a Social      Seals in full battle gear, and multiple
more than 140,000 complaints [I venture to             Security number for religious reasons.             explosions were heard near some old factory
say this is just a fraction of what they actually          But prosecutors say they’ll appeal the         or mill buildings. Once again local officials
received.] that the rule is a massive invasion         ruling on the grounds that a universal driver’s    were given prior notice, but the townspeople
of privacy.                                            license application is needed because it’s used    were not. The report also featured some
      “The proposal should be promptly                 to track parents who are delinquent in child       video, possibly amateur, of one of the helos,
withdrawn,” said John D. Hawke Jr.,                    support payments.                                  which are based in Kentucky.
comptroller of the currency. He was sworn                  STOP THE NATIONAL ID CARD AND                      Terrified residents awoke to what sounded
in last December just as the four federal              ITS DATABASES NOW!!!!!!                            like an evacuation or a battle, and upon calling
banking agencies issued the proposal requiring             VISIT OUR NEW WEB SITE <http://                the police, were told it was a military exercise,
banks to monitor their customers’ accounts,  >, Coalition       and not to be alarmed. One Army official was
keep         customer    profiles,   and    report     to Repeal the Fingerprints Law, 5446               interviewed, and said that no advance warning
“suspicious” activity to federal law enforcers.        Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Suite 133, Atlanta,    is given to the populace, to prevent curious
      While the rule was “intended” to help            GA 30341 [End quoting]                             onlookers from getting too near the site and
catch drug lords and other criminals who                   And here’s another big victory IF we have      possibly being injured.
launder their money through banks, Mr.                 the will to carry forth and make this a                Now for some personal observations on
Hawke said it inadvertently undermined                 mandatory law nationwide.                          this situation. I am outraged! This kind of
confidence in the banking system by violating                                                             activity is inexcusable. Since when is it
the traditionally confidential relationship              MORE HELICOPTER TERRORISM a c c e p t a b l e f o r o u r o w n m i l i t a r y t o t e r r i f y
b e t w e e n banks and their customers. [En d                   IN MASSACHUSETTS                         sleeping American citizens? I am aware of
quoting]                                                                                                  the other similar reports filtering in from
      Let’s don’t let our guard down—they are              From        the   INTERNET,        < p a r a - around the country, and I am having a difficult
v e r y l i k ely to hit us a ga in whe n we lea s t>, 3/6/99: [quoting]                time believing that the purpose of these
expect it—like the middle-of-the-night vote on             Hello list,                                    maneuvers is a benevolent one. There are
an addition to another bill that never got                 It is with trembling fingers that I report facilities available for training these guys for
debated.                                               this event. I woke up this morning to find urban activities. There can only be one reason
      In the meantime we can celebrate
another big victory!

                                                                                Nikola Tesla
            BAN OF SSN

    From the INTERNET, courtesy of Calvin
                                                                               Live And Well!
Burgin,     <>,       3/9/99:
    Those seeking to free themselves from                        On page 4 of Dr. Al Overholt’s The News Desk column in the 3/9/99 issue
Babylon—if these men can get away from a                     of CONTACT we told you the sad news about the bankrupt condition of the
law based upon their beliefs, then what is                   International Tesla Society.
stopping us?                                                     As “luck” would have it, I “just happened” to be talking on 3/16/99 with J.W.
    Check this out below.
    Enoch 144
                                                             McGinnis, who was the founder and longtime president of that Society—until
    Saturday, October 25 4:35 PM EDT                         certain undermining personnel and financial maneuvers took place which caused
    LOS ANGELES, Oct. 25 (UPI)—A Los                         him to leave and the Society to fold shortly thereafter, last October.
Angeles Superior Court judge has ruled in                        Those of you who are aware of the importance of Nikola Tesla as scientist
favor of five men who refused to supply their                extraordinaire, are also well aware of the desires of the dark, so-called “elite”
Social Security numbers on driver’s license
applications because of their religious beliefs.             crooks in high places to keep his name and accomplishments out of public
    Judge Diane Wayne said she based her                     knowledge and appreciation. Hence the reason for the undermining of the Tesla
ruling on the men’s “sincerely held religious                Society—which was not only doing a good job of keeping Tesla’s name alive, but
convictions that anyone who uses his or her                  actively encouraging and promoting outstanding innovative research going on in
Social Security number is in danger of not                   our present day.
receiving eternal life”.
    As a result, the California Department of                    But—listen up—there is some good news to report:
Motor Vehicles will be forced to accommodate                     J.W.McGinnis has started something new, called THE INTERNATIONAL
the men, who believe the numbers are the                     TESLA INSTITUTE, P.O. Box 38335, Colorado Springs, CO 80937-8335, or
“mark of the beast” referred to in the Bible’s               phone: 719-632-4327. The cost is U.S. $20 for an annual quarterly newsletter
Book of Revelation.                                          subscription. He is seeking non-profit status for this organization, which is
    California residents involved in the suit
were Michael Bromley of Mojave, James                        planning (older and wiser now) to be an even bigger and better forum for
Clifford Brunson of Quartz Hill, Leo                         promoting the works of the great Nikola Tesla as well as helping give recognition
Guglielmo of West Hills and Paul Villandry                   to gifted modern inventors.
of Little Rock. A fifth man, Steven Jones,                       PLEASE SUPPORT THIS EFFORT! SHOW WHAT YOU CONTACT
currently lives in Idaho.
                                                             READERS CAN DO TO COUNTERACT DARKNESS WITH LIGHT!
    Some evangelical Christians believe the
biblical end of the world will be characterized,                 Also ask J.W. about the hands-on expo and lecture forum, sponsored by the
in part, as a time in which those without an                 International Tesla Institute in conjunction with the World Foundation For
identifying mark or number will not be able                  Natural Science, the weekend of April 2-4, in Washington D.C.
to participate in commerce.                                                                             — Dr. Edwin M. Young, Editor-In-Chief
    They believe this is the number or mark
of the anti-Christian beast.
Page 4                                                CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT                                                  MARCH 22, 1999

for engaging in this terrorist activity: To gauge     authors of individual documents.                      But he acknowledged there was a
the reactions of civilians being introduced to            Rob Bennett, a group product manager at       legitimate “emotional” element to such
Martial Law.                                          Microsoft, said the company learned Friday        concerns.
    It’s time to contact Congress. This is            that Windows 98 users were transmitting a             “I would say most people don’t quite get
going too far. [End quoting]                          unique hardware identification number during      how computers work, and they’re suspicious
    When are we going to hound the                    the registration process—even when they           of computers in general,” he said. “That’s
politicians until they stop these Gestapo             specifically elected not to send data about       probably why a lot of these privacy concerns
troops? We’ve won other recent battles—               their hardware.                                   are happening.” [End quoting]
besides the banking regulations—so let’s win              The problem first was disclosed in                If you believe any of this hogwash, I still
this one, also!                                       Sunday’s New York Times.                          have that bridge I’ve been trying to sell. I
                                                          Bennett said the bug would be fixed in an     realize most CONTACT readers are too smart
    GENTLER HEART SURGERY                             update to the widely used eight-month-old         to fall for this baloney. Microsoft is part of
        WITH ROBOTICS                                 operating system, expected to be released over    the “elite” gangsters and will do anything to
                                                      the summer.                                       accomplish THEIR goals without any qualms
    From POPULAR SCIENCE magazine, Apr.                   The issue affects only users whose            whatsoever, and giving you privacy—in any
1998: [quoting]                                       computers have Ethernet adapter cards, most       sense of the word—is NOT one of their goals,
    Three incisions less than half-an-inch            common in office computers connected to a         I assure you. Let’s keep the pressure on these
thick [sic] are all a doctor requires to              local area network, but it raises new questions   “elite” gangsters.
perform heart surgery with the Zeus surgical          about privacy in a world in which people
system. Its robotic arm threads a tiny                increasingly exchange electronic information                IRS AUDITED—
camera through one incision and lets the              over the Internet.                                      PANEL SAYS IRS CAN’T
surgeon maneuver a pair of surgical                       Microsoft also said it plans to eliminate a            BALANCE BOOKS
instruments through the other two cuts.               feature in its Office 97 word processing and
Tissue resistance is measured and fed back            spreadsheet software after concerns were              From       the      INTERNET,         <para-
to the surgeon’s hands as tactile sensation,          raised about the use of the hardware    >, 3/5/99: [quoting]
enabling shake-free cuts and sutures.                 identification number to generate unique              It sounds like a taxpayer’s dream: The IRS
Clinical trials in the United States may take         numbers for each document.                        was audited and struggled to explain its own
two years or more. Computer Motion, 130-                  “We’re very, very concerned about             financial records.
B C r e m ona Dr ., Goleta, C A 93117. [End           privacy issues [The only thing they’re                “The IRS cannot do some of the basic
quoting]                                              concerned about is getting caught!] and the       accounting and record-keeping tasks that it
    Now all the “elite” have to do is allow us        perception of privacy issues, so this is not      expects American taxpayers to do,’’ said
to have treatments that will prevent the              going to be there in Windows 2000,” [But          Gregory Kutz, who oversaw the audit released
necessity for any surgery, which of course            they’ll certainly have other methods to           Monday by the congressional General
they are holding back from us. I can dream,           sabotage us in it.] said Steven Sinofsky, a       Accounting Office.
can’t I ?                                             Microsoft vice president.                             GAO said chronic Internal Revenue Service
                                                          Richard Smith, president of Phar Lap          problems resulted last year in millions of
   HACKERS SEIZE BRITAIN’S                            Software Inc. in Cambridge, Mass., said he        dollars in fraudulent refunds, failure to keep
  MILITARY SATELLITE REPORT                           discovered the Office and Windows issues and      track of such basic assets as cars and
                                                      brought them to Microsoft’s attention after       computers and substandard computer security
    From THE ORLANDO SENTINEL, 3/1/99:                privacy     concerns    were     raised  about    controls.
[quoting]                                             identification numbers on Intel Corp’s new            “Think of this as not balancing your
    LONDON—Hackers have seized control of             Pentium III computer chips.                       checkbook with the monthly bank statement,
one of Britain’s Military communication                   “I was explicitly looking for a problem       and at the same time having a system prone
satellites and issued blackmail threats. The          like this,” said Smith, whose company             to error,” Kutz told the House Government
Sunday Business newspaper reported. The               produces industrial operating systems and         Reform Committee’s panel on government
paper, quoting security sources, said the             software development tools, including many        management at a Monday hearing.
intruders altered the course of one of Britain’s      that support Microsoft platforms.                     GAO said IRS is unable to keep track of
four satellites, which are used by defense                He said he was concerned that Microsoft       unpaid taxes properly, which means it cannot
planner’s and military forces around the world.       is building a database of Ethernet addresses      concentrate collection efforts on the taxpayers
The sources said the satellite’s course was           that “allows them to track where documents        most likely to pay. The upshot is that only
changed just more than two weeks ago. The             came from”.                                       about $26 billion of the $222 billion in
hackers then issued a blackmail threat,                   And he said he suspected that the             unpaid taxes as of October 1998 are likely to
demanding money to stop interfering with the          automatic transmission of Ethernet addresses      be collected, with $119 billion—a whopping
satellite. [End quoting]                              in the Windows 98 registration process was        54 percent—to be written off.
    Isn’t it just like the “elite” to complain that   part of an effort by the company to detect            “It’s a national scandal,” said Rep. Steve
someone is hacking their secrets when they            software piracy.                                  Horn, R-Calif., chairman of the government
are “hacking” everyone else’s computers and               “I don’t think this is a bug,” he said. “I    management subcommittee. “It seems to me you
communications?                                       think it’s very intentional.”                     shouldn’t let people off the hook like that.”
                                                          Microsoft’s Bennett denied the machine            IRS officials were quick to take
 MICROSOFT CORP WILL FIX A                            identification numbers were being used in         responsibility for the problems, which they
   “FLAW” IN WINDOWS 98                               anti-piracy efforts.                              said were largely rooted in the agency’s
                                                          And he said Microsoft’s database of such      antiquated computer systems that date as far
                                                      numbers—provided during the optional              back as the Kennedy administration. They
   From       the     INTERNET,       <http://        registration process—is used only when users      were clearly embarrassed by the report,>, 3/8/99: [quoting]                     call the company for technical support.           coming as it does as the IRS is makes a high-
   Microsoft Corp will fix a flaw [when it was            “We’re not using these IDs for marketing      profile attempt to become more efficient and
purposely done? How about THEFT of                    or for tracking user behavior,” he said. “It’s    more customer-friendly. [End quoting]
privacy!] in Windows 98 that allowed the              not something were interested in doing. It’s          I think CONTACT readers are too smart to
software giant to collect unique computer-            not something they’re designed to do.”            take this story as it is portrayed here. When
identifying information without a user’s                  Sinofsky, who heads up Microsoft’s Office     did you see an “elite” Gestapo agency goof
knowledge, company executives said Sunday.            Operations, said that because anybody could       this badly when it is a high-profit agency.
   But a software programmer who detected             use a given computer or change identifying        There’s got to be another true side to what
the problem said he remained concerned                information on a document, it was “not            the audit found—how about massive
Microsoft was amassing a huge database that           conceivable” that a specific document could       skimming and write-off as uncollectible, etc.,
theoretically could be used to track down the         be linked to a specific person.                   etc.?
MARCH 22, 1999                                       CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT                                                                         Page 5

    WHO’S HACKING INTO THE                           Hollywood-Khazarian thief, Kubrick stole all                Customs officials broke laws and were not
    PENTAGON’S COMPUTERS?                            of the credits for Wally’s work in that film.               punished; violated the rights of travelers with
                                                         Wally has been at death’s door several                  excessive searches; held people and denied
     Excerpted          from    the    INTERNET,     times in the past decade, but God has pulled                them access to lawyers, and skimmed money
courtesy             of       Calvin      Burgin,    him through so he can carry out his mission                 from drug seizures. [End quoting]
<>, 3/5/99: [quoting]              of educating the people through motion                         The thieves do not like other thieves to
     Some think it might be Russia or a country      pictures.                                                   skim their profits—but what can they expect
routing through Russian computers.                       Hopefully, Kubrick has benefited from                   when mainly dark energies are the only ones
     The Pentagon’s military computer systems        whatever experiences he chose to have while                 who will take the jobs they offer.
are being subjected to ongoing, sophisticated        he was on Earth. Certainly Wally has learned
and organized cyber-attacks, officials there tell    from some hard experiences.                                           ACT WOULD OPEN
ABC NEWS.                                                                                                                   RECORD TO ALL
     And unlike in past attacks by teenage                             BYE-BYE,
hackers, officials believe the latest series of                      HATE CRIMES                                     From THE SPOTLIGHT, 3/8/99: [quoting]
strikes at defense networks may be a                                                                                 If you have ever been rebuffed by a
concerted and coordinated effort coming from             The next 4 articles are from THE                        member of Congress or their staff, while
abroad.                                              SPOTLIGHT, 3/8/99: [quoting]                                seeking information available from the
     Until now, the Defense Department had not           A state legislator in Montana is intent upon            Congressional Research Service (CRS), there’s
publicly acknowledged this latest cyber-war.         cleaning up the recent proliferation of                     good news for you.          Bills have been
     But in an interview Thursday with               redundant and gratuitous laws including hate-               introduced in both the House and Senate that
ABCNEWS, Deputy Defense Secretary John               crime legislation. State Sen. Lorents Grosfield             would place CRS reports on the Internet.
Hamre, who oversees all Pentagon computer            (R) has introduced a bill, which would repeal                   CRS is the research arm of the Library of
security matters, confirmed the attacks have         laws making it a crime to assault a police                  Congress. Even though taxpayers pay for it,
o c c u r r e d over the la st several months an d   officer and a judicial officer, and to intimidate           to the tune of $67.1 million in 1999, CRS
called them a major concern.                         or assault someone because of their race,                   works exclusively for Congress. These reports
     This is an ongoing law enforcement and          creed or political affiliation. According to the            provide the research and analysis that wind
intelligence matter, said Hamre, who last            bill, laws such as these “discriminate against              up as laws. In addition, these reports also go
month briefed the House Armed Services               those not included and bestow protective                    to congressional committees and members of
Committee on the attacks in a classified             status on others” and should not be enacted                 Congress. They provide some of the most
session.                                             because of “popular sentiment of public                     extensive information in Washington.
     The investigation is looking at a pattern       opinion at a specific time”. [End quoting]                      When     you     call  your    senator    or
of attacks that has not been seen before.                Wh y d i d n ’t we s t o p t h em fro m p u t t i n g   congressman, you are often given a song and
Officials tell ABCNEWS there are several             these laws on the books in the first place?                 dance about how you aren’t entitled to the
matters under investigation, and it is not clear                                                                 information, or you are directed to the
to what extent the cyber-attacks are all linked.                     WAR POWERS                                  Government Printing Office or some other
     Sources insist no classified networks have                                                                  vendor and told to pay for it. But CRS has
been breached, but they do say attacks have              [quoting]                                               some 2,700 reports available on an internal
been aimed at sensitive information that may             A House-panel has rejected a California                 congressional intranet.
be locked behind firewalls and computer              Republican’s effort to test the War Powers Act                  On Feb. 9, Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.)
passwords.                                           of 1970, by ordering the president to withdraw              and Patrick Leahy (D-Ver.) and Reps.
     Officials believe some of the most              all troops from Bosnia by June. Rep. Tom                    Christopher Shays (R-Conn.) and David Price
sophisticated attacks are coming from Russia.        Campbell, who initiated the action, said this               (D-N.C.) reintroduced S. 393 and H.R. 654
Federal investigators are detecting probes and       was to prompt the Supreme Court to rule on                  respectively.      These bills, named the
attacks on U.S. military research and                whether a president could legitimately                      Congressional Openness Act, would put CRS
technology systems including the nuclear             circumvent congressional approval for sending               reports on the Internet.
weapons laboratories run by the Department           U.S. troops into combat. [End quoting]                          “Under this bill, CRS will post issue briefs,
of Energy. What is not clear, however, is                Every effort to counter the “elite”—                    reports, and authorization and appropriation
whether the attacks are coming directly from         legally—I feel is worth the effort.                         products to a centralized web site no earlier
Russia or whether the probes are coming from                                                                     than 30 days and no later than 40 days after
other countries that are simply routing through               REPLACEMENT PARTS?                                 the information is made available to members
Russian computer addresses to disguise their                                                                     of Congress through the CRS web site,” Shays
origin.                                                 [quoting]                                                said. “The 30-day delay will ensure that CRS
     Initial indications are that, wherever the         A British government advisory panel has                  has carried out its primary statutory duty of
probes and attacks are originating abroad,           recommended the cloning of human embryos                    informing Congress before making the
they are not from individuals. But U.S.              to develop treatments for a variety of                      information available for public release. Also,
officials say they would treat any Russian           conditions and diseases. The recommendation                 it will allow CRS to verify that its products
threat similarly whether it comes from the           came in a joint report from the Human                       are accurate and ready for public release.”
government, industry or high-technology              Genetics Advisory Commission and the                            “Congress has worked to make itself more
interests.... [End quoting]                          Human      Fertilization  and   Embryology                  open and accessible to the public,” he added.
     Some hacking into these computers may           Authority.     The report envisions using                   The Congressional Openness Act “will enable
not be all bad. Remember the forces trying           embryos a few days old without saying                       us to further engage the public in the
to save our country can be part of the               specifically where such embryos would come                  legislative process and fulfill one of our
hacking. Even if it is all bad for us, the           from. [End quoting]                                         missions as legislators to better educate our
communications systems all over the world are           You can bet they are already doing this!                 constituents.”
being monitored by, I dare say, both sides.                                                                          The bill has been embraced by a number
There isn’t really much that we-the-people can                           CROOKED                                 of open government advocates.
do about this at this stage of the game.                                 CUSTOMS                                     “Taxpayers ought to be able to read the
                                                                                                                 research that we pay for,” says Gary Ruskin,
        STANLEY “THE THIEF”                             [quoting]                                                a congressional watchdog. “But taxpayers
           KUBRICK DIES                                 U.S. Senate and Treasury investigators have              cannot obtain most CRS reports directly.
                                                     begun an investigation into charges of                      Instead, we must purchase them from private
   Stanley Kubrick is well known by Wally            mismanagement, abuse and cronyism by U.S.                   vendors, or engage in the burdensome and
Gentleman—one of motion picture’s great men.         Customs agents. The probe was due in part                   time-consuming process of requesting a
One of Wally Gentleman’s great works is              to recent reports by The Miami Herald                       member of Congress send a CRS report to us.”
2001—A Space Odyssey. But, as a good                 showing dozens of examples where U.S.                           The Congressional Openness Act is in the
Page 6                                                  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT                                                          MARCH 22, 1999

