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									        St. John The Evangelist Catholic Church
    10103 Georgia Avenue                  Parish Web Page:         SILVER SPRING, MD. 20902

                                                               Rev. Msgr. John R. Pennington
                                                               Rev. Mark E. Tucker
                                                                     Parochial Vicar
                                                               Sr. Kathleen Lannak, I.H.M. (301-681-7656)
                                                               Sr. Roberta Harding, I.H.M.
                                                                     Pastoral Associate, D.R.E. (301-681-7634)
                                                               Sr. Theresa McElroy, I.H.M.
                                                                     Ministry to Sick & Elderly (301-681-5666)
                   September 25, 2011
                                                               Mrs. Carol Kinnahan
                   MASS SCHEDULE:
SUNDAY:                                                              Parish Secretary (301-681-7663, ex11)
8:00 A.M., 10:15 A.M., & 12:00 PM (Main Church)                Parish Bookkeeping
SATURDAY EVENING:                                          
5:30 P.M. (Historic Church) (Fulfills Sunday Obligation)
                                                               Mr. Michael White
7:00 A.M. Monday through Friday (Our Lady’s Chapel)                  Music Director (301-681-7663, ex17)
7:00 & 9:30 A.M. 1st Friday only Masses (Main Church)          RCIA Coordinator (301-681-7634)
9:00 A.M. Saturday (Main Church)
Fatima Devotions first Saturday of month following the
9:00 A.M. Mass (Main Church)
Miraculous Medal Novena 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Saturdays
following 9:00 A.M. Mass (Main Church)
              CONFESSIONS: (Main Church)
Saturday 9:30 to 10:15 A.M. & 4:00 to 4:45 P.M.
         BAPTISM (Second and Fourth Sunday):
To assist parents in preparing for the Sacrament of
Baptism, the parish requires a preparation class for
parents. For more information on Baptism Preparation
and to schedule a baptism, contact the Rectory office,
Please contact Rectory at least six months in advance.
Pre-K 3 & 4 year olds through Grade 8
Before School Care -- 7:30 - 8:00 A.M.
Extended School Care -- K - 6                                                   Historic St. John’s
                RELIGIOUS EDUCATION:                                          9700 Rosensteel Avenue
Children: Grades 1-8 & Pre-School, Sunday, 9:00 - 10:00 A.M.                  Forest Glen, MD. 20910

      RECTORY                     SCHOOL                       RELIGIOUS EDUCATION                 CONVENT
 10103 GEORGIA AVE         10201 WOODLAND DR.                   10201 WOODLAND DR             10201 GEORGIA AVE
     301-681-7663               301-681-7656                         301-681-7634                 301-681-5666
   FAX - 301-681-8793          
St. John the Evangelist Church                  Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time                   September 25, 2011
                                                                             Early First Century Christians
                                                                                 And Their Responses
                                                                 St. Luke’s Acts of the Apostles shows how Christ’s Kingdom
                                                                 on earth is empowered to carry out His work in the world.
                                                                 The Book of ACTS shows the Church, enlivened by the Holy
                                                                 Spirit, teaching, preaching, healing, and restoring outcasts in
                                                                 the same way that Jesus did on earth. Join us on
                                                                 Wednesday, September 28th, from 7:00-9:00 P.M. in
           Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time                  School Music Room 2, for a 20-week study of Acts of the
                     September 25, 2011                          Apostles. Cost of materials is $29.95. Early registrants’
   Have in you the same attitude that is also in Christ Jesus.   discounted price: $25. Call the rectory to reserve materials.
                      — Philippians 2:5
                                                                 High School Confirmation Team: Come back for another
Your prayers are asked for members and friends of the
                                                                 great year or join the team for the first time! Come to the
parish who are ill, especially, Mary Pat Gaffney, mother of
                                                                 “Confirmation Kick-off/Pizza & Ice Cream Night” on
Mary Carey; Christine McDaniel, Susan Niebur, Lessley
                                                                 Tuesday, September 27th, at 6:30 P.M. in the Kennedy
Palenchia, Trevor Hardy, Frances Pugh, Mary Becker,
                                                                 Room. Questions? Please call or email Peg Daly at 301-928-
Carmela Pistorio, and Lolita Jardeleza. Your prayers are
                                                                 6283 or OR Maggie O’Neill at 301-
asked also for the souls of the faithful departed, especially
                                                                 649-9880 or
Helen Johnson.

