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									Microsoft Outlook
and Outlook Express

Lesson Four

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Exam Objectives

     • Configure and troubleshoot
       Microsoft Office applications
     • Configure and troubleshoot
       Microsoft Office Outlook Express
     • Resolve issues related to Outlook
       Express features
     • Resolve issues related to
       customizing an Office application
     • Resolve issues related to
       customizing Outlook Express

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Lessons in this Chapter:

      • Configuring E-Mail Accounts
      • Configuring Newsreader
      • Maintaining Outlook
      • Troubleshooting Outlook
      • Resolving Common User
        Requests in Outlook

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Understanding E-Mail Protocols

       • Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3)
       • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
       • Internet Message Access
         Protocol (IMAP),

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Creating Accounts

      • Microsoft Outlook 2003 or
        Outlook Express uses a
        wizard for setup
      • Accounts may be with:
        –   Microsoft Exchange Server,
        –   POP3,
        –   IMAP,
        –   Hypertext Transfer Protocol

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Setting up Outlook

     • POP3 Account

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If an Error Occurs

      • Double check the information
        you entered for User, Login,
        and Server information.

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Configuring Advanced E-Mail
Account Settings

      • By clicking the more settings button

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Advanced has Four Tabs

      •   Note table 4-1 on pages 4-7,8

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       • Real World Backing Up
         – Page 4-14

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Using Outlook Express

      • Creating a POP3 or IMAP

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Mail Server Properties

      • Five Tabs

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Testing and Troubleshooting

       • In Outlook Express, send a test
         email to your address.
       • To configure use:
          –   Tools >
          –   Accounts >
          –   Mail tab
          –   Select the account
          –   Properties >
          –   General tab verify user information

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      • Set Up and Configure E-Mail
            • Page 4-18

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Configuring Newsreader

       • Setting Up Outlook News as
         the Default News Client
         – Customize
         – Add News by
           Dragging it to the
           Go menu on the
           menu bar

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Adding a Newsgroup

     • Open Outlook, click Go, and
       choose News.

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Common Newsgroup Service

      • Blocking Senders and Unwanted
         – open a message from the sender to
         – Click Message, and click Block Sender.
      • Resolving Send and Receive Errors
         – Send and receive errors can be caused
           in a variety of ways, including
           misspelled news server names, server
           time-outs, problems with passwords,
           and problems with ISP settings.
         – Listed on page 4-27 are some common
           problems and solutions:

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Viewing Newsgroups Without

      • Type A Question For Help

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      • Configure Newsreader
            – Page 4-29

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Maintaining Outlook

        1. In Outlook, click Tools, and click
        2. In the Options dialog box, click
           the Other tab.
        3. Select the Empty The Deleted
           Items Folder Upon Exiting
           check box.
        4. Click OK to close the Options
           dialog box.

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Outlook Options

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Emptying the Deleted Items
Folder on Exit

       • On the Other tab

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Auto Archive

      • On the Other tab

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Mailbox Cleanup

      • Users can easily manage the
        size of their mailboxes and
        improve the overall
        performance of Outlook.

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Mailbox Cleanup

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Exam Tip

     • Learn the options that are
       available to you in the Outlook
       Mailbox Cleanup feature.
       This is valuable information on
       the exam and in the real world.

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Junk E-Mail Options

      • Five Tabs

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      • If junk e-mail levels are set to
        High, most junk e-mail will be
        caught, but some valid mail
        might be caught as well. Be
        careful when choosing this
        setting, and make sure that
        important contacts are
        configured as safe senders.
      • You can also Block HTML
        Content in Outlook

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      • Configure Outlook
        Maintenance Settings
            – Page 4-37

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Resolving an Incorrect Name or
E-Mail Address

          – If any typographical errors
          – if the user changed departments
          – if the user wants replies to go to a
            different e-mail address
          – if the user has independently made
       • Can be changed in Tools > E-Mail
       • Common Interface Problems
          – Table 4-2
             • Page 4-41

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Outlook Interface

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      • Test Outlook 2003 Account
            – Page 4-42

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Resolving Common User
Requests in Outlook

      • Leaving a Copy of E-Mail on the
         –   Tools
         –   Options > Mail Setup tab
         –   E-Mail Accounts,
         –   View Or Change Existing E-Mail
         –   select the e-mail account to configure,
         –   Change
         –   More Settings.
         –   Advanced tab,
         –   Select the Leave A Copy Of Messages
             On The Server check box,

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On Server Check box

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Exam Tip

     • You will notice that particular
       attention has been paid in this
       chapter to configuring mail client
       software to leave a copy of
       messages on servers for users
       who check mail from more than
       one location.
     • Remember how to configure this
       option in Outlook and Outlook

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Configuring Composition

       • This includes:
         – Formatting,
         – Spelling and grammatical
           editing, and
         – Creating signatures.

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Composition Options

      • Message
      • Stationary
      • Signatures

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The .iaf File

       • Internet Accounts file:
          – Used to back up and store
            information about the mail folders
            and mail and news account settings
            for a single Outlook Express identity.
          – It will not store subscribed
            newsgroup information, message
            rules, or blocked senders, and will
            not retain information about custom

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      • Resolve Common Outlook
        User Requests
            – Page 4-47

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     • Case Scenario
       – Page 4-50
     • Troubleshooting Lab
       – Page 4-51
     • Chapter Summary
       – Page 4-52
     • Exam Highlights
       – Page 4-53

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