Senate Committee on Rules and Administration            grinding under the family farm and the rise           organizations,      including       Aetna-U.S.
and the House Committee on House                        of giant corporate farms as been continuing           Healthcare, PacifiCare and United Healthcare,
Administration. [End quoting]                           for two decades.                                      have just reported rosier-than-expected fourth-
   Our efforts do pay off, if we are loud                   When Washington had a blizzard in the             quarter earnings, and the picture looks even
enough and persistent enough.                           winter of 1979 that shut down the government          brighter for 1999,
                                                        for three days, American farmers happened to              “This is the year where we finally are
        TREATY COULD CUT                                be there to protest below-subsistence crop            seeing a recovery in the managed-care field,”
       FARM INCOME IN HALF                              prices.                                               said Joel Ray, an analyst with Wheat First
                                                            They cheerfully plowed the snow off               Union in Richmond, Va. “What’s driving it
    From THE SPOTLIGHT, by James P.                     Pennsylvania Avenue with their tractors.              is very simple: We finally have premium
Tucker, Jr., 3/8/99: [quoting]                          Interviewed by The SPOTLIGHT, the farmers             increases outpacing medical inflation....” [End
    Things could go from bad to worse for               said that on an hourly rate, they earned less         quoting]
U.S. farmers if the Kyoto Accords are ratified.         than minimum wage, plowed behind                          You think you can’t afford medical care
    Farmers and ranchers would see their                headlights before dawn, all day long and              now? This also is a part of the depopulation
incomes slashed by as much as 50 percent                behind headlights again after nightfall. They         plans—first get your money, then let you die.
below last year’s devastatingly low levels if           were willing to do this on their own farms.
global warming guidelines agreed to by the              As one said: “If I go under, and my farm is               UNSCRUPULOUS PHONE
United States are fully implemented, according          gobbled up by a corporate operation, I will            SLAMMERS TRICK PEOPLE INTO
to a new study.                                         become a farm hand, not a farm owner. I                       OKing CHANGE
    As farm income goes down and the costs              will be paid by the hour and more for
of meeting treaty commitments go up, your               overtime. Think what your food prices would                From THE DAILY NEWS, Los Angeles, by
grocery bill could rise accordingly.                    be then.                                              David Horowitz, 2/13/99: [quoting]
    “The impact of the treaty would be a                    “Not only would my labor cost much more,               It always seems to happen when people sit
financial last straw for many family farmers,”          but when the food sources in this country are         down to dinner. The phone rings and a caller
said Dan Kleckner, president of the American            controlled by a few giant corporations, they          asks you some innocuous question like, “Are
Farm Bureau Federation.                                 will dictate their prices.” [End quoting]             you happy with your long distance company?”
    “The Clinton administration has committed               The “elite” are simply playing their game         You think for a moment and answer, “Pretty
to a flawed treaty without releasing its own            of control through climate and food control!          much! It’s OK most of the time.” Then, the
analysis of the impact the protocol would have                                                                telemarketer says, “Can I put you on hold?”
on U.S. agriculture,” Kleckner said in                              MORE ON                                   You politely say yes and wait for the voice
Washington on Feb. 16.                                        THE SWEETENER STEVIA                            to continue. Nothing happens. You hang up
    “Meanwhile, agriculture has completed                                                                     and quickly forget about the incident. It is
three studies,” Kleckner said, “all of which               From the INTERNET, John Winston,                   not until your next telephone bill arrives that
show devastating financial consequences for             <> 3/6/99: [quoting]                  you are shocked to find out you have a new
farmers and ranchers.”                                     Here is something that a person sent me            long-distance       carrier,     “On       Hold
    The study by the agricultural consulting            about a sweetener that is good for you.               Communications.” There is no explanation of
firm of Sparks Companies shows that                        L A H                                              what happened to MCI/WorldCom, AT&T,
agricultural production costs could increase by            Subject: Stevia                                    Sprint or whatever long-distance company you
$16.2 billion or 8.8 percent.                              (JW: Please note that some of the big              selected out of the nearly 500 national
    Because farmers and ranchers do not set             chemical companies have come out with two             competitors. You have just been “slammed”.
the prices for their own commodities,                   or more new-type sweeteners that are                  Literally made a dummy by some not-so-funny
recapture of these higher costs would be a              supposed to be better than Aspartame and it           and shrewd rip-off artist.
difficult proposition.                                  is my guess that they will turn out to be just             Slamming is simply the illegal art of
    I n c r eas ed cos ts for proce ssing, storin g ,   as bad.                                               having your long-distance company changed
transporting and handling commodities would                As far as I know you can’t buy the                 without your knowledge or permission.
be forwarded to the consumer level and would            sweetener called Stevia but it is used by other            The major long-distance carriers have ALL
have the greatest negative impact on poor               countries such as Japan.)                             [emphasis mine] been accused of slamming at
families, who already spend a high percentage                                                                 one time or other, and most have paid heavy
of their income on food, the study found.                    Oh Yes! We can buy stevia herb in                fines for being involved in the practice. It’s
    “The administration is touting the treaty as        America! As a matter of fact, I had some on           still hard for me to believe that they actually
a potential source of income for farmers                my cereal this morning! It is available in            told their sales people to use sleazy tactics to
because agricultural crops absorb carbon                three forms: tincture (herb soaked in alcohol         fool people and slam them. I’ve always
dioxide from the atmosphere,” Kleckner said.            or other medium), dried herb (often sold in           maintained business is in business to stay in
    “Yet, that is nowhere to be found in the            bulk), or in granules (which is rather handy).        business and not give customers the business,
treaty and there is little promise that it will         All three should be available through your            or they go out of business. How do you
be added,” he said of administration                    local health food store. I think the dried herb       know you’ve been slammed? What do you
suggestions that farmers would be paid                  or tincture would have the most positive              do about it?
because their crops help clean the air.                 health affects from the herb itself. I don’t
    The Global Climate Change Treaty, drafted           remember what they are, but it is good. The                             ‘REVERSE SLAM’
in Kyoto, Japan, by 180 nations in December             granules are convenient.                I also know
1997 was signed by the administration last              someone who grew the plant themselves                           If you want to return to your original long-
November. It has yet to be ratified by the              indoors. This may be the nicest alternative distance company, call your local telephone
Senate.                                                 of all. Stevia is a very sweet plant.                       company, explain that you have been
    The treaty would also force U.S. farmers                 Happy sweetness hunting.            [End quoting] slammed, and ask to be switched back to your
to compete with more than 100 countries,                                                                            original carrier with no “charge changes”.
such as China and Brazil, which do not have                        CHANGE IN TACTICS                                    Call the company that has slammed you.
to comply with the treaty and its emission                        PAYS OFF FOR HMOS                                 Demand to be rebilled at the rates your
restraints.                                                                                                         original carrier would have charged. Use the
    “This treaty only drives production                      Excerpted from THE                      ORLANDO company’s 800 number listed on your
agriculture to the countries that have                  SENTINEL, 2/26/99: [quoting]                                telephone bill and call on their quarter.
environmental problems but do not have to                    The HMO industry’s move to raise prices,                   Then, call your original long-distance
participate in the United Nations’ protocol on          c u t p a y m e n t s t o d o c t o r s a n d a b a n d o n service and explain that you’ve been slammed,
global climate change,” Kleckner said.                  unprofitable Medicare customers is paying off and tell them that you want to switch back
    Accelerating the elimination of family              in higher profits.                                          and be re-enrolled in any special calling plan
farmers is especially ominous. The trend of                  Most of the biggest health maintenance available, providing the rates are equal or
MARCH 22, 1999                                                  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT                                                                                          Page 7

lower than what you paid before.                                remarks, GE spokesman Bruce Bunch said:                                      spray to clear up a sinus infection. Perhaps I
     Then, send a letter describing the problem                 “NBC’s strong earnings make it a perfect fit                                 had been using too much.
with a photocopy of your phone bill to the                      with GE’s business model.” [End quoting]                                          Days passed and my voice didn’t come
Federal Communications Commission, 1919 M                           As though they aren’t for practical                                      back. Rest is all you need, I told myself.
Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20554. Or call                      purposes already one company under the                                       Rest your singing voice and eventually it will
the FCC complaint line toll-free at 1-888-                      ruling “elite” control, as are all mass media                                probably come back, good as new. I’d just
CALL-FCC. That will send a loud and clear                       except the Internet, faxes and phones—as of                                  have to give myself time.
message to the “slamming” company that there                    now.                                                                              But how was I going to deal with not
is a record of the problem and they could be                                                                                                 singing meanwhile?
prosecuted under federal and state laws. [End                                       A VOICE NOT MY OWN                                            Instead of looking forward to church, I
quoting]                                                                                                                                     started to resent it. Hearing others around me
     The crooks have so many tricks up their                                     Technical Brilliance Is One Thing,                          sing while I couldn’t was almost too much for
sleeves it is impossible to keep up with them                                  But Attitude Makes All The Difference me to bear. I wanted to praise God the best
all, but I’ll keep you posted as I find out about                                                                                            way I knew how. Now I couldn’t.
them. You need to be cautious, it is very                                        From ANGELS ON EARTH, Jan/Feb 1999,                              When we were asked to stand and sing
obvious.                                                                      Guideposts, 39 Seminary Hill Rd., Carmel, NY one Sunday, I remained seated. Why should
                                                                              10512: [quoting]                                               I even bother getting up? I figured.
    “DOMESTIC PREPAREDNESS”                                                      I’ve always loved to sing. In college the                        A few Sundays later I maintained my
                                                                              choir director singled me out. “I can tell by bitter silence when the congregation started
    From the INTERNET, 2/17/99: [quoting]                                     your voice that you sing what is in your the first hymn. My mind wandered. I
    A t t h e i n t e r n e t w e b s i t e a d d r e s s o f heart,” he said. He was right. Singing helped remembered a visit I had with Marni Nixon
< w w w . c b d c o m . a p g e a . a r m y . m i l / M i s s i o n s / d p / me sort out my emotions. Not only did I m o r e t h a n 3 0 y e a r s a g o .                      Marni had a
fs_120c.html>, at the “Domestic Preparedness” enjoy singing, I needed to do it in order to successful career singing movie soundtracks
page, there is a list, put out by the U.S. Army, feel complete.                                                                              for screen stars. She was the singing voice
of 120 American cities which are considered                                      I b e c a m e a d r a m a p r o f e s s o r a t a l o c a l behind actresses Deborah Kerr in An Affair
as potential terrorist targets. By order of university, got married and had two daughters. to Remember and The King and I, Audrey
President Clinton from early 1998, some of I shared my love of singing with them. Doing Hepburn in My Fair Lady, and Natalie Wood
those cities are being stockpiled with Anthrax chores, working in the backyard, rejoicing at i n W e s t S i d e S t o r y . M a r n i s a i d a c t r e s s e s
vaccine.                                                                      church—I lifted my voice wherever I was.                       often told her they almost forgot it wasn’t
    Since we know that out government will                                       Then one Sunday at church five years ago their own voices they were hearing during
attack and kill American Citizens and blame t h e u n i m a g i n a b l e h a p p e n e d . I o p e n e d m y the musical numbers. It got me thinking.
it on terrorist groups (i.e., Oklahoma City mouth to sing a hymn, but no sound came out.                                                          Maybe I could try that . . . I could pretend
Federal Building), and since we know that I tried again. A sick croak sputtered into the Marni was singing for me. I could mouth the
vaccines, including the Anthrax vaccine, may air. What’s going on? I strained my vocal words with feeling, the same way Deborah
actually be for the purpose of infecting the cords and hit a couple of soft, whispery notes. K e r r a n d N a t a l i e W o o d h a d d o n e s o
people with deadly Anthrax, are we possibly I even went down to the bass register, but convincingly in the movies.
being prepared for a major Anthrax attack in there was no volume at all. My singing voice!                                                        I tried it. I put my whole heart into it. At
the United States? William Thomas certainly It’s gone! I sank onto the pew, shaken. How first I felt awkward. Who was I fooling? But
appears to be correct in saying that what is did this happen, Lord?                                                                          after several lines I started to enjoy it. Lord, I
being sprayed on us in the contrails is for                                      I had been using a potent prescription nasal asked, please send an angel to sing for me.
depopulation.              What are you                                                                                                                                 The next week in
going to do about it??? [End                                                                                                                                        church I again “sang” the
    Remember, if the “elite” tell
you something that sounds like
                                                         New Gaia Products                                                                                          hymns.          This
                                                                                                                                                                    joyfully. Not having to
                                                                                                                                                                    concentrate       on

they are doing something for you                                                                                                                                    technical      aspects    of
that is good—turn it around 180
degrees and the truth will usually
                                                                      Mid-March Sale                                                                                singing allowed me to
                                                                                                                                                                    focus on the rich lyrics. I
be known.                                                                                                                                                           couldn’t believe it, but I
                                                                     Beginning March 15th and running through March 31st                                            was actually feeling good
  CBS DISCUSSES IDEA                                            we will have on SALE Oxysol, Titanium, GaiaLife, Aloe77                                             about myself again.
    OF BUYING RIVAL                                             & Parasite Kit [indicate wormwood capsules or tincture].                                                After the service the
                    NBC                                         The sale will be: “BUY TWO, GET THE THIRD ONE FREE”.                                                woman sitting in front of
                                                                                                                                                                    me turned around. “You
                                                                Well, kinda free.               We will add on a small fee for each
    From         THE DAILY NEWS,                                                                                                                                    have a beautiful voice,”
                                                                freebie, to cover the freight. The amounts are as follows:                                          she said.        “I loved
Los Angeles, 2/26/99: [quoting]
    CBS Corp. chief executive                                                                                                                                       listening to you sing.”
Mel Karmazin said Thursday that                                                             2oz-freebies @ $1.00 s&h                                                    “It wasn’t me you
his company would be interested                                                            16oz-freebies @ $2.00 s&h                                                heard,” I replied. “I’ve
in buying NBC if the government                                                            32oz-freebies @ $3.00 s&h                                                lost my singing voice.”
eased rules that prevent one                                                       other, regular freight fees still apply.                                             “Well, you were the
company from owning two                                                                                                                                             only one sitting behind
broadcast television networks.                                  This offer is good only on orders shipped within the United                                         me,” she said. “It was
    Karmazin told a group of                                                                                                                                        definitely you.”
advertising executives at a                                                                                                                                             Of course it was not
conference in New Orleans that                                                                                                                                      me she’d heard. I was
NBC would be a better fit with                                  *Limit 2 free offers per product and size. Note this sale is                                        only lip-synching for an
his company than NBC parent                                     on all sizes.                                                                                       angel.      —by Barbara
General Electric .                                                                                                                                                  Hudson,          Thousand
    He also said that if Exxon                                                   Thank You for your continued support.                                      gh      Oaks, California [End
Corp. and Mobil Corp.—the                                                                                                                              hr 9         quoting]
nation’s biggest oil companies—                                                                       Yours Truly,                               l e T 1/9              Isn’t it wondrous the
could merge, then CBS and NBC                                                                        NEW GAIA                                 Sa 3/3                many ways the angels will
should be allowed to combine.                                                                      800-639-4242                                                     help us when we ask with
    In response to Karmazin’s                                                                                                                                       the right attitudes?
Page 8                                            CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT                                                      MARCH 22, 1999

              Basic Safety Net In Difficult Times

  So You Want To
  Plant A Garden?
    Well, readers, it’s that time of year when    for some fresh salad lettuce or some substantial    flowers can do for the overall appearance of
thoughts of sweet corn and juicy tomatoes         acreage. Water is an important component,           a garden in full bloom.
should be dancing thru your dreams—things         and the cost of pumping water CAN be very                When you are designing your garden,
you can’t hardly find anymore in the grocery      expensive. It is easy to look at, say, an acre      contemplate the garden to accomodate the
store’s produce counter.         Genetic and      of barren land and imagine it covered with          space available. Is this space more conducive
chemical tinkerings, for reasons of both          zucchini, tomatoes, and lettuce, but it is an       to a circular garden? How about a half-moon?
commercial profit and a more sinister health-     entirely different matter to plant an acre, water   Raised beds are certainly the most efficient
degradation-of-the-populace agenda, have          an acre, weed an acre, and generally chain          method of planting (in my opinion)—but
made most fruits and vegetables bland-tasting     yourself to the land until harvest time.            where is it written that all raised beds must
and vitamin-deficient at best, and inedible at    Obviously there are pros and cons to both           be s quare or rectangular in s hape? Get
worst, causing that old decorative bowl of wax    possibilities, but there is a balance, I believe,   creative, but consider practical application
fruit on the dining room table to look more       somewhere in-between.                               within that creative shaping. Also, allow
and more appealing with each passing season.          Soil preparation is CRUCIAL to a healthy,       yourself enough physical space between the
    So, at this timely juncture in the early      nutritional crop. Many of the old-timers swear      garden beds so that when you walk through
stages of this year’s growing season for North    by cow or horse manure, compost, and other          the garden, when fully grown, you won’t have
America, we enthusiastically reprint Rick         “natural” soil amendments. Others swear by          to tip-toe over vines and overall garden
Martin’s excellent tutorial on home gardening     the use of “modern” chemical fertilizers. Only      growth. It simply is a more comfortable
with an update for this year. Believe me, I’ve    you can decide what is appropriate for you          feeling to be able to walk through your garden
been the delighted beneficiary of surplus         and your family. With the discoveries over          in a relaxed, rather than cautious, mode.
bounty from Rick’s garden each year and I         recent years about bacterial, biological, and            Staggered planting: When you are planting
can testify—under oath of a big green salad—      potentially genetically dangerous organisms         rows and rows of any given food, be it lettuce,
that Rick knows that of which he speaketh. So     living in cow dung, for example, you may            carrots, or whatever, plant a row or two, then
get to work—and enjoy!                            want to consider using other natural                leave space for planting another row or two
                                         —E.Y.    amendments than manure. Be careful, though,         every other week for a number of weeks. So
                                                  because most so-called compost, in bulk, these      when you are viewing your garden, you’ll have
         3/19/99   RICK MARTIN                    days is treated with either solid waste or urine.   several planted rows, a large open space
                                                  If you sit down to plan your garden and you         (reserved for subsequent plantings of the same
    The forces of Nature have been unleased       decide you want it to be “organic”, that has        crop), and then a switch to several more rows
this past year leaving millions of people the     some implications in terms of how you prepare       of another crop, then open space (“reserved”),
world over without the basics of food or          the soil. And please don’t think that you will      etc.
shelter. Food shortages are common in many        be putting seed into the ground the day you              Ask yourself, is there a particular crop that
regions. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out   decide to plant a garden, not if you expect a       seems to grow well in your area? Is there a
that in what are certain to be difficult          real crop. Soil preparation and quality seed        particular crop that there s eems to be a
economic times in the days ahead (the U.S.        (meaning: open-pollinated, non-hybrid—not           “demand for” in your area? Is there a
was relatively unscathed by the Asian             the genetically altered norm) are THE KEY           possible market for your excess produce?
financial crisis, but many predict we will not    factors to having a beautiful and satisfying        Could you set up a “truck farm stand” at your
fare so well in 1999), having a home garden       gardening experience. Another pointer? Plant        property and make some extra cash to help
to help sustain you and your family becomes       food YOU LOVE TO EAT. For example,                  with expenses?
not only prudent but potentially even             many years ago I really enjoyed cantaloupe               Also ask yourself, when planning, is this
profitable.                                       and other melons, so I planted LOTS. When           garden large enough to justify starting a
    Let me just take a few moments here early     it came time to harvest (as I had NOT               compost pile? Composting should become
on to add some comments of a general nature       staggered the plantings—big mistake) I had          second nature to you as you progress in your
to this article written some time ago. I guess    over 50 melons all ripe at the same time.           gardening experience. Compost, done right,
you could call these comments a general           What did I do? I juiced them, froze the juice       can not only create the healthy, aerated soil
“stream of consciousness” sort of thing, but      and had fresh juice throughout the Winter           you need, but it is a by-product of your
there may be some points touched on here          months. Also, try planting some foods you           garden waste.
that I may have missed in the earlier passes      either don’t know about or have never tried.             Another aspect of gardening to consider is
at covering this subject.                         One “fun” food is spaghetti squash. And,            this: Do you want to sow seeds directly into
    There are many factors to consider when       another point, think about color in your            ground or do you want to prepare little
planning a garden, be it a small little patch     garden. It is amazing what a few well-placed        seedlings to be transplanted into the garden?
MARCH 22, 1999                                          CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT                                                                 Page 9

