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									                              Alumni Totem
                              A newsletter for friends, families and alumni of Camp Mishawaka

     WINTER 2008-2009                                     PO BOX 368, GRAND RAPIDS, MN 55744

                              Getting ready for 2009.
                           Gearing up for the centennial
                                Celebration in 2010.
                              August 20-August 22, 2010

                                    tors and owners of the original      nize Camp Mishawaka today? I
    There has been a debate         Camp Blake, presently Camp           sure think so. To be sure, there
about what really constitutes a     Lincoln!)                            have been some changes since
century– and when an organiza-                                           1910, but so much of what we
tion should celebrate its centen-        I can only imagine that Doc     do connects directly to our foun-
nial. Should it happen at the end   Greene would not be surprised        der’s mission. In his words from
of the 100th session, or when       to learn that Camp Mishawaka         the 1915 brochure, ‘ We aim at
the last two digits match up?       survives to see its 100th. He        nothing less than the building of
The 75th anniversary of Camp        founded Mishawaka with               robust bodies, a careful training
Mishawaka was celebrated in                                              of the intellect and the molding
1984-the 75th season, yet the                                            of strong moral characters– and
50th was marked in 1960.                                                 all around development.’

     After much debate-and re-                                                That is not to say that the
search– we have elected to                                               last 100 years have been a
celebrate the Camp Mishawaka                                             given, or achieved without the
centennial in 2010. This seems                                           trust and commitment of thou-
to be the pattern with other                                             sands of camp families, the sac-
camps and organizations– plus                                            rifice and dedication of directors
it gives us another whole year to                                        and owners and the careful
plan and organize!                                                       stewardship of the traditions and
                                    straightforward, timeless goals      facilities of Camp Mishawaka.
    There are just a handful of     of providing children with a solid
traditional summer camps who        education in what can best be             As we approach the century
have been around this long–         described as “life-skills”. And      milestone, we do so in good
and though there is another         while society’s definition of life   shape– and committed to pro-
summer camp in Minnesota that       skills has “evolved”, the need for   viding the foundations for the
is older (just by one year!),       children to develop character        next 100 years. With your help–
Camp Mishawaka is the oldest        traits formed by a traditional       in finding campers and staff, and
camp in Minnesota that has op-      camp experience remains a            spreading the word about the
erated under the same name          constant.                            Mishawaka Difference– we can
since its founding. (A fact we                                           be sure to honor our past and
love to remind the current direc-      Would Doc Greene recog-           serve future generations of

                    1-800-308-5011                            alumni@campmishawaka.com
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                  A note from Steve

        It seems like every Alumni Magazine I get from my alma mater, Lawrence University, that they are
championing yet another building project. In the last few years they have built, or are building; a new resi-
dence hall, a new student union, and a new science building. The total price tag for these improvements has
totaled in the tens of millions. I imagine they have undertaken these projects to remain competitive, improve
overall campus life and student learning, but it has been hard to keep up with the changes, and they have
placed tremendous emphasis on these upgrades– I mean that the old buildings were just fine when I went there
just more than 20 years ago . So, it is with some reluctance that I champion all that Camp Mishawaka has done
in the last five years to shore up our physical plant.

        To confess, I may have developed what might be called an “Edifice Complex”. In giving a camp tour
to a prospective family or visiting alumni, I am sure to point out the new girls camp sauna, the new boat house
at Mulford Pier, the climbing wall, the re-surfaced tennis and basketball courts, the new bunks, the shower
house we added to Boys Camp, the new pottery center, and most recently, the new foundation we placed under
the dining hall. But even as I give these tours– like a proud papa bragging on his child- I realize that camp,
and Camp Mishawaka is not about the flashiness of its structures, it is about the strength of its core. And I am
happy to report that our Core is solid.

