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					                                                Diversity Proposals 2010-11 Sort by Campus

              A                   B                                 C                          D                    E

 1   i                 First Name                Campus                                  group Proposals Comments
 2   Estes             Amy                       Baruch College                          no
 3   Guest             Kenneth J.                Baruch College                          yes
 4   Liang             Ke                        Baruch College                          yes
 5   Rodriguez         Astrid S.                 Baruch College                          yes
 6   Yin               Na                        Baruch College                          no
 7   Wang              Michelle                  BMCC                                    no
 8   Bhaskaran         Sunil                     Bronx                                   no
 9   Allen             Ray                       Brooklyn College                        yes
10   Anderson          Noel                      Brooklyn College                        no
11   Day               Lynda R.                  Brooklyn College                        no
12   Dragowski         Eliza A.                  Brooklyn College                        yes
13   Kacinik           Natalie                   Brooklyn College                        no
14   King              Rosamond                  Brooklyn College                        no
15   Lenzer            Gertrude                  Brooklyn College
16   Lopez-Pumarejo    Tomas                     Brooklyn College                        no
17   McCabe            Paul                      Brooklyn College                        yes
18   Okeme             Mojubaolu Olufunke        Brooklyn College                        no
19   Rubinson          Florence                  Brooklyn College                        yes
20   Russo             Paul                      Brooklyn College                        no
21   Taylor            Jeffrey                   Brooklyn College                        yes
22   Tesman            Laura                     Brooklyn College                        no
23   Willson           Brian                     Brooklyn College                        no
24   Winslow           Barbara                   Brooklyn College                        no
25   Zeng              Howard                    Brooklyn College                        no
26   Sankofa           Ajamu K.                  Center for Worker Education             yes
27   Shahidi           Samina                    Center for Worker Education             yes
28   Brim              Matt                      College of Staten Island                no
29   Chen              jie                       College of Staten Island                no
30   Robinson          Helen mele                College of Staten Island                no
31   Alexander         Emmanuel                  Graduate/Journalism                     no
32   Richen            Yoruba                    Graduate/Journalism
33   Flemister         Eunice                    Hostos CC                               yes
34   Morales           Angel                     Hostos CC                               yes
35   Nunez-Rodriguez   Nelson                    Hostos CC                               yes
36   Ovtcharenkok      Vladimir                  Hostos CC                               yes
37   Roy               Debasish                  Hostos CC                               no
38   Zakharov          Boris                     Hostos CC                               yes
39   Bidell            Markus                    Hunter                                  no
40   Browne            Anthony                   Hunter                                  no
41   George            Lisa                      Hunter                                  no
42   Mallipeddi        Ramesh                    Hunter                                  no
43   Mizrahi           Terri                     Hunter                                  no
44   Polleck           Jody                      Hunter                                  no
45   Arsovska          Jana                      John Jay College                        no
46   Bilici            Mucahit                   John Jay College                        yes
47   Nadal             Kevin                     John Jay College
48   Restrepo          Francois                  John Jay College                        no
49   Roure             jodie                     John Jay College                        no
50   Taylor-Leacock    Betty                     John Jay College                        no
51   Thompkins Sr.     Douglas E.                John Jay College                        no
52   Volpe             Maria R.                  John Jay College                        yes
53   Kirstin           Swanson                   Kingsborough CC
54   Mckinney          Ryan                      Kingsborough CC                         no
55   Tamari            Farshad                   Kingsborough CC                         no
56   Aguirre-Molina    Marilyn                   Lehman College                          no
57   Anderson          Keisha Gaye               Lehman College                          no
58   Baez              Annecy                    Lehman College                          no
59   Bayne             Gillian                   Lehman College                          no
60   Fiol-Matta        Licia                     Lehman College                          no
61   Hurley            Dene                      Lehman College                          yes
62   Steinhoff         Carolyn                   Lehman College                          no

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                                               Diversity Proposals 2010-11 Sort by Campus