There is a lot to be said for planting seed             believe in good land stewardship, yet have          your own.
directly into the ground, although often you            been forced to compromise because                       “Do not wrong or hate your neighbor; for
have to wait a little longer for the proper soil        agricultural     goods     are    significantly     it is not he that you wrong; you wrong
temperature. One COMMON mistake is to                   undervalued and chemically-grown foods are          yourself. Rather love him, for The Great
plant your seeds too deep. The SIZE of the              subsidized by the government. A few,                Spirit loves him, even as He loves you.”
seed will give you an indication as to how              philosophically passionate individuals have             Most people in cities have no idea how to
much dirt to place over them. Small seeds               chosen to adhere to organic principles by           begin a garden or even consider the
equal a shallow planting. Beans, for example,           creating farm ecosystems that maximize natural      possibility that such a thing can be done on a
are planted much deeper. And if you would               biological processes and interactions. They         smaller scale using planter boxes. But for the
like nice straight rows, use a string tied              invest more of their time and energy than           average person in more rural areas who is
between two sticks as your planting guide.              conventional farmers do into restoring and          unfamiliar with the often technical aspects of
Also, sow your seed more heavily than you               improving soil with good crop rotation, cover       growing a garden, the prospect becomes too
would normally think to do, if you would like           crops, composting and controlling pests using       overwhelming to consider and is put off
nice “full” rows. You can always thin out the           methods that have a low impact upon the             indefinitely.
plants to allow proper spacing, but it’s                environment. [End quoting.]                             “...the Earth is utterly broken down, the
difficult to fill in the spaces when there is no            So, now, with all this said, let’s begin our    Earth is utterly moved, the Earth is staggering
seed growing. Everyone is different and some            journey toward understanding the mechanics          exceedingly. The Earth shall reel to and fro
people are more “compulsive” than are others.           of putting in a garden. And, yes, IT CAN BE         like a drunkard and shall be shaken like a
    In particularly cold regions, the use of a          FUN. Oh, one last thing—sprinkle some               hut and its transgressions shall fall and not
“cold-frame” or “mini-greenhouse” can save              sunflower seeds along the perimeter of your         rise again.” [Isaiah 24:19-20.]
months of growing time. It is possible within           garden. Late in the season those big, bright            Well, dear readers, the time for putting
a cold-frame to get lettuce and other seedlings         sunflowers really add cheer to the space and        off growing your garden, big or small, is past
started in “flats”, which can be transplanted           attract birds who also feast on the insects         and it truly is the better part of WISDOM
directly into the garden beds when the time is          feasting on your garden.                            to take steps in this direction to insure
right. Cold-frames are easily constructed and                                                               quality nourishment in the days, months, and
can be made of anything from cinderblocks                        6/23/95    RICK MARTIN                     years ahead. I know that the time for
and glass to a wooden frame with clear                                                                      beginning a garden may seem too late—but
plastic. The more ways you can grow,                                   THE SOWER                            please remember that the garden spot you
sheltered from the potentially harsh physical                                                               prepare will be needed and used not only
environment, the more likely it is that you’ll              That same day Immanuel went out of the          this season, but for many years ahead.
be eating fresh food when others are eating             house, and sat by the seaside.                      Therefore, even though it is late in the
out of cans.                                                And many people gathered around him, so         summer season, by all means, get busy.
    Hydroponics offers another viable alternative,      that he had to go up and sit in a boat, and         Also, buy a straw hat for sun protection.
but that is not the topic of this particular article.   all the people stood on the seashore.                   The instructions here are something that I
There are many good references out there on this            And he spoke many things to them in             have personally used over the last fifteen plus
subject, though it is a more “high tech” approach       parables and said, “Behold, a sower went out        years. If you follow the instructions explained
to growing things.                                      to sow;                                             here, it will work and you will have food to
    Another point worthy of consideration                   And when he had sown, some seed fell on         eat. This initial financial outlay can be
when planting a substantial garden is                   the roadside, and the fowls came and ate it.        considerable—but in subsequent years the cost
preserving your crop for some other day, i.e.,              Other seed fell upon the rock, where there      is relatively small. When you consider
canning, freeze drying, or dehydrating. Also,           was not sufficient soil; and it sprang up earlier   growing your own food rich in nutrients, the
if your property permits, consider a “root              because the ground was not deep enough;             cost should be secondary. The charts within
cellar” where you can cold-store foods such                 But when the sun shone, it was scorched,        this article hold a wealth of critical
as acorn squash, large onions, carrots,                 and because it had no root, it dried up;            information—by all means, USE THEM. Even
potatoes, etc.                                              And other seed fell among thistles, and the     the most sophisticated gardener can learn from
    In the latest Seeds of Change catalog (also         thistles sprang up and choked it.                   the information contained within them.
see, we read                         And other seed fell in good soil and bore           “Our old food we used to eat was good.
[quoting:]                                              fruit, some one hundred-fold and some sixty         The meat from the buffalo and game was good.
    The establishment of a sustainable food             and some thirty.                                    It made us strong. These cows are good to
system that can provide sufficient nutrition for            He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”         eat, soft, tender, but they are not like that
all is one of the greatest challenges of our                                           [Matthew 13:1-9.]    meat. Our people used to live a long time.
time. To do this without damaging our natural                                                               Today we eat white man’s food, we cannot live
resources—water, air, soil, plants and                               CONSIDER THIS                          so long—maybe seventy, maybe eighty years,
animals—will require an unprecedented,                                                                      not a hundred. Sweet Medicine told us that.
cooperative effort. The current commercial,                 With geophysical changes looming on the         He said this food would be sweet, and after
industrial-style model of agriculture is capable        horizon, combined with awakening to the             we taste this food we want it, and forget our
of producing massive quantities of food, but            reality of nutritionless food, growing one’s        own foods. Chokecherries and plums and wild
carries with it tremendous costs. Foremost is           own food becomes an increasingly desirable          turnips and honey from the wild bees, that
the depletion and degradation of non-renewable          idea. At some point in the not too distant          was our food. This other food is too sweet.
resources including topsoil, oil, minerals, clean       future, it will become a necessity.                 We eat it and forget...It’s all coming true, what
water and widespread social disruption through              “Give us the strength to encounter that         he said.” [Fred Last Bull, Keeper of the
the elimination of traditional rural communities        which is to come that we may be brave in            Sacred Arrows of the Cheyenne Tribe, told that
and their land base.                                    peril, constant in tribulation, temperate in        to an audience in Busby, Montana, in 1967.]
    During the past couple of decades, there            wrath, and in all changes of fortune, and
has been a growing worldwide movement to                down to the gates of death, loyal and loving            SIZE UP YOUR PROPERTY
reclaim our food system. By implementing                to one another.” [Robert L. Stevenson]
state-of-the-art organic farming methods, along             The Golden Rule as given by the Prophet            An obvious first step is to survey your
with time-honored traditional wisdom that has           to the Shawnee:                                     property to see what the most reasonable
largely been ignored by modern agriculture,                 “Do not kill or injure your neighbor, for       location for a garden would be. Always keep
conscientious farmers can pass their land on            it is not he that you injure; you injure            in mind the availability of water. Choose a
to their children in better condition than when         yourself. Do good to him, thus adding to his        location with lots of direct sunlight. Also
they started. Most contemporary farmers                 days of happiness even as you then add to           consider overall size—the larger the garden is
Page 10                                                      CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT                                            MARCH 22, 1999

the more time and water it will take to               Territorial Seed Company                                HIGH-YIELD GARDENING—
maintain. You want an area large enough to            P. O. Box 157                                                 RAISED BEDS
produce sufficient food for you, your family          Cottage Grove, OR 97424
and friends, but small enough so you are not          (503) 942-9547                                         “...ere long the most valuable of all arts
an absolute slave to it. As a single person,                                                              will be the art of deriving a comfortable
starting with a garden as small as 10 feet x          Seeds Trust                                         subsistence from the smallest area of soil. No
10 feet is not unreasonable.            I would       High Altitude Gardens                               community whose every member possesses this
recommend, however, that larger would be              P. O. Box 1048                                      art can ever be the victim of oppression in
more desirable. For the purposes of this              Hailey, ID 83333                                    any of its forms.”
article, I use the hypothetical garden space as       (208) 788-4363                                                          [Abraham Lincoln, 1859.]
20 feet x 80 feet, which is a pretty good-sized
garden for a small family. When you start             Abundant Life Seed Foundation                           Once you’ve identified the location for
planting more than a quarter acre, then you’ve        P. O. Box 772                                       your garden, then the work really begins.
got something which will keep you tied to it          Port Townsend, WA 98368                             This article will concentrate primarily on
with a ball and chain.                                (206) 385-5660                                      raised-bed gardening, which is referred to by
    If you only have an area where there is a                                                             various names. The beds generally are
lawn, consider pulling it up and planting a           Garden City Seeds                                   rectangular in overall shape, varying in width
garden instead. In difficult times you won’t          778 Highway 93 North                                from 3-5 feet across and whatever length you
want to eat the lawn—or perhaps I should say:         Hamilton, MT 59840                                  determine but if the shape of your particular
you may want to eat the lawn but a garden             (406) 961-4837                                      piece of land is such, the beds can take on
will look a lot better.                                                                                   curves or even become circular. The finished
    In times of drought, a small, intensively         Native Seed/Search                                  beds are elevated above the ground,
grown garden is highly desirable as the yield         2509 N. Campbell Ave., #325                         anywhere from six inches to a foot high. But
is very high and it requires less water than          Tucson, AZ 85719                                    let’s begin with soil preparation, because
traditional farming methods.                                                                              without that there won’t be any food for the
    “No one should control more arable land           “The cost of seed is ordinarily a trifling matter   table.
than he can maintain in a high state of in comparison with the expense of the season’s                        Why raised beds? Well, for one thing,
productivity, the four great factors of which are labor and the value of the crop.” [L. H. Bailey in      raised beds can solve a wide range of
good seed, suitable moisture, abundant available The Principles of Vegetable Gardening.]                  gardening problems. Here are just a few:
plant food and rational tillage. In a large
majority of cases where failure, or partial failure
of an abundant crop is observed the meagre
results are due to a partial lack of one of these
four fundamentals.” [Isaac Phillips Roberts from
Ten Acres Enough.]


    Once you’ve decided to put in a garden,
then you need to choose what you’d like to
grow—always keeping in mind the specifics
about your particular geographical region and
the time of year.         GET YOUR SEED
OPEN-POLLINATED SEED. With this type of
seed, which is rare in this country, you may
replant year after year after year using seed
from your own crops. Most seed at grocery
stores, hardware stores, and most seed
companies are hybrid—which means that you
can only use the seed for one growing
season—and then you need to repurchase seed
for the next year. THIS IS SOMETHING YOU
DEPEND ON IT! Here are some non-hybrid
seed companies that I strongly recommend you
c o mmunic a te w ith a n d g e t t h e i r c a t a l o g:
[Please tell them CONTACT sent you.]

    Ecology Action
    5798 Ridgewood Rd.
    Willits, CA 95490
MARCH 22, 1999                                  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT                                                            Page 11

     Spectacular yields depend first on soil difference if you end up with a huge pile of grass or weeds in your garden.
conditioning that can readily meet the heavy     Go out to the area you’ve chosen as a garden spot and carefully examine and feel the
demands of close planting, carefully timed soil. Here is one guide which may be useful to you.
successions, and a growing season stretched to   “Creation does not take place where there is a scattering and dissipation of energies. Creation
its absolute limit.                                                                                                    requires a gathering
     “Teach us to know and to see all the powers                                                                       together and focusing of
of the Universe, and give to us the knowledge                                                                          your power within a
to understand that they are all really one                                                                             circle of commitment—
Power.” [Black Elk.]                                                                                                   like a seed, an egg, a
     I will assume that most of you putting in                                                                         womb or a marriage. If
your first garden will not go to the trouble of                                                                        you would create and not
having your soil actually “tested”. But if you                                                                         destroy,     you     must
do, keep in mind that most plants thrive on a                                                                          remember always the
pH range anywhere between 6.0 and 7.5. A                                                                               Sacred Hoop. Consider
good rule of thumb would be: Assume your                                                                               wisely the ways in which
soil is very poor and needs amending with                                                                              you would use your
nutrients and organic matter. It is essential                                                                          power and then around
to have organic material in the soil, such as                                                                          those ways draw the
manure, compost, minerals, or combination                                                                              sacred       circle     of
amendments which loosen the soil to allow                                                                              commitment.        In the
for retention of moisture and healthy root                                                                             warm atmosphere of that
growth. If you are purchasing manure, be                                                                               circle, the power of love
sure it is “aged” 6 months to a year—                                                                                  builds and builds like a
otherwise you’ll end up with a lot of weeds                                                                            storm above the wet
and grass seed in the garden. Most bagged                                                                              summer prairie until
manure at nurseries is sterilized and aged. In                                                                         suddenly the circle can
many rural areas manure is readily available                                                                           hold no more and
from local ranchers and is generally advertised                                                                        explodes        in     the
in the want-ads, and often will be delivered                                                                           conception of the new.”
for a fee. Larger gardens can require quite a                                                                          [words      spoken      by
few cubic yards of manure and it is                                                                                    White Buffalo Calf
considerably less expensive in bulk—however                                                                            Woman, from           Ken
the danger comes in not knowing if it is                                                                               Carey’s Return of the
“aged”, and that can really make the                                                                                   Bird Tribes.]
Page 12                                         CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT                                               MARCH 22, 1999

          PREPARING THE SOIL                       you with a wealth of information. Different   some organic matter mixed into the soil for
                                                   nurseries have different soil amendments.     healthy root production for your crops. What
    The next intermediate step will be to till the There are many excellent “soil building”      you elect to use may very well be determined
soil. Many gardening purists insist on digging products on the market—some organic, some         by what is available in your area. I have
by hand—but I have found over the years that not. Don’t get too “hung-up” on a strictly          often been frustrated by this one point. Try
a rototiller can be a good friend indeed.          organic approach, but you certainly do want   not to be—use what is available to you.
    There are a variety of excellent books
available on the subject of raised-bed
gardening, and most go into great detail about
double-digging the beds by hand while adding
various soil amendments. The instructions I
am providing here are geared for those of you
readers who have never planted a garden,
aren’t particularly interested in digging a
quarter-acre plot by hand but would still like
to prepare some soil in which to grow food
without killing yourself in the process.
    Tilling is best when the soil is somewhat
moist but not soaking wet. Many types of
tillers are good; I prefer Troy-Bilt [for a
catalog call 800-230-6161]. Very dry soil is
difficult to break-up and the tiller will tend
to “buck”. If you are starting your soil
preparation during the summer months, you
may have to heavily water the garden area
over a period of several days and then wait
for it to partially dry out. Somewhat moist is
best—soggy wet is not.
    Once you’ve tilled the soil so that the top
foot or more is loose, then you are ready to
begin adding the necessary soil amendments
to properly build up the soil. Here are some
guides for your assistance. Depending on
where you live, your local nursery can provide
Page 16                                               CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT                                                 MARCH 22, 1999

    “It is a fundamental error to suppose that            When there is a lot of organic matter in      is a good idea.
farming is neither a business nor a profession.       the soil, the beds can be shaped as rounded
It is a business which requires the highest           mounds, but for purposes here I’ll generically                      PLANTING
business talent, it is a profession which requires    describe them as “flat-surfaced”. You’ll be
the best technical skill...No other profession        able to tell by the texture of your specific          Using the raised-bed method of gardening,
requires such a variety of learning, such an          soil what is the most appropriate shape for       due to the loose soil structure, you are able
insight into Nature, such skill of a technical        your unique garden. A flat surface tends to       to plant the rows closer together because the
kind in order to be successful, as the profession     be the easiest to work with.                      roots themselves grow straight down rather
of farming.” [Harvey W. Wiley from The Lure               With the flat-surfaced bed, sides should be   than flattening out with harder soil. You are
of the Land.]                                         at a 45-degree angle to the horizonital—in        also able to plant closer together within rows.
    Once you’ve purchased and spread your soil        other words, a moderate slope upward. As          Therefore, the overall yield is higher in a
amendments (which can include manure,                 you work with the dirt you will develop a         smaller space. Due to the high percentage of
organic compost, and other material) across the       “feel” for it.                                    organic material in the soil, by using the
entire surface area of your garden spot, once             Once you’ve completed the general             raised-bed method the plant’s root structure
again, till the soil with the rototiller—or dig by    shaping of each of the beds, you should be        develops more fully and is, overall, healthier.
hand if you are so inclined.                          pretty tired, so, take a break and have some      A healthy root structure equates to greater
    Fertilizer, whether organic or commercial,        lemonade.                                         yield of food production. The old saying,
should be spread across the top of the                    Now, sprinkle the chemical or organic         “Everything is connected to everything”
completed beds and then lightly worked into the       fertilizer evenly across the top of each bed.     really applies to gardening.
top several inches of the soil. Therefore, when       Then, gently work the fertilizer into the top         A good recommendation, even though
spreading amendments for tilling into the soil,       several inches of the beds with a rake. When      slightly more costly, is to “sow heavy”—that
hold the actual fertilizer aside for the final step   complete, smooth the entire top of each bed       means, use quite a bit of seed within the
after the beds have been constructed.                 to a flat surface. Then, take a piece of          rows while you are planting and then “thin
                                                      plywood, say 2.5' x 4' and place it across the    out” the plants later. This will prevent bald
                  BED                                 far end of the first bed. Stand on top of the     spots or open spots within the rows. Also,
              CONSTRUCTION                            board and gently jump up and down—you             a common mistake for new gardeners is to
                                                      will flatten the surface of the beds to the       plant the seed too deep—don’t do it.
    Once you’ve spread the soil amendments            extent that they will keep their shape in all         You want to plant (and later thin) in such
over your garden area and have rototilled it          weather conditions. Step off the board, move      a way as to have the mature leaves of the
thoroughly, next comes the hard part                  it slightly and repeat the process until the      plants touching one another row-to-row. This
(physically). For the sake of discussion, let’s       entire surface is gently flattened. Do this to    creates a “mini-green-house effect” or a
say your garden area (plot) is 20 x 80. At this       all of the beds.                                  “living mulch” effect which softens the
point you’ll be needing a flat, square-end shovel         I would also recommend, with the beds         negative effects of hot mid-day sun. After
with a short handle. Beginning at one end,            now complete, that you drive wooden stakes        all, sun-scorched plants must first repair
shovel an outer pathway along the 80 foot side.       into the ground at various spots around the       damage before devoting energy to further
The pathway will be approximately 18 inches           edge of each bed—say, the four corners and        growth development. Planting in this manner
wide. As you shovel (deeply) the soft, tilled         then every six to ten feet—right up to the        also shades the topsoil, thus preventing
soil, throw each shovelful right next to you as       outer edge of the bed. These stakes, say four     excessive water loss due to evaporation and
you go—on what will be your first bed. The            inches wide, 1 inch thick, by 1 foot long—        it also discourages weed growth. The raised-
beds will be, on the average, about 4 feet            will serve as “hose guides”. As you drag          bed method of gardening is really the very
across. You could, theoretically, have a bed          hoses around your garden, this will prevent       best of many approaches. And, by the way,
which would, in this case, measure 4 feet by 80       the hose from running up the sides of your        with raised beds you don’t have to lean over
feet. (It is nice to break up these long beds         beds and destroying your plants (which can        as far to harvest or pull weeds throughout
with cross pathways for ease of moving around         often happen in a mere moment).                   the season. I believe this is why the Irish
in the garden.)                                                                                         refer to raised beds as lazy beds.
    When you have finished shoveling your first                        FENCING                              You will probably want to plant some
outer pathway by placing the excess dirt onto                                                           flowers throughout your garden. They add
your first bed—then measure 4 feet across and             Prior to planting and depending upon          color and some, such as sun-thriving
mark it with occasional stakes or with stakes         where you live, you may want to consider          marigolds, deter insects. Plant flowers that
and a long string. Then, beginning at one end         putting up a wire fence to keep out dogs and      you’d like to see and use for dinner-time
along the 20-foot side, 4 feet in from the 80-        cats and animals like rabbits who may view        table decorations. Mix it up a bit.
foot outer edge, begin shoveling an inner             your garden as theirs. Just one animal can            Also, when planting, don’t plant all of any
pathway. The pathway should be whatever               do a great deal of damage to the completed        given crop at the same time—particularly with
width you are comfortable with—don’t crowd            beds. Cats will often use the soft dirt in a      something like lettuce. Plant a few rows, then
yourself—18 inches is a good standard (less if        freshly prepared garden bed as a “litter box”.    leave some open space for a second, or rotation
space is limited). With the first shovel of dirt,         Generally speaking, fencing your garden       planting. That way you always have fresh
throw it immediately to your left. With the next
shovel, to your right—left then right, left then
right until you are all the way across the 80-
foot length of land. You now have an outer
path, one 4-foot very rough looking bed,
another path, and then the rest of the plot.
Repeat the process. In the end you will have
4 raised beds, approximately 4 feet across and
80 feet long.