        We had another great summer in 2008, and welcomed 90 children of former campers and staff. We
continue to benefit from these ties to our past, while making wonderful strides towards our future. Each sum-
mer we add to the Mishawaka family with new campers and staff. And, as always, Camp Mishawaka is in a
position to respond to the needs of children and families by providing opportunities to acquire life-time skills,
form deep friendships and take advantage of all that being a child means. To keep this tradition alive, our in-
vestment– financial and emotional-in our staff and families must continue to be our first priority. So, if you
come back to visit, or drop off your camper, I think you will recognize much of what you see and feel– just
don’t count on finding the mattress you slept on!
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                        MISHAWAKA’S 2008 STAFF
Lisa Anderson*           Carmel, CA              Jim Lottes * (2)            Lawrence, KS
Sean Barrett             Independence, MO        Kari Lottes                 Wirt, MN
Dan Beuthling            Grand Rapids, MN        Sarah Lynch                 Plymouth, MN
Abby Bobich              Cohasset, MN            Michael McNamara *(2)       Owatonna, MN
Taylor Brown*            Greenwood Village, CO   Libby McNamara* (2)         Tulsa, OK
Blair Carothers*         Glencoe, IL             Patrick McNamara* (2)       Tulsa, OK
Joe Cambron              Milford, OH             Julie Mocadlo               Minneapolis, MN
Ashley Chittick          Tucson, AZ              Lizi Myers                  New York, NY
Taylor Cole *(2)         Willmette, IL           Peter Myers                 New York, NY
Ari Conterato *          Wilmette, IL            Jessica O’Brien             South Yorkshire, UNK
Breanna Craven* (2)      Grand Rapids, MN        Maureen Paige*              Scottsdale, AZ
Kevin Curran *           Minneapolis, MN         Emily Peterson *            Tucson, AZ
Mary Jane Curran         Minneapolis, MN         Abhijit Pradhan *           Naperville, IL
Eamon Doyle*             Madison, WI             Steve Purdum*               Grand Rapids, MN
Jena Doyle               Grand Rapids, MN        Julie Purdum                Grand Rapids, MN
Bob Erickson* (2)        Bovey, MN               Alex Reach                  Northampton, UNK
Danielle Freeman *(2)    Chicago, IL             Derek Safford *             Tucson, AZ
Kendra Gaebel            Clear Lake, MN          Wesley Schaff *             Wilmette, IL
Jim Gardner* (2)         Norman, OK              Julie Scher *               Towson, MD
Laura Gutierrez * (2)    Winnetka, IL            Alessandro Vanoni * (2)     Lugano, Switzerland
Richard Hawkins          London, UNK             Andrea Vester               Tucson, AZ
Mary Hill                Omaha, NE               Brad Wilson *(2)            Mount Prospect, IL
Nancy Johnson            Hill City, MN           Kay Wilson                  Mount Prospect, IL
Katie Kent* (4)          Tucson, AZ              Noel Wroble                 Lititz, PA
Rachel Korhumel * (2)    Libertyville, IL        Joyce Wroble                Lititz, PA
Nate Kurtz*              St. Louis, MO
Sonie Larsen             Grand Rapids, MN               *former Mishawaka camper
Meredith Latimer         Grand Rapids, MN               (2) 2nd Generation Mishawakan
George Lottes*           Wirt, MN                       (3) 3rd Generation Mishawakan
                                                        (4) 4th Generation Mishawakan
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From the Archives…
The following article is a digest of a lecture by Robert G Havinghurst, Chairman of the Education
Department at the University Chicago, that Cap Cavins attended in 1959.

                            Camping and the New Intellectualism

     It seems probable that the summer, and, with it, the summer camp will be-
come a subject of controversy as the New Intellectualism runs its course during
the next few years.

     Schools are turning to the gospel of hard intellectual effort. Homework
is increasing. Summer schools are becoming popular, not for the student who has
failed a course and must make up a graduation credit, but for the talented stu-
dent who has done well in school and must do even better. The 12-month school
has been proposed by some educators.

     What will this mean for camping? The Philosophy of camping will be called
upon to defend itself more than ever before.

     Will the image of the All-American boy change from that of a husky boy
playing a game in shorts and T-shirt change to that of a young man doing re-
search in a library? For some, youth is a time to cram the mind with facts,
and to push through college as fast as possible.

     This attitude could conceivably do a lot of damage to the traditional
American idea that childhood and adolescence are good things in themselves, to
be enjoyed in their time, just as adulthood is to be enjoyed in its time.

     People who understand the values of camping also understand the impor-
tance of living each month and each year of childhood and adolescence without
hurry, of mixing work and play and of growing up slowly and surely to a compe-
tent, confident adult.

                                      From the Totem 1963

                   Uncle Kip: Last night there were two pieces of candy on this
                   table, and this morning there is only one. Can you explain?

                   Jon Kemper: “It was so dark, I could not see the other one”

                   Ernest Pallme: Why did you put a frog in Uncle George Ol-
                   sen’s bed?
                   Chuck Maher: Because I could not catch a mouse
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  News of Mishawakans...

Roland Litterst (1945-1951) writes to say that he still has his shield and feathers, pennant and Hudson Bay
Blanket, nearly 60 years later. He is looking forward to visiting camp when his grand children attend in the fu-
ture. They will be 4th generation Mishawakans, as Roland’s father Milton, served as the Head of Belding in the
late 40’s.