                A                B                                 C                          D                    E

  1   i               First Name                Campus                                  group Proposals Comments
 63   Turner          Susan Watson              Lehman College                          no
 64   Williams-Gray   Brenda                    Lehman College                          no
 65   Wunder          Amanda                    Lehman College                          no
 66   Bandele         Safiya                    Medgar Evers College                    no
 67   Alcendor        Ralph                     NYC College of Technology               no
 68   Buist           Linda                     NYC College of Technology               yes
 69   But             Juanita                   NYC College of Technology               yes
 70   Cho             Soyeon                    NYC College of Technology               no
 71   Curry           Reid                      NYC College of Technology
 72   Deiner          Jay                       NYC College of Technology               yes
 73   Dias            Lynda R.                  NYC College of Technology               no
 74   Do              Anna Hyun-Joo             NYC College of Technology
 75   Gonzalez        Nien-Tzu                  NYC College of Technology               yes
 76   Goodison        Camille                   NYC College of Technology               no
 77   Lansiquot       Reneta D.                 NYC College of Technology               no
 78   Liou-Mark       Janet                     NYC College of Technology               no
 79   Mehrotra        Amit                      NYC College of Technology               yes
 80   Melendez        Roxanna                   NYC College of Technology               no
 81   Park            Laureen                   NYC College of Technology               yes
 82   Reid            John                      NYC College of Technology               yes
 83   Samaroo         Diana                     NYC College of Technology               yes
 84   Schwartz        Paul                      NYC College of Technology               no
 85   Smith           Avis J.                   NYC College of Technology               no
 86   Solis           Armando D.                NYC College of Technology
 87   Wang            Yu                        NYC College of Technology               no
 88   Wong            Antony                    QC/AAARI                                no
 89   Ijalba          Elizabeth                 Queens College                          no
 90   Proctor         Sherrie                   Queens College                          no
 91   Saint-Hilaire   Line                      Queens College                          no
 92   Samuni          Uri                       Queens College                          no
 93   Teague          Ella B.                   Queens College                          no
 94   Zevin           Jack                      Queens College                          no
 95   Alaiz-Losada    Susana                    Queensborough CC                        yes
 96   Borrachero      Aranzazu                  Queensborough CC                        yes
 97   Chang           Joanne C.                 Queensborough CC                        no
 98   Meghmala        Tarafdar                  Queensborough CC                        no
 99   Mooney          Christine                 Queensborough CC
100   Vazquez-Cruz    Carlos                    Queensborough CC                        yes
101   Gonzalez        Lidia                     York                                    yes
102   Josephs         Kelly                     York                                    no
103   Nath            Rishi                     York                                    yes

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                                                           First Name                         Last Name                             Campus                          Proposal Title
                                                           Yoruba                             Richen                                Graduate School of Journalism   The New Black: Documentary Trailer
                                                                                                                                                                    Bringing Cultural Awareness To Pre-service Teachers For
                                                           Line Augustin                      Saint-Hilaire                         Queens College                  The Teaching Of Science
                                                                                                                                                                    The Health Effects of Health Insurance Access for the
                                                           Na                                 Yin                                   Baruch College                  Disabled
                                                                                                                                                                    Brooklyn Children and Families Learning Zone: Developing a
                                                           Noel                               Anderson                              Brooklyn College                Comprehensive Plan and Program
                                                           Lynda R.                           Day                                   Brooklyn College                Gendering Africa at 50

                                                           Rosamond                           King                                  Brooklyn College                Sexual Minorities in the Caribbean: Past, Present, & Future
                                                           Jeffrey                            Taylor                                                                Jazz in Brooklyn: Celebrating The East Cultural and
                                                           Ray                                Allen                                 Brooklyn College                Educational Center
                                                                                                                                                                    PANGAEA Performance Ensemble: New York City's Invisible
                                                           Laura                              Tesman                                Brooklyn College                Workforce
                                                           Anthony                            Browne                                Hunter                          Freedom Rides
                                                                                                                                                                    Economics Research Seminar Series on Diversity in
                                                           Lisa M.                            George                                Hunter                          Television, Newspaper & Online Media Markets
                                                                                                                                                                    Impact of Gender, Race/Ethinicity, Religion and Sexual
                                                                                                                                                                    Orientation on Organizing: A Cross-Cultural Research,
                                                           Terri                              Mizrahi                               Hunter                          Curriculum and Training Project
                                                                                                                                                                    Differentiating Instruction and Curriculum for Diverse Urban
                                                           Jody                               Polleck                               Hunter                          Secondary Classrooms
2010-2011 Diversity Projects Development Fund (AWARDEES)