    Now, using a long-handled (preferably
wide) rake you will begin to shape and even
out the beds. The beds should be, for all
intents and purposes, flat on top.
MARCH 22, 1999                                   CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT     Page 17

lettuce when the old lettuce has bolted, or gone to seed (which tends to happen
in very hot weather). Here is a chart to assist in your planting.
Page 18                                               CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT                                                    MARCH 22, 1999

              COMPOSTING                              good general recipe for composting is, by            moist at all times. That means whenever
                                                      weight: 1/3 dry vegetation, 1/3 green                you water the garden, water the compost.
    If you are just beginning a garden, you           vegetation and kitchen wastes, and 1/3 soil.         You want to generate enough heat within that
may be too overwhelmed in the moment to                   Some important things to remember,               pile to allow the microorganisms to break
even consider composting. But let me                  however: DO NOT add to your compost,                 down the materials into a very nitrogen-rich
strongly advise you to include composting as          under any circumstances, ever, the following:        material which will be added back to the
part of your gardening experience. This is            pine needles, fruit/fruit peels, meat of any         garden later on—and thus save you
true for many reasons, not the least of which         kind. As you move along, you might want              money.
is that it is a tremendous way to recycle the         to add some humic acid to the pile to increase           This method that I am recommending is
large quantity of excess greens that will be a        the availability of nutrients for plants later on.   relatively low maintenance, although you DO
by-product of the garden as you move through          It is also very important to know that you           need access to dirt and/or manure to maintain
the seasons.                                          must add soil to your compost pile—in fact,          the compost pile properly. When you are
    Why compost? Well, it’s no accident that          soil will keep down flies and odors.                 throwing kitchen scraps on the pile, be sure
gardeners with the best yields tend to be                 Once you have your fencing up and you            not to throw meats onto it. But when you
fervent composters. Compost serves several            are ready to begin, you may well wish to             do throw wet waste on the pile, always follow
functions. It improves the structure of the soil,     create several large separate piles in the           that up with a covering of dirt. This makes
which allows for easier working of the soil, and      immediate vicinity of the compost pile,              the process of composting much more
it increases aeration and water retention.            comprised of: manure, dirt, straw, grass             pleasant. (Trust me on this one.)
Additionally, it provides much needed nutrients       clippings. Don’t start your compost pile by              Bottom line? Every time I’ve planted a
to the soil, including nitrogen. Improved             just throwing some garbage down and thinking         garden and haven’t started a compost pile at
texture, structure, and nourishment lead to healthy   you have the makings of compost—you don’t!           the same time, I’ve regretted it. You will be
soil. Healthy soil allows for higher and better       Always think in terms of a layer cake. Once          amazed at how much excess greenery comes
quality yields of produce.                            you lay down, say, a one- to two-foot layer          off of a garden over the course of a season.
    Yes, but how do I do it? Well, there are          of grass clippings, then take your shovel and        And besides, why pay for nitrogen-rich
as many ways to start a compost as there are          throw onto it a layer of manure or a layer of        materials to add to your garden when you can
to plant a garden, but I will present here one        dirt. Then, repeat the process—a green layer         create them as you go?
of the cheapest, easiest, and most effective          or a wet layer, and a dry layer.                         Many people say you must constantly turn
ways that I have found [see box]. And there               To BEGIN the pile, try to build up the           the compost pile. This method that I am
are also as many books on composting as               compost to at least three feet high. Another         suggesting does not require this laborious
there are on gardening, so you can read in            combination would be: a layer of straw, a            step. One way to observe whether it is
greater detail independently as you go along.         layer of green materials, a layer or manure          “working” is the following: if you notice that
In the meantime, using 4-foot (approx.)               and/or dirt. When you’ve completed this step,        the compost pile suddenly drops down a foot
fencing wire, chicken wire will do, roll out          get the hose and water the compost just like         or two, you have successful composting in
enough fencing to produce a circle                    it is your garden. The compost should be             action. Congratulations! Happy composting.
approximately six feet
across. Then, with the wire
laying on the ground, cut
2x4s into four-foot lengths
and nail the fencing to the
2x4s at four-foot intervals.
Pick a space to the side of
your garden, one which is
out of the way, yet with
convenient access to the
actual garden area. Also,
your compost pile must be
within reach of water. Once
you’ve          chosen         a
(permanent) spot for your
compost pile, using a
shovel, dig down one or two
feet and turn over the soil
in a circle approximately
six feet in diameter.
    Once the soil is “broken
up”, place kindling, twigs,
a wooden pallet, shrub
materials, or anything
which will create an air-
pocket a foot high above the
soil-line. Now, take your
fencing with 2x4s nailed to
it, and lift it up vertically.
Then join the ends so that
you have a circle six feet
across and four feet high.
Now move the fencing
circle over your hole. You
now are ready to begin
building your compost pile,
much like a layer cake. A
MARCH 22, 1999                                              CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT                                                                                         Page 21

     WATERING YOUR GARDEN                                   get results that you’ll be delighted with.                          So new creatures coalesce from the fields of
                                                                                                                                possibility, populating every desirable realm,
    Once again, don’t be a slave to the                                         WHAT NOW?                                       as infinite potential eternally uncoils from the
garden unless you want to be. We live in a                                                                                      heart of God.” [Ken Carey from Starseed—
modern age and one in which, thank God,                         If you have followed the instructions to T h e T h i r d M i l l e n n i u m : L i v i n g i n t h e
there are digital, battery-operated automatic               this point, you’re there! As the vegetables Posthistoric World.]
timers which you can attach directly to your                begin to grow, thin them carefully. I always
faucet and garden hose system. It is possible               recommend using a sharp knife when                                         RECOMMENDED READING
to program up to 4 waterings per day with a                 harvesting. For example, when harvesting
quality timer, which is well worth the expense              lettuce I like to cut away the outer leaves                             Here’s a list of some books which are
in the time it saves you. Keep in mind,                     while letting the plant continue its growth. extremely well done, some of which are out
while the timer waters the garden, you can go               Experiment.                                                         of print. Check your local library. Many of
somewhere else.                                                 I believe you will find that growing a these books are available directly from the
    Just a f e w tip s — w h i l e i t i s t r u e t h at   garden       is        an    extremely           r e w a r d i n g seed companies listed earlier in this article.
overwatering is a common problem,                           experience—not to mention the quality of                                1. How To Grow More Vegetables—than
underwatering is a real mistake—particularly                food you’ll soon be eating! If it is done you ever thought possible on less land than
in the very beginning of germination. DO                    right, it can even be FUN. Learning about you can imagine, by John Jeavons.
NOT LET THAT NEWLY PLANTED SEED                             gardening is a lot like life—it takes time and                          2. The Backyard Homestead Mini-Farm
DRY OUT—EVER. If you are watering                           just goes on and on and on. The secret lies & Garden Log Book, by John Jeavons, J.
several times per day by hand, you will                     in beginning.                                                       Mogador Griffin & Robin Leler.
literally be able to tell when enough is                        If you’ve completed the garden, you’ve                              3. Square Foot Gardening, by Mel
enough. If you are using a timer, which I                   accomplished a great deal. A garden at Bartholomew.
DO recommend, you’ll just have to play with                 home is worth ten insurance policies, because                           4. The New Seed-Starters Handbook, by
it a bit to get it “just right”. But under no               when all is said and done you can now go Nancy Bubel.
circumstances let the seed dry out. I cannot                out into your own back yard and pick your                               5. How To Save Your Own Vegetable
emphasize this enough: It is better to                      next healthy meal. Well done!                                       Seeds, by the Heritage Seed Program,
overwater, if you must, than to underwater in                   “We are gardeners, you and I, in the Ontario, Canada.
the beginning. Besides, the raised-bed                      Garden of the Conscious Presence. We draw                               6.    The One Straw Revolution, by
method of gardening will be more forgiving                  the substance of the past into conceptions of Masanobu Fukuoka.
of a bit of overwatering than will a                        the future. I am the source of the garden’s                             7.      Bio-Dynamic Agriculture: An
regular, hardpack farming method.                           design and I return to the garden through Introduction, by Herbert H. Koepf.
    But what kind of sprinkler should I use,                you.     Together we tend the fields of                                 8 . I n t e n s i v e G a r d e n i n g, b y F a b e r &
you may ask?             AN OSCILLATING                     possibility, drawing forth the inexhaustible Faber.
SPRINKLER IS, IN MY OPINION, THE                            beauties of structure, objectifying wonders,                            9. High-Yield Gardening, by Majorie B.
MOST PRACTICAL. Also, they do have                          and manifesting new orders.                                         Hunt and Brenda Bortz.
plastic Y adaptors to allow for two hoses,                      As each universal context spirals outward                           10. The Expert’s Book of Garden Hints.
and thus, two sprinklers off the same water                 toward maturation, it gives birth to new and                            11. The Heirloom Garden, by Jo Ann
line. Keep in mind, I’m giving instructions                 m o r e i n t r i c a t e c o n t e x t s w i t h i n i t s e l f , Gardner.
here for a low-maintenance garden that will                 revolutionizing former unde rstandings of                               12. The New Organic Grower, by Eliot
grow quality food. If you want to live in the               scale and revealing a host of new worlds to Coleman.
garden day and night, that is your choice and               explore, inhabit, and enjoy. Each successvie                            13.     Organic Gardening Almanac—
you certainly are free to do so. My only                    order of manifestation becomes the basis of Lewellyn’s 1995.
point here is that over-work isn’t necessary to             yet another order and then of still another.                            14. The Bio-Dynamic Farm, by Herbert
                                                                                                                                                  H. Hoepf.
                                                                                                                                                         15. Home Grower’s Guide
                                                                                                                                                  to Seed Saving, by Vivecca
                                                                                                                                                         16. Vegetable and Herb
                                                                                                                                                  Seed Growing, by Douglas C.
Page 22                                           CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR                                                                          MARCH 22, 1999

                                                                                                                short run. But as the West Germany
                                                                                                                authorities soon learned from their past

Greenspan Double-Speak On                                                                                       endeavors to support the dollar, there are
                                                                                                                limits to monetary countermeasures.
                                                                                                                      The only seeming solution is for the U.S.
                                                                                                                to create a fiscal and monetary environment
                                                                                                                which in effect makes the dollar as good as

 Return To Gold Standard                                                                                        gold, i.e., stabilizes the general price level
                                                                                                                and by inference the dollar price of gold
                                                                                                                bullion itself. Then a modest reserve of
                                                                                                                bullion could reduce the narrow gold price
                                                                                                                fluctuations effectively to zero, allowing any
                                                                                                                changes in gold supply and demand to be
    Editor’s note: The following is from the           DISTURBED BY ALTERNATIVES                                absorbed in fluctuations in the Treasury’s
Internet. It is a verbatim article published in                                                                 inventory.
the 9/1/81 Wall Street Journal by Fed                 Even some of those who conclude a                               What the above suggests is that a
Chairman Alan Greenspan. At the time he was       return to gold is infeasible remain deeply                    necessary condition of returning to a GOLD
a partner in Townsend-Greenspan & Co., an         disturbed by the current alternatives. For                    STANDARD is the financial environment
economic consulting firm. It is also relevant     example, William Fellner of the American                      which the GOLD STANDARD itself is
and very significant to know that Greenspan       Enterprise Institute in a forthcoming                         presumed to create. But, if we restored
was the chairman of the Council of Economic       publication remarks “...I find it difficult not               financial stability, what purpose is then
Advisors from 1974-1977, a period witnessing      to be greatly impressed by the very large                     served by return to a GOLD STANDARD?
dramatic changes in the price of gold.            damage done to the economies of the                                 Certainly a gold-based monetary system
    The Internet version of this article asks     industrialized world... by the monetary                       will necessarily prevent fiscal imprudence, as
editorially: “Can a leopard change his            management that has followed the era of                       2 0 th C e n t u r y h i s t o r y c l e a r l y d e m o n s t r a t e s .
spots?” Indeed, reading carefully between         (gold) convertibility... It has placed the                    Nonetheless, once achieved, the discipline of
the lines of this signal piece, one can see       Western economies in acute danger.”                           the GOLD STANDARD would surely
why the so-called “elite” would-be                    Yet even those of us who are attracted to                 reinforce anti-inflation policies, and make it
controllers work so hard and clandestinely        the prospect of gold convertibility are                       far more difficult to resume financial
to be in control of all the gold! Gold control    confronted with a seemingly impossible                        profligacy. The redemption of dollars for
equates heavily and ultimately to people          obstacle: the latest claims to gold represented               gold in response to excess federal
control and thus the New World Order.             by the huge world overhang of fiat currency,                  government-induced credit creation would be
                                                  many dollars.                                                 a strong political signal. Even after inflation
                                                      The immediate problem of restoring a                      is brought under control the extraordinary
   CAN THE U.S. RETURN                            GOLD STANDARD is fixing a gold price that                     political sensitivity to inflation will remain.
                                                  is consistent with market forces. Obviously                         Concrete actions to install a GOLD
  TO A GOLD STANDARD?                             if the offering price by the Treasury is too                  STANDARD are premature. Nonetheless,
                                                  low, or subsequently proves to be too low,                    there are certain preparatory policy actions
       9/1/81    ALAN GREENSPAN                   heavy demand at the offering price could                      that could test the eventual feasibility of
                                                  quickly deplete the total U.S. government                     returning to a GOLD STANDARD, that would
    The    growing     disillusionment    with    stock of gold, as well as any gold borrowed                   have positive short-term anti-inflation benefits
politically controlled monetary policies has      to thwart the assault. At that point, with no                 and little cost if they fail.
produced an increasing number of advocates        additional gold available, the U.S. would be                        The major roadblock to restoring the
for a return to the GOLD STANDARD—                off the GOLD STANDARD and likely to                           GOLD STANDARD is the problem of re-
including at times president Reagan.              remain off for decades.                                       entry. With the vast quantity of dollars
    In years past a desire to return to a             Alternatively, if the gold price is initially             worldwide laying claims to the U.S.
monetary system based on gold was perceived       set too high, or subsequently becomes too                     Treasury’s 264 million ounces of gold, an
as nostalgia for an era when times were           high, the Treasury would be inundated with                    overnight transition to gold convertibility
simpler, problems less complex and the world      gold offerings. The payments the gold drawn                   would create a major discontinuity for the
not threatened with nuclear annihilation. But     on the Treasury’s account at the Federal                      U.S. financial system. But there is no need
after a decade of destabilizing inflation and     Reserve       would         add     substantially        to   for the whole block of current dollar
economic stagnation, the restoration of a         commercial bank reserves and probably act,                    obligations to become an immediate claim.
GOLD STANDARD has become an issue that            at l eas t t em p o rari l y , t o ex p an d t h e m o n ey         Convertibility can be instituted gradually
is clearly rising on the economic policy          supply with all the inflationary implications                 by, in effect, creating a dual currency with
agenda. A commission to study the issue,          thereof.                                                      a limited issue of dollars convertible into
with strong support from President Reagan, is         Monetary offsets to neutralize or                         gold. Initially they could be deferred claims
in place.                                         “earmark” gold are, of course, possible in the                to gold, for example, five-year Treasury
    The increasingly numerous proponents of                                                                     Notes with interest and principal payable in
a GOLD STANDARD persuasively argue that                                                                         grams or ounces of gold.
budget deficits and large federal borrowings                                                                          With the passage of time and several
would be difficult to finance under such a                                                                      issues of these notes we would have a series
standard. Heavy claims against paper dollars                                                                    of “new monies” in terms of gold and
cause few technical problems, for the                                                                           eventually, demand claims on gold. The
Treasury can legally borrow as many dollars                                                                     degree of success of restoring long-term
as Congress authorizes.                                                                                         fiscal confidence will show up clearly in the
    But with unlimited dollar conversion into                                                                   yield spreads between gold and fiat dollar
gold, the ability to issue dollar claims would                                                                  obligations of the same maturities. Full
be severely limited. Obviously if you cannot                                                                    convertibility would require that the yield
finance federal deficits, you cannot create                                                                     spread for all maturities virtually disappear. If
them. Either taxes would then have to be                                                                        they do not, convertibility will be very
raised or expenditures lowered. The                                                                             difficult, probably impossible, to implement.
restrictions of gold convertibility would                                                                             A second advantage of gold notes is that
therefore profoundly alter the politics of                                                                      they are likely to reduce current budget
fiscal policy that have prevailed for half a                                                                    deficits. Treasury gold notes in today’s
century.                                                                                                        markets could be sold at interest rates at
MARCH 22, 1999                                     CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR                                                             Page 23
approximately 2% or less. In fact from today’s

                                                   Watch For Deceptions
markets one can construct the equivalent of a
22-month gold note yielding 1%, by
arbitraging regular Treasury note yields for
June 1983 maturities (17%) and the forward
delivery premiums of gold (16% annual rate)
inferred from June 1983 futures contracts.
Presumably five-year note issues would reflect

                                                   On A Planetary Scale
a similar relationship.

               A RISK OF
             EXCHANGE LOSS

    The exchange risk of the Treasury gold
notes, of course, is the same as that associated
with our foreign currency Treasury note series.
The U.S. Treasury has, over the years, sold                               [Continued from Front Page]
significant quantities of both German mark
and Swiss franc denominated issues, and both       suggestion and change his ways, lest he be left   are familiar with, but it is also very accurate as
made and lost money in terms of dollars as         behind in darkness.                               to your plight with evil run amok on your plane
exchange rates have fluctuated. And indeed              Does this mean God cares not if you          (or dimension) of physical experience.
there is a risk of exchange rate loss with gold    “make it” through these days of chaos and         According to plan you all are so worked-up to
notes.                                             great change?          Of course He cares.        expect a year-2000 (y2k) computer “glitch” that
    However, unless the price of gold doubles      HOWEVER, GOD WILL NOT DO YOUR                     even if there were no concerted covert actions
over a five-year period (16% compounded            JOB FOR YOU! He will show you the way             being readied, THE COMBINED THOUGHTS
annually), interest payments on the gold notes     and instruct through instinct, inspiration, and   OF BILLIONS OF PEOPLE FOCUSED ON
in terms of dollars will be less than              imagination—the three ways God uses to talk       DECEMBER 31, 1999 WILL BRING ABOUT
conventional financing requires. The run-up        to the minds of His creations. YOU will           THE VERY THING YOU FEAR THE MOST!
to $875 per ounce in early 1980 was surely         change a world or it will not be changed.             That is why it is so important to be ever
an aberration, reflecting certain circumstances         Your “Jewish” Israeli Zionists are readying  mindful of what thoughts you allow to pass
in the Middle East which are unlikely to be        a massive Hollywood production utilizing          through your beings. Your brain and your
repeated in the near future. Hence, anything       technology you-the-people believe is scarcely     body ARE NOT YOU, but they are used by the
close to doubling of gold prices in the next       little more than science fiction. (When I speak   Light Fragment of God that IS you. And it is
five years appears improbable. On the other        of Jews, I speak of the false “Jews” who are of   that forever entity who is all powerful and all
hand, if gold prices remain stable or rise         “the Synagogue of Satan”—again, from your         knowing—once you come to appreciate who
moderately, the savings could be large: Each       Bible; I am not referring to the Godly Judeans    and what you really are. Your adversary
$10 billion in equivalent gold notes               who make up less than 8 percent of world          knows this and spends enormous amounts of
outstanding would, under stable gold prices,       Jewry.) Well, your so-called “Jewish”-owned       your tax dollars so you don’t ever figure it out.
save $1.5 billion per year in interest outlays.    film and TV industry work hand-in-glove with      Because if you do, the play is finished for
    A possible further side benefit of the         the most dangerous terrorist organization on      them; even your adversary knows, ultimately,
existence of gold notes is that they could set     your planet.                                      that evil never prevails against The Light.
a standard in terms of prices and interest              Israel’s Mossad and Britain’s Secret         (And by the way, what do you think your tax
rates that could put additional political          Intelligence Service are the clandestine          money is used for—paying back the
pressure on the administration and Congress        enforcers for a global cartel of super crooks     international banksters of England, France,
to move expeditiously toward non-inflationary      classified as your “establishment families” of    Italy, and Israel? Dear ones, you don’t even
policies. Gold notes could be a case of            old. These ones have been in power since the      begin to pay back the interest on those
reversing Gresham’s Law. Good money                beginning, but only now, as you approach the      incredibly massive “loans” to/by the Federal
would drive out bad.                               ending of this two-thousand-year period, do       Reserve.)
    Those who advocate a return to a GOLD          these entities come to the surface as a whole—        As you continue with your countdown to
STANDARD should be aware that returning            for in these ending times, Lucifer has promised   destruction according to your adversary’s plans,
our monetary system to gold convertibility         them YOUR EARTH, and they intend to fully         we will allow you to follow most closely that
is no mere technical, financial restructuring.     inform you ones of this, because they believe     countdown. However, the accounting will be
It is a basic change in our economic               you are beyond the ability to do anything about   to ACTUAL spiritual “time keeping”. In all of
processes. However, considering where the          it.                                               the countless inter-experiencing dimensional
policies of the last 50 years have eventually           When the very stars fall from the Heavens,   arenas in the Mind of God, “the plane of
led us, perhaps there are lessons to be            and night turns into day, and visitors come to    demonstration”, your physical world, is the
learned from our more distant GOLD                 fulfill “prophecies”, you will witness the curtainonly one where TIME is measured. In the
STANDARD past.                                     rising on the final act of man’s play. And with   Celestial Realms, we follow sequence of events,
                                                   it will come that which you have been             and even that is not linear, for what you label
                                                   programed and readied for lo these many eons      as time travel is indeed a reality. Another little
                                                   to accept. Will God allow such a thing to come    secret kept from the masses.
                                                   to pass? Indeed, for if it takes such to cause you    AS OF AUGUST 17, 1987 YOU
                                                   ones to learn your lessons of war, greed, lies, and
                                                                                                     ENTERED A NEW MILLENNIUM. YOU
                                                   spiritual and moral decay, then so be it.         ARE 12 YEARS AND 196 DAYS INTO IT!
                                                        Does it HAVE to be this way? No. But if      All the ancient aboriginal calenders ended after
                                                   it is to be “better”, then you-the-people will be August 16 and, like the aboriginal people of
                                                   the ones to rewrite the play and CREATE a         America (Native Americans, whom God called
                                                   better ending!                                    HUMAN—HIGHER UNIVERSAL MAN), they
                                                                                                     are waiting for two things: (1) their (and your)
                                                                TODAY’S WATCH:                       extraterrestrial brethren to return, along with
                                                                YEAR 12, DAY 196                     The Great Spirit; and (2) to see if and how far
                                                                                                     man will fall during this time of kali (chaos).
                                                       You have a saying that touts: “When the           While your adversary is causing you to
                                                   Death Watch Beatle is heard, death is coming.” focus on an ERRONEOUS millennium
                                                   It is a phrase that mystics or Satanic worshipers countdown, the evil elements are planning to
Page 24                                             CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR                                                      MARCH 22, 1999