First Saturday. Fatima devotions will be recited on First        Confirmation Parent Welcome Meeting: An important
Saturday, October 1st, following the 9:00 A.M. Mass in the       meeting for parents of Confirmation Candidates will be held
Main Church.                                                     on Tuesday, September 27th, 2011. Join us at 7:30 P.M. in
                                                                 the Kennedy Room. Questions? Call or email Sr. Roberta at
Parish Maintenance. The second collection next Sunday,           301-681-7634 or
October 2nd, will be for Parish Maintenance.
                                                                                 The New Roman Missal
Harvest for the Hungry. Next Sunday, October 2nd, will           Learn about changes in some prayers of the Mass! In brief
be St. John’s day to collect canned/dry food for the “Harvest    informative sessions continuing in October/November, led
for the Hungry” program. Donations may be placed in              by Rev. Mark Tucker and Patrick Love, find out what the
barrels in the Main Church or in the vestibule of the Old        new responses will be and understand the reasons for the
Church. If you bring food on other then the first Sunday,        changes. Join us in the Kennedy Room for one of these
please leave it in the Kennedy Room, clearly marked.             sessions to explore the revised translation and deepen your
                                                                 understanding of the Mass. October sessions will be held on
The flowers in the Main Church sanctuary this weekend            Tuesday, October 18th, from 7:00-9:00 P.M., and on
were donated by the McDermott family in celebration of           Saturday, October 22nd, from 10:00 A.M.-12:00 Noon.
their daughter Zoe’s marriage to David Stoline.                  Final session will be on Tuesday, November 22nd, from
Congratulations, Zoe and David!                                  7:00-9:00 P.M.

                        CHARISMS                                 Family Lector Sign-ups! We invite families to lector as a
            Do You Have the Charism of Helps?                    team every 2nd Sunday at the 10:15 A.M. Mass - a great
The CHARISM OF HELPS empowers a Christian to be a                opportunity for families to share their love for God’s Word.
channel of God’s goodness by using his/her talents and           (Children in Grade 3 or above.) Older siblings may lector in
charisms to enable other individuals to serve God and people     lieu of a parent. Lector training provided. Contact Marie
more effectively. Does this sound like you? If you think you     James at 301-754-6373 or
have the Charism of Helps, join us on Saturday, October
8th, in the Kennedy Room, 9:30-10:30 A.M., to take a gifts       Conference on Marriage. Saturday, October 1st, at
inventory and discover what gifts you have received for the      Catholic University. If you want to strengthen your
benefit of family, friends, neighbors and co-workers who         marriage, if you are interested in why everyone is talking
surround you. The purpose of identifying your gifts is NOT       about marriage, if you want to help your kids have great
to make you busier around the parish! Rather, it is to help      marriages, if you are single and wonder if marriage can be
you discern the beauty of what has been given specifically to    forever, you will learn more. See information cards in the
you and the best places where the Lord is asking you to give     back of the Church. Childcare provided. Don’t miss this!
of yourself, focusing your energies and bringing you
renewed fruitfulness and joy. For more information, please       Getting Married? Plan Ahead. St. John’s will host a
contact Stewardship Committee member John Capobianco             marriage preparation course starting in October 2011. For
at or at 301-593-1066.                  more information call Fr. Mark at 301-681-7663.
St. John the Evangelist Church                      Silver Spring, Maryland                                      Page Three

