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									                                  Fitness Video Library

                   All items are VHS tapes, unless otherwise noted.

Ab Ripper 100

Ab Ripper 200

Abs of Steel

Accelerated Fat Loss and Toning

Altheatized – Volume 1

Astanga Yoga – “The Practice” – First Series with David Swenson

Body & Soul Fitness – Abs & Buttocks (DVD)

Buns Of Steel Video Set – (Abs of Steel, Buns of Steel, Legs of Steel)

Buns of Steel

Cardio 1-2 Sweat – In Home Boot Camp

Cardio 3-4 Sweat – In-Home Boot Camp (should complete level 1-2 first)

CherFitness – Body Confidence (resistance bands needed for toning exercises)

Cindy Crawford – A New Dimension

Cindy Crawford – The Next Challenge Workout

Circuit 1-2 Sculpt – In-Home Boot Camp

Circuit 3-4 Sculpt – In-Home Boot Camp (should complete level 1-2 first)

The Crunch Fat Blaster Workout

Dance Step Reebok (step needed)

Denise Austin – Fat Burning Blast

Denise Austin – Pilates

Denise Austin – Power Kickboxing
Escape Your Shape – Hourglass and Cone

Escape Your Shape – Ruler and Spoon

The Firm – Firm Parts Tough Aerobic Mix

The Grind Workout

Jane Fonda’s Abs, Buns and Thighs

Jane Fonda’s Lower Body Workout

Jane Fonda – Step Aerobic and Abdominal Workout (step needed for cardio)

Kathy Smith – Fat Burning Breakthrough (DVD)

Kathy Smith – Ultimate Stomach and Thighs Workout

Kathy Smith – Weight Loss Workout

Kathy Smith – Step Workout (step needed)

Knockout Workout Kickboxing with Stephanie Steele

Legs of Steel

The Method – Precision Yoga

Red Book – Ultimate Abs

Richard Simmons – Dance Your Pants Off

Richard Simmons – Disco Sweat

Richard Simmons – Sweatin’ to the Oldies

Richard Simmons – Tonin’ Downtown

Richard Simmons – Tonin’ Uptown

Tae Bo – Advanced

Tae Bo - Basic

Tae Bo – 8-Minute Workout
Tae Bo – 8-Minute Workout Vol. 2

Tae Bo – Impact Intro

Tae Bo – Instructional

Tae Bo II – Get Ripped Basic

Tae Bo II – Get Ripped Basic 2

Tae Bo II – Get Ripped Advanced

Tae Bo II – Get Ripped Advanced 2

Tae Bo II – Get Ripped 8-Minute Workout

Thighs of Steel

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