usurp August 17, 1999 as a day to attempt to          SHELTERS ACROSS AMERICA, INC.                       cataclysmic Earth changes, a remnant of both
bring their own heinous plans into fruition by                                                            your people and your nation—as founded
causing ones to believe a STAGED                        Your civilian and military personnel are the      under God of Light and inscribed onto your
HOLOGRAPHIC PRESENTATION OF “JESUS”                 targets for any ABC (atomic, biological,              precious Constitution documents—must make
CHRIST. Whether they actually wait until            chemical) attack by your so-called Arab               it through to rebuild.
August 17, or January 31 of 2000 or 2010, the       terrorist enemies. Chelas (students), the only            Rebuild what? Not a new government
point is to cause the world to be fooled by the     enemies you have as a nation and as a people          that will be worse than what has already
magic of David El Roy, the Khazarian mystic         are the adversarial so-called “elite” right in your   taken your nation—BUT ONE BUILT UPON
whom the six-pointed Star of David is               own governments pulling the strings and               T H E F O U N D A T I O N O F T H E O R I G I N A L.
fashioned after. This was NOT the King David        running the world from behind closed doors.           The ruins of what you have now—be they
of Judean history.                                  Known by many labels (Illuminati, Club of             ruins of charred rubble or just ruins of a
    This will come as a blow to those believing     Rome, Committee of 300), the “Olympians” is           tyrannical government gone mad—will be as
they knew all there was to know about being         the term I believe best describes them.               the Phoenix Eagle rising from the ashes.
“Jewish”. It is just as devastating to Christians       As you watch the Olympic scandal unfold,          (This is a bird in Egyptian mythology that
who are unaware that “Jesus” is not, nor ever       what you are actually witnessing is a parading        consumed itself by fire and rose up,
was, the name of Esu Immanuel. His most             of the very so-called “elite” manipulators we         renewed, from its own ashes.)
bitter Khazarian enemy, Saul (Paul) of Tarsus,      speak of.        These ones call themselves               Your enemy is playing a very well
called him “Jesus Christ” to further obscure the    Olympians because they believe they have the          thought-out game of chess—the favored
truth. “Jesus” is a Greek word that means           power of the ancient gods of Greek mythology.         strategy game of the “elite” manipulators of
anointed, and “Christ” is not the name of a         Before your physical world evolved over many          Russian-Khazarian decent.           (The game
person, it is a state of beingness and level of     past millennia, these entities did indeed exhibit     Monopoly is favored among the relatively
accomplishment.                                     what you term to be god-like qualities.               new members of the “elite” who were
    You ones have NEVER been given The              However, the reality of their existence was not       charged with the secret taking-over of
Truth about ANYTHING important and you              tangible to what you recognize as corporeal           America; ask Rockefeller and Morgan how
cannot fix a problem or avert disaster if you       bodies. In appearance you may not know the            enjoyable and profitable the game was to
don’t know what you’re up against. There is         difference, but there was great difference            them!)
no longer time to catch you up on all that          between those considered to be gods of                    God’s people also must know about these
your institutions of “higher un-learning” have      Olympus and ordinary people.                          things so that those who conspire to do you
not taught you. We will integrate as best we            Today these same energy forms incarnate           in do not have such a wide-open playing
can that which you need as to pre-history           as, and influence, the kings, queens, and             field. By operating within the same corporate
with what requires immediate attention. You         overseers to keep the masses of slaves chained        and national security veils that the evil
are in the eleventh hour of your sojourn of         to the dark ages of technical, moral, and             manipulators use, Americans can get a shelter
your current incarnation, and literally, every      spiritual achievement. They do not want you to        system set up quickly and in record time.
hour counts.                                        come into your own as a cosmic, Christ-                   Surviving a nuclear attack is one of the
    Under this subheading will be the latest        conscious being because, WHEN you do, they            easiest tasks your community and state
updates to events unfolding that directly affect    have no power over you. This is why ALL               leaders can accomplish and it IS ONE OF
the close of the old millennium and the starting    FORMS OF ESTABLISHMENT MEDIA are                      THE MOST BENEFICIAL UNDERTAKINGS
of the new, as well as direct actions Americans     controlled with an iron (gold is more fitting)        YOU HAVE AT THIS TIME. If you have no
can utilize to prevent the holocaust (as in         fist. By keeping knowledge and information            living humans left alive, it matters not one
“destruction, usually by fire” definition and not   from you, the Olympians hope to conquer a             whit what goes on in the continuing
the controlled FALSE “Jewish” death-camp            planet. “My people are destroyed because of           misadventures of “Zippergate”.
version). As has been outlaid many times            lack of knowledge” is a phrase that has great             By the way, ALL of your political, top
before: around 300,000 to 350,000 people were       meaning, and it behooves you to keep this             military, and police insiders are up to their
allowed to die during that period of time of        thought ever present in your daily ponderings.        ears in these ever increasing sex scandals.
Hitler’s Germany due to starvation and some             The Dark Brotherhood are your enemies!            What you are not told is that such as the
torture—ALMOST ALL WERE GERMAN                      Your enemies are NOT your ethnically different        Ramsey child murder case is the norm as
CITIZENS AND JUDEAN “JEWS”. THE                     brothers across your borders and seas. Are            “entertainment” in those higher so-called
ZIONIST-AFFILIATED “JEWS” (TURKISH-                 they not in the same mess you’re in? The              “elite” groups. These are the “cults” the
NORDIC-MONGOL KHAZAR NOMADS                         sparse few who control your world from behind         media efforts to “warn” you about—but not
FROM THE CAUCASUS REGION OF                         the scenes are moving headlong toward Nuclear         by pointing a finger at the guilty, for that
SOUTHERN RUSSIA) TRIED TO ERASE                     War One, and it is America who is going to            would implicate many, many of those you
THE EVIDENCE OF A STOLEN LEGACY                     lead the way in the name of Zionism.                  have great respect for. Indeed, secret satanic
BY WORKING TO EXTERMINATE THE                           The Khazarian Israeli plan labeled Project Z      and Masonic (I speak of the 33rd degree and
PEOPLE WHOSE HERITAGE WAS TAKEN.                    is very much on track. The reason the letter Z        above, not the local community lodge that
    Why am I harping on the “Jews” again?           is used is not just to highlight the Zionist          has bake sales to help the needy.) rituals
Because it is the current thrust of your Satanic    agenda, but more importantly, because the war         routinely involve sex with children and
adversary to use whomever and whatever gains        planners decided that this is the last plan they      participation in “snuff films”. For a price or
him the most. Since you have allowed IN THE         will ever need in their war AGAINST                   for satanic rite, children are murdered just
NAME OF ANTI-SEMITISM AND BIGOTRY                   CHRISTIANITY. And as long as you still have           for the experience. The Khazar element
for a group of people, legitimate or not in your    no shelters to protect your populations, you          believes that to kill a Christian child,
perception, to take control and run every aspect    have almost zero chance to survive the                preferably between 7 and 12 years old, while
of your lives, it has become merely a matter of     holocaust.                                            displayed in “Christ-like” fashion and with as
convenience for the prince of evil TO UTILIZE           Remember, by allowing American civilians          much pain and suffering as can be inflicted,
THESE SAME ONES.                                    and military personnel to have protection             will give the evil ones power over their hated
    Do you not have a world of many and             against nuclear attack, PREEMPTIVE FIRST              Christian enemy.
varied humans, and do they not have their           STRIKES BECOME A MOOT POINT. This                         THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE DEALING
own customs and beliefs and spiritual or            is the only card left to play, chelas.                WITH, CHELAS, AND THESE ONES
religious practices? Then why must Zionist              Your “enemy” states have shelter systems          HAVE NO QUALMS ABOUT KILLING
Protocols for human behavior be foisted off         for their people, so your missiles will not reach     260 MILLION-PLUS AMERICANS IN
upon the rest of the planet? Does that not fit      them. BUT YOU ARE NOTHING MORE                        THEIR BID TO TAKE A PLANET. IF
your definition of racism?                          THAN        SITTING      DUCKS        FOR      THE    YOU ARE NOT PREPARED TO DEFEND
    You think Korton is being a stickler for        THOUSANDS OF MISSILES AND NUCLEAR                     YOURSELVES AGAINST SUCH EVIL,
terms and definitions? Well your own United         MINES POISED TO REDUCE THE U.S. TO                    THEN EVIL WILL CERTAINLY DEVOUR
Nations was forced to admit in open forum that      ASHES.                                                YOU WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A
“Zionism is equated to racism”.                         If America is consumed by nuclear fire or         BACKWARD GLANCE AS TO WHETHER
MARCH 22, 1999                                    CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR                                                             Page 25

OR NOT IT IS “MORALLY RIGHT”.                     largest concentration of people strong             harmoniously so that the delicate balance of
    You cannot reason with a rabid wolf, and      enough and healthy enough to be of                 man (whether terrestrial or extra-terrestrial)
if you believe you will be given a counter-       greatest assistance to you during a nuclear        and his environment is not upset. ALL
offer as to the terms of some of you              confrontation. IT IS THEY WHO ARE                  worlds experience planetary changes from
surviving and just being allowed to live out      TRAINED TO PERFORM THEIR DUTIES                    time to time; it is part of each celestial orb’s
your days, you would be sorely mistaken.          IN      TIMES      OF      DISASTER       AND      growth and evolution.         Your dwellings
Your adversary plans on ridding your Earth        EMERGENCY, SO IT IS THEY WHO YOU                   should reflect the INEVITABILITY OF THAT
of all but 550 million people BEFORE the          SHOULD PLACE HIGH ON THE LIST OF                   CHANGE.
end of this millennium. That does not give        IMMEDIATE SHELTER INSTALLATION.                        Just as terror and destruction come to a
you much time.                                        At the same time, every daycare center,        colony of thousands of ants in their
    Can it be done by ordinary citizens?          school, and university had better utilize those    microcosmic community in the form of a
Indeed, why do you think we’ve come to            parking lots and playing fields to house your      devastating flood because a child forgot to
assist? It is God’s promise that a remnant        children while they are away from home.            turn off the water hose during a warm
will make it through. Evil will destroy itself;   Within a week the shelters can be installed        summer afternoon, a little preparation—such
the meek will survive ONLY IF THE MEEK            and the landscape returned to usable               as a door to close over the entranceway until
HAVE       MADE      PREPARATIONS          TO     aboveground space with only entrance ways          the water subsides—can save many lives, be
SURVIVE.        Even if you are greatly           and small Shelter Periscope Conduit Pods           they insect or human.
successful in turning around your adversary’s     (SPCP). These SPCPs contain environmental              Animals do not live out in the open the
genocide plans—shelters and belowground           control equipment and communications ports.        way humans do, and yet they are protected
domed dwellings will still be very necessary.         For shelters installed in areas of high-risk   from the elements because God, through
    Weather     modification     by    Russian    from flood or heavy debris, the SPCPs can be       instinct, gave them the knowingness to seek
electrogravitic hovering weapons platforms,       outfitted with a special module that allows        shelter in the womb of your Mother Earth, or
by HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral           the occupant to survive for seven days in a        nestled among and within the great trees;
Research Project) transmissions into the          completely self-contained, watertight, and         only man disregards the Whisperings of God
upper layers of your atmosphere, and              airtight     enclosure.         The     Shelter    and lives in a far less balanced fashion.
belowground nuclear powerplants feeding           Communicator Service of every high-risk            Well, if man’s ways are not changed most
tremendous energy to buried continental           area shelter and all belowground domed             quickly, he will be as the grasshopper who
cables—not to mention underwater nuclear          dwellings will be constantly monitored by a        has a carefree summer and autumn and,
detonations      spawning       UNNATURAL         triple-redundant system in preparation for all     because of lack of preparation of food
planetary changes on top of rebalancing           possible      communications        problems—      storage or shelter, perishes because of a
natural occurrences by Mother Earth (your El      especially those very likely to be encountered     change in the weather.
Ninos and La Ninas)—these are just as valid       during war.
reasons to have shelter systems as any other.         SAA, Inc. (Shelters Across America) will                SHELTER PURCHASES
    There is now no part of your country or       soon offer Iridium Satellite Communicators to                FOR U.S. RESIDENTS
world that is any less dangerous than             help SCI (Space Command Intelligence) field
another. You have earthquakes in such as          officers, vehicles, lifeboats, and aircraft            At present there are five main categories
California, but you are also having               maintain a ready lifeline to the shelters and      for belowground shelters and domed
destruction to life and property on greater       domed dwellings for emergency assistance           dwellings.       Continuing research and
and ever increasing scale by high winds,          and locator relays. (For more information          development on more expansive domed
massive flooding, raging fires, killer            about Shelters Across America, call 805-908-       living spaces and layouts for underground
avalanches, droughts, etc. Does it not seem       3616 during normal West Coast business             hydroponics, livestock, recreation, and even
a bit too coincidental that Mother Nature’s       hours.) By the way, “intelligence” is merely       parks will be forthcoming. Interconnecting
fury begins to awaken just in time to bring in    a synonym for “news” or “new information”,         ABC compressed earthen tunnels and custom
the new millennium? Ah, but with man’s            especially about an enemy. However, in the         entrances will also be available as add-ons to
help it is coming to pass right on cue.           world of international security agreements         each shelter and dwelling.
                                                  and covert double-talk, not having access to           In order for nuclear war to be averted (at
         SURVIVAL IS ONLY                         these circles is legal grounds for PUBLIC          best, or ensure that a remnant makes it
        TEN FEET FROM HELL                        exclusion from matters that have grave             through if you insist on conjuring the
                                                  consequences to civilians. You have no idea        Armageddon scenario) residents of united
    You have been lied to about the               of the painstaking procedures and “special”        States of America must have easy access to
survivability of a nuclear blast—it is 100        committees set up against unsuspecting             purchasing shelters.     Just as your world
percent survivable WITH ADEQUATE                  civilians. All the world’s spy cults are now       changed because of the invention of the
PREPARATION! It is not expensive, as the          united and have been charged with ushering         automobile, so too will your way of life
British-Khazarian Bolsheviks would have           in the One World Government where                  change (for the better) by having a secure
your politicians tell you.                        rulership is absolute and all those not of         place to live in relative safety. You are
    For the price of a new compact                them are to be stripped of every last thing        moving out of limited human physical
automobile, every family in America can           they own.                                          sensing into Spiritual Knowing and that
have an emergency shelter WITHIN 15                   Interestingly enough, the Iridium logo is      means you must begin to live your lives in a
MINUTES OF HOME OR WORK.                With      of the Pleiades constellation—the location of      way that follows the Laws of God and The
available packages, occupants can have            your Earth’s central Sun—the system from           Creation. For it is when man breaks those
water, food, health products, electricity,        whence most of you came, and it is there the       laws that he brings misery upon himself.
sleepers, toilets, survival supplies, and a       lot of you will go for your next experience.           Your Olympian-sized-ego rulers believe
nation-wide digital Shelter Communicator              You are the most like the beings from          they can frighten you into giving up without
Service. (And by the way, I use the term          Pleiades—and rightly so—they are your              a fight. Just by telling you that, through
“health products” above because, by               ancestors. The lives and living conditions         national security considerations, you are
Khazarian law, the term “medical” or              are greatly advanced from that of Earth-Shan.      better off by surrendering your sovereignty
“medicine” may not be used; cures for             Your more advanced brothers and sisters            to the UN AND THEY WILL PROTECT
cancer, AIDS, and protection against the          from that place live in what you would             YOU.      THE UNITED NATIONS IS A
many and varied plagues ready to be loosed        consider a Garden of Eden. They do not             WELL-MEANING “FRONT” IN PUBLIC,
on an unsuspecting world will not be              overpopulate their planet or destroy their         BUT IN REALITY THEY ARE SATAN’S
allowed. The point is to depopulate using         environment through greed of mineral and           TROOPS COME TO EXTERMINATE YOU!
any and all means—INCLUDING ATOMIC                other natural resources, nor do they destroy       STAFFED         WITH        THE      WORST
WAR.)                                             the landscape with the clutterings of man’s        MURDERERS, WAR CRIMINALS, EVIL
    Your military bases are the first targets     unaesthetic and illogical housing methods.         DOCTORS,         AND     RACIST      HUMAN
because it is there where you have the            Living WITH Nature means to blend in               BEINGS TO EVER BE GATHERED IN
Page 26                                                                CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR                                               MARCH 22, 1999

