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Indrayanti Beach


									Indrayanti Beach

youth_travel Jumat, 04 November 2011

Since the first, Jogjakarta is famous for its wealth of tourist places, be it historical tours, cultural
tourism, nature tourism, culinary, etc..
It has been recently opened a tourist attraction beach in Jogjakarta. INDRAYANTI, yes that's the
title of a coast recently opened to tourists who will visit Jogjakartatimur Sundak Beach.
Although this beach has not been known by the public, but the Coast Indrayanti has the beauty
that is no less than the other beaches in Indonesia are already famous. size of the beach is not
very wide, it makes the coastal areas are not much visited by tourists, so you can enjoy the
natural beauty around the beach with more calm and maximum.
When he first arrived on these shores, you'll be amazed by the clean beach. Quite different from
other beaches in Gunungkidul who sometimes found a pile of garbage in some corner of the
beach. Having traced this coast there was a ban on littering, and for the end of the deliberate
littering will be fined. No wonder at some point there are some people just watching the beach
and visitors.
Cliffs west side also looks beautiful, where some parts can be used as a sport rock climbing. In
addition, the facilities of this beach is quite complete, there are several beach inn with typical
building, restaurant, rest area, mosque, and the substations of view.
On this beach you can play jetsky and guided by professional people. So for those of you who
want to find new sights not hurt you to visit this Indrayanti beach and enjoy the beauty.

   "Early in 2011 reaped controversial Indrayanti Coast where private sector managers who are
claiming that the beach area has been purchased and used a personal name as the name of the
beach under its management. The use of personal names as the name of the beach and the
absence of consent is a violation of its administrators.

  Other violations of land rights violations in Côte Indrayanti where land is the land where the
Ground Sultan's palace in Yogyakarta and the public was only given the right to exploit the land
and can not transfer ownership. The government plans to shut down this coast in the near future
because of the many violations committed by operators of beach Indrayanti "(source: the news)
Behind the charm and beauty of the Coast Indrayanti, unfortunately when the beach was closed
as a tourist attraction. Amid intense, vigorous promotion of tourism in some areas, the
government would have to be overcome Gunungkidul this issue and consider the condition of the
attractions in the area so that less attention is increasingly taken over by private parties.

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