Stephen Taylor (42-44,47), has been in touch throughout the year and has provided us with wonderful photos
(some featured in this issue), wonderful stories of his camp days– and provided us with four grand children this
summer! Steve recounted going to college and finding one of his camp friends in his eating club, the time he
discovered that his bunk mate, George “Meatball” Hibben was the brother-in-law of a long-time friend.

Most interesting were the photos of his father, Chalmer’s camp days in the early years. Chalmer Taylor was a
counselor and a charter member of the original Red Cross Lifesaving Brigade at Camp. Taylor cabin is named
in his honor. Steve remembered another Mishawaka tradition, The PJ Drill, saying, ‘ I won it in 1942 and 1943,
but lost by a topside in 1947!’

Famed attorney and counselor, Ted Sorensen, (staff, ‘48 & ‘49) is out with a new book, Counselor: A Life at
the Edge of History, in which he recounts his life as presidential advisor and speech writer. He is widely be-
lieved to be the author of the famous, “Ask not what your country can do for you” line from JFK’s inaugural ad-
dress. He writes about his early struggles with “story-telling” and cites his experiences at Mishawaka as being a
big part of his development in this area.

Harry Harwick (55-57) recently got back in touch with Camp. He lives in Estes Park, CO, and is recently retired
from a career in radio and television. Harry championed his camp experience, citing it for the development of a
“can do” attitude. He wrote, “ Battling horse flies on our canoe trip down from Winnie to Pokegama, overnights
on hard ground… battling for so called intellectual intelligence went out the window as each camper survived the
trip. I am still in awe of the camp experience that takes kids to a new level. They have a circle of friends that will
never let them down because they have been on a journey of a lifetime” His daughter, Sydne, continues the
camping tradition by serving as the senior hiking counselor for The Cheley Colorado Camps.

David Baines, one of the first overseas counselors to work at Mishawaka has been in touch to inquire about
attending the Centennial Celebration in 2010. David also led Mishawaka trips to England and Wales in the
1970’s. He recalled many Mishawakans, including the Westgates, the Turmails, and recounted the time that
Cap and Nina came to visit him in England. He has spent much of the last year on the seas, working as a part of
a team on Mercy Ships– delivering aid and health care to West African countries

Fred Bartlett (66), from Kansas City, called to inquire about the meaning of the word Mishawaka. He is getting
ready to set sail on his new boat for a trip around the boot of Italy, and was thinking of naming his boat after
something Mishawaka. To note– several Ojibwa dictionaries list the meaning of Mishawaka as ‘land of the dead
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trees’. It can also be expressed as a verb, ‘ coming out of the woods into clearing’ We prefer the latter!

John Baar (65-66) lives in Oak Brook, IL wrote to declare the two summers he spent at camp are, ‘ among
the best summers of my youth. I remember great counselors. Skipper and Cap were both great to me.’

Also from across the pond, Charles Crawford (73) recalls his staff experience at Mishawaka. He coached
the camp soccer teams– who were victorious in all 8 matches against other camps!

Howard Witt, is the Southwest Bureau Chief of the Chicago Tribune, based in Houston. He joined the paper
as a summer intern in 1982 and during his 25 year career has been a national correspondent, foreign corre-
spondent and editor. He was recently named as finalist for a Pulitzer prize for his National Reporting.

Screven Watson writes that he thinks about his time at camp often. Screven recently made contact with Tim
Krause, and the two are hoping to get together in 2009. He lives in Florida with his family We also heard
from Screven’s brother Bo, who continues to live in Louisiana.

J.A. Lacy has been in touch and recalled great memories from the 300– Mile Bike trip he took in 1978, his
Canadian Canoe trip and backpacking out west. He and his family live in Indianapolis.