MASS UNDER THE BLUE HELMETS OF                                         warning system against the attacks that are       hoping some miracle will save you without
OLD NOSTRADAMUS’ 500-YEAR-OLD                                          passed off in the controlled media as mere        any effort on your part—or worse, refusing
PROPHECY. THE UN IS HEADED BY                                          hoaxes and scares. The greater danger             to believe that such a thing could
THOSE WHO DESPISE AND HATE YOUR                                        with some of these bio-chemical agents is         conceivably be done to so many innocent
BELIEFS AND WAY OF LIFE.                                       BY      that they can be engineered to infect             people—your traitorous leaders have signed
BRINGING THE LIGHT OF TRUTH                                            casualties days, months, or years after           over your very souls to the death merchants.
ABOUT THE REAL PURPOSE AND                                             exposure.                                         On web sites such as Art Bell, ones are
MANDATE OF THE UN CHARTER ON                                               Do you not think there is some measure        beginning to stock-up on offered foodstuffs
DEPOPULATION, THOSE WHO ARE                                            of retaliation for the British-Khazarian use of   and other survival gear. BUT IF YOU HAVE
TITULAR FIGUREHEADS ON THE                                             your military and special-weapons forces          NO PLACE TO PUT THEM THAT IS
SECURITY COUNCIL CAN COME INTO                                         bombing Iraq?        Even though the SAME         PROTECTED FROM HARM AND EASILY
TRUTH AND HELP YOU OVERTHROW                                           ENTITIES ARE CAUSING CASUALTIES ON                ACCESSIBLE, IT IS USELESS.                 The
THE BEAST OF MANY NATIONS AND                                          BOTH SIDES, THE U.S. IS GOING TO                  mouthpieces in the controlled major media
MANY HEADS. BUT IT WILL NOT BE                                         SUFFER GREATLY AS PLANNED; YOU                    are giving you all the clues you need BY
DONE THROUGH FORCE.                                   GOD IS           CANNOT VERY WELL GET RID OF THE                   TELLING YOU “NOT TO WORRY...TOO
NEVER COERCION.                                                        “USELESS EATERS” IF YOU DON’T                     MUCH.” Chelas, they do not want you to
      By being as clever as the serpent, but as                        HAVE COUNTER ATTACKS, NOW CAN                     prepare because they want you completely
gentle as the dove, sovereign American                                 YOU?                                              off-guard and confused so that, when the
residents can prevail against the New World                                These are the plans, deeds, and words of      lights go out for good, you will be as
Order’s SS intelligence police. Their dark                             those whom you allow to hold top positions        helpless as the sheep being herded to
protection for hundreds of years has been                              in your government and other MORE                 slaughter.
through secret societies and satanic cults                             INFLUENTIAL POSITIONS. Ones such as                   Computer and Internet systems will
hiding your most prominent “servants of the                            Albright are marching right along to              indeed crash, AND WITH ALL YOUR
people”.                                                               programed orders to openly get you into a         ASSETS GONE AND NO WAY TO DECIDE
      While you are preparing for the Olympic                          shooting war with Russia and China. Do you        WHAT HAS REAL BARTER VALUE,
games, like Caesar’s gladiators and lion pits                          not understand what is happening? It has          F.E.M.A. TAKES OVER AND, WITHIN THE
of old, “His Excellency” (what elitist member                          been prophesied that the (Russian) “bear          HOUR, YOUR ONCE GREAT NATION
Antonio Juan Samaranch                           is called in          from the north” and the (Chinese) “dragon”        BECOMES A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY.
international circles—which is everywhere                              will devour you in the days described as the      And you will accept those terms, if need be,
outside America), a lifetime member of the                             “ending times”. Why do you think these            through the persuasion of UN “peacekeepers”
IOC (International Olympic Commission),                                “wars and rumors of wars” are becoming            and their assault weapons, training right now
and his fellow Olympians—each operating                                more and more frequent as the clock ticks         on U.S. soil and south of your border.
quietly behind the scenes of other                                     closer to December 31?                                America is only as great as her perceived
philanthropic-seeming                    foundations           and                                                       financial stability, and when that is gone, all
o r g a n i z a t i o n s —p l a n t o s p r e a d t h e p l a g u e       Y2K IS THE PLAN OF PLANS                      your enemies wearing false smiles and
(manmade, of course) from Utah U.S.A. to                                                                                 bowing and scraping will turn on you,
the rest of the world.                            Seeing that              Do not for one moment believe that the        walking right along in step with the UN
international travel is to a pandemic what                             Year 2000 computer “glitch” is not tied to        mercenary forces. If or when America dies,
fanning winds are to a hot, dry brush fire,                            the Bolshevik Zionists’ “Project Z” war plan.     those who helped to kill her will also be
the combination is going to have a                                     It not only is tied to it, it IS THE PLAN.        destroyed as the beast turns and devours
devastating effect upon your world                                     Since the United States lost the space battle     them. Remember, Satan has no qualms about
population.                                                            with the Russians in September of 1977,           eating his own.
      Your Space Program also ties in with this                        which started with the destruction of U.S.            Computers are wondrous tools. However,
heinous plan as a rocket-launched satellite                            surveillance satellites over Russia, the          in the claws of the New World Order
probe is to bring back samples or something                            “taking out” of two MANNED installations on       conspirators, they ARE the Beast of
or other (You are never given truth about                              the Moon, the downing of Skylab with FIVE         Revelation and you’d best take this portion
what is actually carried aboard these vehicles                         ASTRONAUTS ABOARD, and culminating with           of your Bible most seriously. The rest of the
or their missions—nearly all are military                              the sweeping of the skies of the remainder of     Bible is nothing more than tampered and
payloads designed to hasten your trip down                             your surveillance and early-warning satellites,   revised works by the descendants of kings
the road to Armageddon.) and deposit the                               the Bolshevik warlords have been trying to        and monarchs—since when has ANY ruler
confounded thing by parachute into the Utah                            retaliate against the new Christian anti-         cared about the sovereignty of the people?
desert just in time to blame your massive                              Bolshevik rulers of the Kremlin.             A    Their goal has always been to amass as much
plague on one more thing from outer space.                             worldwide computer failure is just the ticket     power and gold as their greedy hearts could
Remember what you are up against and know                              to plausibly launch the attack.                   bleed from the people; now suddenly, in this
that every trick in the book, so to speak, will                            Large corporations, especially those          “new” age, is it feasible that your ancient-
be used to try to pull the wool over your                              owned by the Japanese, plan everything they       current nobility has abandoned all they’ve
sleepy eyes. James Bond super villains do,                             intend to do years and even decades in            worked toward for so many centuries?!?
in fact, exist; it is only you-the-people who                          advance, and their computer systems are no            If you do not stop this mad dash to war
do not seem to comprehend how such things                              exception. Rockefeller interests have been in     (allies and enemies alike are armed with
have come to be.                                                       control of world commerce as relates to the       small and incredibly destructive atomic
      Perhaps it is time to review Ian Fleming’s                       U.S. for more than a hundred years, and           weapons), you are going to manifest the only
film: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, one of                          SONY, a Rockefeller company (SONY stands          outcome to a third world war. If that is what
the one or two screen adaptions to Fleming’s                           for Standard Oil of New York) is the epitome      man’s evolution is to be at this passage in
books that still holds a great deal of truth                           of “elite” corporate efficiency.                  his experience on Earth-Shan, then so be it;
regarding your “elite” manipulators. Again                                 The y2k computer bug is the failsafe          however, you do have a choice. You can
you will find much similarity to the Anthrax                           mechanism to start a war. As Russian (!?!)        work with God to preserve your planet and
scares and sudden disease outbreaks that kill                          and American officers huddle in your              your people, or you can do nothing and
without warning.                                                       Aerospace Command and Control centers             allow Lucifer’s servants to make what
      Dear ones, you have NO sudden                                    deep     underground     in    the  Cheyenne      remains of your soon-to-be short lives a most
outbreaks of anything attributed to Nature;                            Mountains (and other locations) preparing to      unpleasant experience.
however, you do indeed have them during a                              control the aftermath of nuclear war on U.S.          May the Love of God and The Creation
biological weapons attack—which is what                                soil, no one is telling the American people       and the future of your children’s children
the U.S. is currently experiencing. Soon                               what everyone else in the world already           guide your actions, for in the end it is your
your government traitors will have to admit                            knows.                                            intentions that are looked at most carefully
to you that they have no protection nor                                    While you ones go about doing nothing,        by God. Korton to clear, please. Salu.
MARCH 22, 1999                                                          CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR                                                                                  Page 27

 Update On Last Week’s
Special CONTACT Edition
            3/21/99         CONTACT STAFF                               you who resonate with and applaud that                                  as requested, even though I don’t agree with
                                                                        course of action. As soon as one begins to                              Ed all the time in the way he handles
      As you are well aware, after last week’s                          condone even the small deviation from Truth,                            matters. He is not perfect, nor is anyone else
Special Edition issue of CONTACT, change is                             there is then precipitated the avalanche which                          in this crew. However, I agree with the
possibly on the horizon. At this present time                           eventually buries Truth. Then the Adversary                             generalities of working with him and
Dr. Ed Young has not “gone away” as Editor-                             wins yet another round. No, thank you!                                  continuing the paper, even if we are forced
In-Chief of CONTACT, and Rick Martin has                                      A most gracious 3/17/99 note from Ms.                             to set up another paper.
n o t “ g o n e away ” a s S e n i o r C o r r e s p o n d e n t        Adele in Utah summed up the feelings                                        My understanding of what Hatonn [said]
and Vice-President of CONTACT—nor have                                  expressed by many of you:                                               (through Doris), over a year ago, and again
there been any other staff changes among the                                  “What a sad surprise, reading your lead                           since you have been overseas, is that if Doris
CONTACT crew.                                                           article—although there was the feeling for                              would pay attention to what Hatonn was
      However, in the event that Doris and E.J.                         s ev e r a l we e k s : ‘ W hy n o a r t i c l e s f r o m              saying to her, or [if she was] even listening
Ekker decide to exert legal actions which                               Sananda, Soltec, or Korton?’ which are some                             to him, she wouldn’t be sick and in bed.
cause Dr. Young or Mr. Martin to be removed                             of the most important and revealing                                         I was there in the early days when
as active participants within the CONTACT                               information and teachings received....                                  Hatonn gave her a last chance to sever the
newspaper structure, then you will surely see                                 “It is surely sad to hear of [these] events,                      total commitment of her life entirely to him,
c h a n g e s i n C O N TAC T a u t h o r s a n d c o n t e n t         though Lord knows I went through plenty of                              or continue, and she chose to continue
which will clearly signal this situation,                               ‘negative’ attacks during many years of                                 without the ability to resign.              (My
especially as the CONTACT staff prefers to                              l e a r n i n g t e l e p a t hy, p l u s s o m e b a d d i r e c t     understanding of what was said.)
work with Dr. Young and Mr. Mar tin. Dr.                                attacks on the physical body. I’m wondering                                 Then he had to keep her disabled because
Young alluded to this possibility near the end                          how Doris and E.J. were not more aware of                               she wasn’t living up to that commitment,
of last week’s Front Page editor’s note.                                what was going on....                                                   especially over the last couple of years—
      Under such extenuating circumstances,                                   “What a thing for you people there to go                          including now—is the way I understand what
there exists the “possibility” of another                               through!...                                                             is now going on.
newspaper coming to life by some or all of                                    “I’m so sorry—and hope things really                                  I’m very, very sorry it has come to this
the present staff of CONTACT. However, it                               i m p r ove t h e r e f o r yo u a n d t h o s e o n yo u r             point, but we were all warned the testing
must be left to you readers to inquire about                            team. What a position to put you in. How                                would get very severe before we were
that situation, should there be evidence                                can ones be so blind?                                                   through with this mission. I’m certainly no
which provokes your suspicions. One route                                     “It is so easy to see the need of the                             angel, but neither can I sit on the fence in
of such inquiry (and for reaching Dr. Young                             loving Hosts’ teachings and information....                             this matter, nor can I carry out your desires
o r M r. M a r t i n i n t h e eve n t t h a t t h ey a r e                   “ I h o p e a l l c l e a r s , t h a t t h e C O N TAC T         when I feel my position would better serve
caused to no longer be associated with                                  surely will continue, and positions remain                              the LIGHT by continuing as stated above.
C O N TAC T ) wo u l d b e a t : P. O. B ox 1 5 6 7 ,                   we l l a n d p r o t e c t e d .       I s u r e ly w i l l o r d e r       Many times, when people really need the
Te h a c h a p i , C a l i f o r n i a         93581.      Another      Vo l u m e I I o f W I S D O M O F T H E R AY S —                       most help, they cannot see it themselves, as
avenue for inquiry and communication would                              pronto.            A l l yo u r e ff o r t s a r e g r e a t ly         you well know from the experiences I’ve
be when ordering your copies of WISDOM                                  appreciated. God Bless You, Adele.”                                     seen you go through.
OF THE RAYS: The Masters Teach, Vol. II, at                                   Well, God bless YOU, Adele, and all of                                A number of us here feel you both need
t h e L a s Veg a s a d d r e s s g ive n w i t h i n t h e             yo u o u t t h e r e wh o h ave s h a r e d s i m i l a r               help from the LIGHTED ones and, as you
ordering information for that book, elsewhere                           sentiments that you really do understand.                               know, They are always waiting for the call.
in this paper. Therein is also given an e-mail                                Next item: CONTACT has been asked by                              My prayers are that you will call on Them
address for communications.                                             Dr. Al Overholt, who you all know and love                              with a heart-felt sincerity, so you can get that
      Wi t h r e s p e c t t o l a s t we e k ’s S p e c i a l          as “captain” of our News Desk column, to                                help NOW.
Edition, the CONTACT staff would like to                                present his recent strong but compassionate                                 Almost, if not all, of the ones here love
a c k n ow l e d g e t h e m a ny c o m m u n i c a t i o n s o f       letter to Doris and E.J. Ekker in response to                           you very deeply, and want you to feel free to
encouragement (from both near and far)                                  their asking him where he stands with respect                           come home to a big welcome—GOLD or NO
p o u r i n g i n t o t h e C O N TAC T o ff i c e s wh i c h           to the issues presented in last week’s Special                          GOLD—with the desire to rest and gain back
express appreciation for our courage and                                Edition. Here is that letter:                                           your balance and carry on when you have
honesty, and which convey strong support for                                                                                                    gotten that balance back.
our willingness to tell The Truth. Your kind                                                                         March 18, 1999                 Please don’t hold any grudges or anger
notes also gently convey what has long been                                                                                                     against us; certainly I hold none against you.
suspected: that while there were many of you                            Dear Doris and EJ,                                                      We all have to play our parts in this play,
o u t t h e r e wh o we r e n o t i c i n g t h e g r a d u a l                                                                                 and get our missions accomplished, and at
“ d e t e r i o r a t i o n ” d i s c u s s e d i n l a s t we e k ’s       And I do mean DEAR. I love you both                                 times it is best that we back-off to recuperate
Special Edition of CONTACT, you were too                                very, very much, and it’s very difficult to                             and regain a better perspective and/or
polite to speak up critically concerning this                           have to tell you I can not go along with                                rebalance ourselves.
matter—until now.                                                       working with ones when I don’t feel that                                    I send this along with much love and
      T h e p r e s e n t C O N TAC T s t a ff i s n o t                their guidance is coming completely from the                            hope that it comes across with the love with
comfortable operating in any other way than                             LIGHTED Source.                                                         which I intend it to portray.
w i t h c o m p l e t e h o n e s t y, a n d we g r e a t ly                My guidance is to work with Ed and the                                  We love you, and may God bless you
appreciate hearing from the large numbers of                            other CONTACT crew. I could not “fire” Ed                               richly for all you have accomplished and
Page 28                                                         CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR                                                                      MARCH 22, 1999

helped us to experience in our association limit God’s work to one earthly source of because you think there is only one source
here with you, to progress in our missions.                             money is akin to putting God in a shoebox, for money, does not mean that that one is the
      Light, love and prayers, always, Al.                              when in reality, God cannot be contained— BEST or ONLY source. Remember that you
                                                                        w h i c h i s w h y t h e e n t i r e o m n i v e r s e o f still are limited in your perceptions by your
                                * * *                                   universes continues to expand, for the more t h i r d - d i m e n s i o n a l p h y s i c a l e x p r e s s i o n . I f
      The next item to share with you is a it expands, the more God grows, and the you, instead, simply allow the Creative
writing scribed by one of the several fine m o r e G o d g r o w s , t h e m o r e t h e o m n i v e r s e Energy to go forth and manifest its return,
receivers who regularly contribute spiritual e x p a n d s , a d i n f i n i t u m . Y o u c a n n o t f u l l y you can know it will have come from the
messages to the pages of this newspaper.                                comprehend the vastness of such, so you BEST source available, and WITH GOD,
                                                                        ones are limited to believing in only that with THERE ARE NEVER STRINGS ATTACHED!
        3/19/99         ESU “JESUS” SANANDA                             which you come into physical contact. To There are, however, ALWAYS strings attached
                                                                        p u l l G o d d o w n t o y o u r l i m i t e d p l a n e o f when you are dealing with the adversary.
      Greetings and good evening, child. Be at thinking and comprehension is error indeed.                                                So, if one comes to you and says, “Such
peace and be still, for it is I, Sananda, come                                There is NEVER lack with God; there is a deal I have for you, but you must do thus
to speak with you this day. I come in and ONLY abundance! Yet you ones fight with and so . . .”, run like a bunny, for you have
with the Blessed and Radiant Light of the one another over the mere scraps. Do not come headlong in front of the adversary.
One True Creator God.                                                   make the mistake of limiting God’s abilities                      God does not need to make deals, for He
      T h a n k y o u f o r y o u r t i m e a n d f o r y o u r to that of your own perceived inadequacies, is “The Dealer” of all there is, and it is His
persistence in these very trying times. Have f o r i n s o d o i n g , y o u a r e o n l y l i m i t i n g pure pleasure and desire that all should have
I not always told you that I am always near, y o u r s e l v e s a n d y o u s h a l l o n l y e v e r j u s t ABUNDANCE, and it comes without playing
and you need but ask and I will answer.                                 “ s c r a p e b y ” . G o d w o r k s i n a l l f o r m s o f Let’s Make A Deal. In fact, the only thing
      Be not surprised that Doris cannot see nor energy (which in essence is all that money y o u a r e r e q u i r e d t o t r a d e - i n f o r G o d ’ s
hear The Truth these days. For have I                                                                                                            abundance is your DOUBT! What
not told you that my people know my                                                                                                              need would God have for anything
voice? In her fear and desperation,                                    So stop, therefore, worrying about where                                  you might have? If you are so
she knows not that she has turned                                                                                                                inclined, take whatever you might
                                                                this or that is going to come from, or how this
from The One Source, Creator God,                                                                                                                wish and feed the hungry, clothe
for the dark force has managed to                               or that will be paid for or funded. Begin,                                       the naked, and care for the widows
capture her in his web of seduction                             instead, to COME TOGETHER IN LOVE,                                               and children. IN OTHER WORDS,
and deceit.                                                     AND IN PERFECT HARMONY, AND WITH                                                 TEND TO MY SHEEP!
      Do you ones give up and stop                              GOD AS THE UPPERMOST THOUGHT, AND                                                   Look     about     you          at     the
sending her The Light—my Light or                                                                                                                wondrousness of Creation. See the
our Father’s Light? I say unto you,                             CREATE OR CHANGE WHATEVER IT IS                                                  sky, the trees, the grasses, the
nay, you shall not stop, for it is only                         THAT YOU DESIRE, AND DO NOT HOLD                                                 flowers, the birds.         How much
that Light which is keeping her in                              ONTO CONTROL OF THE SITUATION.                                                   money did God need to create
relative safety. I hear, “For how long                          RELEASE THE SITUATION, AND ALLOW                                                 these out of the vastness of the
shall we continue to send that Light?”                          THE CREATIVE ENERGY TO GO AND DO                                                 cosmos? Who would He pay?
My answer to that, chelas, is: “As                                                                                                                  What I am trying to tell you is
long as you must, for have I not told                           AS YOU HAVE REQUESTED.                                                           that all these things are more
you that you should forgive thine                                                                                                                magnificent than anything you can
enemies 70 times 70 times?” That                                                                                                                 purchase with your precious silver
phrase was an idiomatic expression in the is—it merely represents a form of energy), or gold. You ones are co-creators with God,
d a y s w h e n i t w a s f i r s t s p o k e n , a n d i t s a n d m o n e y i s o n l y o n e f o r m o f e n e r g y . and you can and SHOULD BE creating for
meaning is: forever, or until the end of time. Allow yourselves to TRUST in your Creator, selves. Instead, you choose to believe the
      T h e o n e s i n q u e s t i o n ( D o r i s a n d E . J . A S W E L L A S I N T H E F R A G M E N T O F adversary’s lies that you are less than (and
Ekker) need all the Light and all the Love C R E A T O R W I T H I N E A C H O F Y O U , a n d unworthy to even approach) God. Therein
y o u o n e s c a n s e n d t h e i r d i r e c t i o n . J u s t c o m p r e h e n d t h a t , w i t h t h o s e G O D - G I V E N lies ALL of your failures, all of your lack.
because they continue to follow down the ABILITIES, each of you have the ability,                                                         Why do you ones find it so much easier
corridor of darkness does not mean that we b i r t h r i g h t , a n d a c c e s s t o a l l t h e f o r m s o f t o b e l i e v e t h a t y o u a r e u n w o r t h y t h a n t o
do not still love and care for them, for we energy that exist in all of Creation.                                                     believe that you are worthy? Why is it that
truly do. They are merely on a mis-directed,                                  So stop, therefore, worrying about where y o u h a v e e v e r y a b i l i t y a n d b i r t h r i g h t t o
m i s - g u i d e d j o u r n e y t h a t t h e y b e l i e v e w i l l this or that is going to come from, or how partake of the vastness of all that God has to
garner funds for the betterment of humanity t h i s o r t h a t w i l l b e p a i d f o r o r f u n d e d . offer unto you? Why is it that you would
on planet Earth.                                                        Begin, instead, to COME TOGETHER IN rather blame one another for your lack
      In their limited thinking, they can only L O V E , A N D I N P E R F E C T H A R M O N Y , i n s t e a d o f s i m p l y C R E A T I N G f o r s e l v e s ?
see money (and very large amounts of it) as A N D W I T H G O D A S T H E U P P E R M O S T Who is to blame?
being able to turn the tide. Yet, how often T H O U G H T , A N D C R E A T E O R C H A N G E                                             There is no one to blame—not even the
h a v e w e s p o k e n o f t h e m i r a c l e s t h a t a r e W H A T E V E R I T I S T H A T Y O U D E S I R E , adversary, for it is merely your own FREE-
a c c o m p l i s h e d w i t h o u t o n e p e n n y o f y o u r AND DO NOT HOLD ONTO CONTROL OF WILL choices that are limiting you, and until
money? You ones create, yes, manifest from T H E                                     SITUATION.              RELEASE            THE you cease the self-limitations, you will
the ethers by joining one with another in SITUATION,                                            AND          ALLOW             THE always be just a step away from glorious
perfect agreement of goal, and the more ye CREATIVE ENERGY TO GO AND DO AS abundance and all that God has in store and
o n e s d o s o , t h e g r e a t e r w i l l b e y o u r YOU HAVE REQUESTED.                                                         available to you.
manifestations.                                                               Once you have released the energy, allow                    Now, I would like to address the on-
      I s G o d l i m i t e d t o d o i n g w i t h e a r t h l y it to go forth and grow and to do that which g o i n g s i t u a t i o n .                I have spoken to and
m o n e y ? S u c h a t h o u g h t o n l y s h o w s y o u r it has been sent to do. You ones suffer in t h r o u g h m o s t o f y o u o n e s , a n d y o u k n o w
l a c k o f f a i t h i n G o d , f o r w i t h G o d A L L your own perceived limitations because you that I have never spoken an untruth to any.
things, regardless of size or magnitude, are try to control how the energy will manifest I h a v e t o l d y o u o n e s t h a t y o u n e e d n o t
p o s s i b l e , a n d w i t h o u t G o d , y o u h a v e o n l y what you have requested, and you focus on worry, and you need not be in fear over your
what you might be able to scrape together that instead of the goal you initially had in a c t i o n s , f o r y o u w e r e f o l l o w i n g y o u r o w n
from earthly places.                                                    mind.                                                         discernment and your own Inner Guidance. I
      God’s treasures are stored everywhere in                                Simply allow the energy to go forth, and have also told you ones in the past that if
the vastness of the universes, and there is allow it to return unto you, for the Creative you find that MY words, or MY FATHER’S
n o t h i n g that cannot be a chie ve d once th at Energy is perfection, and it shall manifest in words are falling on deafened ears, or are not
reality becomes a part of your realities. To the same perfection. In other words, just received at all, then you should turn, shake
MARCH 22, 1999                                        CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR                                                                      Page 29