Glorify God with the Beauty of Flowers for a Mass, a              Thank You! The parish staff, on behalf of the entire parish,
meaningful way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries,             extends its thanks to Michael White for his eight years of
baptisms or other special occasions. To honor someone with        service to the parish as Director of Music. Michael has
flowers on the altar at the Main Church, contact Kate             recently accepted a position as principal organist at
Comello at 301-649-2019 or The           St. Dominic Church in Washington, DC. We extend our best
recommended donation is $175 (check payable to St. John           wishes to Michael as he undertakes this new position.
the Evangelist with “flower memorial” noted in the check’s
memo section). Gifts will be acknowledged in the Bulletin.        Fr. Michael Briese is giving a talk about forgiveness and
                                                                  reconciliation on Saturday, October 1st, from 9:30 A.M. -
Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, October 4. Francis, Patron        12:00 P.M. at Holy Name Church in Washington, DC. Mass
Saint of the environment, fought the forces of his time that      is at 8:00 A.M. Registration is at 8:45 A.M.; light
disrespected the sacredness of life and denied the goodness       refreshments will be served. Books for sale at $9. Bring a
of God’s creation. Pope Benedict XVI said, “Our earth is          friend! Any questions, please call 202-397-2525
talking to us; we must listen to it and decipher its message if
we want to survive.” On the feast of St. Francis do               Installation Mass for Fr. Michael Briese will be on
something good for Mother Earth.                                  Sunday, October 16th, at 11:00 A.M. at Holy Name
                                                                  Church in Washington, DC. The main celebrant will be
ATTENTION BLOOD DONORS: In order to donate to                     Bishop Holley. For more information, please call 202-397-
St. John’s blood drive on November 15th, Monday,                  2525.
September 19th, was the last day on which you could
donate elsewhere. If you meet this stipulation, please sign up    Our Lady of Bethesda Catholic Bookstore. The only
to donate. At every blood drive, the main reason donors are       Catholic bookstore in Montgomery County, it has books to
rejected is low iron. Some foods high in iron are liver,          enrich/educate/entertain mind and soul! It has a wide variety
oysters, legumes (peas/beans), fish, poultry, eggs, potatoes,     of modern/classic titles and religious gifts for all occasions.
rice, and spinach.                                                Located at Our Lady of Bethesda Retreat Center,
                                                                  7007 Bradley Boulevard, Bethesda. Hours: M-F 9:30 A.M. -
IHM Silver Circle: For $25 you can participate in more            4:30 P.M. For more information call 301-365-0612.
than 300 prize drawings from October 2011 to June 2012
with prizes ranging from $50 to $1,000! IHM Sisters Silver
Circle members forms are available at the entrances of the
Church. For information call Sr. Maureen at 301-314-8058.

             Monthly Collection Report                            Sep 26: 7:00 A.M           Erwin & Mary Rozada          OLC

 August Actual Collections                                        Sep 27:     7:00 A.M.    † Pat Stritch                  OLC
         Offertory                           $ 47,831.31
         Faith Direct                        $ 14,890.00
         Total Actual                        $ 62,721.31          Sep 28:     7:00 A.M.    † Joe Keegan                   OLC
 Monthly Budgeted Collections                $ 61,461.52

 August Actual Maintenance                                        Sep 29:     7:00 A.M.    † Edward S. Oliver             OLC
         Collection                          $   5,210.87
         Faith Direct                        $   1,609.00         Sep 30:     7:00 A.M.    † Terry Herron                 OLC
         Total Actual                        $   6,819.87
 Monthly Budgeted Maintenance                $   7,750.00
                                                                  Oct 1:     9:00 A.M.       Sr. Joan Katiski, IHM        MC
                                                                  Vigil      5:30 P.M.     † Joseph Kemp                  HC

                                                                  Oct 2 :    8:00 A.M.       Mass for the People          MC
                     September 18, 2011                                     10:15 A.M.     † Walter Sukacz                MC
 Offertory                                   $ 11,482.73                    12:00 P.M.     † Thomas Carroll               MC
 Projected Faith Direct                      $ 3,203.13
 Total Collection                            $ 14,685.86             MC = Main Church               HC = Historic Church
 Weekly Budget                               $ 15,365.38           OLC = Our Lady’s Chapel        † Denotes name of deceased
                                                      Page Four
Flu Shots will be given on Sunday, October 16th, from 8:30
A.M. - 1:00 P.M. in the Kennedy Room. Cost of the shot this
year is $30. For more information please call Jill Audet at 301-

Our Lady of Good Counsel High School will hold a Parent
Information Night for interested parents of 7th and 8th grade
students on Wednesday, September 28th, at 7:00 P.M. in the
Kane Center on the Olney campus. A formal presentation on
the Admissions process, our academic offerings (including the
International Baccalaureate and Ryken programs), co-curricular
and Athletic programs and student life will be presented. No
registration required. Please contact Emmy McNamara at 240-
283-3235 for further information.