Tom Ramsdell ( 78-80) lives in Wilmette, IL and heads up his own law firm. Tom says, ‘without a doubt,
Mishawaka was one of my favorite growing experiences as a boy becoming a young man’.
                                                                     From the 1963 Teepee
Long time Mishawaka Director, Dick Peterson,
wrote to recount a lunch he had with former Camp      Cabin 3 Report… DIANE MARX reports that she is
Driver, Rudy Papenfus. The two were classmates        in chorus, band and that her family will move to
at Kansas State. Rudy is the Director of the Tru-     Mexico this December. SUSIE WARNER says she
man Medical Center Corporate Academy in Kan-          did the Canadian Canoe Trip, and is now taking
sas City.
                                                      driving lessons. Susie reports that she was in Chi-
                                                      cago this fall and got to see Sharon, Helen, Nancy
Steve Pain, (staff, ‘77-’78) visited camp this fall
                                                      and Avon. (What a group to turn loose in Chi-
with his son Sandy, and Irish friend, Tony Cullen-
                                                      cago!) JOAN MAHER, who tipped the canoe, re-
Foster. Steve came to us as a tennis and soccer
                                                      ports she misses camp Perhaps someday the
counselor from England. For years after his ten-
ure, he would send us special Wimbledon towels whole Maher clan will be able to attend camp,
for our tennis tournament. It was great to visit with “Hot Lips” MAHER did manage to recover from the
Steve.                                                Canadian also. Nancy Owens writes that she has
                                                      conducted several experiments to see if chip-
                                                      munks get pimples. She is also on the Ferry Hall
                                                      newspaper staff, in Drama Club and Swim Club.
1980’s                                                SHARON FRIEND is busy attending school and tak-
 Huntington Badger Cudahy has been in touch.
                                                      ing part in cheerleading.
He lives in Chicago, and is keeping up with many
of his camp friends.
                                                      We wish we could have been in Chicago for this
                                                      reunion of the Girls Canadian!
Katie Truog Wagner now lives in St. Louis Park,
MN-after a stint in the Denver area. Katie and her
husband recently acquired some property just
                                                                                                    Page 7
north of Camp on Kings Bay. (Katie, your boat and picnic table look snow covered, but fine!)

Sarah Myers has returned home to the Bay area after an overseas tour that included a time as a Fashionista
in London! She and her fiancé recently purchased a home in the Bay area and are looking forward to the Big
Day in the summer of 2009. Sarah indicated that she and her husband to be bonded on in a canoe– where
her canoe skills impressed her suitor.

Nancy Poznoff lives in Seattle, and gave birth to a bouncing baby girl in October of 2007.

Emily Diskey Menkedick (87-96) writes from Bloomington, IN where she is an elementary school teacher.
She was married in June to Greg Menkedick. She is looking forward to bringing him to camp some day soon.
She tells us the younger brother Adam Diskey is in his senior year at IU. Mary McHie Diskey, her mother, is
in her 28th year working for Aetna.

Michael McNamara got a chance to relive his youth this summer, by returning to serve on staff during a tran-
sition between jobs. Mike showed that he has not lost his skills as a sailor– but did lose an E-scow mast.
Good thing older brother, IV was able to trail up a spare E-boat he had in OK. Michael and his wife, Stepha-
nie have settled in Owatanna, MN. IV lives in Tulsa and he and his wife, Olivia, are expecting their first child
this year.

Katie Buffum Vissers (88-94) had hoped to visit camp this summer as part of a trip to Minneapolis, but it did
not work out. Katie is a nurse, and lives in Little Chute, WI (near Green Bay) with her family.

Michaela Cudahy (80-83) wrote to recall her camp days. She lives in Evanston, IL and has young children
who are looking forward to camp. She singled out a trip to the Boundary Waters with Katie Scott as one of the
best experiences of her life.

 Capt. Brennan Speakes (95-98) writes from the sands of Iraq, where he is serving as a tank company com-
mander. Though quite different– and infinitely more dangerous, Brennan was able to draw some wry com-
parisons to camp life and Army life. He says “ I wake up early, have breakfast with the boys, jump through
some hoops in the morning, jump through some more hoops in the afternoon, have dinner, then do evening
activities. There is no air conditioning in the tent and I get a Coke about once a week. We don’t get shields
and feathers, but instead get pieces of ribbon to acknowledge achievements.” Stay safe and keep your head
down! -ed

Brennan’s twin brother, Grant, serves in the Army as well.

After years of enduring “Hey Culligan Man” jokes, Ben Culligan is serving as a plumber’s apprentice in his
native Ireland. He spent time this summer with itinerant Mishawakan, Andres Gutierrez. Andres spends a lot
of time with the Culligans while in Ireland, and reports that Ben is indeed “Big Ben”.

                                      Give us your updates!

        Visit our website at www.campmishawaka.com or just email us at
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                Pictures of our past...
     Former camper, Stephen Taylor, kindly sent us many photos from his father, Chalmer Taylor’s collection. Chal-
     mer was a staff member in the 1920’s and friend of Doc Green. Stephen’s grand children all attended camp this
     summer. Thanks Stephen– for this wonderful glimpse into the days of yore!