                                                           Kevin                              Nadal                                 John Jay College                Perceptions and Mental Health Impacts of Microagressions
                                                                                                                                                                    The Politics of Voice: Gender and Popular Music in Puerto
                                                           Licia                              Fiol-Matta                            Lehman College                  Rican Culture, 1935-1995
                                                                                                                                                                    Documenting the Environment and Conditions that Affect
                                                           Marilyn                            Aguirre-Molina                        Lehman College                  Health in Urban Low-Income Communities
                                                           Mario                              Gonzalez-Corzo                                                        Assessment of the Economic Impact of Hispanic-Owned
                                                           Dene                               Hurley                                Lehman College                  Businesses in the Bronx, NY
                                                           Nien-Tzu                           Gonzalez
                                                           Juanita                            But
                                                           Amit                               Mehrota
                                                           Laureen                            Park                                  NYC College of Technology       Asia in New York: Festival of Asian Diversity
                                                                                                                                                                    Knowledge and Attitudes towards Dementia among Minority
                                                           Soyeon                             Cho                                   NYC College of Technology       Elders
                                                           Diana                              Samaroo                                                               Integration of Student Perspectives into Development of
                                                           Jay                                Deiner                                NYC College of Technology       Chemistry Lab Modules
                                                                                                                                                                    Increasing Student Success in Bioinformativs Through
                                                           Armando D.                         Solis                                 NYC College of Technology       Inquiry-Based Modules
                                                           Elizabeth                          Ijalba                                                                Bilingual Speech and Language Assessment: Identifying
                                                           Patricia                           Velasco                               Queens College                  Communication Disorders in Multicultural Populations
                                                                                                                                                                    Racial and Ethnic Differences in Drug Expenditures and
                                                           Jie                                Chen                                  College of Staten Island        Access under Medicare Part D
                                                           Kelly Baker                        Josephs                               York College                    SX Salon: A Small Axe Literary Platform
                                                           Kenneth J.                         Guest                                                                 Immigration, Education and Opportunity Among Chinese
                                                           Ke                                 Liang                                 Baruch College                  Americans of Fuzhounese Descent
                                                                                                                                                                    Career Planning Assistance for Minority Males: Children and
                                                           Gertrud                            Lenzer                                Brooklyn College                Youth
                                                           Nelson                             Nunez-Rodriguez
                                                           Eunice                             Flemister                                                             Aging and Alzheimer's Disease in the Minority Community:
                                                           Angel                              Morales                               Hostos CC                       From Cells to the Society: What Everyone Should Know

                                                                                                                                                                    Attracting Hispanics, Minority and Female Community
                                                           Vladimir                           Ovtcharenkok                          Hostos CC                       College Students to Underrepresented Programs in Science:
                                                           Boris                              Zakharov                              LaGuardia CC                    Particular in Medical Entomology. Second Phase
                                                           Maria R.                           Volpe
                                                           Mucahit                            Bilici                                John Jay College                Muslims and Non-Muslims: A Campus in Conversation

                                                                                                                                                                    Research on the link between Affective/Cognitive Aspects of
                                                           Paul                               Schwartz                              NYC College of Technology       Learning, Experiences of Trauma, and the Cultural Inhibitors
                                                           Joni                               Schwartz                              Kingsborough CC                 to the Use of Counseling Services for Young Men

                                                           Yu                                 Wang                                  NYC College of Technology       Enhancing Students Learning Experience in Microprocessor

                                                                                                                                                                    Post Election Analysis of Voter and Civic Engagement in the
                                                           Antony                             Wong                                  QC/AAARI                        Asian American Communities- Impact of 2009 Election
                                                                                                                                                                    Qualitative Study Investigating Experiences Related to
                                                                                                                                                                    Recruitment, Retention and Attrition of African Americans in
                                                           Sherrie                            Proctor                               Queens College                  Graduate Education
                                                           Joanne C.                          Chang                                 Queensborough CC                Multicultural- Asian and Brazilian Concert Series
                                                           Lidia                              Gonzalez
                                                           Rishi                              Nath                                  York College                    Women in Mathematics Conference

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