the dust from your feet, and depart from       now find standing before thee, I would ask f o r g i v e n e s s ? I s t h i s n o t t h e i r l e s s o n a n d
those who will not receive you. Beyond all     that you ones remember these words, for God choice to do so? Be at peace in the fact that
else, you ones must be true to thine own       has made thee a promise, and that promise you forgave them, and let them go on their
selves, for when you are less than truthful to shall He keep, for His word is His bond—and w a y . I f o n e s h a v e h u r t y o u , s h o u l d y o u
yourselves, you have jeopardized your          it is MINE, as well!                                                  demand they apologize? Nay—forgive them
integrity. In so doing, you will always find        We shall never depart when there is a call anyway, and allow them to go on their way,
your own lack of action as a weakness, and a   from one who is truly seeking righteousness in and hold it not in your heart.
place wherein the adversary can begin to       his/her own heart. And regardless of what                                 All those who have refused to TRULY
work on you.                                   another might perceive of thee, know that that F O R G I V E w i l l f i n d t h e i r o w n f o r g i v e n e s s
    Even though the Bible has been             one cannot know that which is in thine own shall be to the same degree that they have
misinterpreted and mistranslated, I want this  heart. When the slings and arrows come, as f o r g i v e n a n o t h e r .                   Remember the simple
scribe to copy text from it. This is one of    they shall, hold                                                                             prayer I taught the
the Psalms, and if you read it and allow it to these words of MY                                                                            masses: “...forgive me
speak to you, you will find much comfort in    FATHER and of ME                      This should cause every one                            my sins, AS I forgive
it, for the words are very powerful:           within thee. Know                of you to sit up and think for a                            those who sin against
                                               that your shield is                                                                          me.” Well, chelas, this
                     PSALM 91                  your faith and your              moment, for the Law of Return                               is how the Law of
                                               abiding trust and                ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS                                      Return works.      You
 He who dwelleth in the secret place of the    Love and desire of               works in complete and utter                                 shall receive EXACTLY
              most high shall abide            heart to “do the                 perfection, and it NEVER,                                   that which you have
      under the shadow of the Almighty.        right thing”.                    NEVER, NEVER fails!                                         given—IN ALL WAYS
                                                    I have never                                                                            AND IN ALL THINGS.
          I will say of the Lord, He is        led thee astray, and                                                                         Why do you ones think
           my refuge and my fortress:          I shall not begin to do so now. Stay the the Golden Rule is so powerful: “Do unto
          My God, in Him will I trust.         course you have chosen, trust in thine own o t h e r s a s y o u w o u l d h a v e t h e m d o u n t o
                                               hearts, and above all trust in God’s purity you.”? Its power is in the Law of Return
          Surely He shall deliver thee         and in God’s abundance and in His angels, (reciprocity), for you shall receive equal to
          from the snare of the fowler         for there are many about you ones as you that which you have done.
          and the noisome pestilence.          have noted.                                                               This should cause every one of you to sit
                                                    You must allow each and every one to up and think for a moment, for the Law of
  He shall cover thee with His feathers and    decide for themselves, for it is their lesson to R e t u r n A L W A Y S , A L W A Y S , A L W A Y S
       under His wings shalt thou trust.       discern for selves. If ones choose to follow works in complete and utter perfection, and
  His trust shall be thy shield and buckler.   the dark and difficult path, then you must it NEVER, NEVER, NEVER fails! So, in
                                               allow them to do so, for it is their journey, w h a t e v e r y o u d o , w h a t e v e r y o u s a y ,
        Thou shalt not be afraid for the       and you cannot force them anymore than can w h a t e v e r y o u t h i n k — r e m e m b e r t h a t y o u
                  terror by night,             I or God.                                                             shall receive back EXACTLY to the intent
     not for the arrow that flieth by day,          Know that your journey may be much i n w h i c h y o u a r e p u t t i n g o u t , f o r a l l
           nor for the pestilence that         different from others, and know that this too is actions, words and thoughts are ENERGY,
               walketh in darkness,            as it must be. But there is a “core team” of a n d E N E R G Y s i m p l y i s , a n d i s n o t
     nor for the destruction that wasteth      you ones who shall journey together in the days judgmental. Like produces like, and like
                    at noonday.                ahead, and this team consists of you ones who MULTIPLIES like, so be very careful about
                                               have come together again in this lifestream to what you do, say, and think, for you shall
       A thousand shall fall at thy side,      accomplish certain lessons and tasks that are receive back in like kind—many fold!
     and ten thousand at thy right hand,       holdovers from another time. Some of you                                  No, I am not rambling. I am reminding
        but it shall not come nigh thee.       ones are beginning to have remembrances of you of the Law of Return for a very good
  Only with thine eye shalt thou behold and    those times, and these memories shall increase r e a s o n .                      Regardless of what is coming
         see the reward of the wicked.         as time goes on, for as you complete certain a g a i n s t y o u , o r y o u p e r c e i v e i s c o m i n g
                                               lessons, you shall recall much, and you shall a g a i n s t y o u , r e m e m b e r t h a t y o u r c o u n t e r -
 Because thou hast made the Lord, which is understand just why you have chosen to be action will also have its own consequences,
     my refuge, even the most High, thy        here in these times.                                                  and     those     consequences      are   your
  habitation, there shall no evil befall thee,      Money, regardless of its type or source, is RESPONSIBILITY, based upon your actions,
   neither shall any plague come nigh thy      not the cure for that which ails your planet— your words, and your thoughts.
   dwelling. For He shall give His Angels      compassion, love, forgiveness, trust, truth                               This is the time of nearly instant return,
         charge over thee, to keep thee        and understanding are. The lack of these are so instead of the return taking years or weeks
                  in all thy ways.             keeping you ones from all that is available to or days to manifest back to you, it is more
                                               y o u ; t h e y a r e t h e p r i m a r y b u i l d i n g b l o c k s like hours, minutes, or even nano-seconds,
 They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest upon which Creator God functions. If you so I caution you!
      thou dash thy foot against a stone.      have not the basic building blocks                                        TRUST IN GOD AND IN GOD’S
                                               (foundation), then how can you construct ABUNDANCE AND IN GOD’S PURE,
    Thou shalt tread upon the lion and the     anything that will stand?                                             DIVINE, AND PERFECT LOVE, AND HIS
 adder, the young lion and the dragon shalt         Love (in its purest form) is the rarest of C R E A T I O N , F O R I N G O D ’ S P E R F E C T E D
 thou trample under foot, because He hath      commodities upon the Earth. That Love is U N I V E R S E , O F W H I C H Y O U A R E A N
   set His Love upon me, therefore, will I     not judgmental, not jealous, not greedy, not I N T E G R A L P A R T ,                          THERE IS MORE
                    deliver Him.               fearful, and encompasses and embraces ALL, A B U N D A N C E T H A N Y O U C A N E V E N
   I will set Him on high because He hath      including enemies or those who might have I M A G I N E W I T H Y O U R F I N I T E M I N D S .
                 known my name.                caused hurt.                                                          GOD IS LIMITLESS AND SO IS YOUR
                                                    A r e y o u q u i c k t o j u d g e o r q u i c k t o ABILITY WITH HIM.
  He shall call upon me and I will answer      forgive and LOVE? Are you quick to want                                   Blessings and Perfect Love I leave thee
 Him. I will be with Him in trouble; I will    vengeance, or are you quick to forgive and with this day. I am Esu Sananda, One with
          deliver Him and honor Him.           LOVE? Are you quick to strike out or are and representative of The Radiant Light of
                                               you quick to apologize and LOVE? This is Creator God—our Father.
 With long life will I satisfy Him and show    how each of you should be judging                                         Salu (I salute you) and Selah (it has been
                Him my salvation!              SELVES—not another.                                                   done)!
                                                    What if you forgive ones who came
    Because of the troublesome matters you against you, and they will not accept your                                                    * * *
Page 30                                                CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR                                                                     MARCH 22, 1999

    Shortly after the above writing was                made such choices will always regret taking                      do NOT operate in those frequency ranges!
received by one scribe who is among those              such actions, for they will know that there is                       From my perspective concerning the
who regularly contribute spiritual messages            nothing of any REAL value to be gained in                        unfolding situation, I briefly allow the
to the pages of this newspaper, the following          physically or emotionally harming another.                       sadness and sorrow, born of compassion, to
two writings by Commander Hatonn were                       You readers shall witness many such                         wash through me, and then I, with honor and
received, about seven hours apart, by                  attacks upon those who stand firm within The                     dignity, allow you each, and these ones, to
different scribes, geographically separated            Light, and who will not relinquish their                         their free-will choices. I am always ready to
and isolated (none of whom, including for              responsibilities toward getting The Word out.                    offer assistance to any and all who would
Sananda’s message above, are Doris Ekker,              Who are the ones who make the CONTACT a                          call upon me for same. You can recognize
by the way). One important point apparently            physical reality every week? Who are the                         the guiding hand of God in any situation by
being demonstrated in a “public” way is that           ones who volunteer their time or money or                        the byproducts of the actions taken.
Commander is not limited in his ability to             prayers to assist in this very task?                                 Do the actions taken hurt or help? Who
work toward a common goal through various                   Now ask who are the ones efforting to                       gains?     Are the interests of the Larger
conduits.                                              stop these ones from doing their job?                   I ask    Mission served, or are the personal interests
                                                       that you readers stand as witness to these                       of the few served? Will the house with the
              3/20/99     HATONN                       very events and take appropriate action, if                      “bomb” shelter beneath (built and paid for
                                                       and when the need arises. What is this                           with much Phoenix Institute money) serve
      Good evening, my scribe.            It is I,     “appropriate” action? It is the power of                         ALL of the investors of the Phoenix Institute,
Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the Radiant             prayer, the kind note of support, or the                         or was it designed to serve those few
One Light of Creator Source—Aton. Be at                demand for accountability for those who                          fortunate enough to be living just down the
peace and allow for the energy to settle               would seek to harm or destroy another.                           street from it? Ones must be given ample
within.                                                     None is above another in this unfolding                     opportunity to show, through actions taken,
      This task of receiving is what you have          drama. Each of you play a significant role in                    that they can handle the responsibilities
come for, along with other equally important           the production of this newspaper, even if all                    entrusted to them.
and related work. Let not the situation in             you do is read the paper and assume that                             My, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn’s, mission is to
which you now find yourself dissuade you               there will, indeed, be another.                         Your     see to it that a remnant survive the current
from fulfilling your mission.                          assumption is, in most cases, a desire offered                   transition cycle. I prefer to design these
      Change is inevitable and all lifeforms and       forth, with little-to-no resistance, and                         missions so that this can take place in first-class
b e i n g s ar e f or ever e volving and changin g .   therefore adds energy to the manifestation                       style, and I therefore engineer the mission with
With change comes the newness that you                 process of the paper.                                            many safeguards and back-up plans. Each of
each deeply desire. Some have come to fear                  Ones are now plotting the destruction of                    these back-up plans are conditional to the
change, and thus resist the natural urges of           the paper, though they know it not. These                        players and participants I have to work with
the very evolutionary nature of their being.           ones would say they are trying to rescue it                      and through. I will, however, NEVER take
      You each, as co-creators, have chosen to         from “evil” people. These ones truly know                        actions that would jeopardize the success of the
come forth into the physical to take part in           not what they are doing. These ones will                         overall mission, and this includes not having
the physical drama so that you could have              tout that the paper is “Commander Hatonn’s”                      SEVERAL backup receivers in many locations.
the opportunity to express the unique                  paper and that the “Hatonn” now in the paper                     There will be survival locations ALL OVER
creative urges that you, as individuals, have          is an imposter. So be it, for the adversary                      your globe. Tehachapi is one small place with
to offer forth. This very idea of creativity is,       MUST always wear a sign.                                         a specific purpose to serve. It is hardly the
in and of itself, a desire for newness and                  I do not underestimate the ability of you                   center of this universe, or the only place for
change.                                                ones to discern Truth for yourselves—and                         safety.
      Do you prefer to watch a re-run of the           thus spot the clues and signs. Therefore, I                          Wi t h t h i s i n m i n d, p l e a s e c o n s i d e r
same episode on your television sets, day              know that you ones will be able to go within                     carefully that I and the many Hosts of God
after day, week after week, or would you               and feel (discern with the heart) the                            will come by many names, through many
rather watch new episodes with new                     difference between the energies presented to                     people.      T h e r e i s n o o n e r e c e ive r ( o r
situations and new dramas? Do you not see              you, and you will KNOW that which is truly                       channel) who has “exclusive rights” to any
that you DO desire the challenges associated           of Higher Source. I am given to know,                            one entity or being of the Higher Realms!
with the inevitable changes that are taking            through the inner connection to Creator                          We may choose a specif ic name under which
place all around you?                                  Source, many specific details about these                        to operate so as to minimize confusion for
      Fear usually enters the picture when you         very attackers that they believe “no one                         you ones.
are faced with a “sudden” challenge, and in            knows”—and therein lies the primary reason                           We (you, me, and everyone else) are all
the abruptness you feel as if you are ill-             why God ALWAYS wins, every time!                                 One within the Inf inite Source—Creator God.
prepared for what it is that you are                        Allow for any confusion that you may                        Through this connection there is the ability
experiencing. You fear that you know not               have regarding the recent unfolding                              to KNOW each individual aspect personally.
how to “act”, respond, or think. And                   regarding Doris and E. J. Ekker. These ones                      It is truly a matter of physics! This is kind
therefore you find the situation a bit                 fi n d t h em s el v es i n a v ery d i ffi cu l t -t o -fac e   of like when you dial the proper phone
uncomfortable to experience.                           situation and see not the Higher Soul-ution                      number on your telephone, you can talk to
      Not knowing is a byproduct of disconnect         sitting in front of them, awaiting the internal                  anyone who is connected to the phone
from Higher Source. There are no wrong                 recognition. Offer to them prayers of Light                      system. In this case you “dial-up” the proper
ways to “act” or respond.               There are,     and Love. Ask that they be given that which                      frequency, and you connect within, through
however, the actions that bring forth greater          will serve the Greatest Good.                                    the nonphysical heart energy center of God,
balance within and allow for you to stay                    JUDGE THEM NOT! Be quick to forgive                         to any of the inf inite aspects of Creation.
connected to the nurturing Lifeforce Energy.           any actions they may take in anger,                                  This very Inner Connection is the key to
These actions could be viewed as being the             embarrassment, or spite. Their path is a                         the individual survival of you each. You
better choice (of those possible) when faced           difficult path chosen for the enormous                           who have developed the ability to
with a difficult decision or challenge.                potential for inner growth, and though they                      consciously connect will be very thankful
      Follow your heart.                               see it not, they have created their own                          that you invested the time and energy into
      What does this mean?                             reality, and the energy that they are now                        developing this awareness—for your survival,
      You can feel, within, the response to the        experiencing is an exact match to what they                      and the survival of many, will be greatly
thoughts you are thinking, and thus know               are perpetuating within.                                         enhanced. Learn to trust your “gut feelings”
what direction feels right to you. You must                 These ones will likely attempt to verbally                  and be not afraid to take action based upon
be very careful, for there are times when the          “thrash” and “bash” any and all who they                         what your “gut” tells you. The life you save
inner reactionary responses of anger will              perceive have come against them.                          The    may very well be your own!
seem, in the moment, the most fulfilling to            frequency of the energy is one of                                    Much in the way of change shall come to
you. However, the learned traveler who has             embarrassment, revenge, and spite. I, Hatonn,                    pass in a relatively short period of time.
MARCH 22, 1999                                      CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR                                                                 Page 31

Your planet, as a whole, is shifting upward         please relax and allow the fingers to move             going to work on that one, for you know
in frequency at an ever quickening pace.            over the keys, for I am guiding you. Release           within your very being that you are as
This shift in frequency is causing the low-         the tension and the fear, for you have                 capable as is anyone. I NEVER claimed that
frequency thought-energy forms held within          nothing to fear except your own perceptions.           I could or would communicate with you ones
to come forth and express (release)                 You have no need to fear anything, chela,              of Earth through only one channel. That is a
themselves.                                         for you shall receive no reprisals from me.            misperception of many, and it is an error in
    You will witness ones becoming very             We can take this slowly so that our energies           perception. I now have a job in convincing
boisterous and erratic as they must face these      can achieve a frequency matching, and then             ones that they are capable of hearing from
long-harbored feelings. This is the Cleansing       the words will flow even better. So just               me and working with me directly, without an
Phase of the Transition Cycle. This is the          relax, sit back, and let us begin. Please put          intermediary.      In this matter, we have
opportunity for self examination so that you        aside all old thoughts, for this is a new day.         journeyed a bit off-course, but the course
can release the inner pains and negativity.         You know what I mean.]                                 correction will be achieved in VERY short
    Many will supress the urge to release                                                                  order, for there is little time left to complete
these energies for fear of exposure and         Good morning, child, I am Gyeorgos                         the mission.]
embarrassment. This will act as a pressure Ceres Hatonn, and I am so very pleased that                         You ones (as well as we of the Higher
cooker with the heat turned up on high.    you finally have decided to put aside your                      Realms) stand at a crossroads this day. We
Many will not realize what is taking place,fears and sit with me. You have come to                         have given planetary notification of the
and there will be an ever increasing numberknow me as Commander Hatonn, of the                             change that has occurred (through the last
of murders, suicides, etc., as a result of these
                                           In t erg al act i c F ed erat i o n , As h t ar C o m m an d,   issue of the CONTACT ), and now certain
ever-building inner pressures.             Pleiades Sector, Project (or Mission) Earth-                    other actions are to be taken. It is nearly
    Be quick to forgive ones in these times,
                                           Shan Transition. Yes, I come in, and in                         without question that a new publication will
for the pressures are, as we speak, at     service to, the Radiant Light of The One                        need to be established in order that the
alarming levels. Ones need your compassion God—Creator of all Creation, the One                            WORD and the TRUTH continue to flow in
and understanding now, more than ever, and Source, the essence of I AM.                                    an uninterrupted fashion.        You ones are
in the coming months and years compassion       My job is Commander of Project Earth-                      already working in that area and great
may be all you have to offer as ones struggle
                                           Shan Transition. Esu “Jesus” Sananda is the                     progress has been made. JOB WELL DONE,
to release the inner demons locked in placeSupreme Commander, and it is our elected                        CHELAS. It is a time for action, as well as
by past guilts, fears, and denials.        positions to see that a remnant of the Earth is                 words, and you ones have been on the job
    Look not at these times with apprehension
                                           preserved through the upcoming transitionary                    nearly day and night non-stop in the past two
in your heart, but rather with eagerness and
                                           period.                                                         weeks. I want to let you ones know just how
anticipation of the journey.       Be quick to  Many have viewed me as being difficult,                    much your efforts are appreciated, and
recognize that the internal pressures come from
                                           and to some I suppose that would be the                         believe me that the results will be proof of
the very challenges you have come to face. case. For the most part, I am a no-nonsense                     your great efforts.
Each challenge is to help you to discover the
                                           type of commander, but I like to laugh as                           You see, when you are working with
unique nature and abilities which you, as a co-
                                           much as the next.                We do have a very              GOD and following your Higher Guidance,
creator and unique fragment of Creator Source,
                                           serious mission, however, to accomplish, and                    all things will play themselves out in a Godly
have at your disposal.                     it will require each and every participant to                   fashion. It just takes a little time, for all
    To increase your awareness of self, youdevelop a strong self-discipline.                               things are accomplished based on sequence
must let go of the past and accept that your    Do I expect that you shall have no life                    of events, not by your standards of passage
thinking will evolve as you are ready for the
                                           outside this mission? No, for such is not                       of time. You ones have a tendency to “jump
next natural phase of awareness and growth.practical nor wise. You ones experiencing                       the gun” and merely react, rather than allow
This brings us full circle from where we   on the planet at present are there not only for                 the natural flow of events to occur. When
started this message—CHANGE is a natural   this mission, but to learn lessons only                         you merely react and “jump the gun”, you
part of the evolutionary nature of your being.
                                           achieved through the experiences of being a                     interrupt the natural flow and, in reality, it
To fear this change is to stunt and slow the
                                           part of the third-dimensional expression.                       only causes the flow to slow up (or even
very growth you desire!                         You each have other obligations,                           stop completely). Some of your lessons are
    Be quick to spot the value of NEW      commitments, and duties, and this is                            in the department of PATIENCE. (Yes, I
experiences and ideas. If one presents new completely recognized; however, know too                        know, you ones are sick of hearing that, but
ideas to you that make you fearful, then gothat you ones of the Ground Crew had also                       it is truth, you know!)
within and discern for yourself the cause for
                                           prior commitments to this mission before you                        Let me insert a comment here that needs
the fear. Therein you will learn the reasonincarnated into this current lifestream. You                    to be heard.       I do not intend that my
for the reactionary response in the first place,
                                           ones shall simply have “very full” lives as                     communications should or will ever come
and in doing so you will grow.             you walk between two realities, which very                      from just one receiver. I shall be working
    It is now time to cleanse away the fears
                                           often come into conflict with one another.                      through several receivers in the future, and I
that bind you!         Your environment is      We recognize that it becomes difficult for                 would ask Dr. Young, as a receiver himself,
becoming an optimal one for this very ones to have full comprehension of the                      and quite capable of great discernment in
Exploit the opportunity you now have, and in
                                           methods by which we operate, but I can offer                    valid reception, to monitor closely all such
doing so you will be “keeping-up” with the you this much: we do nothing without your                       material received for the news publication,
constant upward shifts in frequency that are
                                           permission. We are non-interfering in your                      whatever that may be. I have complete and
now      taking   place—and      thus    greatly
                                           personal         lives,    and        I   command         by    full trust of his abilities and his fairness in
enhancing your ability to cope and survive.suggestion—not by dictate. Now and then                         these matters, and there is none better
    May the insights offered herein serve you
                                           you may perceive my suggestions to be                           qualified to handle this task. Dr. Young,
as tools so that you can better prepare    strong, but you will never hear me dictate                      please do not hesitate, ever, to call to a
yourselves for the challenges ahead. I am  anything to anyone.                 You ones must be            receiver’s attention anything that you discern
Gyeorgos         Ceres        Hatonn—Mission
                                           allowed your own life journeys and your own                     to be incorrect or out of line. Thank you.
Commander of Project Earth-Shan lessons. When called upon, we will                             Yes, we do keep saying that “time is
I come with the Hosts of God, within the   assist through suggestions and guidance, but                    running out”, and you ask, if things are
Infinite Light of Creator Source—The One   we shall never step in and “do it for you”.                     based on sequence of events, what’s this
Light. Salu!                                    All this is review for you, but you, scribe,               time-running-out business all about?
                                           needed to hear these things to assure you of                        We use the phrase because it has meaning
                    * * *                  the validity of who I am. I believe that you                    to you ones. And, based upon the series or
                                           are now convinced.                                              sequence of events that we witness taking
            3/21/99    HATONN                   [Private to this scribe: You have allowed                  place on your planet and in the area of “near
                                           yourself to become fearful of human reprisal                    space” to your solar system, we can say
   [Private to this scribe: To begin with, when it comes to writing for me, and we are                     without hesitation that time is running out for
Page 32                                           CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR                                                      MARCH 22, 1999