 Doc Green and Chalmer Taylor’s tent. 1921

                                                                        Slide and Raft @ Gould Pier. 1921

           Track Meet shot-put. 1921                                 Lifesaving with Dave Gustafson. 1944

                                                                                                Continued on page 17
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In Memorium
                                       Nancy Owens Kirwan

        The Mishawaka community suffered a tremendous loss this fall when former camper, staff mem-
ber, staff trainer and Mishawaka Foundation Board member died in a car accident on September 26,

Originally from Miami, OH, Nancy was a camper in the early years of Girls Camp, and went on to serve on
staff into the mid 1970s. Her brother Ben Owens was also a long-time Mishawaka camper.

Nancy went on to earn a Master and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, and for the last six years had
served as the Executive Director of the Samaritan Counseling Center of Atlanta. She is survived by her
husband, Bruce, of Atlanta, and their son Patrick, a former camper and staff member, who is a Junior at
Miami of Ohio.

In recent years, Nancy had volunteered her time and talents during our week-long staff training. She
helped establish wonderful training procedures, and always was so willing to listen and help all staff mem-
bers, young and old– gain insight into their role at camp, and working with children. Nancy also had
served on the board of the Mishawaka Foundation, working to bring children from disadvantaged back-
grounds to camp.

Anyone who had ever worked beside her, or had the distinct pleasure of listening to one of her stories was
the better for it. She was one of the most giving individuals we have ever met. Our thoughts and prayer
go out to all of Nancy’s family and friends.

Memorials are directed to the Samaritan Counseling Center of Atlanta, 1328 Peachtree Street NE, suite
B-317, Atlanta, GA 30309.
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                   Former Mishawaka camper, staff member and Boys Director, Andre Theisen
                   married Ann Peters in August of 2008 in Ely, MN. They originally met in col-
                   lege at Notre Dame. Andre and Ann were married on Sigurd Olsen’s Listening
                   Point on Burntside Lake. The pair was originally thinking of tying the knot in
                   2009, but when visiting his family’s cabin outside Ely, Andre and Ann decided
                   it was the perfect time and place.

                  In less that three days they arranged for a marriage license, a minister and
                  permission to hold the ceremony on Listening Point. The families boated over
                  (with tin cans tied to boat) for a beautiful ceremony among the pines of Burnt-
                  side Lake. Andre’s mother prepared a wonderful wedding feast for the family
members in attendance, and the evening finished off with champagne, a four-layer wedding cake
and a sauna! Talk about taking a plunge!

The couple lives in Brooklyn, NY. Andre teaches at the Dwight School
in Manhattan and Ann is a Professor of English Literature at the Stern
College for Women at Yeshiva University.

Word has not arrived yet as to whether or not Andre has made good
on his numerous bets with other Mishawakans about if and when he
would get hitched! Congratulations Andre and Ann!

                                   Do you Facebook?

If you were born after 1987 you likely do. Camp Mishawaka was born in 1910 and has a Facebook
     Identity. We think we are pretty “with it” for an institution approaching its 100th birthday.

If you don’t know– and apologies to all you gen Y folks– Facebook is a social networking site that
 allows you to spend hours getting updates on your friends status, looking at funny pictures and
  finding lost friends. Go to www.facebook.com and look for Camp Mishawaka. If you are not al-
      ready a member, you will need to register. We are limiting our online friends to former
              staff and campers and their families. Check it out, it can be kind of fun.

                                       Family Camp 2009

                      Mark your calendars for August 12th-18th.
             Call the camp office to request a brochure and registration.
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                                                 A CIT’s View
A tradition has developed for Counselors in Training to give a “Farewell Speech” at the end of their summer
session. Each year I am struck by just how much of an emotional moment this is for these young men and
women. In no small way, it signifies a passing into adulthood. As they move from Camper, many have cap-
tured their experience in a nutshell. I was struck by one such speech this summer.

By Griffin Jackmond

I haven’t been coming to camp very long, only four years, but in that time I’ve come to realize what a unique
and special place this is. I can’t think of anywhere else where you
can do so many things. I mean, in a day you could make something
in the crafts cabin, play dodge ball, catch a big fish off the pontoon
boat and get your next rank in archery. That’s a lot more fun than I
have in a day at home, and it happens all the time here.

I had a very hard time adjusting to life at camp my first year, be-
cause I had never been away from home for four whole weeks be-
fore. Now I realize how short of time that really is, especially when
you are at camp. It seems like just a few days ago I was on the
plane, wondering what being a CIT would be like. In the past I think I
took camp for granted, I didn’t really appreciate how much work went
into my summer at camp. It’s hard to imagine summer with no
Mishawaka, but without all the people who sacrifice their time and
energy to make all this possible none of us could be here.

Even now it’s hard to believe that this is the last time I’ll ever be a camper here, and I’m not sure if I will be
able to come back as a counselor. I may never return, but I will always remember the great times I spent

                                                                                         Send us your photos!

