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Research Papers


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									                                    Papers for Presentations
                                    COEN 317 Spring 2006

For your project, each of you will read and present one of the following papers. Two
students cannot do the same paper, so you should choose one or two and ask the
instructor if they are available. Presentations will be about 25 minutes and will be
scheduled for the 10th week of class. You are encouraged to prepare Power Point slides.

                                 Naming, Garbage Collection

Development of the Domain Name System (1988) Paul V. Mockapetris, Kevin J. Dunlap
(available on citeseer) http://citeseer.ist.psu.edu/cs This is an old paper, but it is interesting
because of lessons learned. You might update it with what is in use now.

CHORD: A Scalable Peer-To-Peer Lookup Service for Internet Applications by Ion
Stoica, Robert Morris, David Karger, M. Frans Kaashoek, and Hari Balakrishnan.

                          Clocks, Time, Election, Mutual Exclusion

A Security Analysis Of Version 2 Of The Network Time Protocol Ntp

Efficient Algorithms for Distributed Snapshots, http://citeseer.ist.psu.edu/mattern93efficient.html

“Max-Min D-Cluster Formation in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks”. Amis et al.

(S.D. Lang and L.J. Mao) A Torus Quorum Protocol for Distributed Mutual Exclusion

D. Agrawal, A. El Abbadi, “An Efficient and Fault Tolerant Solution for Distributed Mutual
Exclusion” http://www.cs.utexas.edu/~lorenzo/corsi/cs395t/04S/notes/p1-agrawal.pdf

                                     Group Communication

Y. Amir, L. E. Moser, P. M. Melliar-Smith, D. A. Agarwal, and P. Ciarfella. The Totem single-
ring ordering and membership protocol.
ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, 13(4), November 1995.

 Reliable communication in the presence of failures by Kenneth P. Birman Cornell
Univ., Ithaca, NY & Thomas A. Joseph Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY Publisher: ACM Press
New York, NY, USA
                                   Consensus and Agreement

“The Distributed Firing Squad Problem” Coan et al. ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing
1985. Available from ACM digital library. This is a synchronization problem.

Tal Rabin. Robust sharing of secrets when the dealer is honest or cheating, in Journal of the
ACM, 41(6):1089-1109, Nov. 1994

“Authenticated Algorithms for Byzantine Agreement” Dolev and Strong, SIAM 1983

“Partiallly Authenticated Algorithms for Byzantine Agreement” Borcherding, International
Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing, 1996


(Johnson99) A Survey of Rollback-Recovery Protocols in Message-Passing Systems by
Mootaz Elnozahy, Lorenzo Alvisi, Yi-Min Wang, and David B. Johnson. Technical
Report CMU-CS-99-148, Carnegie Mellon University, June 1999.

Alturi et al., “Theoretical Formulation for Degrees of Isolation in Databases”

“On Optimistic Methods for Concurrency Control”, Kung and Robinson.

“A New Presumed commit optimization for two phase commit” Lampson and Lomet

                                    Replication, Consistency

“A high availability root n hierarchical grid algorithm for replicated data” Kumar & Cheung

Efficient Solutions to the Replicated Log and Dictionary Problems by Wuu and
Bernstein. This is the classic paper on the use of matrix clocks.

“Incentives Build Robustness in BitTorrent” Bram Cohen

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