your world—as you currently know it! There        universes. Each and every one of you are                 darkness cannot exist where there is Light.
is much afoot, both upon the planet and in        co-creators alongside Creator, and you have              So, see that you never turn away from that
your general neighborhood of space, that          been created in the image of His                         Light, but rather shine it onto all the dark
indicates this.                                   PERFECTION; therefore you too are                        corners and cause the darkness to flee. This
    But we have an earthly mission right now      perfection—you just perceive it not. It will             is something, however, that YOU must do.
to deal with, and very earthly matters that       be through the knowledge of your own                     We cannot do it for you. Believe me when I
need to be attended. The first order of           perfection that you will begin to effect                 tell you—calling in The Light works every
business is to assure that the communication      change upon your world, and through that                 time, without fail!
with other Ground Crew personnel continues,       perfection, the Kingdom of Heaven will                        Basic lessons? Yes, of course they are,
and the WORD and TRUTH continues to go            indeed be made manifest upon your planet.                but I will tell you this: There is no lesson
out to the world at large.                             We are here to assist and to guide you              any more important for you ones to
    Let us assume there shall be need for         on your journey, in order that a remnant be              remember in these days. You cannot afford
another publication; then you ones will need      brought through the now ongoing and                      the luxury of laziness in your housecleaning
a new name, new corporation, etc. It doesn’t      upcoming changes and transition. We are                  duties, and if need be, take the time several
matter in what form you choose, whether it        ever present and ever watching over you                  times throughout the course of the day for
continues in the format of a newspaper, or        ones, and never do we turn away from you.                clearance and calling in of The Light. There
changes to that of a newsletter. It is not the    It is, however, your own free-will choice                are going to be some tough days ahead, for a
form, but the content, that matters. Much of      whether you will choose to see this through              little while, but together we can get through
your decision will no doubt be based upon         to completion with us.                                   them quite well. But it will take cooperation
financial consideration, but there is no need          We will never force any to serve who                on all parts—yours and ours.
for concern there, for when the need is           choose otherwise, and we will love them no                    See to it that you get enough rest and eat
present, and the request goes out, results will   less because of their choices. We would                  regular meals.       You need all the clear-
follow. Rest easy knowing that financial          suggest to you, however, that you stay                   headedness you can get and you need the
resources shall be the least of your worries.     diligent in matters of discernment, for it               bodily strengths because you are all going to
    If you do everything in TRUTH and in          should be quite clear to you what can occur              be working a little “overtime” due to the
HONESTY, then all will go well for you. Do        when ones forget to question and discern                 current changes taking place.
not worry about subscriber lists, for you shall   for selves. Never, never, never follow                        Whatever you do, however, let me remind
soon have your very own subscriber base,          anyone blindly (including myself), for                   you to do so with LOVE and COMPASSION
for those who desire and demand TRUTH             when you do, that is when the adversary                  and HIGHER PURPOSE. This has not been
and LIGHT will come forward and will make         creeps in and begins to influence and, little            about the destruction of beloved ones, but
themselves known to you ones, and they will       by little, you become far too comfortable                about the HIGHER PURPOSE. We simply
subscribe.      Of course, you will need to       with the dark energies, until you no longer              allowed the situation to go on as long as was
decide what publication costs will be and         are able to discern.                                     safe to do so, in hopes that these ones would
base your subscriptions on that. There is no           Regardless of the source, the message, or           accept the LOVE that was attempting to
reason, either, to operate in a loss or just-     the writer or speaker, ALWAYS check your                 reach them. We of the Higher Realms have
break-even mode, so I suggest you take that       own Inner Guidance. Keep your personal                   more       patience,    understanding,     and
into consideration when you announce what         space cleared, and keep The Light about you              compassion than you ones can possibly
subscription prices will be.                      at all times, for the dark forces are never at           imagine, and we will endure with ones as
    You might also consider selling advance       res t ; t h erefo re, y o u t o o can n ev er b eco me   long as it takes for them to find their way
subscriptions if there is a need for “start-      sloppy, lazy, or too busy to clear your space            back to Source.
up” funding. There should be no need for          and call in The Light—else you leave                          Have we turned away from those ones?
yo u t o have to ple ad with the subscribers      yourself in a very vulnerable state.                     NEVER! It is not our way. But we cannot
and supporters for donations if you were to            I can guarantee you that, as soon as you            and will not force anyone to do anything
sell advance subscriptions.      It is not my     become lax in these basic exercises, you                 against their own free-will choices, and we
desire that God’s people go “begging” for         have opened the doorway for the dark                     allow each and every one to make their own
money, for with God there is always a way,        energies to enter in; and, once in, you MUST             choices. We allow, and send them off with
and that way should not be through                demand that they depart, or they will take it            love and compassion; but should they turn
be g g i n g. Remember tha t God’s Universe s     as permission to take up residence and exert             back to us, we shall be there with no
are filled with abundance, and you have           their influence upon you. This is often so               judgement of them whatsoever. We will
not that abundance only because you have          subtle that you probably will be completely              gladly and openly welcome them back with
not tapped into Source. Also, do not look         unaware of their presence until it has reached           loving and open arms.
a gift horse in the mouth, for there “will        such a point that you have become                             You ones who have taken the stand
appear” some people with financial                completely and fully controlled by them.                 against the dark adversarial forces are to be
resources who are in full and complete                 These dark energies always leave little             congratulated, though we know that you do
support of the continuation of the WORD.          clues, but unless you have The Light about               not feel you have done anything deserving of
    People of Earth are hungry for, and are       you and with you, it is completely possible to           such. It takes courage and “tough love” to
crying out for, the spiritual truths that are     miss discerning those clues. I am not trying             do what you have done, and you did it with
so sorely lacking upon the planet today.          to frighten you, but rather to warn you to               faith, with love and compassion, and with no
There are those who are fed up with the           never give the agents of darkness even a foot            thoughts or actions of malice. You simply
brain-washing antics of the controlled            in the door, for they are most ungracious                followed your own Higher Guidance and
media and the degrading movies and                guests, and you will live to rue the day you             acted in faith. That takes great courage,
television programming. Newspapers are            allowed them to enter, for they will make                chelas, and we are very proud of you and
no better, in general, for they too are           your life a living hell.                                 you should know this.
manipulated and skewed to the point that               It is more important these days, than ever               Now, let’s get this mission back on track
very little news of importance ever makes         before, to take care of your housecleaning               and let’s get Earth-Shan through this
it to their pages. Do you really think that       responsibilities, for it is in these days that the       turbulent transition, and let’s get you ones
nothing more than President Clinton’s sex         darkness is working even harder than ever                back home!
life and general overall indiscretions is         before, for their time is so short, and it is                 I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander
taking place? Is this what the world really       their goal to create as much havoc and take              of the Intergalactic Federation, Pleiades
wants or needs?                                   as many with them as they can.                           Sector, Ashtar Command, Project Earth-Shan
    The soul-utions to your world’s                    There is an infusion of Light coming                Transition. I leave you this day with Love
problems begin and end with spiritual             upon your world that is illuminating the dark            and with Peace, and with great respect and
matters, for it is only through this “unseen”     recesses of all that is, and these dark                  honor for each of you. And, I thank you for
(but quite perceivable) realm that REAL           energies are being revealed, and their plans             your service unto The Light of Holy God.
changes can take place in the physical            are being subverted, for you see, the                    Salu.
MARCH 22, 1999                                   CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR                                          Page 33

 Wisdom Of The Rays: The Masters Teach
                                                      Volume II
       Soon!                                                                               ABOUT THE BOOK

                                                                                     This large collection (500 pages)
             Wisdom Books & Press, Inc.                                          is the long-awaited second volume
                                                                                 of popular spiritual writings,
        9101 West Sahara Ave., Suite 105-158
                                                                                 originally presented in the
                 Las Vegas, NV 89117                                             CONTACT newspaper between April
                       * * *                                                     of 1997 and September of 1998.
         Check or Money Order only (for now)                                     This volume includes 59 chapters
          Inside US: $25, shipping included                                      plus 2 appendices, dedication,
   Outside US: $30 (US funds), shipping included                                 publisher’s foreword, and a 10-page
                                                                                 preface by Dr. Edwin M. Young,
  e-mail communications:
                                                                                 E d i t o r - I n - C h i e f o f C O N TA C T .
                        * * *                                                    While the list price of this volume
 In Canada, phone: (800) 294-5250 or (250) 832-0085                              is US $29.95, we are providing a
                 or send CAN $30 to:                                             s p e c i a l d i s c o u n t t o C O N TA C T
             The Preferred Network, Inc.                                         readers.
     P.O. Box 1275, Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4P4
                                              FROM THE BACK COVER

Let us begin with WHO you are. You, the non-physical YOU, are an infinite thought
projection of the One who created you (God!). You are the product of His desire. You
are, in effect, Desire manifest in uniqueness of purpose. — Esu “Jesus” Sananda

Be at peace, you who acknowledge and take within these messages of Higher Guidance,
for you are being given that which you will need, in the way of instruction, to meet and
surmount these challenges ahead. — Aton

The physical body is “merely” a conduit for the interaction into and the interfacing
with the physical experience. I say “merely” because that body is a most exquisite
creation indeed and poorly understood by your current level of so-called medical
science. — Master Hilarion

You live in perhaps the most unique time that your planet will ever experience—COMING
be wise to take full advantage of this exquisite learning environment?! — Grandfather

Be not in fear of the changes that are upon you, for they are a very necessary part of
the [planetary] transition. The Earth will heave to and fro, and many wondrous things
will you experience, but lose not your sight upon the final goal. We will always be there
with you, and we are but a call away. — Ceres Anthonious Soltec
Page 34                                               CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR                                                  MARCH 22, 1999

Birthing The Phoenix Vols. 1-4
   There have been written over 222 Journals; with only 108 having been printed in Journal format. The 115 or so that are waiting to be
published are not as important right now to your place as these four. Spread these four Journals and you will spread the Word. These
four Journals were penned during January 1998.
OF HUMAN EXPERIENCE HERE—STUDY THEM CAREFULLY—THEY ARE YOUR TICKET.”                                          —Hatonn

 BIRTHING THE PHOENIX                                  BIRTHING THE PHOENIX                              BIRTHING THE PHOENIX
                    —VOL. 1                                            —VOL. 2                                             —VOL. 3
             $6.00       200 Pages                                $6.00      200 Pages                                $6.00      200 Pages

    “THESE WILL BE THE MOST IMPORTANT                    Some Topics:                                       Some Topics:
BOOKS EVER TO GRACE YOUR GLOBE                           More Articles From Mr. Henry Ford’s Paper,         Congressional Record, 45 Communist Goals—
ABOUT THIS TIME IN HISTORY OF HUMAN                   The Dearborn Independent—Jewish Idea of Central   Funeral Oration: Rabbi Reichhorn, Re: Grand Rabbi
EXPERIENCE HERE. Historical TRUTH has been            Bank For America—Jewish Kol Nidre And Eli,Eli     Simeon-ben-Ihuda—Harold Wallace Rosenthal Eye-
buried, burned and kept from you to better fool you   Explained—Explanatory Notes Relative To The       Opening Interview, 1978—New World Order Tower
people ALL THE TIME. When scholars recognize          Protocols Of Zion—Facts Are Facts, From One       Of Babel Complete—Will America Meet Her Water-
the lies and the game plan—they are murdered. No,     “Jew” To Another, Long-Buried Truth Must Be       loo At The Great Euphrates? We Shall Soon See!—
I suggest that no matter how big that paper or        Revealed: Freedman-Goldstein Letter—Term “Jew”    Protocols 1-24 Explained—Sananda: The Hour Draws
overwhelming these Journals may seem to your          Created In 1775-A.D.                              Near For Massive Change.
T H E M                                                                                                  BIRTHING THE PHOENIX

THEY         ARE                                                                                                           —VOL. 4
Y O U R                                                                                                               $6.00      200 Pages
         —Hatonn                                                                                            Some Topics:

                                                                                                            Hope And Hopis; The Hopi Prophecies—Basis Of
    Some Topics:                                                                                        The Fabian Society—A Protocol of 1869, The Fatal
    The      U.S.                                                                                       Discourse Of Rabbi Reichhorn—Jason Brent’s
Program For                                                                                             Mensa—Sananda: Balance Shall Be Restored Upon
                                                                                                        The Earth!—Sananda: Critical Lessons On The Anti-

General And
C o m p l e t e                                                                                         christ Pharisees —Sananda: The Truth Is Out There If
Disarmament In A                                                                                        You Look—P. Kawaja: Why The U.S. Will Go To
Peaceful World—                                                                                         War And Will Bomb Iraq—Reminder About Executive
Vaccinations And                                                                                        Orders And Talmudic Noachide Laws—What Are
Inoculations—                                                                                           The Noachide Laws?
Protocols For
The Elders Of                       A 4 Volume Series
Z i o n — A                                                                                                    “The highest command of the Law
Selection Of
                                                                                                           of The Creation is: Achieve the
Articles From Mr.
Henry Ford’s                                                                                               wisdom of knowledge inasmuch as
Paper,       The                                                                                           this will enable you to wisely follow
Dearborn                                                                                                   the Laws of The Creation.
Independent—                                                                                                   “The highest command of the Law
The United States                                                                                          of God is: You shall honor God as
Fall From Grace:                        BY                                                                 the ruler of the human races and
The Talmud—
Identity Of God’s              GYEORGOS CERES HATONN                                                       follow His Laws for He is the ‘King
Enemy—A                          A PHOENIX JOURNAL                                                         of Wisdom’.”
Fifteenth Century                                                                                                        —Esu “Jesus” Sananda
 MARCH 22, 1999                                                           CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR                                                                                                                                                                           Page 35

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  THESE WORKS ARE A SERIES CALLED THE Phoenix Journals AND HAVE BEEN WRITTEN TO ASSIST MAN TO                                                                 MENTIONED IN THIS
AT THIS TIME. SINGLE Journals ARE $6.00; ANY 4 Journals ARE $5.50 EACH; 10 OR MORE Journals ARE $5.00 EACH
(Shipping extra—see right.)                                                                                                                                PHOENIX SOURCE
1. SIPAPU ODYSSEY                                      73. RELATIVE CONNECTIONS VOL.I                                                                     DISTRIBUTORS, Inc.
3. SPACE-GATE, THE VEIL REMOVED                        75. TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES VOL. III                                                                     P.O. Box 27353
4. SPIRAL TO ECONOMIC DISASTER                         76. SORTING THE PIECES VOL. IV                                                                     Las Vegas, Nevada 89126
5. FROM HERE TO ARMAGEDDON                             77. PLAYERS IN THE GAME
7. THE RAINBOW MASTERS                                 78. IRON TRAP AROUND AMERICA
9. SATAN’S DRUMMERS                                    79. MARCHING TO ZOG
                                                                                                                                                                    (or call)
10. PRIVACY IN A FISHBOWL                              80. TRUTH FROM THE ZOG BOG                                                                               1-800-800-5565
11. CRY OF THE PHOENIX                                 81. RUSSIAN ROULETTE                                                                                    (Mastercard, VISA,
38. THE DARK CHARADE                                   83. POLITICAL PSYCHOS

                                                                                                                                                             Phoenix Source

42. UNHOLY ALLIANCE                                    87. IN GOD’S NAME AWAKEN!
43. TANGLED WEBS VOL. I                                88. THE ADVANCED DEMOLITION LEGION

44. TANGLED WEBS VOL. II                               89. FOCUS OF DEMONS
45. TANGLED WEBS VOL. III                              90. TAKING OFF THE BLINDFOLD

46. TANGLED WEBS VOL. IV                               91. FOOTSTEPS INTO TRUTH
48. TANGLED WEBS VOL. V                                92. WALK A CROOKED ROAD WITH THE CROOKS
50. THE DIVINE PLAN VOL. I                             94. WINGING IT....
51. TANGLED WEBS VOL.VII                               95. HEAVE-UP (Phase One)                                                                               USA (except Alaska & Hawaii)
52. TANGLED WEBS VOL. VIII                             96. HEAVE-HO (Phase Two)                                                                                 UPS-$4.00 1st title, $1.00 ea add'l
53. TANGLED WEBS VOL. IX                               97. HEAVE ’EM OUT (Phase Three)                                                                       Bookrate-$2.50 1st title, $1.00 ea add'l
54. THE FUNNEL’S NECK                                  98. ASCENSION OR NEVER-EVER LAND?                                                                      Priority-$3.40 1st title, $1.00 ea add'l
55. MARCHING TO ZION                                   99. USURPERS OF FREEDOM IN CONSPIRACY
56. SEX AND THE LOTTERY                                100. BUTTERFLIES, MIND CONTROL—THE RAZOR’S EDGE                                                                  ALASKA & HAWAII
57. GOD, TOO, HAS A PLAN 2000—DIVINE PLAN VOL.II       101. THE BREATHING DEAD AND CEMENT CHILDREN                                                           Bookrate-$2.50 1st title, $1.00 ea add'l
58. FROM THE FRYING PAN INTO THE PIT OF FIRE           102. SACRED WISDOM                                                                                     Priority-$3.40 1st title, $1.00 ea add'l
59. “REALITY” ALSO HAS A DRUM-BEAT!                    103. CONFRONT THE NOW CREATE THE FUTURE                                                               UPS 2nd day-$9.00 1st title, $1 ea add'l
60. AS THE BLOSSOM OPENS                               104. FIRST STEPS
61. PUPPY-DOG TALES                                    105. AMERICA IN PERIL—AN UNDERSTATEMENT!                                                                      CANADA & MEXICO
62. CHAPARRAL SERENDIPITY                              107. RING AROUND THE ROSIE...!                                                                        Surface-$3.00 1st title, $1.50 ea add'l
63. THE BEST OF TIMES                                  130. TRACKING DOWN THE KILLER                                                                         Airbook-$4.50 1st title, $2.00 ea add'l
64. TO ALL MY CHILDREN                                     “AND OTHER FORMS OF MURDER” (The Health Book)
65. THE LAST GREAT PLAGUE                              222. BIRTHING THE PHOENIX VOL. 1;                                                                                  FOREIGN
66. ULTIMATE PSYCHOPOLITICS                            223. BIRTHING THE PHOENIX VOL. 2;                                                                     Surface-$3.00 1st title, $1.50 ea add'l
67. THE BEAST AT WORK                                  224. BIRTHING THE PHOENIX VOL. 3;                                                                        Airbook-$8.00 per title estimate
68. ECSTASY TO AGONY                                   225. BIRTHING THE PHOENIX VOL. 4
69. TATTERED PAGES                                     227. RISE OF ANTICHRIST VOL. 1;                                                                 (Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery
70. NO THORNLESS ROSES                                 228. RISE OF ANTICHRIST VOL. 2;                                                                          on all book orders)
71. COALESCENCE                                        229. RISE OF ANTICHRIST VOL. 3;
72. CANDLELIGHT                                        230. RISE OF ANTICHRIST VOL. 4

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