                                                                                         We would love to have any
                                                                                         camp photos you have sit-
                                                                                         ting around. You can email
                                                                                         them or send via mail. If
                                                                                         you would like them re-
                                                                                         turned, just let us know as
                                                                                         we can scan and return

                                                                                         Just like this one of Charlie
                                                                                         Banana and the Bunch
                                                                                         with appeal!
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                 MISHAWAKA REMEMBERS
Laura Jane Van Evera LaFond passed away on July 5th 2008, after a long illness. For much of the last
40 years there has been a member of the LaFond family at Camp Mishawaka. Including her children, Nick,
Philip, Laurence, Liz, Charlie and Marcel. Just this past summer, her grand niece and nephew attended.
Originally from Deerwood Minnesota, Mrs. LaFond settled in St. Joseph, MN, which at one time was home
to more children attending Mishawaka than any other single city– most of them LaFonds or Theisens.

A devoted supporter of St. Johns Prepartory, Laura Jane leaves behind a sterling example of dedication
and loyalty. Our sympathies go out to all the LaFond and Van Evera Families.

James “Jim” McHie died suddenly in March of 2008 at the age of 61. Jim attended camp as a camper in
the late 1950’s, and was part of a group of alumni who led a strong Mishawaka contingency from the
Hammond, IN area. His children Jamie and Jessica both attended Mishawaka for years, and Jessica went
on to serve on staff.

The McHie clan was in regular attendance for the Family Camps of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Jim is
survived by his parents, Ed and Betty McHie, also long-time Family Camp attendees, children James and
Jessica, brothers Rich and Bill, and sisters Susan and Mary– Mishawakans all.

Jeff Harris (65-67) died unexpectedly on February 22nd, 2007 in Rochester, NY. He was an MD who was
well respected in his field, and did a lot of work in the field of alternative medicine. His brother Dan Harris
(66-68, 74-75) was a camper and counselor. His sister Diane (66-67, 75) was a camper and wrangler at

 Dan delivered a eulogy for Jeff, and noted that their camp experience taught them all many lessons. He
wrote, “Some of these lessons included helping and respecting others, respect for nature, and always leav-
ing our campsite cleaner than you found it. While we saw these is a narrow context at Camp, it became
more clear to us later in life their true meaning, and the importance of living these values..”
                                                                                              Page 13

                                                                      MISHAWAKA’S CENTENNIAL
   Mishawaka Foundation continues                                     CELEBRATION SET FOR 2010!

           service to youth                                         In August of 2010 Camp Mishawaka
        through camperships                                         will celebrate its centennial with a
                                                                    reunion weekend featuring golf and
Established over 40 years ago with the aim of furthering the        tennis tournaments, receptions by
education and all-round development of young men and                era and geographical area, a barbe-
women, the Mishawaka Foundation has provided summer                 cue and a banquet, and perhaps
camp opportunities for hundreds of youth who could not              even a Track Meet--a chance to beat
otherwise attend.                                                   the guy who beat you in the 100-
                                                                    yard dash way back when!
In 2008, twenty-five children attended Mishawaka on full or
partial ‘camperships’ made possible by contributions to the         First and foremost the centennial will
Mishawaka Foundation. Many people who recognize the                 be a chance for Mishawakans of all
value of their own summers at camp now appreciate helping           ages to revisit camp, reminisce and
others enjoy the same benefits by supporting the Mishawaka          rekindle old friendships.
                                                                    In anticipation of the centennial,
                                                                    Mishawaka has begun the large task
                                                                    of preserving and organizing its his-
                                                                    torical archives--including film, pho-
                                                                    tos, Totems, Tipis, birthday books,
                                                                    memory books, calendars, song-
                                                                    books and more.

                                                                    A space has been designated for
                                                                    this purpose, and the project was
                                                                    kicked off by a generous donation
                                                                    from Julie (Kiefaber) Scher, in mem-
                                                                    ory of her husband, Michael, who
                                                                    was a Family Camp regular.