Faith in Action National Conference. Washington Theologi-
cal Union, 6896 Laurel Street, NW, Washington, DC, will host
the Annual Faith in Action National Conference on Friday,
September 30th-Saturday, October 1st, in Washington, DC.
This year’s conference theme, Exploring the New Evangeliza-
tion, echoes Pope Benedict XVI’s call for a “New Evangeliza-
tion” uniting us together in a shared mission to bring forth an
“authentic renewal” of faith within our Catholic Church com-
munities. The conference features a number of well-known
speakers and there will be a Mass presided over by Msgr. Ray-
mond East. It will feature the acclaimed St. Teresa of Avila
Gospel Choir. For information and to register, contact or call 202-541-5222.

Blessed Sacrament Parish announces a “welcome home”
ministry called LANDINGS for inactive Catholics wanting to
explore a more active return to their Catholic faith. An 8-week
session will begin on Thursday, October 6th, from 7:30-9:30
P.M., at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament. This is a
laity-run, Paulist program. During these compassionate listen-
ing sessions, a group of active and inactive Catholics will pray
together, share their faith journeys, and discuss Catholic beliefs,
all guided by the Holy Spirit. For more information, contact
Karen Vittone at or 301-585-0592.

Archbishop Carroll High School announces the induction of
their Athletic Hall of Fame - Class of 2011. The Induction
Ceremony and Luncheon will take place at Carroll on Home-
coming Saturday, October 8th, beginning at 11:00 A.M. Call
Stacy Rubens at 202-529-0900, ext 171, for information and
tickets,    or    visit   the   school    web    site    at

St. Patrick’s Church, Rockville Community Yard Sale. Sat-
urday, October 15th, 8:00 A.M.-2:00 P.M. Everything you are
looking for will be on sale! Proceeds to benefit Life Connection
Mission in building pre-school classrooms for their school in
the rural village of Montrouis, Haiti.

K of C Bingo: Bingo every Wednesday, 7:15 P.M., at 9707
Rosensteel Avenue, Silver Spring. Admission $1.00. St. John’s
parishioners welcome.
                                                   Page Five
       Upcoming Parish and School Activities
Sunday, September 25th:
  9:00 A.M. — Religious Ed - School
  7:00 P.M. — SDC - LIB

Monday, September 26th:
  7:00 P.M. — Boy Scouts - KR
  7:30 P.M. — RCIA - LIB

Tuesday, September 27th:
  7:00 P.M. — 10:15 A.M. Choir - MC
  7:30 P.M. — Confirmation Parent Meeting - KR

Wednesday, September 28th:
 7:00 P.M. — Bible Study - SCH Room 2

Thursday, September 29th:

Friday, September 30th:
  3:00 P.M. — Girl Scouts - KR
  6:00 P.M. — Legion of Mary - RR
  7:00 P.M. — Holy Hour - OLC

Saturday, October 1st:
                    First Saturday

Sunday, October 2nd:
               Harvest for the Hungry
  9:00 A.M. — Religious Ed - School


      19th International Week of Prayer and Fasting:
        The Hope of the Nations, October 1-9, 2011
This is a worldwide prayer/fasting movement to pray and
fast for three goals: for the conversion of nations, to build a
culture of life, and to promote peace. People can participate
in many ways in their parish communities to include: fast-
ing, attending daily Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, praying the
Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplets. There will be two na-
tional events in Washington, DC: Eucharistic Prayer Vigil
on Saturday, October 1st, at the Basilica of the National
Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, from 9:00 A.M. - 4:30
P.M. Registration is free but RSVP is required. Speakers
include Kevin Malarkey, Deacon Alex Jones, Fr. Frank
Pavone, Fr. Clement Machado, and Ted Flynn. Awards Ban-
quet on Sunday, October 2nd at Georgetown University
Conference Center in Washington. Reception and silent auc-
tion starts at 4:30 P.M.; dinner at 6:00 P.M. Keynote speaker
is Lila Rose, President and Founder of Live Action, a youth-
led movement dedicated to building a culture of life and
ending abortion. For more information and to register for
one ticket or to sponsor a table, please visit the website at or call 1-888-478-PRAY (7729) or 703-707-

St. John the Evangelist
10103 Georgia Ave
Silver Spring MD 20902-5623

Contact: Carol Kinnahan

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