                                                                    Further donations are welcome, and
                  MISHAWAKA FOUNDATION                              will be used to finish the museum,
                     1 BRICKYARD DRIVE                              transfer old film and video to DVD,
                   BLOOMINGTON, IL 61701                            and to restore and archive photos.
                                                                    Anyone interested in learning more
                                                                    about the centennial celebration or
                                                                    contributing to the Mishawaka Mu-
 Kent Curtis Website                                                seum is invited to contact camp!
 Mary Johnston, grand-niece of Kent Curtis, has created a web-
 site to highlight Kent’s life as an artist, author, entertainer,              218-326-5011
 sailor and traveler, as well as his life and work at Camp Misha-
 waka. Check it out:                                                  alumni@campmishawaka.com

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Great Grand-       Grandparents                      Parents                      Current Mishawakan(s)
                                                  Randy Agron                           Jared Agron
                 William C. Liedtke          Claire Liedtke Alexander           Cadell and Berto Alexander
                                             Joyce Noonan Andersen              Kyle and Schuyler Andersen
                                                 Kara Brashear                        Jacob Brahsear
                                                   Julie Hirsch                        William Brown
                                                   John Byers                          Mitchell Byers
                                                 Tom Caestecker                       Ella Caestecker
                                                   Steve Cole                     Taylor and Andrew Cole
                                                    Rick Crull                           Ricky Crull
                                                  Lori Bertram                       Breanna Craven *
                   Robert Lorton               Robin Lorton Danell                     Tucker Danell
                                                  Jimmy Larsen                 Andrew and Matthew Davalos
                                                   Mara Sierra               Antonio, Rodrigo and Jimena Del
                                               Peggy Kohr DeWitt                       Janelle DeWitt

                                                Kate Cronin Doyle                      Eamon Doyle*
                                                 Robert Dunlop                          Alex Dunlop
                                             Mary Gross Etherington           Anna and Matthew Etherington
                    David White                                                          Colin Ford
                                                 Glenn Forrester                   Mac and Ellie Forrester
                                               Edie Purdum Glavey                  Meg and John Glavey
               Frank & Lola Townsend             Jane Townsend                         Lizzie Greene
                                                Peter Grumhaus                  Kristin and Peter Grumhaus
                                                 Phyllis Beattie                      Laura Gutierrez*
                                                Erika Kemp Hard                       Eliza and Hanna
                                                   Scott Harris                        Clayton Harris
                                               Lisa Cooke Harrison               Davis and Parker Harrison
                                                 William Heaney                       Douglas Heaney
                                               Violeta Perez-Pavon                   Marina Hernandez
                                                Sarah Ott-Hansen                        Peter Hirsch
                    Chick Flack                 Teri Flack Hillyer                    Stephanie Hillyer
                                                Anne Thompson                           Kate Hinson
 Earl Drew          Gary Drew          Dana Drew Johnston and Willy Johns-            Molly Johnston
Paul Dahlen    Dick & Thelma Dahlen           Andrea (Dahlen) Kent           Katie*, William, & Carrie Belle Kent
                                                  Tom Kiefaber                         Grace Kiefaber
                                                                                                 Page 15

  Great Grand-        Grandparent(s)              Parent(s)                Current Mishawakan(s)
                                              Clarissa Katz King                  Ben King
                                           Peggy Rasmussen King                 Leonard King
                                                Matt Klingbiel                 Ashley Klingbiel
                                               Marc Korhumel             Rachel* and Nick Korhumel
                                              Katie Nielson Kurtz             Nate* & Nick Kurtz
                                            Erica Chain Laresgoiti            Ander Larsegoiti
                                                Bob Lawrence                   Jake Lawrence
                                               Jana Stange Lew                    T. J. Lew
   Chal Taylor         Stephen Taylor                                 Margaret, Michael and Peter Litzow
                                            George and Kari Lottes          Jim* & Morgan Lottes
                       Ben Whitehill            Lisa Whitehill              Nick & Claire Mahoney
                                               Steve McNamara           Libby* and Patrick* McNamara
                                           Martha Cronin Middlemist           Peter Middlemist
                                              Amy Wolfe Murray                   Lily Murray
                         Louis Arp            Molly Arp Newell                   April Newell
                                                 Mike Noonan              Brian and Casey Noonan
   Chal Taylor         Stephen Taylor                                           Phillip Oxnard
   Ivan Willis           Clyde Willis             Bill Parker                   Amelia Parker
                        (Great Uncle)
                                                Rick Patterson                 Anna Patterson
                                                 Roger Platt                     Owen Platt
                                                Steve Purdum                   Shelby Purdum
                                           Barbara Wallace Rumsey       Peter, Anne, and Mary Rumsey
                       Dudley Bolyard                                          Neil Rutheford
                                             Julie Kiefaber Scher               Daniel Scher
                                              Mike Schloessman               Ryan Schloessman
                                              Heidi Sahs Schulz                 Garth Schulz
                                                Sylvia Theisen                  Tanner Shelp
                                               Peter Silberman                 Ben Silberman
                                              Laura Curry Sloan                 Kellyn Sloan
                                                Monica Cronin         Alex, Duncan, Melissa, and Shan-
                                                                                 non Smith
                                              Karin Von Estorff                 Aleck Sullivan
                                              Richard Thompson                 Anne Thompson
Cap & Nina Cavins   David & Nancy Cavins   Cathy (Cavins) Underhill            Sarah Underhill
                                              Giancarlo Vanoni           Alessandro*, Fracesco, and
                                                                              Michele Vanoni
                                                                         * denotes 2006 Staff Member
  Page 16

Generations, continued.

Great Grand Parent        Grand Parent             Parent                      Camper

                                                   Mary Bergo                  James and Teddy Vermylen

                                                   Eric Von Estorff            Kegan and Michael Von
                                                   John Weber                  Mary Weber

                          Thomas Hodgkins                                      Ted and Payson Wick

                                                   Meg Zahner                  Claire Zahner

            Please let us know if we missed someone!

            We’ve also heard from...
Dave Carlson              Helen Barbre Stephens
William Kasten            Carla Barbre David
Dave Katzman              Susan Pomeroy
Tom Ramsdell              Jill Rodkin Clarkson                          Another Small Mishawaka
Dan Harris                John Baar                                           World Story
Erika Litterst Gruner     Katie Buffum Vissers
Nelson Litterst           Michaela Cudahy
Tom Edgerton              Jennifer Schoon Morris
Sophia Du Brul            Ken Platt                        John Myers ( the senior) wrote to recount a
John Pearson              David Larsen             meeting with former Mishawaka staff member and
Katie Mock                Stephen C. Taylor
                                                   long-time neighbor, Doug Fulton, at a Dartmouth Col-
Dan Moroney               Emily Diskey
Maxine Curry McClure      William Ruud
                                                   lege alumni dinner. The two apparently gravitated to-
Juan Carlos Villalobos    Dan Leinbach             wards each other at the belly-wash bar, and the rest
IV McNamara               Susan Pomeroyr Ready     was history.
Greg Parent
Brennan Speakes           To name a few!                  John recounted his Big Canadian canoe trip,
Jean Mattson Jaeger                                with Uncle Ernie, and followed up with photos of
Tammy Janssen                                      Mishawaka wall– complete with his shield and feathers
Nancy Poznoff                                      and those of his six children who attended.
Badger Cudahy
Jay Swardenski
                                                            Doug Fulton was fortunate enough to have
David Baines
Alexander Bergo
                                                   Mishawaka for his backyard while growing up. Many of
Katie Scott                                        his siblings worked at camp over the years– and to this
Fred Bartlett                                      day they likely know these woods as well as anyone.
Katie Truog Wagner
Charles Crawford                                         We look forward to seeing them both for the
Steve Paine                                        Centennial Celebration in 2010.
Ann Leinfelder Winger
Harry Harwick
Dick Peterson
                                                                                              Page 17

         More Views of the past

1921 Staff. Doc Green, front row, 3rd from left   Chalmer Taylor in front of his tent. 1921

               Island Day. Circa 1955                           Belding story time. 1942

              Girls Camp Archery 1982                              Tearful Good-byes. 1982
Page 18


  Front Row (l to r), Alexandra Smith, Shannon Smith, Melissa       Keegan Von Estorff and Michael Von Estorff.
  Smith, Duncan Smith. (Children of Monica Cronin), Peter Mid-
  dlemist (Child of Martha Cronin). Back Row. Zoe Cronin, (Child    Children of Eric Von Estorff.
  of Steve Cronin). Eamon Doyle, (child of Katherine Cronin.)

     Patrick McNamara, Libby McNamara, (Children of Steve          Brian and Casey Noonan. (Children of Mike Noonan)
     McNamara), Michael McNamara (Child of Charles

        Phillip Oxnard, (child of Katie Oxnard) Michael,           Nick and Claire Mahoney. (Children of Lisa Whitehill
        Margaret, and Philip Oxnard (all grandchildren of Steve    Mahoney and grandchildren of Ben Whitehill.)
        Taylor and great-grandchildren of Chalmer Taylor.)
                                                                                                                                   Page 19

                                               Nate and Nick Kurtz. (Children of Katie       Berto and Cadell Alexander. (Children of Claire
Peter and Kristin Grumhaus. (Children of                                                     Liedtke Alexander, grandchildren of William
Peter Grumhaus)                                Nielsen Kurtz)

      Grace Kiefaber (Child of Tom Kiefabler) and Daniel Scher                   William and Carrie Belle Kent. (Children of Andrea Dahlen Kent,
      (Child of Julie Kiefaber Scher)                                               grand children of Dick Dahlen and great-grand children of
                                                                                                          Paul Dahlen)
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